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-heir of A. Collingwood, Esq. of Unthank, and had

V. Clayton, m. 1795, Jemima, dau. and co-heiress of Thomas

Robinson, Esq. of Liverpool, and d. s. p. 1796.

I. Anne.

II. Bridget, m. 1781, Edward Falkner, Esq., J.P., and d.

The 2nd, but eldest surviving son,

Thomas Tarleton, Esq. of Aigburth, co. Lancaster, and
Bolesworth Castle, co. Chester, b. 6 July, 1753 ; m. 1775,
Mary, 3rd dau. and co-heir of Lawrence RobinBon, Esq. of
Clitheroe, co. Lancaster, and d. 1820 (bur. at Malpas), having
by her (who d. 12 Feb. 1812; had issue,

I. Thomas, of whom presently.

II. John Edward (liev.). Rector of Chclsfield, Kent, 6. 1783 ;
d. unm. 1849.

III. Henry, 6. 1787; m. 1828, Eleanor, dau. of Phillips Lloyd
Fletcher, Esq., and d. s. p. 1829.

I. Jane, rii. 1802, Thomas Boycott, Esq. of Rudge Hall, co.
Salop, and d 1843.

II. Mary. ill. Mai-y Anne.

IV. Eliza, m. 1807, Rev. W. Wickham Drake, Rector of
JIalpas, and d. 1841, leaving issue, W. W. Drake, Esq.,
who s. to Breakspears.

He d. 2 Jan. 1820, and was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas T-.^leton, Esq. of Bolesworth Castle, Capt. 26th
Dragoon*, 5. 20 June, 1770 ; m. 23 April, 1805, Frances, 4th

dau. of Philip Egerton, Esq. of Egerton and Oulton (she d.
29 Aug. 186'2), and d. 3 July, 1836 (bur. at Malpas), having
had issue,

I. Thomas, b. 1810: d. unm. 8 May, 1832.

II. John Waltkr (Adm. Sir), of whom presently.

III. Banastre Henry, d. unm.

IV. Edward, d. unm.

V. William (Hobart Town, Tasmania), b. 1820; m. 1952,
Elizabeth, dau. of John Young, Esq. of Hobart Town,
Tasmania, and has issue,

1 John Walter, b. 1852. 2 William, b. 1856.

3 Leigh TralTord, b. 1859.

1 Frances Egerton. 2 Elizabeth.

3 Emma Boycott.

I. JIary, d. wiiHi. 1888.

II. Eliza, Hi. 1832, U. Leigh TraDford, Esq. of Oughtrington,
and d. 1859, leaving issue.

III. Charlotte, Hi. 1838, Rev. William Hodgson, Master of
Peterhouse, Camb., and d. 1860, leaving issue.

IV. Susan, m. 18.36, Col. William Tomkinson, 6th Light
Dragoons, of Willington Hall, Cheshire, and d. 1870, leav-
ing issae.

V. Jane, m. 1839, Rev. Comyns Tucker, of Washford Pyne,
CO. Devon, and d. 1852, leaving issue.

The 2nd, but eldest surviving son.

Admiral Sir John Walter Tarleton, K.C.B., A.D.C. to
the Queen, a Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty, 1871-4,
and Admiral Superintendent of Naval Reserves, 1874-7, 6.8
Nov. 1811; served witli distinction in the Burmese War of
1852; commanded H.JI.S. "Euryalus" 1858-60, in which
ship H.R.H. Prince Alfred first served in H.M.'s Navy; m. 27
Aug. 1861, Finetta Esther, dau. and co-heir of Thomas Robert,
4th Baron Dimsdale, of Camfield, co. Herts (se: Burke's
Peerage, sub Foreign Titles), and by her (who d. 21 Dec. 1886)
had issue,

I. Alfred IIenrt, now of Breakspears.

I. Mary Beatrice.

II. Edith Finetta.

Sir J. W. Tarleton d. 25 Sept. 1880.

Arms — Gu., a chev. erminois between three cinquefoils or.
Crest — On a mural crown gu., a leopard's face ppr., between
two ostrich feathers arg. Motto — Post nubila Phoebus.

Seat — Breakspears, Uxbridge, co. Middlesex.

Town Residence — 58, Warwick Square, S.W.

Clubs — Marlborough and Junior United Service.


Tatton, Thomas Egerton, Esq. of Wvthen-
shawe, co. Chester, J.P., b. 31 May, 1846 ; m. 6 Feb.
1877, Essex Mary, 2nd dau. of the late Col. the
Hon. Thomas Grenville Cholmondeley, of Abbot's
Moss, CO. Chester (.see Bueke's Peerage, Dela-
MERE, B.), and has issue,

Robert Henry Grenville, b. 2 March, 1883.

Alice Eva Beatrice.

Liineag'e. — The Tattons of Kenworthy, from whom the
family before us derives, were a branch of the ancient House
of Tatton of Tatton, which was allied to the Barons of Dun-
ham Massey. The pedigree is given in full in Ormerod's Che-

Robert Tatton, of Kenworthy, by his marriage with Alice,
dau. and heir of William de Massey, of Wythenshawe, in
Cheshire, acquired that estate 1371, and was direct ancestorof

Robert Tatton, Esq. of Wythenshawe, b. 14 May, 1606,
High Sheriff for co. Chester in 1645, a staunch supporter of
the royal cause, who sustained a siege at Wythenshawe
against the Parliamentary forces. Mr. Tatton m. 1628, Anne,
3rd dau. and co-heir of William Brereton, Esq. of Ashley, and
by her (who d.. 1670) had four sons and two daus. Robert
Tatton d. 1669, and was s. by his son,

William Tatton, Esq. of Wythenshawe, b. 1636 ; m. Anne,
only surviving child of Rowland Eyre, Esq. of Bradway, co.
Derby, and by her (who m. 2ndly, Robert Radcliffe, Esq.) had
a dau. Anne, m. John Greenhalgh, Esq. of Bradlesome, and
a son,

Robert Tatton, Esq. of Wythenshawe, b. 1668 ; m. Frances
dau. of Peter Lcgh, Esq. of Lyme, but by her (who m. 2ndly
Sir Gilbert Clarke, and Srdly, Dr. Shippen) having no issue,
was s. at his decease by his cousin,

William Tatton, Esq. of Wythenshawe, b. 5 Aug. 1674, son
(by Anne his wife, dau. of William Davenport, Esq. of Bramall)
of Robert Tatton, of Stockport, 2nd son of Robert Tatton, the
royalist. He m. 1698, Hannah, dau. and heir of Peter Wright,
Esq. of Macclesfield, and dying 1732, left (with seven daus.,
who all d. unm., except the eldest, Anne, the wife of Samuel





Kirke, Esq. of Whitchough, and the 5th, Lucy, wife of John
Staffoid, Esq.) two sons, William, his heir, and Thomas, who
d. s.p. 17V;'). The elder son,

William Tatton, Esq. of Wythenshawe, b. 1703 ; 711. 1st,
Catherine, eldest dau. of Edward Warren, Esq. of Poynton,
who dying s. p. 1742, he m. 2ndly, 1747, Hester, dan. of John
Egerton, Esq. of Tatton, and eventually heir of her brother,
Samuel Egerton, Esq. By this lady (who d. 9 July, 1780,
having previously resumed the name of Egekton) he had one
son and one dau.,

William, his heir.

Elizabeth, m. Sir Christopher Syltes, Bart.
3!r. Tatton <i. 177fi, and was s. by his son,

William Tatton, Esq. of Wythenshawe, JI.P. for Cheshire,
who assumed the surname and arms of Egerton of Tatton.
He was b. 1749 ; m. 1st, 1773, Frances Maria, eldest dau. of
the Very Eev. Dean Fountayne, and by her (who d. 1777)
had a son, William, of Wythenshawe, b. 1774, M.P. for
Beverley 1796, d. tuim. 1799. He m. 2ndly, 1780, Mary, 2nd
dau. of Eichard Wilbraham Bootle, Esq. of Kode and Lathora,
.and by her (who d. 1784) had issue,

Wilbraham, of Tatton, m. 1806, Elizabeth, dau. of Sir
Christopher Sykes, Bart., and was father of William
Tatton I'.gerton, Baron Egemon of Tatton {see Boeke's

Thomas William, of Wythenshawe.

John, b. 1784, and rf. 1786.

Mary Elizabeth, jit. Sir Mark Masterman Sykes, Bart.

Mr. Egerton m. 3rdly, Anna Maria, eldest dau. of Sir George
Armytage, Bart., of Kirklees, by whom he had no surviving
tissue, and 4thly, 1803, Charlotte Clara, dau. of Thomas Wat-
kinson Payler, Esq. of Kent, which lady d. t. p. 1804. Mr.
Egerton d. ISOO, and was s. in the Egerton estates by his
eldest surviving son, Wilbraham Egekton, while the Wythen-
shawe property passed, under his will, to his 2nd son,

Thomas William Egerton, Esq. 6. 29 Oct. 1783, who
Assumed, in consequence, the surname and arms of Tatton,
.and was High Sheriff of co. Chester 1809. He m. 1807, Emma,
•dau. of the Hon. John Grey, 3rd son of Harry, 4th Earl of
:Stamford, and by her (who d. 28 April, 1851) had issue,

Thomas William, his heir.

Emma, ui. 24 Jan. 1832, Sir Harry Mainwaring, 2nd Bart.,

who (/. 23 Sept. 1875. She d. 10 Sept. 1880, aged 77.
Henrietta, m. 6 Nov. 1845, Hon. and Ilight Eev. John

Thomas Pelham, Bishop of Norwich, son of Thomas, 2nd

Earl of Chichester, and d. 31 Dec. 1893, aged 82.
Louisa, m. 1844, Eev. Charles Turner, and d. 21 July, 1888,

aged 73.
Sophia, in. 1840, John Dixon, Esq. of Astle, co. Chester, and

is deceased.
Susanna Theodosia.
Anna Maria, d. unm. 26 Jan. 1892, aged 67.

Mr. Tatton d. 2 March, 1827, and was s. by his only son,

Thomas William Tatton, Esq. of Wythenshawe, J. P. and
CL., High Sheriff 1848, Lieut.-Col. 3rd Cheshire E.V., 6. 2
June, 1816; m. 25 Jan. 1843, Harriet Susan, eldest dau. of
Eobert Townley Parker, Esq. of Cuerden Hall, co. Lancaster,
and by her (who d. 20 Feb. 1873) had issue,
Thomas Egerton, now of Wythenshawe.
Eobert Grey, b. 7 Dec. 1847.

Beginald Arthur, h. 13 March, 1857 ; m. 16 Oct. 1890, Wini-
fred Eva, dan. of Sir Salusbury Gillies Payne, Bart., and
has issue,
Thomas Arthur, 6. 13 Jan. 1893.
Mary Emily.
"Mr. Tatton d. 1885.

.rfrjiw— Quarterly, arg. and gu., a crescent in each quarter
cnunterchanged. Crest— A greyhound sejant arg., collared and
lied to a tree ppr. Motto — Crescent.

Meat — Wythenshawe, near Northenden, co. Chester.


GtOldie-Taubman, John Senhottse, Esq. of
The Nunnery, Isle of Man, J.P. for the Isle of
Man, Speaker of the House of Keys, and was Major
Commanding Isle of Man Volunteers, h. 28 Jan.
1838; m. 1860, his 2nd cousin, Amelia Donald
Ankerville Grove, of Invercharron, dau. of Capt.
Grove-Eo.'s, of Invercharron, co. Koss, and grand-
dau. of Joseph Grove, Esq., of "Waldbury, Essex,
by Amelia his wife, dau. of Lieut.-Gen. Thomas
Goldie, of Goldie Lea, Dnmfries, and has issue,

I. JoHjj Leigh, J.P. for the Isle of Man, b. 1861.

II. Charles, Lieut. Eoyal Lancaster Eegt., 6. 1805.
ni. Ernest Harcourt, 6. 1868.

IV. Gerald, b. 1873.

I. Ellen Margai'et. 11. Amy Alice. in. Evelyn.

liineage. — This family is of antiquity in Scotland, and
held an honourable position in that kingdom. The immediate
ancestor of the present Mr. Goldie-Taubman,

Thomas Goldie, Esq. of Goldie Lea, co. Dumfries, m. 1st,
1715, Margaret Irving, of Gribton, and by her had a son,
Alexander, of whom presently, and several other sons and
rfaus. He m. 2ndly, 1753, Henrietta Sharpe, of Hoddam Castle,
and by her had a son,
I. George Sharpe, one of the original promoters of the
well-known British Linen Company's Bank, Scotland. He
TO. 1779, Sophia, relict of Capt. J. Osborne, and dau. of
Capt. William McUouall, E.N., brother of Patrick, 5th
Earl of Dumfries, and had (with a dau. Henrietta Charlotte)
a son.
George. M.D., of Edinburgh, m. 1827, Mary Anne, 2nd
dau. (if the distinguished Koman architect Joseph Bouomi,
A.K.A., and had issue,
George, an eminent architect, m. 1855, Stylite Slochan
de Kersabiec (so called after her aunt, the companion
of the Duchesse de Berry in La Vendee), and has

Edward de Kersabiec. George.

Charles. Joseph Patrick.

Alain Francis.

Mary. Catherine. Helfene.

William. Edward (Rev.).

Charles, m. Teresa Elizabeth Caulston.
Francis (Eev.). John.

MaryEditha. Katharine. Eosa.

The son of the 1st marriage,

Alexander Goldie, Esq., m. Elizabeth Heron, of Heron,
and had (witt a dau. Elizabeth) a son,

Liect.-Gen. Thomas Goldie, to. Amelia Leigh, of North
Court, Isle of Wight, and had issue,

I. Thomas Leigh (Col.), father (with daus.) of Thomas Win
Goldie, of the Commissariat Department.

II. Alexander John. Gen. in tlie army, m. Isabella Christian,
dau. of Major Taubman, of The Nunnery, by Dorothy, dau.
of John Christian, Esq. of Milntown, Isle of Man, and
Ewanrigg Hall, Cumberland, and had issue,

1 Jolin Taubman Goldie-Taubman, Lieut.-Col. Scots Fusi-
lier Guards, m. 1st, 18 April, 1837, Ellen, youngestdau. of
Humphrey Seuhouse, Esq. of Netherall (.s-ee Senuouse of
ScihtraU), and by her (who d. 28 Jan. 1838) was lather

John Senhouse Goldie-Tadbman, now of The Nunnery,
Isle of Man.
Lieut.-Col. Goldie-Taubman, m. 2ndly, Caroline Hoven-
den, and by her had

Franci.=, late Lieut. 5th Fusiliers.

Alex.inder, late Capt. 63rd Eegt.

George Dashwood (.Sir), K.C.M.G., founder of Ihe Eoyal
Niger Company, late Eoyal Engineers, b. 1846 ; m.
1870, Matilda Catherine, dau. of John William ElUott,
Esq. of Wakefield, co. York, and has issue. Sir George
resumed his paternal name of Goldie only by royal
licence 1887.

2 Thomas Leigh, Brig.-Gen. in the army, killed at Inker-

3 Alexander, Capt. E.N.

4 Mark, late Capt. 42nd Royal Highlanders.

5 George, late Capt. 93rd Eegt.

1 Isabella, m. Capt. George Falconar, of Carlowrie, N.B.

2 Dora, m. Eev. Heniy Curwen, Eector of Workington,
Cumberland, and son of Henry Curwen, Esq. of Working-
ton Hall.

3 Emily, in. Eev. William Cromie.

III. Patrick.

IV. George (Sir), Lieut.-Gen. in the army, K.C.B.

V. Basil.

VI. John, Major in the army.

I. Amelia, to. Joseph Grove, Esq., Essex, and was grand-
father of the present Mrs. Goldie-Taubman.
Seat— The Nunnery, Douglas, Isle of Man.
Clubs— Ca,r\toa and Junior Carlton.


Tatleue, John, Esq. of Buntingsdale Hall,
Salop, J.P. cos. Salop, Chester, and Stafford, D.L.
for Shropshire, and High Sheriff 1889, 6. June,
1840 ; s. his uncle 1873 ; m. 23 Jan. 1866, Katherine
Treby, 2nd dau. of William John Clark, Esq. of
Buckland-tout-saints, Devon, and has issue,





I. 'William, h. 11 Jan. 1S72.

II. John, 6. 2 Oct. 1S73.

III. Henry, b. 24 March, 1S75.

1. Katharine Mauil. ii. renclopc.

III. Frances Agatha. iv. Charlotte Blanche Marj-.

Lineag-e. — In 1516, Jeffrye, Abbot of Lilleshall, demised
the Grange of Longden-upon-Tern to

William Tatleur, for the term of eighty-one years. His

Jons Tatleub, of Longden, m. Anna, dau. of David Jenks,
of Shireland Grange. His eldest son,

John TATLErR, of Longden, m. Margaret, dau. and heir of
Cresswell, of Ledshall, co. Stafford. His son,

Cbesswell TAYLErR, of Longden, m. Anna, dau. of ^Yilliam
Steventon, of Dothill. He was father of

Jous T.^TLErB, Esq. of Rodington, High Sheriff 1C91, b.
1639 ; m. a dau. and co-heir of Thomas Skyrmshire, Esq. of
Aqualatc, and left a son and successor,

William Tatlecr, Esq. of llodington, High Sheriff 1713,
m. Dorothy, only child of Thomas Mackworth, Esq. of Betton
Strange, by his 2nd wife, the dau. of Gen. Mjtton, and left;
at his decease (with two daus., Sarah and Mary Ann) a son
and successor,

William TatLecr, Esq. of Eodington and Shrewsbury,
bapt. 12 May, 1712, High Sheriff 174-1. He m. 12 Aug. 1740,
Mary, sister of Sir Kowland Hill, 1st Bart, of Hasvkestone,
and d. 1796, leaving a dau. Dorothy, and an only son,

William Tatlecr, Esq. of Bunlingsdale, High SherifT1797,
6. 26 May, 1741; in. 13 May, 1771, Martha, dau. and co-heir of
Maurice Bowen, Esq. of Upton, co. Pembroke, and by her
(who if. 11 Dec. 1775) had issue,

I. John, his heir.

II. William, of Teignmouth, Devon, m. Sarah Frances, dau.
of — Windsor, Esq. of Aldenham.

ui. Charles, of Sandwell, Morleigh, Devon, to. Jane, dau. of
John Hdl, Esq., and d. 1854, having had issue, William ;
John ; Charles; Henry; Edward, of I):ilskairth, co. Kirk-
cudbright, J. P., b. 1820, m. 1852, Jlarianne Frances, dau.
of ilev. Bedford Bedford Kenyon, of Stoke Climsland, Corn-
wall; Mary; and Jane.

Mr. Tayleur d. 26 Sept. 1813, and was s. by his eldest son,
John Tatleub, Esq. of Buntingsd.ile, D.L., b. 14 July, 1772 ,

5)1. 7 March, 1796, Penelope, dau. of Thomas Pearson, Esq. of

Tettenhall Wood, co. Stallurd, and d. 27 Sept. 1856, hsiving

had issue,

I. William, his heir.

II. Charles (Rev.), 6. 7 April, 1805; m. 1833, Frances,
youngest dau. ot Rev. Richard Lane, of CofHcet, Dfvon,
and d. 1847, leaving issue, John, now of Bunting-dale ;
Charles; William Henry ; Emma; and Lucy.

I. Mary Elizabeth. ii. Ctiarlotte, d. 1819.

III. Harriet. iv. Emma, d. 1840.
v. Lucy, (/. 1840.

His eldest son,

William Tatleub, Esq. of Buntingsdale, High Sheriff 1827,
M.P. for Bridgwater 1833-34, 6. 10 Sept. 1803; d. iinm. 6 Nov.
1873, and was s. by his nephew, now of Buntingsdale.

Arms — Erm., on a chief sa. three escallop shells arg. Crest —
Out of a ducal coronet or, a dexter arm in armour, holding in
the hand a sword, all ppr.

Seat — Buntingsdale, near Market Drayton.


Tatloe, Joseph Henet, Esq. of Hillbrooi, co.
Dublin, and Graigue, co. Tipperary, of the 9tli
Kegt., m. Margaret Esther, dau. of J. Danvers, by
■whom he had

I. Arthur Henry, Surgeon E.H.A., Knight of the Legion of
Honour, ni. Elizabeth Georgina, eldest dau. of Commissary-
General George Adams, C.B., of 47, Queen's Gardens
Hyde Park, London, and d. I860, leaving one dau.,

Mary, r<i. 1889, Arthur Hull, son of Capt. T. Hillman
Hull, and grandson of William Hull, Esq. of Marpool
Hall, Devon.

II. Joseph Mabmaduke, Surgeon Royal Horse Guards (Blue),
m. 1st, Margaret Luga, dau. of Capt. Eobilliard, and by
her (who d. lo76) had one dau. who a. young ; 2ndly,
Mary, youngest dau. of James Sothern, Esq. of the Priory,
CO. York; she (/. 1889. He m. 3rdly, Blanche Beatrice,
only dau. of the late Adam Bromilow, Esq., Barrister-at-
Law, of Nottinjjhill Square, by Frances his wife, youngest
dau. of Admiral Sir lioss Donnelly, G.C.B. (whose eldest
dau. ra. Lord Audley).

lit. Edwin Saunders, gazetted to the 11th Regt., d. 1856.

IV. Rogers Wetlierall Gore, M.D. Trin. Coll., Dublin.

V. James Augustus, of Washington, D.C., U.S.

I. Ellen Maria, vi. David Littlejohn, advocate, D.L. for
Aberdeenshire, Col. of Aberdeenshire Volunteers, and (2.,
leaving two daus.

II. Abigail, (/. young.

III. Constance, </. young.

IV. Emily Louisa.

V. Sarah Hariette, d. young.

VI. Gertrude Margaret.

Iiineag-e. — Capt. Mabmaduke Tatlob, of Ardnahugh, co.
Carlow, was executor of the will, dated 1667, of his brother,
William Taylor, of Dublin and .Swords, co. Dublin. This Wil-
liam Taylor mentions in the will his wife, Margaret, and his
five children, John, llobert, Timothy, Constance, and Martha.
Capt. M. Taylor m. 1661, Jane, widow of Capt. John Thomp-
son, of Dublin, and dau. of — Rogers, of co. Cork, and had

I. .Toseph, of Ardnahugh, cZ. s. p. 1737. By his will dateij
1712, he leaves his property to his sister Jane, Mrs. Dal

II. Rogers, of whom presently.

I. Jane, to. Col. John Dalway, of Carrickfergus, and had
issue. II. IMary.

in. Catherine, to. Benjamin Prince, of Tipperary.

The 2nd son,

Capt. Rogers Tatlor, to. Sarah, dau. and heiress of Col.
John Puckle, of Xew Ross, co. Wexford, by Elizabeth, his 1st
wife, dau. of Col. Saunders, of Saunders Grove, co. Wicklow,
and d. 1719, having by her, who d. 1727, had issue,

I. Rogers, m. Bridget, dau. of Judge John Hawkshaw, and
sister of Rev. Dr. Hawkshaw, LL. D., by whom he had one
dau. Sarah, who d. young and v.nm. His widow d. 1786.

II. Marmaduke, Capt., whose will was dated 1757, left i<sue by
his wife Sarah, one dau. Cecdia, m. James M'Creight, Esq.
of Tipperary, by whom she had one son, James.

III. Joseph, of whom we treat.
The 3rd son,

Joseph Tatlor, Esq. of Dublin and Carlow, m. Abigail
Cope, and d. intestate 1747, leaving issue, two sons and three

I. Rogers, of whom afterwards.

II. Marmaduke, d. unm. 1806.

I. Jane, TO. William Wetlierall, Esq. of Rathfarnham, and
had issue.

II. l!ridget, m. John Sinclair, Esq.

III. Sarah, d. young and unm.
The eldest son,

Rogers Taylor, Esq. of Pallas Castle, co. Tipperary, and
Portobello House, Dublin, (will dated 1796), m. Mary, dau. of
Capt. (Jrayson, R.N., of Richmond Hill, Whitehaven, and by
her had issue, two sons and three daus.,

I. Arthur Saunders, of whom afterwards.

II. Joseph Dixon, Lieut. lllhRegt., d. in Surinam in a tiger

I. Abigail, m. 1809, Francis William Hamilton, Esq.

II. Elinor, m. 1819, her first cousin, Capt. Sproule, R.N., of

III. Mary, 7)i. 1835, Anthony Lestrange, Esq.

The elder son,

Capt. Arthur Saunders Tatlor served all through the
Peninsular campaign under Sir John Moore, was present at the
retreat and battle of Corunna; also at the Walcheren expedi-
tion and siege of Flushing, and was afterwards dangerously
wounded at the siege of Cuidad Rodrigo, from the effects of
which wound he d. in 1832, having received medals and cl.asps.
He m. in 1800, Anne, dau. of J. Barnett, of Yorkshire, by
whom he had an only child,

Joseph Hesrt Tatlor, now of Hillbrook.

A'.fideiices— Hillbrook, Casllekiiock, co. Dublin ; and Graigue,
CO. Tipperary.



Tayloe, Edward Eiciiard, Esq. of Ardgillan
Castle, CO. Dublin, Lieut. 3rd Butt. Grenadier
Guards, b. 21 Sept. 1863; *. his father 1SS3.

Lineagre. — (see Burke's Peerage, Headfobt, M.) The Hon.
and Rev. Henrt Edward Tatlor (4th son of Thomas, 1st
Earl of Bective, K.P., by Jane his wife, dau. of lliglit Hon.
Hercules Langford Rowley), was brother of Thomas, 1st
Marquess of Headfort, and Clotworthy, 1st Baron Langford.
He was 6. 13 Nov. 1768; m. 10 Feb. 1807, Marianne, eldest
dau. of the Hon. Richard St. Leger (sec Burke's Pct-'ra.'/c, Donb-
baile, v.), and by her (who d. '22 March, 1859), had issue,





I. TnoMAS Edward (Eight Hon.), of Ardgillan Castle.

II. Eichard Cliambie Hayes (Sir), K.C.B., of Dowestown,
Navan, J. P., Gen. in the army, Cel. Cameron Highlanders,
formerly Adjutant-General of the Army and late Governor
Eoyal Military College, Sandhurst, 1S83 to 1886, formerly
Lieut.-Col. 79th Highlanders, 6. 19 March, 1819; in. 9
June, 1863, Lady Jane Hay, 5th dau. of George, 8th Mar-
quess of Tweeddale, and has issue,

1 Eichard Edward Montagu, 6. 28 July, 1871.

1 Constance Mary Jane.

2 Millicent Lilla Harriet.

3 Evelyn Beatrice Charlotte.

4 Florence Virginia Mathilda.

ni. Hercules Langford Barry, 6. 1824; d. ». p.

I. Marianne Jane, rii. 21 April, 1873, Hon. St. John Butler,
2nd son of Lord Dunhoyne, and d. 16 April, 1874.

II. Elizabeth Augusta Anne, d. unm. 12 April 1888, aged 76.

III. Louisa Catherine, in. 1840, Hans Hamilton Woods, Esq.
of Milverton, co. Dublin, and by him (who d. 12 June, ls79)
has issue (see that family).

IV. Henrietta Frances.

Mr. Taylor d. 7 June 1852. His eldest son.

Eight Hon. Thomas Edwaed Tatlob, P.O., of Ardgillan
Castle, CO. Dublin, J. P. and D.L., M.P. for that co. from 1841
till his death, Capt. 6th Dragoon Guards (retired 1846), Lieut.-
Col. Eoyal Meath Militia 1847 to 1874, Hon. Col. of that Eegt.,
6. March, 1811 ; m. 11 Nov. 1862, Louisa Harrington, 2nd dau.
of the Hon. and Eev. Hugh Francis Tollemache, Eector of
Harrington, co. Northampton(see Burke's Peerage, Dtsaet,
E.), and had issue,

I. Edward Eiohaed, now of Ardgillan Castle.

II. Basil lieginald Hamilton, Lieut. E.N., b. 8 April, 1865.
in. Wilfred Doneraile Stanhope, h. 17 March, 1868 ; m. 1892,

Margaret Annie, dau. of Arthur William FoUett Halcombe,
Esq. of New Zealand.

I. Cecil Cornelia Marianne St. Leger, h. 6 Nov. 1866 ; m. 1
Nov. 1893, Capt. Frederick Stanley Maude, Coldstream
Guards [see Burke's Peerage, De Montalt, E.).

II. Beatrix Virginia Louisa ToUemache, twin with her sister,
TO. 27 July, 1»89, Eandal Skeffington Smyth, Esq., Cold-
stream Guards.

Col. Taylor, who was a Lord of the Treasury from 1858 to 1859
and Joint Secretary of the Treasury from 1866 to 1868, was
appointed in the last-named year Chancellor of the Duchy of
Lancaster, and again in 1874-80. He d. 3 Feb. 1883, and was
s. by his eldest son, the present Edward Eichard Taylor,
Esq. of Ardgillan Castle.

Arms — Erm., on a chief gu. a fleur-de-lis, between two boars'
heads cuuped and erect or. Crest — A naked arm embowed,
holding an arrow all ppr. Motto — Prosequitur quodcunque

Seat — ArdgUlan Castle, near Balbriggan.


Tatlob, Wilbeaham, Esq. of Hadley Hurst,
Earnet, Gentleman Usher to the Queen, b. 14 Dec.
1816 ; in. 31 March, 1842, Janetta Anne, youngest
dau. of the late Sir William Gosset, serjeant-at-
arms, House of Commons, and has had issue,

I. Montagu Brook Wilbraham, Lieut.-Col. Eifle Brigade,

6. 25 Oct. 1844 ; m. Nov. 1868, Eliza Jane, dau. of John

Milner Duffield, Esq., and has issue.
n. Herbert Wilbraham, b. 27 May, 1847 ; to. 16 May, 1872,

Eebekah Hope Morley, and d. 8 Nov. 1877.
ui. Edward Wilbraham, 6. 28, June, 1856.
I. Janetta Wilbraham, 6.31 Jan. 1843; in. 25 May, 1856,

John Alfred Trench, Esq.
n. Gertrude Wilbraham, b. 30 Jan. 1862.

Iiineage. — This family was originally of Whitchurch, in
Shropshire, and called Tatlour.

Nathaniel Taylor, Esq., M.P. for Bedford, and Eecorder
of Colchester, Essex, at the time of the Commonwealth under
Cromwell, in. — dau. of Col. Bridges, of Wallingford, co.
Essex, and had, with seventeen other children, of whom
several d. young, a son,

John Taylor, Esq., b. 7 Dec. 1655; who purchased Bifrons,
CO. Kent, in 1694; in. Olivia, dau. of Sir Nicholas Tempest,
Bart, of Durham, and by her (who was bur. 17 April, 1716) had

Bkook, of Bifrons, D.C.L., m. Elizabeth, dau. of — Saw-
bridge, Esq. of Olantigh, co. Kent, and d. in London, 20
Nov. 1731, leaving by her (who was bur. 20 March, 172

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