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0, 6.
12 Feb. 1795; m. 28 July, 1825, Lady Caroline Anne Pratt, Srd
dau. of John Jeffries, 1st Marquess Camden, and by her (who
d. 7 Oct. 1827) left at his decease, 25 March, 1850, one son,
Alexander John Eobert, now of .\rds.

.^rms— Quarterly : 1st and 4th or, a bend compony arg. and
az. between twj lions rampant gu., for Stewart; 2nd and
3rd gu., a saltire arg. Cresc — A dragon statant or. Motto —
Metuenda corolla draconis.

Seats— Ards, Letterkenny, co. Donegal, and Laurencetowa
House, Gilford, co. Down.

6 a 2






Stewaet, Jonx, Esa., C.I.E., of ArdTorlieh, co.
Perth, J.P., Col. R.A'. (retired), b. 24 March,
1833; m. 14 July, 1857, Elizabeth Magdalen
Amelia, 4th dau. of General Tliomas Webster, of
Balgarrie, Fifeshire, and has issue,

I. William, Cnpt. lOtli Bengal Lancers, 6. 8 Oct. 1S''P; iti.
1S91, Lily, dau. of A. C. MacLaren, Esq., and has i-L-ue,
a son, b. 1S'J3.

II. Jolin Lindcsay, 5. 24 Oct. 1875.

III. Augustus Baird, 6. 1 Oct. 1877, d. 1893.

I. Mabel, b. 30 Oct. 1860.

II. Lilian, ?)i. 20 Jan. 1SS5, Charles Bardey Lukis, r,-q.,
Bengal Medical Service, and has Issue, Theodore; Sydney ;
Ethel Maud.

III. Ethel Mary, m. 2 Nov. 1SS7, Ernest James Medley,
Capt. nth Bengal Cavalry.

IV. Helen Lucy, m. 25 Jan. 1887, Francis Henry Bennet
Skrine, Esq., E.I.C.S., eldest son of Rev. Claraiont
Skrine, M.A., of Warleigh Lodge, Wimbledon, and has
issue, Clarmont.

liineagre.— Robert, Duke of Albany, son of Robert IL
of Scotland, m. Margaret, Countess of Menteith in her own
right, and was father of

Mdkdoch, Doke of Albany, Regent of Scotland, m. Isabel,
Countess of Lennox. He was beheaded at Stirling 1425, with
two of his sons. Waltek, the eldest son, was ancestor of the
Lords Stoart of Ochiltree, the Earls Castle-Stewart, the
Earls of Moray, <S;c. The 2nd son.

Sir James Stewart, was ancestor in the direct male line
of the Stewarts of Ardcorlich. He m. Annabel, dau. of
Buchanan, of that ilk, and was s. by his son,

William Stewart, in. Mariota, dau. of Sir Colin Campbell,
of Glenorehy, ancestor of the Marquess of Breadalbane, and
had issue. From his younger sons, John and Andrew respec-
tively, the families of Stewart of Glenhuckie and Stewart of
Gartnaferaran, both in the co. Perth, were descended. The
eldest son,

Walter Stewart, s. his father, and m. Euphemia, dau. of
James Reddoch, of Cultobraggan, Comptroller of the House-
hold of James IV., and was father of a son and heir,

James Stewart, who m. a dau. of Patrick Stewart, of Glen-
huckie, and had a son and heir,

Alexander Stewart, of Ardvorlich, m. Margaret, dau. of
Drummond, of Drummond Erinoch (sister of the unfortunate
Drummond Erinoch, King James VI. "s Ranger in Glenartney
Forest, who was murdered in 1589 by the Children of the Mist).
He had issue, James, his heir, and John, ancestor of the
families of Stewart of Annai, Stewart of Ballachallan, and
Stewart of Craigtoun, all in co. Perth. The elder son,

James Stewart, s. to the estate. This was the man who
in a quarrel slew his friend. Lord Kilpont, in Montrose's
camp, at CoUace, 5 Sept. 1644, and on whose character and
exploits Sir Walter Scott wrote his tale, the Legend of Mont-
rose. Having obtained the pardon of Parliament for the deed,
he accepted a majority in Argyll's regiment, and afterwards
distinguished himself in Leslie's campaigns. He m. Barbara,
dau. of Robert Murray, of Buchanty, co. Perth, and was s. by
his eldest son,

Robert Stewart, of Ardvorlich, m. Jean Drummond, dau.
of David Drummond, of Comrie, and had issue,

I. James, his heir.

II. William, m. Jean Stewart, dau. of Patrick Stewart, of
Glenbuckie, and was father of Robert .Stewart, who, on
the death of his first-cousin, t. to the estate of Ardvorlich.

The eldest son,

James Stewart, of Ardvorlich, m. Elizabeth, only child of
John Buchanan, of Buchanan, and was s. by his son,

Robert Stewart, of Ardvorlich, d. unm. 1166, and was, as
before stated, x. by his first-cousin,

Robert Stewart, of Ardvorlich, m. Margaret, dau. of John
Stewart, of Annat, co. Perth, and was father of

William Stewart, of Ardvorlich, 6. 10 June, 1754; m. 28
Aug. 1797, Helen, eldest dau. of James Maxtone, of Culto-
quhey, co. Perth, and by her (who d. 11 Oct. 1853) had issue,

I. Robert, hi.i heir, who d. unm., and was .?. by his nephew.

II. William Murray, Major 22nd Bengal N.I., 0. 1804; m.
8 Aug. 182C, Charlotte Athanas (who rf. 18(J0), eldest dau.
of Major Robert Joseph Debnam, 13th Light lufumry, and
d. 29 July, 1853, leaving,

1 William, of Ardvorlich, b. 5 June, 1827: s. his uncle. 16

July, 1854; Capt. H E.I.C.'s Bengal Artillery; m. 22 Oct.

• Isol, Jane Emily, youngest dau. of Hill Willson, Esq.

Bengal Engineers, and had issue, 1 Robert, b. 25 April,

1855, d. 14 June, 1857 ; I Charlotte Fanning, m. 20 Ang j
1873, Sir James Ramsay, 10th Bart, of Bamff (see Bdrke's I
Peerage and Baronetage). He was kiled, with his wife I
and infant son, at Gwalior, during the Indian Mutiny '
14 June, 1857, and was s. by his next brother, Robert '
Stewart, Esq.

2 Robert, heir to his brother.

3 John, now of Ardvorlich.

4 Anthony, Col. Bengal Staff Corps, b. 1834 ; m.April, 1857
Charlotte, 4lh dau. of M.ijor Barlow, and by her (who (/' '
1882) had issue, James, Lieut. R.A. ; Robert Joseph '
Tucker; Walter; Charlotte Mary, m. 1878, Col. K. W. '
Collis, Bengal Staff Corps; Alice; and Henrietta Graced !
m. 18b5, Capt. F. A. Hayden, Duke of Wellington's Own |
Regt. Col. Anthony Stewart ci. 13 Dec. 1886. i

5 James Itaphael, M.A., b. 1838 ; m. 1869, Annette Louisa, j
dau. of Sir John Cheape, G.C.B., of the Bengal Engineers, |
and has issue, William Murray, 0. 1875 ; Margaret; ;
M.arjory ; and Elizabeth. }

6 George, Major-Gen. Bengal Staff Corps, m. 1881, Mary, |
dau. of John Monteith Douglas, Esq. '

7 Theodore Henry, Bombay C.S., b. 1842; m. 6 Oct. 1864, |
Alice, dau. of Major Osborne, and d. 1892, leaving issue, j
Theodore Fitzalan, b. 1868; and Eva Lilian, vi. 29 Oct. I
1887, Col. James Gavin Lindsay, R.E., son of Col. Lind- I
say, C.B., 78th Highlanders. '

1 Charlotte, m. 24 April, 1851, William Roberts, Esq., I
Bengal C.S., and d. 3 Aug. 1887, leaving issue, William '
Stewart, m. in New Zealand ; Charles Hamilton ; Heleu, \
VI. to Capt. Oakeley.
I. Marjory, d. 9 Dec. 1878.
Mr. Stewart d. 26 Ffeb. 1838. His eldest son, |

Robert Stewart, of Ardvorlich, s. his father 26 Feb. 1838,
d. unm. 16 July, 1854, and was s. by his nephew,

William Stewart, Esq. of Ardvorlich, d. 14 June, 1857, and
was s. by his brother, I

Robert Stewart, Esq. of Ardvorlich, Col. Bengal Staff |
Corps, Commissioner of Assam, b. 1829 ; m. 9 Aug. 1860,
Charlotte Joanna, dau. of Anthony Murray, Esq. of Dollerie.
CO. Perth, and had issue, Charlotte. Mr. Stewart d. 6 June,

^r?)is— Quarterly ; 1st and 4th or, a lion rampant within
a double tressureflorycounterflory gu. ; 2ndor, afessechequy
az. and arg., in chief a mullet gu. ; 3rd arg., a saltire engrailed
between four roses gu., barbed and seeded vert, all within a
bordure engrailed compouee az. and of the first. Orest—K
dexter naked arm issuant, grasping a sword in bend sinister,
all ppr., pommel and hilt or. Motto (in an escroU above the
crest)— Deo juvante vinco.

Scat — Ardvorlich, Lochearnhead, co. Perth.


Stewart, Major Colvin, of Cairnsmore, Kirk-
cudbright, J. P. and D.L. for that co., and J. P. for
Wigtownshire, Major late Scottish Borderers, b.
5 Dec. 1830 ; »i. 2 April, 1867, Julia Henrietta
Mary, eldest dau. of James Coape, Esq. of Mirables, '
Isle of Wight. \

Lineage.— James Stewart, of Cairnsmore, Kirkeud- :
bright, J. P. and D.L., b. 2 April, 1791 ; to. 18 Dec. 1829, Eliza- I
beth, only dau. of Gilbert MacLeod, M.D., of Gloucester Place, |
London, and had issue, (

I. CoLViv, now of Cairnsmore. ■

II. Patrick, Brevet Lieut.-Col. R.E., 6. 28 Jan. 1832; m. \
Jane, only dau. of Col. McDowall, of Logan ; d. Jan. 1865. ■'

III. Keith, Lieut. K.N., 6. 9 March, 1834; d. Sept. 1857. i

IV. Gilbert MacLeod, of St. Stephen's Chambers, London,
b. -25 Jan. 1839. 1

V. James, H.E.I.C.S. Bengal, 6. 14 June, 1840; d. 7 Dec. j
1868. i

VI. John Muckie, Major- Gen. Bengal Army, Deputy-Judge- \
Advocate, 6. 19 June, 1841 ; rn. Florence Mary, dau. of Henry
Vansittart, Esq., H.E.I.C.S.

VII. Montgomery Granville, of Calcutta, 6. 19 Jan. 1844; d.
13 May, 1892.

viii. Ravenscroft (Rev.), M.A., Vicar of All Saints, Knigl'ti- '
bridge, b. 23 -June, 1845 ; m. Lucy, dau. of Robert Nesfield,
Esq. of Castle Hill, co. Derby.

IX. Henry Holmes (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Brington, near
Northampton, b. 8 Nov. 1847 ; m. 28 July, 1874, Lady
Beatrice Cecilia Diana Carnegie, 3rd dau. of James, fltti
Earl of Southesk, and hus issue, Gilbert Carnegie, b.
1875 ; Charles Montgomery, 6. 1876 ; Herbert Noel, b.
IbSl ; Catherine Elizabeth, 6. 1877 ; Mabel Constance, 6.

X. Houston Stewart, of Ketterick, Woking, Surrey, b. 5
June, 1850; in. 29 Aug. 1874, Oriana, youngest dau. oJ
William Fanning, Esq. of Bozedo wn, co. Oxford.

I. Lillias Miller, m. Sept. 1853, Alexander Clark Forbes,
Esq., M.A., only son of Sir John Forbes, M.D.

II. Elizabeth MacLeod, w. Lieut. -Gen. P. G. Scot.





ni. Margaret Harriet Dualop, m. Col. Frederick John Keen,
C.B., Bengal Staff Corps.
Mr. Stewart was the son of Patrick Stewart, Esq. of Cairnsmore
(who d. 30 Aug. 1814), by Lillias, dau. of Hugh Miller, Esq.,
and grandson of James Stewart, Esq. He d. 1877, and was s.
by his eldest son.

iSeoZ— Cairnsmore, Palnure, N.B.

t'iuis— Carlton ; and New (Edinburgh).


Stewart, James, Esq. of Blackhouse, co. Ayr,
elected M.P. for Greenock 1878, and again in 1880,
J.P. and D.L. cos. Ayr and Benfrew, b. 14 June,
1827 ; m. 1st, 27 June, 1855, Margaret Parker,
2ud dau. of Major Duncan Darrocb, of Gourock,
.CO. Eenfrew, by -whom (who d. 3 Oct. 1859) he
ihas had issue,

I. James William, 6. 24 July, 1856, d. 12 Aug. 1S59.
I. Susan Caroline. ii. Margaret Parker Darroch.

Mr. Stewart m. 2ndly, 5 March, 1868, Margaret
Sandilands, dau. of William Stirling, Esq., 2ud son
of John Stirling, Esq. of KippendaTie, Perth, by
j vhom he has issue,

n. James Stibling, 6. TO June, 1S71.
: III. William Norman, 6. 11 Dec. 1872.

IV. Ian, 6. 2 Nov. 1874.

V. Patrick Douglas, b. 11 Sept. 1876.

I jii. Olive Juana, m. 27 April, 1892, James, 3rd son of James

Arthur, Esq. of Barshaw and Carlung.
' IV. Mary, b. 7 March, 1880.

Lineage.— Daniel Stewart, Esq., 6. 1720 ; m. 1786,
I Helen Love, by whom (who d. 1832) he had issue,
I. James, of whom pie.sently.

n. William, of St. Fillans, co. Ayr, J. P. for co. Ayr, m.
' 1832, Elizabeth, dau. of Kobert Paton, Esq. of Ayr, N.B.,

and d. s. p. Feb. 1875.
Eis eldest son,

James Stewabt, Esq. of Clydebank, Greenock, m. 8 April,
1825, Joana, dau. of Donald Shaw, Esq., and d. 11 Nov. 1837,
leaving issue by her (who d. 27 Nov. 1848),

I. James, his heir, now of Blackhouse.

II. William, d. I«39.

j III. Danitl Shaw, formerly Capt. 11th Hussars, b. 1833 ; m.
1 1888, Anna Dawson, dau. of Joseph Earle, Esq., and has

1 James William Earle, h. 1859.

2 William. 3 Arthur. 4 John.
■ 1 Anna Joana, d. 1831. 2 Alice.

j 3 Helen Margaret. 4 Josephine.

! 5 Nona.

I iv. John, d. 1840.
I I. Helen.

II. Mary, m. Robert A. Kennedy, Esq., and d. 1875, leaving
I issue, James Stewart, Edward Douglas, William, and Mary

Helen. iii. Margaret.

I Arms—Or, & fesse chequy az. and arg., between a horseshoe
ga. in chief and a lyinphad, sails furled, oars in action, flags
and pennon flying, all ppr., in base. Crest — A demi-lion or,
hokUng in the paws a battle axe ppr. JUotto — Audax in
Seat — Blackhouse, Skelmorlie, Ayrshire.



Stewabt, Robert Hathoen Johxstox, Esq.
of Physgill, CO. Wigton, J.P. and D.L., b. 2 Sept.
1824; s. 1865, at the death of his uncle, James
Johnston, Esq. of Straiton, to his entailed estates
in Midlothian and co. Linlithgow, and in con-
sequence assumed the additional surname of
Johnston. He was an ofBcer in the 93rd High-
landers, and Capt. in the 13th Light Di-agoons,
educated at Eton ; m. 1st, Aug. 1851, Eleanor
Louisa, youngest dau. of Archibald Douglas, Esq.
■of Glenfinart, and has issue,

I. Staib Hathobn Johkston, Capt. 20th Hussars, 6. 2 June,
1852 ; m. 12 July, 1883, Helen Constance, 3rd dau. of Sir
Edward Hunter-Blair, 4th Bart.

i. Ellen Douglas, m. 15 April, 1873, James Francis Dal-
rj-mple Hay, Esq., eldest son of Eight Hon. Sir John Dal-
rymple Hay, 3rd Bart., K.C.B., and has issue.

He m. 2ndly, 24 April, 1856, Anne Murray, 2nd
dau. of Sir William Maxwell, Gtli Bart, of Mon-
reith, by Helenora his wife, youngest dau. of Sir
Michael Shaw Stewart, 5th Bart, of Greenock and
Blackball, and has issue,

II. Robert, Lieut. R.N., b. 20 May, 1858.

HI. William Maxwell, Lieut. Royal Marines, 6. 16 Dec.

IV. James, 2nd Lieut. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders,

t>. 1871.
v. Herbert Eustace, 6. 15 July, 1880.

II. Mary, m. 6 Oct. 1887, G. R. V. Hume. Capt. Seaforth
Highlanders, eldest son of Sir Gustavus Hume.

III. Nora. IV. Annie.
v. Margaret, m. H. Broadhurst, Esq.

VI. Blanche, m. Arthur Broadhurst, Capt. 14th Hussars.

VII. Constance Alice. vui. Agnes Catherine.
IS. Edith.

Lineage. — Both the families of Physgill and Glenturk
descend from John Stewart, Minister of Kirkniahoe, 2nd son
of Sir Alexander Stewart, of Garlies, who d. 1590, by Margaret
his wife, dau. and heir of Patrick Dunbar, of Clugston.

Agnes Stewart, only child of Lieut. Robert Stewart, R.N.,
by Frances Baillie his wife, and granddau. of John Stewart, of
Physgill, by Agnes Stewart his wife, heir of Robert Stewart,
of Glenturk, succeeded, several years after her grandfather's
death, to both the estates of Physgill and Glenturk, under the
provisions in a contract which secured these estates to the
heir of the marriage. She had previously m. 1740, John
Ilathorn, of Over Airies, co. Wigton, and was motherof

Robert Hathobn-Stewabt, Esq. of Physgill, m. 1794,
Isabella, only dau. of Sir Stair Agnew, 6th Bart, of Lochnaw,
by Mary Baillie his wife, sister of Lord Polkemmet, and had,

I. Stair Hathorn, his heir.

n. Mark Sprot, of Southwick, Kirkcudbright, J.P. and D.L.,
b. 12 July, 1802; vi. 10 Nov. 1831, Janet, dau. of John
Sprot, Esq. of Clapham Common, co. Surrey, and d. Dec.
1878, having had,

1 Mark John (Sir), created a baronet 18D2 (see Edbke's

2 Robert, of Culgruff, co. Kirkcudbright, late 79th High-
landers, 6. 13 June, 1836; m. II June, 1874, Georgina
Eleanor, dau. of Sir William Maxwell, 3rd Bart, of Cardo-

1 Mary.

2 Isabella Gertrude, m. Francis Maxwell, Esq. of Gribton,
CO. Dumfries, and d. 18 Dec. 1866, leaving a dau. Ethel
Marguerite, b. 16 July, 1866.

I. Agnes, m. John MacCulloch, Esq. of Barholme, Kirkcud-

II. Mary, m. Capt. James Hay, R. A., of Belton, East Lothian,
grandson of Lord David Hay.

Mr. Hathom-Stewart d. 7 Nov. 1818, and was s. by his son.

Stair Hathobn-Stewabt, Esq. of Physgill, J.P. and D.L.,
Convener of the CO., 6.29 Sept. 1796; m. 1st, 23 June, 1820,
Margaret, only dau. of James Johnston, Esq. of Straiton, co.
Linlithgow, by Mary Baillie his wife, dau. of Lord Polkemmet,
one of the Lords of Session, and by her had issue,

Robert Hathorn Johnston, now of Physgill.

Mary, m. 14 April, 1846, Sir William Baillie, of Polkemmet.

Mr. Stewart m. 2ndly, 10 Aug. 1826, Helen, youngest dau. of
the Right Hon. Sir John Sinclair, 1st Bart., of Ulbstcr, by
Hon. Diana Macdonald his wife, dau. of Alexander, Ist Lord
Macdonald, and by her had issue,

Stair Agnew, b. 20 Aug. 1830.
John Sinclair, b. 26 Dec. lS36.
Diana Wentworth, m. 12 May, 1847, Brooke Cunliffe, Esq. of

Batliafarn, co. Denbigh, and has issue.
Isabella Agnew, vi. Andrew Gillon, Esq. of Wallhouse.

He in. 3rdly, 1846, Jane Rothes, dau. of John Maitland, Esq.
of Freugh, by Jane his wife, dau. of Sir William Maxwell,
4th Bart, of Monreith, and by her had issue,
William Maitland, b. March, 1830.

Jane Maitland. m. 14 July, 1869. Arthur John.stone Dnugla;?,
Esq. of Lockerby, co. Dumfries (set Bdbke's Peaage,
Queensbbbby, M.).
Mr. Stewart d. 19 July, 1865.

Arms—Or, a fesse chequy az. and arg. surmounted of abend
engrail' d gu., in the sinister chief point a buckle of the fourth,
all within a double tiessureflorycounterflory, also of the fourth.
Crest — A demi-litn rampant, holding in the dexter paw a
buckle or. Motto — Suffibulatus raajores sequor.

Sca(»— Glasserton and Physgill, Whithorn, co. Wigton, and
Champfleuxie, Linlithgow, N.B.






Stewakt, Johx Lorx, Esq. of Brcacliaclia, Isle
of Coll, X.B., J.P. and D.L.. h. 22 May, 1837,
served in the Scots Grejs and 18th Hussars, Lieut.-
Col. in the army (retired).

Lineage. — The Stewarts of Glenbuckic were dcsccndcil
from John, 2nd son of William Stewart, of B:iUlorian, granil-
foa of Lord James Stewart, who was son of Murdoch, 'Jnil
Duke of Albany. John Glas Stewart of Benmore wa.s, with
his two nephews, killed at Culloden.and Alexander, his uncle,
at Killieerankie. The Glenbuckics were of the Ardsheal or
Appin Stewart*, that is to say, when the male line of the barons
of Appin failed, in the person of Duncan, the Gth baron, the
chieftainship of the clan fell to the Ardsheal family. Duncan
Stewart, son of Alexander, who was killed at Killieerankie, iii.
a dan. of Maclean of Coll. Glenbuckic, was sold in 1847, and
Coll acquired ten years later. The Ardsheal family suffered
heavily at Culloden, eight being killed, and three wounded.
Stew art of Ardsheal was attainted of High Treason in 1746, but
escaped, and d. in France ; to his son, who had gone to
America, and took the loyalist side in the American War,
were restored the paternal estates.

DcNCAN Stewakt, Esq. of Glenbuckie, m. Margaret, 2nd
dau. of Duncan Stewart, Esq. of Ardsheal, by whom he had,
■with other issue,

John Lorn Stewakt, Esq.of Breachacha, Isleof Co11,N.B.,
and Knockrioch, J.P. and D.L., 6. 1800; rn. 1831, Mary, dau.
of Archibald Campbell, Esq. of Ardmore, and by her (who d.
1840) had issue,

I. Duncan, of Knockrioch, co. Argyll, J. P., Commander,
E.N., b. 1834; vi. Is58, Ferooza Margaret, dau. of the
Right Hon. Sir John McNeill, G.C.B., and has, with other
issue. Lorn McNeill, 6. 1859.

II. John Lobn, now of Coll.

III. Archibald, d. unm. I
I. Mary, m. to D. Fox Tarratt, Esq. of Ellary, and has issue,

Joseph Fox: Mary Caroline Campbell.

Mr. Stewart d. June, 1878.

iSeat— Breachaeha, Isle of Coll, Argyll. Post Town—Ohojy.


Stewaet, Eobeet King, Esq. of Murdostoun
Castle, CO. Lanark, J.P. and D.L., h. 1853; m.
1881, Alice Margaret, younger dau. of John
Christie, Esq. of Cowden and Glenfarg, co. Perth,
and has had issue,

I. Robert Craig Christie, b. 1882; d. 1888.

II. John Christie, 6. 18s8.

III. Alexander Caldwells, 6. 1802.

Lineage. — The ancestors of Mr. Stewart were occupiers
of the same property in Stair parish, co. Ayr, for several
hundred years, and were cadets of the Stewarts of Canick, in
the same co.

Robert Stewakt, Esq. of Stair, co. Ayr, m. Mary Herbert,
and by her (who d. 1776) left at his decease, 1804, a son,

William Stewart, Esq., a Merchant in Glasgow, m. 1808,
Helen Millar, and by her (who d. 1S26) had issue,

r. EoBEBT, his heir.

I. Christiana, m. William Craig, Esq., J.P., a Merchant of
Glasgow, and d. 1»39.

II. Mary, m. John Brown, jun., Esq., J.P.

III. Helen, m. 184'i, Wm. S. Lindsay, Esq., M.P. for Sun-
derland, and formerly M.P. for Tynemouth, D.L. for
London, and J.P. for Middlesex.

Mr. Stewart d. Dec. 1634, and was s. by his eldest son,

Robert Stewart, Esq. of Murdostoun Castle, D.L. and
J. P., Lord Provost of Glasgow from 1851 to 1854, b. 1811;
in. 1852, Isabella, eldest dau. of John King, Esq. of Campsie,
CO. Stirling, J. P., and had issue,

I. Robert King, now of Murdostoun.

II. William Lindsay, of Stanmore, co. Lanark, .I.P., b. 12
Oct. 1859; m. 6 June, 188.3, Harriet Anne, 2nd dau. of A.
A. Gregory, of Westwood, Inverness, and has issue,

1 William Alfred Lindsay, b. 28 Feb. 1892.

1 Flora Macdonald Lindsay.

2 Isabella Margaret Lindsay.

3 Harriet Violet Lindsay.

I. Christina, m. A. Gregory, Esq. of Maryhill, Elgin, and
ha.s issue.
^r. Robert Stewart d. 1866.

Arma— Or, a fesse chequy az. and arg., surmounted by a lion
rampant ppr., all within a boidure invected of the second. (Jrtst

— A demi-lion holding in the dexter paw a sword, and in the
sinister a pair of .scales, all ppr. Mntto — Hinc orior.
Heat — Murdostoun Castle, Xewmains, co. Lanark.


Stewaet, Ciiaeles Fredeeick, Esq. of Ilorn
Head, co. Donegal, E.A., J.P., High Sheriff 1871,
b. 10 March, 184.5; s. his father 18G8 ; m.^
12 Aug. 18G9, Elizaheth Frances, 2nd dau. of Rev.
Thomas Lindesay, Rector of Upper Cumber, co.
Uerry, and by her (who d. 4 March, 1881) has had

I. Charles Frederick, b. 14 July, 1870.

II. William, b. 2 Aug. 1871.
in. Thomas Francis, b. 9 Oct. 1872.
IV. Walter Edward, b. 14 June, 1876; d. 1 Oct. 1883.

I. Ann Elizabeth Frances.

II. Nicola Mary, d. April, 1891.

III. Eleanor Louisa.

IV. Elizabeth F' ranees, d. April, 1891.

He m. 2ndly, 6 May, 1884, Georgina Sophia,
youngest dau. of Blackwood Hamilton, Esq. of
Highnam, Eray, by whom he has issue,

V. Bertram Robert, b. 14 Jan. 1886.

VI. Richard Arthur, b. 17 Sept. 1888.
V. Georgina Sophia.

Lineag'e. — This family, of ancient Scottish ancestry is of
the Lennox Stewarts, Earls of Darnley.

Capt. Charles Stewart, an OflBcer in the army of King i
AV'illiam III., and one of those who fought at the battle of the,
Boyne, received a grant of the lands of Doone, in King's co.,
but migrating northward in 1700, he purchased from Capt.
John Forward and Capt. William Sampson, the Donegal
estates of Horn Head, &c. He left issue, i. Frederick, of whom
presently ; ii. Charles ; iii. Gustavus, of Ray, co. Donej;al ; I.
Eleanor, -,/!. Benson, of Lunsford. The eldest son,

Frederick Stewart, Esq. of Horn Head, m. 1730, Mary,
eldest Cnu. of George Knox, Esq. of Prehen, co. Derry, and
had issue. Mr. Stewart made his will 7 April, 1768, which was
proved 14 May, 1770. His eldest son,

Charles Stewart, Esq. of Horn Head, Capt. of Dragoons,
IK. 1st, 1702, Elizabeth, dau. of his uncle, Gustavus Stewart,
but by her no issue. He m. 2ndly, 1772, Nichola Anne,
dau. of — Charlton, Esq. and by her had issue. Mr. Stewart
m. 3rdly, Elizabeth Knox : he made his will 4 Oct. 1799, and it
was proved 12 Jan. 1809. His eldest son,

William Stewart, Esq. of Horn Head, Capt. Donegal i
Militia, m. 1799, Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Maxwell, Esq. of I
Birdstown, and by her (who d. 13 July 1860) had issue, I

I. Charles Frederick, his heir. '

II. Richard, Capt. H.E.I.C.S., deceased. J

III. William, M.D., m. Angel Isabella, dau. of Sir James j
Galbraith, Bart, and is deceased. I

IV. Peter Benson, Coram. R.N., m. Augusta, dau. of Capt. ]
F'oote, R.N., deceased. (

v. Alexander (deceased). Rector of Tullaghyhobigly, in*
Sarah, dau. of Rev. Thomas Gibbings, and had issue.
I. Anne, d. unm. il. Kichola Anne Mary, ((.jaiirt.

III. Elizabeth, m. Leonard Cornwall, Esq., who is deceased.

IV. Emily, deceased. v. Frances, deceased.
VL Charlotte Augusta, d. unm. vii. Georgina, deceased.

Capt. Stewart d. 9 March, 1840, and was s. by his eldest son,

Rev. Charles Frederick Stewart, of Horn Head, J. P., m.
9 Alarch, 1831, Anne, only dau. of Col. Robert Stirling,
H.E.I.C.S., by his wife, the dau. of Sir William Toone, K.C.B.
H.E.I.C.S., and had

I. William, Capt. 3rd Buffs, d. Sept. 1864.

II. Robert, d. under age.

III. Charles Frederick, now of Horn Head.
I. Eliz.abeth Mary.
n. Mary (deceased), lii. Michael Becher, Esq. of Corriganear,

CO. Cork.
III. Emily Anne. iv. Charlotte. v. Ann Louisa.

Rev. Mr. Stewart d. Oct. 1S68.

v4riu«— Quarterly : 1st and 4th az., three fieur-dc-lis within
a bordure engrailed or; 2nd and 3rd or, a fesse chequy az. and
arg., within a bordure gu., charged with eight buckles of the
first, over all in the centre chief point a mullet counter-
changed. Crest— Out of a ducal coronet or, a bull's head sa.,
vomiiing flames ppr., and charged with a mullet or. Motto —
Avant Darnley.

^'to!— Horn Head, Dunfanaghy, co. Donegal.






Ealconae-Stewaet, Geoege Meecee

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