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dau. of Daniel Vaux, of Hundhill Hall, Pontrefact, who d. 31
Oct. 1788, and 2ridly, 2 June, 1791, Catherine, dau. of Thomas
Jackson, Esq. of Fairburn, Ledsham, co. Y'ork. He d. '22 Oct.
1832, having had by his 2nd wife (who </. 8 June, 1830)
a dau. Catherine Mary, 6. 1 Jan. 1801 ; in. 25 Oct. 1825, Eev.
James Jackson Lowe, Kector of Fletton, and d. 16 Jan. 1869,
and a son,

Edward Tew, Esq. of Crofton Hall, co. York, J.P. and D.L.
for the West Biding, and Capt. 1st West York Yeo. Cav., a
freeman of the borough of Doncaster, b. 20 May, 1795 ; m.
26 June, 1827, Sarah Susannah, 2nd dau. of Martin Hind,
Esq. of Newton Green, near Leeds, and by her (who d. 5 Feb.
1865) had issue,

I. Tho.mas William, now of Carleton Grange and The Manor
House, Baweliffe, York.

II. Edward, b. '24 Jan. 1834 ; m. 21 June, 1859, Anna, dau.
of F. Nellen, Esq., and has issue.

III. Herbert Sayer, M.D.. b. 15 Jan. 1835.

IV. Cynl Blackburne, Col. 15th Kegt., b. 14 Feb. 1837; m.
1st, 28 May, 1861, Helen, dau. of liev. W. Crofton, Kector
of Skrene, co. Sligo, by whom he had issue ; 2ndly, Har-
riette, eldest dau of lie v. Richard Rothe, and d. 1890.

V. Percy, of Heath Hall, co. York, M.A., J.P. for West
Riding of York, b. 3 July, 1840 ; m. 25 Aug. 18C8, Madeline
Elizabeth, only dau. of Rev. Thomas Lowe, of Willingdon,
Sussex, Canon of Chichester, and has issue.

I. Charlotte, b. 23 July, 1829 ; d. 30 Dec. 1832.

II. Catharine, m. 11 iMay, 1858, J. H. Holdworth, Esq. oi
Sandal Hall, co. York. J.P.

III. Emily Jane, d. 10 March, 1854.

IV. Laura Sophia, in. 17 Feb. 1863, Rev. Thomas Greenall,
Rector of Grappenhall, and Canon of Chester.

V. Constance Mary, vi. Charles Calverly, Esq. of Corven,
N. Wales, and has issue.

Mr. Tew d. 6 Nov. 1876.

Arms — .'Vrg., three pallets gu., on a chief or, four mullets of
the second. Crest — Between two wings, a spur-rowel az.

Sea(s— Carleton Grange, Pontefract, and The Manor House,
Eawcliffe, Wiggenton, Yorks.


Thackwell, John, Esq. of Wilton Place, co.
Grloueester, and Rye Court, co. Worcester, b. 1844;
m. 4 Feb. 1875, Alice Anne, eldest dau. of Henry
Pajne, Esq., and has issue,

I. John Henry Cam, b. 1876.

I. Alice Maud Mary.

II. Violet Edith.

Lineage. — The family of Thackwefl claims Saxon origin,
and has been seated in the counties of Worcester, Oxford, and
Gloucester, for several centuries. William Thackwell, Mar-
shal of the Admiralty, d. 1565, having had several sons, two of
whom were Edward and Thomas. Edward had several
children; the name of one of his sons was Thomas. Tliia
Thomas had two sons, Thomas and John. The clder^





Bey. Thomas Thackwell, h. 1579. matriculated at Chiist
Church, Oxford, 1598-99, and was Vicar of Waterperry, co.
Oiford, for sixty-one years. He d. 2G July, 16G8, having m.
twice, Ist, a dau. of Dal)it6t, of lUdmarley, i-.nd '2ndly, Jane,
dau. of Thomas Bowlcy, gent., of The Wells, near Bromyard.
By his first wife, he had a 2nd son,

Thomas Thackwell, Esq., r,i. 165G, Margaret, dau. of Hugh
Keate, gent., of East Hagbourne, and had a son,

Paul Thackwell, Esq., b. 1662 ; m. his cousin, Catherine,
dau. of Bev. Lewis Terry, of Longdon, hy his wife, Katharine
Thackwell, of Bye Court, and had issue, of whom the eldest

Stephen Thackwell, Esq. of Bye Court, b. 1692 ; m. 1718,
Elizabeth, eldest dau. of William Cam, Esq. of Wilton Place,
by Mary his wife, eldest dau. and co-heir of Joseph Cam, Esq.
of London, and d. 1729, leaving an elder son,

John Thackwell, Esq. of liye Court and Moreton Court,
Lord of the JIanor of Birtsmorton and Berrow, co. Worcester,
in. Judith Daffy, of Maysington, descended from the Egyuke
family, and d. 1808, having liad issue,

I. John, his heir.

II. William, of Moreton Court, «n OfBccr of Yeomanry, m.
Ann Mutlow, and d. s. p.

III. Stephen (Bev.), Bector of Birtsmorton, m. Miss Clarke,
and had issue, two sons (William, Curate of Alcester, co.
Warwick, and Mathew John) and three daus.

IV. Joseph (Sir), G.C.B. and K.H., of Aghada Hall (see that

I. Ehzabeth, 7/i. William Brooke, Esq. of The Gro^e House,

n. Judiih, M. Capt. Hartley, H.E.I.C.S.
in. Margaret, m. John Wood, Esq. of The Ford House, near
IV. Sarah.

T. Anne, m. Thomas Webb, Esq. of Ledbury. J. P. and
The eldest son and heir,

John Thackwell, Esq. of Wilton Place and Bye Court, J.P.
and D.L., 7/i. 6 Nov. 1804, Winifred, dau. of J. Seabright, Esq.
of Lea, and had issue,

I. John Cam, late of Wilton Place.

II. Stephen (Bev.), Bector cf Little Birch, co. Hereford, b.
2 May, 1(509 ; vi. 1835, Ann, only dau. of Edward Cooper,
Esq. of Beduiarley Dabitit, and d. lSs2.

III. James Seabright, 6. 25 July, 1810.

IV. William, 6. 26 April, 1812 ; m. a dau. of Bev. T.

V. Joseph Edwin, C.B., Gen. in the Army, Knight of the
Legion of Honour and Medjidie (Fifth Class), b. 7 Sept. 18l;j ;
iH. 1st, Maria, dau. of Lieut.-Col. Burnside, of the
Begt., and has issue, and 2ndly, 1878, Lucy Helen, widow
of Bev. Canon Newlove, of St. Leonard's, Presl'.iury.

I. Anne, m. 13 May, 1830, Bev. John Clayton, M.A., Vicar
of Stratford-upon-Avon, and had iisue.

II. Mary, vi. James Griffin, Esq.

III. Caroline Eliza, m. Bev. J. Medwin.

Mr. Thackwell d. June, 1829, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Cam Thackwell, Esq. of Wilton Place, co. Gloucester,
Moreton Court and Eye Court, co. AV'orcester, J.P. and D.L.
CO. Gloucester, and J.P. co. Worcester, b. 18 Jan. 1807 ; m. 13
April, 1842, Charlotte Eleanor, eldest dau. of Bev. John Hugh
Poison, Prebendary of Exeter, and has issue,

I. John, now of Wilton Place.

II. William Poison, Major (Black Watch) Eoyal High-

III. Arthur Joseph.

I. Katherine Emily, deceased.

III. Isabella Charlotte Mary, d. unm. 13 Feb. 1892.

III. Helen Elizabeth.
Mr. Thackwell d. 19 Jan. 1892.

.^riiis— Quarterly : 1st and 4th paly ofsis or and gu., a
maunch arg., semee-de-lis az., lor Thackwell; 2nd and 3rd
per pale az. and gu., a cross engrailed erminois; in the 1st
and 4th quarters, a water bouget arg., for Cam. Crest — Within
a chaplet of oak ppr., a dragon's head reversed, paly of six
or and gu., transpierced by an arrow, barbed and flighted,
also ppr. Motto— ilini solicitudo futuri.

Se«(s— Wilton Place, Dymock, co. Gloucester ; Moreton
Court, and Bye Court, co. Worcester.


Thackwell, Walter Joseph de Ecpe, Esq.
of Aghada Hall, co. Cork, Coneragh, co. Waterford,
I. 12 July, 1876, s. his fatlier 1886.

Lineage. — See pnceding Memoir.

Lieut. -Gf;N. Sir Joseph Thackwell, G.C.B., K.H., of
Aghada Hall, co. Cork, Coneragh, co. Waterford, and Nor-
man's Land and Woodcnd, co. Gloucester, was the 4tU

son of John Thackwell, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Wilton
Place, CO. Gloucester, and Bye Court and Moreton Court, co.
Worcester, by his wife, Judith Daffy, of Maytington, a descen-
dant of the Egyoke family. Sir Joseph, who was /;. 1 Feb.
1781, entered the army in April, 1800, as a Comet in the iSth
King's Light Dragoons, and during a career of nearly sixty
years rose to the highest distinction. He served in that
regiment for thirty-two years, during twelve of which he
held the command. He was with Sir John Moore in .Spain
(1808-9) and at Corunna. He also shared in the glories of
the campaign of 1813-14 in the Peninsula, and was engaged at
Vittoria (seriously contused on right shoulder), the Pyrenees,
Orthes, Tarbes, and Toulouse. At Granada, he boldly attacked
and forced back upwards of 280 French troopers, though
he was aided by only forty-five of the 15tli Hussars, making
several prisoners. Was also at Quatre Bras and at Waterloo,
where he received several wounds, and had two horses shot
under him while charging squares of infantry, his left arm
having to be amputated close to the shoulder. When
wounded, he seized his bridle ^vlth his mouth, and dashed
on at the head of his men to charge the enemy. During
the above services, it appears from " The Becords of the
15th Hussars," he frequently greatly distinguished himself,
and was several times specially recommended for promotion.
Sir Joseph's subsequent brilliant career was in India. In
1837, he wa.s appointed to the command of the 3rd (King's
Own) Light Dragoons, and proceeding with his regiment to
India, he was promoted to Major-General (local) the same
year, and held important and distinguished commands in the
first Afghan campaign of 1838-39, the campaign in Gwalior
(ltl43), and on the Sutlej in 1846, in all of which he com-
manded the cavalry division. He bore a conspicuous part in
the actions of Ghuznee (23 July, 1839), Maharajpoor (29 Dec.
1843), and Sobraon (10 Feb. 1846) ; in the last, hi.s leading the
cavalry with such effect against the Sikh batteries is most
memorable, his conduct being strongly commended in Lord
Cough's despatch. Sir Joseph Thackwell headed the cavalry
division in the Punjaub campaign (1848-49), in which he was
second in command of the army under Lord Gough. He
there, while leading the left wing, made some splendid charges
at Chilianwallah and Goojerat ; and with a small British
detachment, which he commanded, he gained the important
victory of Sadoolapoor over the Sikh army, headed by Shere
Sing in person (3 Dec. 1848). For these achievements ho
thrice received the thanks of ParUament and of the East
India Company. He was created K.H. Feb. 1834, C.B.
JiUy 1838, K.C.B. 20 Dec. 1839, and G.C.B. 9 June, 1849, was
made Col. of the 16th Lancers in the latter year, and Inspector-
General of Cavalry in 1854. He had the silver war medal and
three clasps, besides many other medals and clasps, and the
Order of the Dooranee Empire. Sir Joseph ))j. 29 July, 1825,
Maria Audriah, eldest dau. of Francis Boche, Esq. of Boche-
mount, CO. Cork {see Bubke's Peerage), by whom (who d. I
June, 1874) he had issue,

I. Edward Joseph, of whom presently. .

II. William de Wilton Boche, C.B., Slajor-Gen., late Lieut.-
Col. 38th Begt., Knight of the Medjidie (Fifth Class) ; served
in the Crimea in 1855, including siege and fall of Sebas-
topol, b. 5 Sept. 1834; m. 29 June, 1864, Charlotte, ycmngest
dau. of Bev. Henry Tomkinson, of Beaseheath Hall, co.
Chester, and has issue, 1 Edward Francis, *. lo Nov. 1868;
r,i. 3 Feb. 1894, Catherine, dau. of Sir H. Low, G.C.M.G.,
and widow of Sir John Pope Hennessy, K.C.M.G., of
Eostellan Castle; 1 Katherine Harriet, m. Capt. Edwarci
liawdon Penrose, B.S.C. ; 2 Florence Mary ; 3 Ethel Maria.

ni. Osbert Dabitot, Lieut. Bengal Army, killed at Lucknow,

1858, during the Indian Mutiny.
IV. Francis John Boche, Capt. 5th Boyal Irish Lancers, d.

from tiger wounds in India 24 June, 1869.

I. Elizabeth Cranbourne.

II. Anne Maria Esther, m. 1860, Bev. Thomas Palling Little,
M.A., Vicar of Oxenhall and Pauntley, co. Gloucester.

III. Maria Boche, m. 1875, James Bennett, Esq., Lieut.-Col.
Boyal Wilts Militia.

Sir Joseph d. 8 April, 1859, and was s. by his eldest son,

Edwaed Joseph Thackwell, Esq. of Norman's Land,
Dymock, co. Gloucester, Barrister-at-Law. Entered the army
in 1845 as Cornet in the 3rd (King's Own) Light Dragoons,
served on the staff of Sir Joseph Thackwell during the Pun-
jaub campaign of 1848-49, and was present at the battles of
Bamnuggur, Sadoolapoor, Chilianwallah, and Goojerat, being
frequently mentioned in despatches. Subsequently served
as Capt. in the 48th and 60th Begts., author of The Second
Sikh War, b. i Sept. 1827 ; m. 24 Feb. 1S52, Charlotte Price,
dau. and co-heir of Capt. Lucas, Bengal Army, aad step-dau.
of Gen. Mossom Boyd, and had issue,
I. JosEPU Edwaeu) Locas, late of Aghada Hail.





II. Edwarcl Lofrus Roclio, Capt. Roval Fnsiliors and r.iymas-
ter 14th Hus^ai-f, Ik iS K-l.. l^'Hi; )"«. 19 .Maivli, l^T;i. Kiiiily,
only dau. of Lostock Kcid, Ksi].. Indian C.S., Conniiij. - ioi;c'i-
N.l3. Bombay, and has issue, Monica de AVilton Kuche, 6. 20
Sept. ISSl.

HI. Colquhoun Grant Koche. Capt. Staff Corps. late
Lieut. South Yorkshire Kegt., b. S Dee. ItS.JT , served in the
Afghan Campaifin of l(>7;>-bO (medal), specially mentioned
in despatches, and in the Kgyptian war of 1SS2 (medal
with clasp and Khedive's star).

IV. Oshert Koche, Capt. R.E., 6. 7 Sept. 1860.
I. Charlotte Barbara Roche, ?«. 2i May, lUn, Frederick
Graham, Ksq., Major 2nd Batt. Jliddlese.Y UeRt., eldest son
of M.ajor-Gen. Stuart Frederick Graham, Connnissioner at
Mooltan, and grandson of Sir Robert, Graham, Sth Bart, of
Esk, CO. Cumberland (see Bdbke's Feeragt).
Joseph Edward Lucas Tuackwell, Esq. of Agh.ida Hall,
CO. Cork, Coneragh, co. Waterford, J. P. co. Cork, Lieut.-Col.
3rd Brigade South Irish Division R..\., and formerly Lieut. Sth
Royal Irish Lancers, 6. 23 1S53 ; );i. 2 Dec. 1874, his cousin,
Caroline Matilda Georgiana, only child and heir of Gen. Ed-
mund Roche, 3rd Hussars, of Ballymonis, Cork (sec Bukke's
J'tcrage, Fermot, B.), and has issue,
I. Walter Josei'h de Rupe, now of Aghada Hall.
i:. Noel F.dnnind OsLiert, b. 10 Dee. ISTy.

III. Edward Hillyar Roche, b. l.i Nov. lS7f».

IV. Arthur Charles Austen, b. 17 Nov. Ib82.
I. Violet Caroliiie Josephnie.

Lieut.-Col. Thackwell d. 16 Dec. 1SS6, and was s. by his eldest

Anns — Quarterly: 1st and 4th paly of six or and gu., a
maunch arg., semee of fleur-de-lis az., for Thackwell ; 2nd and
3rd per pale az. and gu., a cross engrailed erminois; in the
1st and 4th quarters, a water bougct arg., for Cam. Crests —
1st, Out of a mural crown arg. a dexter hand cmbowed, vested
in the uniform of the loih King's Hussars, from the wrist
pendent by a riband gu., timbriated az., a representation of
the silver medal for Waterloo, the hand grasping and in the
attitude of striking with a sword ppr., pommel and hilt or,
between two branches of laurel, issiiunt in like manner from
the mural crown, also ppr., and above, on an escrol, the motto
" F'rappe fort" (this crest, having been specially granted
to Sir Joseph Thackwell for his military services, is limited to
his descendants) ; 2nd, Within a chaplet of oak ppr., a dragon's
head erased, paly of six or and gu., the neck transpierced by
an arrow, barbed and flighted, also ppr. Motto — Mihi solicitiulo

Seats — Aghada Hall, Rostcllan, co. Cork, and Coneragh, near
Youghal, CO. Waterford.


GE>"T-Tn.\RP, William Mont.^gu, Esq. of Chip-
penliam Park, co. Cambridge, J. P. and D.L. co.
Cambridge and J. P. Suffolk, late Capt. U2iul Ecgt.,
h. 17 July, 1837 ; m. 7 July, 18G8, Annabella Lucy,
dau. of iirthur Lyttletou Annesley, Esq. late of
Arley Castle, co. Stafford. lie assumed by royal
licence, 16 1861, tlie additional surname of
G£>'T, in pursuance of the will of liis maternal
uncle, George William Gent, Esq. of Moyns Park,

Lineag-e.— John Thorp, a General in the army, was re-
warded by Oliver Cromwell with a grant of the Hope estate
in Jamaica, where he settled 1005. He changed his name to
Tharp. He was father of

John Tharp, of Hanover, Jamaica, 6. 1671; m. Sarah, dau.
of Robert Knowles, and by her had issue, i. William, of
Hanover, m. Ann, dau. of Richard Haughton, and had issue ;
II. Joseph, of whom we treat; in. John, of Green Pond,
Jamaica, m. Ann, dau. of John Harding, and d. 116b, leaving
issue; i. Catherine, m. Philip Haughton, Esq.; ii. Rebecca,
7». Edward Chambers, Esq.; iii. Anne, 9ft. William Grissels,
Esq. ; IV. Mary, ik. Michael Petgrave, Esq. The 2nd son,

Joseph Tharp, Esq. of Hanover, }«. Margaret Frost, of
Westmorland, Jamaica, andd. 1744, having had issue, i. John,
of whom presently; i. Sarah, 7?!.. George Brissett, Esq. of
Hanover ; ii. Rebecca, m. Alexander Campbell, Esq. of
Glasgow. The son,

John- Tharp, Esq. of Good Hope, Jamaica, living 1776, and
of Chippenham Park, co. Cambiidge, m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Thomas Partridge, Esq., and eventually co-heir to her brother,
Thomas Partridge, Esq. of St. James's, Jamaica, and d. 1804,
having had issue,

I. Joseph, b. U June, 1706, Capt. 1st Life Guards, m. 1788,
Lady Susan Murray, dau. of Jolin, 4th Earl of Dunmore,
and had issue, Jidm, b. ll'Ji, m. 1815, Lady Hannah Hay,
dau. of George, 7ta Marquis of Twecddale, and d. '<i6 Jan.

II. John, d. young.

ifi. John, of whom presently.

IV.. Thomas Partridge, b. 12 Aug. 1772.

v. William, b. 31 DiC. 1778, deceased.

I. Elizabeth, to. John Phillipson, Esq. of Herringswell,
Suffolk, and left Issue.
The 3rd son,

John Tharp, Esq. of Chippenham Park, co. Cambridge,
Capt. in the Horse Guards Blue, b. 8 Nov. 1769; m. 6 Oct.
1790, Anna Maria, dau. of Col. Ch.arles Phillips, of Ruxley
Lodge, Surrey, and by her (who d. 16 Dec. 1840) had issue,

I. Joseph Sidney, his heir.

II. John Partridge, b. 1799 ; d unm.

VI. Augustus James (Rev.), Vicar of Chippenham and
Rector of Snailwell, b. 1805; vi. 22 Dec. 1840, Juliet,
dau. of Rev. John Bond, Rector of Freston, Suffolk, and had

1 Theodore Augustus, 6. 27 Jan. 1844; m. 1872, Margaret
Amabel, 3rd dau. of Peter Spence, Esq. of Erlingtoa
House, 00. Lancaster, and has issue.

2 Henry Albert Frank, 6. 29 Nov. 1845 ; tZ. young.

3 Arthur Keene, b. 15 Sept. 1848.

1 Emily Matilda, vi. T. C. Priekard, of Ddrew, co. Rad-

2 Juliet Louisa. 3 Agnes Laura.

IV. George William, of Warren Cottage, near Newmarket, co.
Cambridge, b. 1814; d. 2:5 March, lss4.

I. Caroline Eliza, m. 1828, Samuel Yate Benyon, Esq. of Ash
Hall, Shropshire, and by him (who d. 22 May, 1864) had 1
Ashton-Yate, Lieut. 62nd Regt., d. 1856 ; 2 Augustus Wil-
liam, b. 1841 : 1 Emily Georgiana Elise, m. Sir Robert Pigot,
4th Bart, of PatshuU ; 2 Louisa Caroline Lydia. m. 13 April,
1847; Edward Arthur Wellington, 2nd Lord Keane; 3
Leila-Caroline, d. 18s3.

II. Anna Jlaria, m. July, 1832, Alfred Spooner Lillingston,
Esq. of Southwokl, Suffolk, and d. s. p. 17 June. 1804.

III. Ellen Louisa, m. 10 July, 1833, John William Finch
Noyes, Esq. of Titchticld House, co. Southampton, and d.

He d. 1 April, 1851, and was s. by his eldest son,

Joseph Sidney Thabp, Esq. of Chippenham Park, J. P. and
D.L., formerly in the Coldstream Guards, b. 28 Aug. 1797;
m. 1st, 15 Dec. 1826, Anna Maria, only dau. of Major-Gen.
William Gent, of Moyns Park, Essex, and by her (who d. 15
Nov. 1845) had issue,

I. John Manners Gordon, Major West Essex Militia, b.
28 Oct. 1826; d. 21 April, 1875.

II. Frederick Sidney Gould, 6. 13 Sept. 1832; d. 9 Feb.

III. William Montago, his heir.

I. Georgina Eliza, «». 26 Nov. 1860, Rev. Alfred Bond,

Rector of F'reston, Suffolk, and has issue.
Mr. Tharp m. 2ndly, 11 Nov. 1852, Laura Trollope, dau. of
John, 1st Lord Kesteven, which lady d. 19 Jan. 1877. He d.
i March, 1875, and was s. by his only surviving son, William
Montaqc Gent-Tharp, Esq., now of Chippenham.

Arms— Arg., a fcsse az. fretty or, in chief a lion rampant gu.,
ducally crowned of the third, between two fieurs-de-lis of the
second, in base an anchor and two sugar-canes ppr. Crest —
" Hope," represented by a demi-woman, habited or, mantle
purp., flowing over left shoulder, in her right hand an anchor
ppr. resting upon the wreath. Motto — In spe spiro.

Seat — Chippenham Park, Newmarket.

fiuts— Carlton ; and Army and Navy.

liesideHce—21, Lennox Gardens, S.W.


Thellusson, Peter, Esq. of Brodsworth Hall,
CO. York, J.P. for West Hiding of York, b. 19 Dec.
1850 ; m. 25 Oct. 1883, Elizabeth St. Clair, dau. of
John St. Clair MacDougall, Esq. of Coldstream,
N.B., s. his father 1885.

Lineage. — Charles Thelldsson, Esq., M.P. for Evesham,
3rd son of Peter Thellusson, Esq. (whose will was the subject
of the celebrated Thellusson case), and younger brother of the
1st Baron Rendleshain, m. 15 Jan. 1795, Sabine, eldest dau. of
Abraham Kobarts, Esq., and d. 2 Nov. 1815, leaving issue,
Charles, of whom presently.

Thomas Itobarts, b. June, 1801 ; m. 17 Aug. 1822, Maria,
dau. of Sir Francis Workman Macnaghten, Bart., and d. 29
March, 1809, having by her (who d. 23 Jan. 1881) had
issue, Sabine Matilda, ra. 21 Aug. 1862, Richard Greville,
Esq. of Milfiud, and La;tilia Maria, m. 25 April, 1872,
Lieut.-Gen. Sir Dighton M. Probyn, K.C.B., K.C S.I., V.C.
Adeline, d. unm.
The elder son,

Charles Thellusson, Esq., 6. 31 Jan. 1797; m. 19 Oct.
1820, .Mary, youngest dau. of George Grant, Esq. of lugolds-





thorpe Hall, Xorfolk, and by her (who d. 27 Feb. 1884) had

I. Charles Sabine Augustus, of Brodsworth Hall.

II. Alexander Dalton, Lieut.-Col. 72nd Regt. (rciireil). Knight
of the Legion of Honour and Medjidie (Fifth Class), b. 8
March, 1824.

III. Frederick George, late 29th Bengal N.I., 6. I April,
1825; TO. 11 Aug. 1853, Anne, youngest dau. of William
Whitter, Esq. of Worthing, J.P, and D.L. Sussex, and lias

1 Frederick William, 6. 2 Oct. 1854; m. 22 Dec. 1892,
Gabrielle, 2nd dau. of Dr, de Man, of Brussels, and has
issue, a son.

2 Alexander Blake, h. 10 Feb. 1858 ; d. 14 May, 1873.

3 Percy Sabine Munro, b. 1 Feb. 1861 ; yi. 9 Dec. 1891,
Georgina Elizabeth, dau. of Major Edwards, of Ballyhire,
CO. Wexford, and has issue, William Dudley Keith, b.
Feb. 1893.

rv. Seymour Stuart, b. 1827 ; d. unm. 7 May, 1868.
V. Ernest, of Mount Auklyn, Isle of Man, J.P. tor Devon,
6. 17 Jan. 1830; to. 2 March, 18.^2, Emily, only dau. of
Alfred Kobinson, Esq. of London, and </. 16 June. 1893,
leaving by her (who d. Jan. 1894) issue, Ernest Charles
(liev.), 6. 11 May, 1858, to. 18 April, 1882, Florence, dau.
of Kev. S. W. ^aunders, and has issue; Mary, ra. Sept.
1882. Charles H. Morton, Esq. of The Grange, Southport ;
and Laura Adeline, to. 20 Aug. 1874, James Montagu, Esq.
of Elm, Isle of Ely, brother of A. Montagu, Esq. of Melton
Park, Yorkshire.

Mr. Thellusson d. 5 Feb. 1856. His eldest son,

Chables Sabine Augustus Thellusson, Esq. of Brodsworth

Hall, D.L., High Sheriff 1866, Capt. 12th Lancers, h. 5 March,

1822; TO. 23 March, 1850, Georgiana, dau. of William Theobald,

Esq. of Stockwell, Surrey, and had issue,

I. Peter, now of Brodsworth Hall.

II. Herbert, late 8th Hussars, b. 16 July, 1854; in. 10 Sept.
18Sft, Sarah, widow of B. 0. Dovar Greenhill, Esq. of
Puritan Manor, co. Somerset.

III. Charles, 6. 20 July, 1860; m. 15 June, 188-i, Constance
Mary, dau. of Rev. Canon Gilbert H. Pliillips, M.A.,
Eector of Bolton Percy, co. York, and Canon of York Cathe-

IV. Augustus, 6. 4 Aug. 1862.

I. Aline, d. unm. 31 May, IbSO.

II. Constance, m. 12 June, la83, Horace, son of D. F. Grant-
Dalton, Esq. of Shanks House, Wincanton, and c^. 1893,
leaving Charles and Stuart.

Mr. Thellusson d. 12 March, 1885, and was s. by bis eldest son,
the present Peter Thellusson, Esq. of Brodsworth Hall.

Arma — Quarterly, wavy or and arg., in the Ist and 4th
quarters, two wings expanded barwise sa., each charged with a
trefoil slipped of the first ; in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, an oak-
tree eradicated ppr., charged with an escutcheon bendwise gu.,
thereon three guttes d'eau. CreH—A. demi-greyhound salient
arg., collared sa., between two wings of the last, each charged
■«-ith a trefoil slipped or. Motto — Lahore et honore.

Sxit — Brodsworth Hall, Doncaster.

Out— White's.


Thicknesse, Right Rev. Feancis Henry, D.D.,
Bishop Suffragan of Leicester, of Eeech HiJl, co.
Lancaster, Archdeacon of Northampton, Canon
Eesidentiary of Peterborough Cathedral, h. 14 May,
1829, 2nd son of Rev. William Edward Coldwell,
Prebendary of Lichfield, and Eector of Stafford,
by Mary his wife, dau. of E. Norman, Esq. of
Mistley, Essex, assumed by royal licence, dated 29
March, 1859, the surname and arms of Thicknesse
only, in consequence of his marriage. He m. 1st,
3 July, 1855, Anne, only surviving child and heir
of Ralph Anthony Thicknesse, Esq. of Eeech Hill,
M.P. for Wigan, and by her (who d. 1886) has

I. Kalph Thickn-esse, Barrister-at-Law, 6. 25 Sept. 1856.

II. Francis Norman, 6. 9 Aug. 1858.

III. Philip Coldwell, 6. 28 Jan. I860.

IV. Eaymond Edward, 6. 17 Oct. 1867.

V. John Audley, b. 8 Nov. 1869.
1. Frances .\nnette Eleanor.

u. Katharine Mary Isabel.

The Bishop m. 2ndly, 1888, Agnes Beatrice, 4th
dau. of Very Rev. Marsham Argles, D.D., Dean of

Lineag'e. — Tliis family, which settled in later times both
ia Cheshire and Lancashire, is one of great antiquity.

TtonERT Thicknes, Lord of Balterley, co. Stafford, anno
2 Edward I., a.d. 1274, m. Amicia, dau. of Hugo de Betk-y, by
whom (who m. 2ndly, Thomas de Crew, ancestor of

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