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9) an
only child, Elizabeth, bapt. 25 March, 1730, andwi. in 1747,
as his 2nd wife. Sir WiUiam Young, Bart, (see Burke's Peer-
age and Baronetage).
Herbert (Eev.), of Bifrons, of whom presently.

Upton, bapt. 7 June, 1695.

James, d. an infant, bur. 12 Sept. 1695.

Nathaniel, bur. 6 Nov. 1700.

John, bur. 5 Jan. 1703.

Hannah, 6. 13 Feb. 1700.
Mr. Taylor d. 4 April, 1729. His 2nd son,

Eev. Herbert Taylor, M.A., Eector of Hunton, and Vicar
of Patricksbourne, co. Kent, bapt. 15 May, 1698, s. to the
Kentish estates upon the death of his brother Brook; to.
Mary, dau. of Dr. Edward Wake, prebendary of Canterbury,
and nephew of Archbishop Wake ((see Burke's Peerage, Wake,
Bart.), and by her (who was bur. 7 Nov. 1779) had issue,

Herbert, d. unm. 19 Nov. 1767, aged 36.

l^DWARD (Rev.), of Bifrons.

Mary, bur. 23 Dec. 1731.

Olive, bur. 9 June, 1733.
Eev. Herbert Taylor d. 29 Sept. 1763. His 2nd son,

Eev. Edward Taylor, of Bifrons, vicar of Patricksbourne,
6. 26 Aug. 1734; m. 1769, Margaret, dau. of Thomas Turner
(afterwards Payler), Esq. of Heden, co. Kent, and by her
(who d. at Brussels, 27 April, 1780) had issue,

I. Edward, of Bifrons.

II. Herbert (Sir), General in the army, one of the Commis-
sioners for the care and management of His Majesty's pro-
perty during his indisposition, and Private Secretary to
William IV. ; b. 29 Sept. 1775 ; m. 1819, Charlotte Albinia,
dau. of Edward Disbrowe, Esq., and had issue, Edward
Herbert, 6. 9 July, 1823, rf. June, 1825; Fredeiick, 6. 13
Jan. 1826, d. 26 Jan. 1827 ; Charlotte Mary Louisa, b. 9 Oct.

III. Brook (Sir), H.M. Envoy and Minister Plenipotentiary
to the Court at Wurtembergh, and Minister at Berlin, 6. 30
Dec. 1776.

IV. William (twin with Brook), 6. 30 Dec. 1776 ; drowned in
the Thames, 16 July, 1797.

V. Brydges Watkinson, Capt. E.N., h. 25 Sept. 1778;
drowned in the Adriatic, off Brindisi, 24 Feb. 181-4.

I. Mary Elizabeth, 6. 16 April, 1770; ?«. April, 1796, Lord
Skelmersdale (see Burke's Peei-age, Lathom, E.).

II. Charlotte, h. 22 June, 1771; m. 3 March, 1794, Eev.
Edward Northey, Canon of Windsor, who d. Feb. 1828,
leaving issue.

in. Margaret, 6. 1780 ; d. unm. 24 Oct. 1839.

Mr. Taylor d. 8 Dec. 1798, and was s. by his eldest son,

Edward Taylor, Esq. of Bifrons, M.P. for the city of
Canterbury, 6. 24 June, 1774; in. 6 Sept. 1802, Louisa, only
child and heir of Eev. John Charles Beckingham, of Bourne
House, Kent, and by her had issue,

I. Herbert Edward, of Eoselands, Kent ; in the army ; b. 7
Nov. 1807 ; deceased.

II. Brook John, Lieut.-Gen. in the army, b. 29 April, 1810 ;
d. at Palermo.

III. Aucher Beckingham, of the navy, 6. 26 Nov. 1811 ;

IV. Bridges, b. 27 Nov. 1815; m. Emily Alice, dau. of Gen.
Sir Hugh Halkett.

V. Wilbraham, now of Hadley Hurst.

VI. Orlando Charles Henry, b. at Ghent, 4 Jan. and d. 4 July,

I. Mary Louisa, b. 25 May, 1803 ; m. at Paris 25 Sept. 1824,
Col. the Hon. John James Knox, 4th son of Thomas, 1st
Earl of Eanfurly; he d. 9 July, 1S56.

II. Charlotte Elizabeth, b. 15 June, 1804 ; d. 30 March,

III. Louisa Charlotte, h. 22 March, 1806 ; to. at Paris, 5 July,
1828, George Cornwall Legh, Esq. of High Legh, co.

IV. Elizabeth Olivia, 6. 28 Jan. 1809; d. 5 July, 1811.

v. Emily Octavia, 6. 2 June, 1813; m. William Deedes,
Esq. of Sandling Park, M.P. for East Kent, who d. 1862.

VI. Charlotte Margaret, b. 5 March, and d. 11 July, 1819.

Arms — Gu., three roses arg., within a bordure or, a chief
vair. Crest — A lion's head erased, per pale arg. and gu., gorged
with a collar charged with three estoiles counter-changed.
Motto — Fama Candida rosa dulcior.

Residence — Hadley Hurst, Barnet.


Shawe-Tatloe,Waltee Tatlob NEWTON,E8q.
of Castle Taylor, co. Galway, J.P. and D.L., High
Sheriff, 1868, h. 31 March, 1832 ; m. 24 Nov. 1864,
Elizabeth, dau. of Dudley Persse, Esq. of Rox-
borough, and has issue,

I. John, A.D.C. to G.O.C. Southern District, Lieut. Cheshire
Eegt., b. 3 Jan. 1866.

II. Francis Manley.

I. Frances Elizabeth, m. 7 Sept. 1893, the Hon. William
Cosby Trench, of Clonodloy Castle, co. Limerick, 2nd son
of the late Hon. Frederick Trench (see Burke's Peerage,






liineagre. — AValter Tatlor, Esq. (son of John Taylor,

Esq., by .-^nne his wife, lUiu. of Walter Taylor, Esq. of ISally-

macragh, and grandson of Walter Taylor and Catherine

Staunton his wife^ m. 1st, Lady Anne Barry, dau. of James,

4th Earl of Barrymore, and 2ndly, Hester Trench, sister of

^Villianl, 1st Earl of Clancarty, luid left at his decease one son

and four daus.,

I. John (Sir"), of Castle Taylor, co. Galway, K.C.B., Lieut. -

Gen. and Col. of the 86th Regt., High Sheriff co. Galway,

1604, ;<. JO Sept. 1771 : m. 24 April, 1708, Albinia Eranccs,

widow of Lieut.-Col. Stephen Francis William Kreemantle

(see BriiKE's Peerage, Cottesloe, B.), and dau. of St.

John JclTreys, Esq. of Blarney Castle, co. Cork, and left at

his decease! Dec. 1843, two daus. The younger, Cecilia

Agnes, j/i. the Hon. Henry Cavendish Butler, younge.-.t son

of the Hon. Augustus Butler Danvers and grandson of

Brinsley, 2nd Earl of Lanesborough ; she d. s. p. The elder

dau., Albinia Hester, in. 23 March, 1825, Francis Jlanley

Shawe, Esq. (younger son of WiUiam Cunliffe Shawe, Esq.

of Southgate House, Herts, by Philippa Pole liis wile), and

Iiad issue,

1 Walter Taylor Newtov, now of Castle Taylor.

1 Cecilia Philippa, vi. 8 June, 1848, Kobert Wright Cope
Cope, Esq. of Loughgall Manor, co. Armagh.

2 So|hia Frances, w. Kev. W. C. Templer.

3 Albinia Letitia, d. young.

4 Geraldine, id. Kobert Baron Templer, Esq.

Francis Manley Shawe, who was b. 29 .\ug. 1797, .f. to
Castle Taylor on the death of his father-in-law Dec. 1813,
and assumed in consequence, by royal licence, 25 March,
1844. the additional surname of Taylor. He was J. P.
and High Sheriff for co. Galway, and formerly Capt. Cold-
stream Guaras. He d. Ib63, and was s. by bis only son, the
present Walter Taylor Xewton Shaw e-Taylob, Esq.

I. Frances, m. Robert OHara, Esq. of Raheen, co. Galway.

n. Elizabeth, ?/!. 1st, Lieut.-Col. Stewart, S.'ith Kegt., and
2ndly, Francis Synge, Esq. of Glanmore Castle, co. Wick-

III. Hester.

IV. Anne, m. the Hon. and Most Rev. Power Le Poer
Trench, Archbishop of Tuam, son of the 1st Earl of Clan-

Seat— Castle Taylor, Ardrahan, co. Galway.


Taylor, Samuel, Esq. of Eccleston Hall, co.
Lancaster, B.A., Barrister-at-Law, late Lieut. 3rd
Batt. South Lancashire Kegt., b. 1859 ; m. 1SS3,
G-ertrude, dau. of Eev. W. Brooksbank, of Thorn-
barrow, AYestmorland, and has, with other issue,

Samuel, b. 1884.

ILineag'e.— CoL. S.«icel Tatlob, of Moston, co. Lan-
caster (son of Samuel Taylor, Esq. of Moston, by his wife
Mary, of Crumpsall), ni. Hannah, dau. of WilUaui Hutchin-
son, Esq., and d. 1820, leaving a son,

Samuel Taylor, Esq. of Eccleston Hall, co. Lancaster, J. P.
and D.L., b. 20 April, 1802 ; m. Jan. 1825, Mary Anne, dau.
of Rev. John Still, Rector of Fonthill Gilford, and Prebendary
of Sarum, and by her (who d. 1868) had issue,
Samuel, J. P. cos. Lancaster and Westmorland, and D.L. co.
Lancaster, b. 1826; //;. 1857, Maria, dau. of Iter, irton Fell,
of Amblesiile, and d. v.}). 1880, having had issue, Samuel,
now of Eccleston Hall; Herbert; and Mary, m. J. H.
Smith, Esq. of Oundle, co. Northampton.
Mr. Taylor rf. 4 April, 1881, and was s. by his grandson, the
present Samuel Taylor, Esq. of Eccleston Hall.

Seat— Eccleston HaU, Preston, and Birkdaulc, Uavcthwaite,
near Ulverston.

Ciab — Oxford and Cambridge.

Esq. of Fincliley. Mr. Taylor is son of Joha
Taylor, Esq. of Shiltbotle, Northumberland, by
Margaret his wife, dau. of J. Darling, Esq. of Ford,
in the same county.

Seat — Chipchase Castle, Wark-on-Tync, R.S.O. Northumber-
Residence— The Limes, Church End, Flnchley, N.


Tatloe, HrGH, Esq. of Chipchase Castle and
Widdrington, Northumberland, J. P. for that co. and
for ^Middlesex, M.P. for Tyneuiouth from 1852 to
1853, and 1859 to 1861, b. 1817; m. 1st, 1812,
Mary, dau. of Thomas Taylor, Esq. of Cramlington
Hall, Northumberland, and by her (who d. 1852)
has issue,

Thomas, J.P. (Chipchase Castle, Wark-on-Tyne), b. 1849;
■ill. 23 Feb. 1880, Maria Mona, dau. 'of Sir Geoige
Richard AValdic-Griffith, 2nd Bart, of Muniter Grillagh,
and has issue.

He m. 2ndly, 1878, Jane Louisa, dau. of J. \Thite,


"Watson-Tatloe, Simon, Esq. of Erlestoke Park,,
and Erchfont Manor, Wilts, J.P. and D.L., High
Sheriff 1855, M.P. for Devizes 1857 to 1859, b. 1
Feb. 1811 ; m. 30 Oct. 1843, Lady Hannah Char-
lotte Hay, 2nd dau. of George, 8th Marquess of
Tweeddale, K.T.,and by her (who d. 10 Nov. 1887)
has issue,

I. George Simon Arthok, J.P., co. Wilts, late Capt. Wilt-
shire Yeomanry, b. 5 Oct. 1850.

II. Arthur Wellesley, b. 17 Feb. 1853 ; lit. 5 Sept. 1883, Mary
Emeline, younger dau. of Thomas Murthwaite, Esq. of
Stewart Castle, in the Island of Jamaica, and has issue,

1 Arthur Simon, b. 18 June, 1884.

2 Harry Gerald, b. 21 Aug. 1885.

3 Alfred Cyril, b. 12 Dec. 1886.

4 Feli-x John, b. 6 Dec. 1887.

III. John Arthur, b. 15 Nov. 1857.

IV. William Arthur, 6. 20 May, 1859.

I. Anna Louisa, m. 13 June, 1867, Hon. Alan de Tatton-
Egerton, M.P., 2nd son of Wilbraham, 1st Lord Egerton
of Tatton, and has issue.

II. Susan Georgiana Montagu Frances.

III. Charlotte Isabella Joanna, j/t. 17 F"eb. 1374, the late-
William Richard Winch, Esq. of North Mymms Park,.
Herts, and has issue.

IV. Mary Elizabeth, m. 19 April, 1879, Lieut.-Col. Robert
William Blackwood, of Littlemore, Oxford, and has issue.

V. Violet Emily, m. 17 April, 1876, Charles Augustus Verner
Esq., and has issue.

VI. Rose Edith, ?ii. 22 July, 1879, the late Robert Frederick-
Ward, Esq. of Geldeston Hall, Norfolk, only son of Vice-
Admiral James Hamilton Ward, and has issue.

VII. Yictoria.

Lineagre.— John Taylor, Esq., F.R.S., of Lyssons,
Jamaica, was created a Baronet 1 Sept. 1778. Sir John m.
Elizabeth Gooden, dau. and heir of Philip Houghton, Esq. of
the same island, and dying 1788, left (with daus., of whom the
eldest, Anna Susanna, m. 6 March, 1810, George Watson, Esq.,
son of George Watson, Esq., by his wife Isabella Stevenson) a
son and successor,

Sir Simon Richard Brissett Taylor, 2nd Bart, of Lyssons,
who d. s. p. 18 May, 1815, when the baronetcy became extinct,
and his property, as well as the property of his uncle, Simoa
Taylor, Esq. of Jamaica, devolved on his sister,

Anna Susanna, the wife of George Watson, Esq., and, in
consequence, that lady and her husband assumed, by royal
licence, dated 19 June, 1815, the additional surname and arms
of Taylok. Mr. Watson-Taylor then became seated at Erle-
stoke Park, near Devizes, and for many years represented
Devizes in Parliament. He ci. 6 May, 1841, having had, by
Anna Susanna his wife (who d. 8 Jan. 1853), four sons and one-

Simon Watson-Taylob, Esq. of Erlestoke Park.
John Walter, b. 4 May, 1813 ; d. 9 Oct. 1832.
George Graeme, 6. 29 April, 1816; m. 19 May, IS47, Victo-
rine, dau. of the late Blonsieur Jean Baptiste Joudiou.*:. of
Ilerrison, Department of Allier, F'rance, and d. s.p. 26 Oct.
Eiiiilius, of Headington, near Oxford, 6. 10 Sept. 1819, d. s.p,

IG March, 1879.
Isabella, d. unm. 18 Dec. 1892.

Amis — Quarterly : 1st and 4th arg., a saltire wavy sa., between
two hearts in pale gu., and as many cinquefoils in fesse vert, a
canton erm., for Taylor; 2nd and 3rd arg., a tree growing out
of a mount in base vert, surmounted by a fe.sso az., charged witli
three mullets of the lield, lor Watson. Crest — Taylor, Out
of a ducal coronet or, a dexter cubit arm erect ppr., the hand
holding a cross-crosslet litchee in pale gu. Motto — In hoc
signo vinces. Crest — Watson, The stump of a tree sprouting-
braiiches ppr. Motto — "Insperata floruit." Supporters — On
either .•^ide a leopard ppr., armed and langued gu., collared and
chained or, granted to the late George Watson-Taylor, Esq.,.
and the heirs male of his body, under royal sign-manual by a
warrant of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, bearing:
date 28 Sept. 1815.
SuU — Erlestoke Park, Devizes.






Tatlok, Eobeet Weight, Esq. of Bajsgartli
Park, CO. Lincoln, and of Trinity College, Cam-
bridge, M.A., LL.M., F.S.A., Barrister-at-Law, b.
21 Nov. 1859 ; m. 21 Aug. 1889, Clara Louisa, dau.
of George Hodgson, Esq., J. P. of Nocton Park, co.
Lincoln, and has issue,

Clare Ermyntrude Magdalen, 6. 4 Aug. 1891.

liiueag'e. — The family of Taylor has been settled at Stan-
bury, and Bickerton, co. York, for several centuries.

Stephen Taylor, Esq. of Stanbury, m. Mary, dau. of
Williani Wrifjlit, Esq. of Hobcoat, in the township of Haworth,
and by her had issue,

Robert Taylor, Esq. of Stanbury and of New Hall, Barton-
upon-Humber, b. 3 Feb. 1815; ra. 5 May, 1858, Sarah, eldest
dau. of William Maw, Esq. of Bigby, co. Lincoln, by whom he
had an only son,

Egbert Wright, now of Baysgarth Park.

Seat — Baysgarth Park, Barton-upon-Humber.
Town Jiesidtnces — 19, Courifield Road, South Kensington ;
and 8, Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn.
Club — Conservative.


Clough-Tayioe, Edwaed Haeeison Clough,
Esq. of Firby Hall, co. York, late Major Royal
Welsh Fusiliers, Extra A.D.C. to Viceroy of India,
I. 19 June, 1849 ; m. 17 July, 1880, Lady Elizabeth
Campbell, 2nd dau. of George, Btli Duke of Argyll,
K.G., and has issue,

Edward Lorne Frederic, 6. 26 Oct. ISSl.
Lesley Venetia.

Lineagpe. — Thomas Clough, Esq. of Otley, co. York, m.
9 Oct. 1742, Sarah, 4th dau. of Sir Henry Goodricke, 4th Bart.
of Eibston, same co., by Mary his wife, only child of Tobias
Jenkins, Esq. of Grimston, and Mary his 1st wife, 2nd dau. of
Charles Paulet, 1st Duke of Bolton, and had issue, nine children.
The 5th child,

Thomas Clough, Esq., b. 25 April, 1748; m. 1785, Susanne,
dau. of John Tyler, Esq. of Bishops Stortford, Herts, and had
issue, an only child,

Edward Clough, Esq. of Kirkhani Abbey, J. P. and D.L., 6.
28 Jan. 1786. He s. his father, Thomas Clough. Esq., 1838,
and changed his name to Tavlob, under the will of his grand-
uncle, Ilev. Henry Goodricke, of Sutton-on-the-Forest, co.
York, whose 1st wife was Margaret, youngest dau. and co-heir
of John Taylor, Esq. of Beverley. He ra. 8 Jan. 1822, Emma
Georgiana Bentley, dau. of William Badcock, Esq , and his
wife, Sophia, dau. of Eichard Cumberland, Esq., and by her
had issue,

Edward Clough, late of Firby HaU.

Thomas Clough, b. 27 Aug. 1823, Capt. 41st Ecgt. ; d. in
India 1859.

Harriet Mary Anne Clough, d. 1.3 Feb. 1851.

Emma Sarah Clough, m. teb. 1855, JIajor Henry Pratt Gore,
who d. 4 Sept. 1863, leaving issue.
Mr. Taylor d. 14 May, 1851. His eldest son,

Edwaed Clough-Taylor, Esq. of Firby Hall, co. York, J. P.
andD.L., M.A., 6. 25 Sept. 1822; m. 1 Sept. 1848, Sophia
Mary, eldest dau. of Eev. Thomas Harrison, of Firby, co.
York, and d. 1892, leaving issue,

I. Edward Harrison Clough, now of Firby Hall.

II. Horatio George Clough, Capt. Leicestershire Yeo. Cav.,
6. 12 Oct. 1856.

III. Leonard Goodricke Clough, late Capt. Connaught Ran-
gers, b. 5 Jan. 1858.

I. Sophia Leonora Clough, m. 9 Xov. 1875, Henry Barrington
Callendar, Esq. of Ardkiaglas, N.B.

II. Harriet Anna Georgina Clough.

in. Constance Caroline Clough, m. 5 Aug. 1885, Augustus
AV'illiam Byron, Esq., son of Hon. and Rev. Augustus

Arms — Erm., on a pale engrailed sa., three lions passant or.
Crest — A leopard passant, per pale ppr. and erm., the dexter
paw resting on a shield of the arms.

<SeaJ— Firby Hall, Kirkham Abbey.


Tatloe, Aethue James, Esq. of Strensliam
Coui't, CO. Worcester, J.P.,late Lieut. 3rd Dragoon

Guards, b. 20 Oct. 1857; m. Feb. 1890, Annie
Mabel, dau. of E. W. Greene, Esq. of ivether Hall,
CO. Suifolk, and has issue,

I. John Walter, b. 14 Aug. 1891.

II. Charles, b. 26 July, 1892.

Lineage. — Jonathan Taylor, of London, had two sons,
John, of Ripley, co. Southampton, who d. s. p. 1762, and

Jonathan Taylor, Esq. of Bordesley, co. Warwick, m.
Eebecca Kettle, and d. 173.3, having had (with a dau., Mary
(Mrs. Dalton), and a son, James, who d. unm.) an elder son
and heir,

Johx Taylor, Esq. of Bordesley Park, b. 27 March, 1711,
High Sheriff co. Warwick 1756; m. 1734, Mary Baker, and
had issue, Mr. Taylor, who established a bank in Birmingham
1765, d. 27 March, 1775. His eldest surviving son,

John Taylor, Esq. of Bordesley Park, co. Wai-wick, an^
Moseley Hall, co. Worcester, J. P. and D.L., b. 20 Feb. 1738,
served as Higli Sheriff co. Warwick 1786. He r/i. 26 June,
1778, Sarah, eldest dau. of Samuel Skey, Esq. of Spring Grove,
CO. Worcester, and d. 27 Aug. 1814, leaving issue,

I. John, of Strensham Court, co. Worcester, b. 13 Dec. 1780>
High Sheriff 1817; d. s. p.

II. James, of Moseloy Hall and Moor Green, co. Worcester,
J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1826, 6. 28 Jan. 1783; m. 1st,
6 Dec. 1814, Louisa, 2nd dau. and co-heir of Samuel Skeye,
Esq. of Spring Grove, co. Worcester, and by her (who d. IS
March, 1822) had issue,

1 James .Arthur, late of Strensham Court.

2 John Samuel, 6. lt<19; d. 1831.

1 Sarah Louisa, (/. 1822.

Mr. Taylor m. 2ndly, 5 July, 1825, Anne Elizabeth, eldest
dau. of Walter Michael Moseley, Esq. of Buildwas Park,
Salop, and by her had issue,

3 William Francis, of Moseley Park and Moor Green, co.
Worcester, B..\., J.P. cos. Derby, Worcester, and Here-
ford, b. 28 Jan. 1830 ; m. 23 July, 1863, Augusta Char-
lotte, 3rd dau. of Samuel Steward, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn,
and Connaught Square, and has issue,

George William, Lieut. Coldstream Guards, b. 2 April,
1864; m. 17 Nov. 1887, Lady Elizabeth Egerton, only
surviving dau. of Seymour John Grey, Earl of Wilton,
and has issue,

Seymour George Frederick, b. 28 July, 1892.
Sylvia Olive Frances.

Cecil Salusbuiy, Lieut. Royal Artillery, b. 6 June, 1867.

Herbert Edward, b. 15 Feb. 1869.

Francis James, Midshipman ii.N., b. 11 Dec. 1870;
drowned at sea 10 July, 1887.

Katharine Emma. Florence Edith.

Evelyn Augusta.

2 Anne Elizabeth.

Mr. James Taylor, d. 8 Oct. 1852.

III. William, 6. 25 March, 1789; d. 17 Nov. 1839.

I. Sarah.

II. Joanna, m. 1 Nov. 1810, Sir Thomas Edward Winnington,.
3rd Bart, of Stanford Court, co. Warwick.

III. Caroline, m. 11 Dec. 1823, Rev. George William Bowyer
Adderley, of Fillongley Hall, co. Warwick.

James Arthur Taylor, Esq. of Strensham Court, co. Wor-
cester, J.P. and D.L., M.P. for the Eastern Division of co.
Worcester 1841 to 1847, b. 18 June, 1817 ; 9». June, 1843, Maria.
Theresa, dau. of George Rush, Esq. of Elsenham Hall and Far-
thingoe Lodge, co. Northampton, and had surviving issue,

I. Arthur James, now of Strensham.

I. Maria Louisa, m. 1st, the late Lieut.-Col. F. Dullas, and
has, Herbert George, and three daus. She m. 2ndly, Sir
Herbert Lyon, Bart. ii. Alice.

Mr. J. A. Taylor d. 14 June, 1889, and was s. by his son.

Arms — Arg., guttle de poix, on a chief dancett^e sa., a pale
between two escallops of the first, charged with an escallop of
the second. Crest— A demi-lion rampant ppr., semee of escallops
sa., holding between the paws a saltire, also sa., surmounted
by an escallop arg. il/o«o— Fidelisque ad mortem.

&at— Strensham Court, near Tewkesbury, co. Worcester.


Peingle-Tatloe, Coetlandt, Esq. of Penning-
ton House, CO. Southampton, late Cajjt. in the
army, b. 4 Sept. 1828 ; m. 27 Feb. 1878, Fanny,
only dau. of the late Apsley PuUeney Pulteney,
Esq. of Northerwood, Hants, by Emily his wife,
dau. of Christopher Tower, Esq. of Weald Hall,.

Liueag'e. — Matthew Taylor (supposed to be youngest-
son, by his 1st wife, of John Taylor, Esq. of Shadochurst, Kent,,





ancestor of the Taylo-rs of S}ia(lochin-H,EmiycT Bakonets)
removed into Susses, and settled at Lordington, in tlie neigh-
bourhood of Chichester. By his 1st wife, Alice, who was
buried at Stoughton, 21 Feb. 1591, he had issue,
Matthew, stated in his will to have been b. at Stoughton,
where his baptism was registered, 19 Feb. 1591, m. 1st,
Margaret Brett, and by her had issue, Jlary, m. her first
cousin. John Brett, jun., son of John Brett, of London and
Tenterden; JIarsaret, 6. -4 Sept. 1634; m. 1656, Thomas
■\Vhite, of St. Dunstan in the West, and of Horsham, in the
CO. of Sussex; Elizabeth, <( s. p. He m. 2ndly, Frances
White, by whom he had no issue. He d. 1678.
Matthew Taylor, sen., m. '^ndly, Margaret, dan. and even-
tually CO heir \with her sisler, Elizabeth, the wife of Kichard
Love, Esq. of Basing) of Richard Freeland, Esq. of Greatham,
Hants, and by her had issue,
Eichard, of ^yest Harting, and Midhurst, bapt. at Greatham,
27 July, 1597 ; whose male line became extinct.
Freeland, bapt. 8 Feb. 1600; d. 1667.
John, of whom presently.
iJIartha, m. WiUiam Yonge, of Midhurst, Sussex.

The 4th son,

John Tatlok, h. at Shadochurst, 1 Dee. 1611; d. 1683,
leaving issue, by Mary his wife,
Mathew Taylor, bapt. 15 Oct. 1653, who, by his will, dated
at New York in 1687, bequeathed his property to his
brother, Edward, then residing in London, with reversion to
Edward's eon, George Taylor.
Edward, of whose line we treat.


Edward Tatlob, succeeding to his brother Mathew's pro-
perty, pureh.ved a thousand acres of land at Middlestown,
Kew Jersey, 1692. His son,

George Tatlok, s. his father. He m. 1701, Helena John-
stone, of South Hampton, Long Island, and by her left issue,
I. George: ii. Edward, b. 20 Aug. 1712; and iii. John, of
whom presently. The 3rd son,

John Taylor, 6. 1715, was one of the Judges of His Majesty's
Court at Monmouth, in New Jersey. On Lord Howe going out
as Commissioner and Commander-in-Chief for the American
Colonies, Judge Taylor was appointed (1770) His Majesty's
Lord High Commissioner for New Jersey. Judge Taylor vi.
Susan, sister and heir of Gen. Heard, and d. 23 Nov. 1798,
aged 82, leading issue,

John, m. Miss Winthrop, and by her left issue, three sons ;
one m. Miss Clinton ; another m. Miss Ludlew; and a third
m. Miss AVinthrop : one of his daus. m. Mr. de Lancy ; and
another, a son of Mr. Winthrop, His Majesty's Governor ot
one of the Eastern States.
William, of whom presently.
Joseph, b. about 1748 ; m. Harriett Waddell, and left two

Mary, to. Dr. Bainbridge, and had issue,

1 John, VI. Cornelia Ogden.

2 William, was a celebrated Commodore in the U. S.
Navy ; in the 2nd American War of 1812, whilst in com-
mand of U. S. S. "Constitution," he captured His
Majesty's frigate "Java" which was convt-ying to the
East Indies Lieut.-Gen. Sir Thomas Hyslop, Bart., G.C.B.,
as Commander-in-Chief. He m. Susan Heyligur, dau. of
the Governor of the Dutch West Indies, and was father
of Louisa, m. 1838, Rear Admiral Henry Kuhn Hoff,
U.S. Navy, whose son is the present Capt. William Bain-
bridge Hoff, U.S. Navy, m. 1869, Juliet Adele, dau. of
George Henry Potts, and has issue, Arthur, Lieut.
U.S.X., and Louise Adele.

3 Joseph, Capt. U.S.N., d. umn.

1 Mary, m. Dr. Maclean, President of Princctown Coll.,
whose son s. to that ofi&ce.
The 2nd son,

William Taylor, a Barrister and King's Counsel, 6. 17
March, 1746, appointed Lord Chief Justice of Jamaica; m.
6 May, 1791, Eliza, dau. of Col. Philip Van Cortlandt, of the
manor of Cortlandt, and d. 16 Aug. 1806, aged 60 years,
leaving by her (who d. 22 July, 1316),

I. John William, H.E.I.C.S., b. 1792; d. in command of the
Dacca Provisional Battalion, s. p.

II. Pringle (Gen.), of Pennington.

III. Cortlandt (Col.), late of the Madras Artillery, to. 2 Oct.
1826, Emily, dau. of Col. Peter Latouche Chamber.^, C.B.,
41st regt., and d. 1874, leaving issue,

1 Cortlandt George BuUer, 19th Hussars, 6. 3 April, 1841 ;
TO., and has a dau.

2 William Klphinstone.

1 Emily Eliza Chambers, to. Lieut.-Col. Shakespear, of
the Madras Army.

2 Gertrude Sara, ni. June, 1862, Col. Charles Fowler,
PkOyal Engineers.

IV. George Elliott, ra. 16 Oct. 1828, Laura, dau. and co
heiress of William Jephson, Esq. of New York, by Maria
Farquhar his wife, and d. 2 Feb. V6'i3, leaving issue.

1 William Jephson, h. 15 Sept. 1829, d. s. p.

2 Cortlandt Mulcaster, h. 8 Feb. 1833; m. and has issue.
1 Maria Farquhar, m., and d. leaving two daus.

I. Catherine Eliza, ni. 1814, Cement Clarke Sloore, son of

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