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had issue,

I. Richard, d. s. p.

II. Francis, Parson of Leigh and Blithficld.

III. John, who d. v. p. 6 Henry VIII., in London, having
'in. Dorothy, dau. and sole heir of Henry Pettitt, of Badger,
and by her (who m. 2ndly, Thomas Nowell, of Pelsall, co.
Stafford, at tlie request of Henry VIII.. and had issue by
him), had issue, 1 George, d. s. p. : 2 Tiiomas, who s. his
grandfather; 1 Margery, m. 1st, Nicholas Eyton, and had a
son John ; she rn. 2ndly, — Smiih ; and Srdly, — HoUieoke ;
and 4thly, William Belcher, of Gellesborough ; 2 Elizabeth ;
3 Margaret ; 4 Joyce ; 5 Katherin.

I. Anna, rn. John Stretley, of Siretley.

II. Elizabeth, m. — Abelleyn.

III. Dorothy, m. Humphrey Mynors, of Utltoxeter.

IV. Eleanor, rn. Robert Whitehall, of Yardley, co. Derby.

He m. 2nd]y, Elizabeth, dau. of Humphry Wolrich, of Dud-
manston, and widow of Henry Pettitt, of Badger, and had
further issue,

IV. Nicholas, who d. s. p.

V. Walter, m. and had seven sons, I Thomas, in Suffolk

2 John, who m. and had a son Clement (in co. Salop. 16ls)

3 Walter, a priest ; 4 Nicholas, a lawyer, d. s. p. : 5 ffrancis
6 Henry, a merchant of l^ondon, m. — , dau. of — Builer,
CO. Rutland, and had issue, Mary, rn. George Millishe, and
Elizabeth, m. Dauiell Harvey, of London; and 7 Chria-
topher, d. s. p.

V. Joane, m. John .Sprott, of Ashenbrooke.

VI. Anne, rn. Humplirey Cotton, of Bould.

He TO. Srdly, Elizabeth, dau. of William Hussey, of King's
Bromley, and d. 29 Henry VIII., and was bur. in the Chancel
of Uttoxeter Church, where there is an alabaster altar tomb
to himself and his three wives. His grandson,

Thomas Kynardesley, of Loxley, rn. Dorothy, dau. of Sir
Phillipp Draycott, of Paynesley, Knt., and d. 34 Elizabeth,
leaving issue,

I. Anthont, of whom presently.

II. Edward, of Clebury, co. Salop, 1607, m. Jane, dau. oJ
Richard Johnson, of Chester, and had issue,

1 Hercules, of North Clebury, m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Edward Smallman, of Newton, co. Salop, and had issue,
Edward and Anna.

2 Thomas. 3 John.

4 Phillip. Anthony.

1 Dorothy, rn. Richard Hide, of Wafrcs Hopton, co. Salop.

2 Anne, m. Richard Uarewell, of Clebury.

3 Jane.

III. Nicholas, d. .'. p. iv. Phillip, c7. s. p.

V. Ralph, m. Ellen, dau. of Edward Hayward, of Bridge-
north, and had a sou, ffrancis, who d. s. p. at Worcester.
I. Ellen, d. s.p. ». HeUen, d. s.p.

III. Margaret, d. s. p.

IV. Elizabeth, m. John Combes, of Stratford, and d. s.p.

V. Anne, m. John Aron or Avon, of Drayton.

VI. Mary, rn. Thomas Woodcock, of Newport, co. Salop.

The eldest son,

Anthony Kynardesley, Esq. of Loxley, living 1G19, to.
Isabell, dau. and co-heir of Lewis or Lodowick Walker, o£
Bramshall (living 1019), and by her had issue,
ffrancis, of whom presently.

Edward, rn. Maria, dau. of William Gorge (brother of Sir

George Gorge, Knt.), and had issue, Anthony; Dorothy;

Elizabeth; Isabell.

Mary, in. Henry Mainwaring, Esq. of Caringham, co. Chester.

Mr. Anthony Kynardesley d, 1621, and was s. by his elder

i son.





III. Georse, d. IGGO.

rFRANCis IvYNARDESLET, Esq. of Badger, co. Salop, m.
Lettice, dan. of Richai-d Bagott. Esq. of Blithfii-Ui, and <'. 163-1,
leaving issue, Thii.mas, his heir: Anthony; Francis; Walter;
Edward; and Mary. The eldest son,

Thomas Ktnxersley, Esq. of Badger, co. Salop, and of
Loxley, co. Stafford. SherilTof Shrop.-ihire 16J4, m. Elizalieth,
ilau. of lialph Floyer, of Hints, co. Stafford, and d. 20 Nov.
i080, leaving issue,

I. Thomas, of Mhom presently.

II. Anthony, of Wricton (see Ktnnersley, of Lcighton Hall).
I. Elizabeth, t^. unm. 18 Aug. IG-jy.

Mr. Thomas Kynnersley's will was proved 14 Jfay, 1631. His
elder son.

Thomas Ktnxersley, Esq. of Loxley, m. 1st, Sarah, dau.
of Sir George Gierke, of Watford, co. Northampton, and had

I. Thomas, his successor.
n. George, d. 1657.
1. Sarah, d. young.

He >n. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of — Joddrell, Esq. of Eardsley, co .
Chester, and had further issue,

IV. John, of Badger, m. Anne Case, and d. s. 21. 1750.

V. Clement, of Uttoxeter, d. s. Ji-
ll. Elizabeth, );i. Walter llortou, Esq. of Catton, co. Derby.

III. Jlary.

IV. Lettice, m. Ealph Adderley, Esq. of Coton.

Mr. Kynnevsley, d. 13 Oct. 1690, and was s. by his eldest son,
Thomas Ky.vnersley, Esq. of Loxley, bapt. 24 July, 1664, liv-
ing 1676, -,)!. Mary, dau. of John London, of Islington, mer-
•ckant, and was .5. by his son,

Thomas Ktxxerslet, Esq. of Loxley, 7Ji. Barbara, eldest
dau. of Sir Gilbert Clarke, of Chilcote, co. Derby, by whom
(who d. 1717) he had fourteen children, of whom only six
survived infancy, viz.:

I. Craven, his successor.

II. Thomas, who inherited from his brother.

I. Baibaia, ),i. Sir John Frederick, Bart, of Hampton, co.

II. Mary, m. Thomas Kirby, Esq. of Lutterworth, co.
Leicester, and Doveridge, co. Derby.

III. Dorothy, d. unm. 1759.

The elder son.

Craven Kynnerslet, E'.q. of Loxley, m. Jane, dau. of Sir
Edward Bagot, Bart, of Blithfield, but d. s. 2^. 1735 (killed in
the park of Loxley, by the accidental discharge of his fowling-
piece, aged 25), and the estates devolved upon his brother,

Thomas Kysnersley, Esq. of Loxley, an Officer in the Navy,
51!. Penelope, only child, of John Wheeler, Esq. of Wootton
Lodge, CO. Stafford, and had issue,

I. John, d. 1756.

II. Thoraa?, d. in infancy.

III. Clement, successor to his father.

I. Penelope, m. John Sneyd, Esq. of Bishton and Belmont,
CO. Stafford {see Snetd oJ Ashcombe), and had with other

Thomas (the youngest son), of whom hereafter as successor
to his uncle, Clement Kynnersley.
XI. Dorothy, m. 1st, Thomas Byrche-Savage, E.sq. of Elmley
Castle, CO. Worcester, and m. 2ndl3', Ealph Adderley, Esq.
of Coton.

III. Barbara, d. unm. 1782.

IV. Mary, vi. Charles Augustus Louis Frederick Baron de
Bode, and d. at Moscow, 1814, leaving issue.

V. Catherine, d. unya. 1815.

Sir. Thomas Kynnersley d.. 1755, and was s. by his son,

Clement KYNN'ERSLEY,Esq.of Loxley, and Sutton, Searsdale,
•CO. Derbj-, ra. Rosamund, dau. of Sir Wolstan Dixie, Bart, of
Bosworth Park, co. Leicester, but d. s. p. in 1815, bequeathing
his StaCordshire estates to his nephew, Thomas, who became
Thomas Sneyd-Kynnersley, Esq. of Loxley, J. P. and D.L.,
having assumed by royal licence 1815, the additional surname
and arms of Kynnersley, 6. 6 May, 1774; l7)i. 1st, at Ipstones,
CO. Stafford, 4 Jan. 1796, Ann Maria Stokes, and by her (who
d. 13 Feb. 1800) had issue,

I. Clement, d. in infancy.

II. Clement John, b. 31 Dec. 1799, m. 4 .Jan. 1830, Mary,
dau. of William Sneyd, Esq. of Ashcombe Park, and d. 3
]Mareh, 1810, having by her who d. 27 March, 1886, had

1 Clement Thomas, of whom presently!

2 William Henry, of Morton Hall, co. Worcester, J. P.,
cos. Worcester and Stafford, li. 1835; m. 186i, Caroline
Anne, only surviving child of Thomas Adic, Esq. of Lich-
field, and has bj her (who d. l8U3i, i~sue, a dau. b. 1871.

1 Mary Jane, m. Eev. W. Frazer, D.C.L.

I. Matilda, b. 17,a7 ; d. unra. 1816.

II. Eliza, 6. 1799; d. unm. 1873.

Mr. Sneyd-Kynnersley m. 2ndly, at Uttoxeter, co. Stafford,
25 Sept. 1802, Harriet Potts, and by her (who d. Feb. 1860;
had issue,

III. Thomas Clement, of Moor Green, co. Worcester, M.A.,
Bariister-at-Law, J. P. and D.L., co. Warwick, J. P., cos.
Stafford and Worcester, Becorder of Newcastle-under-
Lynie, b. 23 July, 18C3; 7i!. 1834, Eliza Kose, eldest dau. of
Joseph Sandars, Esq. of Taplow House, Bucks, and d. 1892,
having by her who d. 1860, bad issue, Thomas Alfred, R.N.,
b. 1S36: d. s. p. 1874; John Clement, b. 1837; d. 1851:
Edmund Mackenzie, b. 1811, Barrister-at-Law ; Herbert
William, b. 1848 ; m. 1879, Flora, dau. of the late Arch-
deacon Macdonald, and d. 1886; Charles Walter, Stipend.
Magistrate at Singapore, 6. 1849; m. 1884, Ada Maud, dau.
of Itev. George Nash, Prebendary of Salisbury, and has issue,
a son Thomas Ralph, 6. 23 Dec. 1886 ; Henry Francis, b.
1851; m. 18S5, Ethel Margaret, dau. of Jo.seph Chapman,
Esq., and has issue; Barbara, m. Edmund Ashley Scott,
Esq., andd. 1863, leaving a dau. Barbara ; Annie Catherine
Emily; and Harriet Virginia.

IV. John Clement, b. 1807 ; m. 12 Aug. 1831, Harriet, dau.
of Francis Calvert, Esq. of Houndshiil, and d. s. p. 12 Feb.

V. Edmund Clement (Rev ). 6. 1812; d. s.p. 1841.

III. Penelope, 6. 1804; d. 1817.

IV. Marianne, b. 1808: m. Rev. Henry Sneyd, of Woodlands
who d. 1859, having by her (who d. 1832), had issue, a dau.
Jane, d. young, 1845.

V. Harriet, 6. 1810; m., as his 2nd wife, Eev. John James
Blount, Professor of Divinity, Camb., and d. s. p. 1889.

VI. Barbara Clementina, b. 1814; d. 1829.

VII. Catherine, b. 1817; m. Re\-. Christopher Smyth of Little
Houghton, and d. 1868, leaving a son, Christopher, b. 1851,

and a dau.

Mr. Thomas Sneyd-Kynnersley d. 5 Sept. 1844, and was «. by
his grandson,

Clement Thomas Sn'eyd-Kynnerslet, Esq. of Loxley Park
and Highfields, CO. Stafford, J. P. and D.L., 6.21 Oct. 1833;
111. 7 Feb. 1858, at Bayonne, Ellen, duu. ot Joseph Mallaby,
Esq., and by her had issue,

I. Clement, now of Loxley Park.

II. John Ralph, b. 1860; m. 1886, Addle, dau. of — Pairo,
Esq., and by her (who d. Is91), has issue, a dau., b. 1887.

HI. ilarry Craven, b. 1865.

I. Mary Blanche, m. 2 April, 1887, Capt. Arthur Eardley-
Wilmot, R.A., A.D.C., 2nd son of Maj.-Gen. F. M. Eardley-
Wilmot, E.A., and has three daus.

Arms — Quarterly: 1st and 1th, for Kynnerslet, az., semee
of crosses-crosslet a lion rami)ant arg. ; 2nd and 3rd, for Sneid,
arg., a scythe the blade in chief the sned or handle in bend
sinister sa., in the fess point a fleur-de-lis of the second. Crests
— For Kynnersley, A mount vert, thereon a greyhound sejant
arg. collared or, under a hawthorn tree ppr. ; for Sneyd, A
lion passant guardant, sa. MdIId — Nee oi)primere, nee
oppriuii. &aJs— Loxley Park, and Highfields, near Uttoxeter,
CO. Stafford.


SoMERS, Benjamin Edward, Esq. of Mendip
Lodge, CO. Somerset, h. 20 Nov. 1851 ; m. 23 Jan.
1879, Agnes Elizabeth, voungest dau. of the Rev.
John Breeks Atkuison, M.A., of Cowes, Rector of
Kingston, Isle of Wight, by his wife, Jane Isabella,
youngest dau. of James Johnston, Esq. of Kincar-
dine, Perthsliire, N.B., and has issue,

I. John, b. 20 May, 1884.
I. Mary Agnes Elizabeth.

I\Ir. Somer3, who is a Master of Arts of Merton
Coll., O.xon, and a Barrister-at-Law of tlie Hon.
Soc. of Lincoln's Inn, is Lord of the Manor of
Ubley, and a Justice of the Peace for the co. of

Lineage. — This family whose later pedigree is recorded
in the College of Arms, claims by long tradition to be a branch
of the family of that name settled at Severn Stoke, near Wor-
cester, in the sixteenth century,

John Somers, Esq. of Nempnett-Thrubwell, co. Somerset,
J. P., 111. 1737, Mary, dau. of Col. Jones, of Langford Court, co.
Somerset, (vide infra Jones), and had issue,

I. Edward, m. 9 March, 1780, Sarah Price, and had issue,
1 Benjamin, of whom presently.

1 I'rances, m. Richard Paul Sayer, of Aston, co. Salop,
and had issue.

2 Mary Anne, d. unm.

II. John, b. 1745; m., and had issue.

III. Richard, b. 1746: d. 17.00.

I. Mary, -III. James Matthews, of Cheltcnliam, Capt. North
Gloucester Militia.





His grandson,

Benjamin Somers, Esq., M.D., of Mendip Lodge, b. 1782;
m. 29 April, 1811, Mary, only dau. of Jeremiah Pope, Esq. of
The Hyde, Abbots Langley, co. Herts (she d. 9 Dec. 1878), and
il. 31 July, 1848, leaving issue, a son,

Thomas Someks, Esq., b. 15 June, 1812; m. 9 June, 1840,
Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Williams, Esq. of Honicombe, co.
Cornwall (see Baronetage), by his wife Elizabeth, dau. of,
John Pearson I'oote, Esq., of Hare wood House, near Tavistock
and had issue,

[. Benjamin Edwabd, now of Mendip Lodge.

I. Mary Blanche, m. Evan Henry Llewellyn, Esq. of Lang-
ford Court, CO. Somerset, and has issue.

II. Itose Elizaberh, m. 1st, her cousin, Edward Maunsell
Williams, Esq. of Flush ng, co. Cornwall; 2ndly, the Eev.
■\Villiara Anthony Stewart, M.A., Kector of West Tisted, co.
Hftnts; 3rdly, Col. James Graham Robert Douglas Macneill,

J^amilg of |onrs of IJ^angforiJ Court.
An old pedigree on vellum, bearing date 1645, which has
t)ccn handed down in the family to the present time, traces the
descent from Ehikid Vlaidd, Lord of Penlynn, through ten
generations, to Cadwallader Jones, of Greenham, in the
parish of Ashbrittle, co. Somerset, who had m. Anne, dau. and
co-heiress of John Bluett, of Holcombe Bogus, co. Devon, Esq.,
by his wife Elizabeth, 3rd dau. and eventual co-representative
of Sir John Portman, Bart., of Orchard Portman, co. Somer-
set, and had issue,

I. Cadwallader, of whom we treat.

II. John. III. Stewart
I. Anne, m. Humphrey HeUiar.

The eldest son,

Cadwallader Jones, Esq. of Cameley, co. Somerset, ra.
Elizabeth, dau. and co-heiress of JohiiCreswick, Esq. of Lang-
iord Court, co. Somerset, and had issue,

I. John, cf whom presently.

Ji. Blut-tt. III. William.

IV. Cadwallader, Eector of Ubley, co. Somerset.

V. Hugh Browne.

1. Anne. ii. Elizabeth.

The eldest son,

John Jones, Esq. of Langford Court, co. Somerset, m. Eliza-
beth, dau. of Edward Clarke, Esq. of Chipley, M.P., by his
.marriage with Mary, dau. and heiress of Samuel Jepp, Esq. of
.Sutton Court, co. Somerset, and had issue,

J. Edward, m. Mary, dau. of George Miisgrave, Esq., of
>;ettlecombe, co. Somerset, and had issue,
1 George, h. 6 Feb. 1742-3, and d. June, 1743.
1 Elizabeth, ra. 1st, John Withers Sherwood, Esq., and
2ndly, Thomas Sedgwick Whallpy, D.D., Clerk in Holy
Orders, of Mendip Lodge, and left no issue.

I. Elizabeth, d. iimn.

II. Mart, m. John So.mees, of Kempnett, Esq. (as above).
Jrnis — So.MERS : Per fess vert and sa., a fess dancette ermine,

cottised arg. between a woll's head erased in chief and an
t'SL-allop in base of the fourth. Crest — A laurel tree, sus-
pended therefrom a cuirass with tasses ppr., on either side
<.jf the tree an escallop or, and in front thereof a tilling spear
iessewisc ppr. Motto — I'rodesse quam conspici.

Heat — Mendip Lodge, Langford, E.S.O., East Somerset.

killed at the battle of Tcl-el-kebir, Egypt, 13 Sept.
1882 ; and two sisters, Elizabeth, m. 17 Jan. 1872,
Capt. J. A. Middleton ; and Agnes Mary, -who d. 2
Sept. 1853.
Seat— Sorn Castle, Mauchlinc, N.B.


SoMEETELL, James, Esq. of Sorn, co. Ayr, and
Hamiltons Farm, co. Lanark, J.P. for cos. Ayr and
Lannrk, Major and Lieut. -Col. Ayrsliiro Yeomanry,
I. I'J Sept. 1845 ; called to the Bar at the Inner
Temple, Not. 1870; M.P. for the Ayr Burghs
1890-2 ; m. 21Jan. 1892, Kathleen Emilic, eldest dau.
of M. &. Maclaiiic, Esq. of Lochbuie, and has issue,

James, b. 20 May, 1893.
'Mv. Somervell is the eldest son of Graham
.Somervell, Esq. of Sorn, D.L., and Convener of
tlie county of Ayr, who assumed the surname of
SoJiEETELL, and d. 11 Not. 1881, by Henrietta
.lane, his wife (v2. 23 July, 1844), 3rd dau. of
AVilliani Stirling, Esq. (2nd son of John Stirling,
Esq. of Kippendavie), and grandson of Col. James
Russell, of Woodside (who d. Dec. 1830), by
Mary his wife, 3rd dau. of John Stirling, Esq. of
Eippendavie, co. Stirling. He had four brothers,
AVilliam ; Graham Charles, d. 3 Feb. 1889 ; Henry
David; Louis, Lieut. Highland Light Infantry,


SoMEETiLLE, Aethde Fownes, Esq. of Dinder
House, Somerset, J.P., LL.B. (Camb.), Barrister-
at-Law, b. 23 April, 1850 ; m. 4 Aug. 1880, Ellen,
dau. of W. Stanley Sharland, Esq. of New Norfolk,
Tasmania, and has issue,

I. Harold Fownes, b. 25 May, 1881.

II. James Fownes, 6. 17 July, 1882.
1. Marjorie i'ownes, b. 7 Sept. 1883.

Lineage.— In the Heralds' Visitation for Devon for 1620,
nine generations of this family, paternally Fown-es, are recorded
prior to that date, and the descent, subsequently to that time,
has been authenticated and registered in the College of Arms.
The Heralds' account commences with

William Fownes, Esq. of Saxby, m. a dau. of Sir Eobert
Hilton, Knt. From him, the 7th in descent,

Thomas F'ownes, Esq. of Plymouth. Mayor of that town
1G12 and 1619, d. April, 1638, leaving issue', by his 2nd wife,
Joane, dau. of Walter Hele, of Gnaton, an eldest surviving

John Fownes, Esq. of Whitley, Devon, under age in 1037,
whose will was proved 17 Dec. 1646 ; he m. Katherine, dau. of
.•\rthurChampernowne, Esq. of Dartington, Devon, and by her
had issue (with three daus., Bridget, Joane, and Katherine)
an only sou and heir,

John Fownes, Esq. of Wliitley, tapt. 9 Sept. 1640; d.
22 April, 1670. He m. Mary, dau. of Henry Xorthleigh, Esq.
of Peamore, Devon, and by her (who rf. 18 April, 1669) had
issue, John, his heir: Henry; Elizabeth, </. unm. 1669;
Katherine, ra. Sir Henry Carew, 2nd Bart, of Haccombe,
Devon, and Mary, '/)!. Peter Woodley, of Halsanger, Devon.
His eldest son and heir,

John Fownes, Esq. of Whitley, then of Kethway and Kittery
Court, Devon, M.P. for Dartmouth in3-14, d. 4 Ost. 1731.
He m. 1681, Anne, dau, of Edward Yarde, of Churston Ferrers,
M.P. for Dartmoutli, and by her (who d. 4 Nov. 1721) had
issue, John, his heir; Henry, </.,i. 1730-31; Anne, m.
Cliarles Stucley, of Plymouth; and Dorothy, d. unm. 1741.
The only surviving son and heir,

John Fownes, Esq. of Xethway and Kittery Court, d. 1 Oct.
1733, aged 46. By his 1st wife, Elizabeth (who d. 1718), dau.
and heirof Eobert Berry, of Plymouth, he had issue, Elizabeth,
ra. John Seale, Esq. of Mount Boone, Devon ; Mary, ra. John
Henry Southcote, Esq. of Combe, Devon; and Dorothy, d.
nam. 1746. He 7/i. 2ndly, 1719, Ann, dau. and co-heir cf
Samuel Madock, of Plymouth, by Isabella his wife, dau. of
Warwick, 3rd Lord Mohun, and by lier (who d. 13 Aug. 1772)
had two sons, Henry, of Nethway, Devon, and Dunster Cas-
tle, Somerset, ancestor of the family of F'ownes-Luttbell, of
Dunster Castle, and Thomas. The 2ad son,

Eev. Thomas F'ownes, M.A., of Kittery Court, Vicar of
Brixham and Prebendary of Wells, d. 3 March, 1808, aged 7s.
He ra. 1st, 25 April, 1754, Anne, dau. and co-heir (with her
sister, Elizabeth, wife of Sir John Carew, 5th Bart, of Hac-
combe) of Eev. Henry Holdsworth, Vicar of Townstali, Dart-
mouth (she d. s. 1). March, 1755). He ra. 2ndly, 12 Sept.
1764, Ann Vannam, eldest dau. of the Hon. George SomerviUe,
of Dinder House, Somerset, niece of James, 11th Lord Somer-
viUe, and sister and heir of Eev. William SomerviUe, of
Dinder aforesaid, and by her (who d. 31 March, 1812) had

Henry George, Comm. E.N., b. 1766 ; d. atTortola 30 Dec.
17!i5, wail).

James Somerville, his heir.

John Yarde, 6. 1 June, 17;2, and d.22 Oct. 1839. He m.
1st, 24 Oct. 1799, Margaret, dau. of Uoope Harris Eoo le,
Esq. of Chipton, Devon, and by her (wiio d. 19 Feb. 1803;
had an only surviving dau.,
Maria Somerville, tn. Eev. Stephen Davies, who d.s. p.

1842; she d. 1875.
He iii. 2ndly, 17 Oct. 1805, Hannah, eldest dau. and co-heir
of Edw.ard Curtis, of Mardyke House, Clifton, and by her
(who d. 4 Nov. 1814) had tw^o surviving sons,
Edward Ccrtis, late Capt. in the army, b. 23 Nov. 1806;
ra. is48, Mary Margaret, dau. of John Haythorne, Esq.
of Hill House, co. Gloucester, and has had issue.





Edward John, h. 3 Aug. ISiO, Lieut. 13th Liglu In-
FraiKis Curtis, h. lSr>2; d. ISI'J.
liobcrt Honry, if. in iulaniy.
ilarsarot Catharine.
Milborough, d. in infancy.
Henry George, Barrister-at-Ln\v, 6. 26 Xov. 1809 ; d. 14 Feb.
1«7;). He »i. 22 Oct. IboG, 1-rancos Elizabeth Lort, eldest
dau. of John Lort-Philips, Esq. oi Haverfordwest, and
had issue,
John Edward Curtis, 6. 1 Oct. 1841.
Henry Lort, 6. 20 Xov. 1844.

Frances Maria, m. Thomas Fercival Beckwith, Esq.
Charlotte Catherine. Sophia.

!llargaret. Wilhelraina.

Mr. John YardeFownes, •.». 3rdly. 24 Oct. ISlC, Nancy I'lice,
dau. of James Hearne, Esq. of Fadstow, Cornwall, and by
her had issue,
John Yarde, 6. 23 Xov. ISIS; d. unm. 16 Jan. 1839.
Jane, )?i. Hcv. William Williams.
Elizabeth ^Maria, m. Henry Carew, of Tiverton, Comm. U.N.,
3rd son of Sir John Carew, 5tli bart. of Haccombc. She d.
4 Aug. 1831.

Charlotte Ann, d. Jinm. 1841.

Catherine Maiilda, was 2nd wife of William Gwyn, Esq. of
Xeath, CO. Glamorgan, who d. Aug. I8o0.

The eldest surviving son.

James Somervili.e Fownes, Esq. of Dinder House, J. P., b.
19 Jan. 17t)9; .«. 1S30, on the death of Mrs. Somerville, widow
■ ■f his maternal uncle, Rev. William Somerville, who d. s. p.
1803, to the family estates, and assumed in pursuance of
diivctions in his will, by royal licence, dated 10 Jan. 1831, the
surname of Somerville only, and the arms of Somerville
quarterly in the first quarter with those of Fownes. lie 7n.
17 Feb. 1800. Frances, 2nd dau. of William llbert Esq. of
liowringsleigh, Devon, sou of \Villi\im llbert, Esq., of the same
place, by Bridget liis wife, dau. of Sir William Courtenay,
2nd Bart, of Powderhani Castle, in the same co. , and sister of
William. 1st Visecunt Courteuay, and by her (who d. 24 July,
l!>24) had issue,

AVilliam Henry, b. 28 Jan. 1806; d. unm. March, 1823.
James Curtis, his heir.

Frances Ann, m. 1839, Kev. Charles Griffith, of Glyn Celyn,
CO. Brecon, and d. s. p. July, 1813.
Augusta Jane, m. 1830, William Koope llbert, Esq. of Hors-
well House, and Bowringsleigh, Uevon, and d. 1 Oct.

Charlotte Maria llbert, d. 18 Oct. 1889.
Mr. Somerville d. Oct. 1848. His only surviving son and heir;
James Curtis So.merville, Esq. of Dinder House, M.A., J. P.
and D.L., High Sheriff 1854, b. 26 Dec. 1807 ; m. 23 June, 1846,
Emily Periam, eldest dau. of Sir Alexander Hood, 2nd Ban.,
M.P., and had issue,
J. Arthur Fownes, now of Dinder House.
II. William Fownes, of New Zealand, b. 4 June. 18.')! ; m.
23 Oct. 1878, Bertha Eveline, youngest, dau. of Sir Tliouias
Tancred, 7th liart., and has, with other issue,
William Tancred, b. 18 July, 1879.
Ernest Selby, 6. 1882.
jEnid Bertha.

I. Frances Fownes, m. 3 Jan. 1871, Henry Churchill Max-
well Lyte, Esq., CB., F.S.A., Deputy Keeper of Public
Kecords, and has issue.

II. Emily Fownes, m. 5 July, 1877, liev. Edward Leighton
Elwes, Vicar of Overcombe, Liss, Hants, and has issue.

Mr. Somerville d. 13 June, 1876.

,4;-jn«— Quarterly : 1st and 4th az., three mullets between
seven crosses-crosslet fitchee or, three, one, two, one, for
Somerville; 2nd and 3rd az., in chief two eagles displayed,
and in base a mullet arg,. for Fownes. Crests— 1st, A wyvern
with rai.sed wings vert, langued gu., standing on a wheel erect
arg., for Somerville ; 2nd, A stump of an oak-tree erased at
top, with a branch on each side sprouting, all ppr., for I'Ovvnes.
Motto — Fear God in life.

Seat— Dinder House, Wells, Somertet.


Somerville, Thomas Hexkt, Esq. of Drishanc,
CO. Cork, J.P. and D.L., Higli Sheriff 1888, late
Lieiit.-Col. 3rd I3uffs, b. 29 Oct. 1821.; m. 29 June,
1837, Adelaide Eliza, lOtli dau. of Admiral Sir
.losiah Coghill, 3rd Eart., by his ^vife Anna Maria,
dau. of Chief Justice Bushe, and has had issue,

I. Thomas Cameron FitzGerald, Capt. King's Own Pkoyal
Lancaster llegt., b. March, 1860.

II. Joscelyn Josiuh Coghill, b. 1862; d. 1864.

III. Henry Boyle Townshend, Lieut. li.N., b. Sept. 1863.

IV. Aylmer Coghill, 6. Sept. 186.5; m. 1888, Emmeline
Sophia, dau. of Daniel Sykes, Esq. of tlaklands, co.
Gloucester, and has issue, Desmond Henry Sykes, b. 6
Aug. 1889 ; and Gillian Margaret Hope.

V. John Arthur Coghill, Lieut. 5th Fusiliers, b. March,

VI. Hugh Gualtier Coghill, sub-Lieut. R.N., b. July,

I. Edith Anna (Enone.

II. Elizabeth Hildegarde Augusta, m. 1 1 July. 1893, Egertoa
Bushe, Coghill, Fsq., eldest surviving son of Sir John
Joscelyn Coghill, Bart.

Lineage.— This family claims descent from James, 6th
Baron Somerville, through his 2nd son, James, circa 1570.
The llrst of the family that settled in Ireland was

William Somerville, a Church of England Minister, who
fled from persecution in Scotland 1G92. He in. Agnes, dau.
and co-heiress of Sir Patrick Agnew, Bart., and had

I. William, b. 1688, who returned to Scotland, and possessed
some of the old family estates.

II. Thomas, ancestor of the branch in Ireland.

I. Judith, 7)1. William Cameron, of Lnchbar, Dean in the
English Church, and was grandmother of Gen. William
The 2nd son,

Rev. Thomas Somerville, Rector of Myross, Braad, and
Castlehaven, J.P. co. Cork, b. in Galloway

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