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r of Kichard
Sackett, Esq. of Dane Court and Northdown, by whom he
had is.sue,

Robert Sackett, his heir.

^arah, m. her cousin, Thomas Minter Tonilin, Esq.

Jane, i,i. her cousin, James Tonilin, Esq. Harriet.

Anne, ;;i. George Friend, Esq. of London.
Mr. Robert Tomlin d. 18.50, aged 81, and was ,«. by his son,

Robert Sackett To.mlin, Esq. of Dane Court, Isle of Tlianet,
and Westgute House, cj. Northampton, J.l'. and D.L., b. V>
Sept. 1790; m. b May, 1S17, Elizabeth Anne, dau. of John
Bankes, Esq. of Otley, co. York, and Clapham Common, Surrey,
and had issue, four sons and one dau.,

Robert, late of Dane Court. Bankes.

Thomas Belsey. Latham, successor to his brother.

Mary, m. John Glenton Atkinson, Esq. of The Vineyard,

Mr. Tomlin was twice nominated High Sheriff for co. Xorth-
ampton. He was 5. by his eldest son,

Robert Tomlin, Esq. of Dane Court and 'Westgate House,
who d. 1871, and was s. by his brother, now of Dane Court.

AiT,u — Arg., on a fesse. between three battle-axes sa., as many
dexter hands couped at the wrist ppr. CVc's(— Two battle-axes
in saltire ppr., surcharged with a de.xter hand, also ppr., couped
at the wrist. Motto — yuoudam his viciinus armis.

5 at — Dane Couit, St. Peters, near liamsgate.


ToxGE, Loris Charles Hexry, Esq. of High-
way, Wilts, Capt. E.iS'., b. 7 Jan. 1818; m. 1st, VI
Oct. 1852, Charlotte Aiigttsta, Snd dau. of Hon.
and Ycry Eev. George Pellew, Dean of Norwich,
and has issue,

Francis Hexrt, Capt. late 62nd Regt., h. 8 June, 1855 : ra.

12 July, 1889, Lady Madaleine Dora, elder dau. of Francis

Alexander, 8th Earl of Kintore (sse Burke's Pteragc).
Henry Fleetwood, h. IS May, I860.
Ethel Mary, m. 27 July, 1881, Hon. Gerald Anthony Pellew

Bagenal Addington, eldest son of AVilliam, ord Viscount


Jlr. Tonge m. 2ndly, 6 Sept. 1881, Annette Sophia,
dau. of William Henry Chicheley Plowden, Esq. of
Ewhurst Park, co. Southampton.

Lineag-e. — Henut Tonge, M.D., son of Henry Tonge,
Esq., a Merchant of Bristol, 1630, m. Joanne Barnes, and
had a son,

Henrt Tonge, Esq., 7/;. Dec. 1768, Anne Eliza, dau. of
Vice-Admiral Harry Korris, son of Sir Jolin Norris, by
Hon. Elizabeth Aylmer, his wife, dau. of Matthew, 1st Lord
Aylmer, and by her had (with a dau., Lucy Anne, in. F. W.
Dickinson, Esq.) a son,

William Noebis Tonge, Esq. of Alveston and Highway,
J.P.and D.L., 6. Dec. 1777; m. U May, 1804, Mary Ann, dau.
of Rev. John Bryen, of West Charlton, and had issue,

William Henry, d.. vnm. Henry, d. unm.

Acgustus Henry, of Highway.

John Henry, Capt. 14th Light Dragoons, and afterwards

I6th Lancers, /j. 9 Dec. 1816 ; m. Harriette, only child of

John W. Connell, Esq., and d. s. p. 13 Aug. 1853.
Louis Charles Henry, now of Highway.
Harry Xorris, d. 2a April, I84I.
Maria Anne, d. unm.
Lucy Elizabeth, ra. 16 June, 1841, Eev. Augustus William

Noel, only son of Hon. Frederick Noel, Capt. R.N., and had

Elizabeth Anne, in. John Style Xorris, Esq., Capt. llth

Regt., and had a son, John.
Helen, deceased.

Mr. Tonge d. April, 18 14, and wa.s s. by his son,

Augustus Henry Tonge, Esq. of Highway, Wilts, and
Vittoria House, Cheltenham, Capt. Royal Wiltshire Militia,
who d. uiiiii. Is67, and was s. by his brother, now of Highway.

.f)-/ii^'— .\z., a bend cotiscd or, between six martlets of th*
Lost, Crtst — On a rock ppr., a martlet rising or. Motto —

6V((«i'— Hiirhway, Calne, Wilts; Stone House, Crookham,
Berks ; and West Charlton, Somerset.

dab — Army and Navy,

CHEVALL-T00"':2 (now PADWICK) late

Padwick, Jank Eleanor, of Manor House,
Horsham, Sussex, only dau. and heiress of the late
CiiAKLES CiiEvALL-ToOEE, Esq. of Hurston Clays,
East Grinstead, Sussex, m. 24 Sept. 1861, Heney
Padwick, Esq. of Manor House, Horsham, co.
Sussex, J. P., M.A.,B.N.C. Oxford, and a Barrister-
at-Law, tlie only son of the late Henry Padwick,
lisq,, D.L. of Manor House, Sussex, by Susan, liis
wife, youngest dau. of Philip Cliasemore, Esq. of
Horsham, and has issue, with four other sons,

;. Henry Charles, ii, Francis George.

Iiineag-e.— Charles Tooke, of Bere, 6. 1611 (son of
Thomas Tooke, of Bere, by Jane his wife, 5th dau. of Sir
Charles Hales, of Tannington, and grandson of George Tooke,
of Bere, by Peyton his wife, dau. of Thomas Monins, Esq, of
Dover), was otli in descent from Ralph Tooke, son of Thomas
Tooke, of Dover and Bere, who bought IJere Court, in the
parish of West Cliffe, Kent. He m. Bridget, 2nd dau. and co-
heir of Nicholas Toke, Esq. of Goilinton, and was bur. at West
Cliffe 1604, leaving issue. The eldest son,

Tho.mas Tooke, Esq. of Bere, and aftewards of Hougliam,
b. 1644; ill. 1st, 1665, Catherine, dau. of Sir Robert Hales, of
Beaksbourne, and had issue. He m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau, of
Matthew Babington, of Rothley Temple, co. Leicester, and d.
1697, leaving by his 2nd wife, a son, Charles, b. at Hougham,
1678-79, The elder son,

Thomas Tooke, Esq, of London, Merchant, sometime
Consul at Horta, in the island of Fayal, bapt, 7 Dec. 1607 ; m.
10 Dec. 1703, Eliz.abeth, sole dau. and heir of Richard Chevall,
and was bur. 12 Sept. 1736, leaving a son and heir,

Thomas Tooke, Esq. of St. John's, Clerkenwell, b. 1705;
III. 1738, Hannah, only dau. of Thomas Mann, of St. James's,
Clerkenwell, and d. 1773, leaving issue. The 2nd son.

Rev, William Tooke, twenty years Chaplain of the British
Factory at St, Petersburg, 6. Jan. 1743; m. 1771, Elizabeth,,
dau, of Thomas Eyton, Esq, of Llanhynhaval, co. Denbigh,,
and d. Nov, 1820, leaving issue,

I. Thomas, his heir.

II. W illiam, of Russell Square, London. F.R,S., sometime
M,P. tor Truro, b. 6 Nov, 1777; m. 1807, Amelia, dau. of
Samuel Shaen, Esq., and d. 20 Sept. 1863, having had issue,

1 Arthur William, M.A., of Pinner Hill, and of Bedford
Row, Middlesex, b. I8l0 ; lii, 1842, Nymphe Prudente,
dau. of Philip Le Visconte, Comm. R.N., and had issue,
William Arthur, b. 1843 (deceased), and AUce Harriet

1 Amelia, b. 1808; m. John Thomas Graves, Esq. of Gray's
Inn, Banister-ai-Law, M.A., F.R.S.

2 Elizabeth, 6, 1809 ; m. William Hallowes, Esq, of Tavis-
tock Square and Bedford Row.

The eldest son,

Thomas Tooke, Esq. of Spring Gardens, Middlesex, F.R.S.,
a Member of the Institute of France, b. at St. Petersburg,
1771 ; m. 1802, Priscilla, only dau. of Charles Combe, M.D., of
London, and by her (who d. 1837) h;:d issue,

I. William Eyton, of Trin.CoU. Camb., 6. 1806; d. 1830.

II. Charles, of Hurston Clays.

III. Thomas, of Spring Gardens, a Director of the Bank of
England, and in the commission of the Lieutenancy of the
City of London, b. 1810; d. s. p. Dec. 1857.

Mr. Tooke d. Feb. 1858. His 2nd son,

Charles Chevall-Tooee, Esq. of Hurston Clay.s, East
Grinstead, Sussex, J.P.,, b. 1808; m. 24 Sept.
1840, Maria, 3rd dau. of John Cayley, Esq. of St. Petersburg,.
Russia, and Wallington, Surrey, and by her (who d. 10 Nov.
1885) had an only child,

Jane Eleanor, ni. {as above) Henry Padwick, Esq. of Manor
House, Horsham.

This gentleman assumed by royal licence, 10 Feb. 1859, the
additional name and arms of Chevall, in consequence of
inheriting the property of Elizabeth Chevall, sole lieir of her
family, who ra. his ancestor, Tliomas Tooko in 1703. He d.
18U0, and was s. by his only dau. and heiress.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4tli, per ciievron sa. and arg.
three grilhns' heads erased counterclunged, for TooiE; 2iiu





and 3rct. az. an escullnp arcr. between three horses' heads erased
of the last biidlea or. for Chevall. Ci-eat of Cuevall— Out of
a fi-in bush proper a horse's head arg. bridled or.
&a(o'— Jlanor House, Horsham.


TopHAM, Lieut. -Col. Sir William, Kut., of
Caldberg, co. York, Knight Commander of tlie
Royal Hanoverian Griielpliic Order, and Knight of
the Legion of Honour of France, J. P. for Surrey,
late Lieut. H.M. Hon. Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms,
Hon. Lieut. E.N.R., b. 25 Oct. 1810 ; m. 1st, 5 Oct.
1854, Lady Mary Bentinek, dau. of the 4Lh Duke
of Portland (she d. 20 July, 1874), and 2ndly, 2 Aug.
1879, Anne, dau. of Thomas Harrison, Esq., and
granddau. of the late Sir G-eorge Harrison, K.C.H.

Lineage. — This family of Topham anciently possessed
the greater part of tlie vale of Coverdale, in co. York, and the
present lordship and property of Caldberg had been held in
continuous male succession prior to the reign of Hesrv V.,

Lawrence Topham, Esq. of Caldberg, in Coverdale, N.R.
Yorkshire, who d. about loU9, left, by Isabel, his wife, two
daus., and a son and successor,

Topham Topham, Esq., who, by Catherine his wife, had
, (with a dau. Jane) three sons, Francis, d. viiia., Christopher,
d. s. jp., and Matthew. The youngest son,

Matthew Topham, Esq., who eventually inherited the
family estates, was s. by his only son,

Christopheb Topuam, Esq., m. 1st, Dorothy Lucas, and
2ndly, Ann Ingram ; but by the former only he hod issue.
The 2nd, but only surviving son,

Cheistopher Topham, Esq., m. Barbara, dau. and co-heir
of William Lupton, Esq. of Grassington, and (with a dau.
Anne, who d. unm., and two elder sons, Christopher and John,
who both d. unm.) five other sons,

LupTON, of whom presently.

William, a Merchant, m. Miss Norton, of Liverpool, and had

Matthew ("Eev.), Vicar of Withernick, and of Mapleton, in
Holderness, m. Anne, dau. of Henry Wiloock, Ii;sq. of
Thornton in Craven, ancest'>rs of Topham of Holderness.

Godfrey, of Caldberg, m. Elizabeth, dau. of H. WUcock,
Esq., and d. s. p.

Benjamin (liev.), Eector of Dunnington, co. York, d. unm.
Mr. Topham d. 1729, and was s. by his 3rd son,

LcPTON Topha.m, Esq. of liradley, Craven, m. Anne, dau. of
Nathan Midgley, Esq., and had one son and four daus. The
son and heir,

WiLLLAM Topham, Esq. of Caldberg, Kildwick, and Middle-
ham, m. 1st, Judith, dau. of Henry Newby, Esq. of Kildwick,
and by her had issue (besides a dau. Amy, who d. unm.),

Christopher, liis heir.

Henry, b. 1771 : m. and had issue, John, of Bradley; Craven;
Judith, d. 1833; and Anne, m. — Knowles, Esq. of Bolton-
le-Moors, and d. May, 183.').

Lupton, b. 1778 ; m. 16 Dec. 1809, Elizabeth, only dau. and
heir of Edward Clough, Esq. of Acoinb. co. York, and d.
1849. By her (who d. June, 1820) he had issue,
William (Sir), now of Caldberg.
John, 6. Feb. 18 12; d. unm. Feb. 18SS.
Edward Charles (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Hawkswell,
Bedale, co. York, Rural Dean, 6. 3 Mareh, 1813; m. 4
June, 1856, Grace, dau. of Alexander Gillespie, Esq. of
Sunnyside Lodge, co. Lanark, and d. 1892, leaving issue,
Lupton Topham, 6. 21 March, 1857; m. 1885, Joan,
youngest dau. of John Cowan, Esq. of Beeslack, Mid-

Edward Clough, 6. 5 March, 18C0 ; m. 1893, Sophy, dau.
of Rev. Child Clark.
Harry Gillespie, b. 17 Feb. 1862; jii. 1893, the dau. of —
Wilson, Esj. of Lewisham, Kent, which lady d. the
same year.
Anne. Judith, d. unm.

Martha Elizabeth, m. Eev. James Alexander Birch, M.A.,
Rector of Jliddleham, and has one son, James, and one
dau. Anne.
Martha, m. John Breare, Esq. of MiddlehamHall, andcZ. s. p.

June, 1824.
Mary, d. unm. Ann, d. unm.

Mr. Topham (who m. a second time, but had no further issue)
d. April, 1123, aged 8.i, and was s. b}' his eldest son,

Christopher Topham, Esq. b. 29 May, 1709; m. March,
1784, Jenny, dau. and co-heir of Mark Bulmer, Esq. of Mid-
dleham, and had issue,

Christopher, of Middleham, York, b. 30 Oct. 1797; m. 5

Sfay, 1S31, Anne, only child and heir of John Dixon,
Esq., late of Middleham and Brighton, by Anne Kyie, his
wile, only child and heir of Richard Smith, Esq. of Watch-
field, Berks, and d. 16 April, 1869, leaving one dau.,
Annie Martha, m. 14 July, 1852, the Hon. Amias Charles
Order Powlett, brother of William Henry, 3rd Lord Bolton,
and has issue.
Thomas, b. June, 1807 ; m. Sept. 1834, Jane, 2nd dau. of
Thomas Other, Esq. of Elm House, Wensleydale, and had
issue, Christopher, 6. F'eb. 1837; d. 1857.
Catherine Elizabeth, in. March, 1840, Rev. William .Vtthill,
of Brandiston Hall, co. Norfolk, and d. Oct. 1844.
Mr. Topham d. 28 May, 1832.

^r»is— Arg., a chevron gu., between three cranes' heads
erased sa. CVcjf— Two serpents vert, entwined round a cross
pattee-fitchee. Motto— Vl vivas vjgila.

&aJi— Noirmont, Weybridge, Surrey, and Caldberg, Middle-
liam, CO. York. Ciui— Junior Carlton.


Topham, Harold Ward, Esq. of Cockerton
Hall, CO. Durham, B.A. (Oxford), F.R.G.S., Ear-
rister-at-Law, b. 22 Jan. 1857.

Lineage.— Rev. James Topham (of an old Yorkshire
family), b. at Scorton, co. York, 1756; m. the dau. of — Alli-
son, and left issue, John, of whom presently; William, Lieut.
E.N., d. s. p. 1837 ; Thomas m. Eliza, widow of R. Wrightson,
Esq., and d. s. p. ; and Mary, d. unm. The eldest son.

Rev. John Topham, Vicar of Droitwich, b. at Darlington, co.
Durham ; rn. Isabella, 5th dau. of Thomas Bowes, Esq. of
Darlington, and d. June, 1881, leaving by her (who d. 1873) a

John Topham, Esq., M.D., F.E.C.P. (London) ; 6. 11 'Jan.
1S20 ; m. 15 June, 1852, Emma Harriet, dau. of William Ward,
Esq. of Wolverhampton, and d. 16 June, 1887, leaving issue,

I. Harold Ward, present representative.

II. Edwin Henry, b. 22 Aug. 1858, m. 4 Dec. 1889, Mimi,
dau. of Mrs. Forget, of Liverpool, and has issue, two daus.

HI. Alfred George, b. 19 Aug. 1862 ; m. 7 Nov. 1888, Constance
Sofia, dau. of the late William Bevan, Esq., and has issue,
Denis Bevan, b. 19 Jan. IsyO.

I. Edith Emma, m. July, 1887, C. Maltby, Esq., and d. 7
May, 1889, leaving one dau.

II. Ethel Beatrice. in. Ada Frances Mary.
Seat — Cockerton Hall, near Darlington, co. Durham.

Tore, Rev. William Edward, M.A. (Trin.
Coll., Camb.), of Carlett Park, co. Chester, Vicar
of Eastham, same co., formerly Vicar of Flam-
stead, Herts, b. 18 July, 1851 ; m. 29 Jan. 1878,
Julia Elizabeth, 3rd dau. (by Amelia liis wife) of
John Holmes, Esq. of Somerfield, Maidstone, Kent,
and has issue,

I. John Harold Torre, 6. 11 Aug. 1888.
ir. William Wyudham Torre, 6. 7 July, 1890.
I. Gertrude Louisa, b. 12 Dec. 1878.
n. Sybil Julia, b. 29 Sept. 1880.

III. Dona Ruth Anne, b. 28 April, 1S83.

IV. Gladys Mary, b. 11 Jan. 1886.

Lineage. — This family claims descent from the ancient
family of Turre (or de Turri). The immediate ancestor of
of this branch was

James Tdrre, of Riby, co. Lincoln, came to Riby from the
Isle of Axholme, bapt. at Haxey, 15 April, 1683, and d. 1749,
leaving issue, by Ellen his wife, three sons, Gregory, James,
and William. The younger,

William Torre, of Riby, co. Lincoln, 5. 1718; d. 1776,
leaving, by Susannah his wife, a son,

William Torr, of Riby (1753-1818), who, by Anne his wife,
was father of

William Torr, Esq. of Riby, i. 1779; m. 1807, Catharine
Brooks, and d. Feb. 1844, having had issue, by her (who
d. Oct. 1841), William, b. 1808, of Riby and Aylesby Manor,
d. unm. 1874; John; Anne, 6. 1811, d. unm. 1878. The
younger son,

John Torr, Esq. of Carlett Park and Laceby, co. Chester,
J. P., M.P. for Liverpool 1873-80; b. at Riby, 1813; m. 29 Jan.
1845, Louisa, dau. of James Dempsey, Esq. of Liverpool, and
by her (who d. 30 Aug. 1868) had issue,

I. William, (/. in infancy.

II. John Utrold, b. Ia49 ; d. 1875.





iti. VTiLLiAM Edwakd. now of Carlett Talk.

IV. Hfibeit James, of Itiseholme Hall, near Lincoln. J. P.,
h. 13 Aug. 1S64; ' m. 12 Feb. 1SS9. U.isita, eklost dan. of
Duncan 'Graham. Ksq. of LycUate, Willaston, r-.o. Chester,
and has issue. Joan Kosita, b. lii Jan. ISiiO. and a son.

I. Katharine Anne, m. Charles J. Busliell, Ksi].

II. Louis;!, m. Kisht liev. tieorge Wj-ndliam Knight Enice,
Kishop of Mashonaland.

III. Gertrude, d. young.

Mr. Torr d. 16 Jan. ISSO.

.■(r/7ij!—Sa., a tower between three mullets of six points or,
all within a bordure vair. Crest— TJ-pon a mount amidst fern
ppr. a gryphon passant, wings elevated, per pale or and arg.,
supporting with the dexter claw a mullet of six points, sa.
.V"(.'i' — Turris fortissima Deus.

ivesjiitncf— Carlett Tark, Eastham.


TOERE, Jonx James, Esq. of Snvdale, co. Yori,
h. 6 June, 1842 ; m. 6 Sept. 1867, Emma Frances,
dau. of the late Charles Mackenzie, Esq. of NajDier,
New Zealand, and has had issue,

I. Anna Helena, b. 2S June, and d. 30 Nov. 1868.

II. Helena Frances Anna, 6. 10 June, 1S74.

III. liosellen Gretchen, b. 12 March, 1879.

Xiineag°e. — Gregory Torre, of an ancient family took up
arms in the Koyalist cause, and his estate was sequestered.
He »i. Anne, dau. and heir of John Farre, of Epworth, and
had a son and heir.

Jambs Torre, ot Ilaxey, Burnham, Epworth, and Belton,
bapt. 30 April, 1C49, of the Middle Temple, London, eminent
as an antiquary. He in. twice, and had issue. Mr. Torre
sold his lands in Lincolnshire, and purchased the manor and
lands at Snydale, co. York. He d. 31 July, 1G99, and was s.
by his son and heir,

Nicolas Torre, Esq. of Snydale, m. 8 Sept. 1720, Jane,
dau. and co-heir of Kichard Mann, of York, and dying 5
March, 1739, was .5. by his elder son,

Hev. James Torre, of Snydale, b. 6 Feb. 1722-23; r,i. 5 Oct.
1747, Betty, only dau. and heir of Stephen Holme, Esq. of
I'aull Hohne, liarrister-at-Law, and had issue, i. James, his
heir; ii. Kirby, (/. s. p. 1833 ; iii. Nicholas, who assumed the
surname of Holme, and ('. s. p. 1 Sept. J 833; iv. Henry,
b. Dec. 1758, m. 28 June, 1792, Eliza, dau. of Rev. John
Cox, of Oxford, and had issue, Henry James, who took the
name of Holme {.^e^. Holme of Paull lIo!,ne), Bryant Stephen,
Robert, Jane Charlotte, vt. C. Cracroft, Esq., and Eliza Anne ;
V. John, d. s. p. Mr. Torre d. 1 Sept, 1788, and was s. by his

James Torre, Esq. of Snydale, h. 2 Sept. 1748 ; w. 1st, 23
Aug. 1774, Esther, youngest dau. of John Milnes, Esq. of
Waketield, and sister of Sir 11. Shore Milnes, Bart., and by her
(who d. 14 June, 17S2i had issue,

I. James, h. 1 June, 1775; m. 18 Dec. 1804, his first cousin,
Bosellen Eliza, dau. and co-heir of Edward Whitwell, Esq.,
and had iss\u%

1 James Whitwell, late representative.

2 Henry Mark Masterman, li. 28 Oct. 18(J9, dece.nsed.

3 John Alexander, b. 2 April, 1814 ; m. Anna .Smith, who
d. Nov. J883. He (/. 1843, leaving an only son, Jon.v
James, now of Snyilale.

1 liosellen Emma, hi. Thomas Francis Cobb, Esij., and d.
10 Sept. 18.30.

2 Mary Ellen, m. 26 April, 1831, Rev. G. C. Davis, and d.
23 July, 1832.

3 Charlotte Esther.

Mr. James Torre d. v. p. 30 April, 1814.
It. John, an Officer 60th Regt., b. 23 Dec. 1776; c!. 1804.
in. Henry (Rev.), 6. 17 Sept. 1780: i/i. 1st, 11 March, 1816,
Mary Ellen, eldest dau. of Ellis Leckonby Hodgson, Esq.
of s'tapleton Park, co. York, and by her (who d. 1325) had
1 Henry John (Rev.), resident at Norton Curlieu, near
Warwick, m. 30 April, l»oO, Emma Matilda Wilmot.
1 Annabella Mary. 2 Louisa Charlotte.

He ,u. 2ndly, Caroline Sarah, dau. of Sir John Lister Kayo,
Bart, of Denby Grange, co. York, and by her had two sons,
who d. V. -p. He d. 1866.
I. Hannah Maria, i/t. James Favell, Esq., and d. 1827.

Mr. Torre m. 2ndly, Caroline, dau. of Rev Robert Cotes, D.D.,
Rector of Rise, co. York, and by her (who d. Nov. 1825) had

IV. Nicholas Lee, h. 23 June, 1795; m. I June, 182G, Eliza,
eldest dau. of Robert William Elliston, Esq., and had issue,

1 William Fox Whitbrmd (Rev.), M.A., Vicar of North-
fleet, Kent, h. 19 Feb. Is29.

2 Nicholas Kirby (Rev.), M.A., LL.D., F.R.G.S., Rector
of Weare Girt'ord, Devon, b. Tt .April, 1833.

3 Constantine Edward, b. 11 June, 1834.

1 Elizabeth Jane. 2 Emma Frances Caroline.

II. Anna Margaretta Caroline, m. 1st, 1815, Charles Herman
Cornelius Van Bearle, Esq. of Demarara (who d. 1820), and
2ndly, 1826, Humphrey Jeston, Ksq., R.N.

III. Letticc Jane, m. 1821, Rev. Robert Green Jeston, cZ. 1836.
Mr. Torre d. 29 Aug. 1816, aged 68. His grandson,

James Whitwell iTorre, Esq. of Snyd.ale, b. 9 Nov. 1806;
m. 16 Feb. 1830, Jane Helena, eldest dau. ot Major-Gen.
Beatson, of Knowie, Sussex, and d. s. p. 21 Dec. 1887, and was
s. by his nephew,

.^nus— Sa., a tower or, a border vaire. Crest — A griffin
passant per pale or and arg. Mntto — Turris fortissima Deus.

Seat — Snydale Hall, Normanton.


Tottenham, Charles Robkrt Woesley, Esq.
of Tottenham Green, co. Wexford, Woodstock, co.
Wicklow, and Plas Berwjn, co. Denbigh, J. P. for
cos. Denbigh, Merioneth, and Wicklow, D.L. co.
Wicklow, High Sheriff 1888, M.A., late Major 3rd
Batt. Royal Welsh Fusiliers, h. 21 Feb. 1845 ; m. 5
Nor. 1874, Dorothea Anne, dau. of Leonai-d Corn-
wall, Esq. of Browiistown House, co. Meath, and
lias issue,

I. Charles Loftus Watkin, b. 28 Nov. 1876.

II. George Leonard, b. 21 April, 1879.

I. Sophia Dora Elizabeth.

II. Amy Maude.

liineage.— William Tottenham, Esq. of Harrington,
CO. Cambridge, is named in the Subsidy Bolls, 14 and 15
Henry VII. (anno 1.523), as one of the two principal persons
in that parish. By Margery his wife, he had two sons and
four daus., the elder son, William, Lord of the Jlanors of
Wyllyen, Herts, and Skelton, Bedfordshire, m. Elizabeth,
widow of Robert Castell, and d. s. p. May, 1600. Mr. Totten-
iKim's will, dated 20 May, was proved 5 June, 1557. His 2nd

John Tottenham, Esq. of Barrington, is named in the Sub-
sidy Rolls of 1506, 1571, and 1597. By Alice his wife, he leftt
thiee sons, and two daus.,

I. John, his heir.

II. Humphrey (Rev.), M.A., Vicar of Wooton, co. Bedford,
1599 to 1G38; m. two wives, and had four sons and five

III. James, of Barrington, m. Agnes Titchmarsh, and had

I. Beatrice, m. John Hancock, of Sheprcth, and had a 4th
son, Barnabas Hancock, //. IGOl, who settled in Ireland,
acquired the estate of BallydiitTe, near Lismorc, co. Water-
ford, and adopted the surname of Tottenham. He m. 16.30,
Mis. Martha Harman, widow, and d. s.p. 1632. His widow
remarried Sir Erasmus Borrowes, 1st Bart, of Giltown.

II. Eleanor, m. Thomas Guuston, and left issue.

Jlr. Tottenham d. June. 1599, and Mas s. by his eldest son,

John Tottenham, Esq. of Barrington, m. 11 Oct. 1608,
Agnes JIustell, and d. Aug. 1611, having had by her (who m.
2ndly, Matthew Scott) two sons,

I. John, his heir. ii. Humphrey, d. s. p.

3Ir. Tottenham d. Aug. 1611, and was .?. by his eldest son,

,ToHN Tottenham, Esq. of Y''oughal, co. Cork, bapt. 14 June,
1609, settled in Ireland, and was named in his cousin, Barnabas
Hancock, aliai' Tottenham's, will. He m. Aug. 1632, Mar-
garet, dau. of Sir Robert Tynte, Knt., of Ballycrenan, co. Cork,
and had two sons,

I. John, his heir.

II. Edward, of Cheddar, Somerset, d. 28 Dec. 1702, leaving
issue by his 2nd wife, Sarah Spencer, two sons and a dau.

The eldest son,

John Tottenha.m, Esq. of Tottenham Green, alias Bally-
loskernan (which estate he purchased from Charles Collins), in
CO. Wexford. Ho m. 1st, Catherine, dau. of John Atkin, Esq.
of Polemore, co. Cork, by whom (wlio d. 24 Aug. 1661) he had
issue, and2ndly,30 July, 1G71, Anne, dau. of John Clarke, Esq.
of Hardingstone, co. Northampton, by whom (who d. 171G-17>
he had three children, all ot whom </. young. Mr. Tuttenham
<;. 14 Oct. 1700, and was .■!. by his only surviving child,

Edward Tottenham, Esq. of Tottenham Green, J. P., b. 7
•Sept. 1659; m.\st, 3 May, 1G83, Elizabeth, dau.. of Samuel
Hayman, Esq. of Youglud (his will was proved 20 Feb.





1712-13 by his widow, Jane), and d. 1712, when he was s.hy
his only child,

Charles Tottenham, Esq. of Tottenham Green, High
Sheriff CO. Wexford, 1737, M.P. for New Ross temp. George II.
He m. EUinor, dau. of John Cliffe, Esq. of Mulrancan, co.
Wexford, by whom (who d. 5 June, 1745) he had issue,

I. John (Sir), of wliom presently.

II. Ch.^bles, ancestor of Tottenham of Ballijcurry.

III. Edward (Ilev.), of Ballinahoun, 6. 1717; m. 1st, July,
1756, Bridget, dau. of Eev. Jasper Cox, and 2ndly, Aug.
17H0, Dorothy, dau. of John Cox, Esq. of Coolclille, co.
Wexford, and J. s.p. 1793.

IV. Loftus Anthony. Gen. in the army, Col. 56th Regt., 6.
1723; d. 16 March, 1811: m. Katnerine, dau. and heir of
Mr. Millard, of Wakefield, by whom (who d. 7 Nov. 1793,
aged 72) he had an only child, Kitty, who d. v.nm. 7 Nov.
IblO, aged 54.

V. Clifife, an OfScer in Gen. Bragg's Regt., afterwards of
Cork, d. s. p. 1773; m. 10 April, 1756, Frances, dau. of
Eev. Joshua Thomas, Rector of Ferns.

■VI. Synge,

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