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Sprot, Lisut.-Ge.v. John, of Kiddell, co. Pox-
burgh, J. P., Lieut. -Gen. in the army, b. 12 Mtirch,
183U ; m. 1st, 19 Oct. 1869, Georiiina Mary, dau. of
Henry Edward Surtees, Esq. of Red worth Hall, co.
Durham, and by her (who (/. 1870) has issue,

I. Agatha Elizabeth Margareta.
He m. 2ndly, 5 Jan. 1878, Cecilia Elizabetli. dau.
of Eev. W. Blake JJoveton, of Corston, and by her
(who d. 1884) lias further issue,

I. John Mabk Fbancis, b. 12 Nov. 1881.

II. Alexander William Ramsay, b. 5 Jan. 1883.

III. Cecil George Doveton, b. 8 June, 1884.

II. Cecilia Mary Dorothea, 6. 3 April, 1880.

He m. Srdly, 24 Nov. 188(3, Charlotte Gertrude,
dau. of William Turney Cole, Esq. (late Indian
Civil Service), of Boscastle, Cornwall, and has
f urtlier issue,

IV. Edward Walter Hcarle, b. 21 Aug. 1887.
v. Jack Hugh Stewart, b. 12 June, ISJo.

III. Gertrude Gladys Violet, b. 4 Aug. 1888.

General Sprot formerly commanded the 9Ist
Arfiyllsliire Highlanders (now 1st Batt. Argyll
and Sutherland Highlanders), was afterwards
appointed Assistant- Adjutant-General and Quar-
termaster-General for Scotland, subsequently he
commanded the 49th District at Maidstone, and
afterwards the 31st Regimental District, at Xings-
ton-on-Thames, and is now a Lieut. -Gen. on the
retired list. He served for twelve years in India,
during a great part of which he held the position of
Executive Engineer to the Rajpoot ana Eield Eorce,
and was in Central India during the whole of the
Mutiny (medal).

Lineage.— James Sprot, Esq. of Edinburgh, son of John
Sprot, of Edinburgh (who had six sons and one dau.), vi. Miss
Blair, and had issue, four sons, of whom

John Sprot, Esq. of Clapliam, co. Surrey, m. 1801, Mary,
dau. of Benjamin Yule, Esq. of Edinburgh, and d. 1S14, having
by her (who d. 185G) had issue,

I. Mark, of RiddcU.

II. James, of Spott House, Dunbar, co. Haddington, J.P. and
D.L., Lord of the Barony, and Patron of Spott, b. 14 Jan.
1804 ; m. May, 1834, Ma'ry, dau. of Richard Watt, Esq. of
Bishop lUirton, co. York, and Speke, co. Lancaster, and d.
1882. Sheu!. 1881.

I. Marion, m. 1840, Alexander Duncan Tait, Esq, of Milrig,
CO. Ayr, J.P. and D.L., and d. I»85, having by him (who d.
l«dl; had i.-sue, I James Alexander Tait, late Capt. 4tli
Dragoon Guards, b. 1841, vi. 16 Way, 1873, Mary Anne,





eldest dau. of Williarn Smith-Cunninghame, Esq. of
Caprington, and (?. 9 Sept. IsTO; and 2 Jolm Sprot Tait,
now of Milrig, U.L., late Lieut. -Col. 12th Koyal Lancers,
b. 1843.
n. I'ranccs, d. 1884.
B III. Janet, Hi. 1831, Mark Sprot Ste%vart, Esq. of Southwick,

CO. Ivirkcudbright, J. P. and D.L. {nee STEv.-AixTo/Ph>fsgiLl),
wlio d. Due. 1878, leaving issue, 1 Mabk John (Sir), created
a iiaronet 1892 (see Burke's Peerage and Baronetagi') \ 2
Eol)ert, of CulgrufT, co. Kirkcudbiight, late 79th High-
landers, b. 13 June, 1836; m. 11 June, 1874, Georgina
Eleanor, dau. of Sir William Maxwell, 3rd Burt, of Car-
dontss ; 1 Mary ; 2 Isabella Gertrude, m. Francis Maxwell,

■ Esq. of Gilpton, co. Immfries, and d. 18 Dec. 18G6, leaving

• a dau., Ethel Margueiite, b. 16 July, 1866.
I?. Mary, m. 28 Jan. 1841, Sir William Maxwell. Bart, of
Cardoness, co. Kirkcudbright, and d. 24 Feb. 1846, having
had issue (see Bckke's Peerage and Baronetaf/e).
V. Caioiine Isabella, m. 1840, William Blair, Esq. of Blair.
CO. Ayr, and d. 24 Oct. 1857, leaving issue {see Blaib of

The eldest son,

Mark Spkot, Esq. of Eiddell, co. Roxburgh, J. P. and D.L.,
b. 1802; ra. 1829, Elizabeth, dau. of John Sheivoll, Etq., and
by her (who d. 1871) had issue,

John, now of Eiddell. Mark George, rf. s. p. 18.39.

James Lewis Boyd, d. s. j). 1857.

Edwaid William, of Drygrange, co. Koxburgh, 5. 1846 ; '/:(.

1st, Ibil, Janet C. dau. of J. llopekirk, Esq., and by her

(who d. 1882) had issue,

1 Edward Mark, b. 1872.
He m. 2ndly, 1885, Marion Gray, dau. of James Boyd, Esq.,
and has furthei issue,

2 James William Lennox, h. 188G.

3 Harold Maitlaud, b. Isa8.

4 Evan Boyd, b. ItiS'J.
Mr. Sprot d. 20 Kov. 1883, and was s. by his oldest son, the
present Gen. John Sprot, of Kiddell, co. Koxburgh.

Seat — Eiddell, Lilliesleal, N.B. Jicsidence—'U'Pl^cnon Hoiusc,


Stack, The Eight Eev. Charles Maueice,
Lord Bishop of Clogher, of Knockballymore, co.
Monaghan, b. 23 Aug. 1825 ; m. 21 Nov. 1859,
Margaret Jane Auchinlcck, of Crevenagb, co.
Tyrone, and has issue,

I. Edward CnnKCHiLL, 0. 25 Nov. 1S60 ; m. 1 June, 1837,
Susan Masfen, and has issue,

Charles Maui ice, b. 17 March, 1SS3.
John Masien, i. 28 Aug. 1889.
AVilliam Auchiuleck.

II. Charles Maurice, Clerk in Holy Orders, b. 6 Sept.

III. Walter Auchinleck (Kev.), b. 29 March, 1869.

IV. William Bagot, b. 26 Sept. 1874.

I. Elizabeth Mary, b. 1 Eeb. 1862 ; d. 26 July, 1879.

This gentleman is son of the Kev. Edward Stack, by
his wife Tempe {m. 2-1 Nov. 1807),dau. of the Kev.
Walter Bagot, Eector of Monastervan, co. Kildare.
Seat — Knockballymore, Clones.


Stacpoole, Kichard Jonx, Esq. of Edenvale,
CO. Clare, J.B. and D.L., High Sheriff 1891, i. 7
May, 1870.

Lineage. — This family has been settled from very early
iimes in Cork, Limerick, and Dublin.

Bartholomew Stacpoole, was Sheriff of Limerick in 1586,
and had three sons, of whom, i. James (a burgess of Limerick,
j/i. Christian, dau. of Nicholas Comyn, and d. 1626, leaving
issue, Bartholomew, who was the Eecorder of Limerick at the
time of Ireton's siege of that city, and signed the capitulation
1651,6. 1619; );;. 1631, Mary, dau. of Thomas Arthur, and
had issue; ; and ii. Robert, of whom we treat. This

Robert Stacpoole the ancestor of the present family, was
alive at the beginning of the 17th century.

Clement Stacpoole, the son of Robert, was transplanted
irom Limerick to Clare by CromweU. He m. Alice MacMahon,
a.nd had issue,

I. George, who m. Bridget Woulfe, and was ancestor of
George, Coiuit Stacpoole.

II. WiLLiAsi, of whom hereafter.

III. John, d. unm., lost at sea.
The 2nd son,

William .Stacpoole, Esq. of Annagh, living 1743, m. Elinor,
dau. of James Forster, of Cloneene, co. Gal way, and had (with
two daus.) four sons,

I. William, d. s. p.

II. George, of whom presently.

III. James, Hi. Elinor llonayne, and left issue.

IV. John, m. his cousin, Barbara Stacpoole, and left i;sue.
The son and heir,

George Stacpoole, of Annagh, ;;;. 1739, Mary, duu. of Col.
Hugh Massy, of Duntrileague, co. Limerick, and sister of
Hugh, 1st Lord Massy, and Eyre, Lord Clarina, and by her
had issue,

I. William, his heir, of whom presently.

II. John, of Lifford and Ennis, m. Mary MacDonogh, and d.

III. George Hogan, of Cragbrien Castle, Barrister- at-Law, »i.
1707, Jane, dau. of Andrew Lysaght, Esq. of Summerville,
and (/. 1812, leaving issue,

1 George, vt. Clara Skerrett, and d. s. p. 1816.

2 Andrew, of Balljalla, m. 1st, 1803, Bridget, dau. of
Lawrence C^myn, Esq., by whom he had a son, George,
d. young, and a dau. Jane, m. Kichard John Delazouche
Stacpoole, Esq. of Edenvale. He m. 2ndly, Georgina
Maria, dau. of William Stacpoole, Esq. of Edenvale, but
by her had no issue; and 3rdly, 1826, Diana, 2nd dau.
of Daniel Finucane, Esq. of Siamer Park, co. Clare,
and by her (who d. 1849), had two sons, William, of
Ballyalla, M.P., b. 1830, d. 1879; Andrew, d. unru.
1862; and two dans., Kate, m. Augusthie Butler, Esq. of
Ballyline, co. Clare, and d. 1861, leaving two sons; and
Diana, to. C. M. Parkinson, Esq., and d. 1862, leaving

3 Mathias, «i. 1st, Miss Pilkington, and 2ndly, Miss Louisa
Macnamara, and by the latter only had surviving issue,
two daus., Sarah and Mary.

4 Hugh, Lieut. -Col. 43th Rest., d. s. p. 1840 ; m. Jane
Wasey, of Prior's Couit, Berks.

5 William Henry (Very Rev.), U.D. of Cragbrien, co. Clare,
Dean of Kilfcnora, b. 1787 ; ra. 1813, Jane, duu. of Robert
Jlavshall, Esq. of Tandbrook, co. Callow, and had issue,
George Maishall, b. Isl4, </. 1837; Robert, b. 1817, d.
1818 ; Frances, rf. tin^a. ; Jane, m. 1844, Charles Mahon,
Esq.of Corbally, CO. Clare, and (i. 1879; Wilhelmina ; and
t:harlotte, d. 1881.

6 Michael, Capt. R.N., m. 29 Oct. 1829, Charlotte, dau.
of William Cassaubon Purdon, Esq. of Tineranna, co.

1 Mary, m. Michael Furnell, Esq., co. Limerick.

2 Eliza, TO. Rev. Thomas Westropp.

3 Lucinda, m. 1st, Walter Lysaght, Esq., and 2ndly,
William Adams Brew, Esq.

4 Jane, vi. Rev. George William Gabb.

IV. Massy, m. 1769, Mary, only dau. of Hassard Powell, Esq.
of Kilkenny, and had issue,

1 William, of Instow, co. Devon, ra. Louisa, dau. of Sir
Thomas Wentworth, and had issue, two sons and a dau.

2 George, d. s. p. in the West Indies.

3 Hassard, Capt. R.N., killed in a diuH in Jamaica 1814,
VI. Isabella, only dau. and heir of John Leek, Esq. of
Grosvenor Place, London, and had issue, a son and three

4 John, Col. in the army, m. and had issue, Andrew
Douglas (Rev.), Fellow of New Coll. Oxon., and Vicar of
Writtle, Essex, vi. and d. s. p. 1884, and John William.

1 Elinor, to. John Boss Lewin, Esq.

2 Jane, d. uvm. 1b26.

3 Mary, m. Charles McMahon. Esq. of Leadmore, co. Clnre.

4 Elizabeth, to. Sir Hugh Dillon Massy, 1st Bart, of Donuss.

5 Luey, d. unm.
The eldest son,

William Stacpoole, Esq. of Annagh and Edenv.ile, High
Sheriff 1784, m. Ist, 1773, Dorothea, dau. and co-heir of Thomas
Burton, Esq., by whom he had one son, George William, d.
unra. 1822, and 2ndly, 1788, Honoria, dau. of William Scamer,
Esq.of Carnelly, co. Clare, and widow of Temple French, Esq.
of CO. Cork, and d. 1796, having by her had issue,

Richard John Delazouche.

Georgina Maria, to. Andrew Stacpoole of Ballyalla, and d.
The son and heir,

Kichard John Delazouche Stacpoole, Esq. of Edenvale,
J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1827, b. 1792; m. 1825, June, dau.
of Andrew Stacpoole, Esq. of Ballyalla, co. Clare, and had

I. William, d. 1866; vi. and left issue, Richard George and
Elizabeth Jane.

II. Richard, of Edenvale.

III. George William, Lieut.-Col., m. Josephine Julia Helen,
dau. of Henry Lloyd, Esq. of Fainarory, co. Tipperary,
and widow of 3rd Lord Kossmore.





I. Georsina Maria, !,;. ISoG.Charlcs Armstrong, Esq. of Larch
Hill. (.0. Clare, and has issue.

II. Honoria, (/. unm.

III. Jane, m. l^nS, Henry Vcrckor. Esq., and <'. ISnO, leaving
a dan. Henrietta Jane, who 7)1. 1879, Balph AVestropp, Esq.

IV. Elizabeth, d. unm.

Mr. Stacpoole d. 9 Oct. 1866. His 2nd son,

IticHARD Stacpoole, Esq. of Edenvale, J.P. and D.L., llish
Sheriff 1864, b. 19 Aug. 1828; m. 19 Aug. 1868, Alice Julia,
youngest dau. of John Westropp, Esq. of Attyflin Park, co.
Limerick, and hud issue,

I. IviCHARD JoHX, now of Edenvale.

II. Geori;e William liohert, Lieut. Soutli Staffordshire IVegt.,
b. 27 May, 1872.

1. Mary Eva Louisa. 11. Alice Jane.

HI. Gwendoline.
Mr. St.icpoole d. 16 June, 1891.

Arms — Arg., a lion rampant gu. Crest — On a ducal coronet
or, a pelican in her piety all ppr. Mottoes — Over the crest, I
die for those I love ; under the arms. Pro Deo et pro patria.

Seat — Edenvale, Ennis, co. Clare.

Statfoed, Sir Edward William, G.C.M.G-., of
Maine, eo. Louth, and Landsdowne, Cliristcliurcli,
Xew Zoalixnd, Prime ilinistcr of New Zealand
June, 1856, to July, ISGl, Oct. 1865, to June, 1869,
and in 1872 ; ]Member of the House of Representa-
tives of Xew Zealand uninterruptedly from Oet.
1S55, to March, 1878, b. 23 April, 1820; m. 1st, 24
Sept. 18-16, Emily Charlotte, only child of Col.
William Wakefield, by Emily Elizabeth his wife,
dau. of Sir John Shelley Sidney, Bart., and sister
of Philip Charles, 1st Lord de L'Isle and Dudley,
but by her (who d. 18 April, 1857) had no issue.
He )n. 2ndly, 5 Dec. 1859, Mary, 3rd dau. of
Thomas Houghton-Bartley, Barrister of the Inner
Temple, Speaker of the Legislative Council of
ZS'ew Zealand, and by her had issue,

I. Edward Tytler Stafford Howard, b. 24 May, 1862 to.
22 Dec. 1888, Theresa E. C, dau. of F. Krull i .and has

I. Ronald Seymour Sempill Howard, l. 22 Feb. 1390.
I. Carmen Corisande. 11. Valerie Violet.

n. Humphrey De Bohun Howard, 6. 31 March, 18G4.
HI. Berkeley Howard, b. 24 Oct. 1869.

I. Anne Isabella, i/t. 8 Nov. 1892, Capt. W. Stavcley Gordon,

II. Mary Montgomerie.

III. Edith Margaret.

liineage. — The immediate ancestor of this family was
Hcou Stafford, who 'ni. 1st, 4 July, 1746, Mary, dau. and
heir of Edward Smith, Esq. of Maine, and by her had issue,

I. Edward, his heir.

II. William (llev.), B.A., to. Hannah, widow of Brett;
Spencer, Esq. of Ballycastle, and d. s. p.

HI. Hugh, Lieut. -Gen. H.E.I.C.S., ■;,(. 1st, Thomasine, dau.
of Eev. H. Sullivan, of Clonakilty, co. Cork, and by her had

1 John, Major-Gen. in H.M.'s service, m. Frances, dau. of
Francis 'Whalky, of Winscombe Court and Norton Hall,
Somerset, and Hinton Himse, Hants, and by her (who d.
Dec. 1847) left issue at his decease, Feb. 1846,

AVilliam Joseph Fitzniaurice, of Mount Edgcumbe,
Surrey, C.B., Major-Gen. Bengal Staff Corps (retired),
TO. 1852, Emily Maiy, dau. of Major Gavin Young,
Judge-Advocate Gen. of the Bengal Army, and by her
had issue,
William Francis Howard, Major It.E., h. 19 Dec.

Henry Uawrcnte Caulfield Howard, Capt. li.E., b. 20
May, lb.')9.
Ednuind Boyle Whalley Howard, b. 16 Oct. 1868.
Florence Howard.
Thomas Sedgwick, d. 1853, unm.

John Francis, Major-Gen. Bengal Staff Corps (retired).
Charles Stewart, d. young.

Boyle Torriano, Col. Bengal Staff Corps, m. 1874, dau. of
S. Newington, M.D., of Uidgeway, Sussex.
Thomasine, to. M. Vadnalle, and has issue, a dau.
Mary. Anna, d. young. Julia.

2 Edward, Major 31st Kegt. d. Aug. 1826, unm.

1 Eliza.

2 Harriet, m. Col. Paton, of Drayton Hall, Norfolk, and
had issue, one son and one dau.

3 Lctitia, m. Major-Gen. Caulfeild, C.B., son of Venerablt
John Caulfeild, Archdeacon of Kilmore. of Benown. co.
Westmeath, and d. Aug. 1826, leaving issue, four sons.

4 Frances, m. H. 8. Mercer, Esq. of Edinburgh, and

</. ,s-. p.

5 Emily, m. 1st, John Forbes Paton, Esq., Capt. Bengal
Engineers, by whom she had issue, three sons and one
dau., and 2ndly, John Brown, Esq. of co. Pioscommon,
by whom she had issue, one son.

Gen. Hugh Stafford m. 2ndly, Harriet, only child of Lieut. -
Col. Spencer, and bv her had issue, one son and three daus.,.
all d. s. p. He d Jan. 1819.

Hugh Stafford m. 2ndly, Catherine, dau. of II. Cumming, Esq.
of Killowen, co. Down, but by her had no issue. He d. 1783,
and was s. by his eldest son,

Edward Stafford, Colonel in the army, High Sheriff co.
Louth 1795, b. 1747; m. 1st, F" ranees, dau. of Francis Palmer,
of Palraerstown, co. Mayo, and of Rush, co. Dublin, but by
her had no issue. He m. 2ndly, Mary, 3rd dau. of Robert
Agnew, of Howlish, co. Durham, grandsonof Sir James Agnew,
Bart., by his wife Lady Mary Jlontgomerie, dau. of Alexander,
Sth Earl of Eglinton, and by her had issue,

I. Edward Norton, b. and d. 1793.

II. Berkeley BncKtNGHAM, his heir.

I. Augusua Buckingham, d. 1807.

II. Clementina Louisa, d. 1872.

III. Thomasine Palmer, m. Rev. John Hermin Stafford, In-
cumbent of St. Paul's, Liverpool, and d. 1834, leaving issue.

IV. Frances, m. 19 Jan. 1820, Rev. Patrick Brewster, and
('. 7 June, 1831, leaving issue.

Col. Edward Stafford d. 1802, and was s. by his son,

Berkeley Buckingham Stafford, High Sheriff co. Loutlu
1828, b. 25 March, 1797 ; m. 3 July. 1818, Anne, 3rd dau. o?
Licut.-Col. Patrick Duff Tytler, by Isabella Erskine his wife,
dau. of the Hon. James Erskine, of Alva, Senator of the College
of Justice, and by her had issue,

I. Edward William (Sir), G.C.M.G., his heir.

II. Berkeley Buckingham de Bohun (Rev.), 0. 23 Aug. 1822;
d. 5 Dec. 1889.

III. Hugh Henry Tytler do Toeni, b. 19 April, 1824; m. Jan.
1860, Caroline, dau. of William Wood, Esq., and left issue-
at his decease, 28 Nov. 1881,

1 William, b. Oct. 1860. 2 Berkeley Buckingham.

3 Hugh Henry Archibald.

1 Isabella Erskine. 2 Emily Margaret.

IV. Patrick Plunkctt Leslie, Col. Madras Staff Corps (retired),.
b. 13 July, 1826; vi. July, 1887, Letitia, dau. of Henry
Taylor, Esq., and d. 16 May, 1889.

I. Isabella Erskine.

II. Mary Montgomerie.

Berkeley Buckingham Stafford d. Aug. 1847, and was s. by his-
eldest son.

Sir Edward William Stafford, G.C.M.G., now of Maine.

A nns —Or, a chevron gu. Crest— Out of a ducal coronet per
pale gu. and sa., a demi-swan rousantarg. beaked gu. Mottoes^
— Stat noiiiinis umbra ; over the crest. Garde la foy.

Seal — Maine, co. Louth. Mesidence — 19, Eaton Square, S.W.

VI I'M — Reform.


Stafford-O'Brien', Hokac.'^ Stafford, Esq. of
Blatherwycke, co. ^Northampton, of Tixover, co.
E-utland,and of Cratloe Woods, co. Clare, J.P. and
D.L., High Sheriff co. Clare 1875, late Lieut. 2nd
Dragoon G-uards, b. 1842 ; m. 21 Oct. 1869, Eleanor
Elizabeth Greorgiana, only child of John Kent
Egerton Holmes, Esq., and the Hon. Mrs. Egertou
Holmes, dau. of Arthur, Viscount Valeutia, and
has issue,

Egerton Adgdstds, b. 1872.
Horace Henry, b. 1883.

liiueag'e. — Stafford O'Brien, Esq. of Blatherwycke t
Park, CO. Northampton, and Cratloe Woods, co. Clare, J. P.,
High Sheriff CO. Rutland 1809, vi. 7 June, 1808, Emma, sister
of Charles, Earl of Gainsborough, and dau. of Sir Gerald Noel
Noel, Bart., M.P., by Diana his wife, Baroness Barham, ami
had issue,

Augustus Stafford, his heir.

Henry Stafford, late of Blatherwycke Park.

Algernon Stafford O'Brien, b. May, 1815.

Emma, d. unm.

Angelina Mary, to. Hon. and Rev. Augustus Fitzroy, and
d. May, 1838. Fanny, d. unm.

Sophia Lilias, m. Noel Hoare, Esq.
The eldest son,

Acgustos Staffobd O'Brien Stafford, Esq. of Blather-


THE la:n^ded gentry.



wycke Park andCratloe Woods, M.P. for Xortti Northampton-
shire, Secretary to the Admiralty from March to Dec. ISo'i,
d. s. p. 15 Nov. 1857, and was s. by his brother,

Henry Stafford O'Brien Stafford, Esq. of Blatherwycke
Park and Cratloe Woods, M.A., J. P. and D.L., HiKh Sheriff
CO. Northampton 1868, 6. 22 Feb. 1814; m. 31 Aug. 1841,
Lucy, youngest dau. of Eev. Henry W. Nevile, of Walcot
Park, and d. 1S80, leaving issue,

Horace Stafford, his heir.

Lucy Violet. Alianore Emma Matilda.

This gentleman took the additional surname of Stafford.

Sea(s— Blatherwycke Park, near Wansford, and Tisover,
near Stamford.


Stancomb, William, Esq. of Blouut's Court,
Wilts, J.P. and D.L., Higli SherifP 1879-80, Lord
of the Manor of Trowbridge, b. 14 Jan. 1812 ; m. 3
Aug. 1841, Bridget JJowing Bowles, dau. of Charles
Bowles Hare, Esq. of Bristol, and has issue,

William, of Browfort, Devizes, J.P. for Wilts, b. 1850; m.
1873, Frances Grace, youngest dau. of George Milward,
Esq. of Lechlade Manor.

Mr. Stancomb is the only son of the late William
Stancomb, Esq., J. P., of the Man«r House, Trow-
bridge, Wilts.

Arms — Az., on a chev. arg. between tliree lambs' heads
couped ppr., as many roses gu., on a chief of the second three
garbs of the third. Crest — Upon a rock a paschal lamb ppr.
supporting with his sinister fore-foot a garb. vert. Motto— Do
right, fear not.

Seat — Blount's Court, Devizes, Wilts.



of Standish Hall, co. Lancaster, b. 2 Nov. 1847; m.
10 Oct. 1870, Helene de Perusse Des Cars, dau. of
the Comte Des Cars (France).

Iiineagre. — Thurston de Staxdisr, who (4 Feb. 6 Hesrv
III., 1221) levied a fine of lands in Shevington, which he in-
herited from his motlier, Margerie, dau. and co-heir of Robert
de Ilulton. His son,

Ralph de Standish, had two sons, Jordan, his successor,
and Hugh, ancestor of Standish o; Suxbary. The elder

Jordan de Standish, 1 Edward I., 1271, was grandfather

John de Standish, Lord of Standish 6 Edward III., 1332.
His issue were

I. William, m. 1332, Margaret, dau. of Adam Holcroft, of
Holcrolt, and d. s. ■/>.

II. HeNRT, who s- his brother.

ni. Edmund, living 1332, and d. .?. p.

IV. Ralph (Sir), living 1332. His son,

1 John (Sir), styled in all deeds " Lord John," is men-
tioned by Froissart and Holinshed as being in the
service of Richard II., and attendant in his suite at the
memorable meeting of the king with the rebel, Wat
Tyler, 1381.

V. Robert. vi. John.

■VII. Gilbert Clerk, who was Rector of Standish from 33
Edward III. to 22 Richard II.

The 2nd son,

Henry de Standish, of Standish, left, by Joan his wife, a
dau. Alice, m. 1369, Hugh Standish, of Duxbury, and a son,
his successor, 1396,

Ralph de Standish, of Standish, High Sheriff co. Lancaster
1392. By Cecilia his wife, he had Lawrence, his successor;
Alexander; Gilbert, living 30 Sept. 1411 ; John, a military
man and one of the heroes of the battle of Agincourt 25 Oct,
1415. Ralph was a. at his decease by his eldest son,

Lawrence de Stindish, of Standish, ni. 1398, Lora, dau.
of Sir Roger de Pilkington, and had a son, his successor, in

Sir Alexander de Standish, Knt. of Standish, m. Con-
stance, dau. of John Gerard Bryn, and dying 1445, was s. by
his eldest son,

Ralph de Standish, of Standish, m. Margaret, dau. and co-
heir of Sir Richard Radcliffe, of Chadderton, by the dau. and
heir of Chadderton, of Chadderton, co. Lancaster, and dying
1640, was s. by his eldest son,

Sir Alexander Standish, 'of Standish, knighted for his
services at the battle of Hutton-Field, Scotland, 1482. He m.
1 Jan. 1461, Sibilla, dau. of Henry Bold, of Bold, and had one
son and three daus. Sir Alexander d. 1507, and was «. by hi»

Ralph Standish, of Standish, m. 1497, Alice, dau. and co-
heir of Sir James Harrington, Knt. of Wolfage, co. Northamp-
ton, and had issue. He d. 1538, aged 80, and was 6. by bis ,

Alexander Standish, of Standish, m. 1518, Ann, dau. of
Sir William Molyneux, Knt. of Sefton. and hadissue. The 2nd'
son and eventual representative of the family,

Edward Standish, Esq. of Standish, m. Ellen, dau. of Sir
William Ratcliffe, Knt. of Ordsall, co. Lancaster, and Ikad four
sons. He d. 1603 (having erected Standish Hall 1574), and
was s. by his eldest son,

Alexander Standish, Esq. of Standish, m. 1574, Elizabeth,
dau. and heir of Adam Hawarden, Esq. of Wolston, co. Lan-
caster, and d. 1624, leaving issue. The eldest son,

Ralph Standish, Esq. of Standish, m. Bridget, dau. of Sir
Richard Molyneux, Knt. of Sefton, sister of Richard, 1st Vis-
count Molyneux, and had two sons and two daus., Edward,^
his heir; Alexander, Col. of Horse in the service of King
Charles I.; Frances, m. Sir Thomas Tyldesley, Knt. of
Moreley, Major-Gen. under the Earl of Derby; and Eliza-
beth, d. unm. Mr. Standish d. 1656, and was s. by his elder

Edward Standish, Esq. of Standish, ra. 11 Nov. 1G32, Eliza-
beth, dau. of Sir Francis Howard, of Corby Castle, Cumberland,
and was s. by his son,

Willum Standish, Esq. of Standish, aged 2G at the Visi-
tation of 1664. He ai. Cecilia, dau. and sole heir of Sir
Robert Bindlosse, Bart, of Berwick Hall, co. Lancaster, by
whom (who d. 19 Jan. 1729-30) he left at his decease, 8 June,
1705, a son,

Ralph Standish, Esq. of Standish, m. Lady Philippa
Howard, dau. of Henry, Duke of Norfolk, and by her (who d.
5 April, 1731) had issue, Ralph Howard, who d. c. p. April,
I 1735; George Howard d. unm.; and Cecilia, of whom pre-
sently. The dau. and eventually sole heir,

Cecilia Standish, m. William Towneley, Esq. of Towne-
ley, Lancaster, by whom (who d. 2 Feb. 1741. aged 28) she-

I. Charles Towneley, h. 1 Oct. 1737; d. unhi. 3 Jan. 1805.

II. Ralph Towneley Standish, who d. s. p.

III. Edward Towneley Standish, of wliom presently.

I. Cecilia Towneley, h. 30 July, 1741 : in. 1st, 20 April, 1761,.
Charles Strickland, Esq. of Sizert;h Park, Westmorland, by
whom (who d. 6 Oct. 1770) she had issue,

1 Thomas Strickland, of whom hereafter.

2 William Strickland, an Officer in the army, who d. la
the AVest Indies.

3 Charles Stricldand, d. 1775.

1 Mary Cecilia, m. 27 Feb. 1785, Edward Stephenson.
Esq. of Farley Hill, Berks, and Scaleby Castle, Cumber-
land, and d. at Paris 1817, leaving issue {see Standish of

Mrs. Strickland m. 2nflly, 15 April, 1779, Gerard Edward

Strickland, Esq. of Willitoft, co. York.

The youngest son of the heiress of Standish and William

Edward Towneley Stan-dish, Esq., h. 25 June, 1740; m.
Ann, dau. of Basil Thomas Eccleston, Esq. of

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