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l of Caithness,
and had issue, with six daus., who all d. unm.,

George, of Rattar and Hobbister, Vice Lieut, of co. Caithness,
andM.P. for Orkney 1830 to 1835, and for Caithness 1841-69,
b. 1789; d. unm. 1871.
John, d. young and unm.

James, for a lung period a Metropolitan Magistrate, 6. 1794 ;
TO. 1824, Caroline, youngest dau. of William Whateley, Esq.
of Handsworth, and d. 1873, leaving issue,

1 James Christie, now of Hobbister and Rattar.

2 George Ballour, Major-Gen., R.A., b. 1833; served
throughout Indian Mutiny, including siege and capture
of Delhi, relief and capture o! Lucknow, m. Ia76, Juliana
Evans, dau. of E. B. Hartopp, of Dalby Hall, and has issue.

3 Sinclair, b. 1836: in. 1864, Harriet, dau. of John Tre-
gonwell King, Esq. of Blandford, Dorset, and has issue.

4 William Frederick, Barrister-at-Law, b. IbSS.

5 John Murray, Lieut. B.A., 6. 1840; d. 1860.

6 Henry Dufif, Barrister-at-Law, b. Ia42; m. Emily,
youngest dau. of Henry Mitchell, Esq.

1 Janet Mary, d. unm, 1»33.

2 Isabella Wilhelmina Caroline.

Seo/^— Castle Hill, co. Caithness, and Geramount Uoiisc,


Teant, Fitzgibbon, Esq. of Dovea, co. Tip-
perarj, J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff ISSi), late
Lieut. 72nd Higlilanders, Lieut. -Col. Eoyal Irish
Eegt., b. 19 Ool. 1849; m. 6 Dec. 1882, Georgina
Emily, youngest dau. of Phillip Jocelyn Newion,
Esq. of Dunlecknej Manor, co. Carlow, and had

I. Laurence Dominick, b. 29 March, 1887.

II. John Phillip, b. 23 Dec. 1889.

I. Irene. ii. Hope Minnie. iii. Ruth Mary.

liineagre. — The Trants claim Danish extraction, and are
of antiquity in Ireland. Sir Patrick Trant, Bart., Commis-
sioner of the Revenue, accompanied King James II. to France.
Sir Patrick's brother. Governor Trant, »;. Miss Steele, sister of
the celebrated Sir Richard Steele, and had a dau. Margaret,
TO. Richard, 4th Earl of Cavan. The great-grandfather of the
present representative, was Tuomas Trant, Esq. of Dingle,
CO. Kerry, who was father of

Dominick Trant, Esq. of Dunkettle, co. Cork, m. Eleanor
Fitzgibbon, sister of John, 1st Earl of Clare, Lord Chancellor
of Ireland, and had issue,

I. John Frederick, of whom presently.

n. William Henry, m. Charlotte, dau. of — Lumsden, Esq.

1. Maria, m. Henry, 2nd Lord Dunalley.
The eldest son,

John Frederick Trant, Esq. of Dovea, J. P. and D.L., Capt.
10th Royal Hussars, m. Caroline, dau. of Francis Brooke, Esq.
of Colebrooke, co. Fermanagh (brother of the Right Hon. Sir
Arthur Brooke, Bart.), by Hannah his wife (dau. of Henry
Prittie, Esq. of Dunalley Castle, and Kill boy, co. Tipperary,
and sister of the 1st Lord Dunalley), and had issue,

I. John, late of Dovea.

I. Caroline, m. Nov. 1833, James Hans Hamilton, Esq. of
Abbotstown, co. Dublin, ftl.P. for thatco. ; d. 9 March, 1845.

II. Louisa Anne.

III. Selina, m. A. B. Cane, Esq. ; d. 5 Nov. 1859.
He d. 21 Nov. 1838, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Trant, Esq. of Dovea, co. Tipperary, J. P., D.L., High
Sheriff 1847, 6. 23 May, 1819 ; m. 3 Nov. 1842, Sarah Sophia,





2nd dau. of Sir Henry Robert Garden, 3rd Bart, of Temple-
more, and(f. 11 May, 1S8T, having had issue,

I. KiTZLiiBBON, now of Dovea.

II. FreLteriik Ion, b. 17 Sept. ISfiG.

III. John Frances, Capt. in the army, b. 14 April, 1S58.

IV. Hans Artlmr, b. 4 Feb. 1S04 ; d. 1SS5.

I. Caroline Frances.

II. Sara Louise, m. 9 Aug. 1864, Francis Wise Low, Esq. of
Kilshane, co. Tipperarv.

III. Eleanor Nina, m. 15 Oct. 1878, K3V. K. W. Xasli, M.A.,
Kector of Kilnianagh, co. Kilkenny.

IV. Emily Henrietta. v. Alice Sophia.

VI. Florence Uose, m. 22 Dec. 1883, Thomas 15ruenliuttledge,
only son of T. Kuttledge, Esq. of Bloomtiold, co. Mayo, and
d. 3. Tan. I8»:.

VII. Arabella Maud. vui. Mabel, d. 15 Sept. lSt51.

Mr. Trant d. 11 May, 1SS7, and was s. by his eldest son.

Arms — Per pale az. and gu., two swords in saltire, hilts in base
ppr., between three roses, one in chief and two in fesse arg.
Ci-tst — Out of a ducal coronet or, an eagle rising ppr., holding
in the beak a sprig of laurel vert, ^l/ofio— Aquila non capit

Seat — Dovea, TUurles, co. Tippcrary.


Tkappes-Lomax, Helex, of Clayton llall, co.
Lancaster, dau. of Thomas Loinax, Esq. of West-
field, Preston, m. 10 Jan. IStiG, Thomas Eyrnand
Trappes, Esq. of Stanley House, Clitheroe, co.
Lancaster, J. P. co. Lancaster and West Eiding of
CO. York, Lieut.-Col. 4th Batt. (King's Own)
Eoyal Lancaster Eegt. (wlio d. 23 April, 1891),
and has had issue,

I. James Hubert, b. 30 Oct. 1866 ; d. uiim.

II. EicHASD, Lieut. 3rd Batt. Eoyal Lancaster Begt., J. P.
CO. Lancaster, b. ID Feb. 1870.

III. John Byrnand, b. 14 July, 1876.

IV. Edmund Neville, b. 12 Oct. 1877.

V. Christopher Norton, b. 11 Aug. 1881.
\'i. Robert Ignatius, b. 5 May, 1882.

I. Mary Cecilia, deceased.

II. Catherine Mary, b. 9 May, 1871.

III. F'rauces Anne, 6. 20 April, 1873.

IV. Mary Josephine, 6. 27 Sept. 1874.

V. Margaret Mary, deceased.

Mrs. Trappes-Lomax assumed by royal licence, in
1891, the additional surname of LoMAX, in ac-
cordance with the will of her uncle, the late James
Lomax, Esq. of Clayton Hall.

Lineag'e.— Stephe.n Trappes, of London, ieynp. Edward
IV., was b. at Theydon Boys, Essex, and d. in the 1st year
of, He.nry VII., leaving by Elena his wife, a son and a
dau., Keginald and Elizabeth, both living 1485. Stephen's

Thomas Tkappes, of Theydon Boys, Essex, living 1485, was
father of

Thomas Trappes, of Theydon Boys, who was s. by his son,

ItOBEKT Trappes, Citizen and Goldsmith of London, who
■was buried in St. Leonard's, Foster Lane, 1560. He m. twice ;
by his 1st wife he had three sons and one dau.,

I. Nicholas, of London, ni. Mary, dau. of Thomas Calton,
of London, andii. 1544, leaving two daus., co-heirs,

1 Alice.

2 Mary, the wife of Lord Giles Paulet, 4th son of William,
1st Marquess of Winchester.

II. George, who left four sons, 1 Bryan ; 2 Hugh ; 3 Edward ;
4 John : and two daus., 1 Joan ; 2 Mary.

III. William, of whom nothing is known.
I. Fhiiippa, m. Sir George Gifford, Knt. of Middle Claydon,

He vi. 2ndly, Joan, dau. of Richard Cryspe, of Northampton,
founder of several fellowships and scholarships in Caius Coll.
Camb., and had further issue,

IV. Robert, of London, m. Dorothy, dau. of Robert Browne,
of London ; d. 1576, having had issue,

1 Robert, of I>ondon, m. Katherine Tracey, and d. 1587,
leaving an only sun, Robert, d. s. p. before 1634.

2 Rowland, High Sheriff of cos. Surrey and Sussex,
d. s. p.

3 Roger, of Cheamc, Surrey, d. 1618, leaving by Jane his
wile, a son, Roger.

4 Ralph, of ESMX, d. s. p. before 1634.
6 Giles, of London, m. Elizabeth Vernon, and had, with

four daus., a son, Robert, of Edmonton, Middlesex, d.
Uiiin. 1635.

6 William, of London, in. Anne Field, and d. I63fl,
leaving, with two daus., as many sons, Abraham, of Or.sutt,
Essex, and Rowland, both executors to their father's will

7 Andrew, living 1616.

8 Richard, d. s. p. before 1634.

9 Robert, of Haworth, Essex, d. unm. 1607.
1 Dorothy, m. Ralph Atkinson.

V. F'kancis, of whom presently.

II. Joyce, m. 1st, — Saxyc, and 2ndly, — Frankland, who d.

without surviving issue, 1586, having founded a fellowship

in Brasenose College, Oxford.

The 2nd son of the second marriage of Robert Trappes,

Francis Trappes, Esq. of London, whose will was proved
21 March, 1576, m. 1st, Frances liaude, of co. Lincoln, by
wliom he had two daus., Joan and Frances, and 2ndly, Ann,
only child and co-heiress of Robert Byrnand, of Knares-
borough, by Anne his wife, dau. of Richard Norton, Esq. of
Norton Conycrs, and Hon. Susan Neville his wife, dau. of
Richard, '_'nd Lord Latimer, a lineal descendant (through her
grandmother, Hon. Joanna Bourchier, dau. of John, 1st Lord
Berners) of Lady Anne Plantagenet, dau. of Thomas, of Wood-
stock, Duke of Gloucester, youngest son of Edwakd III. By
the heiress of Byrnand (who m. 2ndly, William Blount, Esq. of
London, and 3rdly, Sir John Egerton, Knt. of Egerton, co,
Chester), F'lancis Trappes had issue,

I. Francis (Sir), his heir.

II. Robert, of Brockham, Surrey, 1619, m. Eleanor, dau. of
Edward Fleet, of London, Merchant, and had issue, Charles,
b. 1603, Penelope, Mary, and Anne.

III. Henry, a posthumous son, living 1619.

I. Mary, to. Richard Cooper, Esq. of Kipfdngton. Kent.

II. Ursula, m. Lewis Bowde, Esq., Banister.
The eldest son.

Sir Francis Trappes Byrnand, Knt. of Harrogate and
Nidd, CO. York, knighted at Windsor, July, 1603. He m. Mary,
3rd dau. and eventually co-heir (with her sister, Anne, wife of
Sir William Wentwovth, Knt. of Wentworth Woodhouse) of
Richard Atkinson, Esq. of Stowell, co. Gloucester, and had,
with seven daus. (i. Anne, m. 21 Jan. 1621, Sir George Ead-
cliffe, Knt. of Overthorpe. co. York, LL.D., Attorney-General
to Charles I., and d. 13 May, 1659, buried in Westminster
Abbey ; li. Elizabeth, in. Mr. Kipworth ; III. Joice, m. Mr.
Gardener; iv. Frances; v. Mary, m. Charles Townley, Esq.
of Townley, co. Lancaster; vi. Clara, ti. unm. 1687 ; YU. Ur-
sula; viii. Lucy), four sons,

I. Robert, his heir. li. Heniy.

III. F'rancis. iv. John.

Sir Francis d. Feb. 1642, and was s. by his eldest son,

Robert Trappes-Byrnand, Esq. of Nidd and Harrogate,
aged '20, Dec. 1619, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Stephen Taylor,
Esq. of Cornsey, co. Durham, and left (with three daus., Mary,
til. Francis Armytage, Esq. of South Kirby, co. York ; Anne,
m. Francis RadclifTe, Esq. of Sheffield Manor, co. York ; and
Elizabeth, m. William Armytage, Esq. of Killing Hall, co.
York, 4th son of Sir Francis Armytage, Ist Bart, of Kirklees),
a son and successor,

Francis Trappes-Btrnand, Esq. of Nidd, who m.Feb. 1667,
Jane, 4th dau. of Michael Warton, Esq. of Beverley, by Cathe-
rine his wife, dau. and co-heir of Christopher Maltby, Esq. of
Maltby, and had issue,

I. Francis, his heir.

II. Michael, at Douay Coll. and under age 167S.

III. Henry, of London, living there 1723.

IV. William, living 1677.

v. Christopher, of Carlton-in-Craven, co. York, m. at Tad-
caster, Elizabeth, dau. and heir of William Hargraves, K^n.
of Carlton-in-Craven, by Mary his wife dau. of StepUeU
Tempest, Esq. of Broughtou, and had issue,

1 F'rancis, of whom hereafter as heir of his cousin.

2 Christopher, d. unm. S Hugh, d. unm.
4 Henry, d. unm. 1783.

1 Elizabeth, m. James Towgood, Esq. of Skipton, c».

2 Anne, d. unm. 3 Jane, d!. un?j».

4 Katherine, m. George Fethers, Esq. of Habendon, co.

5 Lucy, m. Thomas Hill, Esq.

6 Mary, m. William Wilson, Esq. of Cumberland, and d.
15 May, 1809.

VI. Ralph, named in the will of his father 1677.

I. Mary, under age 1678, executor to her father's will.

II. Katherine, living 1G76.

III. Jane, under age 1677.
Mr. Trappes-Byrnand d. 1678, and was ». by his eldest son,

Francis Trappes-Byrnand, Esq. of Nidd, who m. 1683,
Frances, sister and co-heir of Jialph Appleby, Esq. of Lintdn,
CO. York, and had by her (who d. in the convent at Liege,
1724) four sons and live daus.,





I. FnANCi?:, liis U( ir.

II. .loUii, Ij. -'i Juno, 1091 ; d. unm.

III. Tlioiiia.-i, li. 21 3I:ircli, li)92: d. uni/i. 1723.

IV. Ainliiose, i. 4 Nov. 1690; d_. uiim. 10 Api-il, 17G0.

I. Katlu-i-ine, m. 1707, Hugh Andcitoii, E.sq. of Euxton, eo.

II. Elizabeth, b. 4 Aug. 1093; d. unm. 17'27.

III. MaigarL't, b. 17 Nov. 1097 ; m. George Craythorne, E.sq.
of Ness, CO. Yoik.

IV. Jane, /;. 15 April, 1699; d. unm.

V. Anue, b. 25 Jan. 1700 ; d. unni.'l' Sept. 1732.

Ilr. Trappes-Byrnaud d. 1701, and was .f. by his eldest son,
Francis Tkappks, ICsq. of Nidd, b. 1690, who d. I'.nni. Dec.

1701 . His cousin and heir-male,
Fkancis Trappks, Esq. of Carlton, continued tlic line of the

family. He m. (irace, dau. of Christopher Joy, of Lishop

Thornton, and had issue,

I. Fkakcis, his heir.

II. Thomas, d. u/>m., aged 22.

I. Elizabeth, m. William Calvert, Esq. of Carlton, co. York.

Mr. Trappes d. 11 Oct. 17S6, aged SS, and was s. by his eldest

FuAxcis Trappes, Esq. of Niild, '/. 1740; vi. Aug. 1702,
Margaret, youngest dau. and co-heir of William 'Withani, Esq.
of rrcston-upou-Tees, and had issue,

I. 1'rancis Michael, his heir.

II. John, Capt. 2ud Foot, b. 24 June, 1770 ; i/. Viiiii. 22 Dec.

III. William, b. 29 Feb. 1773; d. viim.

IV. Chaiics, a Major in the army, h. 2!) Oct. 1770 ; d. at the
Cape of Good Hope 1827, leaving issue.

V. James, b. 9 Nov. 1774; d. aunt. 1^-02.

VI. Thomas, Lieut. It.N., 6. 10 Aug. UiO; leftissue.

VII. William, d. young.

I. iMargaret, vi. at Nidd, 7 March, 1791, William Tunntall,
Esq. of Baltimore.
II Dorothy, d. unrn. 1803.
in. Jane, b. 24 Oct. 1708 : d. unm. 5 Aug. l'^'.

IV. Mary I.sabel, m. Aug. 1805, Thomas Tunstall, Esq. of

V. Katherine, b. 2 June, 1783; d. %inm. 31 Dec. 1857.
Mr. Trajipes d. 2 June, 180.3, and was s. by his eldest son,

Francis Michael Trappes, Esq. of Nidd Hall, eo. York, 6.
17 Aug. 1705; m. 4 Dec. 1788, Elizabeth, dau.of Jami'sLomax,
Esq. of Clayton Hall, co. Lancaster, and had issue,

I. Francis (licv.), his heir.

II. llobert, of Stanley House, Clitheroe, co. Laneaster, b. 30
Ajiril, 1793; in. 1829, Mary, dau. of Henry l''irliling, Esq. of
Catteral, D.L. co. Lancaster (she d. 2 Feb. IbOO;, and d. 13
March, i8o3, having had issue,

1 Tho.mas Byknand, late of Stanley House, who .t. his
uncle as representative of the family 1871 ; 6. 15 Feb.

2 Kobert Henry Byrnand, b. 27 April, 1833 ; d. o June,

3 Charles James Byrnand, of Theydon House, J.P. co.
Lancaster and West Hiding, co. York, b. 14 April, ls3G.

4 llowland Byrnand, b. 18 June, 1837; d. 14 April, 1855.

1 !t;usanna, b. 23 Jan. 1831 ; d. 12 Ault. 1850.

2 JIary, //. 12 Aug. Is34 ; d. 20 Apri^^lSSO.

III. Michael (Rev.), of Hull, co. Y'ork, '/. 23 April, 1797; d.
7 June, 1873; bur. at Ushaw Coll. co. Durham.

IV. James Edward, b. 15 Oct. It-OO ; (/. 1810.

V. Henry, of Chorley, co. Lancaster, and of Blanehester,
Solicitor, b. 20 June, 1805; and (/. 25 Jan. 1800. lie vi.
4 March, 1837. Jane, dau. of George Itoskcll, l':sq. of
Flint, J.l'. CO. Flint, by whom (who J. 20 July, 1SG3; he had

1 Francis Michael, b. 31 Dec. 1837.

2 George Keginald, b. Jan. 1840.

3 Stephen DeUeweige, 6. 21 Mareli, 1843.

4 Henry Byrnand, b. 27 May, 1844 : -m. and has issue.

1 Mary Anne, b. 9 March, 1841 ; -/. Nov. lail.

2 Ehzabeth Slary, a uuu, 6. 6 July, 1840.

3 Jane, b. 17 Nov. 1848.

■VI. llogcr, a Juris-Consulte at Paris, b. 1 June, 1807 ; m.
Caroline Frederiea Legge, dau. and co-heir of JIajor Payne,
of Weybridge Hous?, Surrey, and d. at Merdriguac, in
Brittany, 22 Nov. 1870, having had issue,
1 Francis lloger Plautagenct, b. at Paris 27 I'eb. 1842.

1 Emily Jane Hose, b. at Paris 26 Jan. Is44.

2 'Georgina Maria, 6. at Paris June, ls45; d. young.

3 Mary Caroline, 6. at Paris 28 July, 1848.

VII. liieUard, 6. 15 Nov. 1808 ; m. Mary Anne, dau. of George
Koskell, Esq. of Flint, J.P. co. Flint (she d. 27 Dec. 1S51>,
and d. at Boulogue-sm - Mer, 1849, leaving issue,
Marmaduke, d. s. p.

Elizabeth Mary Joanna, m. Jan. 1867, F. Chadwick, Esij.
of Staple Oak, near Clitheroe, J.P. co. Lancaster.
I. Elizabeth, b. 23 June, 1728; d. U7iw. at the Convent at
Orrel Mount, near Wigau.
. 3.1. Anne Dorothv. /,. 23 Feb. 1803; m. 1s;25, Tlinmas Ullder-
liill, Esq., and .'. i Dee. 1»74. lie </. 12 Jan. 1&33.

Mr. Trappes d. 1843, and wa.? .«. by his eldest son,

liEV. Francis Trappes, in Holy Orders or the Catholic
Church, b. 28 Jan. 1790, joined his lather in bariing the entail
on the family estate when the manor of Nidd was sold in lb25.
He d. 9 F"eb. 1871, and was buried at Stonyhurst College, co.
Lancaster, when he was s. by his nephew, Tuojias Byrnand-
Trappes, Esq. of Stanley House (sll above).

.•!/•;/).< — Quarterly : 1st and 4tli, Per pale or and sa. on a bend
engrailed and cotised erm. tbree escallop shells gu., for Lomax ;
2nd and 3rd, Arg., three caltraps sa., for 'J'bappes. Crixds —
(LoMAx), Out of a crown valleiy, a demi-Iion ramp, arg.,
holding an escallop shell gu., eha;ged across the shoulder w ith
three escallop shells between two bendlets gu. : (Trappesi, A
man's head couped at the shoulders ppr., attired gu., gar-
nished or, on the head a helmet, also ppr., surmounted by a
plume of three feathers arg. Mntlrii-i — Fato prudeutia major
(for Lomax) ; Cultui avorum fidelis (for Trappes).

Seats — Clayton Hall, Aceringion;-Alsprings, Great Harwood;
snd Stanley House, Clitheroe, co. Lancaster.

<^amilij of i^onvav of tfluntou IV.tll.

EicHARD Lomax, Esq. of Pilsworth(in the parish of Middle-
ton), and of Burnshaw Tower, in the vale of Todmorden, d.
1587, leaving a son,

James Lomax, Esq. of Pilsworth and Burnshaw, who d. 4
Dec. 1024, leaving a son,

lliciiABD Lo.MAX, Esq., b. 1012, and living 1055. F'rom him

EicHABD Lomax, Esq. of Pilsworth and Burnshaw, who m.
Rebecca Heywood, of Urmston, sole heiress and representa-
tive of the Claytons and Grimshaws «/6'Z(!i'(o/(, through her
mother, Mary, dau. and eventually sole heiress of John Griiu-
shaw, of Clayton ((/. 8 March, 1662, aged 4.h), by his wife Anne,
dau. and co-heiress of .Vbraham Coulthurst, Escj. of Burnley.
Mr. Lomax d. 1771. His son and heir,

James Lo.max, Esq. of Clayton, m,. Elizabeth Lord, and had

I. Richard Grimsiiaw, of whom presently.

II. James, Capt. in the Roval Lancashire Volunteers, b. 3
Dec. 1764; d. 15 April, 1805.

III. John, b. 29 Oct. 1709 ; (/. young.

I. Elizabeth, b. 9 Dec. 1704 (twin with James) ; d. young.

II. Elizabeth, b. 25 July, 1707: v/i. Francis Michael Trappes,
Esq. of Nidd Hall, eo. York, and (/. 5 Aug. Is58, leaving,
with other issue, a son, Robert Trappes, father of Thomas
Byrnand Trappes, above mentioned.

Mr. Lomax d. Jan. 1792, and was *. by his eldest sun,

Richard Grimsiiaw Lo.max, ICsq. of Clayton, b. 2 April,
1703 ; Id. July, 1797, Catharine, dau. and heir of Thomas
Greaves, Esq., Banker, of Preston, and had issue,

I. James, b. 19 April, 1798: (/. 24 Sept. 1802.

II. Thomas Greaves, b. 23 April, 1799 : d. 13 July, ISll.
HI. Richard, b. 18 April, IsOO; d. 16 March, 1821.

IV. John, heir to his father.

V. James, of Clayton Hall.

VI. William, in holy orders of the Church of Rome, S.J., 6.
26 April, 1804; <l. 1855.

VII. Ednmnd, b. 9 April, 1806; d. 1859.

Yiii. Walter, a priest of the Society of Jesus, b. 6 July, 1808;
d. March, 1880.

IX. Charles, a priest of the Society of Jesus, b. 8 Aug. 1810;
d. 1800.

X. Thomas, of Westfield House, Preston, b. 20 April, 1816,-
111. 20 June, 1837, Mary F'lances, dau. and heii'ess of the
Rev. Charles Sanders, Vicar of Ketton aud Tixover,
Rutland, son of Edward Sanders, Esq. by Christiau
Woolstan his wife, and d. 1805, having had issue,

1 Richard Grimshaw, d. 1802.

2 John Blauchard. d. young.

3 John Talbot, d. 1847.

1 Gwendaline Elizabeth, d. 1846.

2 Mary, m. Is58, William Francis Segar, Esq., Ban'ister-
at-Law, and d. 21 Oct. 1877, leaving an only dau., Helen,
Mary Maxima, i. 27 Aug. Is59 ; tii. 29 Nov. lS83, David
llowell, I'.sq., J.P. CO. Cornwall, eldest son of Russell
Howell, late S'iear of St. Winnow, co. Cornwall, and has
issue, F'rauces ilary.

3 Helen, m. 10 Jan. 1800, lu. T. B. Trappes, Esq. (.vte

I. Elizabeth, d.unin. Sept. 18oC.
Mr. Lomax d. 14 Sept. 1839. His eldest surviving son,

John Lomax, Esq. of Clayton Hall, b. 9 Aug. 1801, J.P. co.
Lancaster, who m. 29 Nov. 1830, Helen, 2nd dau. of John As-
pinall, ICsq. of Standeii Hall, co. Lancaster, but </. 6-.2>. 15 July,
1849, and was s. by his brother,

James Lom.vx, Esq. of Clayton Hall, and Alsprings, J.P. and
D.L. for CO. Lancaster, was created Knight Commander of the
Order of St. Gregory the Great by Pope Pius IX. ; 6.31 3Iarch,
18(13; lie. Nov. 1845, Frances Cecilia Verda, eldest dau. of diaries
Walmesley, Esq. of Westwoud, and d. 20 Marcli, 18S6, wheu





he was y. by his niece, Ilckn, now Mrs. Tbapfes-I^omax, of
Clayton Hall.

A-ms — Quarterly: l?t and 4rh per pale or and sa., on a
bend cottised erm. three efcallops gu., for Lomax; 2nd arg.,
a criflin segreant sa. arimd or. for Gbimshaw; 3rd arjr.. a
cross sa. lietween four bezants for Clayton. Crefl — dut of a
mural crown a denii-lion sa. collared and holding an esciillup.
Motto — Fato prudentia major.


Teepcroft, LiErT.-CoL. Cii.^rles Lenxox, of
Glen Ancruni, Surrey, J. P. and County Alderman,
formerly Capt. E.H'A.. and late Adj. 2nd Koyal
Surrey Militia ; seryed in the Crimea (medal
and clasp, Turkish medal and oi-der of the Medji-
die), b. 24 Oct. 1832; m. 1st, 19 Nov. I«(i3,
Ilariette Sophia Louisa, dau. of J. H. Woodward,
Esq., and by her (who d. 8 Dec. 1869) had,

I. Mary Olivia Gcorgiana, m. 1892, Capt. R. F. Littledale,

He m. 2ndly, 27 April, 1871, Elizabeth, dau. of
Sir William Scott, of Ancrum, Bart., M.P., and by
her (who d. 10 April, 18SG) had further issue,

I. Ctbil Abthur Lennox, 6. 5 Jan. 1878.'

II. Muriel Edina Elizabeth MiUord, (/. 31 May, 1SS2.
in. Edith Veronica Sholta de Mont D'Aurensau.

IV. Hilda Jlary Clavering.

He m. Srdly, 4 March, 1889, Hon. Constance Mary
Eitzalan Howard, dau. of Edward, 1st Baron
Howard, of Glossop, and by her has further issue,

n. John Lennox, h. 13 Dec. 1889.

V. Augusta Mary Gwendolen.

Lineage — Edward Tredckoft, living at Horsham, tern}''.
Edwai'.d VI., d. 7 Oct. l.i;'>8. His great-grandson,

1;ev. XathanielTredcroft, was presented to the vicarage
of Horsham by Oliver Cromwell. He la. II Sept. ItJOti,
Phccbe riiilips, and d. 23 Sept. IC'jG, lca\ing i.-sue. The
tldest son,

Nathaniel Tbedcroft, Esq. of Horsham, b. 27 .\pril, 1G74;
m. Elizabeth, only dau. and heir of William Serase, Esq. of
Steyning, Sussex, and d. 27 Oct. 1720, leaving a son and

Edward Tbedcroft, Esq. of Horsham, b. 30 Nov. 1711 ; m.
Mary, only dau. and heir of Heiuy Michel, Esq. of Horsham,
and by her (who d. 20 April, 1794) had issue, Nathaniel, of
whom presently ; Edward William (Rey.), LL.B , Hector of
Pulborough, Sussex, b. 1 Nov. 1749, d. unm. 1822; Wary;
Phccbe Phillips, id. 22 Nov. 17C9, Peter Du Cane, Esq. ; and
Charlotte, m. 29 Nov. 1774, Peter, Gth Lord King. Mr. Tred-
croft d. 12 Aug. 1768, and was s. by his eldest son,

N.vTHANiEL Tkedcroft, Esq. of Horshani, 6. 18 Nov. 1747;
m. 11 Oct. 1781, Sarah, dau. of Thomas Steel. Esq. of Hamp-
nett, Sussex, and sister of the llight Hon. Thomas Steel, and
by her (who (/. 22 Nov. 1S23) had issue,

I. Henbt, of Wamham Court Horsham, b. 27 Oct. 1788 ; m.
13 Drc. 1827, Mary,* eldest dau. of Robert Hawgood Crewe,
Esq., Secretary to the Board of Ordnance, and relict of
James EversSeld, Esq. of Uenne Park, Sussex; and by her
had issue,

Edward, of Horsham, Su.^sex, D.L. late 4th Dragoons, h.

1.'5 Dec. 1823; m. Is.oO, Theodosia, eldest dau. of Edward

Bligh, Esq., and had issue,

1. Henry Edward, b. March, 1853; ni. Dec. 1877, Mabel,

4ih dau. of the Hon. Sir Cillery Pigott, of Shertield Hill,

Hants, and has i.ssue,

1 Lancelot Edward Bligh, b. Oct. 1878.

2 Arthur Francis Drake, //. July, 1880.

1 Edith Barbara. 2 Mabel Alice.

1. Theodosia, m. 1870, Dennis L. Higgins, Esq.
George, b. 13 Dec. 1832.
Mr. Trediroft d. 14 Feb. 1844.

II. Robert (Rev.), of whom we treat.

I. Charlotte, m. her cousin, the Hon. George King, of Fryem,

Sussex, and d. Aug. 1853, leaving issue.


* Mrs. Tredcroft m. her 1st husband, James Everstield, Esq.,
15 June, 1815, and had issue by that marriage,
Charles Gilbert, of Denne Park, Horsham.
Anne Isabella Mary, m. Charles G. Bethune, Esq. of Worth,

Sophij, ),i. Henry William George, 3rd Marquess of Angle-


Mr. Tredcroft d. 3 April, 1825. His 2nd son,

The Uev. Robeut Tredcroft, M.A., Prebendary of
Chichester, and Rural Dean, Rector of Tangniere and West
Itchenor and Vicar of Fittleworth, Sussex, b. 3 Dee. 1791 ; m.
3 .\ug, 1824, Fr.ances Katherine, only dau. of Sir T. Brooke-
Peehell, Bart., M.P., by Charlotte his wife, dau. of Sir John
and Lady Diana Clavering, aiul by her had issue,

I. Charles Lennox, now of Gltn Ancrum, Surrey.

I. Frances, m. l8Uo, Sir Henry Dryden, Bart., of Canons
Ashby, Northamptonshire.

II. Caroline, vi. 1854, Richard C. Naylor, Esq. of Hooton
Hall, CO. Chester, and d. 1855.

ni. Georgina, m. 1854, Sir Charles Watson-Copley, 3rd Bart,
of Sprotborough Hall, Doncasfer, and d. lt<92.

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