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Marish, Bucks, J. P., D.C.L. Oxford, Chancellor of the
Dioceses of O.xford and liipon Official to the Archdeacons of
Colchester, Essex, and London, a Bencher of Gray's Inn, b.
11 Aug. 1821: 1)1. 26 March, 1856, Mary Katherine, eldest dau.
of John Haggard, Esq., LL.D., Chancellor of Wiachester {see
Haggard of Bmdenkam) and had issue,

I. Macrice John, now of Langley Marish.

ii. Mark luchard (Uev.), M.A. Oxon, Archdeacon of Zulu-

land, formerly Chaplain to the Bishop of Natal (ISSS) b 14
June, 1861. ^ /. i»

III. Charles Vernon (Manakan, Wellington, New Zealana^
b. 7 May, 1865. ''

I. Caroline Frances. ii. Ellen Mary.

Mr. M. C. M. Swabey d. 1 Nov. 1883, and was s. by his eldest

^(•Dis— Gu., on a chevron engr. or, between three swans,
arg., as many bees volant, ppr., quartering mirchfield.

Crest— A. castle gu., fired ppr., in front of three arrows, one
in fess, the pheon towards ihe dexter, and two in saltire, the
pheons downward, or.

Motto — Vera tropa'a fides.

itat— Langley Marish, Slough, Bucks.

SwANN, Edwaed John, Esq., late of Askliam
Hall, CO. York, b. 12 Nov. 18G3 ; m. in U.S.A.

liiueag-e. — This family claims great antiquity, and bears
the coat of arms of the extinct Baronets Swan, whose
ancestors, says Hasted, wrote themselves gentleman so early
as the reign of Richard II.

Robert Swann, Esq. of A.skham Hall, 6. 22 July, 1759, 2nd
son of John Swann, Esq. of the city of York, by Miss Turner
his wife ; m. 23 April, 1792, Ursula, dau. of Robert Carr, Esq.
of Horbury, and by her (who d. 22 Sept. 1846) left at his
decease, 13 March, 1852,
[. John, of Askham Hall.

II. Robert (Rev.), Rector of Brandsby, and Vicar of Cherry
Burton, b. 13 Aug. 1798; «i.20Nov. 1832, Jane Cornelia Ann
Percival, .and by her (who d. 27 July, 1890) had issue,
1 Percival Fiennes (Rev.), Rector of Brandsby, b. 7
March, 1839; m. 20 Feb. 1868, Fanny Cecilia, dan. of Sir
Edward Strickland, K.C.B., Commissary Gen., by his first;
wife, Georgina Frances, dau. of Frederick Augustus llcly,
Esq. of Enghurst, Sydney, Australia.
I. Mary, 7n. I Feb. 1821, Rev. Henry Ramsden.
Mr. Swann d. 13 March, 1852, and was s. by his eldest son,

JoH.N Swann, Esq. of Askham Hall, D.L. for the co. and
J. P. for the city of York, b. 3 March, 1793 ; m. 1st, 17 June,
1830, Catherine Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Col. William Thomlin-
son, 18th liegfc., of Blencoga, co. Cumberland, and 2ndly,
Georgiana Charlotte, 2nd dau. of Henry Dixon, Esq., and had
issue by the former,

I. Robert, late of Askham Hall.

II. John Thomlinson, Comm. R.N., b. 27 March, 1836; d. 25
April, 1868.

I. Catherine Sarah, m. 11 Oct. 1869, John Thomas Cater,
eldest son of Rev. Thomas and Lady Louisa Cator.

II. Henrietta Mary, m. 23 May, 1868, Rev. John Champion
Hicks, Vicar of Roecliffe.

III. Frances Ann, m. 10 Sept. 1867, Rev. Christopher Wy-
bergh. Vicar of Wieton.

His eldest son,

Robert Swann, Esq. of Askham Hall, co. Y'ork, b. 16 Sept.
1832 ; m. 23 Aug. 1859, Blanche Maria, 3rd dau. of Sir John
V. B. Johnstone, Bart., JI.P. {see Burke's Peerage, Derwent,
B.), and by her (who d. 1878) had issue,

I. Edward John, now of Askham Hall.

I. Mabel Georgina.

Mr. R. Swann d. 1888, and was s. by his only son.

Arms— Az., a chevron erm. between three swans arg. Crest
— X demi talbot salient gu., collaicd or.


SwEETMAN, Edmund CAsuirR, Es'.j. of Longtown,
CO. Kildare, b. 1831 ; m. 1881, Alice, dau. of
Richard Btitlcr, Esq. of Stiir Vale, co. TipjDerarj.

Lineage.— This family has been long settled in Dublin,
where Nicholas Sweetman d. 1607. They were previously
resident near Callan and Newtown, co. Kilkenny, so far back
as 1558.

Patrick Sweetman, Esq. of the City of Dublin, m. Mrs.
Blary Thunder, widow, sister of Patrick, Thomas, and George
Dodd, whose will, dated 25 Feb. 1782, was proved 21 Sept.
1784. Mr. Sweetman's will, dated 22 Dec. 1770, was proved
14 Jan. following, when he was s. by his grandson,

Patrick Sweetman, Esq. of Belve \ere, co. Dublin, pre-
viously of the city of Dublin. He m. Eleanor, dau. ot Michael
Thunder, Esq. of Ballaly, co. Dublin, who d. 1813. His will,
dated 24 March, 1792, was proved 25 Nov. 1793, and he was ».
by his son,





MtcnAEi, SwEETMAN, Esq. of Loiigtown, co. KiUlarc, h.
1775; m. 1st, 1802, Alice, dau. of John Taaffe, Esq. of Sniar-
inore Castle, co. Louth, and had issue,

I. Patrick, his heir.

II. John, of Merrion Square, Dublin, 6. 1805; m. Honoria
O'Connor, and d. 1859, leaving issue,

1 John, of Drumbanow, co. Meath, M.P. for E. Wicklow
from 1892, 6. 1844.

1 Honoria. 2 Alice, a nun.

S Cecilia, d. v.nm.

4 Margarei, Superioress, Sisters of Charity, Stanhope
Street, Dublin, d. 13 Nov. 18a6.

5 Janette, d. unm.

Mr. Sweetman m. 2ndly, Margaret Gertrude, dau. of Thomas
Blackney, Esq. of Ballyellen, co. Callow, by whom be had
further is!?ue,

III. Michael James, of Lamberton Park, Queen's Co., J. P.,
High Sheriff] 8.52, /;. 20 July, 1829; m. 1849, Mary Mar-
garet, only child and heir of Michael Powell, Esq. of Fitz-
ivilliam Square, Dublin, and d. 1864, leaving issue,

1 John Michael Sweetman-Powell, of Lamberton Park,
J.P. for Queen's Co., High Sheriff 1884, late Capt. Queen's
Co. Militia, h. 1 June, 1852 ; assumed by royal licence,
1874, the additional .'urname and arms of J'owell, in
comphance with the will of his maternal grandfather ; m.
28 Oct. 1879, Adela Jane, 2nd dau. of Hon. Arthur and
Lady Catharine Petre.

2 Michael James, b. 28 June, 1864.

1 Gertrude.

2 Mury, in. 18 Nov. 1879, Francis Kicholas, 2nd son of
Col. Blundell, of Crosby, and has issue, Francis Nicholas,
b. 16 Oct. 1880 ; Blargaret Elizabeth Clementina Mary,
b. 19 Nov. 1881 ; Agnes Mary Frances, b. 9 June, las4.
Mr. Blundell d. 27 April, 1884.

3 Eleanor.

4 Agnes, m. 18 June, 1883, Egcrton S. Castle, only son of
Arthur Castle, Esq. of 2, Chapel Street, Park Lane.

IV. Walter, of Clohamon, co. Wexford, 6. 1831; m. Jlary,
dau. of lUcbard Butlsr, Esq. of Suirville, co. Tipperary,
and has issue,
1 Walter James. 2 Richard John.

1 Margaret. 2 Mary.

I. Alice, ra. Col. Blackney.

II. Margaret, m. 1851, William Scully, Esq. of Ballioaclough,
CO. Tii'pcrary.

Mr. Sweetman d. 1852, and was s. by his eldest son,

Patrick Sweetman, Esq. of Longtown, J. P., D.L., High
Sheriff 1862, b. March, 1803 ; m. 1827, Mary, dau. of Edmund
Casbin, Esq. of Waterford, by Mary Anne Morissy his wiie,
and had issue,

I. Edmund Casimib, now of Longtown.

II. Hugh, b. 1834 ; un. Gertiude, of Walter Blackney,
Esq. of Ballyellen, co. Carlow, and has issue, 1 Patrick,
b. 1^71: 2 Hugh, 6. 1872; 3 James, b. 1874; 4 Eoger, b.
1875; 5 Walter, b. 1877.

I. Jlary Anne, m. Kichaid Butler, Esq. of Suirville, co. Tip-

II. Katherine Mary.
Mr. Sweetman d. 1835.

Arvu — Per pale gu. and chequy az. and arg , on the dexter
an eagle displayed Uimidiated or, in dexter chief a mullet of
the last. Vrest—Owt ot an antique crown or, a griftin's head
gu., charged with a mullet or. Motto — Spera in Deo.

Scat — Longtown, Clane, co. Kildare.


SwETENjiAii, Clement William, Esq. of
Somerford Booths, co. Chester, J.P., late Lieut.
E.N., b. 21 Sept. 1852; m. 16 Nov. 38S8, Louisa,
youngest dau. of the late Ralph Crejke, Esq. of
EawclifPe Hall, and Marton, co. York, and has

Edmund, b. 30 April, 1890.

Iiineage. — In the time of Edwakd I., the Swetenhams had
a grant of lauds in Somerford Booths, from the Somerfords.

Helyas, or Elias de Swetenham, living in the reigns of
RiCHABD I., John, and Henry III., was father of

Stephen de Swetenham, othenvise Stephen de Eabth-
iKCHAM, from the place of his abode, who had, with a younger
son, John, living 6 Edward I.,

RoBEET DE Swetenham, living temp. Edward I., and father

Hdgh Swetenham, of Somerford, whose son,
William Swetenham, of Somerford, living also in the reign
■of Edward I., m. Hawise, dau. of Randal de Hulmc, to whom
William de Somerford gave lands in Somerford, in the 26tn
and 3Ist of the same king. His son,

Thomas Swetenham, of Somerford, living in the reigns of
Edward II. and III., m. Margery, dau. of Henry, 4th son of
Roger de Davenport, and had issue, three sons and two daus.
The youngest son,

Roger Swetenham, of Somerford, living 5 Richabd II., m.
Ctcilia, dau. of William de Gostre, and bad two sons and a
dau. The elder son,

Randle Swetenham, of Somerford, living 13 Richard II.,
m. Isabel, dau. of William Stoke, of Stoke, co. Stafford, and
dying about 2 Hrnry IV., left (with another son, Thomas, of
i.Iobberlcy, m. Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir of John Ic Ward, of
Somerford, and d. s. x). 3 Henry VI.),

William Swetenham, of Somerford, living temp. Henry V.,
7!!. Johanna, sister of William Bulkeley, of Eyton, and dau. of
John Bulkeley, by whom he had two sons (John, his heir,
and William, who had issue) and one dau. (Isabel, wife of
William de Stoke). The elder son,

John Swetenham, of Somerford, d. 12 Henry VII., and was
s. by his son,

William Swetenham, of Somerford, living 16 Edward IV.,
in. 1st, Cicely, dau. of Thomas Bostock, of Moulton, and 2ndly,
19 Edward IV., Margaret, dau. and heir of George Lowe, of
Pixhull, and had issue, five sons and one dau. The eldest son,
William Swetenham, of Somerford, 16 Henry VII., m.
Elizabeth, dau. of Christopher Savage, of Macelesfiuld, and of
Upton-upon-Severn, by whom he had (with five daus., of whom
the second, Elizabeth, m. Thomas Swettenham, Esq. of Swel-
tenham) three sons. The eldest,

Lawrence Swetenham, Esq. of Somerford, 6. 11 Henry
VIII., m. Eliz.abeth, dau. and heir of John Oldfield, of Sutton,
near Macclesfield, and had (with three sons) eleven daus.,
I. .A.nne, m. Robert Thoriey, of Somerford Dootbs ; ii. Eliza-
beth, m. Thomas Tyrrell; ni. Jane, m. Christopher Edge, of
Horton, CO. Stafford; iv, Margaret, m. Thomas Jollie, of Leek,
CO. Stafford ; v. Mary, m. Francis Higginbottom, of Rushton, co.
Stafford ; vi. Katherine, d. young; vii. Alice, wife of Thomas
Moreton, of London ; viir. Frances, m. Robert Matthews, of
Essex ; ix. Eleanor, in. Randle Bostock, of Moulton ; x. Mar-
gery, m. William Clowes, of Whitley; and xi. Ursula, m.
Roger Spencer, of Congleton. Lawrence Swetenham d. 21
Elizabeth, and was s. by his son,

Edmund Swetenham, Esq. of Somerford, living at the Visi-
tation of 1613, m. Jane, eldest dau. of John Davenport, Esq. of
Davenport, by Bridget his wife, dau. of Ralph Maiuwaring, Esq.
of Carineham, and had issue,
William, who predeceased his father in 1627, leaving, by
Alice his wife, dau. oi William Burgess, of Macclesfield, a

Edmund, successor to his grandfather.


Jane, who t?. young.

Edmund Swetenham was .s. by his grandson,

Edmund Swetenham, Ksq. of Somerford, an infant in I6I3,
m. Margaret, dau. of Sir Philip Oldfield, Knt. of Somerford,
Radnor, and had (with several other children, who all d. s.p.),

Philip, in. Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Wilson. Esq. of Dal-
lam Tower, in Westmorland, and dying r. jj. in 1673, left a

Edmund, successor to his grandfather.
George, living in 1664.

Elizabeth, living in 1664, m. William Flaringdon, Esq. of

Mr. Swetenham dying in 1675, was interred at Astbury, and
was s. by his grandson,

Edmund Swetenham, Esq. of Somerford, High Sheriff of
CO. Chester in 1707, i.i. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Christopher
Wandesford, Bart, of Kirtliiigton, co. York, and had issue,

I. Edmund, his heir.

II. Philip, of Congleton, who had two daus , Philippa, who
d. s. }i., and Amelia Sophia Caroline, m. John Hall, Esq. of
Congleton, but had no issue.

I. Eleanor, m. Henry Browiijohn, gent.

II. Margaret, ni. Roger Comeeebach, Esq. of Chester,
Prothonotary of the Palatinate (son ot Roger Comberbach,
Esq., Recorder of Chester and a Welsh Judge, author of
several legal works), and by him, who d. in April, 1757,
had, with a dau. Catherine, m. Roger Wilbraham, Esq. of
Dorfold, two sons; the younger, Edmund Roger, d. in
1762; the elder, Roger Comberbach, Prothonotary of the
Palatinate, who d. 27 March, 1771, aged 61, and was bur. at
St. Michael's, Chester, )«. Frances, natural dau. of Edmund
Swetenham, Esq. of Somerford Booths, and had by her (with
four daus., Harriet Margaret ; Frances Isabella ; Charlotte,
wife of Love Albert Parry, Esq. ; and Helen, wife of
l\athaniel Maxey Pattison, Esq.) a son,

Roger, of whom presently.





The eldest ?on,

Kdmi'sd SwETF.xnAM, Esq. of Somcrforcl Booths, High Sheriff
of CO. Chester in 17-JJ, b. in 1601; in. 1st, Catherine, only
dau. anil heir of John Beudlow, Esq. of Sutton IIowRrave, co.
York, and indly, Susanna, dau. of Richard AVilmot, 51. D., of
Derby, but d. without legitimate issue 7 Jlay, 17CS. His
Somerford Bootlis estate, at the decease of his widow, 18 May,
17S0, p.issed to his great nephew,

RoiiER CoMBEKDAcn, Esq.* 6. 17o8, assumed the surname
and arms of Swetenham. and m. about 17S2, Anne, dau. of
AVilliam Archer, Esq. of co. Warwick, and had issue,

Clement, his heir.

William, who i(. ISOS.

Henry, Collector of Kuttygurth, Bengal, ra. 1818, Agnes, dau.
of Edward Donnithorn, Esq.

Edmund, Capt. of Engineers, Bengal Military Service.

James, Capt. Bengal Military Service.

Roger, d. unm.

Anne. Caroline.

Helen, m. 1812, Clement Sneyd, Esq. of Huntley Hall, Capt.

Eanny. Harriet, m. George Richardson, Esq.

Charlotte. JIaria. Elizabeth.

Mr. Swetenham d. March, 1814, and was s. by his son,

Cle.ment Swetenham, Esq. of Somerford Booths, J. P. and
D.L., formerly Major in the army, b. 7 Eeb. 17s7 ; in. 1 May,
1S17, Eleanor, dau. of John Buchanan, Esq. of Donelly, co.
Donegal, and had issue,

Clement, of .Somerford Booths.

Edmund, of Cam-yr-alvn, co. Denbigh, Q.C, M.A., Barris-
ter-at-Law, J. P., b. iS Nov. 1822; m. 1st, 12 April, IS.tI,
Elizabeth Jane, dau. of Wilson Jones, Esq. of Hartsheath
Park, CO. Denbigh, and by her has issue, 1 Edmund Wilson,
I). 1857, m. 1SS2, Mary, eldest dau. of William Barnston, Esq.
of Crewe Hill, co. Chester, and has a dau. ; 1 Eleanor ; 2 Rose
Laura. He m. 2ndly, 186;;, Gertrude, 2nd dau. of Ellis Cun-
liffe, Esq., and granddau. of Sir Foster Cunliffe, of Acton
Park, Wrexham.
James, of Moston Hall, CO. Chester, J. P., Major 5th Batt.
Cheshire R. v., late Capt. 54th Regt., I. 2 May, 1824; m.
1860, Esther Blanche, dau. of Michael Humble, Esq. of
Gwersylt Park, by whom he had issue, Hubert, deceased ;
Rogerj b. 1868 ; Michael ; Audley ; and Dora.
Eliza, m. 13 Feb. 1846, Clement Archer, Esq., late Capt. 4th
Dragoon Guards, and has issue.
Fanny, m. 29 Sept. 1^-55, John Coutts Antrobus, Esq. of
Eaton Hall, co. Chester, and d. 20 Sept. 1863, leaving issue.
Major Swetenham served in the 16th Dragoons under the
Duke of Wellington, in the Peninsula, from 1809 to the ter-
mination of the war, at the battle of Toulouse 1814, and
subsequently in the same corps at Waterloo. He d. 17 Nov.
1852, and was s. by his eldest son,

Clement Swetenham, Esq. of Somerford Booths Hall, J. P.,
High Sheriff 1860, b. 28 April, 1819; m. 9 July, 1851, Louisa
Catherine Sophia, dau. of St. John C. Charlton, Esq. of Apley
Castle, Salop, and had issue,

I. Clement Wilham, now of Somerford Booths.

II. Henry, b. 1 June, 1862.

I. Edith Lucy. ii. Maude.

Mr. Swetenham d. 26 Nov. 18S6.

Arms — Paly of sis arg. and gu., on a bend vert three spades
of the tirst. Crest — A porcupine's head erased az., guttee d'eau,
chained and collared or. Molto — Ex sudore vultus.

S'^at — Somerford Booths, Conglelon, co. Chester, possessed
by the family since a.d. 1100.

C'ii'.i— Naval and Military.



tcnhain Hall, co. Chester, late 13tli LigiiL Infantry,
now Col. 4th Batt. Cheshire Regt., J. P. for co.
Chester, b. 1S36 ; m. 1865, Amelia Marion, dau. of
the late J. W. Wybault, Esq., and has issue,

I. Thomas Robebt Eaton Wvbaclt, Lieut. East Yorkshire

Uegt., b. 10 Oct. 1867.

II. Albert Willis. in. George Millington.
I. Amelia Frances Josephine. ii. Berthia Marie.

III. Helen Cicely.

Mr. Warren-Swettenham assumed the surname and
arms of Swettenhah by royal licence, 1877, under

* The family of Combeebach were for some generations
settled at Nantwioh, and appear to have assumed their sur-
name from Comberbach, near Great Budworth, co. Chester. A
manuscript pedigree is in the Karl, MSS. 2103.

the -will of his uncle, Thomas J. W. Swcttcnham,
Esq., on the death of his -widow, 9 March, 1876.

Lineage. — This very ancient family, which, ac2ording
to tradition, was seated at Swettenham long antecedent to
the Conquest, and had a confirmation of the estate temp.
William Burns, to the then Saxon possessor, derives its sur-
name from a compound of two Saxon words, Siccet, pleasant
or agreeable. Ham, a dwelling-place or village — words that
aptly describe the situation of the manor. The Swettenhams
of SicettenJuiui, always a family of high position among the
Cheshire gentry, preserved a male succession from the Saxon

Petek, Lord of Swettenham, had (with a younger son,

Richard de Swettenham, Lord of Swettenham, living in the
reign of Henry III., father of

Nicholas de Swettenham, Lord of Swettenham, temp.
Edward 1., whose son,

Richard de Swettenham, Lord of Swettenham, was father

Richard de Swettenham, whose son,

Richard de Swettenham, of Swettenham, had two sons,
Thomas, his heir, and William, who seated himself at Caryng-
ham, and was ancestor of the Swettenhams of that place.
The elder son,

Thomas de Swettenham, of Swettenham, living 12 Ed-
ward 111., was s. by his son,

Ranulph de Swettenham, father of

Thomas de Swettenham, Lord of Swettenh.ara 3 Richard 11.
This gentleman was s. at his demise by his son,

Thomas DE Swettenham, living 1 Richard II. and 1 Henry
V. Ho was «. by his son,

Thomas DE Swettenham, father of

Peter de Swettenham, who flourished in the early part of
the reign of Henry VI., and was s. by his son,

Thomas de Swettenham (33 Henry VI.), whose son,

Richard de Swettenham, m. Alice, dau. of Thomas Smcth-
wick, Esq. of Smethwick, co. Chester, and dying in the reign
of Henry VI., left a son and successor,

Oliver Swettenham, Esq. of Swettenham (20 Henry VII.) ;
m. Margery, dau. of William Read, of Mosley, and left a son,

Tho.mas Swettenham, Esq. of Swettenham, m. Elizabeth,
dau. of William Swetenham, Esq. of Somerford Booths, co.
Chester, and was .5. at his demise by his son,

Thomas Swettenham, Esq., who was living at the Visitation
of 1566. He m. Katherine, dan. of — Munday, Esq. of
Merton, co. Derby, by whom he had three sons, Thomas, his
heir ; Lawrence, of Bradwall ; and William. Mr. Swetten-
ham d. 1611, and was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Swettenham, Esq. of Swettenham, w^ho d. in
1615-16, leaving (with three daus., Ann, Katherine, and
Elinor) a son and successor,

Thomas Swettenham, Esq. of Swettenham, m. 1602,
Mary, dau. of John Birtles, Esq. of Birtles, and Ann his wife.
By this lady (who d. 1621) he had four sons and three daus.,
Thomas, his heir; William; Laurance (who left a son,
Edward), and George ; Ann ; Eleanor, 111. John Holfoid, Esq. ;
and Martha. The eldest son and heir,

Thomas Swettenham, Esq. of Swettenham, b. 1604 ; m.
Abigal, dau, of William Steventon, Esq. of Dottill, co. Salop,
and had (with a younger son, John, and a dau. 31ary) his

Thomas Swettenham, Esq. of Swettenham and Birtles,
b. 1642; m. 1st, 1666, Margaret, dau. of Sir Thomas Stanley,
1st Bart, of Alderley, and had issue,

I. William, his heir. 11. John.

I. Ann, m. Thomas Kinsey, Esq. of Blackden.
Mr. Swettenham m. 2ndly, 1684, Frances, sister of Roger
Mainwaring, Esq. of Kermincham, but by her (who d. 1714>
had no further issue. He d. 1713, and was was s. by his elder

William Swettenham, Esq. of Swettenham, m. 1691,
Berthia, dau. of Thomas Willis, Esq., of an ancient Berkshire
family, and had issue,

I. Thomas, his heir. 11. Peter.

I. Frances.

II. Elizabeth, m. Robert lleyes, Esq. of Northwich, and

1 Ann Heyes, heir to Swettenham.

2 Elizabeth Heyes, in. Millington Eaton, Esq. of Everton,
CO. Lancaster (eldest son and heir of John Eaton, Gent.,
of Overwhitley and Millington, both in 00. Chester, and
of Liverpool), by whom she had a son,

John Eaton, who inherited the Swettenham estates, as
hereafter, and assumed the sui'name of the family.





in. Margaret, m. 1st, James Mainwaring, Esq. of Hermin-
cham, and 2nd]y, Kev. J. Gleave, Rector of Swettcnham.

IV. Ann. V. Beifhia, r/t. Richard Moore.

VI. Mary. vii. Jane.

3Ir. Swettenbam d. 1736, and was s. by his elder son,

Thomas SwETTENHAM, Esq. of Swettenham, who m. prior to
1717, Penelope, dau. of Thomas Warburton, Esq.of Winnington
and had a dau. Berthia, m. James Wadeson, Esq. of Thornes,
CO. Yorli, and a son and successor,

Thomas Swettenham, Iisq. of Swettenham, who assumed,
on succeeding to the estates of his cousin, Daniel Willis, Esq.,
the additional surname and arms of that family. He m. 1751,
Elizabeth, dau. of John Upton, Esq. of Putney, but d. s. p.
1788, whereupon the Willis estates passed to Ralph Earle, Esq.,
father of Richard Willis, Esq. of Halstead Park, while the
ancient inheritance of Swettenham devolved on Mr. Swetten-
ham-Willis's cousin, Ann IIeyes, at whose decease unm. it
vested in her nephew,

John Swettenham (formerly Eaton), Esq. of Swettenham,
(son of Millington Eaton, Esq. of Everton, Liverpool, by Eliza-
beth his wife, dau. and co-heir of Robert Heyes, Esq. of North-
wich, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. and eventually co-heir of
William Swettenham, Esq. of Swettenham), who thereupon
assumed, as above stated, the surname and arms of Swet-
tenham. He m. Sarah Crosby, and by her (who d. 10 Sept.
1821) left issue at his decease, 7 Dec. 1803,

I. MiLLiNOTON Eaton, his heir.

II. Thomas Su-ettenham, Hector of Swettenham, j/i. Anna
Antonia Heyes, and had issue.

I. Sarah, m. Samuel Edge, Esq. of Cheetham Hill, co. Lan-

Mr. (Eaton) Swettenham was s. by his son,

Millington Eaton Swettenham, Esq. of Swettenham,
/). 1774; VI. 12 Oct. 1708, Margaret, dau. of Paul Wybault,
Esq. of Springfield, co. liilkenny, and had two sons and a

I. George, who d. s. p.

II. Thomas John Wybault, his heir.

I. Sarah Eaton, m. Michael Warren, Esq. of Sandford's Court,
CO. Kilkenny, and had by him (who d. 18S4), with other
issue, a 2nd son,
Robert, now of Swettenham.
Mr. Swettenham d. 9 April, 1825, and was s. by his eldest
surviving son,

Thomas John Wtbadlt Swettenham, Esq. of Swettenham,
6. 5 Oct. 1804, ra. 27 June, 1S29, Anna Maria, dau. of Luke
Alen, Esq., Lieut. -Col. 55th Regt., C.B, and d. s. p. 5 Nov.
1861. His widow survived until 9 March, 1876.

Ai-ms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, Swettenham, arg., on abend
vert, three spitting shovels or half spades) of the field; 2n(i
and 3rd, Warren, chequy or and gu., on a canton az., a cross
of the first. Crests — 1st, Swettenham, Against a tree ppr. a
lion rampant az; 2nd, Warren, Out of a ducal coronet or, an
eagle's talon or, holding a crescent gu. in front of a plume of
five ostricli feathers arg. 3/o«ots— Swettenham, Ex sudore
vultus; Warren, Mox virtute se tollit ad auras.

Seat — Swettenham Hall, Congleton, co. Chester.

CV '(',(<— Kaval and Military,


SwiFTE, Godwin Meade Butler, Esq. of
Swiftsheath, co. Kilkenny, and Lionsclen, co. Meatli,
J.P. and D.L., High SherifP co. Kilkenny 1892, b.
24 March, 1864.

liineage. — The ancient and once noble family of Swyfte,
Swifte, or Swift, was originally settled in co. Durham early in
the 14th century.

Bryan Swyfte had a grant from Godfrey de Beaumont,
Lord Bishop of Durham (who d 1333), of part of the lordship
of Allergill, co. Durham, to be held of the palatine earldom
of the Bishop, by service of the eighth part of a Knight's fee.
He was s. by his son.

Sir Humphrey Swyfte, Knt. of Allergill, who m. a dau. of
Alexander of Beddick, and was s. by his son,

John Swyfte, Esq. of Allergill, who m. Maria, dau. of John
Hedworth, Esq. and was s. by his son,

Edmond Swyfte, Esq. of Allergill, who m. Margaret, dau.
of Thomas Trollope, Esq. of Thornley, and was s. by his

Anthony Swyfte, Esq. of Allergill, who m. a dau. of
Sir Richard Surtees, Knt. of Dinnisdall, and was s. by his

Robert Swyfte, Esq. of Allergill, and of Rotheram, co.
York. This Robert m. twice ; 1st, a dau. of William Ha

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