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now of Braidwood.

II. Nathaniel, Lieut. -Gen. in the array, 6. 15 April, 1840 ; m.
25 Sept. 1872, Isabella Charlotte, dau. of George H. Lewin,
Esq., and has issue,

1 Nathalie. 2 Harriet.

3 Edwina Catherine Isabel.

III. Thomas Rennie, C.B., Major-Gen. in the army, 6. 26 Oct.
1841 ; m. 4 June, 1870, Isabella, dau. of J. B. F'rlend, Esq.
of Ripple Vaie, Kent, and has had issue,

1 Hamilton Bruce, b. 8 Feb. 1875; d. in infancy.

2 Herbert Harry Macdonald, 6. 14 July, 1876.
1. Constance.

IV. Robert, Lieut.-Col. in the Army 6. 25 Oct. 1845 ; m. 1
June, 1880, Clara, dau. of — Aitken, Esq., and has issue,

1 Gladys Clare.

2 Louise Margaret.

V. Andrew Scott, Col. Royal Highlanders, Black Watch, b. 29
May, 1847; m. 19 Oct. 1871, Mary Esme Gwendoline, dnu.
of George Grogan, Esq. of Seafleld, Sutton, and d. 12 Oct.
1892, leaving issue,

1 Andrew George Hamilton, 5. 4 July, 1875, d. in infancy.

2 Douglas Lome Arthur Dormer, 6. 3 Sept. 1888 ; d. 22
Sept. 1»93.

1 Esmc Andrea Maude Sybil Mary.

I. Margaret, ra. George Keith, Esq. of Usan, co. Forfar, and
has had issue, a dau., b. 21 March, lbS4, d. in infancy.

1 £«ai— Braidwood, Carluke, N.B.






Stetensox-Hamilton, James, Esq. of Fairholm
and Kirkton. co. Lanark, Lieut. 6tli Iimiskilling
Dragoons, h. 2 Oct. 1867, s. his mother as heir of
entail on attaining liis majority in 1888. He is the
eldest son of James Stevenson, Esq. of Braidwood
{whom see) by Eliza his wife, the heiress of Fairholm,
eldest dau. of James Hamilton, Esq. 3rd son of
Charles Hamilton, Esq. of Fairholm. She d. 22
Sept. 1875.

Ijineag-e.— Sib James Hamilton, 4th Baron of Cadzow
(see Bcrke's Peerage, Abebcosn, D.) bad a SiJ son, Thomas
Hamilton, of Darngaber, whose 4th son was Allan HamiLt
TON, who d. ciica 1470, leaTing a son,

Allan Hamilton, of Fairholm, mentioned in Acta Bomin-
orum Concilii (,p. 277) as proprietor of half the lands of
Kewton of Strathaven on 8 Feb. 1492. He d. 1530, leaving a

EoBEET Hamilton, of Fairholm (charter bears date 1557),
left a son,

KoBERT Hamilton, of Fairholm, who held the lands in 1578,
and was s. by

Patrick Hamilton, of Fairholm, -who was a firm adherent
of the family of Hamilton, and suffered for his attachment,
having been banished and his estates forfeited in the minority
of James VI. He returned Irom exile and his estates were
restored in 1585. His son,

KoBERT Hamilton, of Fairholm, " wryter" to James, Duke
of Hamilton, and general receiver of his rents from his
chamberlains, and after His Grace's death to William, Duke
of Hamilton. He m. 18 Sept. 1639, Mary, dau. of John Rae,
of Auchcngraymont, by Jean Robertson, dau. of Lord Bedlay.
He d. 1656, leaving a son,

John Hamilton, of Fairholm, h. 31 Aug. 1640 ; got 23 May,
1663, a precept of " clare constat " as heir of his father
Robert from William and Anne, Duke and Duchess of Hamil-
ton. He m. 1st, 26 April, 1664, Elizabeth Crawford of Roch-
soloch, who d. 5 June, 1675, and 2ndly, 22 Jan. 1679, Margaret
Brown, by whom he left issue, at his death, 14 Oct. 16J6, a

John Hamilton, of Fairholm, 6. 25 Nov. 1679 ; was haillie
of the regality and dukedom of Hamilton ; he m. 5 Sept. 1706
Margaret, dau. of John Roheiton, of Eainock, and d. 14 Jan.
1726, leaving a son,

Charles HAMn-TON, of Fairholm, 6. 3 April, 1716,
served as ensign in the King's Regt. of Foot through
the rebellion of 1745, and was present at CuUoden, and
afterwards through the campaigns of 1747-8 in the low
countries, where he was wounded. He was subsequently
Brigade-Major at Guadaloupe from 1760-3. He ra. Jacobina,
dau. of Sir James Stuart of Coltness, and was a magistrate
for CO. Lanark for many years. He d, 16 May, 1776, leaving
a son,

Charles Hamilton, of Fairholm and Barkton (which was
acquired 1777), J.P., 6. 29 Aug. 1766, Lieut. 13th Light Dra-
goons, and afterwards Capt. Lanarkshire Militia, m. 21 Oct.
1797, Anne Scrivener, andci. 2 Dec. 1821, having by her, who
d. 6 Oct. 1813, had issue,

I. Charles, 6. 21 Nov. 1799 ; d. 1817.

II. John, his heir.

III. James, m. Margaret Dick, and had issue,
Eliza, heir to her uncle.

The 2nd son,

John Hamilton, of Fairholm and Kirkton, J. P. andD.L.,
6. 2 March, 1804, m. Grace, dau. of Rev. Mr. Hamilton of
Lesmahagow, and d. i. p. 12 Sept. 1867, and was s. by his

Eliza Hamilton, of Fairholm and Kirkton, m. 11 Dec.
1866, James Stevenson of Braidwood (whom see) Capt. 12th
Royal Lancers, and d. 22 Sept. 1875, leaving, with other issue
(tee preceding Memoir), a son,

James Sievekson-Hamilton, Esq. now of Fairholm and

^rms— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, gu., a mullet arg., between
three cinquefoils erm. within a bordure of the last (lor Hamil-
ton) ; 2nd and 3rd, arg., a chevron between three fleurs-de-lys
gu.on a chief sa. three mullets of the field (for Stevenson). Crests
— For Hamilton, A hawk rising ppr., belled or, holding in the
dexter foot a sword also ppr. hiked and pommelled or : and
for Stevenson, a dexter hand issuing from a cloud and holding
a wreath of laurel all ppr. Mottoes— For Hamilton " Thank-
ful," and for Stevenson " Coelum non solum."
Seats— Vairholm, Larkhall, and Kirkton, Carluke, N.B,
Clubs — Army and Navy, and New (Edinburgh).


Stevenson, James Cochean, Esq. of "Westoe,
CO. Durham, J. P., Chairman of the Tyne Improve-
ment Commission, M.P. for South Shields, b. 9 Oct.
1825; m. 31 Oct. 1855, Elisa Eamsay, dau. of Eev.
James Anderson, D.D., of Morpeth, and has issue,

I. James Shannan, 6. 1862.

II. Arthur Gavin, b. 1863.

III. Hew, b. 1865. rv. Charles, 5. 1868.
v. Ronald Cochran, 6. 1873.

I. Edith, m. 1880, William R. Anderson, Esq. of London.

II. Amy, rn. 1887, Rev. W. M.Macgregor, of Glasgow.

III. Florence Margaret, m. 1886, Mackay D. S. Mackenzie,
Esq. of Clifton.

IV. Louisa Mary. v. Hilda.

VI. EUsabeth Fiances. vu. Dora Jane.

Lineagre.— James Stevenson, Esq. of Glasgow (son of
James Stevenson, of Paisley, by his wife, Margaret Cochran),
m. 22 Nov. 1824, Jane Stewart, dau. of Alexander Shannan,
of Greenock, and by her (who d. 1854) had issue,

I. James Cochran, now of Westoe.

II. Alexander Shannan, of Oatlands Mere, m. Alice, dau. of
the late George Kewney, Esq. of North Shields.

HI. John James, of London, ra. Jane, dau. of the late Robert

Omond, M.D., of Edinburgh.
IV. Archibald, m. Margaret Jane (deceaspd), dau. of the late

Rev. Alexander Anderson, D.D., of Old Aberdeen, and d^


I. Margaret Miller, m. the late Rev. W. T. Ker, of Deskford,

II. Jane. iii. Elisa Carlile.

IV. Mary, m. the late Robert Foulis, M.D., of Cairnie Lodge,
Fife, and d. 1876.
v. Louisa. VI. Flora Clift.

Mr. Stevenson (?. 1866.
Seat — Westoe, South Shields.
Toicn Residence— S3, Devonshire Place, W.


Stevenson, William Baeing, Esq. of Balla-
doole and Ballakeigan, Isle of Man, J.P., b. 1 May,
1819 ; m. 12 April, 1818, Elizabeth, dau. of Capt.
Bailey, of Frome, co. Somerset, late of the Canadian
Militia, formerly Lieut. 6th Foot, and his wife,,
Elizabeth Jones, and has issue,

I. William Acgdstds, member of the Manx Bar, J. P. and
M.H.K. for Rushen, b. 25 April, 1849 ; m. 15 Dec. 1879,
Ada Mary, dau. of Robert CreUin, Esq. of Westhill,

II. Frederick Coney, M.B. settled in Canada, b. 4 Sept. 1850 ;
m. 26 Dec. 1S81, Helen Lovick Moore, dau. of Armiger
Ibbot Hubbard, Esq. of Brundale, Ancaster, Canada,^
formerly of Brundale, Norfolk, and has issue, 1 Bertram,
6. 24Sept. 18S2; 2 Harold, 6. 30 Nov. 1883; 3 Armiger, 6.21-
Jan. 1889 ; 4 Frederick; 1 Margery; and 2 Helen.

iti. Richard Stevenson, settled in Canada, b. 31 May, 1852;
TO. 11 April, 1877, Amy Harrington, and has issue,
1 William Harrington, 6. 26 Jan. 1S78 ; 2 Lionel, b. 3
April, 1879; 3 Richard Ambrose, b. 26 Jan. 1884;
4 Augustus ; 1 Constance Mary, d. young ; and 2 Mabel

IV. Henry Wickham, Surg.-Maj. Indian Medical SerWce,
attached Bombay Cavalry, 6. 21 Dec. 1857; m. 8 Sept.
1890, Frances Clare, relict of — Knipe, Esq., and dau. of
Rev. Claremont Skrine.

V. Arthur Bicknell, in Holy Orders, vicar of Fillongley,
Coventry, b. 18 June, 1860.

I. Caroline Frances, m. her cousin. Rev. Joseph Perrot
Collin, and has issue.

II. Blanche. iii. Amy Brada.

Mr. Stevenson became member for the Sheading of
Eushen, when the House of Keys first became an
elective body, under the auspices of Sir Henry
Loch, Lieut.-Governor; and was subsequently
M.H.K. for CastletowTi.

Lineage. — The family, whose name was formerly Steph-
enson, is supposed to be of Danish origin, and was coeval witlL
the earliest records of the Isle of Man. The principal members
appear to have been connected with the Manx legislature,
from the earliest existence of the House of Keys (from 1413 to
1417), and are described in the earliest Manorial Roll yet

6 a





known, as owners of Balladoolc. Sir. Stevenson, the present
proprietor, is Ttli in descent from Major llichard Stevenson,
■wlio wa.s Deputy Governor of the Isle of Man, and who d. in

In the " Liber Assedationis " of 1507, John Stevenson is
entered as owner of the ISalladoole property, and was s. in
1030 by his son, John Stevenson. A John Stevenson next
appcai-s on the llolls, down to the year 1G17, when the name
is withdrawn, and that of his son Kichabd entered. lliciiARD
Stevenson appears to have liad a further grant of land from
the Lord of t;ie Isle, and down to the year 1G9G the property
vas held by Stevensons of the name of Richard. John Stev-
inson, Esq. M.P., who s. his brother Richard, the friend
and coadjutor of Bishop Wilson. He was President of the
Keys of Mann, and devoted himself to the religious and civil
■welfare of his country. He d. 1737.

In ths year 1419 William Stevenson is entered upon the
records as member of one of the Houses of Keys which
•existed. He belonged to the Sheading of Eushen, in which
division Balladoole is situated.

Major Richard Stevenson, Deputy-GovernorandReceiver-, -was bur. in the chancel of K. Arbory, 20 April, 1083.
15y liis wife Isabel, dau. of — Christian, Esq., he had issue,
five sons and one dau.,

Richard, bapt. 13 Sept. 1653; m. Alice, dau. of His Excel-
lency Governor Heywood, and had issue, four daus.

John, of whom afterwards.

Thomas, i. 17 Aug. and bapt. 23 Aug. lCr>8.

Charles, h. 19 Aug. and bapt. 30 Aug. 1(;63.

A son, b. 7 Jan. and bapt. li Jan. 1666.

Aymee, bapt. 27 Sept. 1668.
The 2nd son,

John Stevenson, Esq. M.P., and President of the House of
Keys, was styled by Bishop Wilson, the " Father of his
country." He in. Jane, eldest dau. and co-heiress of John
.Scnhouse, Esq. of Nether Hall, Cumberland, and had issue,

Richard, of whom afterwards.

John, Col. in the Guards, d. v.nm. at Ashley Park,* Walton-

upon-Thames, whicli he inherited from his first cousin, the

Countess of Middlesex.
Jane, of Ashley Park, d. imra.
]-)Hi-othy. of Ashley Park, d. unm.
Elizabeth, of Ashley Park, d. unm.

ISr Stevenson wa.s bur. 5 June 1737. His elder son,

Richard Stevenson, Esq. Cornet of Horse, Royal Cara-
bineers, A.D.C. to Richard Boyle, Viscount Shannon (his
uncle by marriage), in. Alice, dau. of Capt. Waters, of the
lioyal Carabineers, and by her (who d. 26 Feb. 1785, aged 69)
had issue,

Richard Ambrose.

Jane, d. an infant.

Mr. Stevenson rf. 1742. His only son,

Richard Ambrose Stevenson, Esq. M.H.K., m. Margery
Fri5.scl (originally the name was Eraser), of Scottish and
French ancestry, of whom Pierre Fraser, Seigneur de Froile,
came to Scotland with the Ambassadors of Charlemagne, in
the year 807. Charles Fraser, an ancestor of Lord Lovat, was
Thane of Mann in 814. Mr. Stevenson d. 27 Feb. 1773, aged
30, leaving issue,

Bichard Ambrose, Capt. 3rd Light Dragoons, bapt. 6 June,

1762: d. v.nm. 11 March, 1795.
Fredci'ick, bapt. 20 Dec. 1767 ; m. Annie Elizabeth Bowyer,

and d. 28 Sept. 1807, having had issue, an infant, who d.
Charlotte, of whom presently.
Margaret Christian, of ballakeign, &c., m. John Quilliam,

Esq., Post Capr. K.X., and M.H.K. (he was Lord Nelson's

Flag Lieut.), and d. s. p. Oct. 1844.

Mr. Stevenson's elder dau.,

Charlotte Stevenson, co-heiress of the Balladoole estates
and others, with her sister Margaret, m. Capt. Thomas Woods,
58th Regt. of Great Meadow, Isle of Man, and The Bolies, co.
Mcath, and by him (who d. 16 Jlay, 1828) had, with two sons,
■who d. young,

George Acgusttts, of Balladoole.

Maria Isabella, m. Capt. George Isaac Call, 24th Dragoons,
and had -issue, Wathan Mark Wilks (Rev.), M.A., the
author and poet, m. Ursula R. Hennel, a widow, dau. of Dr.
Brabant, and d. 20 Aug. 1890; George Fredeiick, Gen.
<l<ev.), C.U., 7/1. Charles Forbes, and had a son, Frede-
rick, late Major R.E. ; Maria Louisa, d. unm. ; and Georgina
Sarah St. Leger, who m. Rev. Samuel Dennis, and had

Charlotte, m. W. S. Gimton, Esq., and d. s. p. 1847.

Mrs. Woods d. 30 July, 1838, aged 74, and was s. by her only
surviving son,

George Augdstds Woods, Esq. of Balladoole, Isle of Man,
and The Bolies, co. Meath, J. P. {sec Woods o/ Milrerton),
Acting Speaker of the House of Keys, Lieut. Royal Marines,
served through the siege of Copenhagen, and at Walcheren
and Flushing, b. 31 March, 1788; vi. 1st, '22 June, 1816, Annj
Maria, eldest dau. of Rev. William Coney, M.A., of Cookhani
Elms, Berks, Fellow of Oriel Coll. Oxford, by his wife, Ann-a
Maria, dau. of Rev. John Wickham (Fellow of Balliol), of
Horsington, co. Somerset ; and by her (who d. 8 Sept. 1838)
had issue,

I. William Baring, now of Balladoole.

II. George Augustus, of The Bolies, co. Meath, 6. 19 Oct.
18'20; d. ■u?i)«.. 1882.

III. Frederick Stevenson, settled in Canada, of the Bolies, co.
Meath, b. 10 May, 18'22 ; •hi. 1st, Jane, dau. of Capt. Bailey, |
of Frome, Somerset, and had issue, 1 I'rancis Bailey, settled i
in Manitoba, b. 2 May, 1856, m. 4 Dec. 1879, Susan Matilda, ]
granddau. of Edward Long, Esq. of Fort Edw.ird, co. Tip- '
perary, and has issue, Frederick George, 6. 11 Jan. 1883, •
Reginald Francis, b. 22 March, 1884, Richard Stevenson, b. <
11 Jan. 1886, Constance Reid, b. 21 June, 1888; 2 Alfred
Coney (Rev.), Itector of Clear Water, 6. 2 Aug. 1860; :!
Thomas Zachary, settled in Manitoba, distinguished himself
in suppression of the rebellion in N.W. Canada 1885, b. 2
June, 1862; 4 Albert William (Rev.), b. 1 Dec. 1865. lie
m. 2ndly, Margaret Smith, and by her had one son, who ^
d. young. ,

IV. Thomas Quilliam, Law Student,^. 4 Oct. 1828; d. unm. j

I. Charlotte Isabella, jrt. 11 May, 1835, Peter Collin, Master j
in Chancery, and had issue, six sons and five dans. i

II. Anna Maria, of Eaglehurst, Isle of Man. m. 21 June, 1855, i
John Edward Hunt, Esq.. and by him (who d. 2 Dec. 1889) |
had issue, two sons and five daus. (

III. Caroline Margaret \ ^j j^^ UoUics, Wells.

IV. Rosa Octavia J \
Mr. Woods m. 28 Nov. 1839, |2ndly, Charlotte Heptinstall, of i
Edgbaston, co. Warwick, and by her (who d. 17 July, 1884) |
had further issue, \

V. Richard Ambrose, of Glenville, b. 26 Oct. 1841; m. 14 |
I'eb. 1865, Emma Jane Birley, of Ballacusnahan, and has
had issue, Richard Ambrose Stevenson, b. 26 Aug. and a.
20 Sept. 1867 ; George Augustus, 6. 3 Feb. 1869 ; Alice ; j
Emma ; Luiy. j

V. Lucia Agnes, of Westwood, Isle of Man, m. 8 Sept, 1866,
Major C. A. C. Hawkins, B.N.I, who d. 1884. She d. 27 i
Nov. 1893. I

VI. Alice Waters, in. Capt. H. S. Anderson, B.N.I, (now I
lirigadier-Gen.), C.B., and d. 1863, leaving issue, Horace I
Robert Francis, Lieut. Bombay Staff Corps, 6. 14 Aug. ]

vii. Jane Senhouse, m. 19 Jan. 1869, Richard Berens Brad- 1

ford Hawkins', Esq. of Woodstock, co. Oxford, who d. 5 Jan. I

1894, and has issue, three daus. j

Mr. Woods d. 4 April, 1853, and was s. by his eldest son, j

William Baring Woods, who assumed the name of Stevenson,

in 1866. I

g(,£ij— Balladoole, near Castletown, Isle of Man. I

* On the death of Col. Stevenson, Ashley Park became the
property of his three sisters, and upon theii- death it was
i'dierited, cither by bequest or entail, by the family of Sir
Henry lletcher, who -were also cousics.


Stetenson, Francis Seymour, Esq. of Plajford
Mount, CO. Suffolk, J.P., M.P. for the Eye Division 1
of Suifolk since 1885, B.A. Balliol Coll. Oxford, i.
2-i Nov. 18G2, m. 31 July, 1889, Mary Kate, dau. of
the late Edward Joicey,"^Esq. of Elenkinsopp Hall,
llaltwhistle. Mr. F. " S. Stevenson is the only son
by his second marriage, of the late Sir William I
Stevenson, K.C.B., Governor of tlie Mauritius.
Sir William -svas the son of William James Steven
son, Esq. of Kingston, Jamaica (5th in descent from i
Carl Kickard van Steinsen -who came to England
temp. William III. and took the name of Steven-
son) by his -nife, the dau. of Col. James. He m.
1st, Miss Alhvood, and by her had a son, William
Lawrence Stevenson, and a dau. Kathleen, m.
Major Marindin, late E.E., and has a dau. He m.
2iidly, Caroline Octavia, dan. of the late Joseph
Seymour Biscoe, of Pendhill, Surrey (by Stephana
his wife, dau. of Yen. John Law, B.D., Archdeacon
of Kochester, by Mary his wife, dau. of 6th Viscount
Falkland), and granddau. of Vincent John Biscoe,
Esq. by Lady Mary Seymour, his -n-ife, only dau





of Edward, 8th Duke of Somerset. Sir William d.

Seat — Playford Mount, near Woodbridge.
Club — Devonshire.


Stevenson, William George, Esq. of Foxlease,
CO. Hants, J. P. cos. Hants, Gloucester, and Brecon,
served in the 68th Durham Light Infantry and
Scots Guards, h. 23 June, 1827, m. 3 Aug. 1852,
Maria Anne, dau. of Col. Hardress Roberts Saun-
derson, Esq. {see Saundeeson of Castle Saitn-
derson) and Lady Maria Anne Luttrell-Olmius, his
wife, dau. and co-heir of John, 3rd and last Earl of
Carhampton, and has issue,

George James Hakdress, 6. 19 Jan. 1S6.3.

Marie Louisa Rose, in. 10 May 1883, John Calvert Hibbert,

Esq., son of Leicester Hibbert, Esq. of Chalfont Lodge,


Liiueag'e. — John Stevenson, h. 1710; m. 19 Dec. 1741,
Mary, dau. and co-heir of Jonathan Townsend, of Brentford,
CO. Bliddlesex, and ^vidow of Thomas Holford, of St. Laurence,
and had issue,

EoBERT Stevenson, of Morton Hall, Chiswick, and Binfield
Place, Berks, in. 1775, Mary Frances, dau. of — Cockburn,
a descendant of the Caldra family, and by her, vfho m. 2ndly,
Sir William Heme, K.C.B., had issue,

George Stevenson, of Bafford House, co. Gloucester J. P.,
and D.L. of the Grenadier Guards, served in the Walcheren
Expedition, and in the Peninsula, was present at the battle of
Corunna (medal). He in. 28 July, 1824, Louisa, dau. of John
Josiah Holford, Esq. of Cilgn-yn, Landovery, co. Carmarthen,
and of 39 York Place, Portman Square, and d. 1863, having by
her (who d. 1851) had issue,

1 William George, of Foxlease.

2 Henry Holford.

1 Georgina Maria, to. the late Lieut. -Col. Andrew Pitcairn,
of the 42nd Highlanders, and left issue, four sons and one

2 Jane Louisa, in. John Townsend Tyler, Esq. of Hethf elton,
near Wareham, co. Dorset, late Capt. 31st Eegt., and has
issue, three sons and two daus.

Seat — Foxlease, near Lyndhurst, Hants.


Stewaed, Richaed Oliver Eeancis, Esq. of
Nottington House, Dorset, J. P., Col. in the army,
h. 18 Dec. 1823 ; m. 2 Oct. 1856, Olivia Elizabeth,
3rd dau. of Sir Henry Allen Johnson, 2nd Bart, of

Liineag-e.— This family, of Scotch origin, emijn'ated to St.
Helena early in the 17th century, and subsequently settled at

Gabriel Steward, Esq. (son of Gabriel Steward, Esq., by
Sarah Wrangham his wife), in. 1765, Eebecca, dau. and co-heir
of Richard Tucker, Esq. (by Sarah his wife, dau. of George
Gollop, Esq. of Berwick, 9th son of Thomas Gollop, Esq., High
Sheriff of Dorset 27 Charles II.), and by her (who d. 1812) had

Gabriel Tucker, deceased.

Richard Acgustds, of whom presently.

Edward Tucker (Rev.), Rector of Wem, Salop, deceased.

John Charles Tucker, of the 3rd Regt. of Guards, deceased.

Eebecca, deceased.

Sarah Dorothea, deceased, m. Lieut.-Col. Browne.

Maria, deceased, m. Capt. Bayles Wardell, of the 10th
Hussars, deceased.

Mr. Steward d. in 1792. His 2nd son.

Col. Richard Augdstcs Tucker-Steward, of Nottington
House, 6. 1 Feb. 1773, J. P. and D.L. for Dorset, and Lieut.-
Col. of the Militia, sat in Parliament for the borough of Wey-
Inouth. He m. 12 March, 1823, Louisa Henrietta, only dau.
of EdwardMorgan, Esq. of Golden Grove, co. Flint, and by her
(who d. 7 April, 1858) had issue,
Richard Oliver Francis, now of Nottington House.
Frederick Gordon, late Capt. in the army, b. 26 Jan. 1826.
Edwin Ashley Tucker, late Lieut.-Col. 21st Fusiliers, 6.

31 Oct. 1831.
Augusta Caroline, m. 6 Nov. 1845, Charles William Gordon,
Esq. of Wincombe Park, Wilts; shed. 12 Sept. 1866, leaving
issue, George Henry; Frederick, d.; Charles Steward;

Harold; Frank; Alfred William; Edgar Louis; Ethel
Maria Louisa; Lilian Mary {see Gordon of TVincombe
Louisa Charlotte.
Col. Steward d. 25 March, 1342.

Arms—Or, a fesse chequy az. and arg., surmounted of abend
gu., within a bordure of the last. Ci-est—A pelican vuluing
lierself ppr.

iSeat— Nottington House, near Dorchester.


Stewaet, Alexander John Eobeet, Esq. of
Ards, CO. Donegal, and Laurencetown House, co.
Down, J.P. for cos. Donegal, Down, and Middlesex,
and D.L. for Donegal and Down, High Sheriff co.
Donegal 1853, and co. Down 1861, b. 5 July, 1827 ;
m. 17 May, 1851, Lady Isabella Rebecca Graham
Toler, 6th dau. of Hector John Graham, 2nd Earl
of Norbury, and has issue,

I. Alexander George John, Barrister-at^Law, 6. 13 Feb.
1852 ; m. 10 April, 1883, Julia Blanche, dau. of Charies
Dingwall, Esq. of Knollys Croft, co. Surrey, and has issue,
two daus., Eua Dingwall Tasca and Muriel Neara.

II. Charies Hector, b. 23 May, 1853.

III. George Laurence, b. 6 Sept. 1861.

IV. Henry Moore, b. 29 March, 1863.

V. Cecil George Graham, 6. 14 June, 1868.

I. Caroline Helen Mary, m. 5 July, 1883, Capt. Frederick
Thomas Penton, late 4th Dragoon Guards, of Chalfont
Park, Slough, formerly M.P. for Central Finsbury,
1886-91, and has issue, Henry Alexander, Cyril
Frederick, Kathleen Winifred, and Dorothy Grace.

II. Beatrice Charlotte Elizabeth.

III. Ida Mary Augusta.

Lineag-e.— Alexander Stewart, Esq., 5. 26 March, 1745
(2nd son of Alexander Stewart, Esq. of Mount Stewart, co.
Down, M.P., and younger brother of Robert, 1st Marquess of
Londonderry), purchased the estate of Ards from the Wray
family, and settled there, 1782. He m. 2 Oct. 1791, Lady Mary
Moore, 2nd dau. of Charles, 1st Marquess of Drogheda, by
Lady Anne Seymour his wife, dau. of Francis, 1st Marquess of
Hertford, and by her (who d. 22 Feb. 1842) had (with other
children, who d. young),

I. Alexander Robert, his heir.

II. Charles Moore (Rev.), 6. 5 March, 1799; m. 1830, Alice,
2nd dau. of the Right Hon. John Ormsby Vandeleur, of
Kilrush House, co. Clare, and d. s. p. Feb. 1831. His widow
in. 2ndly, Col. John Vandeleur, 10th Hussars.

III. John Vandeleur, of Rock Hill, co. Donegal, J.P. and
D.L., b. 4 Oct. 1802; in. 18 Dec. 1837, Lady Helen Toler,
Srd dau. of Hector John, 2nd Earl of Norbury, and d. 24
June, 1872, having by her (who d. 22 April, 1883) had

1 Alexander Charles Hector, of Eock Hill, Letter-
kenny, co. Donegal, and 2, Lennox Gardens, London,
J. P., High Sheriir 1881, Hon. Major-Gen. (retired), late
Col. Commanding 2nd Life Guards, b, 15 Nov. 1838 ; m,
25 April, 1«72, Gertrude Mary, eldest dau. of Eric Car-
ington Smith, Esq. of Ashfold, Sussex, and 24, Rutland
Gate, and has issue, a dau. Kathleen, 6. 8 Jan. 1875.

2 Hector Brabazon, Capt. R.N., b. 13 Dec. 1841.

3 Robert Seymour, 6. Blay, 1846, Major (retired) Donegal
Militia Artillery.

4 Charles John, Senior OfHcial Receiver of the Court
of Bankruptcy, 6. 1851; m. 11 Oct. 1884, Lady Mary
Catherine, eldest dau. of Hector John Graham, Srd Earl
of Norbury, and has issue, Gerald Charles, b. 29 March,
1888; Helen Margaret, b. 4 April, 1886; and Eircene
Mary, b. 29 Sept. 1890.

1 Elizabeth Georgiana.

I. Maria Frances, m. 10 June, ISll, Eobert Montgomery,
Esq. of Convoy House, who d. 1846.

II. Gertrude Elizabeth, deceased.

Mr. Stewart d. Aug. 1831, and was s.hj his eldest son,

Alexander Egbert Stewart, Esq. of Ards, and Laurence-
town House, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff co. Donegal 183

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