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d d. March, 1879, leaving issue.

III. Matilda, d. 1834.

Mrs. Buchan-SydserffcZ. 24 Oct. 1804, and was5. by her eldest

John Buchan-Stdserff, of Ruchlaw, Lieut. 82nd Regt., who
was wounded at Nivelle 1813, b. 1793; to. 1811, Marguerite,
dau. of Thomas Olivier, Esq. of St. Ann's, Alderney, and by
her (who d. Oct. 1874) had issue,

I. Thomas, now of Ruchlaw.

II. John, b. Oct. 1823 ; 7(i. Mary Disher, and has issue.

III. Francis, d. s.p. 1846.

IV. George, d. s.p. 188;!. v

I. Martha, d. unm. 1844.

II. Margaret Olivier, c(. iinrn. 1878.

III. Mary, d. unm. 1844.

IV. Ann, d. unm. Oct. 1859.
Mr. Buchan-Sydserffrf. 1839. .

Arms— Arc:., three fleurs-de-lis az. Ci-est — An eagle's head
couped gu. Molt ' — Virtute promoveo.
Seat— Iluchlaw, Prestonkirk.

James, d. Dec. 1859.


Sykes, Kdmund Howard, Esq. of Brookfield, co.
Chester, J. P. for cos. Lancaster and. Chester, 6. 11
Jan. 1827 ; m. 10 Jan. 1856, Frances Anne, 2nd
dau. of the late G-eorge Peel, Esq. of Brookfield,
and has issue,

Frank, J. P. co. Chester, 6. 2 Nov. 1856 ; m. 27 April, 1892,
Beatrice Caroline, 2nd dau. of G. W. Mould, Esq. of
Cheadle, Cheshire.

Iiineag'e. — This family, which originally came from the
neighbourhood of Leeds, were settled in Wakefield, co. York,
in the 17th century, and in 1793, William Sykes left Wakefield,
and settled at Edgx-Iey, co. Chester.

Edmund Sykes, of Wakefield, m. 6 Not. 1668, Ann North,
and bad a son.

Edmund Sykes, of Wakefield, bapt. 1672 ; m. 1093, Alice

HeaUl, by whom he had issue, a son,
William Sykes, of Wakefield, bapt. 1698, who was father of
Edmond Sykes, of Wakefield, 6. 1726. His son,
William Sykes, of Wakefield, co. York, and afterwards of

Edgeley, co. Chester, b. 1755; m. 22 Aug. 1782, Martha

Townend, and d. 26 Aug. 1837, leaving by her (who d. 8 Dec.

1824) a son,
Richard Sykes, Esq. of Edgeley, 6. 1793/ to. 1 Sept. 1825,

Jane, dau. of Thomas Hardcastle, Esq. of Firwood, Bolton-le-

Moors, CO. Lancaster, and by her (who d. 8 Sept. 1887) had


I. Edmund Howard, now of Brookfield.

II. William (Rev.), Hon. Military Chaplain to the Queen, m.
Mary, eldest dau. of the late Capt. Molesworth, ll.A., and
d. 7 Sept. 1893. leaving issue, one son and two daus.

III. Thomas Hardcastle, of Cheadle, co. Chester, J.P.,
formerly Capt. 20th Cheshire R.V., b. 15 Feb. 1S33 ; to. 1st,
I June, 1864, Mary, eldest dau. of John Piatt, Esq., M.P.
for Oldham, and by her (who d. 1875) has issue,

Harold Piatt, 6. 19 Jan. 1865.

Alan John, b. 14 April, 1868.

Alice Isabel Hardcastle, b. 27 July, 1866 ; to. 15 June, 1890,
Wilbraham Dixon, Esq.

Maud Mary, b. 15 Nov. 1870.
He m. 2ndly, 4 Jan. 1881, Mary, dau. of the late James
Turner, Esq. of Rusholme Park, co. Lancaster, and has

Marjorie Gertrude Hardcastle, b. 31 March, 1882.

IV. Richard.

V. Arthur Henry, of Edgeley Mount, Stockport, J.P. co.
Chester, b. 10 Jan. 1841 ; to. 17 Sept. 1868, Harriet Eliza-
beth, dau. of the late Thomas Lever Rushton, Esq. of Bol-
ton-!e-Moors, by his wife, Harnet Anne, dau. of the late
John Sharp, of JIanchester, and has issue,

Herbert Rushton, 6. 1870.
Mabel, 6. 1873.

VI. Walter Harry, m. 1880, Cecilia Louisa Jane, dau. of Col.
Wellesley, Aldershot, and has issue, one son and two daus.

I. Dora, TO. 1882, Eev. Artliur Tennant Milton.

II. Eleanor, m. 1868, Col. Henry Piatt, of Gorddinog, Ban-
gor, and has issue.

III. Gertrude, m. 1873, Edmund Charles Buxton, Esq.
Mr. Sykes d. 27 May, 1876.

Arms— Arg., on a chevron sa. gutt§ d'eau between three
tufts of grass vert, as many fountains ppr. Crest— Upon the
trunk of a tree eradicated fessewise, and sprouting to the
dexter, a swan, wings elevated arg., beaked and legged sa.,
charged on the breast with a fountain ppr. Mollo—turitaa
fons honoris.

;Sea£— Brookfield, Cheadle, Cheshire.


Stmonds, Caeoline, of Pengethly, co. Hereford,
b. 1865.

Xiineag-e. — In the year 1686, Robert Stmonds, Esq. of
Lincoln's Inn, obtained an assignment of the moiety of the
Trockmortons' estates, at Hewelsfield, co. Gloucester. He was
the son of Robert Symonds, of the city of Hereford, living 1695.

Robert Symonds, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, afterwards of Sug-
was, CO. Hereford, who served as High Sheriff of that shire, to.
Jaue, dau. of Thomas Willis, Esq., and niece of the celebrated
John Fell, D.D., Bishop of Hereford. Mr. Symonds d. 4 May,
1711, leaving a son,

Thomas Symonds, M.D., b. 8 Oct. 1685; to. Penelope,
youngest dau. and co-heir of Sir John Williams, Bart, of Pen-
gethly, by Mary his wife, dau. of Sir William Powell, Bart,
of Pengethly, and had issue. The 2nd son,

Thomas Powell Symonds, Esq. of Pengethly, to. Sarah, dau.
of Joseph Chester, Esq. of Gloucester, and had issue,

I. Thomas Powell, his heir, sometime M.P. for Hereford,
Lieut. -Col. South Gloucester Militia, and d. s.p. Aug. 1819,
and was s. by his nephew.

II. Joseph (Rev.), Rector of Dinedor and Abbey Dore, ?n.
Charlotte Bamford, and d. 1801, leaving issue,

1 Thomas Powell, heir to his uncle, and of Pengethly.

1 Sarah, to. William Hooper, Esq., and had issue.

2 Penelope, m. Rev. G. S. Evans, Rector of Hinton, d. s. p.
Eev. Joseph Symonds d. 1801.

III. William, M.D., Hi. Ann Woodhouse (&. 1766, d. 1825),
and had issue,

William, of Elsdon, co. Hereford, J.P. and D.L., m. 1817,
Mary Anne, dau. of Samuel Bcale, Esq. of Upton-on-
Severn, and d. 1840, having had Issue by her (who d.

1 William Samuel (Eev.), Lord of the Manor, Pati'on
and Rector of Pendock, Tewkesbury, B.A., F.G.S.,
J.P. for CO. Worcester, b. Ibl8; iii. 1840, Hyacinth,

6 s.





(lau. of Samuel Kent, Esq. of The Hill, TJpton-on-
Severn, and has had issue, Towell Syiuoiids, formerly
Lieut. 14th Kegt., b. 1S45 (m. 1S74, CVnstance, dau. of
Ormus Biddulph, Esq. of Chester, and d. 1879, leaviuK
a son, Powell Biddulph, (>. 1875) ; Henry Franeis, t>.
185.^. dece.ssed; and Hyacinth, b. 1842; m. 1st, 18 Nov.
1871,- Sir William Janiine, 7th Bart., who iL 9 Nov.
1874, and 2ndly, 22 .-Vug. 1876, Sir Joseph Dalton
Hooker, K.C.S.I., C.B., D.C.L., and had issue.
2 James l-rederick, of Okeleigh, Hereford, J.P., b. 1826 ;
m. lS4o, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of John Cleave, Ksq. of
Hereford, and hy her, who d. l8S9, has issue (with four
daus., Mary Elizabeth, Edith (Iko, Hose Gwynne, and
Beatrice), six sons, Frederick Cleave; John Reginald,
6. 1850; William Powell, b. 1;66; George Henry
Hamilton, 6. 1860; Noel Parry, i. 1863 ; and Richard
Herbert, of Okeleigh. Hereford, who took by royal
licence, 1886, the additional surname and arms of
Tatlob. The eldest son, Frederick Cleave Loder-
Stmonds, of Hinton Manor, Berks, J. P., late R.A.,
assumed the name of Loder by royal licence, 1875,
on inheriting the estate, b. 23 Oct., 1846 ; m. 27 Feb.
1873, Elizabeth l.sabel Emily, dau. of Capt. John Par-
land, Russian Imperial Guards, and has issue, John
Frederick, ;<. 1873: Frederick Parland, 6. 1876; Robert
Francis, b. 1883; William Crawshay, b. 1886; Thomas
Lenthall, b. 1892 ; Isabel Lilly Annette ; Mary Penelope;
and Edith Violet.

1 Mary, m. George Tennant, Esq., Major 85th Rcgt.,
and had issue.
IT. Robert (Rer.), Rector of Hinton, Berks, in. Maria, dau.
and heir of Kev. John Loder, of Hinton Waldrist, Berks,
and had issue, John Loder Symonds, Esq. of Hinton Manor,
Berks, 6. 1801, m. Emily Lloyd, and d. s. p. 1875, leaving
Hinton Manor to Frederick Cleave Symonds ; Caroline, m.
Kev. Peter Cotes, Rector of Litchfield, Hants, and had
issue, three daus. ; and Mary, d. s. p.
V. John, d. s. p.

Yi. Edward Charles, d.s. p. at Hinton, 24 Oct. 1843, aged 70.
vn. James, d. s. p.

vui. George Clark, Capt. 18th Dragoons, in. Ellen Hum-
phrey, heiress of Hinton Charterhouse, co. Somerset, and
had issue, a dau., Louisa, m. Harold Brooke, and had
I. Penelope, m. E. Crowther, Esq., and had issue, a dau.

The grandson and eventual heir,

Eev. Thomas Powell Symo.sds, of Pengethly, J. P., b. 1789;
7)!. April, 1816, Elizabeth, dau. of Abraham Ilolden Turner, of
Hendon, Middlesex, and had issue,

I. Thomas Powell, late of Pengethly.

II. William Turville, b. Feb. 1818; d. unm. 1834.

He s. his imcle, Thomas Powell Symonds, Esq., M.P. 1819,
and d. 1869, and was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Powell Symonds, Esq. of Pengethly, Lieut.-Col.
Hereford Militia, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1874, b. Feb.
1817 ; m. 1862, his cousin, Anna, dau. of Rev. Peter Cotes,
Eector of Litchfield, Hants, by Caroline his wife, dau. of
Robert Symonds, Esq. of Hinton Waldrist, Berks, and(/. 1876,
having had, William Powell, d. unm. v. 2'-, and Caroline,
now of Pengethly.

Arms—?ia,., a dolphin embowed, holding in the mouth a fish
arg. Crest — A dolphin, as in the arms.
SiMt — Pengethly, near Ross, co. Hereford.


Symoxs, Thomas Raymond, Esq. of The Mynde
Park, CO. Hereford, J.P. aud D.L., h. 30 Murdi,
1866; s. his father 1868; m. 4 April, 1888,
Margaret Ethel, second dau. of James Rankin, Esq.,
M.P., of Brjnjwyn, co. Hereford, and has issue,
Thomas Edward IUvmond, h. 23 April, 1889.

Lineage. — Richard Symons, citizen of London, who
purchased the Mynde estate, co. Hereford about 1740, had
one son, John, and two daus., Elizabeth and Anna Sophia,
upon whom he entailed the estate. John and Elizabeth (m.
to Mr. Justice Olive) both d. s. 'p. The other dau.,

Anna Sophia Symons, vi. Richard Peers, citizen of London,
and had (with a dau. Elizabeth Peers, i/i. Sir Charles Blunt,
Bart, of London^ an only son,

Richard Peers, Esq. of The Mynde, who assumed the sur-
name of Symons, was created a Bart. 23 May, 1774, and d. unm.
1796, when the title became extinct. The property devolved,
at Sir Richard's decease, upon

Thomas Raymond, Esq., grandson of Ann (youngest sister
of Richard Symons, the testator), by her husband, Philip
Hampton, Esq. of Boseley, co. Gloucester, and son of Mary,
dau. of Philip and Ann Hampton, who >ii. William Raymond,
Esq. of Thornbury. This Thomas Raymond, upon succeeding

to the estate, 1796, assumed the name and arms of Syhorb.
He »i. Mary Chapman, and dying 1818, left issue,
Thomas Hampton, his heir.

Richard llarcourt, m. Jane Dinnes, only child and heir of
Richard Henry Tolson, Esq. of Woodland Lodge, Somerset,
and had issue, Mary Louisa.
Charles. Frederick Raymond.

JIary Anne Jane, d. 13 Feb. 1863.

The eldest son,

Thomas Hampton Symons, Esq. of The Mynde Park, who
s. his father 1818, m. 20 Apiil, 1816, Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of
Rev. Dr. Ilannington, and by her (who d. 9 April, 1857) had

Thojias George, his heir.

Henry Longden, 6. 24 Dec. 1829 ; d. 1873.

Elizabeth Fanny, m. Edgar Rodwell, Esq., Barrister-at-Law.

Ellen Jane, m. Oct. 1858, Lieut.-Col. Webb, J.P. and D.L.,

CO. Worcester.
Mary Anne Blookland, m. 1862, Viscomte Ernest Dollin Du

F'resne, Chevalier of the Legion of Honour.

Mr. Symons d. 22 Jan. 1831, and wass. by his eldest son,

Thomas George Symons, Esq. of The Mynde Park, co.
Hereford, J.P. and D.L., 6.25 Oct. 1818; m. 1st, 19 Oct. 1838,
Mary Louisa, only child and heir of Capt. Richard Harcourt
Symons, and by her (who d. 25 Oct. 1845) had issue, Richard
Langton, b. 30 Aug. 1842, d. in infancy. He m. 2ndly, 24 May,
1864, Mary Ilayley, only surviving child of Rev. Thomas
Edward Allen, Chaplain H.E.I.C., Bengal, and granddau. of
Sir II. M. F'arrington, 3rd Bart., and had issue,

Thomas Raymond, his heir.

Ada Mary.

Edith Maude, m. 1888, Henry Stratton Coles, 2nd son of
William Gale Coles, Esq. of Clevewood, co. Gloucester.

Mr. Symons d. 15 Nov. 186S.

ArniM — Per fessc az. and erm., a pale ciounterehangcd, three
trefoils slipped, two and one, or, within a bordure also counter-
changed. Crest — On a mount vert, a wolf statant, holding in
the mouth a rose, slipped, leaved, and stalked, all ppr. Motto
— Nil adniiiari.

Seat — Mynde Park, co. Hereford.


Soltau-Symons, Geokge William Culme, Esq.
of Chaddlewood, co. Devon, educated at Winchester
and Christ Churcli, Oxford, J.P. and D.L., High
Sheriil 1875, b. 29 May, 1S31 ; m. 1st, 15 Dec.
1859, Hon. Adele Isabella, dau. of William Thomas,
3rd Earon Graves, and by lier, Mho d. 27 Dec.
1869, has issue,

I. George Algernon James, Lieut. 60th Rifles, &. 6 May,

I. Ad&le Frances, d. 1 March, 1872.

II. Milly Louisa Isabella. iil. Evelyn Mary.
IV. Constance Lina, (/i. 20 Oct. 1892, Home William Pop-
ham, Esq. of Stourfield, Hants.

He m. 2ndly, 12 Jan. 1875, Mary Elizabeth, widow
of St. John Coventry, Esq. of Henbury, and The
Knoll, near Wimbornc, Dorset, and dau. of Lieut.-
Col. Todd, and has issue,
II. Lionel Culme, b. 22 June, 1876.

Lineage.— William Symons, gent, of Devon, m. temp.
Charles M., Agnes, dau. of Rev. Christopher Jelinger, Vicar
of South Brent, and<i. 11 Nov. 1697, leaving by her (who d.
12 Jan. 1710) two sons, Jelinger, who d. unm., and

Rev. William Sy.MONS, who left at his decease, 22 Aug.
1722, three sons,
I. William, b. 1712; m. Betliia, dau. of Rev. Mr. Adams,
Vicar of Blackawton, and c<. 20 June, 1784, leaving issue,
1 William, of Rochester, Kent, 6. 1745; m. Mary F'ield, of
Rochester, and had, with a younger son, Isaac (who had
issue, William, Heiuy, Isaac, Edwin, and Thomas), aa
elder son,
William Henry, of Plymouth, Comni. E.N., b. 1 Sept.
1782; m. 1st, 1816, Harriet, eldest dau. of Peter
Symons, Esq. of Plymouth, and had, with two daus.,
two sons,

William Henry, Lieut. E.N., 5. 1819; m. Georgiana
Ellen, dau. of Samuel Kerswell, Esq. of Devonport,
J. P., and has issue, William Wilberforce, 6. 1848;
Henry Kerswell ; Mary; Elizabeth; and Jessie.
Edwin Charles, Lieut. R.N., b. 1827; m. 1857, Emily,
dau. of Lieut. John Pollard, R.N.
He m. 2ndly, 1835, Mary Anne, dau. of Lieut. William
Taylor, R.N., by whom he had one son.





Jelinger Henry, Capt. E.M.

2 Jelinger (Rev.), B.D., Hector of Whitburn, co. Durham,
6. 1748; m. JuHana, dau. of Theopliilus Lane, Esq. of co.
Hereford, by Juliana his wife, dm, .'md co-heir of Banip-
fylde Eodd, Esq. of The 14odd, in the tame co., and d.
1810, leaving issue,

Jelinger (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Radnnge, Bucks, and
Vicar of Monkland, co. Hereford, J.F., 6. 177fi; m.
1850, Maria Henrietta, dau. of Henry Airey, Esq. of
Newcastle, and d. 1851, leaving an only son, Jelinger
CookBon, Barrister-at-Law, and one of H.M.'s Inspectors
of Schools, a writer and essayist of note, author, among
other publications, of a work proving William Burke,
the friend of Edmund Burke, to hive been the author
of Junius; m. Is45, Angelina, dau. and co-heir of
Edward Kendall, Esq. of Austry, co. Warwick, High
Sheriff of co. Brecknock 1818, and d. 7 April, 18U0,
leaving two sons, Jelinger Edward, li. 1846, and Edward
Warwick Jelinger, b. 1848.

Henry John (Rev.), LL.D., Vicar of All Saints with St.
Martin's, co. Hereford, and Chaplain to the Duke of
Cambridge, 7)i. Frances, dau. of William Johnson, Esq.,
and d. 22 March, 18,57, leaving two sons, Heury and
Christopher Jelinger, Major U.E.I.C.S.

3 Peter, of Plymouth, 6. 1750; m. Priscilla, dau. of Elias
Dunsterville, Esq. of Plyniduth, and had (with a dau.
Harriet, m. her first cousin, William Henry Syraon,s, Esq.,
Comm.R.N., deceased, whose youngest son, Capt. Jelinger
H. Sj-mons, m. 16 Aug. 1864, Grace, eldest dau. of
Thomas Hyatt, Esq. of Bowlish, near Shepton Mallet)
two sons, Charles, who d. young, and Peter, who m.
Harriet Dusterville, but d. s.p.

II. Jelinger, father of Jelinger, who d, s. p.

III. Peteb.
Th« 3rd son,

Peter Stmons, Esq. of Plymouth, m. Elizabeth Hicks, dau.
of Hicks Carhart, E.^q. of Carhart, Cornwall, and d. 1787,
leaving issue,

I. Peter, father of Henry, who d. s. jj., and of Christopher
Jelinger, Lieut'. R.N., who d. unm.

II. Jelinger, d. unm.

III. WiLUAM, of Chaddlewood.

I. Elizabeth, d. unm. 1761.

II. Anne, to. Robert Lane, Esq. of Hereford.
The 3rd son,

William Stmons, Esq. of Chaddlewood in Plympton, St.
Mary, m. Dorothy, dau. of Henry Bird, Esq,, and by her (who
d. 1814) left at his decease, 1801,

I. William Hales, of Chaddlewood, Lieut.-Col. of the South
Devon Militia, J. P. and D.L., m. IbOO, Jlilly, youngest dau.
of William Miles, Esq. of JIanilla Hall, Clifton, co. Glou-
cester, and cZ. s.p. 1845.

II. Henry, d. unm. 1796.

I. Elizabeth Maria, m. 1800, George Soltau, Esq. of Little
Efford, CO. Devon, and d. 17 Jan. 1837, leaving issue,
George William Soltau, Esq. of Little Efford, co. Devon, 6.
1801 ; m, Frances Goddard, younger dau. and co-heir of
Rev. Thomas Culmo, of Tothill, and had issue. His elder
son, George William Culme Soltau, has assumed the
surname and arms of Stmons, and is the present possessor
of Chaddlewood.

II. Mary, d. uma. 26 Aug. 1841.

III. Dorothy Bird, m. George Strode, Esq, of Newnham Park,
Devon, and had issue (see Strode of Hemiham Park).

Arms— Per fesse daneettee gu. and arg., a pale counter-
changed three trefoils, one and two, slipped of the first.
Cre^t — On a mount vert, in front of a saltire gu,, an ermine
holding in the mouth a fern-branch ppr. jlolLo — Simplex

iSeat— Chaddlewood, Plympton, Devon.

Stmons, William Penn, Esq., C.E., of Hatt,
CO. Cornwall, Col. late South Wales Borderers, h. 17
July, 1843 ; m. 13 Feb. 1877, Caroline, only dau.
of Thomas Pinfold Hawkins, Esq. of Edgbaston.
Xiineagre. — This family is of Norman origin.
William Symons, 2nd son of Richard Symons, of Tremayne,
by Jane Vyvyan his wife, s. to the estates of his uncle,
William Symons, Esq,, 1498, and thus became of Tregarthyn
and Bodilh. He m. Margery, dau. and co-heir of Thomas
Fowler, of Ricot, co. Oxon, and d. 1559, leaving an only son,

Nicholas Symons, of Tregarthyn, m. 1550, Joan, only child
of John Trelay, of Pelynt and Anthony, and dying 27 March,
1588, left three sons,
I. Nicholas, of Tregarthyn, who d. 1627, ancestor of SIart
Stmons, sister and heir of William Symons, Esq. of Wen-
drcm and Tremayne, who in. William Symons, ot Lydford,
Devon, and from this marriage descended William Gran-
vUle FitzSimon Symons, Esq. of Tremayne; AVillium Tre-

garthyn Symons, Esq, of Wendron and Hayne ; and Geoifj-e
St. Aubyn Symons, Esq, of Trenoweth. "

II. John, of whom presently.

III. Richard, of Anthony, ancestor of William Symons, of
Lydford, h. 11 March, 1702; to. Mar}-, sister and heir of
William Symons, Esq, of Tremayne and Wendron, Corn-
wall, and had a son and heir, William, of Tremayne and
Trenoworth, b. 19 March, 1729 ; m. Abigail, only child of
John Granville, of Madron, and d. 11 May, 1800, leaving

1 Nicholas Granville, of Tremayne, in. Henrietta Williams,
and had (with a younger son, John FitzSinions, of Tre-
garthyn, who m. 1833, Catherine, dau, of William Hore,
Esq., and was father of Thomas, an OfHccr of Dragoons,
who d. unm. 1855, and of William, drowned 1849) a ,son
and successor, Thomas Granville, of Tremayne, father
(by Mary Trevithick his wife) of William GrenviUe
FitzSimon, of Tremayne, who d. unm. 1856.

2 William Tregarthyn, of Wendron, who vi. Isabel Lucy,
dau, of Arthur Anneslev, Esq,, and had an only son,
William Tregarthyn, of Hayne. Devon, b. 14 April, 1802,
m. Mary, widow of George Grentell, Esq, of Penzance,
and dau. of James Symons, of Great Ormesbv, Norfolk,
and d. 13 July, 1833, leaving by her (who d. 2"l'eb. 1347>
an only child, Elizabeth Annesley Granville, heir to her
grandfather. Miss Symons in. Joseph Gunning .Symons,
Esq. of Tremayne, and dying left an only child, Isabel
Tregarthyn FitzSimon.

3 Richard Pyne, of Madrone, to. Mary, dau. of John
Vivian, Esq. of Truro, and left at his decease, 1855, aa
only son, George Micholas St. Aubyn, of Trenoweth, a
Capt. in the army, who ni. Is57, Frances Anne, dau. of
Francis Basset, Esq. of Trendinnick, and d. in India, i
Sept. 1858, leaving a dau. Constance Ada FitzSimon.

The 2nd son,

John Symons, b. 1653, s. to Trelay' at the decease of his
mother, 1586, and d. 1615, leaving by Margaret his wife, dau.
of Richard Bond, of Earth, near Saltash, an only son,

John Symons, of Pillaton, b. 1582 ; m. 1604, Elizabeth,
elder dau. and co-heir of Richard Trepe, Esq. of Crediton,*
Devon, and had an only son,

John Symons, of Hatt, in Botus Fleming, living 1665, m.
Margaret, dau. of WiUiam Rosevear, of Quethiock, and was
grandfather of

William Stmons, of Hatt and Broadmore, whose only child,

William Stmo.vs, Esq. of Hatt and Broadmore, High Sheriff
of Corn wall 1735, in. 1st, a dau. of Mr. Bond, of Holwood and
Earth, and 2ndly, Elizabeth, widow of Long Trosse, Esq. of
TrevoUai d, Cornwall, and had issue,

William, his heir.

Nicholas, who settled at Liverpool, where he d. 1802, leaving
an only son,
William, successor to his uncle.

Elizabeth, to. Rev. Peter Davy Foulkes.

Mary Anna, m. Rev. Charles Tucker.

Arabella, in. Rev. J. Foot.

The elder son,

William Stmons, Esq. of Hatt and Broadmore, d. umn.
1802, and was s. by his nephew,

William Stmons, Esq. of Hatt and Broadmore, m. Agnes,
dau. of William Penn, Esq., and rf. 1832. leaving issue,

William, his heir.

Nichula,-;, of Broadmore, b. 1822 ; d,7 . p. 12 Slarch, 1858.

Elizabeth, m. Col. George Woodfall, and d. 28 Dec. 1833,
a,ged 67, leaving four daus.

Mary Ann, to. John Heugh, Esq. Arabella.

The eldest son,

William Stmons, Esq. of Hatt, late Recorder of Saltash, b,
19 June, 1818; m. 13 Sept. 1842, Caroline Anne Southwell,
dau. of William Courtis, Esq. of Plymouth, and had issue,

I. William, now of Hatt.

II. Nicholas Sherwood, b. 20 March, 1845; m. a dau. of Col.

III. John Littleton, 6. 5 Oct, 1848; m. a dau. of Gen. Gell.

IV. Heugh .Southwell, b. 21 Oct. 1853 ; jii. a dau. of Arthur
Pilleau, Esq, of Clifton.

I. Elizabeth Caroline.

II. Mary Ann, m. Charles H. B. Forbes, Esq. of Bombay.
Mr. Symons d. 6 March, 1883.

Arms — Per fesse sa. and or, a pale counterchanged, three
trefoils slipped of the second. Crests— Isl, ijn a, mount vert,
an ermine passant ppr., holding in the mouth a cinquefoil or,
slipped of the first; 2nd, A boar passant arg., armed or;
(ancient) An eagle rising arg. MoUoes—Fiiim\x&; Cor nobyle,
cor iiiiiuobyle.

SMl—Rsitt, Cornw.all.


SyNNOTT, Make Seton, Esq. of Pallymoyer, co.
Armagh, J.P., formerly Capt. Armagh Light
lufuutry, i. 1S17; s. his i'atlier 1890.

6 K 2





Liineage. — The family of Synnot possessed considerable
estates, an.l ranked ainoiijj the most eminent of the gentry
of the baronies of Forth and Bargy, until dispossessed of all
their lands by Oliveu Cromwell.

ToBLis Syxxot, of CO. Londondery, gent., was brought up
a Protestant, and was in Londonderry duiing its celebrated
siege. His eldest son,

Thomas Sts.not, Esq., Town Major of the city of Dublin
and Capt. in Lucas's Itogt. of Foot 1711, whose will dated
10 March, 1724, was proved 5 July, 17-G, J. May, 1725, and
left a son .and heir,

EicHARD Synnot, Esq. of Drumcondragli, Registrar of the
Diocese of Armagh, (whose will, dated 28 March, 1727, was
proved May, 1727). He»i. April, 1C04, Jane, dau. of Edward
Blosham, gent, of Dublin, and had (with a dau. Anne, m. St.
John) a sen,

Mark Stnxot, Esq. of Drumcondragh,bapt. 8 May, 1696; d.
19 Nov. 1754. He m. 1st, Euphemia, dau. of — Rivers, Esq.,
and 2nd!y, 16 Sept. 1769, Anne, dau. of Walter Nugent, Esq.
of Carpenterstown, co. Westmeath, by whom he had issue,

I. Mark, of Drumcondragh, m. 28 Feb. 1777, Susanna, dau.
of James Nugent, of Capentersiown, co. Westmeath, co-
heir, and eventually sole heir, of her only brother, John
Nugent,* and by her (who (/. 29 March, 1778) had issue, an
only son, Mark, his heir. Mr. Synnot served the office of
High Sheriff of Westmeath 1778, and dying March, 1789,
was s. by his only son,

Mark Synnot, of Monasteroris House, King's co., b. 20
Dec. 1777 ; -m. June, 1807, Mary, dau. of Robert Wilson,
of Monasteroris, and by her (who d. 14 Feb. 1841) had

1 John, d. unm. at Madeira 27 Feb. 1839.

2 Richard, d. udiii. 17 Feb. 1841, when the male line of
the elder branch of Synnot became extinct, and the
estates devolved upon the daus. as co-htirs-at-law.

1 Susanna, d. num. 11 Marth, 1842.

2 Maria, m. 4 Aug. 1842, George Woods Maunsell, 2nd
8on of Richard Maunsell, Esq. of Oakly Park, co. Kil-
dare, and has issue {see Macxsell of Oakly Park).

S Anne Jane, ra. 24 Aug. 1843, Mark Setoa Synnot, Esq.,
now of Ballymoyer, and has issue.

4 Charlotte Augusta, m. 10 Dec. 1846, Charles Cotting-
ham, only son of Ja

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