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8 Sept. 1877 ; d. 12 Feb. 1883.
M. Ronald Morley, b. 14 Sept. 1880.

I. Gertrude Katherine Mary Angela, m. 3 June, 1890, Capt.
John Fane Charles Hamilton, South Staffordshire Regt.,
eldest son of the late Capt. J. F. C. Hamilton, E.N.

II. Veronica Mary Isabel.

Mr. Steuart (whose patronymic was Skinner) as-
sumed the present surname on succeeding to the
estate, in compliance with the will of his maternal
grandfather, Mr. Hope Steuart.

Liineag'e.— This family, in which, until the death of its
representative in 1876, there had been an unbroken succession
in the male line of fully four centuries, is descended from

Sir John Steuart, of Sticks, in Glenquaich, co. Perth, who
was the natural son of King James II. of Scotland, as appears
from charters of the above and other lands, one of them from
King James 111. dated 11 Dec. 1486, in which he is described
(in Latin) as "an honourable man. Sir John Steuart, natural
brother of the King,"<tc., and the other from King James IV.,
dated I Aug. 1494, in which he is referred to as "an honour-
able man, brother of the late King," &c. Sir John to. Murrel
Soutliyrland (who d. 1510), and had three sons,

I. William, his heir. ii. John. hi. Patrick.

And at his death, which occurred between 1505 and 1508, the
succession devolTed upon the eldest of these, Wi





Steuaet, of Sticks, ■who did not, however, long survive his
father, and was s. by his brother,

John SxErABT, of Sticks and Ballechin, who acquired in
1556 the Tarioiis lands composing the barony of Ballechin.
He m. Matilda Johnston, \\-idow of Sir Henry Eattray, of that
ilk, and lived to a great age, on account of which he received
from Queen Mart a special licence, dated at Edinburgh 2 May,
1543, relieving him from all duties connected with the public
service. Jamea Steuart d. s. p. 15 Nov. 1558, (bur. in Dun-
keld Cathedral), and was s. by his brother,

Patrick Steuart, of Sticks and Ballechin, m. 1553, Eliza-
beth, dau. of Buttar, of Gorraack, by whom (who to. 2ndly,
Patrick Ogilvie, of Inchmarten, and d. 1590) he had

I. James, his heir.

n . George, of Dumnacarff, from whom descended the Stcuarts
of Innervack.

III. John, of Amaguy.

I. Anne, vi. 157S, Capt. George Leslie, of Balgonie, father of
the 1st Earl of Leven.

II. Isabel, TO. John Stewart, of Foss.

jii. Margaret, m. 1589, Robert Stewart, of Fincastle.

IV. Barbara, m. 1597, Andrew Hering, of Glasclune.
v. Sibilla, m. Alexander Leslie, of Urquhill.

Patrick Steuart d. 1585, and was «. by his eldest son.

Sir James Stedart, of Sticks and Ballechin (knighted in
1604), m. Ist, Marie, dau. of Sir Eobert Crichton of Eliockand
Clunie, and sister of the " Admirable Crichton " (contract of
marriage dated at Blair, in Athole, 2 Feb. 1586, the trustees
being the bride's uncles, John, 6th Earl of Athole, and James,
1st Lord Doune), and had by his marriage,

I. Robert, his heir.

I. Elizabeth, m. 1607, Duncan Robertson, 2nd son of Robert
Robertson, of Struan.

Sir James m. 2ndly, 1597, Elizabeth, dau. of James Rollo, of
Duncrub, by whom he had

II. John, of Killichassie.

III. George. rv. Francis.

V. James. vi. Andrew.

II. Isabel, TO. '1620, Dorald Robertson, of Killiechangie.
in. Jean, m. 1626, John Butter, of The Miln of Pitlochry.

Sir James sold in 1598 the lands of Sticks and those adjoining

in Glenquaich, to Sir Duncan Campbell, of Glenorchy, and at

his death, in 1627, was s. in his other estates by his eldest


Robert Steuaet, of Ballechin, m. 1624, Margaret, dau. of

r ] Duncan Campbell, of Glenlyon, by whom (who m. 2ndly, Bruce,

^ Sof Cultmalindie) he had issue,

/ I. John, his heir. ii. Patrick.

ni. Alexander, m. Grizell Stewart, and had

1 Patrick.

2 Eobert, noted for his exploits at the battle of Killie-

3 Neil,

4 Alexander, was killed at Malplaquet, and bad a dau.
Margaret, ?«. Archibald Butter, of Pitlochry.

The eldest son,

John Steuaet, of Ballechin, s. on his father's death, was
killed at Dunkeld by Crorawell's troops being mistaken for the
Marquess of Athole, who by that means escaped, and dying
s. p., was s. by his brother,

Patrick Steuart, of Ballechin, m. 1659, Elizabeth, dau. of
Sir Alexander Lindsay, of Evelick, by whom he had

I. Charles, his heir.

I. Alexander, Tn. 1st, 1686, Christian, only dau. and heir of
John Murray, of Balnabroich, by whom ne had

1 John.

1 Anne, m. James Robertson, of Balnacree.

2 Margaret, m. Thomas Bisset, of Glenalbert.
Alexander Steuart to. 2ndly, Jean, dau. of Gilbert Stewart,
Commissary Clerk of Dunkeld, and had a son,

2 Alexander.

III. John, of Kynnachin. iv. Robert.
V. George, d. in the Darien expedition.

I. Jean, m. 1698. John McLaren, of Easthaugh.

II. Helen. ui. Anne.

IV. Isabel.

This laird was in great favour with King James VII., from
whom he received charters under the Great Seal of several
lands in Argyll, forfeited at that time to the Crown. He com-
manded the Athole men at Killiecrankie, under a commission
from Viscount Dundee, and, in a letter from the king, dated
.30 Nov. 1689, was complimented upon the success with which
he and the other commanders carried on the engagement after
Dundee's death. He was s. by his eldest son,

Charles Steuart, of Ballechin, b. 1661; m. 1st, 1678, Anne,
dau. and co-heir of John Dow, of Arnhull, and had issue,

I. Patrick, m. 1713, Christian Menzies, and predeceased his
father, leaving an only child, Jean, who d. unm. 1733.

II. James, who was taken prisoner at the battle of Preston in
1715, and d.s.p. in London the following year.

III. Charles, his father's heir.

I. Elizabeth, to. 1700, John Stewart, of Ardsheal.

II. Helen, m. 1700, Alexander Menzies, of Woodend.

III. Margaret, m. 1702, John Campbell, of Kinloch.

IV. Emilia, m. 1707, John Stewart, of Bonskeid.
v. Anne, m. 1725, Da vid Rat tray, of Tu U ichurran.
VI. Jean, m. I'zi, !5ir~taTITchce Mercei", ol Aldie.

Charles Steuart to. 2ndly, 1703, Jean, widow of Adam Reid, of
Pitnacree, and d. 1733, being s. by his only surviving son,

Charles Steuart, of Ballechin, to. 1719, Grizell, 3rd dau. of
Sir Laurence Mercer, of Aldie, by whom he had issue,

I. Robert, his heir.

II. George, d. unm. 1770. iii. James, d. unm. 1779.

I. Jean, TO. 1760, Henry Stewart, of Fincastle.

II. Clementina, to. 1749, Sir John Stewart, 4th Bart., of
GrandtuUy, and d. 1789, having had issue, three sons and
two daus., Grace, m. Rev. \V. Buckle, and Clementina, m.
Alexander Moray. Esq. of Abercaimey.

He TO. 2ndly, Miss Menzies, by whom, however, he had no
children, and dying in 1764, was s. by his eldest son,

Robert Steuart, of Ballechin, b. 1727 ; to. 1759, Isabella
(who d. 1784), eldest dau. of John Hope (2nd son of SirThomas
Hope, Bart, of Rankeillor), by Isabella his wife, dau. of Sir
Alexander Bannerman, Bart, of Elsick. By this marriage he
had issue,

I. Charles, his heir.

II. Hope, s. his brother.

III. Robert, b. 8 Sept. 1765; to. 3 Dec. 1798, Martha, dau. of
Charles Frederick, Lieut.-Col. H.E.I.C.S., and d. Nov. 1819,
having had

1 Charles Erskine, Cornet 15th Hussars, 6. 1814; d. 22
Jan. 1842.

1 Eliza, d. unm.

2 Sealina, to. 27 Feb. 1838, Ferdinand Benjamin de Kier-
skowski, of the Prussian array, and d. 1875, having had
issue, 1 Charles Ferdinand (who, by royal licence dated
10 April, 1878, assumed the additional surname of
Steuart), h. 1842 ; m. 1867, Constance Adriana, 2nd dau.
of Henry Whitelock Torrens, of the Inner Temple, by
whom he has had issue, one son, Ferdinand Henry de
Kicrskowski Steuart, Lieut. Scots Guards ; 1 Helena, d.
an infant; 2 Wanda Maria, rf. unm.; 3 Selina Laura
Martha, d. unm.

3 Augusta, d. unm.

IV. James, b. 22 May, 1767; d. unm. 1803.

I. Isabella, d. vnm. 1781.

II. Grace, m. 1786, Charles Steuart, of Dalguise, and d. 1787.

III. Agnes, d. unm. 1791.

IV. Margaret Douglas, d. unm. 1833.

V. Clementina, d. unm. 1855.

He d. 21 Sept. 1783, and was s. by his eldest son,
Charles Steuaet, of Ballechin, 6. 22 June, 1760, andd. unm.

28 Nov. 1783, when he was s. by his brother,

Hope Steuart, of Ballechin, J. P. and D.L. for co. Perth.

Lieut.-Col. commanding the Royal Athole Volunteers, 6. 2f>

June, 1761 ; to. 1803, Louisa, 2nd dau. of James Morley, Esq.

of Kempshott Park, Hants, by whom he had

I. Robert, his heir.

II. Hope, b. 11 April, 1810; d. unm. 1840.

III. James Charles, 6. 13 May, 1816; d. unm. 1854.

I. Sarah, d. unm. 5 Oct. 1883.

II. Louisa, d. in infancy 1809.

III. Mary Gavin Elizabetb, m. 19 May, 1834, John Skinner,
Esq. (who d. 24 March, 1844), eldest son of Rev. JoUu
Skinner, of Inchgarth, co. F'orfar, and had issue,

1 John, now of Ballechin. '

2 William Henry, b. 8 Sept. 184! ; d. 23 July, 1867.

3 Edward Frederick, b. 1 March, 1843; m. 3 May, 1875,
Bessie, dau. of Rev. J. White, and d. 4 Doc. 1889, leaving
issue, Edward John, b. 11 Sept. 1876; Robert, b. 17 Dec.
1877 ;, b. 2 April, 1»79, d. 11 July, 1892 ; Frede-
rick Charles, 6.1883; James Stuart, b. 1885, and two daus.,
Grace and Margaret.

1 Louisa, d. unm. 29 March. 1881. 2 Mary.

IV. Isabella Margaret, a nun, Regular Canoness of the Order
of the Holy Sepulchre, d. 23 Feb. 188C.

V. Anne Grace Agnes, m. 1841, Sir Henry Lacon Anderson,
K.C.S.I., of the Bombay C.S., who d. 1879. Lady Anderson
d. s. p. 9 Feb. 1885.

VI. Louisa Wilhelmina, m. 1845, Major-Gen. Charles William
Hodson, H.E.I.C.S., and d. 1840, leaving a dau. Anne, m.
1869, Rev. A. Ramsey, Chaplain on the Establish-
ment, by whom she had issue, a son, Allan C. Stew;irt, /).
1879, </. 1881, and three daus., Edith Louisa, Gertrude
Eleanor, Mary Etlicldreda. Major-Gen. Charles William
Ilcdson,TO. 2ndly, 1849, Dunmore, dau. of Dr. Reid, ol tlu-
Madras army, and d. 1891.

Mr. Steuart d. 18 Jan. 1834, and was s. by his eldest son,
Robert Steuaet, of Ballechin, J. P., b. 7 Jan. 1806, and in





1825 entered the military service of the H.E.I.C., from which
lie retired with the rank of Major in 1850. Major Stewart
d. unm. 8 April, 1876, and was a. by his nephew, John Stecakt,
now of Ballechin.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th or, alion rampant gn., armed
and langued az., within a double tressure flory counterflory of
the second, as descended of the Royal Family of Scotland ; 2nd
and 3rd or, a fesse chequy az. and arg. ; all within a bordure
engrailed per pale or and arg. Motto — Semper fidelis.

Suat— Ballechin, Ballinluig, Perthshire.

Club — Brooks'.


Dureant-Steuaet, John Naiene, Esq. of
Dalguise, co. Perth, b. 18 Jan. 1883.

Lineage.— Sib John Stedart, of Arntullie and Card-
neys, also designed of Dowallie, the youngest natural son of
K ingRoBEB T II. of Scotland, by Marion, or Mariota de Cardny,
"dau of .lohn de ciardny, of that ilk, was the lineal male
ancestor of this family.

John Steuabt, 2nd son of Steuart, of Arntullie, m. Eliza-
beth, dau. of Alexander Stewart, of Grandtully, by Elizabeth,
dau. of Sir William Murray, ofTuUybardine. To him the lands
of Dalguise were granted in 1543 by George, Bishop of Dun-
keld. He d. 1576, and was bur. in the church of Little Dun-
keld, leaving a son,

Alexander Steoart, 2nd of Dalguise, s. his father in
1576. He m. Beatrix Macnair, of Forbes, the dau. or niece of
Sir Duncan Forbes, of the family of Craigievar, and d. about
1620, leaving, with other issue, an eldest son,

John Stepart, of Dalguise, eminent as a leader of the
Athole Stewarts, who joined the standard of Montrose during
the civil war. This laird m. Elizabeth, dau. of William
Steuart, of Kinnaird, of the family of Kosythe, and d. 1653,
leaving issue,

Alexander Steuart, the eldest son s. his father in 1653.
He m. Christian, dau. of James Drummond, of Newton, 2nd
on of George Drummond, of Blair Drummond, by Catherine,
dau. of Sir Patrick Hay, of Megginch, and 1675, having had
a son,

Alexander Steuart, m. Giles, dau. of Robert Flemyng, of
Moness, by a dau. of Sir John Campbell, of Glenlyon, of the
Breadalbane family, and d. v. p. 1669, leaving, besides other
issue, a son and heir,

John Steuabt, of Dalguise, m. 1686, his second-cousin,
Isobel, dau. of John Stewart, and d. 1706, leaving issue. The
eldest son,

John Steuart, 7th laird, J.P., b. 1689 ; s. his father 1706,
and possessed his estate during the long period of seventy
years. He was engaged in the rebellion of 1718, participated,
as an ofBcer of Cavalry, in the battle of Sheriffmuir, and
suffered fine and imprisonment. He m. twice, 1st, 1710,
Kaiherine, dau. of Mungo Murray, of Kincairney (whose
father was younger brother of Sir Patrick Murray, 1st Bart,
of Ochtertyre), and had, i. John, his heir ; ir. Thomas,
Treasurer of the Bank of Scotland, d. s. p. 1792. By his 2nd
wife, Margaret Finlay, sister of Robert Finlay, Esq. of Walli-
ford and Drunmore, Haddington, d. 1774, he had

I. James, d. unm.

II. Hew, Governor of Bencoolen, in Sumatra, d. unm. 1782.

III. David, a Merchant and Banker in Edinburgh, Lord
Provost of that city 1778; m. 1776, Anne, dau. of Robert
Fordyce, Esq. of Broadford, and had issue,

1 John Robert, F.R.S.

2 Hew, Post-Capt. R.N., Knt., of St. Vla(limir. He m.
and d. 1837, leaving a son, who settled in Ceylon, and
two daus.

3 Thomas David, Col. Bengal Cavalry, m. Miss Pinkerton,
of Glasgow, and d. 1838, leaving issue, David, Charles,
Frederick, and Caroline.

4 Claude Scott, formerly of Bombay.

1 Anne, m. Hugh Mair, Esq. of Wysebie, co. Dumfries.

2 Harriett, m. Robert Anderson, Esq. of Eskbank.

- 3 Mary Sophia, m. John Robertson, Esq. of Foveran, co.

I. Anne, m. John Duncan, Esq. ; d. 1758.

II. Christian, 6. 1730; m. Rev. John Steele, of Gadgirth.

On the death of John Steuart, Esq. of Dalguise, 25 Sept. 1776,
aged 87, he was s. by his eldest son,

John Steuart, 8th laird of Dalguise, J.P., 6. 1712. He m.
1740, Christian, only dau. of Samuel Graham, Esq. of Stoney-
hill, descended of the Gartmore family, and has issue to sur-
vive him

Charles, his heir.

Thomas, Capt 77th (or Royal Athole) Highlanders, d. at sea
at the age of 30. By his marriage with Busan, only d.iu. of

William Dick, Esq. of Tnllymett, he had two dans., A.^nes
Donaldson and Christian Helen, r,i. John Stewart, Esq. of

John Steuart, of Dalguise, d. 1785, aged 73, and was j. by his
eldest surviving son,

Charles Steuabt, 9th laird of Dalguise, J.P. and D.L.,
6. 1756, m. 1st, 1786, Grace, eldest dau. of Robert Steuart,
of Ballechin, which lady d. with surviving issue 17S7, and
2ndly, 1794, Amelia Anne Sophia (who d. 1808) 2nd dau. of
Lawrence Oliphant, Esq. of Gask, by Margaret, only dau. of
Duncan Robertson, Esq. of Strowan. He d. at Dalguise 27
Oct. 1821, aged 65. By his 2nd marriage, he had issue,

I. John, 10th laird.

II. Charles, &. 1803, Ensign in the 42nd Highland Regt, d.
3 Nov. 1828, unm.

I. Margaret Henrietta Maria.

Mr. Steuart, of Dalguise, d. 27 Oct. I82I, and was s. by his
eldest son,

John Steuart, 10th laird of Dalguise, J.P. and D.L., High
Sheriff of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, b. 7 Aug. 1799 ;
m. 6 April, 1829, Hon. Janet Oliphant Murray, eldest dau. of
Alexander, 8th LordElibrank, and by her (who d. 9 Aug. 1871)
had issue,

I. Margaret Henrietta Maria Janet, m. 1854, Major Horace
Durrant, Bengal Cavalry, and d. 1857, leaving a son,
Charles Horace Duebant-Steuabt, of Dalguise.

II. Charlotte Amelia Sophia, d. unm. 1850.

III. Caroline Jane, d. unm. 1855.

IV. Amelia Helen, m. 1861, Sir Robert Tempest Tempest,
Bart., and d. 1869, leaving issue.

V. Clara Mary Montolieu, d. unm. 1871.

Mr. Steuart, of Dalguise, d. at the Cape of Good Hope, Dec. 1881,
and was s. by his grandson,

Chables Horace DuEEANT-STEUAnT, Esq. of Dalguise,
J. P., b. 25 May, 1855; assumed the name of Steuart under
the will of his grandfather; m. 1st, 9 April, 1882, Leila
Mary, dau. of, John Wright, M.D., of Launceston, co.
Cornwall, and by her (who d.ll Feb. 1886) had issue,

John Nairne, now of Dalguise.
Mr. Durrant-Steuart m. 2ndly, 6 April, 1889, Alice Katherine,
only dau. of A. Rens, Esq. of the Cape of Good Hope, and d.
29 Dec. 1890.

Arms (As given on the monument in Dunkeld Cathedral,
erected about the year 1620)— Quarterly : 1st and 4th or, a fesse
chequy arg. and az. ; 2nd and 3rd or, a lion rampant gu.,
within the royal tressure of the last. But by the charter issued
in 1771 from Lyon's office, " the arms of John Steuart. Esq.
of Dalguise, the 8th in descent from Sir John Steuart, of Card-
neys, who was one of the natural sons of King Robert II.,"
&c., are stated to be, Or, a lion rampant gu. between three
mullets az., over all a fesse chequy arg. and of the third. Crest
— A demi-lion rampant ppr. Motto— Hino orior.

5ea4— Dalguise, Perthshire, N.B.


Gow-Steuaet, Mes. Hannah, of Fowler's Park,
Kent, and Colonsay, Argyll, widow of James Gow-
Steuaet, Esq., who d. 1870 {see below).

Lineagre. — Tliis family owes its origin traditionally to the
clan Chattan, as descended from Neil Mcintosh (or Gow
Cromb)3rd son of Murdoch, of that clan, the reputed ancestor
of the Gows o/ G?(?n?2/on. William Gow, the first of thi t^family,
came originally from Glenlyon, and settled in Glenahnond.
He d. 1710, leaving a son,

John Gow, who m. Ann M'Xab, and d. 1760 leaving a

William Gow, m. Margaret Murray, of Glenalmond, and d.
1807, leaving a son,

James Gow, m. Isabel Crerar, of Glenquaich, and d. 1824,
leaving a son,

John Gow, of Gourdie, co. Perth, m. Janet, only dau. of
John Steuart, of Strathbrane, great-grandson of John Steuart,
3rd laird of Dalguise, commonly styled in the GaeUc lan-
guage, " Ian Mohr Macalastair," and d. 18 Jan. 1858, leaving
issue, with a dau. Marjory, d. xmm.,

James, of Fowler's Park. John, of Gourdie, co. Perth.

Thomas, of Cambo and Woodhill, co. Northumberland, J. P.,
h. 1818 : m. 1853, Jane, only dau. of WUliam Hedlty, Esq.
of Woodhill, and has three daus., Hannah Jane, Marjory

Janet, and Lucy Mary.
The eldest son,

James Gow-Steuabt, Esq. of Fowler's Park, b. 27 Oct. 1808;
m. 4 Aug. 1842, HAN.«iAH, only sur\-iving dau. of William Bean,
Esq. of Gravelly Hill, co. Warwick, and had issue,





Alfrto William -Tames, his heir.

Herbert John Stewart, l:ite of Fowler's Park.

JiART Janet. Annie Elizabeth, in. Fhilip Butt, Esq.

Alice M.irjoiy. Helen Isabel.

Florence Amelia Steuart, vi. Edward Thomas Twiss, Esq.
Hr. Gow-Steuart, in accordance with the will of his mother,
Janet Gow-Steuart, who left him the land? and island of
Colonsay. co. Arjiyll, assumed the surname and arms of
Steuart, in addition to that of Gow. lie d. Aug. 1870, and
was s. by his eldest son,

Alfred William James Gow-STErAP.T, Esq. of Fowler's
rark, 74th liegt., b. 13 Nov. 1843 ; d. unm. 1375, and was s.
by his brother,

Herbert John Stewart Gow-Stf.uart, Esq. of Fowler's
Park, Kent, and of Colonsay, Argyll, ^i. 6 Dee. ISot; m, 15
July, 13S5, liose Ethel, only dau. of Henry Portsmouth Bev-
ington, Esq. of Lee, Kent, and d. s.p. 7 Jan. ISSD.

Arms — Per fesse in chief per pale or and az., the first quarter
charged with a hand holding a dagger erect, and the second
-quarter with a cat sejant guardant ppr., the base vert, thereon
a sword and flag in saltire also ppr., over all, on a fesse arg.,
three leaves of the third. Crests —An arm embowed in armour,
holding a broadsword, for Gow; a demi-lion rampant or, for
Steuart. Mottoes — " Caraid ann am f heum," for Gow ; " Hinc
orior," for Steuart.

St-a/s— Fowler's Park, Ilawkhurst, Kent, and Colonsay,
Sortaskaig, N.B.


Stetjaet, Egbert John Aechibald, Esq. o£
Steuart Hall, co. Stirling, b. 10 Oct. 1863.

Lineage. — David Steuart, Esq. of Steuart Hall (de-
.scended from Walter Stewart (or Steuart), Solicitor-General
for Scotland, the first proprietor of Steuart Hall, who was 3rd
son of Sir Archibald Stewart, 1st Bart, of Blackball, by Anne
his 1st wife, dau. of Sir John Crawford, of Kilbirnie (.sc
Burke's Peerage and Baronetage), m. Margaret, dau. of
Kobert JRamsay, Esq. of Camno, co. Forfar, and d. 1821,
leaving issue,

Robert Steuart, Esq. of Steuart Hall, who m. 'Helen,
■widow of Boyd Dunlop, Esq., and dau. of Walter Buchanan,
Esq., and d. 1844, leaving an only son,

David Steuart, Esq. of Steuart Hall, late Capt. 34th Begt.,
b. 19 March, 1830; m. Jan. 1861, Dorothy Emily, only dau.
of Rev. John Cox, Rector of Faiistead, Essex, and d. 16 Dec.
1890, leaving issue,

I. Robert John Aeciiibald, now of Steuart Hall.

I. Mary Helen.

^?-ms— Or, a fesse chequyaz. and arg., over all a lion rampant
■gu. within a bordure erin. Crest — A lion's head erased gu.
armed and langued az. Motto — Laedere noli.
. 5ea<— Steuart HaU, StirUng, N.B.


Mooee-Stf.vexs, John Cuezon, Esq. of Wins-
cott, Devon, M.A., I3arrister-at-La-w, J.P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff 1870, Capt. Devon Hussars, late M.P.
for North Devon, 6. 1818 ; m. 1850, Eliiabeth Anne,
■dau. of Eev. Peter Johnson, Prebendary of Exeter,
and by her 'W'ho d. 1889, has issue,

I. John Hesby (Rev.), M.A., 'Vicar of Sheepwash, Devon,
6. 1852.

II. Richard Arthur, of Speccott, Merton, co. Devon, M.A.
Ch. Ch. Oxford, J. P., Capt. 3rd Batt. Devonshire
Regt., 6. 1853; m. 1886 May, dau. of Frederick
Howarth, Esq., and niece of the lute Countess of Rothes.

Lineage.— This family has been settled in the neighbour-
tood of Great Toriingtou since the time of Charles I. The
•grandfather of the present possessor.

Rev. Thomas Moore, of Great Torrington, m. Christian,
•dau. of Henry Stevens, Esq. of Cross, and Christiana Maria
Rolle his wife, and by her was father of

The Ven. John Moore-Stevens, of Winscott, Archdeacon,
■of Exeter, who assumed the surname of Stevens in 1832,
under the will of his cousin, Mrs. Elizabeth Clevland, of
Tapley, Devon. He m. Anne Eleanor, dau. of Rev. William
Roberts, Fellow and Vice-Provost of Eton, and was father of
the present Jodn Cubzon Moobe-Stevens, Esq. of Winscott.
He d. April, 1865.

■Seat — Winscott, near ToriLngton, Devon.

•Club— Casltou.


Stevenson, James, Esq. of Braidwood, co.
Lanark, J. P.. late Capt. 12lh Royal Lancers, now
Col. Comm. 9th Lanark Eifle Volunteers, b. 6 Nov.
1838; m. 1st, 11 Dec. 1866, Eliza dau. of James
Hamilton, Esq. and niece and heiress of John
Hamilton, Esq., D.L., of Fairholm, and by her -who
d. 22 Sept. 1875, has issue,

I. James, of Fairholm, Larkhall, and Kirkton, Carluke,
N.B., who has assumed the additional name of Hamilton,
being heir of entail in posses.sion of Fairholm and
Kirkton, b. 2 Oct. 1861, Lieut. 6th Inniskilling Dragoons
(si'e next article).

II. John, b. 14 Oct. 1868, d. an infant.
iir. Olmar Charles John, b. 15 Sept. 1875.

I. Eliza Margaret Grace.

II. Ann Scrivener Mary, d. an infant.

Mr. James Stevenson m. 2nd\j, 2 July, 1879,
Frances, dau. of the late Frederick Eichards Ley-
land, Esq. of Woolton Hall, co. Lancaster, and by
her, who d. 2 March, 1880, had issue,
IV. Francis Herbert Leyland, 6. 29 Feb. 1880.

Lineage. — James Stevenson, the son of James Stevenson,
of Nether Carsewell (1665), left issue, four sons,

I. John, of whom presently.

II. Robert, had a dau. Elizabeth, m. 1748, Brown, of

III. James, had a son James, and three daus. Margaret,
Martha, and Janet.

IV. Allan, had a dau., who d. unm. 1765.
The eldest son,

John Stevenson, loft issue, a son John, who m. Elizabeth
Tulloch, and a dau. Janet, vi. 1727 Robert Maxwell, son of
Gavin Maxwell of Castlehead, and Janet Cochrane of Clip-
pens, his wife, and had issue, a dau.

Janet, m. 10 June, 1766, NathanielStevenson, son of James
Stevenson, a burgess of Pai.sley. He d. 1 Sept. 1824, and she
d. 18 Sept. 1821, leaving issue,

I. James, b. 29 March, 1767; d. unm.

II. Robert, b. 7 fiec. 1768 ; d. in infancy.
i;i. Nathaniel, of whom presently.

IV. John, b. 5 July, 1774: d. in infancy.

v. Robert, b. 24 March, 1780; d. In infancy.
I. Janet, b. 14 Aug. 1770 ; m. David Allison, and d. s. p. 20
April, 1857.
It. Jean, b. 7 June, 1776; d. in infancy.

III. Jean, 6. 24 April. 1778 ; d. unm. 3 Nov. 1870.

5 v. Margaret, 6. 10 Nov. 1781; d. Mni«. 30 Nov. 1£*1.

V. Elizabeth, b. 3 March, 1784; m. William Falconer, and
d.s.p. '26 May, 1869.

VI. Susanua, b. 5 June, 1786 ; d. in infancy.

The 3rd son,

Nathaniel Stevenson, Esq. of Braidwood, Lanarkshire,
J. P., h. 14 Aug. 1772, m. 5 Dec. 1837 Margaret Jane, eldest
dau. of Thomas Rennie Scott, Esq., J.P. and D.L., co. Lanark,
and d. 2 March, 1847, leaving issue,

I. James,

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