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ustice of the
King's Bench, and Helen his wife, dau. of John Roper, Esq. of
lUtham, founder's kin to All Souls' College). By her Mr.
TralTord (who d. 1044) had issue. The 2nd dau. and eventual

Anne Trafford, w. Fisher Dilke, Esq. of London, and by
him, who was bur. 4 3Iay, WM, left at her, 1671,
an only dau. and heir,

Anne Dilke, bapt. 6 Xov. 1670; m. 1 Dec. 1692, Clement
Boehm, Esq. of London, a Director of the Bank of England,
son of Matthew Boehm, one of the Senators of Strasburg, and
I?. 22 April, I7'22, having had by him (who d. 12 June, aged
75) Jive sons. The eldest son,

SiGiSMOND BoEiiM Trafford, Esq., who assumed the sur-
name of Trafford, )/;. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Gilbert Heath-
cote, 1st Bart, of London, but -/. .s-. ji. 1 Feb. 1740-41, when he
was .<. by (the son of his brother Clement) his nephew and

Sir Cuoient Boehm Trafford, Knt. of Dunton Hall, co.
Lincoln, bapt. at St. Petersburg 24 July, 1738, High Sheriff,
who assumed the .surname of Trafford. Sir Clement )/i. Jane,
dau. of Edward Southwell, Esq. of Wisbeach, and ultimately,
at the decease of her two brothers, Edward and Henry, both
uniii., heir of her father. By this lady (who assumed the
surname of .Southwell by Act of Parliament 31 Georce III.,
and (/. 1 April, 180(1) he left at his decease, 1786, a son and a
dau., SiGiSMrND, his heir, and Jane, ,n. Riehard Baker,
Esq. of Orsctt Hall, Essex, and d. 1!J Feb. I84;i. The son and

SicisMUND Trafford, Esq. of Xorwieh, and of Wroxham
Hall, Norfolk, h. 14 Ma.v, 1702, took the surn.ame of South-
well. He VI. Margaret, eldest dau. and co-heir of .lames
Crowe, Esq. of Norwich, by Margaret his wife. dau. of John
Beevor, Jt.l)., and had issue,

Sigismund. his heir, /;. 9 Aug. 1792 ; d. 1852.

Clement, '-. 1 Sept. 1793; d. Dee. Isrs.

Edw.4I!D William, late of Bruiidall House.

Margaret Elizabeth TratTonl Southwell, of Honiiigton Hall,
near Grantham, and 19, Princes Gate, !ly<lePaik, W., whni
assumed the additional surname of Southwell 24 .Vpril,
1849, in compliance with the testamentary injunctions of
licr deceased aunt, Jlrs. Jane P)aker, of Portland place and
Orsett Hall, Essex. She ,1. Nov. Is79.

Emma, in. 1 .Vug. 1825, Grorge Heald, Esq., K.C., of Lin-
coln's Inn, and (/. II Jaa .1828, leaving issue, one son,
George TralTord Heald, Esq., d. s.2>-
^Ir. Trafford (/. 1 Ang. 1827, and was .■!. by his son,

Edward William Trafford, Esq. of Briindall House, Nor-
folk, J. P., '-. Sept. 18(19; in. 1st, 15 Nov. 1831, Louisa, dau. of
Thomas Thistlethwayte, Esq. of Southwick I'ailc, Hants, and
had issue,

I. William IIenrt, now of Brmidall House.

II. Edward Southwell, of Honington Hall, Grantham,
CO. Lincoln (residence, Wroxliam Hall, Norwieh), y/t. 1st, 8
Oct. 1807, Geraldine, 2nd <lau. of Sir H. Paston liedingleld,
fith Bart, of O.xburgh, and 2ndly, Hon. Eleanor Petre, Sth
dau. of William Bernard, I2th Lord Petre, and by her has

1 Sigismund William Joseph, '1. 15JMarch, ISs.;.

2 Cecil Edw.ard, b. 1884. 3 Edward Beinard, b. 1885.
4 Raphael Henry, b. 1886.

,'■> Joseph Louis, b. 18 April, 1888.

Harold Henry, 6. 1891. 7 ( I eoflfrey Michael, b. 1893.

1 Eleanor .'Mary Josephine Southwell.

2 Dorothy Mary, twin with Cecil Edward.

3 Sibylla M.ary.

He rn. 2ndly, 1840, Marline, dau. of -'\I. Antoine Lanninaeh, of
Saumur, Anjou. He ((. 28 Feb. 1892, and was ,<. by his eldest

.(rms— Arg., a griffin scgrcant gu. Crest— \ thrasher ppr..





his hat and coat per pale arg. and gu., sleeves counterchanged,
liis treeches and stockings of the second and tliird, his Hail of
the first; over the flail, a scroll with these words, "Now
thus." J/ofto— Gripe, griffin ; hold fast.
HeaU — Brundall House ; and Wroxham Hall, Norfolk.


Teafpoed, Henet Eaxdolph, Esq. of Michael-
church Court, CO. Hereford, J. P. and D.L., b. 8
Dec. 1853.

Lineag'e. — Sib Edmdkd Trafford, of Trafford Park, co.
Lancaster, Knight of the Bath, 1514, m. Margaret, dau. of Sir
John Savage, of Clifton, co. Lancaster, by whom he had issue,

I. Edmtni) (Sir), of Trafford Park, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir
Ralph Longford, of Longford, and was ancestor of the De
Tbaffobds of Trafford.


The younger son,

William Trafford, of Wilmsloe, co. Chester, was Under-
sheriff of Cheshire in 1540; obtaineda grant of Swithaniley
Grange, co. Stafford, from Henry VIII. in 1541 ; he m.
Margery, dan. of Sir Ralph Longford, of Longford, and had

I. Christopher, d. s. p.

II. Peilw, of Swithaniley.

III. Henry, Clerk of the Green Cloth to Queen Elizabeth,
bur. at Greenwich.

The 2nd son,

Philip Tbaffobd, of Swithaniley, living 1614; m. Ellen, dau.
of George Dickson, of Sheldon, and by her had, with three
I daus. and six sons (Henry, Philip, Christopher, Edmund,
I Thomas, John, who all d. s. p.), an eldest son,

William Trafford, of Swithamley, 6. 1589 ; m. Sara,
I dau. of Thomas Homersley, of Bottom, co. Stafford, and had
William, of Swithamley. Thomas.

Mary, m. William Homersley.
The elder son,

William Trafford, of Swithamley, 6. 1615 ; m. Mary,
dau. of Ealf Bagnal, of Oncote, co. Stafford, and by her had

j William, d. young.

1 Philip, b. 1645 ; d. s. p., bur. Oct. 1674.

I WiLUAM, of Swithamley.

I Charlotte, m. Edward Lawton.

' The youngest son,

William Trafford. of Swithamley, was bur. at Rnshton
12 Sept. 1726. He to. Clara, dau. of William Lawton, of
Lawton, Cheshire, by whom he had issue,
William, of Swithamley.
Edward, ancestor of Leigh-Traffobd of Outringham.

The elder son,

William Trafford, Esq. of Swithamley Grange, in. 1st,
Sarah, dau. and co-heir of Samuel Mellor, of Idridgehay, co.
Derby, and by her bad issue,

George "|

Fdw^d I *^^ '"'• *■ P' ^^ tlicir father's lifetime.

William J

Sarah, of whom presently.

He TO. 2ndly, Mercy, dau. and co-heir of Thomas Rudyard, co.
Stafford, and d. Oct. 176J, aged 75. His only surviving child
and heiress,

Sarah Trafford, to. William Nicols, of Coton Hall, co.
Stafford, and Perryhowell, co. Salop, and had issue, three
daus. and five sons,

I. William, inherited his grandmother Mellor's property ;
d. s. p. 2 April, 1788, bur. at Stone, co. Stafford.

II. Thomaa, Rector of Whitechurch, Oxon, inherited his
uncle Rev. S. Walker's property, of Whitgrave, co. Stafford,
d. unvi.

III. Samuel, d. s. p.

IV. Edward, who inherited Swithamley.

V. Robert, an-officer in the Royal Navy.
The 4th son,

Edward Nicols, Esq. of Swithamley, to. Ellen, dau. of
William Taylor, of Liverpool, and d. IsOS, having had issue,
three daus. and three sons,

I. Edward, of Swithaniley, who a.'isumed by royal warrant
the surname and arms of Tbafford. He sold .Swithaniley.
He ni. 1st, Ellen Worsey, by whom he had a dan. !!^".r:;h,
who m. J. Joule, Esq. of Stone, and had issue, a dau. Sarah,
TO. — Wynne.

II. William, d. i. p.

in. Thomas Samuel.
The 3rd son,

Thomas Samuel Nicols, Major-Gen. in the army, assumed
by royal warrant the surname and arms of Trafford
of Swithamley, ?/(. 1817, Anne, dau. of Benjamin Eawson,
Esq. of Nidd Hall, co. York, and by her (who d. 1843) had

I. Edward, d. young.

II. Charles Get, of whom presently.

III. Benjamin William Rawson, m. Minna, dau. of Col.

IV. Henry, m. in Canada, and has a son, Henry, who assumed
the additional surname of Rawson, to. Julia, dau. of Capt.
Welstead, and has issue, a dau.

Major-Gen. Trafford d. 1857. His 2nd son,

Charles Guy Trafford, Esq. of Michaelchurch Court,
CO. Hereford, J. P. and D.L., m. 1845, Caroline Anne, dau. of
Rev. John Hopton, of Canon ffiome Court, co. Hereford, and
had is.'^ue,

I. Edward Guy, TO. 1876, Emily Jane, dau. of John Dunning,
of New York, and has issue, Lionel Guy, b. 1885.

II. Henry Randolph, now of .Michaelchurch Court.

III. Lionel James, of The Hi'l Court,, co. Hereford,
Major (retired pay) late 36th Royal Sussex Regt., 6. 1 Nov.
1855 ; ra. 19 March, 1891, Amelia Ruth Merton, dau. of S.
Simmons, Esq.

IV. Guy Rawson.

I. Clare Ellen, to. 1874, Major-Gen. Edward Hopton, C.B.,
of Cagebrook. co. Hereford, and has issue.

II. Anne Caroline, m. 1887, liev. Frederick Greer, Rector of
Turnaston, co. Hereford.

Mr. Trafford d. 19 March, 1879.

Arms — Arg., a griffin segreant, gu. Crext — A thrasher ppr.,
his hat and coal per pale arg. and gu., sleeves counter-
changed, breeches and stockings of the second and third,
his dail of the first. Motto over : Now thus. Motto—
Gripe, griffin ; hold fast.

iSeai— Michaelchurch Court, Hereford.


Traiieene, George MoNTGOMEET,Esq.of Coed-
riglaii ;ind St. Hilary, co. Glamorgan, J.P.,M.A.
Brasenose Coll. Oxford, b. 30 July, 1826 ; m. 26
April, 1860, Harriet, dau. of the late Jonathan
Beever, Esq. of Cefn Coch, co. Denbigh.

Liineage. — William Edmund Trahebne, Esq. of Ca.s-
tellau, m. 16 Aug. 1630, Margaret Williams, dau. of William
ap Jenkin ap William, Esq. of Abcrperg^vm, by Elizabeth his
wife, dau. of Leyshow Evans, Esq. of Gnoll, near Neath, by
his wife Margaret, dau. of Matthew Herbert, Esq. of Swansea,
and had a son,

Edmund Traherne, Esq. of Castellan, d. 1697 ; to. Pru-
dence, dau. of John Llewellyn, Esq. of Ynysygerwn, near
Neath, and had by her a son,

Llewellyn Trahebne, Esq. of Castellau, co. Glamorgan,
d. 1766 ; «t. Anstance Wells, and had a son, Edmund, and
three daus.. Prudence, d. unm., Ellinor, d. unm., and Mary,
TO. John Llewellyn, Esq. of Coedriglan, d. s. p. 1812. The son
and heir,

Edmund Traherne, Esq. of Castellau, rf. 1795; to. 1st, 23
April, 1764, Mary, dau, of Thomas Llewellyn, Esq. of Welsh
St. Donats, and by her had one son,

Llewellyn, his heir, of whom presently.
He TO. 2udly, Frances Popkin, and had by her four sons and
five daus. ; of the former were,

Edmund, the eldest, m. Marcia Sloper, and d. s. p. 1807.

Morgan Popkin, of Coytrahen, co. Glamorgan, J. P., and
High Sheriff 1812, m. 1st, Elizabeth Jenkins, of Pant-y-
Nawel, and 2ndly, Margaret Richards, and had issue,

1 John Popkin, of Coytrahen, co. Glamorgan, J. P. and
D.L., High Sheriff 1863, late Major Royal Glamorgan
Militia, formeriy 39th Foot, b. 1826 ; m. 1852, Arabella
Diana, dau. of John Richards, Esq. of Plasnewydd, co.
Glamorgan, which lady d. s. p. 18G9.

2 Anthony Powell, of Sarn Fawr, Bridgend, co. Glamor-
gan, J. P. for CO. Glamorgan, Capt. and Adjutant 1st
Administrative Batt. Glamorgan R.V., late Capt. 17lli
Foot, b. 1834 ; m. 1865, Lucy Lockwood, dau. of Thomas
Onslow, Esq., and has an only child, Onslow Powell, b.
12 March, lsG6.

3 Arthur, in. Margaret, dau. of Admiral Christian.

4 Llewellyn Price, to. and has one son, Edmund.

1 Charlotte, la. Charles Urumniond, Esq., son of the late
Banker of Charing Cro-ss.

2 Frances, m. Major Gordon, late of the Jersey Militia.

3 Caroline, ra. Rev. Morton Druminond, youngest son of
the late Banker of Charing Cross.

6 o 2





The only son of Mr. Traherne's 1st nianiafre,

Llewellyn- I'KAnEnxE, Ksq. of Oocdriglan, and St. Hilary,
High Slu'iiff CO. Glamorgan ISOl, <?. lS-41; vi. 1st, 20 Aug.
17S7, Charlotte, dau. of John Edinondcs. Esq.. Iiy Charlotte his
■wife, only dau. of John Dive, Esq. of Kanton Hall, eo. Stafford,
by Anne Dorothy his wife, dau. of Hugh Montgomery, Esq.,
and his wife Barbara, dau. of George Metham, Esq. of North
Cave Hall, co. York. By this lady Mr. Traherne had one son
and three daus.,
John Montgomery (Rev.), of Coodriglan, M..\., J.r. and
D.L.,, K.S.A., b. r> Oct. 17SS ; d. ISSO; m. 29 April,
1S30, Charloite Louis:i, 3rd dau. of Thomas Mansel Talbot,
Esq. of Margam, and I'eurice Castle, co. Glamorgan, and
(?. .«. p. r, Feb. li^tiO.
Charlotte Frances, d. unm. 1852.

Maria Eleanor, m. 1H17, Very Kev. William Bruce Knight,
M.A., Dean of Llandaff, and d. s. p. 1856.
Louisa, d. unm. 1870.

Mr. Traherne m. 2ndly, 27 Jan. 1798, Barbara Maria Manning,
and by her (who d. 15 Jan. 1S49) had one son,
Geokge (Rev.), JL.A.., University Coll. Oxford, Eector of
St. George's and Vicar of St. Hilary, »i. 19 July, 1824,
Ellin, dau. and co heir of the late John Gilbert Royds,
Esq. of Greenhill, co. Lancaster, and li. 2 Dec. Ia53, having
had issue,
George Montgomery, M.A., now of Coedriglan, and
St. Hilary.

Llewellyn Edmund, late 60th Eifles, /;. 30 July, 1832;
m. 1862, Mary, dau. of Henry Hogard, Esq., and has
issue, Llewellyn Edmund, R,X., b. 1803, and George
Gilbert, b. 186'7.

Ellin Maria, m. Hamilton Baillie, Esq., and has issue,
Hamilton Traherne, 6. 1859, Gilbert, Herbert Coleridge,
Dora, and Ellin, d. unm. 1878.
Frances Elizabeth, d. unm. 1872.
Arms—.\Ts;., a chevron sa., between three herons ppr,, on
a canton barry of six of the tirst and az., a lion rampant gu.
Ci-t.H — A goafs head erased ppr. Motto— Ofna, Dduw a'r
Brenhin : Fear God and the King.

Seaf— Coedriglan Park, Cardiff, and St. Hilary, Cowbridge,
CO. Glamorgan.


Teail, ANxnoxY, Esq. of Ballylough, co.
Antrim, J.P., High Sheriff 1882, LL.D. and M.D.,
Pellow of Trin. Coll. Dublin, b. 1 Nov. 1838 ; m.
25 June, 1867, Catherine Ehzabeth, 2nd dau. of
James Stewart Moore, Esq., D.L., of Balljdivity,
CO. Antrim, by Fanny his wife, dau. of Rev.
Thomas Eiehardson, of Somerset, co. Londonderry,
aad has issue,

I. AVilliam Stewart, h. 28 March, 1868.

II. James Anthony, 6. 7 Aug. 1870.

HI. Robert Thomas, 6. 3 Jan. 1872; d. 17 March, 1873.

IV. Henry Edward O'Brien, b. 3 Nov. 1876.

v. Edmund Francis Tarleton, b. 9 May, 1878.

VI. Alexander Frederick, b. 2 May, 1891.

I. Frances Catherine. ii. Harriet Agnes.

III. Annie Margaret.

Lineage. — Col. Andrew Trail, younger brother of
Alexander Trail, Laird of Blebo, co. Fife, ancestor of the
Trails in co. Fife, served the Confederate States of Flanders as
well as Henry IV. of France with reputation. On his return,
he was made Gentleman of the Privy Chamber to Prince Henry,
eldest son of James I. He m. Helen, dau. of Thomas Myrton,
Esq. of Cambo, and was father of

James Trail, Esq. of Denino, who d. 1635, leaving by his
lEt wife, Matilda, dau. of Melville, of Cambce, three sons,

I. James, b. 1600, Col. in the parliamentary army, settled at
Tallachin, co. Down, where he d. in 1663. He m. 1647, Mary,
dau. of Jamee Hamilton, Viscount Claneboy, and iiad issue,
four sons and eight daus., of whom the 6th, Eleanor, m. her
cousin, William Trail, Esq.

II. Robert, of whom presently. iii. Andrew, d. unm.
The 2nd son,

Kev. Robert Trail, b. 1603, Minister of Elie, co. Fife, and
afterwards of the Grey F'riars, Edinburgh, was taken prisoner
by Cromwell ; he a-ssisted afterwards at the coronation of
CuARLES II., and was banished to Holland for nonconformity;
he returned, however, in 1074, and d. at Edinburgh 10 July,
1676. He 5,1. 23 Dec. 1039, Jane Allen, dau. of Alexander
Annan, Laird of Auchterallen, and by her (who d. Dec. 1680)
had issue. His eldest son,

Kev. William Trail, Minister of Borthwick, b. Sept. 1640 ;
m, 1st, 15 Sept. 1671, Euphan, 2nd dau. of Provost Sword, of
St. Andrews, and by her (who d. 1677) left an only dau.

Mary. He )». 2ndly, 25 March, 1679, his cousin Eleanor, 6th
dau. of James Trail, Esq., and by her (who d. 4 Jan. 1696) had

I. James (Rev.), d. 1723, leaving two daus.

II. William (Rev.), b. in Ireland 13 Oct. 1683; m. 1st,
Isabel, 4th dau. of John llaldanc, Esq. of Myrton, near
Stirling, and had, with other i.»siu' who d. s. p., an eldest
son, William, Minister of Logieaud Pet, hi. his cou.sin Mary,
eldest dau. of his unele. Rev. Robert Trail, and had issue.
He hi. 2iully, Marion, dau. of Alexander Hamilton, by
w hom he had no issue.

III. Robert (Rev.), of whom presently.

I. Sarah, d. unm.. 1686. ii. Joan, d. nnm.

III. Margaret, m. Kobeit Alison, Writer in Edinburgh.

IV. Eleanor, twin with Jlargaret; d. young, 1092.

V. Elizabeth, m. Mr. Stevenson.
The .'Ird son.

Rev. Robert Trail, Minister of Panbride, co. Forfar, b. 20
Nov. 1087 ; m. 10 April, 1718, Jane, 8th dau. of John Haldane,
Esq. of Myrton, and by her (who d. 1770) had issue,

I. Robert, of whom presently.

II. John, b. 25 April, 1721 ; (/. vnm.

III. William, b. 23 March, 1723 ; d. 12 March, 1729.

IV. James (Right Rev.^, Bishop of Down and Connor, 6.
9 Feb. 1725; m. 31 Jlay, 1766, Margaret Black, of Edin-
burgh, and d. s. p. 1 Nov. 1783.

I. Mary, m. her first cousin. Rev. William Trail.

II. Margaret, m. 1st, Aug. 1768, — Webster, Esq. of Dundee,
and 2iKlly, 4 March, 1794, William Dow, Esq., brother of
Mrs. R. Trail.

Rev. Robert Trail d. 7 Nov. 1752. His eldest son,

Rev. Robert Trail, Minister of Panbride, b. 10 July, 1719;
■m. Jane, dau. of Rev. Anthony Dow, of Fettercairn, and by
her (who d. 2 June, 1805) had issue,

I. Robert (Rev.), Rector of Ballintoy, 6. 29 Aug. 1754,
d. unm.

II. Anthony, of whom presently.

III. James, Minister of St. Cyrus or Ecclesgraig, co. Kincar-
dine, b. 7 May, 1767 ; m. Anne, dau. of Kev. David Burns,
of Largo, co. Fife.

IV. John.

V. Thomas, merchant in Montrose, 6. 18 Jan. 1764; to. 9
Feb. 1795, Mary, dau. of Robert Airth, of Mains of Dun,
and d 11 Feb. 1822, having had issue.

VI. David, Minister of Panbride, 6. 27 June, 1765 ; m. 23 J une.
1795, Elizabeth, dau. of John Biss, Esq. of Deptfoid, co.
Durham, and had issue.

I. Catherine Jane, m. Alexander Airth, Esq.

II. Margaret Black, vi. her cousin, James Dow, Esq.
The Ven. Robert Trail d. 7 April, 1798. His 2nd .son.

Rev. Anthony Trail, of Ballylough, Prebendary of St.
Andrews, Archdeacon of Connor, and Itector of Skull, b. 25
Nov. 1756; m. 3 Jan. 1788, Agnes, dau. of William Watts
Gayer, LL.D., Chief Clerk of the House of Lords in Ireland,
and by her (who d. 30 Nov. 1838) had issue,

I. James, b. 26 July, 1789 ; d. unm. 27 June, 1810.

II. William, of whom presently.

in. Robert (Rev.), Rector of Skull, co. Cork, 6. 15 July,
1793; m. 11 Feb. 1829, Anne, eldest dau. of Sir Samuel
Hayes, 2nd Bart, of Drumboe, and d. 1847, having had

I. Catherine, d. unm. 23 March, 1823.
Archdeacon Trail d. 10 Nov, 1S31. His 2nd son,

William Trail, Esq. of Ballylough, B. A. Trin. Coll. Dublin,
b. 3 Aug. 1791; m. 1st, 11 Nov. 1824, Louisa Ann, dau. of
Rev. Thomas Lloyd, of Castle Lloyd, by Elizabeth Fitzgerald
his wife, dau. of the Knight of Glyn, and by this lady had issue,
two daus.,

I. Elizabeth Catherine. ii. Agnes, d. 1833.

He m. 2ndly, 28 July, 1836, Louisa Henrietta, dau, of Robert
F'rench, Esq. of Monivea Castle, co. Galway, by Nichola his
wife, sister of Sir Edward O'Brien, 4th Bart, of Dromoland,
and by her had issue,

I. Anthony, now of Ballylough.

II. Robert Gayer, b. 21 Nov. 1839.

III. William Acheson, b. 2 Sept. 1844.

I. Maria Nichola.

II. Agnes Victoria, in. 23 Jan. 1867, Eey. John Joseph
Jackson, of Ballinderry Rectory, eldest son of Very Rev.
James Jackson, Dean of Armagh, and has issue.

III. Louisa Henrietta, d. 1850.

Arms— Az , a chevron between two mascles in chief or, and
a trefoil slipped in base arg. Crest — A column set in the sea
ppr. Jl/(;a()— Diserimine salus.

i'eaJ— Ballylough House, Bushmills, co. Antrim.


TiiAiLL, James Ciikistie, Esq. of Ilobbister, co.
Orkney, and Eattar, co. Caithness, J.P. and I).L.





for Orkney and Caithness, M.A. Oxford, Barrister-at-
Law, b. 1826 ; m. 1857, Julia, 2nd dati. of William
Lambarde, Esq. of Sevenoaks, Kent, and has issue,

I. James William, b. ISSS, late Major 4th Batt. Cheshire
Regt. m. Ethel, dau. of — Sumner, Esq. of Melbourne,
Australia, and has issue,

1 Cecil James, b. 1888. 2 Sinclair George, b. 1890.

II. George Mutton, b. 1859; d. 1870.

III. Richard Randolph William (Rev.), B.A. Camb.

IV. John MuiTay, Lieut. Bedfordshire Kegt., 6.30 Oct. 18G5.
I. Minna Harriet.

liineage. — This is one of the numerous branches of the
Traills 0/ Oi-A-nej/, all springing from the Tbaills of Blebo,
of which House were, Walter Traill, Bishop of St. Andrews
circa 1385, temp. Robert III ; Col. Andrew Traill, who served
with distinction in the wars in the Netherlands against Spain,
and afterwards under Henry IV. of France ; one of Andrew's
grandsons, Robert, was minister of Elie in Fife and afterwards
of Greyfriars, Edinburgh, and another b. 1600, was Col. in
Cromwell's army. Robert's grcat-gi-andson became Bishop of
Down and Connor in 1763. The Orkney Traills derive directly
from the Traills of Blebo, George, said to be a younger son of
John, Laird of Blebo, having accompanied Earl Robert Stewart
to Orkney, circa 1570-80.

George Traill, m. 1st, Jean Kennedy, of Carmunks, co.
Aberdeen, and by her had one son,

I. Thomas, who served in Germany under Gustavus
Adolphus, and on his return home purchased the lands of
Holland, which have descended from father to son to the
present proprietor, Thomas Traill, Esq. of Holland. One
of the offsets of the first branch was the Traills of Tirlot or
Tirltt, whose representative was the eminent Dr. Thomas
Stewart Traill, Professor of Medical Jurisprudence in the
University of Edinburgh, who edited the last edition of the
Encyclojpttdia Britantuca. He d. 1862, aged 81.

George Traill m. 2ndly, Isabel Craigie, of Brugh, and by her
had a numerous progeny, from which descended the Traills
of Westove, Westness, M'oodwick; Ilobbister and Elsness, and
Sabai/. His son,

James Traill, of Westove, 7ii. Jean Cok, and had several
Bons, of whom,

I. Thomas, s. him.

II. William, of Westness, vi. Margaret Balfour, and had

1 George, of Westness, m. Margaret Ballenden, and left a
son, John Traill, of Westness, 6. temxi. Queen Anne, s.
his father in the estate of Westness, and his uncle James
in that of Wocdwick. Hem. 1745, Marj-, dau. of John
Balfour, of Trenable, and dyings, ^j. 1796, leit his estate
of Woodwick, by deed of entail, to his cousin.

2 William, m. Isobel Fea, and was father of William, Lieut.
R.N., ni. Miss Mocard, and left a son, John, s. to West-
ness, served in the American war, and on liis return
settled in Orkney. He m. 16 March, 1790, Sibilla, dau. of
Kev. Hugh Sutherland, and d. o Feb. 1805, leaving by
her, who predeceased him, a son, Willia.m Traill, Esq.
of Woodwick, b. 31 Jan. 1797 ; m. 9 June, 1817, Harriet,
Sarle, and had issue by her (who d. 2 March, 1841),

1 William, of Woodwick, co. Orkney, J. P. and D.L., b.
8 Sept. 1818 ; vi. 4 Feb. 1847, Emma, 2nd dau. of
James Harvey, Esq. of London, and had issue,

1 John, b. 22 Sept. 1851.

2 William Henry, h. 13 June, 1861.

1 Emma, m. Charles Stewart Clouston, M.D.

2 Harriet Jessie, m. D. Thompson Glover, Esq.

3 Mary.

4 Ellen, m. Charles Edward Thomson, of Shangai.

5 Bertha, to. Allan Briggs, Esq.

2 John, Hi. 1862, Sarah Ellen, 4th dau. of James Harvey,
Esq. of Bath, and has issue, two sons and three daus.

3 Charles, m, Jessie Bucholtz, a native of Denmark, d.
27 Aug. 1875, leaving a dau. Ellen.

4 George, m. 1867, Phoebe Marshall, eldest dau. of
Henry Trew, Esq. of Banchory, and has issue, William
Henry, Mary, and Harriet Clementina Wary Wallace.

1 Harriet, d. iinm.

2 Mary, in. 18 Oct. 1843, John George Heddle, Esq. of
Melsetter, Orkney, and had issue.

3 Ellen, d. 17 May, 1876.

4 Elizabeth, to. 1865, Capt. Charles Grant MacKechnie ,
and has issue.

Mr. Traill to. 2ndly, 7 Feb. 1843, Henrietta Moodie, dau.
of Robert Heddle, Esq. of Melsetter, and d. 19 May, 1858,
leaving further issue,

5 Robert Henry, of London, to. Clementine Rose Bazire,
and has a son.

6 Frederick, ra. Sarah Emens, and has issue.

7 Walter.

8 Arthur William, of Xew Zealand, m. Gretchon Wohler,
and has issue.

9 Edwin.

5 Rosa, m. Rev. Roderick Nicholson Macdonncll, and
has issue.
3 James, of Woodwick, m. Margaret Traill, and had issue
who d. young, and he left liis estate to Ids iK]iliew. '

III. George, of Quendale, of whom presently.
The eldest son, Thomas, s. his father as Traill o/ Wcsloi-e ;
while the 3rd son,

George Traill, of Quendale, 3rd son of James Traill, of
Westove, by Jane Cok his wife, was Provost of Kirkwall 1690.
He til. Anna Baikie, and their son and heir,

George Traill, of Hobbister, was for many years Chamber-
lain of the Earldom of Orkney. By Isabel Loutit of Lyking,
his wife he was father of

Dr. George Traill, Ministerof Dunaet, Caithncs-:, who left,
by Jean Murray of Clairdon, his wife, issue, with three daus.,
who all d. unm.,

James Traill, Esq. of Hobbister and Rattar, b. 1759; d.
1843, was appointed Sheriff of Sutherland and Caitliness. He
m. Lady Janet Sinclair, dau. of William, 10th Ear

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