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sarde, Esq. of Walworth, by which lady he had issue, of
whom presently; and 2ndly, Agnes dau. of Martin Anne, Esq.
of Frickley, by whom he had two sons,

I. Robert, of Rotherham, b. 1478 ; m. Anne, dau. of William
Taylor, Esq. of Sheffield (which lady d. 1539), and to whom
and his said wife, there is a splendid monument erected in
Roth;rham Church, 1561, the year of his death. He w;w
s. by son,

Robert Swifte, Esq. of Rotherham, m. Elinor, dau. and
sole heir of Xicholas Wickerley, Esq. of Wickerley and
Broomhall, co. York. They left three daus. only, 1
Prances, 7)i. Sir Francis Leake, Knt. of Sutton, co. Derby,
ancestor of the Earls of Scarsdale; 2 Mary, ??;. Francis
Wortley, Esq. of Woriley ; and 3 Anne, m. Ricliard Jes-
sop, Esq. of Broomhall.

II. William, of Rotherham, who to. Margaret, dau. of Hugh
Wyrrall, Esq. of Loversall, co. York, and dying 15G9, was
s. by his son.

Sir Robert Swifte, of Rotherham, 6. 1551. knighted by
King James I, at York, 1603. He had the title of " Cava-
liero " given him by Uueen Elizabeth, was twice Hish
Sheriff of Yorkshire, ''a great swordsman, and elegant
speaker." In 1609, he entertained Henry, Prince of
Wales, at his house. He m. twice, 1ft, Bridget, dau. and
heir of Sir Francis Hastings, of Fenwick, near Doncaster,
by whom he was father of Sir Edward S«ifte, knighted
by King James J, at Belvoir, and d. s. p. before his lather,
having m. Elizabeth, dau. of Edmund Shetlicld, Earl of
Mulgrave, whose son was afterwards created Duke of
Buckingham; and 2ndly, Ursula, dau. of Stephen Barn-
ham, Esq. of Lewes, co. Sussex, and coiisiu-german of
the great Sir Krancis Bacon, Earl of Verulara (whicli lady
d. 1632), by whom, on his death, 16i5, he left (with two
daus., 1 Penelope, m. William, Viscount Ayr, and Earl
of Dumfries, whose dau. Elizabeth, r,i. Alexander, Sth
Earl of Eglinton : and 2 Mary, m. Sir Robert Anstruther,
Ambassador at Copenhagen) an eldest son,
Barnham Swifte, created 1627, Viscount Carlingford, to
him and the heirs male of his body, but d. without
issue male 1634, when the title became extinct. He jji.
Lady Mary Crichton, sistt-r to his brother-in-law, the
Earl of Dumfries, and left one dau., the Hon. Mary
Swifte, who TO. the profligate and notorious Roberc
Fielding, generally known as '• Beau Fielding."

By his 1st wife, before mentioned, Robert Swyfte, of Aller-
gill, had a son,

Thomas Swifte, Esq. of Allergill, who was s. by his son,

Henry Swifte, Esq. of Sheffield, co. York. At his death
he left two sons, viz., Sir Francis Swifte, knighted 1616, d.
1642, and

The Rev. Thomas Swift, collated 1569 to St. Andrew's,
Canterbury, d. 1592, and was bur. in Canterbury Cathedral.
He m. Margaret, dau. and heir of Thomas Godwin, D.D.,
Bishop of Bath and W^ells, and left an only son,

Rev. William Swift, 6. 1566, Rector of Herbaldown, who
afterwards 5. to his father's cure. Hem. 5 Oct. 1592, Mary
Philpott, by whom (who d. 5 March, 1626) he had Thomas
(iiev.), his successor, and two daus., Katberine, m. Thomas
Whitefierde, and Margaret, m. Henry Atkinson, of London.
Herf. 1624, and was s. by his only son.

Rev. Thom.^s Swift, of Goodrich and Bridstow, co. Here-
ford, distinguished for his active devotion in the cause of
Charles I., and to the person of his son. Prince Charles
(afterwards Charles II.), during the latter's protracted
wanderings. He 7ii. Elizabeth, dau. of John Dryden, Esq.,
sister of Sir Erasmus Dryden, 1st Bart, of Canons Asliby, and
grand-aunt of John Dryden, the poet, by which lady he had
(with four daus., 1 Emily : 2 Elizabeth ; 3 Sarah ; 4 Katberine)
ten sons, of whom,

I. Godwin, ,?. him. ii. Dryden, d. s.p.

III. Thomas, m. the dau. of Sir William Davenant, Knt., and
had a son,

Thomas (Rev.), Rector of Puttenham, Surrey, b. 1665; d.
1752, aged 87.

IV. William, who had lands in cos. Carlow, Kilkenny,
Leitrim, and Roscommon. His will, dated 19 May, 1703,
was proved 11 March, 1705. He m. 1st, Frances, dau. of"
Rev. Ralph King, D.D., by whom he had a son, Thomas,
d s. p., and a dau. Elizabeth m. her cousin, Godwin Swift,
of Dunbrow. He m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. Ralph
Arrom, by whom (who d. 1716j he had a son,

William, of Dublin, to. Elizabeth, dau. of William Long-
field, and d. 1769, leaving (with a son and a dau., who d.
young) a son, William.

V. Jonathan, of Dublin, Solicitor, d. May, 1667 ; m. Abigail
Erick, of co. Leicester, by whom (who d. 27 April, 1700; he
left (with a dau. Jane) a posthumous son,

Jonathan Swift (Very Rev.), D.D., the celebrated Dean
of St. Patrick's, b. in Hoeys Court, co. Dublin, 30 Nov.
1667, who has related many anecdotes of his grand-
father's loyalty in his account of T/ie Family of Scnjl,





tlie oiijrinal MS. of which is still preserved in the library
of Trinity Colleije, IHibliu; iippoinletl Ui'iin of the Catlie-
dral Cluuvh ot St. Tatiiok, co. Dublin, by pattnt, 6 May,
1713; d. UIOlT. 1745.
■VI. Adam, of Green Castle, co. Down, whose will was proved
•J6 May, 1704, in. Jliss Cottcrell, and had (with two daus., 1
-\nne, m. James Terry, Ksq. of I'erryinount, co. Down; 2
^Martha, »i. 1st, 4 .\piil, 1707, Hev. 'riieophilus Harrison,
aiHl 2ndly, Edward Whiteway, Esq. of Dublin) one son,
M illiain, m. May, ICSo, Mrs. Elizabeth Naylor, widow. Thomas Swift d. 165S. His eldest son,

Godwin Swift, Esq. of Ormonde Quay, in tliecity of Dublin,
Barrister-at-Law, Attorney-General to the Duke of Ormonde
lor the County Palatine of Tipperary , »i. 1st, Elizabeth Wheeler,
tiy whom he had two sons,

I. Thomas, of co. Dublin, m. Msry, dau and co-heir of Sir
Humphrey Jeivis, JCnt., Alderman of Dublin, and <Z. s. p.


II. Willoucrhby, of Hertford, whose will, dated '27 Jan. 1710,
was proved 4 July, l'lr>, left two daus., 1 llcmiuih, iii. Kev.
StatTord Lishtbourne, Kector of Trim, co. Meath ; 2 Honoria,
m. Ferdinando Sttanton, Esq.

?Ir. Swift lit. 2ndl}', Kathorine, dau. of William Webster,
Esq. of London, Jlerchant, by wliom (who was buried at
St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, 13 Jan. 1G7'J) he had two

III. Godwin, his successor. iv. Eobert, d. unm.
Mr. Swift 1)1. 3rdly, May, 1674, Hannah, dau. of Major Kichard
Deane, and had furtherissue,

V. Deanc. of Castle Riokard, co. Meath, b. 20 March, 1670 ;
m. EUzabi'th Lonthall, and d. 1713, leaving a dau. Eliza-
beth, »i. Godwin Swift, Esq. of Tidenion, and a son,
Deane, of Castle Bickard, m. 1739, Mary, dau. of Rev.
Theophilus Harrison, and had a dau. Maria, m. Itev.
Godwin Swift, and a son,

Theophilus, of Castle Rickard, in. Charlotte Maria Read,
and had two sons, 1 Deane, of Castle Rickard, m. Miss
Eellew, and had Henry, rf. s. ;>., and Christopher; 2
Edmond Lenthall, Keeper of the Regalia in the Tower
of London, ,a. 1st, Mary, dau. of Owen Dalby, Esq., and
2ndly, Miss Ati-ins.
'VI. Joseph, bapt. 7 Aug. 1677.

I. Hannah Maiia, bapt. 24 May. 1G76.

II. Elizabeth, bapt. 17 June, 1079.

3Ir. Swift m. 4thly, Ellinor, dau. of Col. William Meade, by
whom (who 7)1. 2ndly, Very Rev. Theophilus Harrison, Dean
•of Clonmacnois) he had furtlier issue (with four younger sons,
Thomas; Edward; William, bapt. IS Nov. 10S4 ; John, 6.
1091) an elder son,

VII. Meade, of Lynn, J. P., b. 29 June, 1CS2 ; m. 1st, Mary,
dau. of John L'Kstrange, Esq. of Keoltown, co. Westmeatli,
and by her had issue,
1 John, m. Katherine Swanton, and had issue,
Richard, m. Jane, dau. of Alexander Swift, Esq. of Lynn,
and had issue (with a younger son, John, m. Miss
Auchmuty, and a dau. Jane Sophia, in. 1st, her cousin,
Godwin bwift, Esq. of Lionsden, and 2ndly, the Comte
Lepelletier de Molande;,
Benjamin Domville, m. July, 1805, Mary, dau. of
Godfrey Vauijhan, E«q. of Dublin, and had (with a
younger son, Benjamin Pratt, M.D., Deputy-In-
spector of Hospitals) another son,
Eev. Richard Meade Swift, B.A., Incumbent of
Mountfield, Omagh, m. Jlargaret Julia, dau. of
The Mac Dermott Roe, of Alderfoi'd, and had
issue, Katherine Theresa, in. II. Kicliol, Esq. of
Belfast and Sydenhatn, co. Down; and Marie
AVetzlar, in. Kev. Richard Arclidall Kyrn, of
Braganza, Carlow, Incumbent of Broomfleld,
^Thomas, of Lynnbury, b. 1711; m. Frances, dau. of
John Dennis, of Kinsale, co. Cork, Solicitor, and sister
of James Lord Tracton, and had two sons, Meade (Kev.),
of Union Hill, co. Westmcath, Vicar Choral of Cork, and
John, Barristcr-at-Law, both of whom adopted the sur-
name of Dennis (.see Dennis of Fort Uraiuu).
3Iearte Swift m. 2ndly, Francrs, dau. of Rev. Alexander
Delgarno, of Moylisker, co. Westmeath, and by her had
3 Alexander Swift, Esq. of Lynn, //.1719; m. Elizabeth,
dau. of Benjamin Pratt, Esq. of Agher, co. Meath, and
left (with two daus., Jane, m. Richard Swift, Esq.;
Fanny, in. David Jones, Esq. of Clonmole, co. West-
meaih) a son.
Meade Swift, Esq., m. 1773, Anne, dau. of Sir Richard
Ltvinge, 4th Bart, of Knockdrin, and left, with three
daus., two sons,
Alexander, b. 1779, d. s. p. 1811.

liicHARD, of Lynn, b. 4 April, 1782; »i. 1st, 10 Au?.
ISIO, Sarah, sister of Sir John Periiiig, 1st Bart, nf
Membland, Devon, which lady d. s.-p., and 2ndly, 17

Oct. 1813, Martha, only surviving dau. of Jacob
Bryan, Esq. of Dublin, by whom he had issue,

Jacob Meade, M.D., M.R.C.S.L., 6. 1814; in. 1839,
Elizabeth, only surviving child of William Grant,
Forsyth, Ksq. of Elgin, and d. in NewSoath Wales,
12 Dec. 1805, having had one son, Henry Thomas,
h. Jan. 1848.

Richard Leviniie, Bari'ister-at-Law, H.B.M. Consul
at Buffalo, and H.B.M. Consul for the Baltic Pro-
vinces, b. 1821 ; TO. 1849, Harriet Frances, only child
of Edmund Mills, Esq. of Kinfield Lodge, co. Berks,
and had issue, i. Itichard Glenelg Levinge, b. 15
Oct. 1851; 11. Edmund .Alexander Levinge, 6. 26
Sept. 1852; iii. Loftus Bryan Levinge, b. 1 Dec.
1854; I. Frances Emma Levinge; il. Martha
Laura Levinge.

Charles Alexander, R.N., b. 1823.
William Alfred, Capt. in the army, 6. 1827 ; m.
1853, Amelia, youngest child of James Hulkes,
Esq. of Little Hermitage, Rocliester, Kent, and
had issue, i. Arthur Delgarno, b. 1855 ; ii. Richard
Gordon Hulkes, b. 1857 ; and i. Martha Jane.

Arthur Delgarno, Lieut. 90th Regt. L.I., 6. 1834;
killed in the attack on the Redan.'s Sept. 1855.

Georgina Martha.

Mr. Swift d. 7 Dec. 1695, and was bur. at St. Werburgh's
Church, CO. Dublin. His eldest son,

Godwin Swift, Esq. of Dunbrow, co. Dublin, and of Swifts-
heath, CO. Kilkenny, TO. his cousin, Elizabeth, dau. of William
Swift, Esq., and had (with two daus., Elizabeth, to. Folliotb
Whiteway, Esq. ; and Katherine) four sons,

I. Godwin, his heir.

II. Michael, of co. Dublin, whose will, dated 23 Dec. 1774,
was proved 21 Oct. 1777, left by Mary, his wife, a smi,
Robert, Barrister-at-Law, and six daus., I Mary, in. William
Stewart; 2 Anne (Mrs. Bayley) ; 3 Katherine; 4 Ellinor;
5 Maria; C Sarah.

III. Jonathan, of co. Dublin, d. 1778.

IV. William, of ca. Dublin, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Eobert Bor,
of Big Butter Lane, co. Dublin, and had two sons, William
and Michael.

Mr. Swift d. 1739, and was a. by his eldest son,

Godwin Swift, Esq. of Tidenton and Swiftsheath, to. his
cousin of the half blood, Elizabeth, dau. of William Swift,
Esq., and had two sons,

I. Godwin (Rev.), his heir.

II. Deane, m. Anne Hayman, of Youglial, co. Cork, and had
a son,

Godwin, of co. Dublin, in. Mary, dau. of John Swift, and
had Godwin, Mary Jane, and Anna Maria.
Mr. Swift d. 1770, and was s. by his eldest son.

Rev. Godwin Swift, of Swiftsheath anl of Lionsden, co.
Meath. Ke m. his cousin of the half-blood, Maria, dau. of
Deane Swift, Esq., of Castle Rickard, co. Meath (grandson of
Godwin Swift, Esq., by Hannah his 3rd wife, dau. of Richard
Deane, Esq. of Castle Rickard), by whom he had issue,

I. Godwin, his heir.

II. Deane, in. Isabella, dau. of James Seely.

Mr. Swift d. 1815, and was s. by his grandson, the eldestsonof
Godwin Swift, Esq. d. 1814 (a year before his father),
having m. his cousin of the half-blood, Jane Sophia, great-
granddau. of Godwin Swift, Esq., by his fourth wife, Elinor,
dau. of Col. William Meade, by whom (who m. 2ndly, Count
Lepelletier de Molande, Staff Officer of George IV.) he left
four sons and three daus.,

I. Godwin Meade Pratt, heir to his grandfather.

II. William Richard, of Whitechurch Lodge, co. Dublin,
and of Dawson's Grove, co. Armagh, m. 1830, Elizabeth
Catherine, dau. and co-heir of Rev. Daniel Kelly, of Daw-
son's (irove, CO. Armagh, and Killeshall, co. Tyrone, by his
wife Mary Anne, dau. of Peter Gervais, Esq., and had

1 Ernest Godwin, of co. Dublin, Barrister-at-Law, 6. 3
June. 18:i9; in. 9 Sept. 1869, Fanny, only surviving child
(by Henrietta his wife, dau. of Brabazon Morris, Ksq. of
Mulleha, co. Meatli) ol Robert Coddington, Esq., great-
grandbon of Rev. William Coddington, Vicar of Carriek-
macross, who was 4th brother of John Coddington, Esq.
of Oldbridge, co. .Meath, and has issue,

1 Ernest Godwin. 2 Latham Coddington.

3 Arthur Meade. 4 Francis William.

5 Charles Barnham.
1 Kathleen Mary.
1 Alice Mary. 2 Julia Frances.

III. John Pratt, d. unm. 1866.

IV. Edward Bulkeley, of Clondalkin, co. Dublin, m. 1841,
Louisa, dau. of Frederick Bourne, Esq., of Terenure, co.
Dublin, and has two sons and two daus.

I. Anna Maria Caroline, m. 18H3, Capt. lloener de Mamiel (d.
1866), of the Garde du Corps of Lonis XVIII. of France,
and d. 1819, leaving five sons and two daus.





H. Jane Christina, m. 1835, His Excellency the Chevalier
Sergio de Jlacedo {d. 1867), Minister Plenipotentiary of the
Emperor of Brazil in London, and d. Ibo'i, leaving three
sons and two daus.
111. Maiia, m. 1830, His Excellency the Chevalier Louis
Pereira de Sodx'e, Minister Plenipotentiary of the Emperor
of Brazil at St. Petersburg ; d. ItiSG, leaving a dau., who
d. s. p.
The eldest son,

Godwin Meade Pratt Swift, Esq. of Swiftsheath and
Lionsden, s. his grandfather, and revived the ancient spelling
of SwiFiE for Swift. He 7)j. 1st, 1833, the Baroness Marie
Fernanda von ^Yetzlar, dau. and heir of the Baron PVanz von
Wetzlar, of Schonkirehen, Austria (which lady d. s. p. 1839) ;
and 2ndl}-, Feb. 1863, Mary Jane, dau. of Eobert Clark, Esq.
of Bansha, co. Tipperary, by which lady he left at his decease,
4 July, 1S64, a son, Godwin Meade Bctlek Swifxe, now of
Swiftsheath and Lionsden.

Arms — Or, a chevron vaire between three bucks in full
course ppr. Crest — A demi-buck rampant, holding in the mouth
a honeysuckle all ppr., stalked and leaved veit. Mottots —
Feslina lente ; Virtute et sanguine.

Stats — SHiltsheath, Jenkinstown, co. Kilkenny, and Lions-
den, Castleriukard, co. Meath.


SwiNBUENE, Thomas Kobeet, Esq. of Pontop
Hall, CO. Durham, Major E.iM.A., b. 4 Oct. 1853 ;
m. 9 March, 1686, Louisa Gertrude, elder dau. of
Eobert Sta.vart, Esq. of Kiulochinodant, co. Mid-
lothian, and has issue,

Thomas Anthony .Stewart, 6. 6 Dec. 1886.
Margaret Frances Troath, b. Jan. 1838.

Lineage. — The very ancient family of Swixbueke of
Caph'i Uon, Northumberland, of which that before us is a
branch, derives its name from Swinburne Castle, in North-
umberland, which it possessed from so remote a period that
the Swinburnes of Swinburne Castle have been esteemed feudal

Thomas Swinburne, Esq., 3rd son of Sir William Swinburne,
2nd Bart, of Capheaton, by Mary his wife, dau. of Anthony
Englefield, Esq. of hite Knights, m. Slary, dau. and eo-lieir
<if Anthony Meaburne, Esq. of Pontop Hall, co. Durham,
and relict of Thomas Thornton, Esq, of Nether Witton, and
by her (who d. 177-; had a dau. Mary, who <(. unni. 17B6,
and a son,

Thomas Swinbcrne, Esq. of Pontop Hall, co. Durham, vi.
17S1, Charlotte, dau. and co-heir of Robert Spearman, Esq. of
Old Acres, co. Durham, and had issue, i. Thomas Kobebt, his
heir; i. Charlotte; and ii. Amelia, 9U. Thomas Oswald, of
Sedgefield, co. Durham, M.D., and d. 4 Jan. 1841. Mr.
Swinburne d. Oct. 1825, and was s. by his son,

Thomas Robert Swinburne, Esq., F.R.S., of Pontop Hall,
CO. Durham, and Marcus, co. Forfar, J. P. and D.L., Lieut. -
Gen. in the army, b. 1796 ; m. 1st, 8 Dec. 1818, Maria, 3rd dau.
of Hev. Anthony Coates, Rector of Goldsborough, co. York (by
his wife, a dau. and co-heir of Rev. John Rowntree, of
Stockton, CO. Durham, by his wife, dau. and sole heir of Rev.
William Russell, Vicar of Elton, same co.), and by her (who d.
July, 1S20) had a son,

Thomas Anthony, late of Pontop Hall.

He m. 2ndly, Oct 1826, Helen, eldest dau. of James Aspinall,
Esq. of Liverpool, and by her (who rf. 10 March, 1800) had

Eobert Spearman, Ensign 54th Eegt., 6. April, 1828 ; d. Aug.

James, of Marcus, co. Forfar, D.L., Lieut. -Col. late 4th

Hussars, 6.29 July, 18o0 ; m. 20 April, 1870, Con>tance
Mary, dau. of Rev. Griffith Boynton, Rector of Barniston,
CO. Yoi'k, and d. 1881, leaving two daus., Helen Constance,
and Ethel Maude.

Gen. Swinburne served in Holland and the South of France,
and at Quatre Bras, and Waterloo. He d. 28 Feb. 1864. His
eldest son,

Thomas Anthont Swinburne, Esq. of Pontop Hall, co.
Durham, and Eilan Shona, N.B., retired Capt. R.N., 6. 13
July, 1820; ra. 21 July, 1852, Mary Anne, dau. of Capt.
Edward Fraser, Madras Engineers, of Shewglie, Inverness,
and had issue,

I. Thomas Robert, now of Pontop Hall.

II. Spearman, late Lieut. Highland Light Infantry, h. Dee.
1856 ; d. xmm. 21 Feb. 1888.

III. James, 6. Feb. 185S ; m. 28 Deo. 1S86, Ellen, dau. of
R. H. Wilson, Esq., M.D.,of Gateshead-on-Tyne, and iias.

IV. John,?). Aug. 1861.

V. Anthony, Lieut. East Lancashire Eegt., h. April, 1863,
d. -1111111. 1885.

VI. Henry (Rev.), M.A. Oxford, b. Oct. 1865.
Capt. T. A. Swinburne d. 7 Dec. 1893.

Arms— Vex fesse gu. and arg., three cinquefoils counter-
changed. Crest— Oux. of a ducal coronet or, a demi-boar ram-
pant arg., maned or, langued gu. il/oito— Semel et semper.

Heat — Pontop Hall, Lanchester, Durham.


SwiNTON, John Edulf Blagkave, Esq. of
Swiiiton Bank, co. Peebles, b. 6 Aug. l8G-i ; present
representative of the ancient and distinguished
family of Swintoa of that ilk.

Lineag-e. — This family, originally Saxon, took its sur-
name from the Barony of Swinton, co. Berwick.

Edclf or Edulphcs de Swinton, of Swinton, who appears
to have flourished in the reigns of Macbeth and Malcolm
Caenmoke, left a son Liulph or Lidlf, living in the beginning
of King Edgar, and was father of Udard, Sheriff co. Berwick,
tiiiip. Alexander I., who wass. by Heknclf, who obtained a
charter from David I. (i.e., prior to 1153), stdl extant in the
archives of the Dean and Chapter of Durham, and reproduced
in facsimile in the National Manuscripts of Scotland, in which
he is designated "Miles Meus,"' and in which the three pre-
ceding proprietors of the lands andbarony are named, "to hold
of St. Cuthbertand of me ; paying forty shillings to the monks
of Durham, without any other services." He d. temx>. Mal-
colm IV., and was s. by

Sir Alan de Swinton, who got a charter of the barony o£
Swinton from Bertram, Prior of Coldingham, Superior thereof
in the reign of King William the Lion. Sir Alan d. circa,
1200, and was s. by Alan, of Swinton, who appears as witness
to numerous charters in the earlier half of the 13th century.
Besides a son, John, he left a successor,

Alan, of Swinton, who granted the Kishcroft of Nether
Swinton to the Priory of Coldingham, 20 March, 1271, and
was .S-. by

Henry, of Swinton, who was one of the many Scots of all
ranks who swore fealty to Edward I., at Berwick, in 1296. To
him s.,

Alan, of Swinton, who is mentioned as serving on an inquest
in 1374. He was s. by

Henkt, of Swinton, who in a charter of the year 1379, made
over all his lands to his son. Sir John, of Swinton. This
Charter was confirmed both by Robert U. and his son, John,
Earl of Carrick, Steward of Scotland, in 1382, and was further
ratified by a Bull of Pope Clement 111., dated at Avignon, t>
June, 1383 (these charters are still in the possession of the
family). His son.

Sir John Swinton, a distinguished soldier and statesman,
and high in favour with Kings Robert II. and 111. His mili-
tary achievements are recorded by the ancient Scottish writers.
At the battle of Otterburn, 21 July, 1388, he had a chief com-
mand, and to his intrepidity the Scots were indebted for the
great victory obtained over the English (although with theloss-
of Douglas) on that memorable field. The gallant bearing
and heroic death of Sir John Swinton, at the fatal battle of
Homildon, have afforded a subject for the poetic genuis of
Scott, and are the materials on which he founded the drainaof
Halidon Hill. Sir John iii. 1st, Margaret, Countess of Douglas
and Mar, widow of William, 1st Earl of Dougla.s, but by that;
lady had no issue, and 2ndlj', Lady Margaret Stewart, dau. of
King Robert II., by whom he had a son.

Sir John Swinton, of that ilk, a man of singular merit and;
a soldier of undaunted valour. At the battle of lieauge, in.
France, 1421, Swinton unhorsed the Duke of Clarence, an
English General, brother of King Henrt V., whom he dis-
tinguished by a coronet set with precious stones, which the
Duke wore around his helmet, and wounded him so grievously
in the face with his lance, that he immediately expired. Sir
John afterwards fell at the battle of Verneuil. He ni. 1st, Lady-
Marjory Dunbar, dau. of George, Earl of March ; but she ti. s.^j.
He m. 2ndly, his cousin-german. Lady Marjory Stewart, dau.
of Robert, Duke of Albany. He was s. by his son,

Sir John Swinton, of that ilk, who d. circa 1493 leaving
(with a dau. Margaret, m. John Falside, of that ilk, and in her
widowhood was Prioress of the monastery of Elcho) a son and





SiK John Swixroy, of that ilk, m. 1475, Katharine Lauder,
of the family of Bass, by whom he had, with other issue, a

John' Swintos, of that ills. Warden Depute of the East
^Marches, m. 151S, Margaret, dau. of DavidHunic,of Wedder-
Inirn, and had issue, two sons and eight daus. He il. circa
lo4;t, and was «■. liy his elder son,

Sir John Swintos. of that ilk, m. 155',2, his cousin, Katha-
rine, dau. of Kobert Lauder, of Bass, and dying 15S4, was s.
by his eldest son,

lloDERT SwiNTOjf, of that ilk. Sheriff of co, Berwick, He m.
]st, Katharine Hay, dau. of William, Lord Tester, by whom he
had one son, John, his iieir, and a dau. Katharine, id. Sir
Alexander Nisbet, of that ilk. He m. 2ndly, 15'J7, Jean, sister
of Tatrick Hepburn, of White Castle, by whom he had two
sons, .\LEXANDER and Kobert, and one dau. Helen, m. IG'IS,
John Hepburn, of Smeaton. Mr. Swinton d. It)28, and was
^. by his son,

John Swinpon, of that ilk, d. imm. 1633, and was s. by his

Sir Alesaxder Swinton, of that ilk. Sheriff of Berwick, m.
IC'20, Margaret^ dau. of James Home, of Framepath, a cadet
<if the family of Home, and had issue, with live daus., five sons,
I. John, his heir ; ii. Alexander, Lord Mersington ; iii.
liobert, killed at the battle af Worcester, ex jiarie Regis,
attempting to carry off Cromwell's standard ; iv. James; v.
George, of Chesters ; vi. David, of Loughton. Sir Alexander
<l. 1652, aud was s. by his eldest son,

John Swinton, of that ilk, appointed in 1649. one of the
Colonels for co. Berwick, chosen one of the Committee of
Estates and made a Commissioner for Plantation of Kirks, 14
3Iarch, the same year. Cromwell, when in Scotland, carried
Swinton a prisoner to England, and had him with him at the
battle of Worcester, where he was only a spectator; however,
he was forfeited by the Convention of estates in absence, and
■without proof, 16.51. He m. 1st, 1G4.5, Margaret Steuart, dau.
of William Lord Blantyre, by whom he had three sons and one
dau. He m. 2ndly, Frances White, of Newington Butts (widow),
<lau. of — Hancock, .of Wallieford, East, but by her
had no issue (she re-m. Arnot Soman). He d. 1671), and was s.
by his eldest son,

Alexander Swinton. of that ilk, who dying v.nm., was s.
by his brother,

SiB John Swinton, of that ilk, who resided in Holland during
the forfeiture, and was a considerable merchant there. He
returned to Britain at the Revolution, and in the year 1690
the decree of forfeiture was rescinded, and the family estate
was restored to liim ^jer modum justitioe. He was a Member of
the Union Parliament, and was appointed one of the Couimis-
-sioners of Equivalent. Hem. 1st, Sarah, dau. of William Welsh,
ilerchant of London, by whom he had many child

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