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y whom
he had one son, Alexander Young, father of Sir Alexander
Y'oung Spearman, Bart, (sec Bdrke's Peerage andBamnttagi).
Mr. Spearman </. 21 Oct. 1703, aged 35, and was s. by the
elder son of his 1st marriage,

Robert Irvine Spearman, Esq. of Thornley, d.. unm. 8 Oct.
1775, and was s. by his brother,

Charles Spearman, Esq. of Thornley, J.P., m. 21 June,
1790, in London, Sarah, dan. and eo-heir of Samuel Brooke,
Esq. of Birchington, Kent, and by her (who d. 12 Aug. 1808)
had issue,

I. Charles, b. 14 Nov. 1791, 1st Lieut. R.A.,. d. of his
wounds received at Waterloo.

II. John Henry, oI Thornley.

III. Brooke, b. 2 Aug. 1797; d. s. p. at Jamaica 1819.

IV. Laurence Alexander, Lieut. 81st Ref^t., fi. 10 Oct.
1804; m. 1834, at Carlsruhe, Caroline, dau. of Col. Louis
d'Hauteville, of the 1st Chasseurs-i-eheval in the Ereneh
army, by whom (wlio d. at Metz 20 March, 1850) he had

Henry Charles, now of Thornley.

Alexandrine, m. Col. Eugene Clerc, of the French Artil-
Mr. Laurence Spearman, d. 13 Sept. 1837, and was bur. at

I. Sarah, m. 15 May, 1811, John Armstrong, M.D., of
Russell Square, London, the eminent phy.'ician. llereldest
son was the late Right Rev. John Armstrong, Bishop of

II. Mary Anne, m. 10 Feb. 1826, Walter Scruton, Esq. of the
city of Durham.

III. Caroline, to. 3 Feb. 1831 (as 1st wife) Sir James Horn
Burnett, luth Bart, of Leys.

Mr. Spearman d. !9 June, 1825, and was s. by liis son,

Henry John Spearman, Esq. of Thornley, J. P. and D.L.,
M.P. for the city of Durham 1847-52, and for several years its
Recorder. He served as High Sheriff of tlie co. 1800; b. 7 Dee.
1794, and il. num. 1 Oct. 1803, being s. by his nephew, the
present Henry Charles Spearman, Esq. of Thornley and

Arms — Az., a chevron erm. betwen three tilting-spears erect
or, headed arg. ; quartering Whitfield, Bromley, Sione,
Brookk, &.C. Crest — A lion rampant, supporting a tilting-
spear, all ppr. Mollo — Dum spiro spero.

Sf«(s— Thornley Hall, co. Durham, and Eachwiek Hall,

itoii/fnc-e— Glenville, Jersey.


Speddino, James Wtndham IIarrixgton
Peroy, Esq. of Summergrove, Cumberland, 0.
18 April, 1849, s. his grandfather, 1863.

Lineage. —This family, which came originally from Ire-
land, was afterw:irds resident for some generations in Scot-
land. The first who settled in Cumberland about the year
1085, was





Edward Spedding, ra. Sarah Carlisle, a co-heir, and had
issue (with two daus.) four sons,

I. John, who served the office of Sheriff of Cumberland in
1758, and from whom descended Spedding 0/ ArmathwaiU
}laU and Mirchouse.

II. George. iii. Lancelot. iv. Carlisle.

Tlie 4th son,

Carlisle Spedding, from whom descended the branch here
■treated of, m. Saiah, dau. of Edward and Jane Towerson, and
liad issue, with two daus.,

John, d. young. James. Thomas (Rev.).

The 2nd son,

James Spedding, ra. 1st, Mary, dau. of Henry Todd, of St.
Bees, by whom he had a dau. Elizabeth, 711. Peter John Hey-
-wood, of The Nunnery, in the Isle of Man, one of His Majesty's
Deeni.-itcrs for that i.sland, and2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas
iind Lucy Harrington, of Carlisle, a descendant of the ancient
family of Harrington, of Harrington, Cumberland, by whom
tie had issue,

I. James, his successor. it. Thomas, d. an infant.

III. Carli.sle, Lieut.-Col. in the army, who served as Capt. in
the 4th Regt. of Dragoons, under the Duke of Wellington,
in Spain and Portujial, during nearly the whole ot the
Peninsular war, was present at many of the actions and
sieges, and was taken prisoner at the battle of Albuera in
Idll. He VI. Sarah, dau. of Hugh Parkin, of Skirsgill
House, Cumberland, and c^ 1872, leaving issue,

1 Carlisle Harrington, an Officer in H.M.'s 5Gth Eegt.

1 Sarah Elizabeth, iu.Rev. R. H. Whiteway.
3. Sarah, ra. Baldwin Wake, M.D., son of Drury Wake,
Esq., formerly of the 17th Dragoons, and nephew to Sir
William Wake, 7th Bart., of Courteen Hall, co. Northamp-

II. Annie, to. Charles Wake, M.D., brother of the above Dr.
Wake, and d. 1824.

III. Elizabeth, m. John Cowham Parker, Esq. of Hull.
The eldest son,

James Spedding, Esq. of Summergrove, Cumberland, Capt.
in the 1st Regt. of Foot Guards, and Major of the Royal West-
morland Militia, D.L. and J. P. co. Cumberland, h. 13 Oct.
1779 , in. 15 Nov. 1808, Mary Dykes, dau. of Lawson Dykes
Ballantine, Esq. of Cockermouth and Crookdale Hall, in the
.above shire, and sister of J. Dykes, Esq. of Dovenby Hall, and
iby her (who d. 15 Nov. 1870) had issue,

I. James Dykes, Capt. Westmorland Militia, b. 1810; m.
J 848, Emily, youngest dau. ot the late Hon. William
Frederick VVyndhani, and granddau. of Charles, 2nd Earl
of Egremont, and d. v. p. 6 Oct. 1851, leaving issue,

1 James Windham Habbinoton Percy, now of Summer-

2 Carlisle James Scott, 6. 23 June, 1S52.

1. 3Iary Jane Hamilton, m. Mark Hildesley Quayle, Esq. of

Castletown, in the Isle of Man, who d. 18U2.
Ti. Elizabeth, r,i. Rev. J. H. Wake, d. 1874.

III. Sarah Anne, d. 1881.

IV. Lucy Isabella Harrington, d. 1880.

V. Emily Frances Ballantine, m. Col. Arthur Wyndham,
who d. 1874.

Mr. Spedding served in the 1st Regt. of Foot Guards on the
■Continent, under Gen. Sir Ralph Abercronibie and His Royal
Highness the Duke of York, and in the Mediterranean, under
•Gen. Sir John Moore, and was severely wounded in the engage-
ment on the 2nd of Oct. 1799, near Egmont-op-Zee, in North
Holland. He d. 10 April, 1863, and was s. by his grandson,
the present representative.

Arrai — Gu., on a fesse engrailed, between three acorns
■slipped or, a mural crown, between two roses, of the field. Cvest
— Out of a mural crown or, a dexter arm embowed in armour,
the right hand grasping a scimitar, and the arm charged with
three acorns, one and two, and entwined by a branch of oak,
all ppr. 3/'j»o— Utile dulci.

istut — Summergrove, near Whitehaven.


Speie, Robeet Thomas Napieb, Esq. of Black-
stoun, and Burnbrae, co. Eenfrew, and Culdees, co.
Perth, J.P. and D.L. for both cos., b. 15 Oct. 1841 ;
m. 2 June, 1868, Hon. Eraily Gifford, 3rd dau. of
Eobert Francis, 2nd Lord Gitford, by Frederica
his wife, dau. of Maurice, Lord Fitzhardinge, and
Las issue,

I. Guy TnoMAs, b. 2C Feb. 1875.

II. Kenneth Robert Napier, b. 1 April, 1877.

HI. Evan Berkeley, b. 22 March, 1882 ; d. 15 Feb. 1884.
IV. Malcolm Scott, 6. 6 Feb. 1887.

V. Ronald Fitzhardinge, 6, 9 March, 1888.

I. Gwendolen Mary, b 29 Aug. 1870.

II. Marjorie Gifford, b. 1 Nov, 1878.

liineagre. — Robert Speik, Esq. of Burnbrae, b. 16S8 ; 711.
1718, Mary, dau. of Thomas Fyfe, and had three sons and two
daus., the eldest of whom,

William Speib, Esq. of Burnbrae, 6. 1725 ; m. 1750, Mary.
dau. of John Robertson, Esq., and d. 1810, leaving, with four
daus., one son,

Roeert Speie, Esq. of Burnbrae, 6. 1752; m. 1787, Isabella,
dau. of John Robertson, Esq., and had issue,

John, b. June, 1790; d. Nov. 1324.

William, of East Lodge, Acton, Middlesex, i. Sept. 1792 ; to.
Charlotte, dau. of Isaac Solly, Esq.; d. 1848.

Robert, of Burnbrae, of whom we treat.

Thomas, of Blackstoun, co. Renfrew, J.P. and D.L., b. 1 Jan.
1801, and d. s. p. 20 Sept. 1874.

Mary, d. unm. I&IO.

Elizabeth, m. D. Austen, Esq. ; d. 1869.

Isabella, d. 1827. Jane, d. 1866.

Margaret, d. unm. 1884.

Janet, m. J. Willis, Esq.; d. 1864. Agnes, d. unm'. 1883.
Mr. Speir d. 1841, and was s. by his son,

RoBEBT Speib, Esq. of Burnbrae, co. Renfrew, and Culdees,
CO. Perth, J.P., b. 1 Jan. ISOl; m. G June, 1839, Mary, eldest
dau. of Sir William Millikea Napier, 7th Bart, of MiUiken, co.
Renfrew, and had issue,

Robert Tho.mas Napier, now of Burnbrae and Culdees.

Elizabeth Christian Stirling, m. 10 Oct. 18G7, Archibald
Campbell Douglas, Esq. of Mains, co. Dumbarton.

Mr. Speir d. 18 Feb. 1853.

Arms — Az., az. two tilting spears in saltire, between four
boars' heads couped or, on a chief arg. a mullet between two
crescents gu. Crest — A dexter arm in armour embowed, wield-
ing a tilting spear, all ppr. Motto — Advance.

6eats — Culdees, Muthill, co. Perth, Blackstoun, and Bum-
brae, CO. Renfrew.


Speies, Alexander Aechibald, Esq. of Elders-
lie, and Houston, co. Renfrew, J.P. and 1).L., Lieut.
4th Batt. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, h.
posthumous 3 June, 1869.

Lineage. — Elderslie, the ancient property of the family
of the renowned Sir William Wallace, passed from them,
by marriage, to Archibald Campbell, Esq. of Succoth, who
sold it in 1769 to Alexander Speibs, Esq. Mr. Speir's son,

Archibald Speibs, Esq. of Elderslie, co. Renfrew, s. to the
estates 1782, and represented the co. in Parliament. He m
24 Jan. 1794, the Hon. Margaret Dundas, eldest dau. of
Thomas, 1st Lord Dundas, by Lady Charlotte Fitzwilliam
his wife, 2nd dau. of William, "aCL Earl Fitzwilliam, and by
her (who d. 8 May, 1852) he left at his decease, Nov. 1832
five sons and nine daus., Alexander, Thomas Dundas, Archi
bald William, Peter Charles, Lawrence Dundas, Margaret
Bruce, Mary, Anne Godolphin, Frances Laura, Helen, d
10 April 1887, Dorothea Dundas, Harriet, Octavia Elizabeth
and Matilda Isabella Grace. The eldest son,

Alexander Speirs, Esq. of Elderslie, Lord-Lieut, of co
Renfrew, m. 22 June, 1836, Eliza Stuart, eldest dau. of
Thomas C. Hagart, Esq. of Bantaskine, Falkirk, and d.. 5 Oct
1844, leaving by her (who 7H. 2ndly, Edward Ellice, of Inver
garry), a dau. Eliza, m. 1863, Major-Gen. Sir Claud Alexander,
Bart, of Ballochmyle, and one son,

Abchieald Alexander Speirs, Esq. of Elderslie, educated
at Eton, Capt. Scots Fusilier Guards, M.P. for co. Renfrew,
6. 5 June, 1840; 7;i.3Sept. 1867, Lady Anne PleydellBouverie
eldest dau. of Jacob, 4th Earl of Radnor, and d. 30 Dec. 1868
leaving a posthumous son, ^Vlexandee Abchieald, now of

Arms — Az., a ship in full sail arg., flags gu., between three
bezants. Crest — An arm in armour embowed, wielding a lance,
all ppr. Motto — Salvet me Deus.

Seats — Elderslie House, Renfrew, and Houston House, John-
stone, CO. Renfrew.


Speke, William, Esq. of Jordans, Somerset,
J.P. for Wilts and Somerset, b. 20 Sept. 1825 ; m.
April, 1850, Eliza Anne, dau. of Rev. C. Wicksted
Ethelston, of Upljme, Devon, and Wicksted,

6 £ 2





liineagre. — The Spckes were very anciently possessed of
the manors of Wenibworthy and ISranipton, Devon, and chiefly
resided in the former of those parishes, at a seat denominated
Heywood. In the time of Henry II., Ilichaid I.e Kspek (for
so the name was formerly written) held three kuifchts" fees of
Hobert Fitzroy, Lord of the JIanor of Okehamptoii. Richard
Espec, or Speke, descended from the famous Walter Le Espec,
founder of three goodly abbeys, Kirkham and Kivaulx, co.
York, and Warden, co. Bedford, was the first that tixed his
seat atWhite Lackingron,and from him twenty generations had
descended in Camden's time, 1607.

Sir John Speke, Knt. (son and heir of John Speke, by Joan
his wife, dan. and heir of John Keymes, of Dowlish), m. Alice,
cousin and heir of Sir Thomas Beauehamp, and with her came
White Lackington, Atherstone, and Ashill, Somerset. lie was
s. by his son,

John Speke, Esq. of White Lackington, m. the dau. of
William Somaster, and was father of

Sib John Speke, Knt. of White Lackington, living lemji.
IIenrt VII., J)!. Alice, a Spanish lady, who came to England
as Maid of Uonour with Queen Catherine of Aragon, and had
a son and successor,

Sir John Speke, Knt. of White Lackington, temp. Heney
VIII. He Til. Joan, dau. and heir of John Wimworthy, Ksij.
and was s. by his son.

Sir John Speke, Knt. of White Lackington, m. Alice, dau.
of Sir John Arundel, Knt. of Lanhern, Cornwall, and with her
acquired the estate of Samfurd and IJounton. Sir John's son
and successor,

Sir Thomas Speke. of White Lackington, knighted by IIenrt
VIII., was of the Privy Chamberto Edward VI. He i/t. .\nne,
dau. of Sir Richard Berkeley, Knt., and dying, was buried ai
London, leavins a son and successor.

Sib George Speke, Knt. of Wliite Lackington, m. 1st, Eliza-
beth, dau. of Sir Andrew Luttrcll, Knt., and widow of Richard
Mallett, Esq., by whom he had one son, George, and two
daus. Sir George m. 2ndly, Dorothy, dau. of Edward Gilbert,
Esq. of London, and by her had one son and two daus. The
elder son,

SiK George Speke, Knt. of White Lackington, m. Thilippa,
dau. of William Russell, Esq., and was s. by his son,

George Speke, Esq. of White Laskington, High Sheriff of
Somerset 1.592, hi. Joan, dau. of Sir John Portman, 1st Bart,
of Orchard Portman, in that co., and had issue,

I. George, of White Lackington, eminent for his services and
.'■ufferings in the royal cause during the civil war. He m.
Mary, dau. of Sir Robert Pye, Knt., and had issue,

1 George, who d. 16G8, aged 24.

2 Hugt, one of the chief actors in the Revolution of

3 John, whose granddau. and heir, Anne Speke, m.
Frederick, 2nd Earl of Guilford.

4 Charles, hanged at Ilminster, by order of Judge Jef-

5 Thomas, d. in London, aged 20.

6 William, of Shipton Beauehamp, Somerset.

1 Mary, m. John Jenniugs, Esq. of Burton, Somerset.

2 Philippa, m. 1st, Sir John Trenehard, and 2ndly. —
Sadler, Esq. 3 Elizabeth, d. un.ic.

II. William, of -whom presently.

I. Ann, m. Thomas Warr, Esq.

II. Philippa, m. Edward Berkeley, Esq. of Pylle.

III. Elizabeth, d. unm.

The younger son,

William Speke, Esq. of Jordans, Somerset, m. Anne Roy-
non, and had one son and three daus. Mr. Speke d. 8 Feb.
1680, and was s. by his son,

William .Speke, of Jordans, m. Elizabeth King, of Devon,
and had, with other issue, a son and successor.

Rev. William Speke, of Jordans, Prebendary of Wells and
Bristol, in. Juliana, dau. of Charles Webber, Esq. of Exeter,
and by her (who d. 1792) had issue. Mr. Speke d. 13 Nov.
1792, and was s. by his son,

WiLLtAJi Speke, Esq. of Jordans, D.L., High Sheriff 1810,
6. 1771; m. 1st, 2 April, 1797, Mary, dau. of Benjamin
Dickenson, Esq. of Tiverton, and had by her (who d. 17 June,

W'lLLiAM, late of Jordans.

George, 7,1. Elizabeth Dickinson, of Tiverton, and had, with

a dau., three sons, William, George, and Benjamin.
Benjamin Dickinson, d. unm.
Hugh, TO. Mary, dau. of J. B. Coles, Esq. of Parrocks Lodge,

Somerset, and had issue, Hugh, Mary, d. yuung, Julia, and

Juliana, m. Samuel Barnes, Esq., son of Archdeacon Barnes,

of Exeter, and had issue.
Mary, d. unm. 21 March, 1827.
Sarah, ra. William Dickinson, Esq., and has issue.

He in. 2ndly, 1809, Frances, dau. of Archdeacon Andrew, D.D^
of Exeter, by whom (who d. 181G) he had three daus.,

Frances, in. 23 June, 1839, Rev. T. Pyne-Coffin, M.A., of
Portledge, Devon, and had issue.

Isabella, m. Rev. Francis Kitson.

Charlotte, in. Marwood Mules, Esq., and had issue.
He ))i. Srdly, 1823, Susan, dau. of J. Mieo, Esq. of Hortmanv
Somerset, by whom he had an only child, who d. in infancy.,
Mr. Speke d. 17 April, 1839. His eldest son,

William Speke, Esq. of Jordans, Somerset, J. P. and D.L.,
6. 7 April, 1798; in. 17 Nov. 1824, Gcorgina Elizabeth, of
William Ilanning, Esq. of Dillington House, near Ilminster,
and by her (who d. 1879) had issue,

I. William, now of Jordans.

II. John Ilanning, the African explorer, h. May, 1827 ; killed

III. Edward, b. Sept. 1828, killed at the siege of Delhi.

IV. Benjamin (Rev.), b. 26 April, 18.30; ra. Is May, 1SG9,
Caroline Sophia, elder dau. of John Bird l-'uller, Esq. ot
Neston Park, Wilts, and has issue, 1 Walter Hanning, 6.
27 Sept. 1870; 2 Frederick John, b. 1871; 3 Charies, *.
1872; 4 Grant Augustus, 6. 1873; 5 Wihiam, 6. 1874;
G Herbert Benjamin, 6. 1877; 7 Hugh, 6. 1878; and

I. Georgina Harriet, m. 27 July, 1859, Sir John Edward
Doringion, Bart., M.P., of Lypiatt Park, co. Gloucester.

II. Sophia, /«.. Charles Townsend Murdock, Esq., M.P., and'
has issue.

III. Matilda, m. 27 June, I860, J. R. Pyne-Coffin, Esq.,
J. P., D.L , and has issue.

Mr. Speke d. 19 Nov. 1887.

Arma — Arg., two bars az., overall an eagle displayed with
two heads gu., and (as an Jionourabie augnitnlation in honour
of John Hanning Speke's discoirri-^s) a chief az. thereon a
representation of flowing water ppr. superinscribed with the-
word "Nile" in letters gold. Crest of Speke— A porcupine
ppr., and (as an honourable augmentation) a crocodile, ppr.
.l/o«(o— Super sethera virtus.

Heat — Jordans, near Ilminster.


Spens, Ahciiibald Lockhart, Esq. of Olden-
burg House, Paignton, co. Devon, Bombay U.S.,
b. 28 Feb. 1831; m. 7 April, 1859, Caroline, 3rci
dau. of T. Waller, Esq., and has issue,

I. AKcniEALD Thomas, b. 31 March, 1876.

I. Florence Edith. 11. Henrietta Alice.

III. Carrie, rf. an infant. iv. Helen Margaret.

Lineag-e. — The family of Spens is of great antiquity in

The family of Spens of Kihpindy was a scion, undoubtedly,
of Lathallan, and became of distinction in the reigns of Kings
James I. and II., but is now extinct.

The Spenses of Bouham, co. Aberdeen, have been free
barons ever since the time of James III., and several other
families of Spens in the same co. ; also the family of Spens of
Ik-rryhole, Fife, <Src., are all descended fromLathallan, which
their armorial bearings testify.

Count de Spens, who ranked amongst the first of the
Swedish nobility, and was Generalissimo of their forces,
descended from the House of Wolmeston, a branch of Lath-
allan. The immediate ancestor of the family of Lathallan,

llENKT DE Spens, temji. Alexantjeb III., was compelled,
with most of the nobility and gentry of Scotland, to submit to
King Edward III. 1266. F'rom him lineally descended

John Spens, of Lathallan, who was served and letoured
heir to his father, Robert, 1474. He m. Margaret, dau. of
Patrick Dcnbar, of Kilconquhar, son and heir of George,
12th Earl of March, and had two sons. The elder,

John Spens, of Lathallan, to. Helen, dau. of Sir John
Arnot, of that ilk, and d. 1520, leaving a son,

Alexander Spens, of Lathallan, to. a dau. of the ancienl
family of Durie, of that ilk, and left a dau. Lilias, lu. John,
eldest son and heir-apparent of Alexander Arnot, of Bal-
cornn, and a sun,

James Spens, of Lathallan, served heir 1548, m. Elizabeth,
dau. ot John Setoii, of Lathrisk, and dying 1595, was s. by
his eldest surviving son,

Arthur Spens of Lathallan, to. Janet, dau. of William
Duddingston, of Si. Ford, and left a son and successor,

Alexander Spens, of Lathallan, in. Isabel Bethiine, but
having no issue, he made a resignation of his whole estate,
14 Oct. 1609, in favour of his heir male, his uncle,

Alexander Spens, of the city of St. Andrews, younger son
of James Spens, of Lathallan, by Elizabeth Seton. He m.






Catharine Alexander, ilau. of the Baron Skcddoway, and was
«. by Ms son,

Thomas Spens, of Lathallan, living 1G30, »)i. Margaret, dau.
of Nathaniel Moncineff, of Eanderston, and had three sons
And two daus. The eldest surviving sun,

Nathaniel Spens, of Lathallan, who wasretourcdheirtohis
father 1C62. He m. a dau. of Sir Thomas Gourlay, of Kincraig,
.and had a son and successor,

Thomas Spens, of Lathallan, m. his cousin, Margaret
Courlay, grandchild of Sir Thomas Gourlay, of Kincraig, and
liad two sons, Thomas, his heir, and Nathaniel, a clergymiu.
lie d. before 1700, and was s. by his son,

Thomas Spens, Esq. of Lathallan, lie. Janet, dau. of Sir
Eobert Douglas, 3rd Bart, of Glenbervie, and had,
I. Thomas, his heir.

jl. Nathunicl, BLD., of Edinliurgh, purchaso<l 1792, the
estate ot Craigsanquhar, co. Fife. He m. Mary, 2nd dau. of
James Milliken, Esq. of Milliken. co. Itontrcw, and had
issue, 1 James, his heir ; 2 Thomas, M.U., m. Ilethia, eldest
dau. of Andrew Good, M.D. of Edinburgh, and had several
children ; S Graham, a youth of great promise, d. iinm. ;
4 Nathaniel, Capt. of the "Neptune," East Indiaman,
d. utim.\ 1, d. unm. Dr. Speus made over (17!)9)
his landed property to his eldest son,

James Spens, Esq. of Craigsanquhar, Lieut. -Col. 73rd
Keet., J. P. and D.L., b. 5 Nov. 1761 ; m. 1st, 1787, Isabella
Elizabeth, dau. ot John Macleod, Esq. of Waclcod; 2ndly,
1797, Frances, youngest dau. of Sir John htuart, Bart, of
Allanbank, co. Berwick ; and Srdly, 1804, Elizabeth Joanna,
2nd dau. of John Davidson, Esq. of liavelrig, Midlothian,
by Hannah, hiswife, sisterof Henry Mackenzie, Esq., author
cf 2'lie Man ofFedinr/. By his 1st two wives Col. Spens had
CO child, but by the 3rd he left issue,

1 Nathaniel James, of Craigsanquhar.

2 John, M.D., m. Catherine, youngest dau. of Eev. Mr.

1 Hannah, m. William Tankerville Moneypenny, Esq.
The fon and heir,

Nathanjel Spens, Esq. of Craigsanquhar, J.P., h. 18
Feb. 1803 ; m. 23 Jan. 1840, Janet Law, dau. of George
Guild. Esq., and had a son and heir, Nathaniel Jamis
Spens, Esq. of Craigsanquhar, Capt. 72nd Highlanders, 6.
1845, d. v.nm. 1879.

I. Janet, m. John Halket, Esq.

II. Margaret, im. William Inglis, of Edinburgh.

III. Elizabeth, m. John Macjiherson, Esq.

The elder son,

Thomas Spens, Esq. ot Lathallan, m. Margaret, dau. of
Archibald Hope, Esq., eldest son of Sir Thomas Hope, Sth
Bart, of Craighall, and had issue. The eldest son,

Thomas Spens, Esq., b. 9 May, 17J8, who s. his brother, sold
the ancient patiimoiiial estate of Lathallan. He d. unm.
18C0, when the representation of the family devolved on his

Archibald Spens, E-q. of Manor House, Inveresk, Lieut. -
JCol. H.E.I.C.S., b. 22 June, 1705 ; m. 7 Dec. 1797, Char-
lotte, 2nd dau. of Arundel riiilip, Esq. of Exeter, and had

I. Archibald, late represent^itive.

II. Thomas, H.E.I.C.i)., 6. 1810; d. Jan. 1832.

III. Arundel, b. 19 Jan. 1813; d. April, 1820.

I. Charlotte, m. 8 Jan. 1846, Kev. Frederick Ayckbowm,
Eector of Holy Trinity, Chester ; d. 2 Nov. 18G8.

II. Catherine, m. 1848, Hugh, 4tli son of Sir John Hope, 9th
Bart, of Craighall, and d. 17 March, 1875.

Col. Spens d. May, 1845, and was s. by his eldest son,

Archibald Spens, Esq. of Lathallan, H.E.l.C.S., Bombay
E.stablishment, b. 17 Aug. 1809 ; m. 18 Nov. 1829, Henrietta
Ouchteiiony, eldest dau. of Sir Thomas Valiant, K.C.B. and
K.H., and has issue,

I. Archibald Lockhart, his heir.

II. Arundel Thomas, Col. Bombay Staff Corps, b. 16 May,
1835; m. 2 Feb. 1800, Maria, dau. of Eev. G. N. Wright,
M.A., of Coed-y-Celyn, co. Denbigh, and had a son, d. in
infancy, and Alice Isabel.

III. Arthur Willoughby, late Capt. 71st Highlanders, 6. 19
Nov. 1842; m. 4 Aug. 186S, Elizabeth Geraldine De Courcy,
youngest dau. of Wilham Cooke Collis, Esq. of Castle
Couke, CO. Cork, and widow of Major J. M. Cuppage, of
96th Eegt., and has issue, Archibald Kenneth. 6. 28 June,
1878, and Isabel Sara, m. 29 Nov. 1887, Henry Peters, Esq.
of Wouldham Hall, Kent.

IV. Reginald Hope, Parliamentary Agent, London, h. 6 Nov.
Is50; m. 18 April, 1876, Mary Elizabeth, elder dau. of
Francis Anderson, Esq., Writerto the Signet, and has issue,
1 Archibald Hipe, b. 27 Jan. Ia77 ; 2 Colin Francis, 1>. 22
(X't. ls;9; 3 Eegiiiald Norman, b. 17 May, 1882; 1 Evelyn
ilary, b. 9 May, 1878.

I. Charlotte Henrietta, m. 10 Dee. 1850, Archibald David
liobertson, Esq. of Bombay C.S., eldest son of Gen. Eobert-


n. Lsabel B'lorence, ra. 2 Nov. 1882, George Ileni^ Somerset
Gardner, 4tli son of Charles Gardner, Esq.
Mr. Spens d. 24 Nov. 1869.

^rjjis — Quarterly : 1st and -Ith or, a lion rampant within a
bordure gu., charged with eight roses arg., for Spens ; 2nd and
3rd cyronny of eight or and sa., for Campbell. Crest — A hart's
head erased ppr. Motto — Si l>eus quis contra?

Residence — Oldenburg House, Paignton, S. Devon.


Sperling, Charle.? Bkogdev, Esq. of l")vnc3
Hall, Essex, J.P. and D.L., b. 1825; m. 1852, Eliza
Marv, dau. of Denne Denne.Esq. of Elbridge House,
and Ricliborough Castle, Kent, and has issue,

I. Charles Frederic Dense, J.P. co. Essex, Capt. 4th
Batt. Essex Eegt., b. 1801 ; educated at Harrow and
Magdalen Coll., Oxford, M.A., called to the Bar, Inner
Temple ; rn. Edith Mavv, dau. of Col. Prinsep, and has
Charles Acriol.

I. Eliza Marie Louise. ii. CoMStance Maude.

ill. Evelyn Emma Astle. iv. Mabel Mary Denne.

V. Ethel Harriet Ellen, m. Eev. Tliomas G. Gibbons, Vicar
of Halstead, son of Eev. B. Gihbons, Waresley House

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