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AHce Gordon, dau. of Surg.-Gen. Jackson, and has issue,
Robert Austen, 6. 18 Sept. 18-i7 ; 2 Sydney Glen, t>. 30
March, lb63, Surg. Army Medical Staff ; and 3 Charles
William, 6. 8 Aug. 1868.

•VII. Margaret, d. 3 June, 1867.
VIII. Eleanor, d. young.

The eldest surviving son,

John Little, Esq. of Stewartstown, 6. 8 March, 1803, m
1831, Emily Higinbotham, youngest dau. of Samuel Kyle, Esq.
and by her (who rf. 9 Feb. 1875) had issue,

I. Samuel, J. P., 6. 3 July, 1833; m. 1861, Hannah, eldest
dau. of Bryan Padgett (iregson, Esq. of Caton, Lancashire,
i.P. and D.L., and d. 1887, leaving issue,

1 Bryan Padgett Gregson, b. 9 March, 1862 (deceased).

2 John, h. 26 April, 1867.

3 Samuel, rf. in infancy.

1 Hannah Gibson.

2 Emily Kyle.

3 Margaret Maud.sley, d. 3 Jan. 1884.

4 Ellen Murray, rf. 3 Aug. 1870.

6 Mary Eveline. 6 Kathleen Alice.

II. Robert Kyle, /). 4 Dec. 1834, Cajit. 97th and 22nd Eegts.
(served in the Crimea and in the Indian Mutiry). vi. 1868,
Dora, eldest dau. of James Irvine, E«q. ot Springfield, co.
Tyrone, and rf. 15 Jan. 1889, leaving issue.

1 John Little, h. 1 July, 1875.

2 Sydney Hamilton, b. 9 May, 1880.

1 Mary Ormsby. 2 Emily Kyle.

3 Ellinor Murray. 4 Hannah.

in. John, 6. 23 Nov. 1835, Capt. 20th Regt, (.served in th«
Crimea and in the Indian Mutiny), rf. unm. 10 April, I85i^
at the Held Hospital, Cawnpore.

IV. Henry Alexander, Col. 6. 14 Aug. 1837, C.B., Colonel on
the stalT in India, served in the Crimea and the N. W.
Frontier campaign (1864-5), and in the Burmese war (1888-a),
n?. 1866, Ellen Wade, eldest dau. of the late David Peter
Thompson, Esq., J. P. of Stonestown and Pack, King's Co.
and has issue,

1 John David George, 6. 24 Feb. 1868.
I Gerard Eleanor.

V. Charles William, b. 26 Oct. 1838 ; rf. young.

VI. William John Knox (Rev.), b. I Dec. 1839, M.A., Camh
Vicar of Hoar Cross, Staffordshire, Canon Residentiary o<
">\ orce.ster, to. 1866, Annie, eldest dau. of Henry Gregson.
Esq. of Moorlands, Lancaster, and has i.ssue,

1 Arthur Heniy Alban Knox, b. 17 June, 1867.

2 Francis Gore Knox, b. 25 Julv, 1875.
S Harold Edward Knox, b. U Feb. 1877.

4 Walter Lawrence Wood Knox, b. 4 Sept. 1878.

5 William John Knox, b. 7 Feb. 1881.

6 Charles Hugo Knox, b. 21 Nov. 1887.

1 Rose Emily Knox.

2 Rhoda Edith Knox.

3 Ethel Annie Knox. 4 Mary Catherine Knox.

VII. Francis Laurence Gore, b. 27 Aug 1841, Major late
R.A., ("'hief Constable of Preston, Lancashire, m. Jan.
1871, Clara Hester, ord dau. of John Reynolds Dickson,
Esq., J. P. of Woodville, co. Leitrim, and Kilbarrow, co.
Donegal, and has issue,

1 John Francis Gore, b. 9 Jan. 1873.

2 William Hyacinth Patrick Gore, 6. 16 March, 1876.

1 Clara Kdythe t;ore.

2 Violet Audley Gore.

3 Mary Gore. 4 Joan Emily Gore.

VIII. Arthur Wood, b. 9 Aug. 1843; rf. '28 May, 1863.

IX. Cliarles Hardy ^Rev.), 6. 29 April, 1845, M..\. Oxon. and
Dublin, British Chaplain at St. Petersburg ; Vicar of St.
Martin's, Brighton, vi. 1873, Mary Ellen, 3rd dau. of Bryan
Padgett Gregson, Esq., J. P. and D.L., of Caton, I^ncashire,
and has issue,

I Charles Hardy, 6. 18 June, 1874.
1 Mary Hardy.

X. Sydney Hamilton, b. 23 June, 1849, M.A. Oxford, Consul
General at Madrid, formerly in holy orders, 7ii. 1875, Edith
Mary, eldest dau. of John Locke Stratton, Esq. of Turwes-
ton House, Bucks, and has is.sue,

1 Sydney Knox Hamilton, b. 23 Feb. 1878.

2 John Hamilton, 6. 28 Jan. 1880; rf. young.

3 Henry Charles Hamilton, b. 21 Dec. I8o0.

4 Francis Hamilton, b. 18 Jan. 1883.

5 Wilfrid Joseph Hamilton, b. 18 Jan. 1887.

1 Mary Bridgett Hamilton.

2 Editli Agnes Hamilton.

XI. Emilius George Higinbotham (Rev.), b. 6 April, 1853,
M.A., Dublin, sometime Assistant Chaplain, at
St. Petersburg, Vicar of All Saints, Inverary, N.B., ih
1886, Dorothy, youngest dau of Jonathan Hardcastle,
Esq., J.P. of BlidarthDale, Notts.

I. Ellen MuRBAit, now of Stewartstown.
Mr. John Little rf. 8 Jan. 1889, and was s. at Stewartstown by
his only dau. Ellen Murray Little, of Stewartstown.

SeaS— Stewartstown, co. Tyrone,


Little, Ernest Knightley, Esq. of New-
bold Pacey Hall, co. Warwick, J. P., b. Oct. 1860;
m. Dec. 1882, Greorgiana, joungest dau. of the late
Capt. Mildmay Clerk, of Sprattou Hall, North-
ampton, and lias had issue,

I. George Jekningham Kniohtlet, b. July, 1886.

u. Arthur Ernest Mildmay, 6. April, 1888 ; rf. Nov. 1888.

I. Isabel Augusta, b. 1885.

II. Flora Georgiana, 6. 1890.

Lineage. — Rev. George Ernest HowiMan, who assumed
the name of Little in 1874 ; m. 1821, Jane Sarah Wightwick,
dau. of John Knightley, Esq. of Offcliurch Bury, Leamington,
and rf. 1878, leaving a son,

George Arthur Knightley Howman, Esq., assumed the
name and arms of Little, by royal licence 1878; m. 18.59,
Augusta, dau. of Henry Shepherd Pearson, Esq. of Spinfleld,
Berks, and rf. Nov. 1879, leaving an only son,

Ernest Knightley Little, Esq., now of Ncwbold Pacey.

Seat— Newbold Pacey Hall, Warwick.






LlTTiE, John" Cabutheks. Esq. of Pitchcombe
House, CO. Gloucester, J. P., h. 30 June 1815, m. 4
Nov. 1841, Euima, dau. of John Goldsmith, Esq.
of Ampthill, CO. Bedford, and by her (who d.27
May, 1S75) Las issue,

I. John Carutheks. Lieut.-Col. late Lincolnshire Kegt. (10th
Kegt.), b. U; Oct. 1SJ2: m. 14 Sept. 1876, Maria JemiuKi,
ilau. of K. U. Johnston, Esq., anil lias issue, five sons and
two dans.

II. Thomas Gurnoy iKeT.\ h. l.'i Fch. 1845 : m. 26 Xov. 1S78,
llajinah, dau. of Rev. J. Fox, and widow of W. H.

Fielding, Esq., formerly M. P. for Bhickbnrn, Lanciu'^hire.
m. Ch,irles, b. 22 July, 184S; »t. 1 Oct. ,18S4,

Minnie Mary, dau. of W. Morgan, Esq.
IT. .\lfred Goldsmith, b. 9 Dec. 1847 ; m. 25 Sept. 1SS4,

Elizabeth Ann, dau. of R. S. Brown, Esq.

V. Edward Palling, 6. 21 Jan. 1851.

VI. Frederick Arthur, b. 25 March, 1852; vi. 13 Oct. 1887,
Catherine, dau. of W. H. Gnihani, Esq.

vn. Henry BuUer, b. 13 Feb. 1854 ; d. 21) Jan. 1872.
vm. George Caruthers <Kev.), b. 30 June, 1858.
IX. Francis Ernest, 6. 16 Dec. 1859 ; m. 12 July, 1867,
Catherine, dau. of H. Searlc, Esq.

I. Emma Grace, m. 15 April, 16Go, Ecv. Thomas Walker

II. Msiry Anne, m.. 8 Oct. 1878, William Davies, Esq., J.P.,
of Amberley Court, co. Gloucester.

m. Gertrude, d. S Jan. 1880.

Mr. J. C. Little m. 2ndly, Hannah Elizabeth, dau.
of S. Baldwin, Esq.

Lineag'e. — Thomas Little, Esq., m. Ann Butler, and il.
19 Jan. 1778, leaving by her (who J. 11 Jan. 1806) a son and

John Little, Esq., b. 16 Feb. 1777 ; m. 19 Xov. 1806, Mary
Ann, only dau. and heir of J. Caruthers, Esq. of Pitchcombe
House, and d. 25 Feb. 1854, having by her, who d. 7 Jan. 18C1,
had issue,

I. John CABUTHiiRs, now of Pitchcombe House,
ii. Thomas Palling (Rev.), jii. Anne Esther Maria, second
dau. of General Sir Joseph Thackwell, G.C.B.

III. William Caruthers, ra. Mary, dau. of Edward Hamill,
Esq. andd. 31 Dee. 1881.

IV. Edward Caruthers, of Field Plaee, co. Gloucester, J. P.,
6. 1823, m, Emily Jane, only dau. of William Henry
Stanton, Esq. formerly M.P. for Stroud.

'\. Alfred Butler, Gen. late Indian StafT Corps, of The Grove,
Stroud, CO. Gloucester, J. P.

I. Mary Ann, d. unm. ii. Grace, <f. vjim.

lu. Jane, d. unm. iv. Gertrude.

V. Christiana Catherine, d. unm.

Heat — Pitchcombe House, Stroud, co. Gloucester.


LiTTLEDALE, JoHN BoLTox, Esq. of tsaudiway
Bank, co. Chester, b. 15 June, 18ti8.

Lineage. — Thomas LixTLEnALE, of Highfield House, West
Derby, m. 15 May, 1815, Anne, dau. of Thomas Molyneux, of
Xewsham House, West Derby, and d. 27 April, 1847, leaving
by her (who d. 28 Aug. 1825) a son,

John Bolton" Littledale, Esq., who m. June, 1866, Mary,
only dau. of Thomas Edward PicUford, Esq., and U. b May,
1889, leaving issue,

.loHN Bolton, of Sandiway Park.

Thomas Bolton.

Annette Mary. Edith Mand. May.

i'«r;£— Sandiw.iy Bank, Hartford, Cheshire.


LiTTLEJOHN, Alexander, Esq. of Invercbarron,
CO. Ptoss, J.P. and D.L., b. 16 May, 1845 ; m. 20 Jan.
1869, Mary, dau. of Sir George Barclay Bruce, cx-
Prcsident of the Institution of Civil Engineers,
officer of the Legion of Honour, &c. &c., by his
wife, Helen Xorah Simpson, and has issue,

Helen Mary.
This gentleman is the son of the late William
Littlejohn, Esq. J.P., banker of Aberdeen (de-

scended from Baillie Littlejohn, a distinguished
citizen of Aberdeen), by Janet, dau. of Professor
James Bcntley of King's Coll. Aberdeen (descended
from the great classical scholar and critic, Eev.
Kichard Bcntley, Master of Trin. Coll. Camb.).

Seat — Invercharron, Ardgay, N.B.

Toim Jieddeiice — 1, Pembroke Gardens, Kensington, Lon-


LiTTLEWooD, Rev. Henet Charles, M.A., of The
Hyde, co. Stafford, Vicar of Goring, Reading, b.
6. Dec. 1850; m. 4 Oct. 1881, Emily Kate, youngest
dau. of Charles Hedges, Esq. of Is^ewuham House,
CO. Oxford, and has issue,

I. Benjamin Henry, b. 19 Sept. 18S3.

II. Lionel Charles, 6. 24 Jan. 1886.

III. Rupert Arthur Percival, b. 28 Sept. 1888.

IV. Lancelot Ernest, b. 17 April, 1890.

Lineage. — Benjamin Littlewood, the son of Jeremiah
and Anne Littlewood, was b. 24 May, and bapt. at Oldswin-
ford, CO. Worcester, 26 May, 1716. He m. 1st, 2 Dec. 1744,
JIary Skidmore, by whom he had no issue. His 2nd wife, to
whom he was m. at Oldswinford aforesaid 10 Sept. 1766, was
Sarah (6. 1733), dau. of Michael Grazebrook, of Audnam, co.
Stafford. He d. 16 Oct. 1807, aged 91, having had issue by
the said Sarah (who d. 13 March, 1797, aged 64),


Anne, bapt. 13 Sept. 1767 ; d. unm. 17 Oct. 1795.

The son and heir,

Benjamin Littlewood, of Amblecote, bapt. 11 June, 1769,
purchased the Hyde estate in the parish of Kinver, co. Staffcrl'd.
He m. Esther, dau. of Richard Badger, of the Hayes, near
Stourbridge, and by her (who d. 20 March, 1842, aged 64) had

Benjamin, his heir.

Thomas, m. and had issue.

Richard, d. 22 June, 1827, aged 21.

Sarah Anne, d. unm. 3 July, 18.')5.

Jane, m. Charles Henry Auster, Esq. of Birmingham, and
is deceased.

Lucy, 7)1. Francis Corser, Esq. (who is deceased).
Mr. Littlewood d. 21 Oct. 1844, and was s. by his eldest son,

Benjamin Littlewood, Esq. of the Hyde, co. Stafford, and
Newtown Grange, co. Worcester, J.P. and D.L., b. 19 April,
1802, m. 1st, 2 May, 1839, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Bate,
Esq. of The Birches, Hagley, co. Worcester, and by her (who
d. 14 Sept. 1851) had issue,

Henry Charles, now of The Plyde.

Elizabeth Mary, m. 30 April, 1873, Eev. William Durant
Thatcher, M.A., Rector of Romsley, and has issue.

Annie, d. unm. 29 March, 1853.

He m. 2ndly, 2 Oct. 1862, Sarah Campbell, dau. of JohnWaite,
Esq. of Willesden House, co. Middlesex, and had issue,
Benjamin Campbell (Rev.), of Newtown Grange, co.

Worcester, M.A., Vicar of Warfield, Berks, 6. 1854; m.

1889, Ellen Mabel, only dau. of the late G. Burges, Esq. of

Hawthorndale, Bracknell.

Mr. Littlewood d. 5 Aug. 1879.

.Scat— The Hyde, Kinver, .Stafford.
Keiideiu-t—ijontts Vicarage, Reading.


Litton, Edward de l'Estableee, Esq. of Arda-
villing, CO. Cork, J.P., Barrister-at-Law, b. 19 Nov.
1864 ; s. his father 27 Nov. 1890.

Lineage.— At an early period a branch of the family of
Litton, or Lytton, of England, settled in Ireland.

Thomas Litton, Esq. of Dublin, who is found to have used
the same arms as the Knebworth branch, was 6. 1657 ; he m.
1710, Gertrude, dau. of P. Verdoen, Esq., a descendant of an
ancient family of Dutch extraction, and d. 24 Dec. 1741. His
will was dated 16 Dec. 1741. He was s. by his son and heir,

Thomas Litton, Esq. of Oldtown, co. Kildare, and of Bally-
fermot, co. Dublin, 6. 27 Feb. 1718, and called to the Irish bar
1742. He m. 14 Ang. 1742, Hannah, dau. of Ralph Leland,
Esq. (by Hannah Cooke his wife) niece of the Rev. John
Leland, D.D., well known as one of the most eminent theo-





logians of his day, and sister of John Lcland, for many years
M.P. for the boroug'h of Stamford, Lincolnshire, Lieut.-Gen.
in the army, Col. 64tli Eegt., and Lieut. -Governor of Cork,
the freedom of which city, in the year 1790, was presented
to him in a handsome gold and silver hox, preserved as an
heirloom in the family. Mr. Litton had issue, by Hannah
Leland his wife, twelve children, who all d. young, except
Thomas, Barrister-at-Law, d. unm. ; Edwakd, of whom here-
after ; and Hannah, ?«. 12 March, 1785, to Richard Weld, Esq.
of Lodge (now called Eastwood), co. Carlow. The son,

Edwakd Litton, of Ballyfermot, co. Dublin, b. 5 Feb. 1754,
was Capt. in the 37th llegt. of Foot, in which he served with
distinction in the American war, having been present at the
liattle of Bunker's Hill, 1775. He m. 17S3, Esther Charlotte,
(lau. of Very Eev. Daniel Letablere, D.D., Dean of Tuam, and
d. July, 1808, leaving issue,

I. Thomas, m. Anne Izod, dau. of Lorenzo Izod Nickson, Esq.
of Chapel Izod, co. Kilkenny, and niece of Christiana (in
her own right) Baroness Donoughmore of Knocklofty ; d. in
Dec. 1859, leaving issue two sons, Edward 'Ihomas, and
Lorenzo Nickson; and three daus., Elizabeth Charlotte
Letablere ; Mary Hannah ; and Anne Nickson. The eldest

Edward Thomas, J.P., m. 1st, Anne, dau. of Lieut.-Col.
Hugh Gore Edward, 27th Regt., of Kaveagh, co. Tyrone,
J.P., by whom he had no issue: and 2ndly, Georgina,
dau. of William Minchin, Esq. of Annagh, co. fipperary, by
whom he has issue two sons, Thomas Edward, and
■William Frederick, and three daus.

II. DANrEL, of whom presently.

HI. Edward (Eight Hon.;, of Altmore, co. Tyrone, Master

in Chancery, and many years representative in Parliament

for the borough of Coleraine. m. Sept. IS12, Sophia, dau. of

the Rev. Henry Stewart, D.D., Rector of Loughgilly, co.

Armagh, and niece of the Right Hon. Sir John Stewart, 1st

Bart, of Ballygawley, M.P., by whom he had, with other


Edward Arthur (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Naunton, co.

Gloucester, in. Anne, dau. of Rev. Carus Wilson, of Cas-

terton Hall, Westmorland, and has issue one son, Edward

John Letablere, and two daus. Rev. Edward Arthur

Litton obtained a double first-class at Oxford, an Oriel

fellowship, was Hampton Lecturer, and is the author of

several theological works of great merit.

Richard Weld, Capt. in the SOth and 31st Rcgts., served in

the Crimea in la55-56. He ra. 1859, Mary, 3rd dau. of

Sir Hugh Stewart, 2nd Bart., of Ballygawley, M.P. for

Tyrone, and by her (wlio d. Jan. 1871) has one surtiving

dau., Agnes Mary Henrietta, who m. 1885, William Lyster

Smythe, Esq. {see .S.MYTnE of Barbavilla).

Sophia Augusta, m. 23 K eb. 1865. to Major the Hon.

Edward Sydney Plunkett, 95th Regt., son of Thomas,

llth Lord Louth, and<L 15 April, 1877,

Charlotte Emily, ra. 1st, to llev. Armitage Forbes, by whom

she had issue two sons; and 2ndly, 1850, to John Turnly,

Esq. of Drumnasole, co. Antrim, J. P. aud D.L., and has


Harriett I«uisa, m. to Lieut.-Col. John Kenneth Mackenzie,

60th Rifles, of Belmaduthy, co. Ross, and has issue.
3Iary Letablere, m. 10 April, 1844, to William Carus
Wilson, Esq. of Casterion Hall, co. Westmorland, and has
Emily Frances, m. i June, 1856, to Gen. St. George Mer-
vyn Nugent, of Farrenconnell, who d. 29 May, 1884,
leaving issue.
IV. John, of Ardavilling. co. Cork, M.A. and J.P., m. Vescina,
dau. of Eev. William Hamilton, D.D., Rector of Clondeva-
dock, CO. Donegal, J.P., and d. s. p.

I. Mary, m. Joseph Gabbett, Esq., J. P., Barrister-at-Law,
author of Gabbett's Digest of tkt Statute Laoi, and Tteatise
on the Criminal Law.

The second son,

Daniel Litton, Esq., m. Jane, dau. of Falkiner Minchin.
Esq. of Annagh. co. Tipperary, and d. Dec. 1875, leaving by
her (who d. 1859) one son and three daus.,

1. Edward Falconer, of Ardavilling.

I. Helena Maria, ra. Charles Langley Tuthil], of Eallyteigne,
CO. Limerick, and has issue.

II. Charlotte Esther.

III. Jane Hannah, m. Rev. .John Luther, A.M., of Bally-
organ, CO. Limerick, and has issue.

His son,

Edward Falconer Litton, Esq. of Ardavilling, co. Cork,
M.A., Q.C., J. P. COS. Cork and Wicklow, and M.P. co. Tyrone
1880 to 1881 ; 6. 1827 ; to. 1st, 3 July, 1851, Bridget Elizabetn,
dau. of Capt. Christopher Tuthill, R.N., and had by her (who
d. Dec. 1859) three daus. and three sons,

I. Daniel Leland, b. 19 Marcli, 18.52, d. without issue.

II. Edward Christopher, b. 19 Slay, 1858, d. -uma.

ui. Robert Tuthill, of Melbourne, Australia, 6. 20 Dec. ]8=i0,
III. 1891, Dorinda, only dau. of the late Majur Arthur Wil-
kinson, C.B.

I. Grace Mary, d. unra. ii. Jane Anna, d. nnm.

III. Elizabeth Dorcas, m. 6 Dec. 1881, Monier Williams
Skinner, Capt. R.E.

He ra. 2ndly, 5 March, 1861, Lizzie, dau. of Rev. Mark Clarke,
by whom (who d. Jan. 1871) he had,

IV. Edward de l'Establkee, now of Ardavilling.

V. Marshal William, b. 28 July, 1869.

IV. Maria Charlotte, m. 1889, Charles Deane Oliver, Esq.,
C.E.. of Eockmills Lodge, Mallow, co. Cork.

V. Esther Maud Vareilles.

VI. Helen Frances, d. unm.

VII. Charlotte, ra. 26 Aug. 1893, Francis Stewart Dobbs,
Esq. of Grey stones, co. Wicklow.

He ra. 3rdly, 2 Feb. 1875, Mary, dau. of Henry Lee, Esq. of
Saville Row, London, by whom (who d. 1 Jan. 187G) he had a

VI. Francis Henry, b. 28 Dec. 1875.
He m. 4thly, 10 .\pril, 1877, Adelaide, dau. of Cliffora
Trotter, Esq. of Bermingham, co. Galway, by whom he had
one dau.,

VIII. Adelaide Kathleen.

Mr. Litton was appointed a Land Commissioner tinder the
Land Act (1881) ; and a Judge of the Supreme Court in Ireland
1890. He d. 27 Nov. 1890, and was s. by his son, Edwahiv
DE l'Establere Litton, Esq.

Anns — Erm., a crescent gu., for diff. on a chief indented, az.
three ducal coronets, or. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet, oi\
an ermine's head, erm. JI/o»o— Prudentia gloriam acquirit.

Seat — Ardavilling, co. Cork.

Residence— 67 , Merrion Square, Dublin.


Fenton-Litixgstone, John Nigel Edensoe,
Esq. of Westquarter, Stirling, J. P. late lieut. Royal
Highlanders, "The Black Watch," served in Egyp-
tian War; m.. 15 Feb. 1892, Elma, only dau. and
heiress of Allan McDougall, Esq. of Ardincaple,
CO. Argyll, by Elizabeth Ann Penny, 2nd dan. of
Lord Kinloeh, Judge of the Court of Sessions, and
has issue,

William Nigel, 6. 12 Jan. 1893.

Lineage. — The Hon. George Livingston, of Ogleface,
CO. Linlithgow, 4th son of William, 6th Lord Livi.ngston {see
Burke's Extinct Peerage), was created a Baronet of Soca Scotia^
30 May, 1625, and was s. by his eldest son.

Sir William, who was s. by his son.

Sir Alexander, who was s. by his only son,

Sir Alexander, designated of Eedlormie, who ra. Susannah
Walker, heir of Bedlormie, and was s. by his only son.

Sir Alexander. This gentleman m. Henrietta, dau. of
Alexander Scott, Esq., by whom he had seven sons and three
daus., and was s. by his eldest son,

Sir George, at whose decease without issue, 1729, he was
s. by his brother,

Alexander, who d. -unm. 1766, and was s. by his brother,

WiLLLAM, designated of Westquarter and Bedlormie. Tlii.?
gentleman dying without issue, 1769, was s. by his nephew,

Alexander, of Westquarter and Bedlormie, vrho m. 1st,
Anne, dau. of John Atkinson, Esq. of London, by whom he
had (with other issue, who d. unm.).

I. Thomas, his heir.

II. Thurstanus, d. without lecitimate issue, 1839.

III. George Augustus, killed in battle.

I. Anne, who m. 4 Nov. 1801, the Rev. John Thomas Fenton,
Rector of Ousby and Torpenhow, Cumberland, and by her
(who d. at Douglas, Isle of Man, 12 Aug. 1851) he left at his
decease, 13 Oct. 1854,

1 John Thomas Fenton, m. 1828, Selina, youngest dau. of
Sir John Heatheote, of Longton Hall, co. Stafford, and </.
28 March, 1875, leaving an only son, Thomas Livingstons
Fenton-Livingstone, Esq. late of W estquarter.

2 Alexander Fenton. 3 Robert Fenton.

4 George Livingstone Fenton (Eev.j, Chaplain of Poona,

1 Anne,'))!. William Henry Clarke, Esq. of Hexham House,
Northumberland, and had two sons, Clement Henry antS

2 Caroline, w. her cousin, Robert Fenton, Esq.

3 Mary, m. John Theodere Page, Esq., and has issue,
Elmira F^enton and Mary Livingstone.

He m. 2ndly, Jane, dau. of Capt. the Hon. William Henry
Cranston, son of William, 5th Lord Cranston, by whom he had
two sons and a dau. : Francis, an officer in the army, d. s. p. :
David, kUled in battle, s. p. ; Eliza, m. J. Kirsopp, Esq. of





Spital. Sir Alexander (7. 1"L>5, and was «. by the 3id but eldest
f urvivinp son of his 1st marriage,

Sill Thomas, Admiral of the White, in. 1S09, Janet, only
surviving dau. of Sir James Stirling, Bart, of Mansfield, by
whom (who if. 1S31) he had no issue. Sir Thomas d. 1 April,
1853, and was s. at Westquarter, under a deed which he
executed, by his grand-nephew,

Thomas Livingstone Festos-Livingstone, Esq. of West-
<iuarter, co. Stirling and Bedlomiie, co. Linlithgow, J. P. for
COS. Stirling and Lanark, b. 17 Jan. 1829; s. his grand-uncle
1863, and assumed the additional surname of Livingstone; m.
10 April, 1855, Christian Margaret, only d.iu. and heiress of
■William Waddell, Esq., D.L., of Easter Moffat, co. Lanark, by
Margaret his wife, eldest dau. of Archibald Campbell, Esq. of
iMelfort, CO. Argyll, and has issue,

I. TnoMis, b. 12 May, 1856 (deceased).

II. William Waddell, b. 31 March, 1853 (deceased).

III. John Nigel Edensor, now of Westquarter.

IV. George Frederick James, J. P., b. 1 Oct 1860, and has by
Marion, his wife, with other issue, Thomas Frederick, b.

V. Charles Henry, b. 7 Nov. 1863 (deceased).

Anns — Quarterly: 1st and 4th arg., three cinquefoils gu.,
•within a double tressure flory and counteiHory vert ; 2nd
iind 3rd sa., a bend between six billets or; in surtout, an
escutcheon az. charged with an oak tree growing out of the base
or within a bordure ar^., charged with eight gilliflowers gu.
all within a border quartered or and gu. Crest— A demi-savage
wreathed round the head and middle with laurel leaves holding
5n his dexter hand a baton erect, and in his sinister a sei^pent
entwined round the arm all ppr. Motto — Si je puis.

Sta(s— Westquarter, near Falkirk, and Bedlormie, Lin-


Llewelltn, William, Esq. of Court Colman,
CO. Glamorgan, J.P. and D.L., High SherifE 1854,
late Major Glamorganshire Rifle Volunteers ; b. 10
Aug. 1S20; m. 23 April, 1844, Eleanor Emma, dau.
•of the late Rev. Robert Knight, of Tythegston
Court, CO. Glamorgan, and has issue,

I. Egbert William, of Baglan Cottage, Briton Ferry, co.

Glamorgan, J.P., Chairman of the Brigend Petty Ses-
sions, late Capt. Eoyal Glamorgan Light Infantry Militia,
and formerly Cornet Royal Dragoons, b. 26 May, 1848;
m. 22 Nov. 1882, Harriet Annie, youngest dau. of William
Blandy, Esq. of Kingston, Berks, and has issue,

1 William Herbert Clydwtn, h. 1 Nov. 1883.

2 Griffith Robert Poyntz, b. 26 Feb. 1886.

3 Owen Knight, b. 6 June, 1888, d. 31 Dec. 1891.

4 John Hlandy, b. 21 Juno, 1890.

6 Robert Godfrey, 6. 13 May, 1893.

1 Dorothy Mary, b. 21 Jan. IsSo.

2 Eleanor Caroline, 6. 29 March, 1887.

Bi. William Hely, b. 20 Nov. 18i9; d. 13 April, 1877.
%. Constantia Eleanor, d. 3 Jan. 18S8.

II. Edith Catherine. in. Matilda Isabella.
IV. Madelina Maria. v. Rosamond May.

Liineagre. — Hopkin Llewellyn, Esq. of Neath (the son of
l,leweh'n Evan, who d. 25 Aug. 1732, and grandson of Morgan
JEvan Gelli Galed, who was the son of Evan Llewelyn, of
Langewydd, son of Llewelyn William of Dyffryn, who d. 14
Dec. 1625), m. 15 Nov. 1757, Elizabeth, dau. of Griffith
Jenkln.s, Esq., and d. 18 April, 1811, having by her (who d. 23
Feb. 1795) a son,

AViLLiAM Llewellyn, Esq. of Margara, co. Glamorgan, b. 7
5fov. 1773; m. 12 Jan. 1817, Catherine, eldest dau. of John
Place, Esq., and d. 26 April, 1810, having by her (.who d. 3
J»ov. 1848) had issue,

William, now of Court Colman.
Catherine Anne, d. in infancy.

Seat — Court Colman, Bridgend, Glamorgan. i


Llotd, Richard Thomas, Esq. of Aston Hall,
Salop, and of Roll's Park, Essex , J.P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff for Shropshire, 1874, late Capt. Gre-
nadier Guards, Col. Shropshire Yeomanry, b. 9
Sept. 1820 ; m. 19 Aug. 1852, Ladj Frances Hay,
3rd dau. of Thomas Robert, 10th Earl of Kinnoull,
and by her (who d. 188G) has issue,

I. Francis, Major Gr

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