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es, in a direct descent, from
Elytan Glodrydd, Prince of Eferllys, a^'d has been seated at
Llwyn Madoc for several centuries. Tue great-grandfather of
the late representative,

Evan Thomas, Esq. of Llwyn Madoc, m. 1st, Miss Walters,

of Clyn, CO. Radnor, and 2ndly, Miss Jones, of Crcbarth, co.
Brecon, and by the former only It-ft issue, two sons, Henuy
his heir, and Thomas, who d. s. p. The loruier,

Henry Thomas, Esq. of Llwyn Madoc, iii. Martha, dau. of
Morgan Gwynne, Esq. of Brynairon, a younger branch of the
GwYNNES of Monachti/, co. Cardigan, and by her had (with
two daus., Mary and Jane, both d. unta.) a son and heir,

Evan Thomas, Esq. of Llwyn Madoc, and of Sully, co.
Glamorgan, m. 13 March, 1807, Alicia, eldest dau. of Charles
Ranken, Esq., formerly of Richmond Lodge, Belfast, by Mary
his wife, dau. of Rev. Moses Grant, Rector of Nolton, co. Pem-
broke, and by her had issue,

I. Henry, his heir.

II. Charles Evan Thomas, of Gnoll, co. Glamorgan, J. P. for
ccs. Glamorgan, Brecon, and Itaduoi-, D.L. co. Glamorgan,
High Sheritl' co. Brecon 1885, M.A., 15arrister-at-Law, b.
7 June, 1817; assumed the additional surname of Evan
1880; TO. 1849, Cara, eldest dau. of Henry Shepherd
Pearson, Esq., and has surviving issue,

1 Algernon, Comm. R.N. , 6. 15 Nov. 1852; ni. 1585, Lilian,
dau. of Capt. Henry Lee, R. M.L.I.

2 Edmund Lyons, 6. 3 Aug. 1856 ; to. Lillian, dau. of
J. Alcrs Ilankcy, Esq.

3 Llewellyn, b. 6 Sept. 1852 ; ra. Mary Dulcie, dau. of the
late Thomas William Booker, Esq. of Villendra, co. Gla-

4 Owen Grant, 6. 25 March, 1861.

5 Hugh, Lieut. R.N., b. 27 Oct. 1862.

6 Charles Henry, b. 1866.

1 Catharine Alicia, m. the Rev. John Neale Dalton, Canon
of Windsor.
• 2 Cara Mary, to. Cecil Blair Sparrow, Esq.

I. Mary, d. umn. 26 Oct. 1833.

II. Alicia, m. Robert Oliver Jones, Esq. of Fonmon Castle,
CO. Glamorgan, and d. 1 Apiil, 1851, leaving issue.

III. Clara Jane, d. 18 Oct. 1844.

IV. Elizabeth, ((. 12 Feb. 1826.

V. Anna, ?». John Coke Fowler, Esq., and has issue.

VI. Emily Martha, rf. unm.

Mr. Thomas d. i July, 1832, and was s. by his eldest son,

Henry Thomas, Esq. of Ll-^-»3 Jladoc and Pencerrig, J. P.
and D.I-., and Chairman of Quarter Sessions of Glamorgan,
b. 16 Jan. 1808; m. 10 Sept. 1835, Clara, only surviving child
of Thomas Thomas, Esq. of Llanbradach, co. Glamorgan, and
Pencerrig, co. Radnor (see preceding Memoir), and by her
(who d. 1877) had issue,

I. Evan Llewellyn, his heir.

I. Clara, now of Llwyn Madoc and Pencerrig.
Mr. Thomas d. 24 Dec. 1863, and was s. by his only son,

Evan Llewellyn Thomas, Esq. of Llwyn Madoc, Pencerrig,
and Llanbradach, J. P. and D.L., 6. 27 F'eb. 1839; (/. unm.
23 Feb. 1864, when he was s. by his only sister, Clara Thomas,
now of Llwyn Madoc.

Armi — Arg., on a chevron engrailed az., two griffins rencon-
trant combatant of the field, gorged with two bars gu., on a
chief of the second three cinquefoils pierced or. Crest — Out of
a ducal coronet or, a demi-seahorse salient sa., maned or.

Seati—hlyi^n Madoc, co. Brecon, aud Pencerrig, co. Paidnor.


Thomas, Edward Thomas, Esq. of "Welfield, co.
Radnor, J.P. and D.L. for that co., J. P. co. Brecon,
B.A., h. 8 Oct. 1839 ; m. 7 April, 1869, Caroline
Louisa, eldest dau. of Charles W. Greenly, Esq. of
Titley Court, co. Hereford, and has issue.

Lineage. — This family claims to be a younger branch of
the ancient family of Thomas of Llywn Madoc, co. Brecon,
descended from one of the younger lines of the House of Elys-
tan Glodrydd, Prince of F'ferllys.

Edward Thomas,* Esq., in. Catherine Davis, of Sarn-y-Gyfin,
CO. Carmarthen, and by her had two sons, Edward, of whom
presently, and David, J.P. and D.L. for cos. Brecon and
Radnor, who filled for many years the office of Deputy-Pay-
master of the Forces, and was Esquire to Lord Keith, K.B.
The elder son,

Edward Thomas, Esq., J.P. for co. Brecon, m. Ist, Letitia
Price, of Mais-y-ron, and 2ndly, Anne, dau. of Peter Jones,
Esq. of Degoedy, co. Carmarthen, and by the latter left at his
decease, Jan. 1808, a dau. Anne, m. D. Pritchurd, Esq., J.P.
for CO. Brecon, and a son,

David Thomas, Esq., J.P. and D.L. for cos. Brecon and
Radnor, who inherited from his uncle, David, the mansion of

* Mr. Edward Thomas's sister, Mary, m. Evan Lloyd, Esq.
of Cwmemlieu, co. Radnor, father of tlie late Gen. hii' Evan
Lloyd, Col. of 7th Diaguon Guards.





•felfield, with estates in Eadnorsliire, and served as High
Sheriff for that CO. 1829. He?)i. Apiil, 1807, Catluriiie, eldesi
dau. of William Jones, Esq. of Ystrad Walter, co. Cai maithen,
and had issue,

I. Edward David, late representative.

II. David, of Henllys, co. Caniiarllien, J.P., 6. 1809; m.
1 Jan. 1839, Julia Sophia, 2ud dau. of Thomas Batt, Esq.
of Brecon, which lady rf. 10 Nov. 1854, leaving issue, twelve

in. William Jones (Rev.), of Llanthomas, co. Brecon, J. P.
COS. Hereford, Brecon, and Radnor, Vicar of Lhmigon, co.
Brecon, M.A., b. 4 Dec. 1811; to. 22 Jan. Issy, .'\nne
Elizabeth, only child of the Rev. John Jones, M.A. of
Hereford (by Ann his wife, dau. of Edmund Pater.'shall,
Esq. of Allensmore, co. Hereford), and by her (who d. 17
June, 1884) had issue,

1 William Jones, of Llanthomas, co. Brecon, h. 12 Dec.
1839, A.D.C. to the Queen, Col. 3rd Batt. South Wales
Borderers, late Capt. 2nd Dragoon Guards, J. 1'. and D.L.
for Brecon and Radnor.

2 John David Cove, b, 23 July, 1841, late Capt. and Adju-
tant 22nd Regt.

3 Henry Evan Pateshall, 6. 17 May, 1842, Lieut.-Col.
Commanding East Yorkshire Regt.

4 Edward Lechmere, 6. 2 March, 1845, a coffee planter in
Ceylon, d. Sept. 1878.

5 Nicholas Charles Scudamore, b. 27 Oct. 1850, Commoner
of Trin. Coll. Cambridge, d. s. p.

6 Walter Sandys, 6. 10 Nov. 1853.

1 Mary Elizabeth, J., unm.

2 Grace Catharine Anne.

3 Charlotte Alice. 4 Edith Burnam.
5 Frances Eleanor Jane.

nr. Evan Pateshall, of Allensmore, M.P. for city of Hereford,
b. 24 Dec. 1816; m. May, 1842, Anne Elizabeth, only child
of William Pateshall, Esq. of Hereford, and assumed the
surname of Pateshall. He d. 1885.

I. Catherine, 7)1 . Aug. 1843, Rev. Essex Holcombe, son of
Rev. J. Holcombe, of Cocheston, co. Pembroke.

II. Anne, m. June, 1841, John Jones, Esq., Blaenos, M.P.
CO. Carmarthen, Barrister-at-Law. She d. 22 Sept. 1844.

III. Mary Alicia, m. 8 Oct. 1845, Hugh Powell Price u'ow
Powel) Esq. of Castle Madoc, co. Brecon, and d. 31 Jan.
1830, leaving one son, Hugh Penry, m. 13 Feb. 1884,
Margaret Grizel, youngest dau. of Basil Cochrane, Esq. and
granddau. of Capt. the Hon. Archibald Cochrane, Esq. and
Mr. Hugh Price Powel, m. 2ndly, 9 June, 1881, Selina, 2nd
dau. of Thomas Frewen, Esq. of Brickwall, Sussex, and
widow of Charles Vickers, Esq, of Wormstall, Berks.

Mr. Thomas d. 23 Jan. 1830, and his wife 14 Slarch, 1841. His
eldest son,

Edward David Thomas, Esq. of Welfield, co. Eadnor,
M.A., J. P. and D.L. for the cos. Brecon and Radnor, High
Sheriff 184.3,6. 1 March, 18C8; m. 12 Sept. 1837, Arabeha
Emma, 2nd dau. and co-heir of John Samuel Gowland, Esq.
of Cagebrook, co. Hereford, by Amelia Ann his wife, only
child of Francis Tomkyns Price, Esq., and by her (who a. 3
Nov. 1877) had issue,

I. Edward Thomas, now of Welfield.

u. Evan Aubrey, Lieut.-Col. late 7th Dragoon Guards, 6. 31
Jan. 1845; to. 21 Dec. 1882, Constance Ida, only dau. of
John Eocke, Esq. of Clungunford House, co. Salop, which
lady d. 4 April, 1884, leaving issue.

in. Francis Gowland, b. 13 March, 1848.

I. Arabella Katherine Alicia, d. 13 Feb. 1858.

II. AmeUa Anne Mary. lu. Eosamira Annabette.

Mr. E. D. Thomas d. 23 March, 1893.

Arms — Per pale arg. and gu., on a chevron engrailed
two grifBns passant combatant counterchanged, a chief wavy
az. charged with three cinquetoils arg. Crest — Out of a mural
crown arg., a demi-seahorse gu., crined or, charged on the
shoulder with a cinquefoil arg., and in the paws an anchor
erect sa. resting on the mural crown. Motto~-l Dduw b'or

iSeat— Welfleld, Builth, co. Brecon.

Urooklands (wliorf. ?3 Dec. 1869), by Susan Nunn,
his wife (who d, 26 Dec. 1881). He has one
sister, Edith Emma, who m. George Williamson
Daniell, Esq., and has issue, four sons and three
Seat — Brooklands, Landford, Salisbury.


Thomas, George Nunn, Esq. of Brooklands,
Wilts, late Lieut. 2ud Batt. Duke of Cornwall's
Light Infantry, b. 12 March, 1846 ; m. 19 Nov.
1867, Louisa Frances, 5th dau. of Sherring Keddle,
Esq. of Hatchlands, co. Dorset, and has had

I. George Aubrey Edwin, b. 20 May, 1871 ; d. 1 May, 1877.

II. Edward Alexander, R.N., b. 29 Nov. 1873.

III. Arthur Francis, b. 18 Jan. 1876.

IV. Charles Samuel Williamson, b. 1 Feb. 1877.
I. Lilian Louisa Margaret.

Mr. Thomas is only son of Henry Thomas, Esq. of


Hughes, Llotd Waeren George, Esq. of
Coedhelen, co. Carnarvon, b. 17 Aug. 1846 ; s. his
brother 1893.

Lineage. — This ancient line, which has, from remote
antiquity, enjoyed an honourable rank among the aristocracy
of the northern Principality, inherits paternal lineage with
its ancestral domain from Llywarch ap Bran, Lord of the
Commot of Menai, in Anglesey, who flourished in the 12th

David Llotd ap ncGH, Gent, of Porthaml, party to a deed
dated 18 Nov., 38 Henry VIII. (1541), whose will, dated 11
March, 1574, was proved at Bangor, 2d April, in the same
year. His wife was Agnea, dau. of John Owen, gent, of
Llanfacthly, co. Anglesey, ancestor of the Owens of Bodsilin,
and subsequently of Clenenneu, co. Carnarvon, and Porking-
ton, CO. Salop, younger brother of Owen ap Meiric, of Bodeon,
ancestor of the Owens of Orielton and of Bodeon, Barts. By
this lady, who was executrix of her husband's will, David
Lloyd ap Hugh had an eldest son.

High Hughes, Esq. of Porthaml, the first who assumed
the family surname. He rebuilt 1569, the family residence,
which, from the colour of the stone, acquired the name of
Plas Cuch (Red Hall), which has been since substituted for
that of Porthaml Issa. This gentleman, who was High
Sheriff for Anglesey, 1581, 1592, and 1600, and represented
that county in the Parliament assembled at Westminster 9
Elizabeth, was a bencher of Lincoln's Inn, Attorney-General
to Queen Elizabeth for North Wales, and was appointed by
James I. Lord Chief Justice for Ireland, but d. in London
before he proceeded to that country. He tii. Elizabeth, dau.
and co-heir of Simon Montagu, Esq., brother of Edward,
Lord Montagu, of Boughton, and of Henry, Earl of Man-
chester, and by her (who in. 2ndly, Rev. Robert White, D.D.,.
Prebendary of Worcester) left a son and heir,

Roger Hughes, Esq. of Plas C6ch, Barrister-at-Law (whose
will, dated 29 May, 1646, was proved 1 May, 1650). He m.
Winifred, dau. of David Owen, of Llandegfair, and had a son
and successor,

Hugh Hughes, Esq., of Plas C6ch, living 1645, father, by
Jane, his wife, dau. of Owen Wynne, Esq. of Glascoed, of a
son and heir,

Roger Hughes, Esq. of Plas C6ch, High Sheriff 1685, who
))i. 1677, Margaret, dau. and heir of Henry Jones, Esq. of
Plas-yn-Llangoed, and had issue, i. Hugh; ii. Henry; in.
Roger; iv. David; v. Owen; vi. Robert, B. A., who jn. Jane,
dau. of James Kelsall, Esq. of Bradshaw Hall, Cheshire, and
d. in 1756, leaving issue, 1 Eobert, who m. 1761, Emma, dau.
of William Jones, Esq., of Penheskin, Ucha (he d. without
issue; she m. 2ndly, Col. Peacock) ; 2 William, heir to his
uncle; 1 Margaret, who m. Robert Bulkeley, Esq. of Gronant,
Anglesey; vii. John; vin. William; i. Margaret, 5«. John
Hughes; ii. Jane, who m. 1st, Owen WiUiams, and 2ndly,
Hugh Lewis; iii. Dulcibella, who to. Samuel Weigh. Mr.
Hughes d. in 1716, and was s. by his son,

Hugh Hughes, Esq. of Plas C6ch, High Sheriff 1719, wha
m. 1718, Emma, dau. of William Griffith, Esq.of CarrigUwyd,
but dying s. p. 1765, was s. by his nephew,

William Hughes, Esq. of Plas C6ch and Plas-yn-Llangoed,
who m. Anna, dau. and heir of Fortunatus Wright, of Liver-
pool, Merchant, by Mary his wife, dau. and heir of William
Bulkeley, Esq. of Brynddu, co. Anglesey, a branch of the
ennobled house of Bulkeley, through whom the house of
I'las Coch inherits the blood of the Plantagenets. By this,
lady Mr. Hughes had issue,

I. William Bulkeley (Sir), Knt., his heir.

II. Hugh Robert, in Holy Orders, d. unm. 1804.

III. Robert (see Hughes of Plas-yn-Llangoed).

IV. John, d. uiivi.

I. Mary, d. unm. 1826.

II. Anne, to. Richard Jones, Esq., and d. s. p. 1833.

III. Jane, m. Geurge Martin, Esq. of Stockport, and d. 1833,
leaving a son, George Henry, and a dau. Jane.

IV. Margaret, m. Capt. M'Uonald, of Edinburgh, and left a
dau. Margaret Hughes, m. Capt. Cuppage.





llr. Hughes was .«. by his eWest son,

Sir William Bclkelet IU-ghfs, Knt. of Plfts C6ch, 6. 7.
Dec, 1766, who m. 2 July, 17112, Elizabeth, ind dau. .ind co-
heir of Rice Thomas, Esq. of Coedhelen, co. Carnarvon, and
ty her (who d. 183b>) had issue.

I. AViLLiAM BuLKELKT, of Phis C6ch and BrynddA, J. P. cos.
Anirlesoy and Carnarvon, and D.L. of the latter co., M.P.
for the Carnarvon District of Boroughs from 26 July, 1837
to June, 1859. 6. 26 July, 1797; ,ii. 1st, 19 April, 1*25,
Elizabeth, widow of Harry Wormald, Esq. of Woodhouse
House, CO. York, dau. and heir of Jonathan Nettleship, Esq.
of Mattersey Abbey, co. Nottingham, and 2ndly, Elizabetli,
dau. of William Donkin, of Kothbury, co. Northumberland,
and ('. 1SS2.

II. UicE KoBERT (Rev.), of whom her(>after.

III. Robert George, Major-Gen. of Llynon, Holyhead, of the
52nd Foot, 111. 5 AufT. 1830, Hannah, 2nd dau. of John Jor-
dan, Esq. of Shrewsbury, and has issue,

1 George William Bulkcley, Capt. 52nd Foot, J. P., b. 16
May, 1835 ; ),(. 10 Nov. 1864, Millicenl Georgiana Montagu,
dau. of Conway Kicliard Dobbs, Esq. of Castle Dobbs, co.
-Antriui, and d. 12 Oct. 1877, leaving,

Robert William Bulkeley, b. 2 Sept. 1865.

Kice George, b. 2 Mav, 1865 ; d. 1892.

Lloyd Edward, b. 9 Nov. 1870.

Roger Ivan, 6. 15 Oct. 1874.

Millicent Helen.

Olivia, m. 1893, W. Dugald Stuart, Esq. «

Louisa Maria Trevor. '

Nichola Charlotte Montagu.

2 Goodman, d. in infancy.

1 Sarah Elizabeth, m. John Bax-Ironside, Esq., C.B., of
Houghton-le-Spring, co. Durham.

2 Helen, d. unm. 1855.

S 3Iaria, m. 25 April, 1878, Rev. Daniel Morgan.
rv. Thomas, d. young.

I. Slargaret, d. unm.

II. Elizabeth, m. 1817, Pierce-Wynne Yorke,Esq. of DyfTryn-
Aled, CO. Denbigh.

HI. Mary, 771. 1821, Osgood Gee, jun., Esq. of Earl's Colne
House, CO. Essex.

IV. Ellen Catherine.

V. Sidney Jane, m. Frederick Charlton Marsden, Major 29th
Bengal N.I.

Sir William d. 28 Nov. 1836. His 2nd son.

Rev. Rice Robert Hughes, Rector of Newborougli, and
Vicar ef Llanidan, co. Anglesey, M.A, Jesus Coll. Oxford,
b. 19 March, 1800: m. 5 Dec. 1S38, Charlotte, 2nd dau.
of Very Rev. John Warren, Dean of Bangor, and d. 1850,
leaving issue.

I. Rice William, late of Coedhelen.

II. Llotd Wabren George, now of Coedhelen.
HI. Trevor Charles, 6. 1 Oct. 1848.

Rice William Thomas, Esq. of Coedhelen, co. Carnarvon,
J.P., High Sheriff 1869, 6. 1 Nov. 1841; s. to Coedhelen,
and assumed thereupon the surname and arms of Thomas,
and d. !. i). 1893.

/Seat— Coedhelen, Carnarvon.


ThomaSjWilliam Hugh, of Trevor, co. Anglesey,
Lieut.-Col., J.P. and D.L., Chief Constable of
Anglesey, formerly in tlie 33rd (Duke of Welling-
ton's) Regt,, in -which he served during the Indian
Mutiny, afterwards a Capt. in the 49th Eegt., and
on retirement on half-pay was made Lieut.-Col.
Commanding Eoyal Anglesey Engineer Militia,
from which he retired in 1877, with permission to
retain his rank and wear the uniform of the regi-
ment, b. at Trevor in 1833, educated at The Friars,
Bangor, and Jesus Coll. Camb.

Liineag-e. — William ap Thomas and Ellin Prichard his
wife were succeeded in 1692 by

Richard ap William, who in. Grace Hughes, of Tyddynod,
and had issue (styled Prichards, according to the custom of that
day), viz.,

I. Thomas Peichard, to. Pcria, dan. of Owen Parry, of
Pendre, in Anglesey. These Parrys were the same stock as
the Parrys of Madryn.

II. Hugh, d. unm.

III. William, -((!. L/€ttice, dan. of Henrj- Owen, of Sybyltir.

I. Elizabeth, m. John PaiTy, also of the Pendre family.

II. Anne, m. John Davies, of Llancilian, and their only
child, Catherine, was sole heir of the Trecastell property,
and hi. Riuhard Owen, Esq. of Sybyltir.

■-The eldest son,

Thomas Prichard, who m. Peria Parry, of Pendre, had issue.

a dau. Margaret, ra. Evan Lloyd, Esq. of Maesyperth, High
ShcriCf for Anglesey in 1793, and had a son,

Hugh Thomas, Esq., w. Margaret, dau. and heir of David
Hughes, l';sq. of Gwernor, and Tyn-y-Wenglodil, co. Carnar-
von. [By an indenture made 20 Charles I., Gwernor was left
by David ap Evan and Richard ap David to Owen ap Richard;
and later, 35 Charles II., by Owen ap Richard to Richard ap
John and Guynor his wife, and they had issue, Richard
Hughes, m. Jane, sole heir of Tyn-y-Wcnglodd. She was of
the family of Glyn of Nanttlla, and tlirough them a lineal
descendant of Cilmyn Droed Ddu, founder of the fourth of the
Royal Welsh tribes, and their granddau. m. as above, Hugh
Thomas, of Trevor ; her great uncle was Vice-President of
Queen's Coll. Camb. in 1738, and was a considerable bene-
factor to his college, and to him there is a monument in the
college chapel]. Hugh Thomas and Margaret his wife had two
sons and two daus.,

I. Hugh, d. at Beaumaris, v,nm. in 1852, and left his Trevor
property to his eldest nephew, William Hugh, and his
Carnarvon estate to his younger nephew, Hugh.

II. William (Rev.), M.A., of St. John's Coll. Camb., Rector
of Llansadwrn, Anglesey, and Orlestone, Kent, J.P. for
Anglesey, m. Anne, dau. of Griffith Roberts, Esq. of Beau-
maris, and left issue,

William Hcgh, the present Col. Thomas, of Trevor.
Hugh, M.A., of Magdalen Coll. Camb., late Rector of
Llancilian, Anglesey.
Margaret Anne.

I. Elizabeth, m. J. Griffith Lewis, Esq. of Plas Llanddyfnan,
High Sheriff of Anglesey in 1787, and their eldest dau.
Mary, vi. 1st, Jones Panton, Esq. of Plas Gwyn, High
Sheriff of Anglesey in 1828 (their dau. Mary, m. the 2nd
Lord Vivian). Mrs. Jones Panton m. 2ndly, Sir Harry
Dent Goring, Bart, of Highden, Sussex.

II. Margaret, ra. Rowland Williams, Esq. of Beaumaris, and
had one son, who d. young.

Arms — Arg., an eagle with two heads, displayed sa. Crest —
An eagle with two heads. Motto— A Fynno Duw a Fydd.
Stat — Trevor, Beaumaris.


Thomson, John Edward, Esq. of Clonfin, co.
Longford, J.P., Higli Sheriff 1865, b. Jan. 1841 ;
m. 1861, Emily Grace, eldest dau. of Rev. John
James Fox, of Xinawley, co. Fermanagh (by Har-
riett Louisa his wife, dau. of Rev. Charles Cobbe
Beresford, of Teruion, co. Tyrone), and has had

I. John Frederick Wenslet, b. 1862.

ir. Frederick Thomas Edward, b. April, 1864.

in. Beresford Osborne, b. Aug. 1865.

IV. Guy Robert Maxwell, b. 1867.

v. Francis St. John, b. March and c?. Sept. 1868.

VI. Richard Hercules, b. 1871.

I. Harriette Catherine.

liineage.— The first of this family who settled in Ireland
was Capt. William Thompson, b. 1655, who accompanied
King William III. to that country in 1G88. The king gave
him an estate from some of the confifoated lands at that time,
where he settled and married. His son, Peter Thompson,
was father of

William Thompson, Esq. of Clonfin, co. Longford, m. Miss
IMetge, of Athlumney Castle, co. Meath, and had five sons and
five daus.,

I. Peter, his heir.

II. Arthur, in. Miss Goff, of co. Roscommon, «nd had a dau.
Mary, in. John Young, Esq. of Phihpstown, co. Meath.

III. Henry, d. unm.

IV. William, d. unm.

v. David, of Oatlands, co. Meath, b. 1738 ; m. Anne, 4th dau.
of George Hfgginbotham, Esq. of Larghy, co. Derry, by
Anne his wife, dun. of Robert Acheson, Esq., and d. circa
1816, leaving seven sons and three daus.,

1 William, 6. 1767 ; in. Anne Elizabeth, dau. of Rev.
Henry Wright, andd. 1851, leaving issue, David William,
m. Marj-, dau. of Rev. George Horan, and d. 1840, having
had issue (William, m. Jane, dau. of Henry Watson,
Esq. ; George ; Horan, in. Maria Theresa, dau. of Thomas
Thompson, Esq. of Springfield, co. Wicklow; Anne;
Elizabeth Emily : and Ellen Margaret, m. Jan. 1860,
Marcus Charles Magrath, Esq ); Henry; Martha, in.
James Haig, Esq., one of H.M.'s Judges in India ; Eliza-
beth, m. Henry Kyle, Esq., J.P., of Laurel Hill, Cole-
raine ; and Frances.

2 George, of Clonskeagh Castle, co. Dublin, b. 16 Aug.
1769 ; m. Ist, Eleanor, 2nd dau. of John Wade, Esq., and
by her had issue, David, rf. 1875 ; Thomas Higginbotham,
of Clonskeagh Castle, co. Dublin, and of Mayne, co.





Meath, J.P. cos. Galway and Dublin, 6. 1808, to. 1836,
Martha, dan. of Thomas Wallace, Esq., Q.C., M.P. for
Carlow, of Belticld, Donnybrook, co. Dublin, and d. 27
May, 1886, havini? issue (Robert Wade, B.A. Trin. Coll.
Dublin, Barrisler-at^Law, b. 1845, m. 1876, Edith
Isabella, dau. of lie v. William Jameson, and has issue,
Thomas Hamlet, William, and Martha Edith; Arthur
William, Major Dublin City Artillery; Kalherine, m.
Capt. Rowan ; Ellen ; Anne ; and Louisa) ; George Wil-
liam ; Anne Ulary, m. 1828, David Peter Tliomp.son, Esq. ;
and Louisa Elizabeth, m. Edmund fHoyd Cuppage, Esq.
of Charegrove, co. Dublin, and d. 1841. GeorgeThomp-
eon TO. 2ndly, Catherine, dau. of Gen. Robert Alexander,
of CO. Derry, and 3rdly, Jeanett, 4th dau. of William
Butler, Esq. of Drame, co. Kilkenny, by Hon. Caroline
Massy, 6th dau. of Hugh, 1st Lord Massy, and by her
had a son, Massy Wade, 6. 17 March, 1843. He d. May,
Z Robert Acheson, m. Hannah, dau. of John Griffith, Esq.,

and d. 14 May, 1860.
■4 David, b. 1774; to. Anne, dau. of Ffolliot Majjrath, Esq.
of CO. Kerry, and d. 1852, leaving issue, David ; Robei t,
d. 1862; Anne; and Ellen, m. Rev. George Irwin, and
d. 1848.

fi Peter, of Tralee, Treasurer of co. Kerry, b, 1775: m.

Oct. 1800, 'Anne (who d. 13 Aug. 1856), dau. of Thomas

Blennerhassett, Esq. of Annadale, co. Kerry, son of

Conway Blennerhassett, Esq., whose father, Conway

Blennerhassett, Esq., to. Elizabeth, dau. of Wentworth

Harman, Esq. of Bawne, co. Longford, by Mary his wife,

dau. of Garrett Wellesley, Esq. of Dangan, co. Meath,

great-grand-uncle of Arthur, 1st Duke of Wellington.

Peter Thompson purchased Lord Glandore's estate in

King's CO., and d. 3 Jan. 1850, leaving issue,

David Peter, of Stonestown and Park, King's co., J. P.,

b. 1803 ; TO. 2 Dec. 1838, his cousin, Anna Maria, eldest

dau. of George Thomson, Esq. of Clonskeagh Castle,

and d. 7 Jan. 1845, leaving issue, Peter Hamlet, of

Stonestown and Park, King's co., High Sheriff 1875,

J. P., TO. 28 Aug. 1873, Mary Anne, eldest dau. of John

W. Tarletun, Esq. of Killeigh, King's co., and d. 1883 :

George Irwin Thompson, an Officer 96th Regt., d. Jan.

1867 : Blennerhassett David, of Claremont, co. West-

mcath ; Ellen Wade, m. Jan. 1866, Lieut. -Col. Henry

A. Little, Bengal Staff Corps ; and Hannah Gerrard, m.

June, 1866, H. W. Cuppage, Esq., 49th Light Infantry,

and d. July, 1868.

Thomas Blennerhassett, 6. 1804 ; m. 1823, Meliora, dau.

of John Young, Esq. of Philpotstown, and d. 1S.53,

leaving a son, Peter Henry, Lieut. 88th Regt., d. 1854,

and a dau. Mary Anne, m. 5 Feb. 1856, William Rynd,

Esq. of Messina.


Henry, Capt. 74th Highlanders, d. unm.
Robert, of Sandville, co. Kerry, m. 1843, Christina
Frances, dau. of Francis Christopher Bland, Esq. of
Derryquin, co. Kerry, and has liad issue, Peter, b. 9
Aug. 1845, deceased; Robert Acheson, b. 5 Sept. 1848,
deceased; Edward Herbert Bland, b. 21 Nov. 1851,
deceased; William, 6. 18 Jan. 1854; Lucy Anne; and
Clara, m. 21 Sept. 1871, George Anthony, son of Wil-
liam Denny, Esq., J.P. and D.L., and d. ti Oct. 1873,
leaving a dau. Ethel.
Alice, d. young.

Alicia, TO. 1820, the Ven. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan,
Archdeacon of Ardfelt, who d. 14 Aug. 1861.
€ Thomas, of Springfield, co. Wicklow, m. Anne, dau. ©f
Thomas Brennan, Esq. of Kingston Lodge, co. Dublin,
and had Robert, rii. Anne, dau. of R. Montgomery, Esq.,
and is deceased; Thomas; George, deceased; Philip;
Anne, to. Roliert Day, Esq., son of Rev. John Day,
Rector of Killala, co. Kerry; Elizabeth Rachel; Maria
Theresa, m. George Horan Thompson, Esq. ; and Char-
7 Henry, d. unm.

1 Hannah, d. unm.

2 Anna Mari

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