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1759, aged 02, having had issue, three
daus. and two sons, of whom the elder, Anthony, d. s. p. ia
his father's lifetime, 13 Nov. 1754, aged 23.

RoBEKT Surtees, Esq., J. P., of Milkwell Burn, 2nd son,
heir to his father, m. Ann Hunter, of Dukesfield, Northum-
berland, and d. 5 July, 1811, aged 70, leaving a dau. Ann,
7?!. Charles Dalston Purvis, Esq. of Earsdon, Northumberland,
and a son,

Anthony Surtees, Esq., J. P., of Milkwell Burn, Hanisterley
Hall, and Byerside Hall, and the devisee of Col. Surtees, of
Ackworth Park. He m. 14 3Iarch, 1801, Alice, sister ot
Christopher Blackett, Esq. of Wylam, M.P. for South North-
umberland, and by her (who ((. 1837) had issue,

Anthony, d. unm. at Malta 24 March, 1831, aged 30,

Robert .Smith, late of Hamsterley.

Christopher Blacket, d. 1821, aged 14.

William Ingham, Assistant-Secretary to the Government of
Scinde, d. 25 Feb. 1879.

Ann Alice, d. unm. 1834, aged 33.

Julia Alice, m. Rev. Hugh Salvin, of Alston, Cumberland,
of a branch of the family of Salvin of Croxdale, co.

Elizabeth Mary, tti. Rev. Charles Carr, Rector of Whit-
worth, CO. Durham (see Caeb-Ellison of Dunston liUl,

Frances Alice, tti. George Fenwick, Esq. of Bishop Wear-
mouth, CO. Durham, and Bywell, Northumberland.
Mr. Surtees d. 5 March, 1838, and was s. by his son,

Robert Smith Surtees, Esq. of Hamsterley Hall, J.P. and
D.L., formerly Major of the Durham Militia and High Sheriff
CO. Durham 1856; in. 19 May, 1841, Elizabeth Jane, dau. and
co-lieir of Addison Fenwick, Esq. of Bishop Wearmouth,
and by her (who d. 12 March, 1879) had

Anthony, of Hamsterley.

Elizabeth Anne. Eleanor.

Mr. Surtees, the eminent author of a series of inimitable
sporting novels, d. 16 March, 1804, and was s. by his only

Anthony Surtees, Esq. of Hamsterley Hall, b. 7 July, 1847,
wlio d. at Rome, 17 March, 1871, unm., and was bur. at Ebehes-
ter. He was s. by his sisters, the present Miss Subtees and the
Hon. Mrs. Vereker.

Arms — Erin., on a canton gu. an orle or. Cresf — Out of a
duial coronet or, a plume of three feathers arg. Jl/ofto— Malo
mori quam foedari.

Sent — Hamsterley Hall, Lintz Green, Newcastle-on-Tyne, co.


Sutherland, George, Esq. of Forse, co. Caith
ncss, b. 1827 ; m. 1848, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of
William G. Slieppard, Esq. of Lamogue, co. Water-
ford, and by her (who d. 9 JYov. 1881) has, with
other issue,

John William, b. 1851.

Mr. Sutlierland is heir-male of the Earls of Sutlier-
land, a title which was held by his ancestor early
ill the 13th century. William, Earl of Sutherland,
m. Lady Margaret Bruce, dau. of Robert L, King
of Scotland, and in consideration of this alliance
and the co-heirship to the Crown which it brousht,
a royal warrant, dated 14 July, 1718, granted the
royal tressure to John, Earl of Sutherland.

Lineag-e — William, Earl of Sutherland (who d. 1370),
had a younger son,

Kenneth Sutherland. In 1400, he had a grant of Drummay
and other lands in Sunderland from bis brother Robert, Earl of
Sunderland, and is said to have acquired Forse by marriage
with a lady of the family of Keith. In 1498, he had a charter
of Nottingham from Mai ion Cheyne, with consent of her son,
Andrew Keith. His son,

John Sutherland, of Forse, d. about 1440, leaving a son.

Richard Suthebland, of Forse, who in 1451 made a
foundation for saying of masses in the church at Golspie. His

John Suthebland, of Forge, was served heir 1471 ; had a
charter of Backies 1505, and d. before May, 1545. In his time,
the male line of the elder branch l)eeaine extinct on the death
of John, Earl of Sutherland, 1614. John Sutherland's eldest

Robert Sutherland, predeceased his father, and left three
sons, I. Richard, of Forse, 1545, d. s. p. ; ii. William, of Forse,
7/i. 1558, Janet, dau. of William Sinclair, of Oliig, but d. s. p.





before 1574: and iii. Alexander, of Forse, 157^, who was
father of

Donald Sctiierland, of Korse, 1594, who left a son.

Alexantek Si tuerland, of Forse, 1C02. lie d. 1045,
leaving issue,

1. James, his heir.

n. John, father of William, of Lan^well, whose son, James,
of Langivell, d. I70S, leaving three dans., 1 Esher, of Lang-
well, Hi. 1st, 1696, W illiam bridge, of Toftingall, and 2ndly,
170S, Robert Sutherland, of Achastle ; 2 Anne, m. 1717,
Alexander Sinclair, of Swinzie, co. Caithness, who took the
name of SrxHERLAND. Their sou James left a dau. and heir,
Anne, who ;... Capt. Patriek Sinclair, of Durran, co. Caith-
ness, and had issue ; 3 Janet, m. George Sinclair of
Brabster, and left an heir, Anne, m. Robert Sutherland, of

The eldest son,

James Sitherlaxd, of Forse, m. 1633, Janet, dau. of Hugh
Gordon, of Ballone, co. Sutherland, and by her (who m. 2ndly,
1655, William Henderson) had a son and heir,

George Sutherland, of, in. Jean, dau. of Robert
Gray, of Skibo, co. Sutherland, and had

I. George, his heir.

II. Robert, of Acliastle, »u. 1708, Esther, eldest dau. of James
Sutherland, and heir of Langwell. Their son, James, of
Langwell, was father of Robert, who sold the estate 1775;
he 7,1. 1762, Ann Sinclair, heir of Brabster, and bad George,
of Brabster, father of James, who sold Brabster 1S65, and
had issue.

The eldest son,

George Sctheelant, of Forse, had two sons, Francis, of
Forse, who d. s. p., and

John Sctherland, of Forse, s. his brother, to. iEmilia,
dau. of John Sinclair, of Ulster, co. Caithness, and by her
(who d. 1789) had issue. He d. 7 Aug. 1763, and was .s. by
his eldest son,

George Sutherland, of Forse, an Oflficer in the 97th Eegt.,
and afterwards in the Sutlierland Highktnders. lie unsuccess-
fully claimed the Earldom of Sutherland, and dying uiim. 1
Jan. 1773, was s. by his brother,

John Campbell Sutherland, of Forse, who m. Margaret
Munro, and d. 1S28, leaving issue,

I. John, of Forse, Cornet 9th Lancers and Lieut. 56th Foot,

d. uniii. 23 Feb. 1S46, aged 25.
n. George, now of Forse.

III. Francis, of Caverleigh, Surbilon, J. P. co3. Caithness
and Hereford, Capt. in the 2nd Dragoons (in Crimea), //*.
Constance, dau. of J. Freeman, Esq., D.L. of Gaines,
Hereford, and has issue.

Arm/: — Gu., three stars or, a bordure wavy of the second.
C><i — A cat salient ppr. Moltu — Sans peiu\
Seat — Forse House, Lybster.



Sctheelaxd-Geaeme, Alexander. Esq. of
Graemcshall, Orkney, b. 9 Oct. 18UG ; m. Mary Aiine,
dau. of Robert Graham, of Cossington, Somerset,
Member of the Supreme Council of India, a younger
eon of Graliam, of tiuross, and by her (who d. 27
Teb. 1877) bas

Alexander Malcolm, 6. 25 Jan. 1845; m. 27 Jan. 1874,
Margaret Isabel, dau. of Rev. John Mason Neale, D.D.,
"Warden of Saekville College, East Grinstead, and has

1 Patrick Xeale, b. 7 March, 1877.

2 Kenneth .Malcolm, b. 7 Oct. 1878.

3 Alexander William, b. 15 Oct. 1882.

4 Alan Vincent, b. 10 April, 1888.
1 Florence Margaret.

Henrietta Florence, d. 17 .Jan. 1SG9.

Xiinea ire. — Geobge Graham, of Myreside, a cadet of the
Inchbrakie family, after holding various livings, was chosen
Bishop of Dunblane 1603, and in 1615 translated to Orkney;
he was depo.sed by the General Assembly, his renunciation is
signed at Brecknesse, Orkney, 11 February, 1639. He ac-
quired the estate of Grahamshall, now called Graemeshall,
Breckness, die, in Orkney, and Gorthie, co. Perth, m. Marion
Crichton, of the Cluny family, and by her (who d. 1632) had,
besides daughters, four sons,

I. David, his heir.

II. I'atrick. ancestor of Graeme of Graemeshal'.
lu. John of (se'. under Watt).

IV. James, Merchant in Edinburgh, m. Mary Hart.

George Graeme d. before 1647. His eldest son,

David Graeme, of Gorthie, m. 1632, Catherine, dau. of
Thomas Myrton, of Cambo, co. Fife, and had issue,

I. MuNGo, his heir.

II. David, of whom hereafter.

lie fought under Montrose, and was forfeited 1045,but pardoned.
He il. 11 Jan. 1661, a few hours after removing the skull of
tile Marquess of Montrose from the iron spike on the Tolbooth
of Edinburgh, where it had been exposed for many years. His
elder son,

MuNGO Graeme, of Gorthie, wa^ put in possession of his
estates on the Restoration, 7ii. 1st, 1657, Helen, dau. of William
Moray, of Abercairny, and 2ndly, 1671, Mary, dau. of Sir
William Murray, of Ochterryre. H's only surviving son,

MuNGO Graeme, of Gorthie, sat in Parliament for co. Perth,,
and d. s. p. 16 Xov. 1754, aged 82. His uncle,

David Graeme, of Braco, co. Perth, Advocate, was fathcr

James Geaeme, of Braco, who m. 1st, Margaret, dau. of Sir
James Dunbar, of Moehrum, Bart, (she d. .?. p.), and 2udly,
Catherine, dau. of Sir William Stirling, Bart of Ardoeli, and
had, with others,

I. David, his heir.

II. Henry, of Ilanwell, Middlesex, Major, Governor of St.
Helena, d. 1786, leaving, by Anne his wife, eldest sister anct
co-heir of Henry Danvers Doughty Hodges, of Broadwell,
CO. Gloucester, an only child, Anne, );i. 1779, Admiral Sii-
Andrew Snape Hamond, 1st Bart, of Hollygrove. Her
grandson, Sir Andrew Snape Hamond, 3rd Bart., assumed
the additional surname of Graeme, and had permission to
quarter the arms and bear the crest and motto granted in
memoiy of the removal of the skull of Montrose, as already

The eldest son,

David Graeme, of Gorthie and Braco, m. Catherine, dau. of
James Hepburn, of Keith, and Catherine Riecard, of Riekarton,
his wife, and d. April, 1792, leaving Catherine, his only child,
who m. 1768, Thomas, Viscount Hampden, and d.s. p. 6 May,
1804. We now return to the Bishop's 2nd son,

Patrick Graeme, of Rothiesholme, Orkney, Minister of
Holme, 1635-49, m. Anne, dau. of Sir Archibald Stewart, of
Burray, Bart, and had

I. James, of Graemeshall, who m. Mary ^Murray, widow of
his cousin, Mungo Graeme, of Gorthie, and d. 1716.

II. Patrick, who carried on the line.
Patrick Graeme d. 1675. His 2nd son,

Patrick Graeme, of Graemeshall, m. Euphemia, dau. of
Robert Ilonyman, of Graemsay, and by her (who d. 1763, aged
94) had

MuNGO, his heir.

Margaret, m. Hugh Sutherland, M.D. of Kirkwall, and ha(3
a son,
William Sutherland, of Greenwall. Jamaica, who m. Hen-
rietta, dau. of James Fea, of Clestrain, Orkney. They
both d. 1806, leaving a son, Alexander, the presenj
proprietor of Graemeshall.
Patrick Graeme's only son,

MuNGo Graeme, of Graemeshall, m. Jean Chancellor, ot tlw
Shieldhill family, and d. 1762, leaving two sons, Patrick and
Alexander. The eldest,

Patrick Graeme, of Graemeshall, Sheriff Depute of Orkney,
d. vnni., 178G, and was s. by his brother,

Alexander Graeme, of Graemeshall, Admiral of the Red,
who lost an arm in tlie action off Doggerbank in Aug. 1781,
and d. unia. 5 Aug. 1818, when the property passed to his-

Alexander Sutherland, who assumed the surname of

Arm-t— Or, a lion rampant az., between three roses gu.. on
a chief sa., as many escallops ol the field. Cnst — A lion,
couchant lying before a sword in pale ppr. J/of(o— Xec teiuert
nee timide.

Stat — Uraemeshall, Orkney.


SuTHEiiLAND, EvAN CiiARLES, Esq. of Skibo
Castle, Sutherland, Vice-Lieut, co. Sutherland,
D.L. and J.P. co. Inverness, and J.P. West Riding,
CO. York, b. 12 Oct. 1835 ; m. 3 Feb. 1839, Alice
Sophia, dau. of Henry Tudor, Esq. of Portland
Place, London, and has had issue,

I. William, b. 17 June, and d. 3 Aug. 1861.

II. William Tudor, b. 1 1 Oct. 1862.

III. Alie, 6. 20 .Sept. 1863.

IV. Ewen Mackay, b. 21 Feb. 1867.





V. Kenneth, b. 21 May, 18G9.

VI. Eeay Mackay, b. 23 Sept. 1875.

I. Alice, b. 2 April, 18?5 ; d. 18 Sept. 1872.

II. Marion, 6. 29 Nov. 1872.

Lineage. — Geoboe Mackay Sdtheeland, Esq. of Udale,
CO. Koss, QSrd Sutherlaiul IliRhlanders, son of George Sackville
Sutlicrland, Esq. of Uppat, co. Sutherland, hy Jean, his wife,
2nd dau. of Col. George Mackay, of Bighouse, co. Sutherland,
VII. 29 Oct. 1828, Elizabeth, dau. of John Walker, Esq. of Crow-
nest, West Riding, co. York, and by her (who rf. 28 Dec. 1844)
had surviving issue,

I. Evan Charles, now of Skibo.

I. Elizabeth, m. ISrjO, David Sinclair Wemyss, Esq. of South-
Uuh, Caithness, and d. 1872, leaving issue,

1 "William David Sinclair, d. 1871.

2 George Sackville Sinclair (deceased).

3 Robert Dunbar.

4 Evan.

1 Henrietta Elizabeth (deceased).

2 Janet Mackay. 3 Mary.

II. Ann Walker, m. 1858, the late Henry William Stansfeld,
Esq. of Flockton Manor, Wakefield, and has issue,

1 Logan Sutherland. 2 Harold Sinclair.

3 Francis William.

Capt. Sutherland d. 23 April, 1847.

Arms—'PeT pale gu. and or, a boar's head erased, between in
chief a cross-crosslet fitch^e between two unillet of six points,
and in base a mullet of six points between two crosses-crosslet
fitchee within a bordure engrailed, the whole countercLanged.
Crest — A cat sejant guardant, gorged with a collar danccttee
su., and holding between the paws a mullet of six points, also
gu. il/o(<o— Sans peur.

(Scat— Skibo Castle, Sutherland.


Sutton-Neithorpe, Egbert jS'assau, Esq. of
Scawby Hall, co. Lincoln, J. P. and County Alder-
man, late Major 8tli Hussars, b. 13 May, 1850 ;
m. 1 Jan. 1885, Hon. Dulcibella Eden, eldest dau. of
William, 4th Lord Auckland, and Las issue,

Oliver, b. 1888.

Christopher, 6. 1890.

Griffith, b. 21 Aug. 1892.


Lineage.— Robert Nassau Sutton, Esq. (youngest son
of Sir Richard Sutton, 1st Bart, of Norwood Bark, Notts, m.
20 May, 1812, Mary Georgina, dau. of John Manners Sutton,
Esq. of Kelham, Notts, and by her (who d. 10 Nov. 1846) had

Robert, his heir.

Henry John, Capt. 7th Hussars, d. v.nm. 3 March, 1847.
Frederick, formerly Capt. Uth Hussars, m. 1st, 12 May,
1841, Eliza, dau. of Rev. W. Jones, Vicar of Ospringe,
Kent, and had issue, Frederick Nassau, d. unvi. 20 Dec.
1809; Robert, formerly in the navy, ri. 22 Oct. 1879; and
Ruth, m. 2 April, 18fib", Frederick L. Edridge, Lieut.-Col.
20th Rcgt. Capt. Sutton m. 2ndly, 19 Oct. 1847, Georgina,
dau. of \^en. Archdeacon Croft, and has issue, Algernon ;
Herbert Arthur; Charles Nassau; Amy Georgina, m. 9
June, 1875, Frank Hay Cliapman, R.N. ; Eva Pulteney
Marguerite, m. 2 June, 18Sl. John Warre Sill, Esq. R.E.
Georgiana Albinia, d. unm. 17 April, 1890.
Wary Isabella, m. 2 June, 1840, Sir George Baker, Bart, of
Loventor, co. Devon, and d. G May, 1855.
Anna Maria, m. 12 Dec. 1853, Le Karon L'Aerssen Beigeren
de Voshol, Chanibellan de Sa Majeste le Roi des Pays Bas,
whom she survives.
Mr. Sutton d. 7 April, 1833. His eldest son.

Rev. Robert Sutton, of Scawby, co. Lincoln, J. P. for
the Parts of Lindsey, b. 1 March, 1813; m. 4 May, 1847,
Charlotte, only sister of Sir John Nelthorpe, 8th and last Bart.,
to whose estates at Scawby and elsewhere she succeeded at
Sir John's death, Nov. 18G5, and by her (who d. Nov. 1872) had
Robert Nassau, now of Scawby.
Henry John, iate Lieut. 87 th Royal Irish Fusiliers, b. 9 Dec.

Francis Richard, 6. 27 March, 1853; m. 1881, Edith Louisa,
dau. of Arthur Pryor, Esq. of Highlands, Essex, and has
Richard Coningsby, b. 1882.
F'rancio Arthur, b. 1882.
Olinda Emily.
* Sylvia Catheiine.

Hugh Nelthorpe, b. 3 May, 18.')7.

Mary Georgiana, m. 8 Feb. 1S7G, Coningsty Charles Sibthorp,

of Canwick Hall, co. Lincoln, High Sheriff for the county
Evelyn Charlotte, m. 16 Dec. 1884, Major Paul Swinburn&

(see Burke's Peerage Swinburne, Bart.).
Mabel Albinia, ra. 29 June, 1876, Montagu Richard Waldo-

Sibthorp, of Canwieh, younger brother of the above.
Janetta Nina, m. 10 Feb. 188G, Rev. Geoffrey Barringtori
Simeon (see Burke's Peerage Simeon, Bart.), and has issue.
Mr. Sutton d. 1885, and was s. by his eldest son, Robert
Nassau Sutton, Esq., now of Scawby Hall, who has assumed
by royal licence, in 1884, the additional name and arms o£

Arms— Arg., a canton sa. Crest— A wolfs head erased gii.
MoitO' — Touts jours prest.
Seal — Scawby Hall, Biigg.
Ciui) — Arthur's.


SwABEY, Maurice John, o£ Langley MarLslv
Bucks., M.A. Oxon., Barrister-at-Law, of Lincoln's
Inn, b. 24 May, 1859; s. his father 1 Nov. 1883.

Lineage. — George Schwebe, or Swebet, of German
extraction, settled in St. Mary's, Lambeth, circa 1584. Fifth
in descent from him was

Samuel Swabey, Esq., J.P. for Surrey (second son of Stephen
Swabey, of St. Margaret's, Westminster, and grandson of
Roger Swabey, who d. 1705), b. i April, 1722; m. Mary, onl}-
dau. and heiress of Maurice Birchfield, Esq. of Langley
Marish, co. Bucks, an officer of the Duke of Marlborough's
army in Flanders, and Usher of the Black Rod in Ireland ;
and by her (who d. 24 Jan. 1815, aged 83) had issue,

Maurice, his heir, of whom presently.

Stephen (Rev.), M.A., Oxon, of the parish of St. Mary's, Lam-
beth, b. 20 July, 1757 ; m. 1814, Charlotte, dau. of WiUiaiu
Ward, Esq. of Lambeth, and d. s. p. 1853.

Mary Birchfield, ra. John Morgan, Esq. of Penge Place.
Mr. Swabey d. 23 Oct. 1790, and was s. by his elder son,

Maurice Swabet, Esq. of Langley Marish, Bucks, J.P.,.
D.C.L., Fellow of the College of Advocates, Chancellor of the
Diocese of Rochester, Commissary of Essex, Westminster, .and
Herts, Official Principal to the Archdeacon of Surrey, b. 'I'J
Nov. 1752; m. 1st, 4 Sept. 1783, Catherine, dau. of Robert
Bird, Esq. of Barton-on-the-lleath, co. Warwick, by Mary,
his wife, dau. and co-heir of John Henry Merttins, Esq. of
Ketton, Suffolk, son of Sir George Merttins, Knt., and by her
(whoso aunts, Mary and Elizabeth, sisters of the above-
mentioned Robert Bird, became respectively the mothere of
Robert, 1st Lord Carington, and of William Wilberforce, Esq.,
M.P. for Hull, the celebrated orator and philanthropist),
who d. 28 Jan. 1803, had issue,

I. Maurice, of Langley Marish.

II. Henry Birchfield, Registrar of the Hit;h Conrtof Admiralty,
b. 11 April, 1786; ))i. 1st, 12 May, 1836, Caroline, dau. of
John Prescolt, Esq. of St. Petersburg, and widow of Robert
Cattley, Esq. of Wandsworth, Surrey, and by her had one-
son, Henry Prescott, b. 25 March, 1837, d. young ; 2ndlyj,
Charlotte, dau. of Sir Robert Baker, and d. 30 July, 1864.

III. William, Capt. R.H. A., h. 13 June, 1789; who served
with great distinction at Copenhagen in the Peninsular and
at Waterloo (Waterloo medal and Peninsular medal, with
clasps for battles of Cuidad-Rodrigo, Salamanca, Vittoria,
and, J.P. and D.L. co. Bucks; subsequently
member of the F:xecutive and Legislative Councils ; Com-
missioner of Crown lands • Registrar of deeds ; Lieut. -Col.
and Adjutant-Gen. of Militia for Prince Edward Island,
Canada; m. 4 Aug. 1820, Jlnry Anne, 3rd dau. of Edward
Hobson, Esq. of Hope Hall, Eccles, co. Lancaster, anil
Somerly Park, Ringwood, Hants, and had issue, seven sons
and four daus.,

1 William, J.P. for Prince Edward Island, b. 20 Feb. 1825 ;.
m. 1850, Jane Elizabeth, third clau. of Hon. Thomas H.
Haviland, Provincial Secretary for P. E. Island, and had
issue, Arthur Temple, d. young; Elizabeth, lii. F. Cox.
M.D. ; Katharine, m. A. Lidded, Esq. ; Ahce, d. yoimtr:
Caroline Frances, m. Russell Tsiuiug, Esq. Mr. Swabey
d. 1876.

2 Henry Birchfield, M.A., Chaplain Bath United Hospitals,
b. 24 July, 1&2G ; m. 7 JIarch, 1855, Eliza Katherine, dau.
of Rev. Louis C. Jenkins, D.C.L., Rector of Charlotte-
town, and Ecclesiastical Comm. of Prince Edward LslaivJ ;.
and has issue, Louis William, M.R.C.S.I., Surg.-Capt.
Army Med. Staff (Egypti.m war medal, 4:c.), b. 3 Feb.
1856; Henry Charles Wilberforce, b. 1862, d. 1863;.
Steplien (Rev.), M.A. Pemb. Coll. Oxon, 6. 23 Aug. 1864:
Maurice, M.R.C.S.I., b. i July, 1868; Frederick, 6. ;♦•
June, 1872 ; Laura Katharine ; Kmily Caroline ; Louis;i
Penelope; Alice Marie ; Frances Herberta.

3 Thumas, of Woodcote, Woburn Sands, Beds, b. 27 July,
18'.7- Hi. 26 Aug. 18G8, Eliza, 2nd dau. of Rev. J. J.
Prickett, Incumbent of Markingtou, co. York, and d. 25.





Dec. 1SS3, leaving issue, ^Vilfri,! Speeding, 6. 25 Feb.
1S71; Harold William Biivhfitld, 6. 2t> July, 1S79; George
Thomas Carlisle, 6. 'JJ Jan. 18S1 : Ethel Maud: Monica
Mary: Klfrid.i AnasUuia; Lilian Margaret HamiUon ;
and Eleanora Lucv.

4 Frederick, 6. 21 bee. 182S; j;;. IS Oct. IS.'Sg, Ellen Emily
Jane, eldest dau. ot Kev. Henry Hutton, M.A,, Kector ot
St. Pauls, Covent Gar.len, and had issue, Herbert Maurice,
l>. i Nov. IbOO, d. July, IS61 ; and Ellen Gertrude, m. 17
June, 1S9I. Bennell Coleridge, Esq., M A. Oxen, only son
of \V. R. Coleridge, Esq., J. P., of Salston House, Ottery
St. Mary, Devon. Mr. P. Sw.abey d. 1885.

5 Jlaurice, M..V., Vicar of St. Thomas, Exeter, and Incum-
bent of Uldiidge. Devon, b. 8 Aug. 1830; m. 1st, 21 May,
1857, Frances Jane, 3rd dau. of L. Cambrislge, Esq., J. P.
of Richmond, Prince Edward Island, by whom (who d.
26 July, 1885) he issue, 1 Frederick Eustace, of
Misterton, Crewkerne, Somerset, B.A. Camb., b. 1
March, 1858; in. 3 June, 1891, Catherine Elizabeth,
only surviving dau. of the late Charles Calley, Esq.
of Herbertonford, co. Devon, and has i.ssue, Muriel
Frances, 6. 189i; 2 Horace Cambridge, b. 8 March, 1861,
m. 1885, Clara Burford, and d. 1892, leaving issue, Regi-
nald Coleridge, 6. 1889 ; 3 Fr.ancis Maurice Paget, 6. 27
Jan. 1870: 1 Mai-garet Lucy Parker, »!. 1888, Sebastian
C. Snow, Esq. of Cleve House, Exeter; and 3 Frances
Jlay. Rev. Maurice Swabey, m. 2ndly, Dec. 18S0, Laura
Elizabeth, only dau. of the late Godfrey Price, Esq., M.A.
Oxon, Barrister-at-Law, of Erbistock, co. Denbigh.

6 Samuel, F.R.C.S. (Edin.), b. 1837: ?«. 1866, Victoria II.
J., youngest of U.S. Cumming, Esq.. M.I)., and
sister of Sir Kenneth William Cumming, 7th Bart, of
Culter, N.B., and d. s. p. 1875.

7 Arthur, b. 1839; m. 1863, Eliza, 4th dau. of the Hon.
George Coles, Premier of Prince Edward Island, M.P. P.,
and d. 1869, leaving issue, a son and two daus., Charles,
M.\., Barrister-at-Law, of Toronto, Canada, b. 1864 ; Isla ;
and Lily.

1 JIarianne Elizabeth, m. 1843, Charles T. Henslcy, Esq.,
and d. 1879, leaving issue, 1 Charles Ernest, of Pratsham
Orange, Dorking, b. 17 Aug. 1844, M.A. Oxon, Barrister-
at-Law; rn. E. T. Christine, eldest dau. of Rev. H. Bur-
ney, M.A., Rector of Wavendon. Bucks, and had issue,
Everard (deceased), Cecil, Sophia JIarion Knid, and Laura
Louisa, d. in infancy ; and 2 Walter Eustace, 6. 23 Sept.

2 Caroline, m. 1st, 1854, Henry Beaumont Cattley. Esq.,
and had a dau. who d. in infancy; 2ndly, 1871, Elzear
Gauvreau, M.D., of Paris, who d. s. p. 1876.

3 Katharine Margaret, m. 1 July, 1853, her cousin, Stephen
Swabey, Esq., whorf. 5 Nov. 1873, son of Maurice Swabey,
Esq., D L., of Langley Marish, and has issue (.s-cc belov:).

4 Emily Frances, tn. 9 Aug. 1870, Sir William Paget Bow-
man, Bart., M.A. Oxon, and has issue, Paget Mcrvyii, b.
1 Sept. 1873; Guy Eddowes Paget, b. 9 July, 18;8;
Muriel Paget.

Capt. Swabey d. 6 Feb. 1872.
.1. Catherine, m. Rev. William George Fi'eeman, M.A., Eector
of Great Milton, co. Cambridge, and had issue, Robert
(Rev.), M.A., d. unm. ; Catherine, m. Very Rev. It. Payne-
Smith, D.D., Dean of Canterbury, and had issue •, Mary,
d. unm.

II. Elizabeth, d. unm. 9 May, 1822.

Pr. Swabey 7U. 2ndly, 21 July, 1804, Elizabeth, dau. of Edward
Creed, Esq. of Cork, and widow of Daniel Webb, Esq. of Ma'ds-
town, CO. Limerick, but had no issue by her. He d. 10 Feb.
18J0, and was s. by his eldest son,

Macbice Swabey, Esq. of Langley Marish, Bucks, B.C.L.
Oxon, Barrister-at-Law, J. P. ana D.L. for Bucks, b. 13 April,
1785; m. 6 April, 1820, Frances, only dau. of Charles Clowes,
Esq. of Delaford, Bucks, and had issue,

1. Maurice Chaeles Meettins, of Langley Marish, of whom

.11. Stephen, 6. 21 Dec. 1824 ; m. 7 July, 1853, his cousin,

Katharine Margaret, dau. of Capt. William Swabey, li.H.A.,
■of Prince Edward Island (see aboi-cj, and d. 5 Nov. 1873,
Jeaving issue, Henry Edmund, b. Feb. 1856 ; Arthur Louis

Merttins ; Frances Kathleen, c^ 1883 ; and Mary Anne, m.

Is92, F. Fors-s, Esq.

III. Ileniy (Rev.), M.A. Oxon, late Rector of St. Aldate's,
Oxford, and .Secretary S.P.C.K., h. 15 .May, 1826 ; id. Annie
Rose, dau. of the late John Herbert Koe, Esq., Q.C.,
Treasurer of Lincoln s Inn, and d. 5 Feb. 1878, having liad
issue, Herbert Stephen, late Lieut. 2nd Batt. Royal Irish
Rilles ; Kuse Goleborn ; Lucy Agnes ; and Jenie Ellen.

3Ir. Swabey d. 9 June, 1864, and was s. by his eldest son,

MAnnicE Charles Mekttins Swabey, Esq. of Langley

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