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Tipperary, and d. 1849.
The eldest son,

Daniel Todd, Esq. of Buncrana Castle, J.P. and D.L.,
b. 4 July, 1804; to. Miss Lloyd; d. 1863, and was «. by hla

James Henry Todd-Tiiornton, Esq. of Westbrook, co.
Donegal, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff co. Donegal 1867, and
CO. Armagh 1880, late Capt. 40th Eegt., subsequently Major
and Hon. Lieut. -Col. Donegal Militia (I'rince of Wales's Own),
■m. 12 Sept. 1850, Anna Letitia, only child of Capt. Daniel
Geale, R.N., and had surviving issue,

I. James Henry Brooke, now of Westbrook.

II. Frederick Geale, Capt. Dorset Regt., 6. 24 March, 1361.

III. Daniel Bickley Thornton, Capt. Donegal Artillery, b. 12
Sept. 1863.

I. Wilhelmina, m. J. Smyly, Esq., son of Gen. Smyly, of
Drayton Lodge, Monkstown, co. Dublin.

II. Mary.

in. Alice Elizabeth, m. 2 June, 1886, Sydney Hoare, Esq.,
son of Thomas Rolls Hoare, Esq. of Enn'isinoie Gardens.

IV. Clara.

V. Edith Letitia, d. 28 Dec. 1870.

This gentleman was authorised, by royal licence, dated 8
Sept. 1866, to take the surname of Thornton, in addition to
and after the surname of Todd, and to bear the arms of
Thornton and Todd quarterly, in consequence of the
Thornton estates being centred and united in his person.
Lieut.-Col. Todd Thornton d. 1889, and was s. by his eldest

jf amilg of Sl^ornlon.

There were two brothers of Yorkshire ancestry. Rev.
Thomas Thornton, M.A., and William Thornton, of Bent-
ham, near Settle, Craven. Of these brothers, the elder.
Rev. Thomas Thornton, M.A., was Rector of Sutton, Sussex,
1663, and was bur. there 4 Feb. 1681. By Elizabeth his wife,
who was also bur. at Sutton 6 Sept. 1687, he left three sons
and one dau., i. George, of Pctworth, whose will was proved
4 Oct. 1709, and was bur. at Sutton 14 June, 1709 ; ii. Thomas,
executor to his brother George 1709, bur. at Sutton 30 Aug.
1715; III. Joshua (Rev.), M..\., Rector of Sutton for filty-four
years, m. (articles dated 15 Sept. 1724) Penelope, dau. of John
Pery, and was bur. 30 Sept. 1735; and i. 'Elizabeth, m. Richard
Hargrave, and was bur. at Sutton 16 Sept. 1709. The younger

William Thornton, Esq. of Bentham, near Settle, Craven,
West Riding co. York, was father of

George Thornton, Esq. of Petworth, Sussex, where he was
bur. 10 Feb. 1726, leaving issue,

Thomas, who d. before 1733, leaving, by Catherine his wife
(who afterwards ?7i. James Stevens), one son and three daus.,
George, Sarah, Mary, and Anne.
William, of whom we treat,
The 2nd son,

William Thornton, Esq. of Muff, near Ix)ndonderry, was
the first of the family who settled in Ireland. He proved the
will of his cousin. Rev. Joshua Thornton, Rector of Sutton,
30 Sept. 1736, and m. about 1726, the dau. of Col. MacNeill,
by whom he left issue,
William, his heir.

Catlierine, m. Hon. and Rev. John Skeffington, 3rd son of
Clotworthy, 4th Viscount Massereene.
Sarah, m. Spencer Huey, F.sq.

Letitia, m. Daniel Todd, Esq., and was mother of Willi.-.m
Thornton Todd, Esq. of Buncrana Castle, father of the
late CoL. Todd i hornton, of Westbrook.
The son and heir,

William Thornton, Esq. of Muff, near Londonderry, and of
Armagh, whose will, dated 12 March, 179'2, was proved in the
same year, d. and was bur. at Bath, aged 51. He m.
Anne, dau. of Perrott James, Esq. of Magilligan, and had two

William (Sir), K.C.B., Lieut. -Gen. in the army, a very dis-
tinguished military ofHcer, d. unm. 30 March, 1840.

Robert Innes Thornton, 21st Light Dragoons, d. s.p.

Lieut. -CoL. James Henby Todd-Thobnton, mentioned
above as grandson of Daniel Todd, Esq., by Letitia Thornton
his wife, s. to the estates in cos. Antrim and Donegal of his
cousin, Lieut. -Gen. Sir William Thornton, K.C.B., at the
death of his eldest brother, Daniel Todd, Esq., 1863, and to
the estates of his cousin. Major Robert Innes Thornton, in co.
Armagh, 1866, consequent on the death of his cousins, Col.
Henry Huey and Capt. Huey.

.-<)•»«— Quarterly : 1st and 4th arg., on a bend gu., between
two cmquefuils sa., three eacarbuncles or, for Thornton ; 2nd





and 3nl arg., on a chevron, between three foxes' heads erased
gu., a mullet or, fur Todd, t'ltsfs— 1st, A gritlin's head erased
sa., beaked and collared or. charged on the neck with all
esc.irbuiiele or, for Thornto.n ; 2nd, A fox passant ppr.,
charged on the shoulder with a torteau (M<illo over. Faire sans
dire), for Todd. MoUo — Ntc teniere nee tiniide.

iSe<(i',<— Westbrook, liuucrana, co. Donegal ; and Granitefield,
CO. Publin,


Thokxtceoft, Charles Edward, Esq. of
Thornvcroft Hall, co. Chestin-, INt. A., J.P. cos. Ches-
ter and Flint, h. 19 May, 1819; ?«. 1S75, Edith
Frances Louisa, voiingost dau. of Francis Joseph
Cresswell, and Charlotte his wife, dan. of -1th Baron
Calthorpe, of King's Lynn, ^Norfolk, and has

I. Chakles Mtttok, h. 6 Aug. 1S79.

II. Francis John Mytton, b. 1SS6.

1. Muriel Blanche. ii. Ruth Edith Sophia.

III. Gwendolin Agnes. iv. Frcderica Frances.

liineage. — The family of Mytton, of importance for
several centuries in Salop, is presumed to have taken its sur-
name from the village of Mitton, in the parish of Fitz, about
four miles from the town of Shrewsbury. In 1373, Reginald de
Mutton the immediate ancestor of the family before us, filled
the office of BailitT of Slirewsburj-, and at the close of that year
was elected M.P. for that borough.

KicHAKD MVTTON, Esq. of Shrewsbury, Chief Steward of the
manor of Church Stretton, &c., for John, Lord Lumley, 1562,
was thrice mar) led. By his 1st wife, Anne, dau. of Sir Edward
Grey, Knt of Euvillo, he had (with live daus.) ten sons, of
whom three m. and had issue,

I. Edward, of Ilabberley, Salop, and afterwards of Halston,
an estate «i-,ich he obtained by exchange with Alan Hood,
Esq., who had purchased it from tlie Crown. He m. Anne,
dau. of Sir Edward Gre\ille, Knt. of Milcote, co. Warwick,
by whom he had, witli four daus., as many sons. Hed.v.p.
1668, and was s. by his eldest son, Edward, of Halston, m.
Anne, dau. of iteginald Corbet, Esq. of Stoke-upon-Tern,
Salop, one of the Judges of the Court of King's Bench, and
by her (who m. 2ndly, Sir William Leighton, Knt.) left at
his decease, 1533, in the lifetime of his grandfather (besides
other issue), two sons,

1 Richard, of Halston, h. 1577, s. his great-grandfather.

2 Peter, of London, Merchant, m. Mary, dau. of Rowland
Lee, and had three sons and one dau.

II. John, ancestor of the Myttons o'' Garth and Pen>/lan.
in. Thomas, MP. for Shrewsbury 1554, m. Margaret, dau.

of Sir Edward Greville, Knt., and had issue,

Mr. Mytton m. 2nd!y, a dau. of Jenkin Pigott, Esq. of
Rhuddlan, North Wales, and by her had a son,

I. Jenkin, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Thomas Pool, and was
ancestor of the of La.iiurch Park-.
He m. 3rdly, Eleanor, dau. and heir of George Harborne, Esq.
Recorder of Shrewsbury, and widow of Richard Beeston, Esq.,
by whom he had issue,
I. Adam (Sir), Recorder of Shrewsbury, r,i. 1st, Jane, dau.
of Lancelot Laon, Esq. of Linlcy, Salop, by whom he had
George, Henry, and .Mary. .Sii- Adam in. 2ndly, Mary, dau.
of Thomas Holstock, but by her had no issue.

I. Jane, m. 1st, Edward Ireland, Esq. of Salop, and 2ndly,
Rev. Thomas Higgins, D.D.

II. Isabel, m. Thomas Walter.

Richard Mytton d. 1591, and was s. by his great-grandson,

Richard Mytion, Esq. of Halston, m. Margaret, dau. of
Thomas (Jwea, Esq. of Condover, one of the Judges of the
Common Pleas, and had a son and a dau., Thomas, his heir,
and Sarah, i/i. Sir Edward Acton, 1st Bart, of Aldenham. Mr.
Mytton, who was Sheriff of Sal jp IGIO, was«. at his decease by
his only son,

Thomas Mvttok, Esq. of Halston, one of the few Salop
gentlemen who joined the Parliamentary standard against
King Charles, and who attained the rank of General. He m.
1629, Maiparet, dau. of Sir Robert Napier, of Luton, co. Bed-
ford, and had a son, Richard, his lieir. In 1045 he was Sheriff
of Salop, and M.P. for that cj. 1654. Ue d. 1G56, and was s.
by his sou,

Richard Mytton, Esq. of Halstnn, ni. Rebecca, dau. of
Roger hynaston, Esq. of Ilordley, Salop, and had two sons.
The elder,

Richard Mytton, Esq. of Ilalston, m. Arabella, dau. of Sir
John Ibjuiilnn, Knt., Lord .Mayor of London 1695, by whom
he had uiili tthtr issue (wl'O d. young),

I. Richard, of Halston, vi. Letitia, dau. of Roger Owen, Esq.
of Condover, and lieir of her brother, and </. 27 Feb. 173u,
Kawng an only surviving child, Anna Maria, vi. Sir
Charlton Leighton, 3rd of Wattlesborough.

II. John, b. 1690, .«. his brother at Halston. He m. Mary
Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Davenport, Esq. of Davenport
House, Salop, by whom he had, with three daus., a son,
John JIytton, of Halston, ',». Rebecca, dau. of Robert
Pigott, Esq. of Chetwynd, and d. 1783, leaving, with a dau.
Retieeca, a son, John Mytton, Esq. of Halston, h. 3 March,
176S; M. 13 Oct. 1795, H.arriet, 3rd dau. of William M"Styn
Owen, Esq. of Woodhouse, Salop, and d. 8 Sept. 1798,
leaving issue (with a dau. Harriet Rebecca, vi. Sir John
Hesketh Lethbridge, 3rd Bart., of Sandhill, and d. 182C),
a son,

1 John Mytton, Esq. of Halston, 6. 30 Oct. 1796, M.P. for
Shrewsbury, m. 1st, 21 May, 1818, Harriet Emma, eliiest
dau.of Sir rhomasTyrwhitt Jones, Bart., and by her (who
d. 2 July, 1820) had an only dau. Harriet Emma Charlotte.
He tn. 2ndly, 29 Oct. 1821, Caroline Mallett, 6th dau. of
Thomas GitTard, Esq. of Chillington, and d. 29 March,
1834, having had, with other issue, a son, John Fox
Mytton, Esq. late of Halston, b. 20 Nov. 1823 {see Bcbkb's
Vicissttv.des of Fantiiies).
HI. William (Uev.), Rector of Habberlcy, a celebrated anti-
quary, d. unm. 3 Sept. 1746.
IV. Charles.
The 4th son,

Charles Mytton, Esq. of Chester, vi. Elizabeth, dau. of
Robert Pigott, Esq. of Peploe, and was father of

Rev. Charles Mytton, Rector of Eccleston, co. Chester, m.
Rebecca Vernon, and had a son,

Rev. Charles Mytton, Rector of Eccleston, who assumed,
by royal licence, dated 29 Oct. 1831, the surname and arms of
Thornycrokt only, in compliance with the testamentary in-
junction of Edward Thornycroft, Esq. of Thornycroft. Hera.
1st, 26 June, 1802, Henrietta, eldest dau. of the Hon. John
Grey, 3rd son of Henry, 4th Earl of Stamford and Warrington,
and 2ndly, 1826, Elizabeth Kynaston, only dau. of the Hon.
Booth Grey, and d. 1840, having had issue by his 1st wife (who
d. 1812),

Charles Richard, t. 5 Nov. 1806; d. 24 April, 1833.
John (Rev.), of Thornycroft Hall.

Henrieita, to. 1838, Rev. Henry Arkwright, and d. 1844,
leaving issue.
Sophia, ?/i. 1845, Rev. Edward Massie, and d. 3 Aug. 1872.

The 2nd son.

Rev. John Thornycroft, of Thornycroft Hall, J. P., M.A.,
b. 22 Jan. 1809; m. 20 July, 1848, Charlotte Blanche, dau. of
John Beaumont Swete, Esq. of Oxton Hall, Devon, and had

I. Charles Edward, now of Thornycroft Hall.

II. John Mytton (Rev.), b. 18 June, 1856 ; m. 1883, Frances,
youngest dau. of Rev. John Penrose, of Woodhill, co. Cork,
and d. 22 Dec. 1886, leaving issue, John Ralph, b. Aug.

I. Henrietta Susanna.

II. Sophia Marianne, d. Jan. 1868.
Id. Agnes.

Rev. John Thornycroft d. 18 April, 1S84.

Arms (Thornycroft of Thornycroft, granted 1687) — Vert.,
a mascle or, between four crosses-crosslet arg. Crest — On
a mural crown gu. a falcon volant ppr., jessed, membered, and
beaked or, between two palm-branclies or.

&ae— Thornycroft Hall, Chelford, Cheshire.


Thorold, Charles Edmund de More, Esq. of
Welham, co. Nottingham, b. 30 Oct. 1848, B.A.
1874, M.A. 1878, Emm. Coll. Camb., s. his father

Liineag'e. — This is a branch of the family of Thorold,
Baronets of Marston, co. Lincoln (see Burke's Peerage and

Sir John Thorold, 8th Bart, of Marston, m. Elizabeth,
dau. and co-heir of Samuel Ayton, Esq. of West Harrington,
CO. Durham, and had (with two daus.) three sons, i. John,
(Sir), 9th Bart. ; ii. George, d. unm. ; ili. Samuel, of whom
hereafter. Sir John '/. 10 July, 1775. His youngest son,

Samuel Thorold, Esq. D.L. ?ii. 13 Sept. 1776, Susan, dau.
of Samuel Goodacre, Esq. and had four sons. He d. 18 Jan.
1825. Ills 2nd son,

Samuel Thorold, m. Charlotte Lawrance, dau. of Robert
Mower, Esq. of Woodseats and Unstone Manor, co. Derby, and
sister and heir of George Mower, Esq. of same plac^, by whoa
he had issue,

I. Samuel George, b. 1816; d. s. p. 1S37.





II. Charles, late of Wclham and Woodseats.
I. Harriet, ?rt. Itev. J. Harrison, and d. lal5.

The 2nd son,

Charles Thorold, Esq. of Welham, co. Nottingham, The
Wood.seats, and Unstone Manor, co. Derby, h. 28 June, 1S21 ;
m. 1 May, 184.5, Mary Bettina Georgina. 7th dau. of John
Kirke, Esq. of Markham, and Retford, Notts, formerly Capt.
24th Light Dragoons, Lieut. -Col. 3rd Nottingham Militia, and
Col. -Commandant Retford R.V., and had issue,

I. Charles Edmund de More, now of Wolham.

II. Arthur Leonard Percy, 6. 1 Feb. 1851 ; d. wn?«.. 20 Dec.

III. Henry Hayford, b. 21 March andt?. 4 May, 1858.

IV. William Henry Fanshawe, h. 28 Dec. 1859.

V. Octavius Reginald, 6. 17 Nov. 1864.

I. Charlotte Maria Georgina, d. 13 Sept. 1890.

II. Agnes Selioke, in. 24 March, 1875, William Craven
Eockliffe, Esq., M.A., M.B., M.R.C.S., and L.S.A.

III. Gertrude Steuart, m. 20 April, 1880, Henry Walter 011-
phant Collingwood, Esq. of Clayworth, Notts.

Mr. Thorold, a J. P. for co. Nottingham, formerly Lieut.
Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry Cavalry, s. his maternal uncle,
George Mower, Esq., 1843, and d. 29 May, 1891.

J^;tmil2 of IVtofncr.

William de Mora and Joane his wife were the first
possessors of the Woodseats estates, it being granted to them
and their heirs 34 Edward III., a.d. 13C0, by Margarie,
dau. and heir of William Le Hem, with her lands and tene-
ments in the town and manors of Barley andDronCeld. Their

William de Mora, the younger, by his charter, dated 15
Kiciiard II., granted to Roger de Chesterfield, Chaplain of
Dronfield and Lees, all his lands descended to him by right of
inheritance. The son of William de More, the younger, by
Joane his wife,

Robert Mower, had two sons by Joan his wife, James and
Eobert. The elder,

James Mower, had issue three sons, i. Robert ; ii. Thomas ;
and III. James. The eldest,

Robert Moweb, m. Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir (with her
sisters, Joan m. J. Ayscough, and Margery, in. John
Buekston) of Thomas Hougatte, of The Old Hall, Chester-
field, Wigley, and Lound Hill, in Brampton, and by her had
two sons and four daus. Hei^ 1520, and was«. by his elder son,

George Mower, m. 1st, Agnes, dau. of Richard Blythe, by
whom he had a son, Arthui:, who s. him. He m. 2ndly, Ann,
dau. of Richard Hurt, and 3rdly, Agnes, dau. of John Parker,
of Whitley Hall. He d. l.")58, and was s. by his son,

Arthur Mower, m. 3 July, 1555, Joane, dau. and heir of
Christopher King of Milnthorpc, by Helen his wife, dau. of
Henry Fawshawe, of Fanshawe Gate, co. Derby, and had
three sons (i. George, 6. 1559, d. s. p.; ii. Robert, of
whom presently ; iii. George, 6. I5G7), and five daus. (Jane
Mary, Dorothy, m. Thomas Wilson, of Wolthwaite Jlanor,
CO. ,York, Anne, and Alice.) The 2nd, but eldest surviving

Robert Mower, b. 1562; m. June, 1589, Joane, dau. of
Henry Sheldon, of Tissington, and had issue, i. Arthur, his
heir; ii. George, ?«. IsabellCalton; iii. Robert, b. \60i, d.s.p. ;
IV. Richard, b. 1G07, and three daus. The eldest son,

Arthur Mower, of Barley Woodseats, m. 1620, Rose, dau.
of Robert Stone, of Carsington, and had issue, i. Robert, who
succeeded; ii. Arthur, d. young; m. George; iv. Arthur, d.
in Norway ; i. Alice ; and ii. Abigail, m. 1055, George Bulloke,
Esq. of Oneston or Ounston, co. Derby. He d. 1652, and was
*. by his eldest son,

Egbert Mower, of Milnthorpe, m. 1st, 2 Jan. 1648, Mary,
dau. and co-heir of Patrick Johnson, Esq. of Kilburne, co.
Derby, and by her (who d. 1050; had an only child, Arthur, d.
1655. Mr. Mower m. 2ndly, 1651, Mary, dau. and co-heir of
Eoger Prichard and niece and co-heir of Elizabeth Spicer, of
Hognaston, and by her (who d. 28 Jan. IG5S)lie had a son and
heir, Robert. He m. 3rdly, 1660, Mary, only dau. of James
Milnes, Esq., of Tapton Hall, co. Derby. He d. 6 Nov. 1675,
•when he was s. by his son,

Egbert Mower, Esq. of Barley W^oodseats, 6. 27 Oct. 1634,
5n. Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir (with her sister, Mrs. Jallaud,
of Brigg) of Edmund Browne, of Welham, co. Nottingham, and
had issue,

I. Robert, d. young, 1681. ii. George, s. his father.

HI. Arthur, d. 8 April, 1750.

IV. Edmund, of Newark-upon-Trent, 6. 1687 ; m. Dorothy,

dau. and heir of Josiah Stephenson, of Rolherham, by Jane

his wife, dau. and heir of Wilham Skyers, ol Haigh Green,

and d. 1719, leaving issue,
1 Robert, of Weihani, co. Nottingham.

2 Edmund (Rev.), Vicar of Clarborough and Hayton, co.
Nottingham. (?. at Whinleys, 2 Feb. 1748.

3 Skyers, d. an infant. 4 George.

1 Elizabeth. 2 Dorothy. 3 Anne. 4 Jane,

I. Mary. ii. Elizabeth.

The 2nd, but eldest surviving son,

George JIower, Esq. D.L. of Woodseats, b. 1681 ; m. 3 Oct.
1709, his second cousin, Anne, dau. of John Lathom, Esq. of
Whiston, Lancashiie, and The Hallows, Derbyshire, by Ann
his wife, dau. of George Bulloke, Esq. of Ounston, and by her
had Elizabeth and Ann (who both d. young). Mr. Mower m.
2ndly, 1735, Mary, dau. of Robert Watts, Esq. of Barlow, and
by her (who d. 23 Jan. 1789) had issue, George, b. 1739, d.
1743, Robert, who succeeded, Elizabeth, Mary, Anne, Sarah,
and Martha, ;/(. Rev. John Webb, Vicar of Dronfield. Mr.
Mower, who was High Sheriff co. Derby 1734, and d. 1762, aged
82, was s. by his eldest surviving son,

Robert Mower, Esq. D.L. of Woodseats, m. 14 June, 1770,
Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Milnes, Esq. of Dunston Hall, co.
Derby, by Grace his wife, dau. of Charles Hurt, Esq. of Alder-
wasley, by whom he had (with other issue, who d. young)
Elizabeth Mary, heir of her mother, vi. 1st, 1791, Thomas
Smith, Esq., and 2ndly, Frederick Smith, Esq. Mr. Mower»)i.
2ndly, Oct. 1780, Charlotte, dau. of Simon Lawrance, Esq.,
and had by her two sons and as many daus.,

I. George, his successor, 6. 1782, and d. s. p. 28 March,

II. Arthur, M.D., b. 1789 : ra. Anne Jane, dau. of Mr.
Steuart, Advocate at the Edinburgh Bar, and d. s.p. April,

I. Charlotte Lawrance, h. 1781 ; m. Samuel Thorold, Esq.
of Welham, grandson of sth Bart., and had issue, Charles,
who, as above, s. his maternal uncle in 1843.

II. Ann, j/t. Gervas King Holmes, Esq., of Eetford, and had
four sons and one dau.

Amis — Quarterly: 1st and 4th sa., three goats salient arg.,
for Thorold ; 2nd and 3rd erm., ona chevron az. three roses or,
for Mower. Crest — A roebuck passant arg., attired or. Motto —
Cervus non servus.

Seat — Welham, Eetford, co. Nottingham.


Gean't-Thokold, Alexaxdee William Tuo-
EOLD, Esq. of Weelsby House, co. Lincoln, J. P.
and D.L., High Sheriff 1870, b. 29 Feb. 1820;
ni. 23 July, 1863, Anna Hamilton, dau. of Admiral
Sir James Stirling, and has issue,

I. Richard Stirling, 6. 9 Aug. 1868.

II. Harry, h. 22 July, 1870.

III. Frank Hamilton, 6. 18 Oct. 1871.

I. Hilda. II. Constance Mary.

This gentleman assumed the additional surname
and arms of Thoeold on succeeding to the estates
of his maternal grandfather, upon the death of his
maternal uncle in 1861.

Xiineag'e. — Rev. William Thorold, of Weelsby House,
CO. Lincoln, Rector of Cuxwold and Ludborough, had issue,

EicHARD, his successor, d. s. p. 1864, and was s. by his

Helen, 7n. Alexander Grant, Esq. (son of Alexander Grant),

and had issue,

1 Alexander William Thorold, now of Weelsby.

2 Frederick Augustus, m. Katherine Arabella Clay, and
has (with other issue) a son,

James Erskiue.

1 Helen, m. Charles Eidlcy Hinds, Esq.

2 Katherine, ra. Frederick Edward Hillersdon, Esq.
Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, sa., three goats salient arg.,

for Thorold; 2nd and 3rd, gu.. three antique crowns or, for
Grant. 6Ves<— 1st, Thorold, A roebuck erm., attired and un-
guled or ; 2nd, Grant, A burning mount ppr.

&(/(.< — Weelsby Hall, Great Grimsby, co. Lincoln ; and
Cosgrove Hall, Stony Stratford.


TnoKPE, James, Esq. of Coddington, Notts, and
Ardbreknish, co. Argyll, J. P. and U.L., co. Ai'gyll,
J.P. for Kotts, High'Slieriir 1871, Hon. Col. Sher-
wood Eangers Yeomanry, b. 28 Aug. 1823 ; m. 1st,
1850, Mary Anne, dau. of Edward Spence, Esq. of
Tilworth, co. York (which lady d. 1868), and 2ndly,
1869, Annie, eldest dau. of Johu MaclJougall, Esq.
of Lunga, co. Ai'gyll, and has isisue.





I. James Stewart, b. 2.' July, 1S70, and J. 27 May, ISTo.

II. John- Somekled, 2nd Lieut. Scots Guards, b. 15 Feb.

III. Harold, 6. 17 April, 1S75.

IV. "WilliHin Stewart, b. 2 Sept. 1S76.

V. Gervase, b. 10 Auc:. 1S77.

VI. Archibald James, b. 14 Jan. 1SS2.

I. Uicliinond Muriel.

II. Cioely. iii. Helen Mary.
IV. Klspeth Margaret.

liineag-e. — This family came originally from co. York.

Michael Thorpe, b. 1711; m. 173C, Ellen Downs, settled in
ICotts, and had (.with three other sons and three daus.) a sou,

J.\MES Thorpe, b. f) Xov. 1754; <?. 1839; m. 25 June, 1789,
Lydia, dau. of Hardwicke Taylor, of Newark-on-Trent (she d.
1844\ and had a son,

James Thorpe, Esq. of Coddington, Notts, 6. 1791 ; j«. 1815,
Anne. dau. of John Simpson, Esq, of Nottingham, and d.
1843, having by her (who d. 1877) had issue,

I, J.\mes, now of Coddington.

I, Elizabeth Ann, m. Edmund Percy, Esq, of Becston, Not-
tingham, and has issue, six daus,

II. Lydia JIary, rn. Kev, Koberl Weatherall, Ecctor of Elton,
Notts, and has issue, three sons and four daus,

III, Eleanor, m. Kev, John Stewart, lieclor of West Derby,
Canon of Chester, and Rural Dean, and has two sons and
five daus.

IV. Fanny Maria, i/(. Rev. R. B, Stewart, YL'ar of Hale, and
has two sons and three daus.

Anus — Az.. a fesse arg., between three lions rampant or.
Crtsl — On achapeau gu., turned up erm., a stag ppr,

^ta'4 — Coddington Hall, Ne\vark-ou-Trent ; aud Ardbrek-
nish, Lochawe, N,B.


TiiOYTs, William Eiciiaku Moetimek, Esq,
of Siilhumstead, co, Berks. J,P,, High Sheriff 1883,
ilajor l,,te Eoyal Berks Militia, b. 29 Dec, 1828 ;
VI. 'S3 Out, ]85(3, Anne Annabella, eldest dau. of
Col, Sir Richard Puleston, 2nd Bart, of Eniral, co,
Flint, and has issue,

I. Mortimer Henry, h. 24 Dec. 1857 ; d. 1 Oct, 1858.

I. Enuna Elizabeth, b. 8 .July, 1860.

II. Caroline Mary, b. 17 March, 18G2.

liineage. — William Thotts, Esq. of Sulhamstead, Berks
(son of John Tlioyts, Esq., and his wife, a dau. of Thomas
Burfoot, Esq.), „i. Jane, daU. of A. Newman, Esq., and d. 1817,
leaving issue,

JIoRTiMEB Georoe, his heir.

Marv Anne, m H. R. BurfoDt, Esq. : d. 31 March, 1SG8.
Caroline, m. Capt. S, G, IVchell. ll.N. ; </. I Jan. l«t;4.
Sophia Anne, in. Sir Frederick Watson, whoiL 1847, She(Z,

22 Feb. 1S69.
Anna Kosetta. m. 1st, Sir Henrj' Watson, and 2nd1y, Rev.
Edwin I'arker, ot Wallham St, Laurence, She d. 2 March,
Jane. j;i. 21 July, 1821, William Samuel, 2nd Lord Wyn-
The son and heir,

MoKTi.MEB Geokge Thotts, Esq. of Sulhamstead, J. P. and
D.L., High Sheriff 1S39, b. 6 Nov, 1«04; m. ist, 4 March,
182», Emma, 3rd dau, of Thomas Bacon, Esq, of Pauwoitli,
CO, Berks, and by her (who d. 28 Sept, 1S4G) had issue,
William Richard Mortimer, now of Sulhamstead,
Newman Bunoot, Col, Bombay .\rmy (retired', 6 20 Aug.
laal ; hi. IbtiJ, Loui. - a, dau, of Colquhoun Grant. Esq., and
lias, with other issue, a sun, Harry Newman Morgan, Cape,
feth Hussars, b. 1864.
Francis Walter (Rev.), M.A,, 6,16 July. 1845; '»i, 9 June,
1&74, Rose Mary, dau, of Kev, Edward Elmhirst, of Shawcll,
CO, Leicester, and has, with other issue, a sou, Robert Elm-
hirst, 6, 27 Dec, ISsO,
Mary Jane, d, 11 June, 1869,
fir, Thoyts m. 2ndly, 14 Oct, 1848, Catherine, 4th dau, of
Robert Sherson, Esq., of Fetcham, Surrey, and b) her (who d.
19 April, 1852) had a son,
Ernest (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Ashe, Hants, b. 30 March,
l»o2; 'lit 21 April, 1881, Franc:s Caroline, eldesL dau. of
Edward Richards, Esq, of Longford, co, Somerael, and has
issue, two daus.

He ■in. 3rdly, Catharine, widow of the Rev, Robert Sherson, of
Yaverland, Isle of Wight, which lady d. 12 May, 1877, He d.
18 Jan, 1»75, and was s. by his son, now of Sulhamstead,

Ar ,..<< — ,Az., on a fesse between three m

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