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Eccleston, and
Scarisbrook, co. Lancaster, but d. s. p. 28 March, 1807, when
the estates of Standish, by the family settlements, became
vested in his nephew (the sister's eldest son),

Thomas Strickland, Esq. of Sizergh, Westmorland, who
assumed, by sign-manual, the surname and arms of
Standish. He m. 1st, 24 Feb. 1789, Anastasia, elder dau. and
co-heir of Sir John Lawson, Bart, of Brough, co. York, by
whom he had

I. Charles Strickland Standish, of Standish.

II. Thomas Strickland, of Sizergh (see that Hairic).

III. Monica, ;;;. Dec. 1827, Sir John Gerard, Bart.

He in. 2ndly, Catherine, youngest dau. of Sir Robert Gerard,
Bart, of Bryn, who d. 24 Sept. 1862. He d. 4 Dec. 1813, and.
was s. by his son,

Charles Standish, Esq. of Standish Hall, b. 15 March,
1790; m. Feb. 1822, Mademoiselle Emmeline Conradine, dau.
of M. de Methiesen, by his wife. Mademoiselle Rose Henriette
Peronne de Persey (niece of Madame la Comtesse de Genlis),
and had issue by her (who d. 1831),

I. Charles Henry Lionel Widdrington, his heir.

II. Charles Frederick, b. 20 April. 1824.

III. Charles Edward, b. March, 1829.

He d. 10 June, 1863, and was s. by his eldest son,





Charles Hesry Lionel Widdiiincton Standish, Esq. of
Standisli Hall, 6. 23 Jan. 1823 ; m. 10 Oct. 1S46. Sabine de
Noailles, dau. of the Due de roix, aunt of Antoine, rnnue
de I'oix, a Grandee of Spain of tliu first class, and by her
(who d. 20 March, 1S70) had issue,

I. Henry N^oailles \S'idprington, now of Standish.

II. Cecil Marie lioger, d. 22 Feb. 1601.

Mr. Standish (f. May, l!?S;i.

,-<r!ii-' — S;i., three standing dishes arg. Crest — An owl with
a rat in his talons ppr.

^r(if— Standish Hall, near Wigan.
Club — Marlborough.


Staxdish, "William rKiir, Y.sti. of Spaleby
Castle, CO. Cuiiiberland, and of IVIiirwell Hall, and
^'e\v Park, Hants, Capt. Ea.¥t Yorkshire Regfc., I.
3 Aug. 1860; s. liis uncle 1893.

Lineage. — This family, it is stated, descends in the direct
male line from Eoland Stephenson, and in the maternal from
MaiT CeciUa, sister of Thomas Standish, Esq. of Standish (see
prtcjiing Memoir).

Edwaud Stephenson, Esq. of Farley Hill, Berks, and
Scaleby Castle, co. Cumberland, in. 27 Feb. 178"), Mary Cecilia,
dau. of Charles StricUland, Esq. of Sizergh Park, Westmor-
land, and Cecilia his wife, dau. of William Towarley, Esq. of
Towarley, and Cecilia his wife, dau. and eventual sole heir of
Ealph Standish, Esq. of Standish (set: 2'rcceding Memoir), and
by her (who d. 1S17) had issue, a son,

Rowland Stephenson, Esq. of Farley Hill, who took the
name of Standish by Act of Parliament, 1834, m. 16 March,
ISIG, Lady Lucy Pery, dau. of Edinond Henry, 1st Earl of
Limerick, and d. 26 April, 18-13, having by her (who d. 23
Pec. lS-1.^; had issue,

I. Edward Ferris, d. unm.. 1845.

II. EowLAND Edmond Walter Pert, late of Scaleby Castle.

III. William Cecil, of New Park, Broekenhurst, Hants, fc.
IS21 : ),i. IS.^.'i, Emma, dau. of William Robins, Esq. oi
llagley House, Stourbridge, and d. 18S8, leaving issue,

1 William Pert, now of Scalebv Castle.
1 Lucy. 2 Mary.

I. Mary Lucy, v>. 9 Jan. 1838, Sir Vcro Edinond De Vere,
Bart., and d. 16 Jan. 1892.

II. Caioline. vi. 13 Kov. 1849, the late Paulet St. John
Mildmay, Esq.

nis eldest surviving son,

Rowland Edmond Walter Pert Standish, Esq. of Scaleby
Castle, CO. Cumberland, and of Harwell Hall, Hants, J. P. and
D.L., formerly of the Gth Uegt. of Foot, b. 1820; m. 22 Oct.
IS.dO, Caroline Macnamara, dau. of Samuel Clogstown, Esq.,
and d. s. x>. 1S93, and was s. by his nephew.

^n.-is—Sa., three standing disht* arg. Crisl — An owl with
a rat in his tilons ppr.

.b;'e(((.5— Scaleby Citstle, Carlisle, and Marwell Hall, Win-
chester, and New I'ark, Broekenhurst, Hants.

Ciab — Naval and Military.


The late "William Standish Caru-Standish,
Esq. of Duxbury Park, co. Lancaster, and Cockeri
Hall, CO. Durham, J. P. for both cos., an Officer 7th
Hussars, h. 2S Feb. 1835 ; d. 21 Feb 1878, when
the Lancashire and Durham estates became, by
his will, the joint properties of his three surviving

Lineagre. — Standish o/ Duxbury, a family of antiquity
and note, derived descent from .a common ancestor with
Standish of Standish.

PlIchard Standish, E.=q. of Duxbury (eldest son of Richard
Standish, Esq. of Duxbury, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of
Piers Legh, Esq. of Lyme, and 15th in descent from Richard
Standish, of Duxbury, 9 Edward HI., whose father, Hugh
Standish, was 2nd son of Ralph Standish, of Standish), was
created a Bart. 8 Feb. 1676-77. He rn. Margaret, dau. of
Thomas Holcro't, Esq. of Holcroft, co. Lancaster, and had by
her (who rn. 2ndly, Sir Thomas Stanley, Bart, of BicUersfaff,
and d. Oct. 1735, aged nearly ICO) three sons and three daus.
The eldest son.

Sib Thomas Standish, Bart, of Duxbury, m. Jane, dau. of
Charles Turnor, Esq. ot Cleveland, co. York, and had

Thomas, m. Catherine, widow of John Smith, Esq. of Heath,
CO. York, and dau. and co-heir of Robert Frank, Esq. of

Pontefract, M.P., and left at his decease v. 25. ,23 Dec. 174S
an only surviving child, '

Frank, successor to his grandfalher.
Jlargaret, m. 1st, AVilliam Woniliwcll, Esq.. and 2ndly,
Anthony Wall, Esq. of Floss, by the laiter of whom she left
at her decease, 1776, a son and a dau.,
Anthony Hall, b. 1731 ; m. Anne, dau. of WiKiam Earfoot,
Esq. of Poole, and d. 1791, leaving a son,
Anthony Hall, m Jliss Charlotte Key, and was father of
Frank Hall Standish, Esq. of Duxbury.
Anne, m. Rev. Ralph Carr, M.A.. and, dying 1774, loft,
with other issue, a son, Ralph Carr, Esq. of Cocken Hall^
father, by Mary his wife (dau. of Samuel Andrews, Esq.),
of William Standish-Standish, Esq. oi Duxbury Park.
Sir Thomas Standish d. Dec. 1756, and was .s. by his grandson.
Sir Frank Standish, Bart, of Duxbury, at whose decease,
«. i'., 16 May, 1812, the baronetcy became extinct, and the
estates devolved on his cousin,

Frank Uall, Esq., only son of the late Anthony Hall, Esq.,
by Charlotte Rey,* his wife, and grandson of Mr. Hall, by
Margaret his wife, dau. of Sir Thomas Standish, the 2nd Bart.,
and relict of William Wombwell, Esq. Mr. Frank Hall, b.
2 Oct. 1799, assumed the surname of Standish. He d. s. 2>.
1841, and was s. by his kinsman,

William Standish-Standish, Esq. of Duxbury, b. 1807, J. P.
and D.L., High Sheriff co. Lancaster 1845-46. who took tlie
name of Standish in lieu of his patronymic Carr. He rti. 'll
Aug. 1829, Susan, eldest surviving dau. of Richard Jenkins,
Esq. of Beachley Lodge, co. Gloucester, J. P. and D.L., and
had issue,

William Standish, late of Duxbury and Cocken.
Maiy Deborah, deceased.
Juliana Glentworth, deceased.

Emma Isabella Harriett, in. 22 Nov. 1853, Sir John

George Tollemache Sinclair, Bart., of Ulbster and Thurso

Castle (marriage dissolved 1878) and has issue (see Bdrke's


ScsAN Amelia Georgtna, m. 3 Dec. 1863, Col. Charles

Wllli,^nl Paulet, of Manor House, Wellesbourne Mouniford,

Warwick, eldest son of Lord Charles Paulet, and d. 18 Oct.

18b8, leaving issue i-'ie Bdkke's Peerage, Winchester, M.).

Margaret Laura Mulgrave, m. 19 May, 1869, Edmund

Berkeley, youngest son of George Lucy, Esq. or Charlecote

Park, CO. Warwick, and has issue {sec Lucy of Charlecote).

To Mr. Standi -h-Standish, Lonn Philippe, King of the French,

gave some rare specimens of Sfevres porcelain, books, pictures

(amongst the latter a full-length portrait of himself by Winter-

haltei'), in consideration of the legacy bequeathed to His

Majesty by Frank Hall Standish, Esq. Mr. Standish-Standish

cZ.O Julj-, 18.56.

Arms — Az., three standing dishes, arg. Crtsl — A cock arg.
Miitlu — Constant en tout.

S':".t — Duxbury Park, Chorley, co. Lancaster, and Cocken
Hall, Durham.


Staxuope, Jame,s Banks, Esq. of EevesbyAbbey,
CO. Lincoln, J. P. and D.L., M.P. for North Lincoln-
shire 1851 to 1868, h. 13 May, 1821.

Lilieag°e. — Charles, 3rd Earl Stanhope, m. for his 2nd
wife, 17 March, 1781, Louisa, only dau. and heir of the Hon.
Henry Grcville, Governor of Barbados, by Margaret Eleanora
his wife, aunt of Sir Joseph Banks, Bart., K.B., and dau. of
Joseph Banks, Esq. of Revesby Abbey, M.P. for Peterborough,
and had three sons, i. Philip Henry, 4th Earl Stanhope ;
II. Charles Banks, Major in the army, killed at the battle of
Curunna; and in. James Hamilton. The 3rd son.

The Hon. James Hamilton Stanhope, Lieut.-Col. in the
army, b.l Sept. 1788; m.O July, 1820, Frederica Louisa, eldest
dau. of William, 3rd Earl of Mansfield, and by her (who d.
14 Jan. 1823) left at liis decease, 5 March, 1825, an only son and
heir, the i)resent James Banks Stanhope, Esq. of Revesby

Arms — Quarterly erni. and gu. Crest— A. tower az., thereon
a denii lion rampant or, dueally crowi'.eil gu , holding between
the paws a grenade fired ppr. Motto — .\ Deo et rege.

Seu J— Revesby Abbey, Boston, co. Lincoln.


Spencek-Stamiope,Walt£rTiio.mas William,
Esq., C.B., of Cannon Hall and llorsforth Hall, co.

* This lady m., after her first husband's (Mr. Hall) decease,
Sir William Purves Hume Campbell, Bart.





York, M.A., J.P. and D.L. for West Eiding, co.
York, Deputy-Chairman of Quarter Sessions, late
Capl. 1st West York Yeomanry Caralry, and Col.
of 2nd Batfc. York and Lancaster E. V., M.P. for
the South Division of the West Eiding of York
1872 to 18S0, h. 2!. Dee. 1827; m. 17 Jan. 1850,
Elizabeth Julia, dau. of Sir John Jacob Euxton,
Bart, of Shadweil Court, Norfolk, and by her (who
d. 30 Sept. 1880) has issue,

I. John Moktague, 6. 31 Dec. I860; m. 15 April, 1890, Ida
Mary, 2n(l dau. of Sir Lionel Pilkington, Bart.

II. Walt:r, b. 17 Nov. 1861.

III. Edward Collingwood, b. 2 March, 1863.

IV. Hugh Kobert, 6. 21 April, 1864 ; d. 6 Jan. 1835.

V. rhilip Bertie, b. 17 Dec. 1868.
1. Mary Gertrude Elizabeth.

If. Cecily Winifred. in. Margaret Isabel.

IV. Alice Mildred, ?». 31 March, iHUl, Charles A. Fellowes,
Esq. of Shoteshani, Norfolk, and d. 10 Aug. 1S92.

V. Winifred Julia.

VI. Mary, b. and d. 7 Feb. 1875.

liineagre. — John Stanhope, Esq. (younger brother of Sir
Edward Sta:;hope, of Hampton, ancestor of the Earls of

John Stanhope, Esq., who went into co. Lancaster with the
Earl of Derby, and Settled at Manchester. His son,

John Stanhope, Esq. removed thence in'.o co. York, and
purchased, tcni/i. Mary, Eccleshill, and lands in Horsfortli,
part of the estate cf the monastery at Kirkstall. He d. at an
advanced age, 1596, leaving issue. The eldest son,

AValter Stanhope, Esq. of Ilorsforth, co. York, m. Mary,
dau. and co-heir of John Hanson, of Woodhouse and Eastriek,
CO. York, and by her left a son and heir,

John Stanhope, Lsq. of Horsforlh, who m. three times. By
his 1st wife, Anne, sister of Sir George Rawdon, ancestor to
the Marquesses of Hastings, he left an elder son,

John Stanhope, Esq. of Ilorsforth, Barrister-at-Law, m.
Hannah, dau. and heir of L. Horseman, Esq., and dying 1634,
was s. by his son,

John Stanhope, Esq. of Horsforth, m. Mary, dau. of Sir
William Lowther, of Swillington, M.P., and had issue. The
ord and last suniving son,

Walter Stanhope, Esq. of Hor.sforth, left by his 2nd wife,
Anne, dau. of William Spencer, Esq. of Cannon Hall, co. York,
an only son,

Walter Spencer Stanhope, Esq. of Horsforth and Cannon
Hal], M.B., who assumed, by sign-manual, the additional sur-
name and arms of Spencer, as heir to his uncle, John Spencer.
He m. 1783, Maiy Winifred, dau. and heir of Thomas Babing-
ton PuUeine, Esq. of Carlton Hall, co. York, by Winifred his
wife, dau. of Edward Collingwood, Esq. ofDis.'rington,by Mary,
dau. and co-heir of John Koddam, Esq. of Boddam. By Mary,
Winifred his wife (who d. Dec. 18t0), he had issue,

I. Walter, d. Sept. 1832.

II. John, his heir.

in. Edward, who assumed the surname of Collingwood, of
Dissington {see thcdfahidy).

IV. William, of Roddam, co. Northumberland, High Sheriff
1834, s. to the estates of his kinsman and godfather. Admiral
Robert Roddam 1806, and assumed, in consequence, the
surname and arms of Roddam; ra. 1st, Sept. It;3o, Char-
lotte, dau. of Henry Percy Pulkinc, Esq. of Crake Hall, co.
Y'ork, and by her (who d. July, 1837) he has an only dau.
Charlotte Pulleine. He m. 2ndly, 12 July, 1849, Selina
Henrietta, 5th dau. of John Cotes, Esq. of Woodcote, Salop,
bv the Lady Maria his wife, and had by her a dau. Maiy
Stiina. He d. Dec. 1864.

V. Charles (Uev.), M.A., Vicar of Weaverham, Northwich,
CO. Chester, b. 14 Oct. 1796; vi. S July, 1810, Fredeiiea
Mary, 2nd dau. of Rev. Robert Philips Goodenough, Pre-
bendaiy of Carlisle, b} Cecilia Markham his wife, dau of
the Archbishop of York, and d. 29 Uct. 1874, having had

1 Charles William (Rev.), M.A., Vicar of Christ Church,
Crowton, 6. 30 May, 1841.

2 Frederick Walter, Capt. Somerset Light Infantry, 6. 8
Feb. 1B48.

1 Maiy Wilhelmina, 7 , , ., ,„.„

2 Emily Caroline, 'j d- April, 18o0.

3 Laura Winifred, d. 21 Jan. 18G5.

VI. Philip, Gen. in the army, m. 2 May, 1865, Mary Cathe-
rine, widow ot Edward Rowland Strickland, Esq. She d.
July, 1865; he d. 21 Feb. 1880.

VII. Hugh, Barrister-at-Law, of Glen Allen, Alnwick, 7K. Amy
Anne, dau. of Henrj- Percy Pulleine, Esq. ; d. Dec. 1872.

I. Marianne, ra. liubert Hudson, Esq. ol Tadworth Court, co.
Surrey, and d. t^ept. 1862,

II. Anne Winifred, d. March, 18C0.

HI. Isabella, d. May, 1857.

IV. Frances Mary. v. Maria Alicia.

Mr. Spencer Stanhope d. 10 April, 1821, at the age of 72, and
was s. by his son,

John Spencer Stanhope, Esq. of Cannon Hall, J.P. and
D.L., F.R.S., b. 27 May, 1787: ra. 5 Dec. 1822, Lady Elizabeth
Wilhelmina Coke, 3rd dau. of Thomas William, 1st Earl of
Leicester, and by her (who d. 30 (Jet. 1873) had issue,

I. Walter Thomas William, now of Cannon Hall.

II. John Roddam, 6. 21 Jan 1829 ; m. lu Jan. 1859, Elizabeth,
3id dau. of John James King, E-q. of Preston Condovcr,
Hants, and relict of Capt. George Frederick Dawson, and
had issue, Mary d. unra.

I. Anna Maria Wilhelmina, to. March, 1853, Percival Andr6
Pickering, Esq., Q.C., w4io </. 7 Aug. 1S76.

II. Eliza Anne, m. 28 June, 1858, Rev. Richard St. John
Tyrwhitt, and d. 8 Sept. 1869.

III. Anne Alicia.

IV. Louisa Elizabeth, d. 13 March, 1867.

Jlr. Spencer Stanhope d. 7 Nov. 1873, and was s. hy his eldest
son, Walter Thomas William Spencer-Stanhope, Esq., now
of Cannon Hall.

Amis — Quarterly: 1st and 4th, quarterly erm. and gu., for
Stanhope. 2nd and 3rd, az., a fes.'-.e erni., between six sea -
mews' heads cra.-cd ppr., for Spencer. Crest— \st, A tower
az., with a demi-lion lamiiant issuuig from the battlements or,
ducally crowned gu., holding between his paws a greuade
fired ppr. for stanhope; 2nd, a sea-mew ppr., for Shenchi.
Moltdts — A Deo et rege, for stanhope ; Dieu defend le droit,
for Spencer.

Seats— Cannon Hall, near Bamsley, and Hors.''orth Hall, co.


Stanier, Francis, Esq. of Fenton Vivian, and
The Moor House, Biddulph, co. Stafford, and of
Peplow, CO. Saloj', J.P. cos. Stafford and Salop,
D.L. for the latt r, and High Sherife 1894, late
Capt. 3rd King's Own Staflordsliire Militia, h. 30
Jan. 1838; s. to the estate of his cousin, Philip
Barnes Broade, Esq. of Fenton Yivian, in 185(5,
when he assumed the additional surnames of Philip
Beoade, and in 1876 resumed the original name of
Staniee only. He m. 6 June, 1860, Caroline, dau.
of Gen. Justice, of Greeu Park, Bath, and haa

I. Frank Justice, h. 1862. ii. Beville, h. 1807.

III. William Sneyd, 6. 1871.

I. Lucy Caroline. n. Eleanor Mary.

III. Leila Dorothy.

Lineage.— John Erode purchased the principal estate oj
Fenton Vivian from Thomas Essex, Esq., 156J, and was lather

Thomas Erode, eldest son, living 1614, whose eldest son,
Richard Erode, living 1632, was father, by Margaret his
wife, of a dau. Jane, and of a son. Rev. Thomas Broade, of
Swinnerton, living 1670, who was thefatherof Robert Broade,
of Fenton, living 10^8, ra. Clara Tayler, of Hartshorn, co.
Derby, and (with a dau. Mary, who d. unm.) had a son,

Tho.mas ERO.iDE, of lenton, living 1728, to. Mary, dau. of
William Barnes, Esq. of Toton, co. Worcester, by l.lizabetli
D'Arcy, his wife, granddau. of Philip, Earl of Chestei field,
and had issue,

Thomas, of whom presently.

Clara, d. unm. Maria, d. v.nm.

Elizabeth, to. Mr. Milward.

Frances, m. 1st, her cousin, Arthur Charles Stanhope, Esq.
(father of Philip, 5th Earl of Chestertield), and 2ndly, lb72,
Rev. Thomas Bigsby, M.A., Vicar of Beestou. She d. s. p.
The son and heir,

Thomas Broade, of Fenton, living 1756, m. Alice, dau. oi
— Ilaliiiarack, of Madeley, and had issue,

Thomas, of whom presently.

Maria, ra. Capt. Rose, K.N.

Alice, d. uH(a. Anne, m. John Rowley.

The son and heir,

Tuo.mas Broade, of Fenton, to. Sarah Cartlcdge, and liad an
only son,

Philip Barnes Broade, of Fenton Vivian, m. Charity, dau.
of William Baker, Esq. of Fenton Culvert, which lady d. 24
July, 1844. Mr. Broade d. without issue, 12 Aug. 1»62, and





devised the estate to his cousin. Francis Stanicr, Esq. of New-
castle-under-Lyme, who is the present Fr.\ncis Staxieb, Esq.
of Kenton Vivian. His father.

Francis Staxier, Esq. of Biiidulph and Madeley Manor (son,
by Anne his wife, of .'^tanier, of Tlie Moor House,
Bi;'.dulpli, CO. Stafford, d. 10 April, lSr>6), m-. 1836, Mary, dau.
of Thomas Sparrow Wilkinson, Esq. of Newcastle-under-Lyme,
and (/. 13 Oct. 1S56, at Madeloy Manor, leaving issue,

Fraxcis, now of Fenton Vivian and Peplow.

Thomas, of Miideley Manor, co. Stafford, J. P., b. 1841; m.
18y_', Constance, dau. of Forbes AVinslow, M.U.

Handle Baddeley. m. Anne. dau. of K. A. Dallas, Esq.

Susan Mary, »i. Charles Grceme, Lieut.-Col. 104th Fusiliers.

Ch.nrlotte Louisa, m. Hastings D'Oyley Farrington, Major
73rd Rcgt.

Lucy Ame. deceased.

Alice Constance, ni. Algernon Chester Masters, Esq.

Mary Jane, m. George H. Gordon, Esq. of Wincombe Park,

.47-jfi.s— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, gu., on a fosse engrailed
Vctween three mullets of six points or, a bear's head couped
of the field, for Broade ; 2nd and 3rd, or, on a pile az., ten
tscallops, four, three, two, and one, for Staxieb. Cresls —
Broade. On a mount vert, a bear's head erect or, transfixed
by an arrow fesswise ppr. ; Staxier, In front of a griffin's
Jioad erased ppr., three escallops or. Motto — Pro Deo et rege ;
i'ietatc fortior.

^t^uf^-— Peplow Hall, Market Drayton, Salop : Fenton Vivian,
Stoke-upon-Trent ; and The Moor House, Biddulph, co.


Staxlet, William, Esq. o\' Ponsonby Hall,
•Ciiinberlaud, b. 10 April, 1881 ; s. his brother 26
Feb. 1894.

Lineagre. — The Stanixts rank amongst the most ancient
and influential families in the kingdom. They were of conse-
■quence, says Camden, half a century before the Conquest, and
they have invariably held a prominent place in history. The
branch of which we are more immediately about to treat has
been located in the North for several centuries, and the most
ancient of their estates in Cumberland have descended through
an unbroken succession of father and son, over a period of not
less than five himdred years to the present proprietor.

JoHX Stanleigh. 2nd son of John Stanleigh, Lord of Stanley
and Stourton, and younger brother of Sir William Stanley,
ancestor of the noble House of Derby, purchased lands at
Greswithen, in Cumberland, and represented the city of
Carlisle in Parliament 20 Edwabd III. His grandson,

Nicholas Staxleigu, of Greswithen, marrying Constance,
dau. and heir of Thomas de Awsthwaite, Lord Awsthwaite,
acquired that manor (now denominated Dalegarth), as appeal s
by deed dated anno 1345. In 1388, Nicholas Stanleigh
-obtained by purchase the manor and demesne of Ponsonby.
He was s. by his son,

Thomas Staxleigu, Esq., Lord of Awsthwaite, tcmj}. Hexrt
VI., and M.P. for Carlisle.

Nicholas Staxleigh, Esq., Lord of Awsthwaite, his son and
ieir, was father of

Thomas Staxlet, Esq. of Dalgarth, who, marrying Ann,
dau. of Sir Pilchard Huddleston, Knt., was .?. by his son,

William Stanley, Esq. of Awsthwaite and Dalegarth, IT
Hexrt \'II., in. Alice, dau. of Sir Eichard Ducket, Knt., and
had a son,

Thomas Staxlet, Esq. of Dalegarth, r,i. Margaret, dau. of
John Fleming, Esq., and had issue, Joiix, his successor, and
Thomas, of Greswithen, appointed Master of the Mint 1570 :
his only dau. and heir Mary, m. Sir Edward Herbert, after-
■wards created Earl of Powis. The eldest son,

Joux Staxlet, Esq. of Dalegarth, vi. Margaret, dau. of
Thomas Senhouse, Esq., and was s. by his .son,

Thomas Staxlet, Esq. of Dalegarth, to. Isabel, dau. of John
Leake, Esq. of Edmonton, and was s. by his son,

Edwaed Staxlet, Esq. of Dalegarth, m. Ann, dau. and
co-heir of Thomas Briggs, Esq. of Cawmirc, in Westmorland,
and had a son,

Johx Staxlet, Esq. of Dalegarth, an active and zealous
Toyalist, 7)1. 1st, Mary, dau. of Thomas Stanley, Esq. of Lee,
in Sussex, and 2ndly, Dorothy, dau. of Henry Feathcrston-
liaugh, of Featherstonhaugh, in Northumberland. He was s.
at his decease by his son,

Edward Staxlet, Esq. of Dalegarth, who was High Sheriff
for Cumberland at the lievolution, and proclaimed King
William III. He -m. Isabel, eldest dau. of Thomas Curwen,
Esq. of Sella Park, and had a son and successor,

John Staxlet, Esq. of D.iiegurth and I'onsonby. He m.

Dorothy, co-heir of Edward Holt, Esq. of Wigan, co. Lan-
caster, and had three sons,

Edward, his successor.

John, liectorof Workington, in. Clara, dau. of John Pliilip-
son, Esq. of Calgarth, Westmorland, and had ason, Edward,
VI. Julia, dau. of John Christian, Esq. of Unerigg, and had
several children.

Holt, Lieut, in Brigadier-Gen. Wentworth's Ecgt. of Foot,
d. umu. in the expedition against Porto Bello.
The eldest son,

Edward Staxlet, Esq. of Dalegarth, m. Mildred, youngest
dau. of Sir George Fleming, 2nd Bart., Lord Bishop of Carlisle,
and dying 1751, left a dau. Dorothy, wife of Lieut. Joseph
D.'icre, and a son,

George Edward Stanlet, Esq. of Ponsonby and Dale-
garth, b. 21 March, 1748, High Sheriff 1774, m. 1st, 12 Aug.
1774, Dorothy, youngest dau. of Sir William Fleming, 1st Bart,
of Kyd-al, by whom (who d. 1786) he had two daus. (co-heirs
of their mother), Mildred and Elizabeth, wife of John Cum-
berland Hughes, Esq. Mr. Stanley m. 2ndly, 27 May, 1789,
Elizabeth, dau. of Morris Evans, Esq. of Middlesex, and by
her had issue,

Edward, his heir. George, b. 1791.


The son and heir,

Edward Staxlet, Esq. of D.alegartli and Ponsonby, J. P.
and D.L., formerly M.P. for Cumt'erland, and High Sheriff
1823, b. 1790; m. Dec. 1821, Mary, dau. of William Douglas,
Esq. one of the Judges in the East Indies (son of Gen.
Douglas, M.P. for co. Dumfries), and by her (who d. 17 Feb.
1884) had issue,

Edward, 6. Sept. 1822; d. 1825.

William, his heir.

George Edward, Consul at San Francisco, b. 21 Nov. 1831 ;

m. 8 Dec. 1868, Susan Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Philip

William Douglas. Consul-General at Odessa.
Douglas Awsthwaite, b. 24 Sept. 1838.
Jane, m. Trevor Barkley, Esq., who (/. 7 Jan. 1SS2, leaving .1

dau. Constance, vi. Sept. 1884, li. Parker, Esq. Barrister-at-

Mary, m. Eev. Frederick Guise.
Helen, m. Rev. Owen W. Davys, M.A., Hon. Canon of St.

.\lbans, and Rector of Wheathampstead, Herts, son of

George Davys, Bishop of Peterborough, and has issue, seven

children. His eldest dau. Lucy, m. 13 April, 1882, Richard

Lyddeker, Esq. of Harpenden, Herts, and has issue (see that

Constance, m. 10 March, 1870, J. F. Hewitt, Esq., Bengal

C.S., son of the Hon. and Rev. J. P. Hewitt, and has lour


Mr. Stanley d. 19 Aug. 1863, and was .•*. by his son,

William Staxlet, Esq. of Dalegarth and Ponsonby, Cum-
berland, J.P. and D.L., b. 14 Sept. 1829; vi. 8 March, 1859,
Caroline, eldest d.iu. of Sir George Musgrave, lUth Bart, of
Eden Hall, and had issue,

Edward, late of Ponsonby Hall.

William, s. his brother. Philip, h. 2 Jlarch, 1870.

Charlotte. :\laigaret.

Lucy Mildred. Constance Madeline.

Caroline Augusta.
Mr. Stanley d. 15 Dec. 1881, and was .5. by his eldest son,

Edward Staxlet, Esq. of Ponsonby Hall, J.P. and D.L.,
b. 20 Nov. 1859 ; and d. s. p. 26 Feb. 1894.

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