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of Azerley Hall, B.A., an
Officer in the 15th Hussars, h. 8 Aug. 1804.

I. Maria Anne Crompton, m. 4 July, 1814, Henry Preston,
Esq. of Moreby Hall, co. York, who d 12 Aug. 1857.

II. Mary F'rances Crompton, m. 4 Dec. 1828, Lieut. -Col. Sir
William Lewis Herries, K.G.H., C.B., and had Herbert, vi.
1858, Leanora Emma, now of Fiimley Park, Surrey, only
dau. of Henry Lewis Wickhara, Esq., and d. 1870, leaving
William Herbert, 6. 1859.

in. Elizabeth Jane Crompton.

IV. Henrietta Matilia Crompton.
v. Margaret Sarah Crompton.

VI. Caroline Rachel Crompton, to. F. G. O'Reilly, Esq.

Mr. Crompton d. 1832, and was s. by his son,

Wiluam Rookes Crompton-Stansfield, Esq. of Esholt
Hall, M.A., J.P. and D.L., M.P., 6. 3 Aug. 1790; m. 17 June,
1824, Emma, eldest dau. of William Markham, Esq. of Becca
Hall, son of William Markham, Archbishop of York, and d.
1871, was s. by his nephew,

Willlam Henry Crompton-Stansfield, Esq. of Esholt Hall,
and Buckden House,nearSkipton,co.Y'ork, formerlyLieut.42nd
Highlanders, and Lieut.-Col. 11th F^oot, J.P. for North and
West Riding of co. York, Col. in the army, b. 3 Aug. 1836 ;
to. 1858, Frances Ehzabeth, 5th dau. of John Dalton, Esq. of
Fillingham Castle, co. Lincoln, and Sleningford Park, co.
York, and d. 1888, leaving issue, three daus.,

I. Mart Evelyn Macd,

II. Elizabeth Alexandra,
ii:. Consuelo Albinia,


CO heirs of Esholt Hall.
6 IT





Arms — Quarterly: 1st and 4th sa., three goats passant arg.,
for Stansfield ; 2nd vert, on a bond arg., double cotised erni.,
totween two coverod cups or, a lion passant gu., on a chief az.
three pheons or, for Ckompton ; 3rd arg., a lesse sa., between
three rooks ppr., for Kookes. Crests — 1st, Stansfield : A
lion's head erased or: 2nd, Crompton: A deuii-horse sa.,
vulned in the chest with an arrow ppr. Mottoes— 'Hosce teip-
sum, for Stansfield ; Love and loyalty, for Crompton.

6>a(«— Esholt Hall or Priory, Leeds; Sion Uill, Thirsk; and
Azerley UaU, Kipon, co. York.


Stanton, Alfred John, Esq. of The Thrupp,
00. Gloucester, J.P., M.P. for Stroud 1874 to 1880,
b. 20 Sept. 1825 ; m. Ist, 1857, Anna, eldest dau. of
John Alexander, Esq. of Limavady, co. Derry (she
d. 1858), and 2udly, 1862, Harriet Margaret,
eldest dau. of Henry Hooper Wilton, Esq. of
AVhitminster House, co. Gloucester, and has had

1. Elizabeth Jane Smith, m. 27 April, 1887, John Edward
Kitter, Esq. of Koe Park, Limavady, co. Derry, and has

n. Isabel Margaret, d. 1890. .■■•.■

III. Beatrice Harriet.

liineagre. — Joseph Stanton, in. Elizatieth, dau. of
Bichard Page, Esq. of London, and by her (who m. 2ndly, 1768,
Henry Eycott, of Stonehouse, co. Gloucester) had two sons,
"William, and John, who d. unm. The former,

"William Stanton, Esq. of The Thrupp, m. 8 Sept. 1785,
Anne, dau. of John Caruthers, Esq. of Holmains, N.B., and
by her (who d. 1842) had issue,

I. William Hesrt, his heir.

II. John, of Hayward's Field, Stonehouse, co. Gloucester,
J. P., m. 3 March, 1S27, Mary, only dau. of W. W. Darke,
M.D., of Cooper's Hill, Stroud, and had issue,

1 "VVniliam Darke, b. 19 Feb. 1828.

2 Joseph John, b. 2 Dec. 1831, d.

III. Joseph, of Castle Field, Calne, "Wilts, Capt. in the Indian
navy, m. 10 April, 1844, Isabella, dau. of Thomas Brown,
Esq. of Stainforth, co. York.

IV. Charles, of Upfield Lodge, near Stroud, m. 10 Oct. 1820,
Martha, youngest dau. of Thomas Hoibrow, Esq. of Bad-
brook House, and had issue,

1 Charles Hoibrow, J. P.

2 Walter John, of Culls, co. Gloucester, J.P.,M.P. for
Stroud 1880 to 1885, Major (retired) Gloucestershire, R.V.,
b. 1828 ; m. 1865, Mary, dau. of William Capel, Esq. of
The Grove, Stroud, and has issue, Walter Charles, h.

3 Arthur Henry (Kev.), M.A., Curate of St. Alban, Hol-
bom, London.

1 Catharine.

2 Martha Anne, m. 1845, W. Dcvas, Esq. of Sussex Place,
Hyde Park, London.

3 Mary. 4 Margaret.

6 Maria Cecilia. 6 Gertrude Elizabeth.

7 Emilv Rose, ">
7, )


8 Kose Emily,

V. Edward, Col. late Bombay Artillery, m. 12 Feb. 1850,
Emily, widow of Rev. B. J. Harrison, and dau. of R. Hall,
Esq. of Copped Hall, Herts, and has a dau. Emily Maria.

I. Anne, m. John Snowden, Esq. of Upcott House, near

II. Charlotte, m. Thomas Starkey, Esq. of Springwood House,
near Huddenstield, J. P.

III. Mercy, m. Rev. J. Palmer Griffith, M.A., of Warminster,

IV. Maria.

Mr. Stanton d. 1841, and was s. by his son,

William Henkt Stanton, Esq. of The Thrupp, J.P. and
D.L., M.P. for Stroud 1841 to 1852, 6. 6 Oct. 1790; m. 10 Feb.
1823, Jane, eldest dau. of Roger Smith, Esq. of Manor House,
"Walworth, Surrey, and by her (who d. 18G9) had issue,

I. William Henry (Rev.), M.A., J. P., Rural Dean, Rector
of llasleton with Yanworth, co. Gloucester, b. 2 Feb. 18'24 ;
in. Mary, dau. of Charles Lawrence, Esq. of the Querns,
Cirencester, and has live sons and one dau.

II. Alfred John, now of The Thrupp.

III. Edward (Sir), K.C.M.G., C.B., (ien. (retired) late R.E.,
Knt. of the Legion of Honour, Consul-Gen. at Warsaw
18G0-65, in Egypt 186.5-76, Charge d'Affaires at Munich
1S76-82 ; b. 19 Feb. Is27 : to. 27 Nov. 1862, Margarette
Constance, dau. of Thomas Starkey, Esq. of Huddersfield,
and has with other issue, Alexander Edward, b. 1867.

lY. James Thomas, of The Leaze, co. Gloucester. J. P., late
65th Kegt. Bengal N.I., b. 4 Aug. 1830 ; m. 23 Dec. 1856,
Louisa Loveday, 2nd dau. of John Biddell, Esq. of Strat-

ford Abljey, near Sirotid, and has issue, Harold James
Clifford, b. 1859 ; two other sons, and two daus.

V. Frederick Smith, Gen. (retired) Royal Bengal Engineers,
b. 21 Oct. 1832 ; m. 1862, Maria, eldest dau. of Thomas
Starkey, Esq. of Huddersfield, and d. 1892, leaving issue,
three sons and one dau.

I. Emily Jane, in. 1861, Edward Camthers Little, Esq., son
of John Little, Esq. of Pitchcomb House, co. Gloucester.

Mr. Stanton d. 24 March, 1870, and was s. by his second son,

Alfred John Stanton, now of The Thrupp.

Anns — Arg., two chevrons within a bordure engrailed sa.
Crest — A wolf sejant arg., guttle de sang, collared and lined or.
Motto — Dum spiro spero.

Seat — The Thrupp, near Stroud, co. Gloucester. Residence —
Shirley House, Cheltenham.




Stantforth, Edwin Wilfrid, Esq. of Kirk
Hammerton Hall, co. York, J.P., b. 28 June, 1861 ;
m. 12 March, 1888, Mary Evelyn, dau. of Admiral
Barnadiston, and has issue,

Ronald Thomas, b. 30 May, 1892.]
Madge, b. 22 Nov. 18*.

Mr. Stanyforth, who is the third son of John
Greenwood, Esq. of Swarchffe Hall, co. York {see
Greenwood of Swarcliffe Hall), assumed the
name of Stanyforth by royal hcence in Dec. 1887,
on inheriting the property of Rev. Thomas Stany-

Seat — Kirk Hammerton Hall, York.


Staples-Browne, Frederick John, Esq. of
Brashfield House, co. Oxford, J.P., Barrister-at-
Law, b. 1 Nov. 1844; m. 25 April, 1867, Mary
Jane, only dau. of Charles Edward Molineux, Esq.,
J. P., of Oakley House, Penkridge, co. Stafford, and
has issue,

Richard Charles, b. 29 June, 1881.
Mary Frederica, b. 16 Dec. 1886.

Lineage. — William Staples, Gent., of Wilton, brother
of Alexander Staples, of Yate Court, co. Gloucester, whose
5th son, Tho.mas, was created a Baronet of Ireland, 1628, d.
and was buried at Salisbury Cathedral 9 Feb. 1610, leaving a

Thomas Staples, of New Sarum, m. 1617, Mary, dau. of
William Pasby, of the same place, and was s. in 1673 by his
eldest son,

William Staples, who had issue, six sons, Thomas, John,
Nicholas, Edward, William, and Moses. His youngest son,

Moses Staples, of New Sarum, clothier, m. Anne, dau. and
co-heir of Roger West, of the same place, and d. 1727, leaving,
with other issue, a son,

Roger Staples, of The Close, New Sarum, bapt. 15 Feb.
1693-94; m. Mary, dau. of John Davis, of New Sarum, by his
wife Mary, a niece of Admiral Robert Blake, and d. 1745,
leaving issue,

I. Roger, of Mitcham Hall, Surrey, J.P., an opulent Banker,
of the iirm of "Roger Staples and Baron Dinisdale,"
Bankers, of London, b. 7 Oct. 1723; 7/i. Elizabeth, dau. of
Joseph Wrigglesworth, Esq. of Waltham, Essex, and co-
heir of her brother, Hczekiah Wrigglesworth, Esq., and
d. s. p. 20 Aug. 1778.

II. Charles, of London, b. 16 Nov. 1728 ; m. 4 June, 1759,
Mary, dau. and heir of Baron Butz, a German noble, and
by whom (who d. 21 May, 1779) he left issue,

1 Moses William, of Norwood, Banker, of London, &. 19
Dec. 1762; m. 4 I'eb. 1787, Frances, dau. of John Bates,
Esq., an Alderman of London, and d. 18 Nov. 1802, leav-
ing issue, a son,
Moses William, of Broughton Gifford, Wilts, and Nor-
wood, Surrey, b. 1786; m. 10 Dec. 1811, Anne, dau. of
Rev. William Frederick Browne, D.D., of Launton, co.
Oxford, and co-heir of her brother, Capt. William
Frederick Browne, of Launton and North Berwick,
Scotland, and had issue by her, who d. 30 Jan. 1875,
Richard Thomas Staples-Browne, of Launton, b. 6
Oct. 1814; m. 5 July, 1843, Ann, 3rd dau. of Robert
Brettell Bate, Esq. of Hampstead Heath, and had a
son, Frederick John, now ot Brashfield House. Mr.
Staples-Browne s., on the death of his uncle, Capt.





Browne, without issue, 1842, to the entailed estates
of his maternal grandfather. Dr. Browne, in co.
Oxford, and assumed by royal licence the surname
and armorial bearings of Browne, pursuant to the
limitations contained in the will of l)r. Browne. He
d. 10 May, 1855.
"William Frederick Browne, Barrister-at-Law, h. 21
April, 1823, m. 12 May, 1846, Janet Helen Alexan-
drina, dau. of Col. Alexander Mackenzie, formerly of
the 36th Kegt., a descendant of the Barons of Kin-
tail, and has issue, William Fraser Mackenzie, b. 1847,
d. 19 May, 1891, and Lillias Anne.
Charles John, b. 13 Feb. 1825.
Frances Bridget Anne, m. 1869, Charles A. Emmet.
Mr. Staples d. 12 April, 1864, and was s. by his grand-
son, Fbederick John Staples-Bbowne, Esq. of Brash-

2 Samuel, of Cumberwell House, Wilts, and Tottenham,
Middlesex, 6. 12 March, 1765; m. 28 Nov. 1795, Eliza-
beth, dau. and co-heir of Thomas Martin, Esq. of Pang-
bourn, Berks, by whom (who d. 21 Dec. 1801) he had
issue, a son,

Samuel, b. 8 Oct. 1796; m. 23 Aug. 1841, Maria Louisa,
dau. of Joshua Collier, Esq. of Tottenham, by his wife,
Jane, dau. of James Landon, Esq. of Cheshunt, Herts.

3 Charles, a Capt. in the armv, b. 15 Aug. 1768; d. s. p.
15 April, 1826.

1 Mary, ??i.Kobert Fisher, Esq. of Mitcham.

2 Elizabeth, m. Henry Vevers, Esq., and d. s. p. 11 Feb.

111. John, d, uiim. iv. Moses, d. unm.

Arms — Enn., on a bend az., between two fleurs-de-lis gu.,
three leopards' heads jessant de lis or, for Staples; sa., a
bend engrailed erm., on a chief arg. an escallop gu., between
two torteaux, for Bkowne. Crests — Out of a crown vallery
arg., a lion's head affrontee gu., semee de lis and ducally
crowned or, for Staples ; An eagle displayed sa., wings fretty,
resting each claw on a mullet or, for Bkowne. Jl/ot£o— Sans
Dieu rien.

Seat — Brashfield House, Bicester.


Chetwtnd-Staptiton, Henet Edwaed, Esq.,
late of Shenley Lodge, Herts, B.A., J. P. for Herts,
Middlesex, and London, b. 12 March, 1822 ; m. Ist,
29 April, 1851, Esther Charlotte, only surviving
dau. of the late Mr. Serjeant Goulburn, by his 2nd
■wife, the Hon. Esther Chetwynd, and by her (who
d. 3 July, 1853) has issue,

I. Henby GtODLBUEN, M.A. Barrister-at-Law of the Inner
Temple, b. 20 May, 1852 ; m. 1 June, 1886, Mary, eldest
dau. of Charles Watkin Williams-Wynn, Esq., and his
wife. Lady Annora Williams-Wynn ; and has issue, Heney
Miles, 6. 1887 ; Annora Esther, 6. 1889.

He m. 2ndly, 23 Oct. 1856, Ellen, youngest dau. of
Henry Hoyle Oddie, Esq. of Colney House, Herts,
and widow of the Sev. James Lewis Venables, of
Shenley Lodge, and by her (who d. 27 Feb. 1870)
has issue,

n. Miles, late Capt. 7th Batt. King's Eoyal Eifle Corps, b.
22 June, 1860; m. 1888, Helen, dau. of the late Arthur
Preston, Esq. of Norwich, and has issue, Philip, b. 1889 ;
Geoffrey, 6. 1892.

i» Beatrice. ii. Evelyn Mary.

He m. 3rdly, 15 Aug. 1871, the Hon. Sophia Cathe-
rine Chetwynd, dau. of Richard, 6th Viscount

Liineagre.— The surname of this ancient family is derived
from Stapleton-on-Tees, a little village on that river, between
Kichmond and Darlington. The representative of the elder
or Carlton branch is Lord Beaumont.

Several members of this family settled at Stapleton, or at
Blackwell on the opposite bank of the Tees, temp. Henky 11.,
Gaufridus de Stapelton appears in a Pipe EoU of 1274-5,
and witnessed some of the early charters of the Priory of
Durham. His son,

Nicholas de Stapelton, "filius Galfridi," gave lands to
Jervoise Abbey in the reign of King John, and was one of the
sureties of EonaUl Fitzalan, of Eichmond Castle, who had
been out in rebellion against the King. Sir Nicholas was
afterwards taken into the King's favour, and appointed
Governor of Middleham Castle in 1217. His son or grand-
son was one of the Justices of the King's Bench at the
close of the reign of Henky III., and had free warren at

Stapleton and other Yorkshire manors in 1272. He U. 1290
having m. the dau. of Sir Miles Basset, by whom he had
Hathelsay, co. York, and North Moreton, Berks. His son,

Sib Miles Stapelton, Knt., having distinguished himself,
temp. Edward I. and II., in the wars of Gascony and Scotland
in the retinue of Edwabd, Prince of Wales, was summoned to
Parliament as a baron in 1313. He w. Sibill, dau. and heir of
Sir John de Bella-aqua (Beaulieu or Bellew), the last baron of
that name by his wife, Laderina, sister and co-heir of Peter
Bruce, the 6th and last Baron of Skelton Castle, and took
the arms of Bbuce, and in her right became Lord of Carlton,
which is still the property of the elder branch of the family.
He was killed at Bannockbum 1314, and was s. by his son,

SiB Nicholas Stapelton, 2nd Baron, summoned to Parlia-
ment 1342. This nobleman, in the time of Edwabd II., was
involved in the insurrection of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster,
and was fined 2000 marks to save his life, but the fine was
remitted in the 1st of Edwabd III. He m. the dau. of John,
Earl of Eichmond, son of the Duke of Brittany, by that noble-
man's marriage with Beatrice, dau. of King Heney III. He
had issue,


Gilbert, of whom hereafter.

The elder son,

SiE Miles Stapelton, Knt. of Hathelsay, 3rd Baron, was
summoned to Parliament 1358. He was High Sheriff of co.
York, 1353, and again 1355, for five years consecutively. He
m. a dau. of Sir H. Vavasour, of Hazlewood, and d. 1373,
leaving issue,

Thomas, 4th Baron, but never summoned to Parliament,
having d. the same year he inherited. As he left no issue,
his sister, Elizabeth, wife of Sir Thomas Mctham became
heir to Stapleton, and his other lands, and the barony is
vested in her descendants.

The 2nd son of the last Sir Nicholas,

Sir Gilbert Stapelton, r,i. Agnes, eldest dau. and one of
the heirs of Sir Bryan Fitzalan, Lord of Bedale, the last baron
of that name. By his marriage with the King of Scotland's dau.,
Sir Bryan left two daus. only, the elder m. Sir Gilbert Stapel-
ton, and Catherine, m. John, Lord Grey of Eotherfield, K.G.,
whose heirs merged in the families of Lovel and Beaumont.
Sir Gilbert had issue. Miles and Bryan. The elder,

Sir Miles Stapelton, of Bedale, and Ingham, co. Norfolk,
m. Joan, widow of Eoger Le Strange, of Knockyn, and dau.
and co-heir of Sir Oliver Ingham, of Ingham, in whose right
he became possessed of Ingham. Sir Miles was one of the
first Knights of the Garter at the foundation of the Order by
Edward III., and was a person of great note at the period in
which he lived. Holding a command in Brittany under John
de Montfort in 1343, he was at Cressy and Calais, and in
most of the French campaigns of Edward III., and was one
of the Commissioners of the Peace of Bretigny. This line
terminated after several generations in two daus., Elizabeth,
m. 1st, Sir Philip Calthorp, 2ndly, Sir John Fortescue, Chief
Justice of England, and 3rdly, Sir Edward Howard, Lord High
Admiral of England; and Joan, m. 1st, Christopher Harcourt,
Esq. of Stanton Harcourt, and 2ndly, Sir John Hudleston.
The 2nd son,

Sir Bryan Stapelton, K.G., of whom it is related that,
"the King of England and the King of Cyprus being pre-
sent, he fought with a Saracen, faith for faith, whom by the
Grace of God and his valour he did kill. For which cause ho
did desire for the reward of his valour, of Edward III., then
present, nothing else but that he and his heirs, in memory of
the victory, should carry for their crest the head of a Saracen."
He accompanied the expedition of Edwabd III. to F'landers
1340, and was present at the seige of Tournay. He was also
at the siege of Calais 1346-47, and had probably fought at the
battle of Cressy. He was made a Knight of the Garter in the
1st of EicHABD II., 1378, and was one of the Judges in the
Scrope and Grosvenor controversy. He m. Alice, dau. and
sole heir of Sir John St. Philibert, Knt., and d. at Wighill
(which he had purchased) 1394, leaving two sons,

Bryan (Sib), of Carlton, m. Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Sir
William de Aldeburgh, the last baron of that name, and
from him are descended the Carlton or Beaumont branch of
the family of Stapleton. Sir Br3-an's great-grandson, Sir
Bryan Stapleton, m. Joan, dau. of John, 8th Lord Lovel, by
his marriage with Joan, sister and heir of the last Vi.scount
Beaumont, and sister and heir of Francis, Viscount Lovel,
K.G., the last baron of that name. This Lord Lovel being
attainted, the barony of Lovel and all his other honours,
the baronies of Deincourt, Grey of KotherfieUi, <tc., were
forfeited, but his sisters became heirs to their maternal
uncle. Viscount Beaumont. The represent.ative of this line
of the Stapletons is the present Lord BEArMONT.


G r 2





The 2nd son,

Sir Miles Stapiltos, of Wigliill, m. Johanna, dau. and one
of the heirs of Sir Gerard Ufflct, Knt., by Lora de Furnival.
He was s. by his son,

Sib John SxAPrLTON, of Wighill, Knt., 8 Henry V., m.
Margaret, dau. of Mr. Justice Norton, of Norton Conyers, and
dying 33 Henry VI., )4,'i5, left issue,

Sir WiLLi.AM St.^pilton, of Wighill, vi. Slargnret, dau. of
Sir Janus IMcUoring, Knt. He d. 1503, and vas bur. at
Vighill. He left issue,

Henry, d. r. p. 1541. Bryan.

The -Jnd son,

Sir Bryan Stapilton, Knt., m. Jane, dau. of Sir Lancelot
Thirkeld, Knt., by his marriage with Margaret, Lady Vesce,
dau. and heir of Sir Henry Bromflete, Lord \'esce, and widow
of John, Lord Clifford, who was slain at Towton. He had
issue, besides other sous, who d. unm.,


Elinor, vi. Sir Thomas AVharton, of Ilelagh, created Lord

Wharton, 36 Henry VIII.
Elizabeth, ih. Edward Saltmarshe, Esq.
Jane, m. Robert Conyci-s, Esq.
Mary, m. John Copley, Esq.

The eldest son,

Christopher Stapii.ton, Esq. of Wighill, m. 1st, Alice,
dau. of William Aske, Esq. of Aske, and 2ndly, Elizabeth,
dau. of Sir John Nevile, Knt. of Liversedge, who (/. s. x>. The
issue of the 1st marriage, besides three daus., were

Bryan, m Margery, dau. of Sir John Constable, of Ilolder-
ness, Knt., and d. a. p.


The 2nd son.

Sir Robert Stapilton, of AVighill, m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Sir William Slallory, of Studley, Knt., and had issue,


Elizabeth, m. Bryan Hammond, Esq. of Scarthingwell.

Bridget, m. John Norton, Esq. of Norton Conyers.

The son and heir.

Sir Robert Stapilton, of Wighill, Knt., of whom Camden
says, that, " being High Sheiiff of co. York in the 23 Eliza-
beth, 1581, he met the Judges with seven score men in suit-
able liveries. For a person well spoken, comely and skilled in
the languages, he is said to have had scarce an equal, except
Sir Philip Siilney, and no superior in England." He com-
menced building a palace at Wighill, out of which arose his
quarrel with Archbishop Sandes, for whicli he incurred a
heavy fine and imprisonment from the Star Chamber. He m.
twice, 1st, Catherine, dau. of Sir Marmaduke Constable, by
■whom he had

Henry, of Wighill.
Philip, 1)1. and had issue.

Jane, m. Christopher, eldest son of Sir Marmaduke Wyvill,
the 1st Bart., who d. before his father, 1610.

Sir Robert m. 2ndly, Olive, dau. and co-heir of Sir Henry
Sheriington, of Lacock Abbey, and widow of John Talbot, of
Salwarp, by whom he had, besides other children,

Beyan, ancestor of the Stapyltons o/ Mylon.

Henry Stapilton, Esq. of Wighill, son and heir of Sir
■Robert, by his 1st marriage, in. Mary, dau. of Sir John Foster,
■of Bamboiough Castle, and dying 1630, left issue,

Robert, his heir.

Philip (Sib), of whom presently.

John, m. a dau. of Hungate, Esq. of Bulmer.

Bryan, m. Anne, dau. of — Brainton, Esq.

Katharine, in. 1st, Sir George Twi.sleton, Bart, of Early, and
2ndly, Sir Henry Cholmeley, who, with his brother. Sir
Hugh, the 1st Bart., took an active part on the side of the
Parliament against King Charles I.

Mary, in. Henry St. Quentin, Esq. of Harpham.

Jane, in. William Fenwick, Esq.

The eldest son,

Robert .Stapilton, of Wighill, 6. 1601 ; m. Hon. Catherine
Fairfax, dau. of Viscount Fairfax, of Walton and Gilling
Castle, cousin of the great parliamentary general, and by her
(who m. afterwards, 2naly, Sir M. Boynton: 3rdly, Sir A.
Ingram: and 4thly, William Wickham, Esq.) had three sons
.and three daus.,

Miles, of Wighill.
Henry, d. young.

Henry, r.f Wighill, m. Ann, dau. of Sir Arthui- Ingram, of
Temple Newsom, co. York, hut d.s.p. 1673.
Isabel, m. Matthew Boynton, E?q.
Catherine, in. William Fairfax, Esq. of Stecton.
M;ary, m. Walter Moyle, of Twyford, Middlesex.

Eobert Stapilton d. 1634, and was t. by his son,

Sir Miles Stapilton, Knt. of Wighill, m. Mary, dau. and
sole heir of Sir Hopton, of Armley, and left an only
dau., his other children having d. young,

Catherine, m. 1st, Sir Thomas Mauleverer, who was created

a baronet 1641, and 2ndly, John Hopton, Esq. of Ingcr-
skill, but had no issue by either marriage.
Sir Miles d. 1608, and his estate of Wighill descended to his

Sir Philip Stapilton, Knt., brother of the late Robert
Stapilton, of Wighill, purchased Warter on the Wolds, and m.
1st, Frances, eldest dau. of that Sir John Hotham who, in 1642,
being Governor of Hull, refused to give admittance to the king,
for which he was afterwards condemned as a traitor and
beheaded. Sir Philip being returned to serve in Parliament,
concurred with his father-in-law and the two Cholmeleys in the
prosecution of the Earl of Strafford, and so was easily received
into that party. "Appearing a man of vigour in mind and
body," says Clarendon, "he was joined with Mr. Hampden and
Lord Howard of Escrick in the committee appointed by the
Parliament to attend upon Charles I., when he went into
Scotland." He was also one of those who carried the Parliar
ment's answer to the king concerning the refusal to give up
Hull, and commanded the cavalry at Edgehill and Newbury
under the Earl of Essex. In 1647, he was one of the leaders of
the Presbyterian party, against whom charges were exhibited,
and whom Clarendon mentions as " men of parts, interest,
and signal courage, and heartily abhorring the intentions which
they discerned the army to have.'.' He withdrew beyond sea,
with the eleven members, and dying at Calais, was buried
there. Sir Philip left issue, by his 1st marriage,
John, of Warter, in. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Wilfrid Lawson,

Knt. of Cumberland, and had, besides other daus., who d.

Isabel, m. Sir William Pennington, ancestor of the Lords
Muncaster, who took Warter.
Jane, in. Rowland Moseley, Es"^. of York.
Esther, m. John Saunders, Esq. of Grosmont Abbey,
Robert, to. a dan. of Lord Fairfax, of Denton, but d. s. p.

John ?ii. 2ndly, Hon. Barbara Lennard, dau. of Francis, Lord
Dacre, of Hurstmonceaux, and had issue,

Henry, of Wighill, d. unm. 1723. Philip.

Frances, m. Sir Nathaniel Powell, Bart, of Ewhurst, Sus-
The 2nd surviving son,

Philip Stapilton, Esq. of Wighill, m. Margaret Gage, and
d. 1729, having, besides other children, who d. unm.,

Henrv, b. 1692, and d. 1724, in the lifetime of his father,
leaving issue by his marriage with Ann Maitland,
Henry. Philip.

Henry Stapilton, Esq. of Wighill, grandson of the last-
named Philip, of Wighill, m. Elizabeth, dau. of George
Ilealey, Esq. of Gainsborough, and had two sons,


Online LibraryBernard BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland (Volume 2) → online text (page 255 of 392)