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bert, Knt., son of Sir Rich. Herbert, of co.
Slontgomery, and had a son, Roger of Talgarth, a faithful
supporter of King Charles!., who was created a Knight of
the Royal Oak in 1660.

3 Francis, m. Gwenllian, dau. and heir of Meredith ap
Rees ap Owen, and was ancestor of the Lloyds, of Great

4 David, of Moel y Garth in Guilsfield, m. Elizabeth,
eld. dau. of Owen Vaughan, of Llwydyarth, had a son
Charles, of Moel y Garth, created at the Restoration a
baronet, 10 May, 1661, and was ancestor of the Lloyd
baronets (now extinct).

5 Oliver, of Leightun, s. to that property and other estates^.
under his father's will, and represented co. Montgomery,
in Parliament, 29 Elizabeth (1586-7). He m. Blanche,,
dau. and heir of Sir Charles Herbert, and first cousin of'
William Earl of Pembroke, of the second creation, and
had with other issue,

Charles, of Leighton, High Sheriff, co. Montgomery,
1601, m. Anne, 3rd dau. of Edward Herbert of Mont-
gomery, High Sheriff 1557-68 and had with other issue,-.
Brochwel, of Leighton, "Sergeant-Major" (arankwhieli,
■would be equivalent nowadays to that of Lieut.-Col.).
He became Gentleman of the Privy Chamber to King
Chariest. Brochwel Lloyd sold Leighton Hall. By his
wife, Honoria, dau. of Sir Stephen Proctor, Knt. he had
■with a dau. Blanche, two sons, 1 Sir Charles Lloyd,
Knt., " Colon'U of a regiment of ffoot," was appointed,
by letters patent, for life, 6 April, 1639, " General-in-
Chief of Engineers"; and 2 SirGodfrey Lloyd, "C.Tptain
in the foot^guards " and "Engineer-General of England,
and Wales," who was knighted by Charles II. at Brussels
in 1657.

David Lloyd d. 1497. His eldest son,

David Lloyd Vaughan (or the younger) of Marrington, .
Marton, and Stockton, (the latter a Manor ante 9 Richard II.
1386) all of which estates he acquired by his marriage witli
Margaret, only dau. and heir of John Middleton, of Marrington^.
who was killed at the battle of Danesmore, 1468, and came
of an ancient and distinguished family. He had issue,

I. John, Prior of Chirbury.

II. Oliver, of whom presently.

III. Robert, of Nantcribba, ancestor of the Lloyds of Nani-^-
eribba. iv. Richard, d. young.

The second son,

Oliver Lloyd, lord of the manor of Marrington, &c. m.
Gwenllian, dau. of Griffith ap Howell ap leuan Blayney, o£
Grcgynog, and iiad, with six daus.,

I. Richard, of whom presently.

II. Edmund, of the Swan, Ludlow, d. s.p. (Will pr. 21 May,

III. William, of Sneade (Will pr. 28 June, 1602).

IV. Humphrey, d. young.

v. Ludowicke, Sergeant-at-Arms and Gentleman-in-waitinpf
to Queen Elizabeth. He was the author of many works oa
legal and other subjects from 1573 to 1607.

VI. Richard (Jun.).

The eldest son.

Richard Lloyd, of Marrington, J.P., m. Lucy, eld. dau.
of Richard Powell, of Edenhope (who was Serjeant-at-Arms to
King Henry VIIL, and High Sheriff of Montgomery, 1554-.5>
and d. 25 Oct. 1570 (tnq. post mort. 13 Eliz.) and had, witli
four daus. (Salop Visit. 1569 and 1623),

I. Richard, of Marrington, High Sheriff of co. Montgomery,
1616, preceptor to Sir William Stanley, 5th Earl of Derby
and Secretary to Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex. He^
TO. Margaret, dau. of John Newton, of Heiglitley, Chirbury,
son of Sir Peter Newton, Knt., and d. 1 Sept. 1620 (Inq.
post mortem, 21 James I.) leaving with a dau. Lucy, aa
only son,

Piiamus, of Marrington, m. Catherine, dau. of Edward
hox, of Greet, Salop, by Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Edward!
Leighton, Bart, of Wattlesborough Castle, and had, witli
three other sons and two daus. an eldest son and heir,
Richard of Marrington, entered the Inner Temple 1031,
He joined his father 4 Nov. 1633, in the sale of the Maiioc
of Marringt*m.

II. John, of Marton and Stockton, of whom presently.

III. Edward, d. s. p.

IV. George, of Marton, d. g. p. By his will pr. 16'29, he
leaves the Marlon estate to his nephew David, iliesouof Ins.
brother John. v. Oliver.

VI Edmund^ of Stockton (will dated 7 Scj-t. 1621), had by-
Elizabeth his wife, with other issue.





George (Kev.)i of Stockton, Kcctor of Bedstone, co. Salop,

1622, m. Margaret, sister of Richard Bythewaje, of

Leyntwardine, co. Hereford, and had, with four younger


Peter, of Bedstone, d. ». p. and intestate (Admon. gr. to

his mother 5 Feb. 166S).
Mary, m. her cousin George Lloyd, who eventually be-
came possessed of all the Stockton property.
Til. Roger. VIII. Blatthew. ix. Ludowick.

The second son,

John Llotd, of Marton and Stockton, vi . Thomasine, third
tlau. of Thomas Corbet, of Legh Castle, Salop, and had issue,

I. David, of whom presently.

II. liichard. m. William. iv. John. v. Harry.

The eldest son,

David Llotd. of Marton, commanded the garrison of Legh
Castle or Lee Hall, 23 Jan. 16i5, for King Charles I. He
was buried at Chirbury, 19 April, 1G64, and left by Mary,
his wife,

I. George, of whom presently.

II. Thomas, bapt. 17 Nov. 1637.

III. John, bapt. 23 June, 1642.

I. Margaret. ii. Maria.

in. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Bray, of Marton.

The eldest son,

George Llotd, of Stockton, bapt. 24 Nov. 1G31, m. Mary,
eld. dau. and co-heir of the Rev. George Lloyd (marr. contract
dated 24 May, 1655) and had issue, with a dau. Mary,

I. George, of Marton, d. s. p. will dated 7 Dec. 1727, in
favour of George, his nephew.

u. Richard (Rev.) M.A., Rector of Croft cum Yarpole, co.
Hereford. Buried at Yarpole, 28 July, 1723, d. s. p.
III. Peter (Rev.), Vicar of Forden, co. Montgomery, bapt.
12 Sept. 1665, B.A. St. John's Coll. Cambridge (1686), m.
Margaret, (will dated 30 May, 1742) dau. of John Meredith,
of the Hem, Forden, and d. intestate 3 July, 1721, and had
issue, with two daus.,
I. George, of Marton and Stockton, bapt. 26 Nov. 1702.
buried at Forden 14 May, 1784, leaving by Mary Evans,
his wife,

1 George, of Munlyn, bapt. 8 Ap. 1742, buried at Forden
11 Dec. 1786, d. s. p.

2 John, of the Wood, and Munlyn, Forden, and Stockton
and Marton, bapt. 24 Nov. 1743, m. Catherine, eld. dau.
of John Gethyn, of Vaynor, co. Montgomery, and d.
27 Feb. 1831, leaving two daus. and co-heirs Mary and

It. Peter, of Stockton, of whom we treat.

llis grandson,

Peter Lloyd, of Stockton, bapt. 7 June, 1706, m. 20 Sept.
1732, Jane, dau. of Richaid Pickstock, and was buried at Chir-
bury, 19 March, 1780, leaving with other issue, a son,

George Llotd, of Luggy, co. Montgomery, J. P., (third but
eld. surviving son), bapt. 31 Oct. 1739, m. Frances, dau. of
Richard Henley, of Welshpool, and d. 18 Nov. 1803, leaving

J. Richard, of whom presently.

II. George Humphreys, of Welshpool, bapt. 26 July, 1772,
buried 29 Dec. 1810, at Chirbury, where there is a monu-
ment in the church.

III. William, bapt. 14 Sept. 1779.

I. Anne, m. — Pinnock, and had issue a dau., Maria, rii.
Capt. Andrew J. Kennedy, R.N.
The eldest son,

Richard Llotd, of .Shrewsbury, bapt. at Welshpool, 20 May,
1766, 111. Sarah, only surviving dau. of Christopher Comyn
Higgins, of Loynton Hall, co. Stafford, and by her, who was
buried Sept. 1818, at Shrewsbury, had issue, with four daus.,
d. v.nhi.,

I. Richard, bapt. 27 April, 1798, d. umn.

II. William, of whom presently.

III. George, b. 25 Aug. 1805, m. Eliza youngest dau. of
John Thomas, of Garth-gylynyn Fawr, co. Montgomery,
whose father Thomas Thomas was High Sheriff, co. Mont-
gomer}-, 1768.

IV. John, of Swan Hill Court, Shrewsbury, b. 15 April, 1810,
left issue a son, John, and two daus.

Mr. Richard Lloyd d. 14 March, 1832. His second son,

William Llotd, of Parteen Manor House, co. Clare, b. in
Shrewsbury, 8 Aug. 1800, m. 4 March, 1824, Jane, younger
d.'\u. and co-heir of Charles Henry Fitzgerald de Beaumont,
and by her, who d. 8 Nov. 1867, had issue,

I. William Valentine (Rev.), M.A., R.N., present repre-
sentative of this ancient family. He was b. 14 Feb. 1825,
was Vicar of Marton, 1856-7, was subsequently Chaplain
and Naval Instructor, R.N., and now Rector of Haselbech,
CO. Northampton, and chaplain from 1879 to the household
of H.R.H. the Duke Alfred of Saxe-Coburg Gotha, K.G.
(Duke of Edinburgh). He is thi; learned author of ''The

Sheriffs of Montgomeryshire " and other works. He m.
10 April, 1850, Hon. Caroline Amelia Sophia, only sister of
Udolphus, 7th and present Lord Aylmer (see Burke's
Peerage), and has had issue,

1 Patty Sophia Elizabeth, b. 3 Jan. 1851, d. young.

2 Sophia Louisa, b. 23 Dec. 1852.

3 Emily, b. 5 July, 1856.

It. Henry Crampton, of Stockton Manor.

III. Frederick Bianchi, of Oakland, California, U.S.A., b. 18
Nov. 1832, m. Jane, dau. of John Kent, J. P. of Port Roe,
CO. Tipperary, and has issue,

1 Brochwel Frederick de Boulers, 6. 22 April, 1873.

2 William Vaughan Broughton, b. 18 Jan. 1883.

1 Violet Jane Gwcnllian, b. 24 Dec. 1874.

2 Minnie Maud Middleton, h. 8 April, 1878.

IV. Charles Westall, of Bobinawarrah, J.P. of Oxleyshire,
Victoria, Australia, b. 31 March, 1834, m. Anne, dau. of
John Karkeek Kirkham, of Oxley Plains, Australia, and
has issue,

1 Charies Ki>kham, b. 16 July, 1870.

2 Harry Herbert de Beaumont, b. 31 Dec. 1873.

3 Arthur Leslie, b. 15 April, 1875.

4 Ernest Winser, b. 4 Nov. 1876.
1 Ethel Louisa, b. 13 April, 1878.

I. Jane Fitzgerald, 6. 11 March, 1827, d. 11 Dec. 1839.

II. Louisa de Beaumont, b. 20 June, 1829, d. 10 Aug. 1842.

III. Ada Fitzgerald, b. 8 Sept. 1836, d. 25 Nov. 1851.

IV. Emily Jane, b. 8 Sept. 1836. m. Robert Duff, of Mill-
brook House, Prov. of Quebec, Canada, and d. 1876, leav-
ing issue four daus., 1 Ada Fitzgerald; 2 Emily Jane; 3
Henrietta; and 4 Alberta.

V. Kate Randall, b. 4 Sept. 1839, d. 31 July, 1842.

VI. Arabella Louisa Kate, 6. 28 Sept. 1842, m. Bernard D.
Furniss, of Bellevue House,Prov. of Quebec, Canada, and has
issue, with others d. young, 1 Harry Crampton, b. '2,1 Sept.
1870, and 2 Frederick George, b. 7 Aug. 1880.

Mr. William Lloyd d. 7 Feb. 1855.

Anns — Sa. three nags' heads erased arg. (with 102

Crest — A nag's head erased arg. Motto — "Fide ne diffide."
&«f— Stockton Manor, Chirbuiy, co. Salop.
Club—J\xraov Constitutional.


Llotd, William, Esq. of Kockville, Drumsna,
CO. Roscommon, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff
(1889) ; b. 8 July, 1858 ; m. 28 Jan. 1884, May
Brodribb, dau. of Major William Lancelot Huteliiu-
son, by Louisa his wife, dau. of Capfc. Samuel Bush
Brodribb, 2nd son of William Brodribb, Esq , J. P.,
of Gamely House, co. Somerset, and has issue,

1 William Hotchinson, b. 2 April, 1885.

2 Coote Richard Fitzgerald, b. 2 July, 1887.

Lineage. — Owen Lloyd, b. 1633, at Cavetown, co. Ros-
common, VI. Elizabeth, grand-dau. of Sir Luke Fitzgerald,
of Tyrogham, co. Kildare, Bart., was M.P. for Boyle, 1661
(Lib. Munei-um), rf. 1664, leaving six children. Bur. in the
Nave of Elphin Cathedral, his gravestone, with an inscription
in Latin to his memory partially illegible, was removed during
repairs in 1823, and placed in the Vestry, where it is pre-
served (WcUVs Survey of Roscommon). His eldest son,

CoL. Thomas Lloyd, of Croghan, "The Enniskillen Colonel,"
d. unm. His soldiers, as related by King James himself,
called him their -'Little Cromwell" (MSS. at Trin Coll. Dub-
lin), and was s. by his next brother,

Owen Llotd, b. 1660; m. 12 Jan, 1703, Susanna, dau. of
John Yeeden, of "The Abbey," Boyle, and Joan his wife, dau.
of Judge Bolingbroke. Their eldest son,

Owen Lloyd, E.sq., 6. '22 May, 1714; m. 19 April, 1740,
Susanna, dau. and heiress of Archdeacon Henry Blackburn, of
Carrickenagh, now " Rockville," son of Dr. Blackburn, Arch-
bishop of York (Rockville has ever since continued to be
the residence of this the senior branch of the Rosconnnon
family of Lloyd, Croglian passing to Sir Richard Lloyd, Chief
Justice of Jamaica, who m. a dau. of — Guy, Esq. of that
Island, new represented by Guy Lloyd, of Croghan). Thtir
eldest son,

Owen Lloyd,6. 7 March, 1743 ; m. Margaret, dau. of — Nichol-
son, Esq. He d. Jan. 1777, leaving twosons, who both d. unm.
at Lisbon, where they are buried next the grave of Henry

William Lloyd, Esq. of Rockville, 2nd son of Owen, b.
21 Jan. 1748 ; m. 7 Dec. 1771, Mary Hampton Jones, dau. and
heiress of Sacheverell Jones, Esq., by his wife Jane Hampton,
of Henlys or Henllys, Beaumaris, North Wales (which pro-





perty is now owned by Col. Hampton Lewis). William d. [
i3l8, leaving his eldest son,

LiEUT.-CoL. Owen Llotd, Esq., b. 7 March, 1774; m. 31
Dec. 1801, Catherine, youngest dau. of Col. Bichard Pennc-
father, of New Park, co. Tipperary, Patron of the Borough of
Cashel. He d. 12 April, 18i0, and was s. by his eldest son,

AViLLiAM Lloyd, Esq. of Rockville, b. 28 Feb. 1803; «i. 22
Sept. 1829, Anna, only dau. of Major Acheson Montgomery
Moore, co. Tyrone, descendant of Sir Archibald Acheson, 1st
Baron Gosford, and d. 7 Jan. 1870, leaving two sons,

I. Owen Richard Nathaniel, of whom presently.

II. Ache:-on Montgomery, 6. 26 Oct. 1831 ; m. is .Jan. 1S65,
Catherine, dau. of Kev. James Wentworth Mansergh, co.
Tipperary, by his wife Catherine, dau. of Col. Owen Lloyd,
of liockville ; and has issue, one son, William Owen, b. 29
July, 1866.

BIajor On-EN EicHARD Nathaniel Lloyd, b. 7 July, 1830 ;
tn. 20 Sept. 1855, France* ^laiia, dau. of William Hutchinson,
M.D., Esq. of Canick-fi -Sh iinon, by Mary Susanna his wife,
dau. of Capt. Coote SKlIo.. , Esq., D.L., of Hughestown, co.
Koscommon. He rf. 17 Nov. 1863, leavingby her, whoi^. 2 0ct.
1. William, now of Eockville.
ji. John Charles, m. Margaret, dau. of — Waldron, and ha-s

issue, Owen John Montgomery and Frances Maria.
I. Anna Montgomery, m. Kev. William Kennedy Brodribb,
B.A., Rector of Putley, Herefordshire, and has issue, Owen
Adams Kennedy, and Eanswith Alice Kennedy.

.SeoJ— Eockville, Drumsna, Roscommon.



of Strancally C'lstle, co. Waterford, and Calton, co.
York, D.L. W. R. of York, J. P. for the former co.
and High Sheriff thereof 1859, b. 30 May, 1830 ;
educated at Trin. Coll. Camb. ; vi. 1st, 14 Sept.
1854, Selina Jane, dau. of Artluir Henry, Esq. of
Lodge Park, co. Kildare (and Eliza his wife, dau. of
Oeorge Gunn, Esq. of Mount Kennedy, co. Wicklow),
and by her (who d. 11 Jan, 1860) has issue,

I. William Whitelocke, late Lieut. 24th Eegt., 6. 5 May,
1856; '/)!. 25 June, 1S85, Catherine Anna Mona, dau. of Very
Rev. Henry William Brougham, D.D., Dean of Lismore,
and has issue,

Percy Gamaliel, 6. 7 Aug
Winifred Lucy Selina, 6. 2;

Mav, 1886.

1. Eveline Selina.
III. Selina Mary.

II. Augusta Frances Jane.

Mr. Lloyd m. 2ndly, 7 Feb. 1861, Lady Anne Mar-
garet Butler, 2nd dau. of Richard Somerset, 3rd
Earl of Carrick. He took by royal licence, 1880,
the additional surname and arms of Whitelocke.

Iiineagre. — This family is supposed to descend from the
Lloyds of Llanynyx, co. Denbigh, and can claim descent from
■Cadell Oyheyrn, King of Powys.

Gamaliel Lloyd, of Mattersey, co. Nottingham, d. 1 Nov.
1661, leaving issue by his wife, Anne Briggs, of Wigan, co.
Lancaster, George, his heir; Gamaliel: William, whose re-
presentatives are now the Booths of Glendon, Notts ; John ;
Anne, m. Joseph Smethurst, and had a numerous posterity.
The eldest son,

George Lloyd, b. 1650, settled at Manchester, and d. 1728,
Jeaving by his wife, Martha Whittaker, of Newton Heath, co.
Lancaster, an only surviving son,

Gamaliel Lloyd, of Manchester, merchant and manufac-
turer, rf. 1749, leaving by Elizabeth his wife, dau. and co-heir
of John Carte, M.B., of Manchester, who rf. 30 Sept. 1703, an
•only child,

George Lloyd, Esq. M.B. Cantab., F.R.S., D.L. for West
Elding of York, who purchased Hulme Hall, near Man-
chester, and resided at Barrowby, near Leeds, where he rf.
4 Dec. 1783. He m. 1st, Eleanor, dau. of Henry Wright, Esq.
of Offerton, co. Chester (by Purefoy his wife, dau. of Sir Wil-
loughby Aston, Bart.), and by her had an only child,

I. John , F.R.S., of Snitterton, to. Anne, dau. and heir of
James Hibbins, M.D., and had issue,

1 George, of Wclcombe House, co. Warwick, High Sheriff
1806; b. 7 March, 1768 : d.vnm. 11 July 1831.

2 John Gamaliel, Bencher of the Middle Temple, s. his
brother in Welcombe House, High Sheriff co. Warwick
1832; rf. umji. 1837.

1 Charlotte, m. 4 May, 1802, Eev. Thomas Warde.

2 Purefoy, d. unvi.

Mr. Lloyd to. 2ndly, Susannah, dau. of Thomas Horton, Esq.
of Chadderton, co. Lancaster, sometime Governor of the Isle
of Man under the Earl of Derby, and father of Sir William
Horton, Bart., and had issue,

I. Gamaliel, his heir.

II. George, from whom descended the Lloyds of Stockton
Hall (refer to that fa'.nily) .

III. Thomas, of Hosforth Hall, Lieut.-Col. Commandant of
the Leeds Volunteers, d. at Kingthorpe House, near Picker-
ing, 7 April, 1828. He to. Anne, dau. of Walter Warde,
Esq. of New Grange, co. York, and had issue,

1 George, of Cowesby, co. York, 6. 25 May, 1786. He m.

1st, 1820, Marian Christina, 5th dau. of Alexander Maclean,

Esq. of CoU, CO. Argyll, by whom (whorf. 1821), he had no

issue. He TO.:2ndly, 7 June, 1825, Elizabeth Henrietta,

2nd dau. of William Eookes Leeds Serjeantson, Esq. of

Camp Hill, near Eipon, and rf. 1844, leaving issue,

Thomas William, of Cowesby Hall, Northallerton, J. P.

and D.L., b. 1826; m. 1849, Elizabeth Anne, 3rd dau.

of Francis Beynon Hacket, Esq. of Moor Hall. co.


George Walter, Commander E.N., m. 1876, Fannie, dau.
of W. H. Powell, Esq. of New York, and had a son,
George Eugene, d. 1880.
John George, d. 18.56.

Alfred Hart, to. 1883, Maria, dau. of — Walker, Esq.,
and has a dau., Eleanor Susan,
Caroline Anne.
Marianne Jane, w. April, 1863, Major Bowen Cooke,

S3rd Ilegt.
Elizabeth Juliannj.

Rosabelle Susan, m. 1854, Edward Lloyd, Esq. of Ling-
croft (who rf. 1869), 4th son of George Lloyd, Esq. of
Stockton Hall, co. York.
Cecilia Amy. Lucy Emma.

Isabella Harriet, b. 1877. Eleanor.

I. Mary Anno, m. 16 Nov. 1815, John Priestley, Esq. of
Thorpe, and rf. 1823.

II. Susannah, m. Eev. Henry Wray, and has two sons and a

m. Elizabeth, to. 1780, Thomas Eateson, Esq., and had an
only son, Robert, created a baronet.
The eldest son of the 2nd marriage.

Gamaliel Lloyd, Esq., Alderman of l^eeds, and Mayor 1799,
6. 26 May, 1744, resided at Bury St. Edmund's, and afterwards
in Great Orraond Street, London, where he rf. 31 Aug. 1817. By
his wife Elizabeth Im. about 1780 or 1781), dau. of James Att-
wood, Esq., he had issue (with two daus., 1 Mary Horton, m.
Stephen John Winthrop, M.D., and 2 Anne Susannah, m.
Leonard Horner, Esq., F.E.S), an only son,

William Horton Lloyd, Esq., F.L.S., possessor of estates
in COS. York, Lancaster, and Derby, b. 10 Feb. 1784; m. 13
April, 182G, Mary (who d. IS Feb. 1882), 4th and youngest
dau. of George Whitelocke, Esq. of Seymour Place, Bryanslon
Square, London, and Fortoiseau, near Paris (a great-grandson
of Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke, by Mary his wife, dau. of David
Eoche, Esq., Aldei-man of Limerick, and rf. 18 Feb. 1849,
having had issue, Gamaliel, b. 12 June, 1327, rf. 6 Nov. 1830 ;
and the present George Whitelocke Whitelocke-Lloyd, Esq.
of Strancally Castle.

J^amiln of SEInttlotht.

Liinea.g'e. — John Whitelocke, Esq., of an old Berkshire
family, possessed for several generations of a considerable
property in Berks as well as in cos. Oxford and Buckingham,
was living in the reign of Henry VI., and m. Agnes, only
dau. and heir of Egbert de la Beche (the last male descen-
dant of the De la Beche family of co. Buckingham, whose
progenitor William de la Beche is mentioned in deeds of 15
and 31 Henry III.), and was .s. by his son,

William Whitelocke, Esq., living 1509, who left by his
wife, whose name was Cowdrey, a son,

Richard Whitelocke, Esq., living 1543. By his wife, who
was of the family of Grove, near Funges, he had issue,

I. William (Rev.), Fellow and Vice-Provost of King's Coll.
Camb., Vicar of Prescott, Diocese of Chester, and Canon
of Liehfield, rf. unm. at Liehfield, aged 80 years.

II. John, 45 years of age the dau. of Planer, of Oking-
ham, CO. Berks, who was then aged 17, and had,

1 William, Lord of the Manor of Bccbes, co. Berks, an(t
Beches Lands, co. Oxford, m. Ursula, dau. of George
Beresford, by Mary his wife, dau. of John Colte, and had
a son,

William, Lord of the Dlanor of Beches, at Visitation,
Bucks, 1634.

2 John, one of the King's household in the Wafery, m. the
^\idow of his kinsman, Kev. William Whitelocke, Vicar of





3 Pe la Bcche, living 163-1.
in. Hoirom, who d. aged over CO year?, leaving a son,

William (Rev.*, M.A., Oxford, Vicar of Sunninpr, and Pre-
bendary of Wells and Lichfield, left hy his wife (who m.
■Jndly, John Whitelockc, of the King's householdj a son,
William, living 1634.
IT. RicHAKD, ancestor of the line treated of here.
Jlr. Whitelocke was party to deeds made 10 Henkt VII. and
1 Henry VIII. His youngest son,

Richard Whitelocke, Esq. of London, was b. at Beches
about 1533, became a merchant, and was made free of the
"Merchant Adventurers." He to. 7 Feb. 1563, Joan, dau. of
.fohn Colte, Esq., co. Hertford, and widow of Mr. Brockhurst,
of London, merchant (who d. of the plague, 5 Queen Eliza-
liETH), by whom (who m. 3rdly, Thomas Price, of London,
merchant, and d. 21 Feb. 1606) he had issue,

I. Edmund, b. 10 Feb. 15n4, Capt. of Infantry, served in Pro-
vence. Was indicted of high treason with liubcrt, 1st Earl
of Essex, but was discharged: accused of being concerned
iH the Gunpowder Plot, 1605; d. s. p. 1608.

II. Richard, of Elbing, in Spruceland, Sweden, 6. 28 Dec.
1,565, sent to Dantzio at the age of 16; m. Katherine
Dambits, of Elbing, and d. 1624, leaving, with two daus.,
Katherine. vi. — Smith, of Clundby, and another m. Capt.
PoUey, as many sons,

.Tames, 6. in Elbing, 1608.

John, 6. in Elbing about 1614, father of
John Jacob Whitelocke, 6. 1657, whose son,
Clement, m. Marie Behmer de Metzdorph, and had
three sons, 1 John, b. 13 Sept. 1744, Major in the
service of the King of Sweden, and Knt. of the Order
of the Sword; m. Marie Lindmark, and was killed by
a cannon ball while commanding a ship of the line
against Russia, 3 June, 1790, leaving one son, Charles
Otto, Aide-de-Camp to the King of Sweden,, b. 27
Sept. 1789. and d. at Florence, Italy, about 1810 : 2
Paul, Major in the artillery of Sweden, Knight of the
Sword, 6. 1748, d. umn. 1810; 3 Charles, u. 1754. m.
Sophie Lindmark, and d. 1780, leaving a son, Gustave,
b. 1776, who left Sweden, and has ne>er since been
heard of.

III. William, b. posthumous 28 Kov. 1570, entered the military
service ; ser\-ed under Sir Francis Drake, and was slain in a
fight with the Spaniards 1597.

IV. James (Sir), twin with William, of whom hereafter.

Mr. Wiiitelock.; d. at Bordeaux, 7 Nov. 1570. His youngest

SiK James Whitelocke, Knt, of Fawley Court, co. Bucking-
ham, J. P. of that CO. and co. Oxford, was b. posthumous, a
twin with his brother William, in St. Thomas's Street, St. Dun-
stan-in-the-East, London. He was educated at St. John's
Coll. Oxford, of which he was elected a Fellow, Nov. 1589. Ad-
mitted to the Middle Temple, 2 March, 1592; called to the bar
Aug. 1600; appointed Chief Justice of Chester 14 June 1620;
Serjeant-at-Law 18th same month ; knighted at Theobalds 29
Oct. 1620; and sworn in a Justice of the King's Bench 18 Oct.
1624. Sir James m. 9 Sept. 1602, Elizabeth Bulstrode (6. 31
July, 1575; d. 28 May, 1031), dau. of Edward Bulstrode Esq.
of Hedgeley Bulstrode, co. Buckingham, by Cicely his wife,
sister of Sir John Croke, Knt. of Chilton, co. Buckingham,
M.P., Speaker of Queen Elizabeths last Parliament and
Justice of the King's Bench, and grand-dau. of Thomas Bul-
strode, Esq. of Hedgeley Bulstrode. By her he had issue,

I. BcLSTrtODE (Sir), his heir.

II. James, b. 17 May. 1612; d. before 1619.

I. Elizabeth, b. 6 Oct. 1603; m. 24 May, 1623, Sir Thomas
Mostyn, Knt. of Mostyn, and was mother of Sir Roger
Mostyn, 1st Bart, of Mostyn.

II. Mary, 6. 17 May, 1606 ; d. 5 June, 1611.

III. Cicely, b. 10 .March, 1G07 ; m. 3 July, 16.T2, Edward
Dixon, Esq. of HilJen-in-Tunbridge, co. Cambridge.

IV. Joan, 6. 6 Aug. 1609 ; d. at Beaconslield, 8 May, 1610.

V. Dorothy, 6. 15 Sept. and d. 30 Sept. ICiO.

Sir James d. 22 June, 1632, and was s. by his son.

Sir Bclstrode Whitelocke. Knt. of Fawley Court, and of
Chilton Lodge, co. Wilts, created by Christiana, Queen of
Sweden, a Knight of the Order of Amaranth, 6. 6 Aug.

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