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h, dau. and
eventual heir of John Fitzgerald, Esq. of Dingle, Knight of
Kerry, and had (with an only dau. Elizabeth, who d. j'oung)
one son,

Richard Boyle Townsend, Esq. of Castle Townsend, b.
1756; m. 1784, Henrietta, dau. of John Newenham, Esq. of
Maryborough, co. Cork, and had issue,
Richard, d. unm. John, his successor.

Maurice Fitzgerald, successor to his brother.
Henry, E.N. d. young.
Abraham Boyle, (Rev.), Rector of Easthampstead, Berks,

d. nam. 5 Feb. 1860.
Henrietta Augusta, 7n. 1824, Thomas Somerville, Esq. of
Elizabeth Anne, m. 1850, Rev. Robert St. Lawrence, of
Moragh, co. Cork, 3rd son of Hon. and Right Bev. Thomas
St. Lawrence, Bishop of Cork and Ross.
Mr. Townsend d. 26 Nov. 1826, and was s. by his son.

Col. John Townsend, of Castle Townsend, Lieut.-Col. 14th
Light Dragoons, A.D.C. to the Queen, b. 11 June, 1786; who,
dying unm. 23 April, 1845, was s. by his next brother.

Rev. Maurice Fitzgerald Stephens Townsend (afterwards

Townshend), of Castle Townshend, co. Cork, J. P. and D. L.

for CO. Gloucester, Vicar of Thornbury, m. 16 May, 1826,

.•Vlice Elizabeth, 3rd dau. of Richmond Shute, Esq. of Iron

Acton, CO. Gloucester, and heir of her maternal uncle, Henry

Stephens, Esq. of Chavenage House, co. Gloucester, and by

her had issue,

I. Henry John, 2nd Life Guards, J.P., &. ] Nov. 1827; m.

29 Sept. 1864, Jane Adeliza Clementina, eldest dau. of John

Hamilton Hussey de Burgh, Esq , J. P., of Kilfinnan Castle,

CO. Cork, and d. 7 Sept. 1869, leaving issue,

1 Maurice Fitzgerald Stephens, present representative.

2 Hubert de Burgh Fitzgerald, 6. 4 April, 1867.

I. Geraldine Henrietta, m. 30 April, 1870, Major-Gen. P.
H. Mundy, son of Gen. Godfrey Basil Mundy, of Shipley,
CO. Derby, and the Hon. Sarah Brydges Rodney his wife,
dau. of George Brydges, 1st Lord Eotlney.

II. Alice Gertrude, m. 25 March. 1856, Hon. and Eev. Cour-
tenay John Vernon, son of Eobert, 1st Lord Lyveden.

The Eev. M. F. S. Townsend altered the spelling of his name
to Townshend in 1870, and d. 2 March, 1872, and was s. byhis

Arms — Az., a chevron erm. between three escallops arg.,
quartering Fitzgerald, Knight of Kerry, and Stephens.
Crest— On a mount vert, a stag trippant ppr., attired, hoofed
and charged on the side with an escallop or. Jlolto — Huic
generi incrementa fides.

5eo«— Castle Townshend, Skibbereen, co. Cork.

Residence— Gio\e House, SchuU, co. Cork.


Townshend, Richard Habvey, Esq. of Myross
Wood, CO. Cork, J.P., late Lieut. Conuauglit Ean-
gers, b. 23 Feb. 1854.

Xiineag'e. — Philip Townsend, Esq. of Derry (which was
purcliased in 1686 by his father), Capt. in the army, 0. 5 Aug.
1700, 8th son of Brtan Townsend, Esq. of Castle Townsend
(see that family) ; m. 28 Nov. 1733, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas
Hungerford, Esq., and had issue,





KicHAKD, of wlior.i presently.

Tliomas HunseitorJ, b. 1737-35, Capt. of the Hattle-axe

Guards :>t Duli'.in Castle; (l.unia.
Horatio ^Kev.), b. n Nov. 1750 (see Tow.nshesd o/Derry).
■William, d. unin. IS'il.

Susannah, m. Michael I'reneh, E?q. of Ratli, co. Cork.
Mary, m. Thomas Somcrvllle, F.sii. of Castlehaven,co. Cork.

The eWest son,

KiCHAKD TowNSESD, of Dublin, M.D., b. 12 Jan. 173G-37 ;
m. Ist, Eleanor, dau. of Dr. Sealy, of Band.>ii, co. Cork, and
by her had iliesides two sons d. young),

T. John Sealt, of Myross Wood.

II. Hiehard., <'. loim.

III. Thomas, of Clyda, near .Mallo-.v, »i. Martha, ilau. of KeJ-
juond Uniacke, l^jq., and has issue,

1 Eichard, JI.D., »i. 1st, 4 July, 1826, Katherinc, dau. of
J. Mackinnon, Esq. of London, which lady d. 1828. He
VI. 2ndly, 22 Sept. Is29, Mary, dau. of .Vdam Newman,
Esq. of brouiore, co. Cork, and by her left issue, Thomas ;
Adam Xewman ; Samuel ; Richard ; Kobert Uniacke Fiiz-
Gerald Kev. ), m. Gertrude, dau. of Kev. Tliomas Uniacke
Townsend, and has issue ; and Katherine.

2 Thomas Uniacke (Kev.), Vicar of Inistiogue, co. Kil-
kenny, )/!. EHzabeth, dau. of Edward Carr, Esq. of
Arnestown, CO. AVexford, and has issue, Kdward Carr;
Richard, m. Antoinette, dau. of Rev. Henry Denny, of
Churchill, co. Kerry ; Gertrude, m. Eev. Robert Uniacke
FitzGeralcl Townsend; Helen, m. Henry J. Meares, Esq.,
21st Fusiliers ; Eleanor, m. 1st, Henry Moore, Esq., 4th
Regt., and 2ndly, J. P. Devereux, Esq. of llocklands ;
Martha, m. Rev. J. R. Corbett : and Marin.

3 Horatio Uniacke, m. Louisa, dau. of William Clarke,
Esq. of Wiliield, co. Dublin, and has issue, Thomas,
Maria, Janet, and Martha.

4 Sealy Uniacke, m. Elizabeth Dyke, and by her (who is
deceased) has one son, Thomas Dyke.

5 Philip Uniacke. 6 William Uniacke.

7 Charles Uniacke, m. 1st, 17 Oct. 1854, Annie, eldest dau,
of Eev. Robert Loftus Tottenham {see Tottenham of Tot-
tenham Green, and Bubke"s Peerage, Ely, M.), and by
her (who d. 8 April, 1873) had

Charles Loftus Uniacke, 6. 7 Jan. 1861.

T. Loftus Uniacke, 6. 31 Au)?. 186 4.

Robert Ponsonby Loftus, b. 8 F"cb. 18G6.

Anna Maria Eleanor. Maude .Vlicia.

Caroline Mary. Madeline.

Emilie Frances, d. young.
Mr. Charles Uniacke Townsend m. 2ndly, 7 July, 1875,
Anna Maria, eldest dau. of S. W. Roberts, Esq. of Bur-
lington Eoad, Dublin.

1 Elizabeth, m. Samuel Harrison, Esq. of Cork.

2 Eleanor.

3 Mary, ?«. Edward Bryan Molloy, Esq. of Kiltra, Ennis-
corthy, co. Wexford.

I. Eleanor, m. John Townsend, Esq., Recorder of Clonakilty.

II. Elizabeth, d. unm. iii. Susan, d. unm.

Mr. Townsend ))i. 2ndly, Margaret, dau. of Horatio Townsend,

Esq. of Bridgemount, CO. Cork. Sheets p. His eldest son,
John Sealt Townsend, E.sq. of Myross Wood, for many

years one of the Masters in the Irish Court of Chancery, ni.

1795, Anne, dau. of John llandcock, Esq. Lieut. -Governor of

Charles Fort, Kinsale, and had issue,
Richard, High Sheriff co. Cork, 1834, m. 1826, Helena, dau.
of Very Rev. Thomas Trench, Dean of Kildare, brother of
Frederick, 1st Lord Ashtown, and d. 29 Nov. Is39, leaving
two sons and two daus.,

1 John Handcock, of Myross Wood.

2 Frederick Trench, Col. late Commanding 2nd Life
Guards; Knight of the Imperial Ottoman Order of the
Osmanieh (4th class).

1 Helen, m. Col. Charles Holder.

2 Anna Jane, m. John Croasdaile, Esq.

Elizabeth Susanna, m. April, 1832, AVilliam Steuart Trench,
Esq. (see Bcrke's Peerage, Ashtow.v, B.), and had issue.
Mr. Townsend d. 18 March, 1852, and was s. by his grand-

John Handcock Townsend, Esq. of Myross Wood, J. P., b.
30Oct. 1S29; m. 19 March, 1853, Katherine Emma, 2nd dau.
of Eev. William Tower, of How Hatch, Essex, and niece of
Christopher Thomas Tower, Esq. of Weald Hall, and had

I. Eichabd Hakvet, now of Myross Wood.

II. William Tower, b. 26 .\ug. 1855.

III. Ernest, Lieut. R.E., b. 2 March, 1860.

IV. Arthur Edward, b. 10 Feb. 1863.

V. Christopher, 6. 5 April, 1869; d. 25 Jan. 1874.

1. Caroline Edith. ii. Mildred Louisa.

III. Honoria Maria, m. 1881, James Alexander Whitla, Esq.
of Bencaden, near Belfast.

IV. Mary. V. Florence, d. 17 Jan, 1874.

VI. Ellen Beatrice, h. 19 July, 1870.

VII. Alice Katherine, 6. 10 Jan. 1873.
Mr. Townsend d. 1890.

Arms, Crest, dr. — Same as Townsiiend of Castle Townshend.
Stat — Myross Wood, Leap, co. Cork.

Payne - TowxsnEND, Nathaniel Wilmot
Olivek, Esq. of Derrj, co. Cork, b. Feb. 183fi; m.
June, 18G2, Maria, 4t,h dau. of George Smith
Strawson, Esq., C.E., of Cardiff, and has issue,

I. George Chambre W'ilmot, b. 26 Kov. 1863.

II. Horatio Baxter, b. 18 Aug. 1871.

III. William Pearson, b. 14 June, 1875.

IV. Dudley Ryder, b. 6 July, 1877.

V. Herbert Oliver, &. 10 June, 1880.

I. Harriet Elizabeth Barrington.

II. Katherine Disney. in. Helena Strawson.
IV. Florence jNIaria.

Iiineage.— The Rev. Horatio Townsend, of Derry, Srd
son of Capt. Philip Townsend of Derry, who was 8th son of
Bryan Townsend, Esq. of Castle Townsend (see that Maiioir),
became Rector of Clonakilty and of Carrigaline, and wa,'*
seated at Derry, near Rosscarberry, co. Cork. He m. 1st,
Helena, dau. of the Rev. Robert Meade, of Ballintober, and
by her had one dau. Joanna, m. Thomas Poole, Esq. of May-
tield, CO. Cork. He m. 2ndly, Katherine, dau. of Ven. Chambre
Corker, of Lota, co. Cork, Archdeacon of Ardagh, and by her
had issue, three sons and seven daus.,

I. Chambre Corker, of whom presently.

II. Horatio (Rev.), Rector of Cari-agaline; m. 1st, 3 June,
18:9, Anne, dau. of llev. Edward Kenney, of Kilinecn, co.
Cork, whi^h lady d. s. p. 2 April, 1830. He in. 2ndly
Jane Florence, dau. of Justin MacCartie, Esq. of Carrig-
navar, and d. 19 Dec. 1837, leaving by the latter one son,

III. Richard William, m. Aug. 1850, Laura, dau. of Henry
Hibbert, Esq. of Bromley, Kent. He d. 1855, leaving issue,

1 JIary Henrietta.

2 Katherine Isabella, m. Josph Armitage, Esq. of New
Coll. Oxon.

3 Laura Provence.

I. Eliza, rn. Lionel Fleming, Esq. of New Court, and d. 1863.

II. Katherine, d. unm. 1873.

III. Maria, m. Philip Somerville, Esq., d. s. p.

IV. Isabella, m. M.ajor Edward Townsend, and d. 1865.

V. Susan, m. Edward Hume Townsend, Esq., formerly
Revenue Commissioner, Bombay C.S.

VI. Harriet, d. xuim. 1887.

VII. Caroline Charlotte, (/. unm.

Mr. Townsmd purchased his elder brother's interest in the
family estate, added considerably thereto, and built a new
mansion-house. Mr. Townsend d. 26 March, 1837, and wass.
by his eldest son.

Rev. Chambre Corker Townsend, of Derry, Rector of
Kilmacabea, CO. Cork. He »i. 1st, 1824, Frances Vere, dau. of
Edward Stewart, Esq., son of William Stewart, Esq. of Killy-
moon, M.P. co. Tyrone, and by her (who d. Nov. 1824) had
one son,

I. Horace, late of Derry.

He m. 2ndly, 18 Aug. 1831, Eliza, dau. and heir of Major-Gen.
Oliver, R.A., and by her had issue, three sons and eight daus.,

II. Nathaniel Wilmot Oliver, now of Derry. '

III. Chambre Corker, b. 1838.

IV. Richard Baxter, li. 1846; m. 28 July, 1881, Letiria Jane
Dorothea, dau. of Rev. Ralph Bourne Baker, of Haitield
Court, CO. Gloucester, granddau. of Dr. Singer, Bishop of

I. Marianne Oliver, in. John Townsend, Esq., Comm. R.N.

II. Katherine Corker. :ii. Kliza Susan.

IV. Caroline Charlotte, m 14 Dec. 1865, Rev. Tliomas Miller,
F'ellow of Quern's Coll. Camb., and d. Feb. 1868.
v. Anne.

VI. Susan, m. April, 1869, Brian Houghton Hodgson, Esq.
of Aiderley, Bengal C.S. (reti'ed list).

VII. Isabella Frances Vere, d. unm. 1882.

VIII. Alicia Hewitt.

Mr. Townsend d. 30 July, 1852, and was s. by his eldest son,

Payne-Townsuend, Horace, Esq. of Derry, co. Cork, J. P.
and D.L., Barrister-at-Law, m. 20 Oct. IS55, Mary Susanna,
eldest dau. and co-heir of Lieut. -Col. Thomas Cox Kirby, and
devisee under the will of Thomas Payne, Esq. of Edstastoa
House, Wem, Salop, of his estates situated in Salop and co.
Gloucester. In obedience to the directions contained in Mr.
Payne's will, Mr. Townshend, upon succeciiing to the estates
in right of his wife, obtained in 1863 a royal licence to use the
name of Payne in addition to and before the name of Town-
shend. He d. 2 Feb. 1885, leaving two daus.,
I. Charlotte Frances,





n. Mary Stewart, ii;. 24 March, 1885, Capt. Hugh Chol-
mondfley, liitle Brigade, nephew of Lord Delamere.
Arms, Crest, aiid Motto— as Townshend of Castle
Seat — Derry, Eosscarberry, co. Cork.
Residence — 49, Adolphus Road, N.



nal, CO. Kent, and Matson House, co. Gloucester,
h. 15 Nov. 1834', educated at Eton and Christ
Church, Oxford, B.A. 1855, M.A. 1859; in the
diplomatic service 1855-1859, Lieut, in the Kent
Artillery Militia 1860-1869; F.S.A., F.G.S.,
F.E.Gr.S., J.P. for COS. Kent and London ; m. 5
April, 1877, Clara Catherine, 2nd dau. of the late
Bev. George Barber Paley, B.D., of Langcliffe, co.
York, and Rector of Freckenham, co. Suifolk, and
has issue,

I. Hugh Sydney, 6. 9 Feb. 1878.

II. Ferdinand, h. 17 April, 1880.

On the death of Emily Caroline, Countess Sydney,
9 March, 1893, the Hon. Robert Marsham received
the royal licence to take the additional name and to
quarter the arms of Townshend, in accordance
with the provisions made in the will of his maternal
uncle, John Robert, Earl Sydney, G.C.B.

liineagre.— The Hon. Thomas Townshend, one of the
Tellers of the Exchequer, M.P. for the Unirersity of Cam-
bridge, an accomplished scholar, was the 2nd surviving son of
Charles, 2nd Viscount Townshend, K.G., by Elizabeth his 1st
■wife, only dau. and heiress of Thomas, Lord Pelham {see
Burke's Peerage, Townshend, M.) lie was 6. 2 June, 1701 ;
m. 2 May, 1730, Albinia,dau.of Col. John Selwyn, of Matson,
CO. Gloucester, and d. 21 May, 1780, having by her (who d. 7
Sept. 1739) had, with other issue, an eldest son,

Thomas Townshend, Secretary of State for the Home Dept.,
h. 24 Feb. 1732-3, was created on 6 March, 1783, Bakon Sydney
of Chiskhurst, and on 11 June, 1789, Viscocnt Sydney, of
St. Leonards, co. Ghucester. He in. 19 May, 1760, Elizabeth,
elder dau. and co-heir of Richard Powys, Esq. of Hintlesham,
■CO. Suffolk, and d. 30 June, 1800, having by her (who d. 1
May, 1826) had issue (with others, who d. in infancy),

I. John Thomas, his heir.

II. William Augustus, b. 10 March, 1776; d. tinvi. 3 July, 1816.

III. Horatio George Powys (Sir), K.C.H., b. 6 Feb. 1780 ; Col.
in the army and Lieut. Governor of the Round Tower of
Windsor Castle, d. unm. 25 May, 1843.

I. Georgiana, 6. 1 June, 1761 ; State Housekeeperof Windsor
Castle, d. unm. 12 Sept. 1835.

II. Mary Elizabeth, b. 2 Sept. 1762; m. 10 July, 1783, John,
2nd Earl of Chatham, K.G. (who d. 24 Sept. 1835), and
d. s.p. 20 May, 1821.

III. Frances, 6. 20 Feb. 1772; m. 20 Oct. 1794, George, 3rd
Lord Dynevor (who d. 9 April, 1852), and d. 13 Aug. 1854,
leaving issue.

IV. Harriet Katherine, b. 29 Nov. 1773 ; m. 24 March, 1795,
Charles William, 4th Duke of Buccleuch, K.T. (who d. 20
April, 1819), andrf. 24 Aug. 1814, leaving issue.

The eldest son,

John Thomas, 2nd Viscoont Sydney, 6. 21 Feb. 1764; m.
1st, 12 April, 1790, the Hon. Sophia Southwell, dau. of
Edward, 17th Lord de Clifford, by whom (who d. 9 Nov. 1795)
he had, with other issue, who d. in infancy,

Sophia Mary. 5. 16 Feb. 1792; m. 15 Jan. 183.3, Lieut.-CoL
the Hon. Peregrine »Francis Cast {.tee Bokke's Peerage,
Brownlow, E.), and d. s.p. 6 Dec. 1852. He d. 15 Sept.
Mary Elizabeth, b. 6 March, 1794; m. 1st, 4 Oct. 1825, George
James Cholmondeley, Esq. of Boxley House, Kent, who ^Z.
5 Nov. 1830, and by him had an only dau. Frances Sophia,
6. 18 July, 1826; m. 16 April, 1846, Rev. John C. B. Riddell,
who d. 2 March, 1879 {see Burke's Peerage, Riddell, Bart.),
and d. 23 Dec. 1887, leaving issue. Mrs. Cholmondeley in.
2ndly, 9 Feb. 1832, Charles, 2nd Earl of Romney, wlio d. 29
March, 1845 {see Burke's Pcerarje, Ro.mney, E.), and d. 25
Dec. Ib47, leaving issue by him, an only son,
Robert, now of Frognal.
His Lordship hi. 2ndly, 27 May, 1802, Lady Caroline Clements,
3rd dau. of Robert, 1st Earl of Leitrira, and d. '20 Jan. 1831,
Laving by her (who d. 9 Aug. 1805) had an only son,
John Robert, 3rd 'Viscount Sydney, P.C, G.C.B., M.A.
Camb. , Lord Lieutenant of Kent, Captain of Deal Castle,
twije Lord Chamberlain and twice Lord Steward of the

Household, b. 9 Aug. 1805; created Earl Sydney, 27 Feb.
1874 ; m. 4 Aug. 1832, Lady Emily Caroline, dau. of Henry
William, 1st Marquess of Anglesey, K.G., and d. s. ^j. 14
Feb. 1890, when the peerage became extinct. The Countess
Sydney d. 9 March, ls93.

^rms— Quarterly, 1st and 4th, for Townshend: az. a chev-
ron erm. between three escallops arg. ; ".'nd and 3rd, for
Maksham : arg. a lion passant in bend gu. between two
bendlets az. Crests — 1st, Townshend : a stag statant ppr. ;
2na, Marsham: a lion-s head erased gu. Motto— Dioa et

Seats— Frognal, Foots Cray, Kent; and Matson, co.

Toirn Residence— 5, Chesterfield Street, Slayfuir, W.
Ciiiii— Athenaeum, and Carlton.


Townshend, Charles William, Esq. of Tre-
vallyn, co. Denbigh, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff
1889, b. 1847, m. ] 883, Clara, dau. of Col. R. W.
O'Grady, and has issue,

John Sydney, b. 1886.

liineagre — Sir Robert Townshend, Gentleman of the
Privy Chamber to King Charles II., and the first knight
made by his Majesty on his return to London 16G0, was the
son of William Agborough, Esq., by Anne his wife, dau. of
Edward AVythes, Esq. of Copgrove, co. York, which lady mar-
rying 2ndly, Aurelian Townshend, Esq., her son by her first
husband assumed the surname and arms of Townsiie.nd. Sir
Robert m. 1st, Hon. Anne Spencer, 3rd dau. of William, 2nd
Lord Spencer, of Wormleighton, and 2ndly, Mary, dau. of
Henry Ascue, Esq. of co. York, and left at his decease a son
and successor,

Anthony Townshend, Esq. of Hem, co. Denbigh, m. Mary,
dau. of Sir John Dugdale, son of Sir William Dugdale, Garter
King of Arms, and was father of

John Townshe.vd, Esq. of Hem, to. 1st, Mary, dau. of Sir
William Meredyth, 2nd Bart, of Ashley, co. Chester, by whom
he had no issue, and 2ndly, Frances, b. 1702, relict of Samuel
Minshull, Esq., and dau. and heir of Nathaniel Lee, Esq. of
DaiTihall, by whom he had (with three daus., Frances, Susan,
and Anne, who all d. v.?i»i. )six sons,

I. John, his heir.

II. Robert, an Officer in the 44th Regt., killed with General
Braddock, in North America 1756.

III. William, d. unm.

IV. Edward, of Wincham and Antrobus {see Townshend of

v. Thomas, of WilbrightonHall, CO. Stafford, 6. 25 Aug. 1738;
m. 1st, Anne, only dau. and heir of George Mainwaring,
Esq. of Bromborough, widow of Massie Taylor, Esq., and
2ndly, Mary, dau. of Henry Hesketh, Esq. of Newton, but
had no issue.

VI. George Salisbury, 6. 19 April, 1742; m. Frances, dau. of
Rev. John Brook, of Blacklands, Salop, and dying '29 Sept.
1801, left a son,

1 George Brooke Briggs, of Houghton, -who assumed the
surname of Brooke by sign-manual 28 March, 1797,
and was Sheriff of Salop 1811. He m. Henrietta, dau.
of William Massey, Esq. of MostonHall, co. Chester, and
had issue.

Mr. Townshend was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

John Townshend, Esq. of Hem, co. Denbigh, and of Whitby,
CO. Chester, b. 3 Oct. 1730 ; m. 1760, Anne, dau. of Henry
Bennett, Esq. of Mostyn, in the latter co., and dying 8 April,
1778, left (with four daus., who all d. unm. except the youngest,
Sarah Susanna, m. ISOO, Rev. Charles Mainwaring, of Oteley
Park, Salop) a son and successor,

John Stanislaus Townshend, Esq. of Hem and Trevallyn,
TO. 3 Aug. 1790, Dorothea, only child of Thomas Gladwin, Esq.,
a younger son of Henry Gladwin, Esq. of Stubbing, co. Derby,
and had seven sons and three daus.,

I. John, his heir.

II. Thomas George, d. unm. 28 Feb. 1919.

III. Henry Dive, successor to his brother.

IV. George, b. 4 June, 1738 ; to. Elizabeth, dau. of John
Manning, Esq., and left (with five daus.) two sons,

1 George, late of Trevallyn, co. Denbigh, J. P., d. unm.
and was s. by his brother.

2 Charles Willlam, now of Trevallyn.
v. Salisbury, d. young, 1810.

VI. Bennet Vere (Rev.), d. v,nm. July, 1836.

VII. Charles, m. Mary Anne, dau. of Francis Barker, Esq.,
and has issue, two daus. Harriette Dorothea and Susan

I. Dorothea, to. Kcv. George Cunliffe, Vicar of Wrexham,
youngest son of Sir Foster Cunliffe, 3rd Bart, of Acton

6 o





II. Anno.

III. Susannn, -,». Capt. Henry 3Icrcdith Mostyn, E.X., uf
Sii^iwyiUl ana I-Iewisog- Loiljio, il. s.p. ISIO.

Mr. Ttnvnshcnd iL 17 Ang. IS'ib", anil liis widow 'JD Jan. 1S34.
The eldest son,

John Townsiiesd, E.<q. of Trcvallyn, High SberifT 1S4:!, />.
20 Get. 1701 ; m. 10 Jlay, 1842, rriscilla, eldest dan. of John
l-'iolden, Esq. of Mollington Hall, co. Chester. He d. 5 March,
liSL'l, and was .'. by his brother,

Henuy PiveTow.nsuend. Esq. of Trcvcllyn and lleni, General
in the army and Col. 25th liest., b. 171)5, d. uinu. Tl .Sept.
1SS2, and was >■!. by his nephew.

Arms — .-\z.. a chevron enirraikd between three escallops erin.
Creft — .\ roebuck's head attired or, gorjjed with a collar az.,
charged with tlnec escallops arg. ^lotlne.i — liuic generi in-
crenienta tides : and as representative of the hEiis of J)ani/uUl,
Vince malum patientia.

iiL'.'.t — Trcvallayn, near Wre.xham, co. Denbigh.


TowNSUENi), Edwaed Lek, Esq. of Wincliam
Ilall, CO. Cliester, b. 1 Oct. 1868.

Liineag'e. — Edward Townshend, Esq. of Mincham and
Antrobus, b. 4 Feb. 17oC-o7, 4th son of John Townshend, Esq.
of Hem, CO. Denbigh, by Frances Lee, his 2iid wife {src prc-
Ctdrio/ Memoir), s. to Wincham and Antrobus under the will
of Hester Leigh, of .\dlington. He /)!. 1st, 1702, Frances, dau.
of Thomas Eee, Esq. of Colon, by whom he had no child to
siu'vive infancy, and 2ndly, 1773, Anno, dau. of llcv.
lUgbyu Baldwin, of Hoole, by whom (who d. Is25) he had

I. Edward Venahles, of AVineham.

I. Hester, m. llcv. Richard Massie, of Coddington.

II. Wilhelmina Marie, t;.uii//i. iii. Sidney.

IV. JIarbara Anne, d. mihi. 1S06.

V. Arabella.

VI. Harriet Frances, m. Thomas Twemlowe, Esq. of Peats-

Mr. Edward Townshend d. ISU. The son and heir,

Edward VenablesTow>shi:n0. Esij. of Wincham, b. 31 Aug.
1774; 7». 22 Oct. iiSCl, Cornelia Anne, dau. of Josias Du Pre,
Esq. of Wilton Park, Bucks, and by her (who d. 20 June, 1849)
had issue,

I. Lee Porcher, late of Wincham Hall.

II. Edward Du Pre, b. Oct. ISOO ; ni. Is47, ^lary, dau. of Major
Hunter, and has issue, two sons.

III. Henry, b. lsi:5; 711. 1844, Jane, of John Shaw
Leigh, Esq. of Luton House, Beds, and has issue, two sons
and three dans.

I. Charlotte Hester, vi. 1S48, Thomas Leche Massie, Esq..
Vice-Admiral li.X., and has two sons and one dau.

Mr. Towshend d. 7 April, 1845, and was ,•!. by his eldest son,

Lee Porciier Townshend, Esq. of Wincham Hall, J. P. and
D.L., Chairman of Quarter Sessions, b. 13 March, 1^04; i,i.
27 Dec. 1832, Emma Johanna, eldest dau. of Lieut. -Gen.
Birkenhead Glcgg, of Blackford Hall, co. Chester, and has

I. Edward, hi? heir.

It. Lee Glegg, b. 23 April, 1838 : d. 4 Xov. 1839.
III. Charles Lee, b. 8 April, 1847 ; d. 27 June, ls47.
!. 3Iaiy.

It. Faimy Emma, r,i. 1862, William Congrcve, ICsq. of Bur-
tc", CO. Chester, and has issue.

III. C'onielia Jane, 7/4. 1861, Frederick William Strwait, ("apt.
H.K.I.C.S., and ha.s issue.

IV. ICinily Eliza, -m. 1805, Edward Logan, l'..-q., and has

V. Harriet Maria, m. Jan. 1875, Rev. H. llitehiugs.
lie d. 10 May, 1871, and was s. by his son,

Edward Townshend, Esq. of Wincham Hall, b. 23 Nov.
1835 ; m. 10 Dec. 18G7, Alicia Jane, dau. of Thomas I'arr, iusq.
of Grappcnhall Heyes, and d. 1885, leaving issue,

ED\yARD Lee, now of Wincham Hall.

Lilian Lee.

.•t?-//!.'— Quarterly : Island 4th, az., a chevron engrailed be-
tween three escallops erm. ; 2nd and 3rd, arg., a fesse between
three leopard.s' f.-ices sa. Ci-r.<l — A stag's head couped ppr.,
attired or, gorged wlili a collaraz., charged with three escallops
arg. .W'lttoif — Huic generi increiacnta tides; Yincc malum
patient ia.

H'Mt — Wincham Hall, Knutsfoj'd.


Tk.mtoki), William ]Ij;m!V, l-^^q. of Jji-undiill
House, and Wroxliaiii Hull, co. ^Norfolk, J. P., High
Sheriff 1865, L. 21 Eeb. 1833, s. las father 18U2.

liineag-e — This is a branch of tlie old and knightly family
of TralTord, a family that was seated at TralTord, co. Lancaster,
at a i)eriod antecedent to the Conquest.

Thomas Tbafi-oud, Esq. of Langliam, co. P.utland, 3rd son of
Sir Edmund Trafford, Knt. of Trafford, by Elizabeth his wife,
dau. of Sir Balph Leicester, Knt. of Toft (.svc Burke's /■(■., v/;/e
and Baronctai/'), ,,i. Elizabeth, dau. of James Fawkenor, Esq.
of CO. Rutland, and was f.ather of

Richard Trafford, Esq. of London, m. Dorothy, dau. and
sole heir of Hugh Ccdlier, Esq. of Xorthampton, and by her
(living 1013) had a son,

Richard Tuafford, Esq. of Low Leyton, Essex, m. Jane
dau. and co-heir of .lolin Johnston, Esq. of London, and by
her (who d. before 1041^ left at his decease, 1613, a. son and

John Trafford, Esq. of Low Leyton, m. Margaret, dau.
and solo heir of Simon Wood, Esq. of Dunton Hall, co. Lincoln
(son of Robert Wooil. Esq. of Colwich, Notts, by Margaret his
wife, dau. of Sir Edward Montague, Knt., Chief J

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