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; s. his father 1893 ; m. 10 Aug.
1893, Anna Maria, dau. of Arthur Pemberton Hey-
wood Lonsdale, Esq. of Shavington and Cloverly.

Lineage. — This family is a branch of the line of Tcdob.
Trevor, Lord of Hereford.

Randle Lloyd, of Crossmere, Salop, living 1604 (and son of
Robert ap John, of B.angor, by Matilda his wife, dau. and heir
of David Lloyd, Esq. of Penley, co. Flint), was father of

Handle Llotd, Esq. of Crossmere, tn. 1608, his cousin,
Matilda, dau. of William Lloyd, of Penley, and had a son,

Francis Llotd, Esq. of Crossmere, m. 1638, Sarah, dau. of
Edward Muckleston, Esq. of Penylan, Salop, Recorder of
Oswestry, and was s. by his son,

Edward Lloyd, Esq. of Leaton Knolls, Salop, m. Elizabeth,
dau. of Isaac Cle.aton, Esq., and by her (who d. 1721) left at
his decease, 1093, a son,

Edward Llotd, Esq. of Leaton Knolls, 1689, High Sheriff"
1727, 'III. Susan, dau. of Peter Scarlett, Esq. of Hogstowe, and
dying 1764, was «. by his son,

Edward Llotd, Esq. of Leaton Knolls, 6. 1714; m. Jane,
eldest dau. and heir of Thomas Lloyd, Esq. of Domgay, co.
Montgomery, and was father of

Francis Llotd, Esq. of Leaton Knolls, M.P. co. Mont-
gomery, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Arthur Graham, Esq. of Hock-
ley Lodge, CO. Armagh, and co-heir of John, Earl Ligonier.
By this lady Mr. Lloyd had issue,

Francis, his heir.

John Arthur, successor to his brother.

Charles Spencer, of Leaton Knolls.

Thomas Henry, d. 1811.

Henry James (Rev.), Rector of Selattyn, Salop, m. Elizabeth,
dau. of Philip John Miles, Esq. of Leigh Court, Somerset,
and left issue,
Arthur Philip, late of Leaton KnoUs.

Maria Penelope, deceased.

Jane Emma, d. 14 April, 1866.

Elizabeth, d. 1 Aug. 1843.

Charlotte Sophia, deceased.

The eldest son,

Francis Llotd, Esq. of Leaton Knolls, d. s. p. 14 July,
1814, and was s. by his brother,

John Arthur LlotiJ, Esq. of Leaton Knolls, J.P. and D.L.,
b. 2 Feb. 1787 ; d. unm. 1864, and was s. by his brother,

Charles Spencer Llotd, Esq. of Leaton Knolls, J.P. and
D.L., High Sheriff 1808, 6. 11 Sept. 1789, and d. s. p. 20 June,
1876, when he was s. by his nephew,

Arthur Philip Lloyd, Esq. of Leaton Knolls, Salop, J. P.,
Capt. S-alop Yeomanry Cavalry, b. 11 Sept. 1833; m. 18 Aug.
1863, Katherine Selina, dau. of Vice-Admiral the Hon. Charles
Orlanda Bridgemau {see Burke's Peerage, Bradford, E.), and
had issue,

Arthur Henry Orlando, now of l^/caton Knolls.

Gladys Isabel. Leila Bessie Clare.

Gwendoline Ursula. Kathleen Agatha.

Nesia Margaret.

Mr. Arthur Philip Lloyd d. 9 Feb. 1893, and was s. by his son.

Arnis — Per bend sinister erm. and ermines, a lion rampant
or, a bordure gu. Crtst — A demi-lion rampant or. Mollo —
Retinens vestigia fama;.

&w.t — Leaton Knolls, near Shrewsbury.



Lloyd, Henry .Jesse, Esq. of Lloydsboro', and
Cranagh, co. Tipperary, J. P., High Sheriff 1881,
formerly Capt. Tipperary Light Infantry, b. 1845 ;
m. 12 June, 1883, Mary Alice, dau. of William
Butler, Esq. of Park, eo. Tipperary.





liineagre. — John Llotd, Esq. of Lloydsboro', eo. Tippe-
rary, son of Joseph Lloyd, Esq., by Mary Otway his wife,
claimed to derive its descent from the Welsh family of Lloyd
of Bodidris. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir John Blunden, Bart.,
and was father of

John Llotd, Esq. of Cranagh, 771. Deborah Clutterbuck, and
had issue,

I. John, of Cranagh and Lloydsboro', to. Amy Brazier, and
left an only dau., Debby Anne, m. her cousin, John Llotd,
Esq. of Lloydsboro'.

II. Thomas, vji. Judith Maher, and had issue, George Eichard,
m. ; Horatio, m. and d. leaving issue.

HI. Richard, A. 51., Kector of Clononty, co. Tipperary, after-
wards of Northam Cottage, North Devon, b. Dec. 1754 ; m.
IG Sept. 1788, Priscilla, dau. of Rev. John Lord, Eector of
Clonkelly, and d. 8 Jan. 183(1, leaving issue by her (who was
b. 17 Oct. 17C0, and d. 4 Feb. 1837),

1 George William Aylmer, C.B., Lieut.-Gcn. H E.I.C.S.,
Col. 28th BengalN.L, commanded the Bengal Volunteers
in the China war, 1841-2; 6. 4 July, 1789 ; m. March, 1824,
Caroline, 2nd dau. of Capt. William Bruce, H.E.I.C.S.,
Resident at Bushire ; and d. 4 July, 1865.

2 John, Comm. R.N., and J. P. of Gowaka and Panbula,
near Eden, Twofold Bay, New South Wales, jii. 19 Jan.
1824, Sarah Robinson, and had issue,

Arthur, of Northam House, Bideford, North Devon, and
Adelaide, South Australia, h. 30 Oct. 1824 ; m. 1st, 30
Oct. 1858, his cousin, Elizabeth Lucy, eldest dau. of the
Rev. Charles Lloyd, which lady d. 1874, and 2ndly,
1878, Catherine, 2nd dau. of Capt. James Clyde, 9Gth
Rcgt., and has issue by the former, Priseilla Emilia, m.
1884, William Scott Owen, Esq. of Cefnwood, co. Mont-
gomery, and Isabella Anne Caroline.

William, Civil Engineer, East Indies, 6. 24 Slay, 182G.

I'riscilla Amelia, ?n. 28 Sept. 1847, Major William Ellison
Warden, 2nd Bengal N.I., eldest son of Lieut. -Col.
George Warden, Bengal Army, and by him (who d. 12
June, 1857) has one dau., Priscilla Emilia Jane.

3 Arthur Forbes, M.A., Rector of In.stow, Devon, m. 1825,
Hariiet, dau. of Thomas Furley Forster, Esq. of Wal-
tbamstow ; and d, 3 July, 1866, having had issue,

Ai-thur Forster, of South Australia, b. 1826 ; m. 30 Dec.
1851, Jean, youngest dau. of James Gordon Morgan,
M.l)., of Barnstaple, and has issue, Arthur, b. 1 April,
1856 ; a son, 6. 1858 ; Jane, 6. 1852 ; Mary Elizabeth,
6. 1854, deceased.

Richard, of Morphett Vale, South Australia, 6. 1827 ; m.
19 Jane, 1856, Marcella Adelaide Cornelia, dau. of
James Elton, Esq. of North Stoke, co. Oxford, and has
a son, Richard Elton, b. 26 March, 1857.

Benjamin Furney, of Moi-phett Vale, South Australia, 6.

George Aylmer, of Morphett Vale, South Australia, b.

Thomas Furney, 6. Feb. 1845. Edward.

Harriet Mary, m. 6 March, 1855, Charles Constantine
Bruce, Esq. of Adelaide, South Australia, only surviving
son of Capt. William Bruce, H.E.I.C.S. She d. 3 April,

Isabella. Emily. Adelaide.

Susanna. Priscilla Lord.

1 Priscilla Emilia, 6. 25 July, 1790,1 of Northam Cottage,
d. at Seorole, Benares, 13 Sept. 1846.

2 Isabella Anne, of Northam House, North Devon.

IV. Henry Jesse, of whom presently.

V. Frederick, of Bally macrease, m. Julia, dau. of Thomas
Vereker, Esq. of Roxborough (see Bdkke's Peerage, Gort),
and by her (who d. 1747), had issue,

1 John, of Lisheen iCastle, co. Tipperary, and of Madoc
Hastings, Canada West, J. P., m. 1st, Catherine, dau. of
John Rotton, Esq. of Bath, and had issue,

Charles Henry, of Lisheen Castle, Templemore, .J. P.,
b. 1821 ; s. 1856 ; m. 1st, 1846, Anne, dau. of Major
George Jackson ; 2iidly, 1849, Anns, dau. of Fergus
Langley, Esq., and d. 1887, leaving by her, with other
issue, a son, Charles Edward, of Lisheen Castle, J. P.,
b. 1854, TO. 1885, Louisa Dorset, dau. of the late Charles
W. S. Shultze, Ksq.

Frederick, in Canada.

Catherine, to. Butler, of Drom, co. Tipperary.

2 Frederick, Lieut. E.N., deceased.

3 Henry Vereker, formerly Bengal Cavalry, m. Miss Jopp,
J. s. p.

4 Charles (Rev.), formerly Chaplain at Prince Edward's
Island, afterwards Curate of St. John the Evangelist,
Durdham Down ; m. 17 Sept. 1826, Elizabeth, dau. of
William Tyeth, Esq. of Phillihead, near Bideford, Devon,
and had issue,

Charles Frederick, Lieut. 3rd West India Regt., m. 28
Sept. 1858, Jes.sica Mary, eldest dau. of Alexander
Dunscombe, M.U., of The Grange, Antigua, West
Indies, and Clifton.

William, of New York, m. 1 Nov. 1828, Caroline Tupper.

John Vereker, in Australia.

Elizabeth Lucy, m. 30 Oct. 1858, her kinsman, Arthur

Lloyd, Esq. of Northam House, Bideford, Devonshire,
and Australia (mentioned above).
Julia Henrietta Camilla.

1 Julia, ra. George Duncan, Esq.

2 Camilla. 3 Harriet, d. unm.

I. Elizabeth, to. Rev. Charles Tuckey, and has four sons and
four daus.

II. Deborah, m. George Hely, Esq., and has six sons and
seven daus.

The 4th son,

Henry Jesse Lloyd, Esq. of Castle Iney, co. Tipperary, in.
Ellen, dau. of Thomas Garde, Esq. of Ballina Curia, co. Cork,
and dying 1816, left issue,

I. John, of Lloydsboro'. 11. Thomas, d. unm.

III. Henry, of F'arrinroy, co. Tipperary, to. 1822, Harriet
Amelia, youngest dau. of Sir John Craven Carden, 1st Bart.,
and by her (who d. 10 April, 1879), has issue,

1 Jesse, of Ballyleck House, co. Monaghan, J. P., High
Sheriff, 1863, Lieut.-Col. Monaghan Militia, late Capt.
47th Regt., b. 23 Feb. 1824; -in. 14 Dec. 1853, Ellen,
eldest dau. of George Vincent, Esq, of Erinagh, co. Clare,
and by her (who d. 1886) has issue, Henry Craven Jesse,
h. 8 F'eb. 1855 ; Josephine, m. 1884, John Porter Porter,
Esq. of Jamestown, co. Fermanagh; Coralie; F"anny
Kathleen, m. 1884, Charles Cockburne, eldest son of
William D'Arcy-Irvine, Esq. of Castle Irvine.

1 Frances Maria, TO. 2U March, 1840, Andrew Wauchope,
Esq. of Niddrie Marischall, Midlothian, and d. 25 June,
1858, leaving issue.

2 Josephine Julia Helen, in. 1st, 19 May, 1846, Henrj-,
Robert, 3rd Lord Rossmore: and 2ndly, 18 June, 1863,
Major G. W. Stacpoole, of Eden Vale, co. Clare.

3 Coralie Augusta Fredcriea, m. 17 June, 1848, William
FitzWilliam Burton, Esq. of Burton Hall, co. Carlow.

IV. William, ra. Kate, only dau. of John Harris, Esq. of
Waterford, and had issue,

I. Mary Anne, m. Rev. Thomas Hoare, youngest son of Sir
Edward Hoare, 2nd Bart, of Annabelle.

II. Eliza Lucy, to. Mr. Morris, and d. s. p.

The eldest son,

John Lloyd, Esq. of Lloydsboro' and Cranagh, B.A. of Trin.
Coll. Dublin, b. 16 March, 1790; ra.21 July, 1810, Debby Ann,
dau. of John Lloyd, Esq. of Cranagh ; d. 9 Feb. 1868, having
had issue,

John Jesse, his heir.

Richard Jesse, Lieut. 59th Regt. d. unm. 14 Oct. 1847.

Elizabeth Anne, m. 15 Dec. 1840, John Dawson Hutchinson,.

Esq. of Timoney Park, co. Tipperary, and d. s.p. 3 March,

Ellen Eliza, j?;. John Stratford Collins, Esq., Barrister-at-

Law, and d. 17 Nov. 1862, leaving issue.
He cZ. II Jan. 1864, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Jesse Lloyd, Esq. of Lloydsboro and Cranagh, m.
Mary, dau. of Edmund Nathaniel William Fortescue, Esq. of
Fallapit, and d. 1871, leaving by her (who d. 1888), with a
dau., three sons,
Henry Jesse, now of Lloydsboro'.
Richard, b. 1847.
Emlyn Fortescue, of Cranagh Castle, co. Tipperary, J. P., i.

1850; m. 1882, Henrietta Eliza, only dau. of Capt. Robil-

laird, R.N., of Val des Portes, Alderney, and has issue, Joha

Fortescue, b. 1887.

Seai— Lloydsboro', near Templemore, co. Tipperary.
CJ«6— Conservative.


Llotd, Clifford Bartholomew, Esq. of
Lossett, CO. Cavan, B.A., b. 18 Aug. 1845 ; m. 5
May, 1870, Isabella Maria, dau. of Major Des
Voeux, of Porfcarlington, Queen's Co., and by her
■who d. 1892, has issue,

I. WiLMOT Hdmphret CLIFFORD, 6. 15 July, 1879.

I. Beatrice Anna Caroline Isabelle Clifford, to. 7 May, 1891,
Leslie Tufnell Peacocke, Esq. (Capt. 5th Bait. Connaught
Rangers), and has issue, a son, Hugo Leslie.

II. Alice Elizabeth Clifford.

Lineage.— Robert LLoyd, 6. at Llanrhaidar-yn-3Iocli-
nant, co. Denbigh, had, with other issue,
Robert LLoyd, his 3rd son, who by Jane his w ife had,

I. Robert, 6. 6 Nov. 1653.

II. Humphrey (Rev.), of whom hereafter.

III. Richard, b. 30 Sept. 1660; d. 3 May, 1728.

IV. John, 6. 28 June, 1663. v. Lewis, b. 26 Oct. 1666.
VI. Griffin, b. 11 Jan. 1668.

The second son.

Rev. Humphrey LLoyd, b. 30 May, 1656, went to Ireland
from Wales between 1680 and 1683, and settled at New Ross,

4 I 2





CO. Wexford, -nhere he resiiUnl at '-The Abbey House." He
sifcned the Address of the New Ross Corporation to William
111. IS Aug. 109(3, and was made a Free Burgess of the town
5 Nov. 1716. He m. Elizabeth Balf, and had issue,

I. Robert, b. Feb. lGi)3: d. s. p. rifd patri.i.

II. Richard (Rev.), M.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin, Rector of Rath-
corniack, co. Cork. 1742, 6. 4 Jan. 1G99. He m. 31 March,
1727, Elizabeth, dau. of Christopher Forward, Esq. of Fer-
iiioy, same co. ; and d. April, 1775, leaving by her (who ci.
•26 Nov. 1778),

1 Richard, of Tullysreen House, 6. 14 Jan. 1732; rii.
Jane, dau. of Thomas Austen, F^sq. of Waterfall, CO. Cork,
and by her (who was b. 5 Oct. 1744) had,

Richard, b. 1764; <f. 1766.

RicHAiiD(Rev. ). J.P., Prebendary of Killanully, co. Cork,

b. 27 May, 1767 ; »i. 20 March, 1802, Mary, dau. of James

Franklin iMorrison, Esq. of Cork, by Elizabeth his wife,

dau. of Yen. Michael Da vies. Archdeacon of Cloyne,

and d. Feb. J 840, leaving a dau., Elizabeth Blary

Anne, b. 1S06; m. 11 Sept. 1S29, Capt. John George

Elphinstone, H.E.I.C.; and a son,

Richard, Barrister-at-Uiw, b. 23 Sept. 1807 ; m. 15 Oct.

1836, Margaret, dau. of Edmond Knapp I'iersy, Esq.,

of Charlevillc, co. Cork, and d. 5 April, 1879, leaving,

with a dau., Annie Piersy, m. 1st, ls63, William Austin

Morrison, Esq., and 2ndly, 1867, Robert Villiers

George, M.D. ; Richabd Morkison, b. 21 Jan. 1839;

Edmond George Knapp Fiersy, of Passage West, co.

Cork, b. 15 Dec. 1842; m. 20 Feb. 1873, Emma

Susanna, dau. of Benjamin Johnson, M.D., and has

Langfoid Newman, b. 28 Dec. 1873.

Elizabeth, b. 9 July, 1768 ; m. 21 Dec. 1709, Owen
Lloyd, Esq. of Smith Hill, co. Roscommun, and d. Dec.

Mary, 6. 28 Nov. 1769; ra. Andrew Elphinstone, R.N.,
M.D., ixndd. 10 Oct. 1831.

Barbara, d. unm.

2 Christopher, b. 21 May, 173^ ; m. 10 July, 17fi3, Elizabeth
Bateman, and c^. 11 March, 1792, leaving,

Richard Bateman, 6. 1770; m. 19 April, 1795, Elizabeth,
widow of Capt. Trant, and d. 1822, leaving, Mountiford
Haughton, Slajor-Gen. in the army, was present at
Waterloo (medal) ; Richard Augustus.

Christopher had two sons and as many daus.

Elizabeth, b. 23 March, 1771 ; hi. Capt. Bateman, R.N.

3 WiUiam, b. 1734, d. 1736.

4 Samuel, 6. 3 May, 1742: j(i. Hannah, dau. of Thomas
Austen, Esq.

1 Elizabeth, 6. 1733; d. 1734.

2 Barbara, 6. 31 Jan. 1746 ; m. Lieut. Stephen Sandys,

III. BiRTHOLOMEW (Rev.), of v.hom hereafter

I. Jane, 6. 8 Jan. 1683; m. 27 Nov. 1706, Rev. William

ji. Elizabeth, 6. 19 Feb. 1688: m. 28 Nov. 1706, Rev. John

Acheson, M.A.

III. Mary, b. 21 June, 1695; m. 4 April, 1716, John Batt,
Attorney-at Law.and rf. 1773.

IV. Anne, b. 6 July, 1697 ; m. 24 June, 1724, Henry Moore.

V. Frances, 6. 28 June, 1703; d. 1 Oct. 1778.

Eev. Humphrey LLoyd d. 15 April, 1727. His third, but second
aurviving son,

Rev. Bartholomew LLotd, of Abbey House, New Ross,
■was 6. 13 Jan. 1707 ; admitted a Freeman of New Ross 1 Oct.
1722, and entered Trin. Coll. Dublin, 8 June, 1726. He m.
22 June, 1732, Anne, dau. of Robert Clifford, Esq. of Wexford,
and had issue,

I. Bartholomew, b. 30 Aug. 1733 ; d. 12 Sept. 1743.

II. HnjiPHRET, of whom hereafter.

III. Robert, 6. 1 June, 1738.

IV. Clifford, b. 15 March, 1741; d. 2 Nov. 1742.

V. John (Rev.), Vicar of Fern.s, Rector of Kilbride, and Pre-
bendary of, Diocese of Ferns; b. 25 July, 1743; d.
16 June, 1781.

r.ev. Bartholomew LLoyd d. 26 April, 1763. His eldest sur-
viving son,

Humphrey LLotd, Esq. of New Ross, b. 4 Aug. 1735; m. 24
>;ov. 1766, Margaret Borbridge, and had issue,

I. Bartholomew (Rev.), of whom hereafter.

II. John, b. 24 Dec. 1774; ra. Margaret, dau. of Rev. William
Hall, Rector of Wexford, and had issue,

1 Robert (Rev.), m. Mrs. Majeveston, widow, and had a
son, Robert (Rev.), ?H. the dau. of Rev. John Bridge, Rector
of Ballyconnor.

■2 Horatio Nelson.

3 Banholomew, m. Bliss Daly.

1 Letitia, m. Dr. William Reeves.

2 Matilda, m. Rev. John Biidee, Rector of Ballyconnor.

3 Margaret, jii. William R. Digby, Esq.

;lii. Robert, b. 6 Jan. 1785 ; m. Charlotte Elizabeth, dau. of
-John Ball, Esq. of Season Park, co. Wicklow, and had,
i Bartholomew.

1 Margaret, m. John Tuthill, Esq. of Kilmore, co. Limerick.

2 Susan Penelope, m. Rev. Robert McKee, Rector of
F\'thard, co. Wexford.

3 Maria, d. unm.

I. Rachel, baptized at New Ross, 7 Nov. 1779.
Mr. Humphrey LLoyd d. 5 Oct. 1786. His eldest son,

Rev. Bartholomew LLoyd, D.D., Provost of Trin. Coll.
Dublin, and President of the Royal Irish Academy, was 6.
5 Feb. 1772; became a Scholar of Trin. Col. 1790, a Fellow
1796, and was appointed Provost 1831. He m. July, 1799,
Eleanor, dau. of Patrick McLaughlin, Esq. of Dunshaughlin,
CO. Meath, and Kilmartin, co. Dublin, and had issue,

I. Humphrey (Rev.), of The Castle, Killiney.

II. Bartholomew Clifford, of Lossett, co. Cavan, LL.D., Q.C.,
Chairman of Quarter Sessions co. Waterford, 6. 1808 : m. 1st,
21 Sept. 1S44, Caroline Hamilton, only dau. of Right Hon.
William Brooke, P.C, of Dromavana, co. Cavan, Master i a
Chancery, and by her (who d. 28 April, 1872) had issue,

1 Clifford Bartholomew, now of Lossett.

2 William Chetwode, Lieut.-Col. formerly 20 Hussars, b.
24 Nov. 1846; m. Catherine, eldest dau. of Thomas Gar-
nett, Esq. of Furze Hill Lodge, Brighton.

3 Humphrey Wilmot, b. 28 l^eb. 1848, m. Kate, only dau.
of Colonel Graham.

4 Alfred Robert, b. 31 July, 1854, Capt. Bedfordshire

5 Arthur Brooke, Barrister-at-Law of the Inner Temple,
London, b. 22 Jan. 1856.

6 Frederick Charles, Capt. Lincolnshire Regt., b. 10 Oct.
1860; m. Millicent, youngest dau. of Thomas Garnett,

1 Emily Janet, m. SkefBngton John Wynne, Capt. A.P.D.

2 Constance Eleanor.

3 F'lorenee Caroline.

4 Caroline Alice Elizabeth, m. Anson Schomberg, Capt.

He))i. 2ndly, Oct. 1869, Anna Maria, dau. of Major Sack-
ville Brownlow Taylor, 6th Regt. ; and d. 28 April, 1872.
in. Robert, Col. in the army, b. 1809 ; m. Annie, dau. of
Capt. George Savage, 13th Light Dragoons, and had issue,

1 Charles Dalton Clifford Lloyd, b. 13 Jan. 1844; Barrister-
at-Law, late a Resident Magistrate in Ireland, m. 30 April.
1867, Isabel Henrietta, only dau. of Capt. Henry Sabine
Browne, of the Rifle Brigade, and 85th Light Infantry.

2 Humphrey George Clitford, b. 19 June, 1845.

3 Arthur Clifford, Major 45th Regt., b. 11 Feb. 1849.

4 Wilford Nevill, Capt. R.A., b. 15 Sept. 1855; m. July,
1891, Ella Margaret, only dau. of the Dean of York and
Lady Emma Purey-Cust (see Burke's Peerage, Darnley,

1 Grace Eleanor Coltman, m. 1860, Maurice Cross, Esq.,
Judge at Negapatam, India, who d. Dec. 1884.

2 Emily Johanna F'rances, in. F'erdinand Beauulerk, Capt.

IV. John Frederick (Rev.), Archdeacon of Waitemata, and
Minister of St. Paul's Church, Auckland, New Zealand,
afterwards Rector of Newton Wold, Diocese of Lincoln,
6. 1810 ; m. 23 Aug. 1851, Sarah Greer ; and d. 8 Sept. 1875,
leaving issue,

1 John Frederick, 6. 20 Jan. 1854.

2 Charles Patterson, b. 9 Feb. 1861.

3 Humphrey Selwyn, 6. 13 Sept. 1871.

1 Alice Mary. 2 Margaret Anna.

3 Frances Edith. 4 Ethel Mary.

I. Eleanor, b. 1801 ; d. unm. 13 Jan. 1881.

II. Harriett, b. 1803 ; iii. Rev. Maurice Hime.

III. Anne. iv. Elizabeth, b. 1806.

V. Maria. vi. Margaret.

Dr. LLoyd d. 24 Nov. 1837, and was «. by his eldest son.

Rev. Humphrey LLoyd, D.D., of The Castle, Killiney, eo.
Dublin, b. 16 April, 1800; Scholar of Trin. Coll. Dublin 1819,
Fellow 1824, and Provost 1867. He m. 14 July, 1840,
Dorothea, dau. of Rev. James Bulwer, Rector of Hungworth,
CO. Norfolk; and d. s. ji. 17 Jan. 1881, and was s. by his

Arms — Or, a lion rampant regardant sa. on a canton az. a
cross patti5e fitchee of the first. Crest — A demi-lion rampant
regardant sa. charged on the shoulder with a trefoil slipped or.
Motto — Tendit in ardua virtus.

Residence — The Castle, Killiney, co. Dublin.


Lloyd, Edward Owen Vaughan, Esq. of Eba-
gatt, CO. Merioneth, aud Berth, co. Denbigh, J. P.
and D.L. co. Merioneth, High Slieriff 1891, and
J.P. CO. Denbigh, M.A. BaUiol Coll. Oxford, edu-
cated at Eton and Oxford, b. 20 Aug. 1857.

Lineage. — The family of Lloyd of Rhagatt, is of the





tribe of Tudor Trevor, Lord of the Marches of Wales, through
Cuhelyn, of Pentre Cuhelyn, in Llangollen. The representa-
tive of this long-descended line,

John Lloyd, Esq. of Herlh, Llanhedr, co. Denbigh, Chief
Justice of Carmarthen Circuit, 6. 1746, d. 1806, leaving a son,

Edward Llotd, Ksq. of Berth, co. Denbigh, and Rhagatt,
near Corwen, J. P. ; m. Frances, dau. of J. Madocks, Esq. of
Fron Iw, co. Denbigh, and had four sons,

I. John, his heir.

II. Edward, m. 4 Dec. 1855, Mary Eliza, dau. of John
Madocks, Esq., M.P. of Glanywcrn and Vron Iw, co. Den-
bigh, and d. 29 July, 1863, having had issue,

Edward Owen Vaughan, now of Rhagatt.

Francis John, b. 3 Oct. 1«59 ; d. 18 Feb. 18G0.

Sophy Charlotte France-, m. 10 Oct. 1883, her first cousin,
Major John Eose, York and Lancaster Kegt., eldest son of
C. L. Kose, Epq. of Furnham House, Chard, and has
issue, Ronald Madoc Tierney, 6. 4 Aug. 1881 ; lien6e Vic-
toria Mary, 6. 2 June, 1887.

III. Howel William, m. Eliza, dau. of G. Wilson, Esq., and
d. 20 Sept. 1893, leaving is.sue, Edward.

IV. Charles Owen, d. s. p.

I. Frances Margaret, m. Sir Robert Williams Vaughan,
Bart, of Hengwrt and Nannau, d. s. p.

II. Mary Charlotte, of Hengwrt, and Tanllan, Llanclltyd,

III. Charlotte, m. R. J. Price, Ksq. of Rhiwlas, Bala.

IV. Jane M., m. Ven. Archdeacon fFoulkes.

V. Eliza Blackburne, m. Major M. Viuart, and has issue,
1 Marian; 2 Edith.

VI. Harriet Frances, of Hengwrt.

Mr. Lloyd d. 1859, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Lloyd, Esq. of Rhagatt, J. P. cos. Merioneth and Den-
bigh, D.L. of the former, served as High Sheriff co. Denbigh
1863. He m. 16 Feb. 1848, Gertrude Jane Mary, dau. of Philip
Lake Godsal, Esq. of Iscoed Park, eo. Flint, and d. s. p. 22
May, 1865, and was s. by his nephew,

Edward Owen Vaughan Lloyd, now of Rhagatt and Berth.

Arms — 1st, per bend sinister erni. and ermines a lion rampant
or, a border gu. for Adda ap Awr, of Llvs Trevnr ; 2nd az.,
a lion rampant ppr. fess or and arg. a border of the third charged
with eight annulets sa. for Lluddocap ap Caradoc, Fnnce of
Gloucester and Hereford, Lord of Erging and Ewias ; 3rd arg.,
on a fcss embattled gu. between six Cornish choughs ppr.
three palm branches of the field for Mobrall of Peas Joii/n ;
4tli arg., a chev. between three boars' heads couped gu. tusked
or, and langued gu. for Iddon ap Rhys Sais, Lord of Dudlyston.
Crest — A unicorn's head issuing from a ducal coronet arg.
armed and maned or.

&o(s— Rhagatt, Corwen, and Berth, Ruthin.

CLvMs — Junior Carlton, and Magistrates', S.W.


Lloyd, Heney Ceampton, Esq. Joint Lord of
the Manor of Stockton, co. Salop, b. 23 Jan. 1831.
Mr. Llojd purchased in 16 July, 1891, this property,
a portion of the extensive estates possessed by his
ancestry from a remote period.

Lineag-e.— The pedigree of this ancient family is very
fully recorded at the College of Arms, from Brochwel, King
of Powys (ob. 617) down to the present time.

Twenty-second in descent from him was,

Sir Griffith Vaughan, (son of Griffith ap leuan, of Garth,
by Mawd, his wife, dau. and heir of Griffith ap Rees Vongam)
created a Knight Banneret, by King Henry V. on the battle-
field of Agincourt, was Lord of Garth and Broniarth. A great
Yorkist, he was beheaded, in 1447, in Powys Castle, by the
Lancastrian Henry Grey, Earl of Tankerville and Lord of
Powys. He )B. Margaret, dau. and co-heir of GiiffithBroughton
ap Jcnkin Broughton, of Broughton, co. Salop, and left issue,

I. David, of whom presently.

II. Cadwalader, of Maesmawr, ancestor of the Lloyds of Gun-
grog Vawr, of Castell Moch, of Hhandir, of Trclydan and
of Maesmawr and Trawscoed. He 7n. Lowry, dau. of
Howell ap leuan Lloyd ol Vaynor.

III. Reginald, of Garth, ancestor of the Wynnes (now
Mytton) of Garth, and of the Lloyds, of Broniarth and of

The eldest son,

David Lloyd, of Leighton, near Welshpool, " Tlie Lord of
Llai," HI. 1st, Lucy, dau. and heir of Meredith ap Cadwalader ap
Owen, of Nantcribba, co. Montgomery. By her he had issue
with three daus.,

David, of whom hereafter.
He in. 2ndly, Elen, dau. of Jenkin Kynaston, of Stokes, co.
Salop, and by her had, with other issue,

Humphrey, of Leighton, the first-appointed High Sheriff of
the new county of Montgomery, in 1541. He had a grant
by charter, 12 May, 1519 (11 Henry VIIL) of the Breiddua
Forest and Criggion Moores, &c., from Edward Stafford,
Duke of Buckingham. He m. Gwenllian, dau. of Thomas
Price of Newtown and had issue ( Visit, of Salop 1623),

1 Richard, of Leighton, in the Comm. of tlie Peace for co.
Montgomery, 1 Elizaheth (1558), d. s. p.

2 Roger, of I'algarth, m. Margaret, dau. and heir of Sir
Morgan Her

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