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1st wife, Mary,
dau. of Thomas Chetwynd, of Ingestre, ho had (with three
daus., Mary, ra. Walter Minors, Esq. of Uttjxeter ; Ann, iit.Sir
Thomas Scrynishire, of Aqualate ; and Jane, )ft. Gilbert EoUes-
ton, of Eolleston) three sons,

I. William, of Bradwell Hall, m. 1585, Clara, dau. of Sir
Anthony Colelough, Knt., of Tintern Abl)ey, co. Wexford,
and d. s. p. v. p. 1C13. His widow m. Sir Hugh Wrottesley,
of Wrottesley, CO. Stafford.

II. Ealph, heir to his father.

III. Thomas, d. s. p. April, 1615.

Mr. Sneyde in. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of Sir Eichard Newport,
Knt. of High Ercall, co. Salop, but by this lady he had no
issue. He d. 161.), and was s. by his 2nd son,

Ralph Sneyde, Esq. of Bradwell, Keele, Sneyde, &c., 6.
1564 ; ?/i. Felicia, dau. of Nicholas Archbold, Esq. of Uttoxeter,
and by her (who d. 1659; had issue, Ealph, his heir, aged 'I
years in 1614; William, eventually heir male: Eichard, of
Norton Farm, Capt. R.N'. ; Elizabetli,9H. John Davenport, Esq.
of Davenport; Mary, m. 1st, William Crompton, Esq. of Stone,





and incTly, Eichaid Shuckborough, of Shuckborough ; Anne,
,„. Thomas Pigott, Esq. of Clietwynd ; Clara, ra. 1st, John
l>awtDn, Esq. of Lawton, co. Chester, and 2udly, Thomas
Bowyer, Esq.; Margaret, m. Sir llichaid Lloyd, Knt. of Esclu-
sham Delasscy ; and Felicia, ra. 1st, Sir Edward Fitton, Bart.,
and 2ndly, Sir Charles Adderley, Knt. Ealpli Sneyde was
Sheriff of co. Stafford 19 Chakles I. He d. 1643, and was s.
tiy his son,

Ealph Snetde, F.sq. of Keele, Bradwell, Sneyde, &c.. Col.
in the Eoyal army, m. Jane, dau. of Eoger Downes, Esq. of
Wardley, co. Lancaster, and by her (who d. 1670) had issue,

Ealph, only sun, d. s. p. young.

ilary, m. 'WMiiim Hannior, Esq. of The Fenns, co. Flint.

Ann, ra. Eowland >;icholls, Esq. of Boycote, Salop.

Jane, in. 27 Jan. 1656, John Milward, Esq. of Snitterton, co.

Felicia, m. 5 Jan. 1664, Eobert Hyde, Esq. of Hyde and Nor-

bury, CO. Chester.
Catherine, ra. Charles Kynaston, Esq. of Salop.

Ool. Sneyde was a staunch adherent to the royal cause, and
Jiis mansion of Keele was plundered by the rebel soldiers 1643.
He was killed in the Isle of Man 1650, and dying without
.suiTiving male issue was s. in the family estates by his

William Snetd, Esq. of Keele, Sneyd, (tc.,6. 1612; aged
■50 years at the Visitation of co. Stafford 5 April, 1663. He ra.
Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir of Eobert Audcley, of Gransden,
<:o. Huntingdon, and by her (who d. 20 June, 1686) had issue,
Ealph, his heir ; William, ancestor of the Snetus of BisUton,
Belmont, Aihcombe, and Bas/ord, co. Stafford ; Felicia, ra. Eow-
land Cotton, Esq. of Crakemarsh, co. Stafford; and Elizabeth,
m. Richard Walter, Esq. William Sneyd was M.P. for co. Staf-
ford in the Parliament which restored Chaeles II. He served
as High Sheriff for co. Stafford 16 Chakles II., was bur. 17
Jan. 1694-95, and was «. by his elder son,

Kalph Sneyd, Esq. of Keele, Sneyd, Tunstall, Bradwell, <tc. ,
aged 22 years at the Visitation of co. Stafford 1663. He ra.
Frances, dau. of Sir .John Dryden, 2nd Bart., and sister and
•co-heir of Sir Eobert Dryden, 3rd Bart, of Canons Ashby, co.
Northampton, and by her had issue, 1 William, d. unm. 7 Sept.
1689 ; 2 Ealph, of Bradwell, b. 22 Dec. 1669, j?(. Francis, dau.
<if Sir William Noel, Bart, of Kirkby Mallory, co. Leicester, by
Frances, his wife, dau. of Humble, 1st Lord Ward, and his wife
Frances, in her own right Baroness Dudley (whose maternal
great-grandmother was Katharine, wife of Edward Seymour,
Jst Earl of Hertford, sister of Lady Jane Grey, and granddau.,
by Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, K.G., of Mary, Queen
Dowager of France, who was dau. of King Henry VII.), by
whom, who survived him, he had issue, Ealph, heir to his
grandfather, and Honora, m. Sir Eusebius Buswell, Bart.;
•3 John, heir, by will, to his uncle. Sir Eobert Dryden, Bart.,
d. 23 March, 1710-11. Ealph Sneydrf. 9 March, 1703, and was
-s. by his grandson and heir,

Ealpu Sneyd, Esq. of Keele, Sneyd, <fcc., bapt. 17 May, 1692,
rm. Ann, dau. of Allen Holford, Esq. of Davenha-ii, co.
■Chester, and by her had ivsue. He was High Sheriff of co.
Stafford 6 Geokge I. He d. 1733, and was s. by his surviving
son and heir,

Ealph Sneyd, Esq. of Keele, Sneyd, &c.,b. 1723; ra. 1749,
Barbara, dau. of Sir Walter Wagstaffe Bagot, 5th Bart, of
Jjlithfield, by Lady Barbara Legge his wife, dau. of William,
4st Earl of Dartmouth, and by her (who d. 1797) had issue,

I. Walter, his heir.

II. Ealph (Rev.), Hector of Jevington, Precentor of St. Asapli,
ra. Penelope, dau. of the Hon. Sir John Moore, 9th son of
Henry, 1st Earl of Drogheda, and had issue,

1 Lewis, formerly Warden of All Souls' College, Oxford, d.

2 Emma Penelope, m. 1807, George Warwick Bampfylde,
Lord Poltimore, and d. 1835.

III. Edward, d. .«. p. in America, 1776.

•IV. William, of Bradwell, Capt. in the Staffordshire Militia,
(/. .s. -p. 1836.

V. John (Eev.), M.A., h. 1766, Sector of Elford, and Incum-
bent of Keele, co. Stafford; d. unm. 2 July, 1835.

-vi. Henry, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Edmund Malone, Esq., and
had issue,

1 Anthony, d. s. p.

2 Henry, m. Sobieska, dau. of Thomas Crewe Dod, Esq.

■3 liichard Malone, m. 1st, Henrietta, dau. of Charles I'etcr
Leyard, Esq., and had issue, two daus., Louisa Caroline,
';/!. Charles J. Wise, and Henrietta, m. Eev. Walter Sneyd,
■of Keele. Mr. E. M. Sneyd '//i. 2ndly, Anne, dau. of
Thomas Crewe Dod, but had no issue by Uer.

1 Elizabeth, ia. T. Darcy, Esq.

■VII. George, d. .t.p. in India, 1790.

I. Frances, in. Francis Parker Newdigate, Esq.

II. Charlotte, m. Davies Devonport, Esq. of Capesthorne, co.
Chester, and d. 8 Oct. 1829.

III. Barbara, vi. Ven. John Gooch, Archdeacon of Sudbury,
April, 1791.

IV. Anne, m. 20 Sept. 1786, Thomas Crewe Dod, Esq. of

V. Elizabeth, d. unm. 4 Dec. 1838, aged 78.

VI. Mary, d. unm.

VII. Henrietta, d. unm. 1852, aged 87.

Ealph Sneyd d. 10 Dec. 1793, aged 70, and was .?. by his son,

Walter Sneyd, Esq. of Keele, Sneyd, Tunstall, <fcc., h. 11
Feb. 1752, M.P. for Castle Eising, HighSheriff 1S14, andLieut.-
Col. Staffordshire Militia. He m. 9 May, 1786, the Hon. Louisa
Bagot, dau. of William, 1st Lord Bagot, and by her (who d.
7 May, 1834) had issue,

I. Ealph, his heir.

II. Walter (Kev.), M.A., s. his brother.

I. Louisa Barbara, d. tinm. 1812.

II. Harriet, d. unm. 1867.

III. Frances (Hon.), Maid of Honour to Queen Adelaide,
ra. 8 Feb. 1831, Ven. William Arundell Bouverie, Arch-
deacon of Norfolk, son ot Hon. Bartholomew Bouverie,
2nd son of William, 1st Earl of Kadnor, by his 2nd marriage,
and d. 5 March, 1884, aged 85 (sec Bdbke's Peerage and

IV. Charlotte Augusta, d. unm. 1882.

V. Georgiana Maria Sophia, d. unm. 15 July, 1816.

VI. Elizabeth, d. unm. 1869.

Col. Sneyd d. 23 June, 1829, and was s. by his son,
Ealph Sneyd, Esq. of Keele, D.L., 6. 9 Oct. 1793, High

Sheriff 1844, d. unm. July, 1870, and was s. by his brother,
Eev. Walter Sneyd, of Keele, Sneyd, Tunstall, &c., co.

Stafford, M.A., F.S.A., J. P., b. 23 July, 1809; ra. 14 Oct.

1856, his cousin, Henrietta Elizabeth, dau. of Eichard Malone

Sneyd, Esq. of Cherryvale, co. Donegal, by his 1st wife,

Henrietta, dau. of Charles Peter Layard, Esq., Ceylon C.S., and

had issue,

I. Ealph, now of Keele.

I. Louisa Georgina, m. 6 Oct. 1881, Eobert Mowbray Howard,
Esq., 3rd son of Henry Howard, Esq. of Greystoke Castle.
Cumberland, and has i.s.sue, Henry Kalph Moutjray, b. 1883 i
Lyulph Walter Moubray, b. 1885, and a dau. Muriel.

II. Isabel Clara.

III. Caroline Henrietta, m. 10 April, 1888, Eussell Montagu
Gamier, Esq., son of Very Eev. Thomas Garnier, Dean of
Lincoln, by Lady Caroline, his wife, dau. of 4th Earl
Albemarle, and has issue, Geoffrey Sneyd, h. 1889, and
Denys Keppel, 6. 1890.

IV. Eleanor Frances.

Mr. Sneyd d. 2 July, 1888, and was s. by his only son, Ealph
Sneyd, now of Keele Hall.

Arms — Arg., a scythe, the blade in chief, the snad (or handle)
in bend sinister sa., on the fesse point a fleur-de-lis of the
second, qv.o.rtering Tunstall, Downes, Ledsham, Bradwell,
Barrowe, Lloyd, Dryden, Wilkes, Beville, Beaumes,
Waldershiefe, Coles, &c. Crest — A lion passant guardant sa.
JJotto — Nee opprimere nee opprimi.

iSiat — Keele Hall, Newcastle-under-Lyme, co. Stafford.


SxETD, John William, Esq. of Basford Hall, co.
Stafford, J. P. and D.L., late Capt. of the Q.ueen's
Own Royal Staffordshire Yeomanry and the King's
Own Staffordshire Light Infantry Militia, b. 9 Oct.
1822 ; m. 16 Jidy, 1861, Agnes Maria, eldest sur-
viving dau. of Rev. Charles Evelyn Cotton, of Et-
■wall Hall, CO. Derby (see that family), and by lier
(who d. 27 June, 1862) has issue,

Ealph de Tunstall, b. 3 May, 1862.

Lineage. — For early lineage (see Snevd of Keele). Wil-
liam Sneyd of Onecote, co. Stafford, who resided at the Birches
on the Keele Estate, 2nd son of William Sneyd, of Sneyd,
Keele, <fcc. , b. 1642 (23rd in direct male descent from Eadwulf,
and his wife, .3Sl^vyn, dau. and heir of .33thelred, last king of
Mercia, by iEthelflcEd, dau. of Alfred the Great), M.P. for New-
castle, Staffs., 1685, ra. 2 June, 1068, Sarah, dau. and heir of
Edward Wettenhall, Esq. of the Waterhouse, co. Stafford, d.
1708, and had issue,

I. Ealph, his heir.

II. Wettenhall, D.D., Archdeacon and Chancellor of Kilmorc
and Ardagh, m. Barbara, dau. of Charles Francis Marsh,
Esq., an Officer in the Guards, eldest son of Francis Marsh,
D.D., Bishop of Limerick and Kiimore, by his wife Mary,
dau. and co-heir of the famous Jeremy Taylor, Bishop of
Down and Connor, and had a large family, most of the sons
rf. s. p., his only male descendants of the name of Sneyd
living at the present date are John T. Sneyd, Esq. of Hatch-





woods, Hants, 6. 182?, formerlyin the Madras Light Cavalry
(who has a sister Emma Kate, in. ISfiS, Sir Goorsv Glynn
Petre, K.C.M.G., C.B., formerly British Jlinister of the
Legation at Lisbon), Ids nephert-, Kalph H Sneyd (Hev.),
Eector of Earsham. Norfolk, b. 1S49 ; m. 1886, Amy E., dau,
of H. Smith, Esq. of Elinaham Hall, Norfolk, and two great-
nephews, Dryden G. T., l>. 1882, and Ralph E. P., b. 1888,
sons of James A. P. Sneyd, Esq. who d. 1892.

III. Richard, m. Ann, dau. of Charles Adderley, Esq., and
<;. .^ ;:.

IV. Edward, of Stafford, ?;i. Hannah Stokes, of Wolver-

V. William, d. uvm.

I. Elizaheth, m. 12 April, IGOO, Samuel Adderley, Esq.

II. Mary, hi. Walter Chetwynd, Esq. of Brockton.
William Sneyd was buried at Keelo, 25 May, 1708, and was s.
by his son and heir,

K.\LPH S.vEYD, of Eishton, co. Stafford, m. Elizabeth, dau.
and heir of John Bowyer, Esq of Bishton, and by her had (with
two daus., llonora, m. Kev. Edward Bj-idc, of Church Eaton,
and Ann, m. George Spearman, Esq. of Bishop-Middleham)
three sons.i. William, his heir; ii. Ualidi (Uev.), D.D., lieetor
of Sible lledingham, E«sex ; ni. Edward, of Lichfield, Major of
the Koyal Horse Guards (Blue), m. Susanna, dau. of Rev. Moses
Cook, of Sible Hedingham, and from this marriage descended
the SsEYDs of BijrkUy lodge, co. Stafford. Honora, one of the
daus. of Major Sneyd (the "Serena" of Hayley ; fiancee of
M.ajor .\ndre, who was hanged as a spy at Tappan, U.S.
America, 2 Oct. 17S0) /». hiehard Lovell Edgwortli, Esq. of
Edgworthstown, in Ireland. Major Sneyd, of Lichfield, was s.
by his son, Edward Sneyd, of Byrkley Lodge, )». Maria, dau.
and heir of Joseph Greaves, Esq. of Aston, co. Derby, High
Sheriff of co. Stafford, 1S24 ; he d. 17 April, 1832, leaving one
dau. Emma, who d. unm. 10 Nov. 1858. Ralph Sneyd, of Bish-
ton, was heir, by will, of John Sneyd, Esq., the youngest son
of Kalph Sneyd, Esq. of Keele, who had inherited considerable
property from Sir Robert Di'yden, Bart. He d. o Nov. 1729,
and was 5. by his eldest son and heir,

William Sneyd, Esq. of Bishton, m. 8 Oct. 1724, Susanna, and heirof John Edmonds, Esq. of Ilendon Place, Middle-
sex, by Susanna, dau. of Sir William Hedges, Knt. of Kings-
down, Wiltshire, and sole heir to her brother William, who had
large estates in Erith, Kent, <fec., left him 1701, by his uncle.
Sir Nicholas Vanacker, Bart. Sir William Hedges was the
first East India Company's Agent and Governor of their affairs
in Bengal, Commission dated 25 Nov. 1681, and had two sons,
■\Villiam Hedges and John, and two married daus., viz. Eliza-
beth, wife of Rev. William Lloyd, of Aston, and Susanna,
wife of Henry Powys, Esq. of Underdale. William Sneyd i/.
11 Feb. 1745, and was s. by his son,

William Hedges Snetd, Esq. of Eishton, who d. unm. 28
Dee. 1757, and was s. by his brother,

John S.vetd, Esq. of Bishton, and Belmont, J. P., High
Sheriff 1770, 6. 11 July, 17^4; m. 1st, 7 Aug. 1762, Penelope,
eldest dau. of Thomas Kynnerslcy, Esq. of Loxley Park, co.
Stafford, and co-heir to her brother Clement, and by her (who
d. 29 May, 177G; had issue,

William, his heir.

Ralph, Lieut. R.N., b. 18 Sept. 1769 ; m. JIary Cooke, dau. of
George Cooke Yarboroiigh, Esq. of Streethope, co. York,
.and dying 7 March, 1805, left issue by her (who m. 2ndly,
?.Iay, isiO, Major-Gen. Sir More Idsnev) a son and a dau.
John, 6. 23 Nov. 1770 ; d. s. p. 26 Nov. 1788.
Clement, of Huntley Hall, near Cheadle, Rear-Admiral, 6.
Feb. 1773; vi. 27 Oct. 1813, Helen, dau. of Roger Sweten-
hara, Esq. of Somerford Booth, co. Chester, and by her
(who d. 16 March 1821) he had i-sue, two sons and two
daus. Rear-Adniiral Sneyd m. 2n>lly, Eliza Callieiiue, dau.
of Jo.=eph Cotton, Esq. of Etwall Hall, co. Derby, and by
her had no issue. He d. 12 Oct. 1854.
Thomas Sneyd-Kynneesley, Esq. of Loxley Park (sec S.veyd-

Kynneesley of Loxlei').
Penelope, d. 29 Sept. 1773.

Mary Ann, ,u. 11 Feb. 17'JG, John Holley, Esq. of Aylsham
and Holme, co. Norfolk.
Susannah, m. Alexander Day Broughton, Esq., R.N., and d.

14 May, 18C8.
Rosamond, m. Ist, William Mills, Esq. of Barlaston Hall,
and 2ndly, William M. Marston, Esq., and d. 2 Jan. 1833.
Matilda, d. unm. 15 May, 1797.
Mr. Sneyd m. 2ndly, 22 April, 1777, Dorothy, dau. of Thomas
Kirby, Esq. of Leicester, which lady d. s. p. 3 Jan. 1793. He
TO. 3rdly, 1794, Mary, dau. of Mr. J. Adey, of Lichfield, who
d. s. p. 5 Jan. 1829. He d. 8 Nov. 1809, and was buried in
Ipstones Church. He was s. by his eldest son and heir,

William S.neyd, Esq. of Ashcombe Park, J. P. and D.L., b.
2 Sept. 1767 ; joined the 88th Regt. as Lieutenant 1783, A.D.C.
to the Queen of Frederic William of Pmssia, m. -30 April, 1796,
Jane, only dau. and heir of Simon Debank, Esq. of A.-jhes, co.
Stafford, and by her (who d. 5 Dec. 1840) had issue,

I. William Debank, J. P. and D.L., 6.24 Nov. 1797; d. 31
May, 18'.'5, on the day of his intended marriage.

II. John, of Ashcombe Park.

III. Ralph (Rev.), M.A., 6. 2 Nov. 1799 ; d. unm. 25 Sept.

IV. Thomas, of The Ashes, co. Stafford, *. 20 Dec. 1800; m,

19 June, 1832, Emma, 5t,h dau. ol George Whitley, Esq. of
Norley Hall, co. Chester, and d 25 Feb. 1883, having had.
issue, 1 Thomas William, of The Ashes, co. Stafford, Major-
Gen., Commanded ihe Queen's Bays (2nd Dragoon Guards)
1877 to 1882; m. 28 Oct. 1879, Charlotte Marion, only dau..
of Capt. W. W. Repton, Benual N.I., and has one son,
Thomas Humphrey, b. 1884, and two daus., 2 Henry, B.A.
Oxford, m. 26 Oct. 1869, Caroline Carew, dau. of Robert
Holdsworth Carew Hunt, Esq.; 3 Clement John, late 21st
F'usiliers, t/. utnii. 18 April, 1864; 4 George Edward, M.A.
Oxon, 1,1. 21 Sept. 1880, Elizabeth C, dau. ot Henry Stuart,
Esq. of Jlountford, Lsle of Bute (and has three sons and two
daus., the eldest son Ralph Stuart, 6. 1882); 1 Emma, ju.
H. R. N. Gale, Esq. of Bardsea Hall, co. Lancaster; 2 Caro-
line Anne, m. 1885, Viscount Sherbrooke, who d. 27 July,

V. Clement, b. 5 Apiil, 1802; d. 4 Jan. 1807.

VI. Henry (Rev.), K.A., of The Woodlands, Perpetual Curatij
of Wetley Rocks, 6. 29 March, 1804; ?)i. 1st, 22 Feb. 1831,
Mary Anne, dau. of Thomas Sneyd-Kynnersley, Esq. of
Loxley Park, .and by her (who d. 13 March, 1832) hafl
issue, one dau. He Hi. 2ndly, 20 Oct. 1834, Penelope, dau.
of Alexander Day Broughton, Esq., and by her (who d.

20 May, 1855) had issue, three sons and two daus- He m.
3rdly, 11 Feb. 1858, Mary, dau. of Mr. Charles Stagg, of
Netherhaven, and d. 24 March, 1859.

1. Mary, m. 4 Jan. 1830, Clement John Sneyd-Kynnersley,
Esq. of Loxley Park (see that/auiil'rn, who d. 1840, leaving
issue, Clement Thomas, William Henry, and Mary Jane,
TO. Rev. William Frazer, Vicar of Alton, D.C.L. She d. 2T.
March, 1886.

"Sir. Sneyd d. 2 Feb. 1851, and was a. by his eldest survivins.


Rev. John Sneyd, M.A., of Ashcombe Park, J. P. b. 28 Oct.

1798 ; 7(1. 1st, 15 Jan. 1822, Penelope, dau. of John Holley, Esq.

of Holme and Aylsham, Norfolk, by Mary Anne Sneyd, his

2nd wife, and by her (who d. 1 June, 1849) had issue,

I. John William, now of Basford Hall.

II. Ralph Debank, b. 11 Dec. 1829; .(. unm. 4 May, 1854.

III. Dryden Henry (see Sneyd of Aslicombe Park).

IV. Edmond Lionel, 6. 31 March, 1835; d. unm. 26 July,.

V. Fiederick Clement, Lieut. 2nrl Staffordshire Militia, b. 25'
April, 1839 ; d. unm. 2 Oct. 1864.

VI. Richard Wettenhall, 6. 11 Sept. 1841 ; d. unm. 5 March,

\u. Gustavus Alfred (Rev.), M.A,, Rector of Chastleton, co.
Oxford, b. 12 June, 1844; m. 24 Aug. 1882, Crystabella,
only dau. of John Harris, Esq. of Bourton-on-the-Uill, co.

I. Harriet, m. 12 Sept. 1850, Rev. Robert Bamford, oS
Abbot's Ann, Wilts, and d. 13 Nov. 1857, having had
issue, two sons and two daus.

II. Emily Jane.

III. Penelope Marianne, m. 16 Nov. 1843. John Clerk Brodie,
Esq. of Idvies, co. Forfar, Crown Agent for Scotland, C.B.,
LL.D., J. P. and D.L. (who d. 27 May, 1888), and d. 2 July,
1877, leaving issue.

IV. Hellen, d. 2 l-Vb. 1844, aged 16.

V. Susanna, m. 11 April, 1860, Rev. Charles Ingleby, o«
Woodbank, CO. Stafford, who (i. II June, 1873: she d. 11
Dec. 1891.

VI. Mary Elizabeth, d. 6 May, 1851, aged 17.

He 7)1. 2ndly, 18 June, 1850, Mary, dau. of Charles Marclit
Adams, Esq. of The Abbey, Shrewsbury, and by her had a

VII. Ada Mary, m. 9 May, 1871, R. P. Carew Hunt, Esq., who
d. 12 June, 1890, leaving i.ssue.

Mr. Sneyd, who became Incumbent of Ipstones 1833, and was-
the first Rural Dean of Leek, and (/. 17 Feb. 1873.

Jrnis — Arg., a scythe, the blade in chief, the sned (or handle)
in bend sinister sa., on the fesse point a fleur-de lis of the
second. Crest— A lion passant guurdant sa. Motto— Nee-
opprimere, nee opprimi.

^V(<£— Basford Hall, near Leek, co. Stafford.


Sneyd, Dryden Henky, Esq. of Ashcombe
Park, Belmont and Onecote, co. StafPord, J. P., b.
2 Sept. 1833, 2nd surviving son of Rev. John
Sncjd, of Ashcombe Park, and 29th in direct male
descent from Eadulf (a noble of Wessex), and his-
wife iElfwyn, dau. and heir of .^Sthelred, (he last
king of Mercia, by ..'Ethclikcd dau. of Alfred tbe
Great, and 2 1 st from llichard de Sued (Sneyd), v,ha>





in the early part of the reign of Henry III., held
Sneyd, co. Stafford, under his cousin Henry de Al-
ditlieley (the powerful Baron of the Castle of
Heleigh). Sneyd has ever since been handed down
in direct male line (see preceding Memoirs).

Arms— Are:., a scythe, the Wade in chief, the sned (or handle)
in hend sinister sa., on the fesse point a fleur-de-lis of the
second. Crest — A lion pasrsant guardant sa. Motto — Xec
opprimerp, nee opprimi.

Stat — Asheombe Park, near Leek, co. Stafford.


Snetd-Ktnneeslet, Clement, Esq. of Loxley
Park and Highfields, co. StatTord, J. P. and D.L.,
educated at Eton and Oxford, h. 7 Jan. 1859 ;
m. 1883, Margaret Geraldine, dau. of Eev. H.
Abnd, Kural Dean and Vicar of Uttoxeter, and has
Clement Gekald, 6. 23 March, 1888.

liineage. — According to an old pedigree "the family of
the Kynnersleys is very ancient, Leing seated long before the
Conquest in com. Hereford in a castle soe called at present.
In Doomesday Boolieit is recorded, that when the Conqueror
was possessed of his newe kingdome of England, hee sent his
Coramiss''' throughout y'' remote parts thereof, to know howe
every man held his lands. In which time there was an ould
gentleman that lived and was owner of Kynnardsley Castle, in
com. Hereford ; by name John de Kynnardsley, and by title a
knight (if any knights were before the Conquest). This ould
gentleman was blind, he had then liveing with him twelve
sonnes, whom with liimself he armed, and stood in his castle
gate, his halberd in his hand, attending the coming of sheriffs
and other comiss" from y'' king, who being arrived, demanded
of him by what tenure he held his castle and lands; y^ old kut
replied by his armes, showing to them his halberd."

Hdgo de Ktnnardslete is mentioned in several charters in
the time of Henry III., and was seised of the manor of Newland
and other estates in cos. Gloucester and Hereford. This Hugh
is stated to have been a solder of the Cross, to have accom-
panied Trince Edward to the Holy Land, and to have received
the honour of knighthood, upon which occasion he added the
.Jerusalem crosses to his arms, w hich were before " Az., a lion
rampant arg."

For centuiics after, the Kynnersleys of Loxley preserved a
male succession.

John de Ky.vardeslet (son of William de Kynardeslcy, and
grandson of Hugo de Kynardesley) had issue,

John de Kynardesley, "Dominus de Lockesleye," living
10 Edward I., 28 Edward I., and 1 Edward III., i/i. Johanna,
sister and heir to Thomas Ferrariis or Ferrars, of Loxley,
and dau. of Thomas de Ferares, Dom. de Loxley, co. Stafford,
which lordship the family of Ferrares became possessed of
together with Chartley, through the marriage of his grand-
futlier, William de Ferrares, Earl of Derby, with Agnes, dau.
of Hugh de Meschines, 3rd Earl of Chester, and sister and
co-heir of Kanulph de Blandeville, 4th Earl of Chester (see
Burke's Extinct Peerage and also Kynnersley Pedigree at
Asheombe), and left issue,

GalfriduB or Geoffrey, of Coleatton, who had issue, by Matild
or Mawde, his wife, Thomas, of Coleatton; John; and
Nicholas, of Handlcy.

John, of wliom we treat.

The younger son,

John de Kynnardeslet, of Loxley and Lee, co. Derby, m.
Joane , sister and heir to ilichard Dethick, and dau. of Sir
Piobert Dethicke, Knt., and d. 23 Edward III., leaving issue,
John, parson of Stoke 17 Ed. III.; W'illiam ; Hugh; Joane.
The 2nd son,

William de Kynardesley, of Loxley, m. Elizabeth, sister
and heir to Robert Salway, of Cannock, co. Stafford, and
d. 12 Henry IV. leaving issue, i.Richard(c?. v. p. 15 Richard II.),
7(1. Elioner, dau. of Sir Reginald Cobham, Knt. and had a son,
Robert, who d.s.p.\ u. Koeert ; and iii. Henry. The 2nd

Robert Kynnardeslet, of Loxley, 13 Henry IV., m. 1st,
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir John Gyfford, of Chillington, Knt., and
had a son, John, of whom presently; 7(i. 2ndly, Jane, widow
of Sir Thomas Tamworth (or Tamhorne), Knt., and by her had

Henry de Kynardesley, of Brockton, 2 Edward IV., who m.
and bad a sun.

Robert Kynardesley, of Brockton and Drayton, who d. 26
Henry VIII., having m. Cassandria, dau. of William
Humphreyson, of Humphreyson, co. Salop, and had issue,
John Kynardesley, of Braylesford, co. Derby, m. Mar-
garet, dau. of John Turnor, of Lichlield, and by
her had issue, one son and four daus., I Edward, of
Wardsend, co. Warwick, in. Margaret, dau. and heir
of Thomas Bond, of Wardsend, and d. 1609 or 1612,
leaving a son John, of Wardsend, who ni. Kathei'ine-,
dau. of William Butler, of Bedenham, co. Bedford, and
had issue, John, Thomas, Ursula, and Martha; 1 Ellen,
•m. to Robert Whitehall, of Yardley ; 2 Katherin, ni.
Thomas Hart, of Woodland; 3 Joane, tZ. «. ^. ; 4 Cas-
sandria, m. Hugh Cockson, of Hough.

Robert Kynardesley, m. Srdly, Isabel, dau. of John Hynckley,
of Aston, and d. 37 Henry VI. His elder son,

John Kynardesley, of Loxley, d. 10 Ed. IV., having m.
Margaret, dau. of Sir Robert Aston, of Tixhall,andby her(who
m. 2ndly, Raphe Wolseley, of Wolseley) had with other issue,
Robert, who d. s. p. ; Thomas, of whom we treat ; Margaret,
■„i. John ffitzherbert, of Somersall; Joane, ru. Thomas
Langham ; Elizabeth, m. Thomas Dethick, of Newhall; and
Isabel, m. John Bradshaw, in co. Derby. The eldest surviving

Thomas Kynardesley, of Loxley, m. 1st, Margery, dau. of
John Agard, of fforston, co. Derby, and by her

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