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Entered Oxford University at sixteen, the Middle Temple
at eighteen, and was admitted a Barrister 1626. He was
M.P. for Stafford 1626, for Great Marlow 1640, for Oxford
1654, and for co. Buekingham|1656. In 1632 he was appointed
Becorder of Abingdon, and was deputed 1642 on the break-
ing-out of the Civil War, to prevent the execution of a
royal array in co. Oxford. In 1644 he was member of
the commission to treat with the king, and a Commissioner of
the Admiralty 1645. He garrisoned Phyllyscourt against the
king, 1646. Was appointed one of the Commissioners of
the Great Seal 2 March, 1648 ; Serjeant-at-Law 2 Oct. follow-

ing; and was sent by Oliver CRo>nvELL as Ambassader ta
Sweden 2 Sept. 1653, which post he resigned in 1654. He was
summoned to Oliver Cromwell's "Other House," by writs,
11 Dec. 1655, and 11 Dec. 1656, and was created a Viscountf
by a patent, dated 21 Aug. 1657. After the death of Cromwell.
he was appointed, 27 Oct. 1659, one of the Committee of
Safety ' ' for the Preservation of the Peace ; " and the same year
was made First Commissioner of the Great Seal. At thfr
Restoration he retired from public life, and was granted a free
pardon by Charles II., and presented by His Majesty with hi»
Coronation Bible and Prayer Book. Sir Bulstrode m. 1st, June,
1630, Rebecca, dau. of Alderman Thomas Bennett, of London,
by whom (who d. 16 May, 1634), he had a son,

I. James (Sir), of Tromjiington, b. 13 July, 1631, Col. of
Horse, knighted by Oliver Cromwell, 6 Jan. 1650, M.P.
CO. Oxford, 12 July, 1654; m. Mercy, dau. and co-heir of
George Pyke, Esq. of Trompington, co. Cambridge; andci.
Oct. 1701, leaving,

1 Bulstrode, aged about 40 in 1690, d. unm.

2 George, %inm. 1703.

3 James Bulstrode, v.nm. 1703.

Sir Bulstrode m. 2ndly, 10 Nov. 1634, Hon. Frances Willoughby,
dau. of William, 3rd Lord Willoughby, of Parham, by whom
(who d. 16 May, 1649) he had issue,

II. William (Sir), Knt, of Phyllyscourt, Henley-on-Thames,
CO. Oxford, bapt. 28 Dec. 1636, P.arrister of the Middle
Temple, M.P. for Wenlock, knighted at Whitehall, 10 April,
1689; m. Mary, dau. of Sir Thomas Overbury, Knt. of
Burton-upon-the-Hill, co. Gloucester; and d. Nov. 171-7,
having had issue,

1 Overbury, d. unm. Dec. 1693.

2 William, of the Middle Temple, m. Anne, dau, of
Edward Nowell, Secretary to the Excise Commissioners ;
and d. 27 July, 1709, having had an only dau., Anne, d,
April, 1699.

3 Bulstrode, d. unm.

4 James, d. unm. Feb. 1677.

1 Anne, m. 1681, Sir Thomas Noel, Srd Bart, of Kirby
Mallory; and rf. 8 Jan. 1737.

2 Mary, m. William Harmar, of the Middle Temple, gea-

3 Frances, d. unm. June, 1680.

4 Hester, m. Edward Sherwood, Esq. of Henrcth, co-

5 Dorothy, d. «njn. March, 1721.

6 Elizabeth, m. William Wiseman, Esq. of Sparsholt
Court, CO. Berks.

7 Henrietta, d. Oct. 1710. 8 Diana.
HI. Willoughby, 6. 1646; d. unm.

IV. Bulstrode, b. 1648; d. unm.

I. Frances, bapt. 30 Dec. 1635.

II. Elizabeth, bapt. II Jan. 1637.

III. Mary, bapt. 4 April, 1639 ; m. George Nevill, Esq. of
Sheffield Park, co. Sussex, and was father of George, llth,
and vvilliam, 1 4th Lord Abergavenny.

IV. Cicely, bapt. 9 Jan. 1641.

V. Hester, bapt. Aug. 1642; m. Mr. Scawen, a Welshman.

VI. Anne, m. Abraham Hill, Esq. of Shilton, co. Devon.

Sir Bulstrode m. 3rdly, 11 Sept. 1650, Mary Carleton, of
Surrey, widow of Rowland Wilson, Esq., by whom he had
further issue,

V. Samuel, of Chilton Foliatt, co. Wilts, 6. 1651; m. Eliza-
beth, dau. of jBobert Gough, of Vernham Dean, co.
Southampton; and rf. May, 1690, leaving by her (who d,
Oct. 1702) two sons and as many daus.,

1 Samuel, of Chilton Foliatt, bapt. 23 Dec. 167.5; m. lot,.
Elizabeth Trotman, who d. s. p. April, 1700 ; and 2ndly,
at Westminster Abbey, 6 Feb. 1703, Katharine, dau. of
John Dolben, Esq., and grand-dau. of Most Rev. John
Dolben, D.D., Archbishop of York; aud d. April, 1743,
leaving by her (who d. Oct. 1722), twelve children, viz.,

1 John, of Chilton Foliatt, sold the estate, and d. unm. ;

2 Samuel, d. unm. 1741 ; 3 Gilbert, d. 1741 ; 1 Katherine,
6. 9 Nov. nO'.i, d. unm. ; 2 Anne, m. Rev. Mr. Gifford,.
Rector of Nufford, co. Oxford; 3 Elizabeth, 6. 1706, d.
30 Oct. 1777; 4 Nettie, b. 1709, d. 26 April, 1781;

6 Mary, b. 1711, m. George Gerrard, Esq , and d. 25'
April, 1802; 6 Henrietta, b. 1714, d. 21 Dec. 1797 i

7 Mulso, b. 1715, d. 15 Dec. 1812; 8 Charlotte, m.
Charles Gerrard, Esq. ; and 9 Judith, b. 1722, d. 26
Aug. 1807.

2 Bulstrode, of Everleigh, co. Wilts, b. 1678, whose will i&
dated 26 Aug. 1732 ; d. g. p.

1 Frances, m. Walter Parker, Esq. of Ilighworth.

2 Mary.

VI. Carleton, of whom hereafter.

VII. Stephen, a SIx-Clerk in Chancery, d. s. p.

VIII. Bigley, b. 6 Nov. 1653; d. May, 1686.

IX. John, b. 26 Sept. 1656.

VII. Frances, b. 17 May, 1655; to. 11 Sept. 1672, Sir Francis
File, 4th Bart, of Compton Beauchamp.

VIII. Rebecca, b. 7 May, 1658.

Sir Bulstrode, d. 1673, and was buried at Chilton Foliatt, near





Hungerford, co. Wilts, which place he had purchased, 1660.
His sixth son,

Cakleton WniTELOCKE, Esq. of Hersham, co. Surrey, and
Salisbury Square, London, bapt. 21 June, 1652; to. 1st,
Katherine, dau. of Sir Andrew Henley, 1st Bart, of Henley,
who d. 1637, leaving four daus.,

I. Huth. II. Katharine, 6. 1685.

III. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 1687.

IV. Mary, m. William Russell, Esq., Fleet Street, London.

Mr. Carleton AVhitelocke, m. 2ndly, Maty, dau. of Herbert
Alwyn, of London, merchant, and widow of Thomas Mitchell,
Esq. of Greyford, co. Kent, by whom he had another dau.,
Asncs de la Beche, b. Aug. 1700, and d. Dec. next year, and
a son, his successor,

John Cakleton Whitelocke, Esq. of Priorswood, co. Dublin,
lapt. 29 Sept. 1699. joined the army as Ensign, 29 Sept. 1719,
and was afterwards Major in Col. Burrell's Regt. He m. 15
April, 1725, Anne, dau. of George Roche, Esq. of St. Mary's,
Li)nerick, M.P. for that city, and had issue,

I. Hulstrode, b. Feb. 1720; d. 1736.

II. George, his successor.

1. Anne, d. unm. ". Frances, d. 1748.

III. Katheriiie, 1/1. Walter Bermingham, Esq. ; andcZ. 15Dec.

Major Whitelocke d. 4 July, 1776. His only sui-viving son,

George Whitelocke, Esq. of Wokingham, co. Berks, Glou-
cester Place, London, and Fortoiseau, near Paris, wasbapt. at
St. Thomas's Church, Dublin, 4 May 1750, and eventually
became heir male of Sib Bulstrode Whitelocke. He ra.
Mary, dau. of David Roche, Esq., Limerick, and aunt of Sir
David Roche, 1st Bart, of Carass, and d. 12 Jan. 1831, having
had issue,

I. Bulstrode, his heir, d. s. p. 1867.

II. James, of Amboise Touraine, France, heir to his brother,
d. nnm. 30 Nov. 1879.

III. George, of Harewood Square, London, d. -nam. 24 June.

IV. l>e la Beche, bapt. 16 Sept. 1791 ; d. unm. 1858.

I. Henrietta, b. 1785; d. Sept. 1790.

II. Anne, d. unm. 1856.

III. Georgina, d. unm. 1835.

IV. Frances, d. unm. Dec. 1861.

V. Mary Whitelocke, b. 12 Aug. 1797; m. 13 April, 1826,
William Horton Lloyd, Esq. of Carlton, co. York, by whom
(b. 10 Feb. 1784; d. 18 Feb. 1849), she left at her decease ,
18 Feb. 1882, one surviving son,

George Whitelocke Whitelocke-Lloyd, Esq. of Stran-
cally Castle, who, on the death of his maternal uncle, James
Whitelocke, having become representative of the Whitelocke
fnmily, assumed by royal licence, dated 13 Jan. 1680, the addi-
tional surname and arms of Whitelocke.

-4rvis — Az., a chev. engr. between three eaglets close or.
Crest — On a tower vair6 ar. and gu., an eaglet, wings endorsed
or. Motto — Quodcunq. evenerit optimum.

j4)-i)is (exemplified to Mr. Whitelockc-Lloyd under the royal
licence of 13 Jan. 1880).— Quarterly : )st and 4th counter-
quarrered — 1st aud 4th, Lloyd, ar. three lions dormant in pale
sa. ; 2nd and 3rd, Whitelocke, az. a chev. engr. between three
eaglets close or, for Whitelocke-Lloyd: 2n(i, az. a chev. engr.
between three eaglets close or., for Whitelocke; 3rd, on abend
gu. three stags' heads cabossed or., for De la Beche. Crests —
1st, Lloyd, a demi-arm in scale armour, tlic hand naked ppr.,
cuffed or., grasping a lizard vert. ; 2nd, Whitelocke, on a
tower vaire ar. and gu., an eaglet, wings endorsed or. — Motto
over — Quodcunq. evenerit optimum. Motto — Ar ol gwaith

&o(n— Strancally Castle, Villierstown, co. Waterford, and
Buttevant Castle, co. Cork.


Lloyd, Geoegb William, Esq. of Stockton Hall
Rf ar York, J. P. co. Lincoln, b. 4 March, 1861.

Lineag'e. — See Llotd of Strancally Castle.

George Lloyd, Esq., Barrister-atLaw, second son of
George Lloyd, M.B., F.R.S., D.L., and Susannah, dau. of
Thomas Horton, Esq. of Chadderton, long resident at
Manchester, and afterwards at York, m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Jeremiah Naylor, of Wakefield, merchant, and had issue,

George, of whom presently.

Edward Jeremiah, of Oldfield Hall, co. Chester, Barrister-at-
Law, b. 22 June, 1790, m. 1822, Elizabeth, 2nd dau. and co-
heir of William Bigby, Esq. of Oldtield Hall, and had no
surviving issue.

Elizabeth, m. let, to William Butler l.aird, Esq. of Strath-
martin, near Dundee, who d. 1810, and 2ndly, to Robert
Alison, Esq. of Dundee.

Susannah Georgiana.

Mary Anne, m. 1831, her cousin, the Rev. Cecil Daniel Wray,
Canon of the Collegiate Church at Manchester.
The eldest son,

George Lloyd, Esq. of Stockton Hall, co. York, some time
a Captain in the 2nd Lancashire Militia, 6. 21 May, 1787, m.
17 May, 1810, Alicia Maria, dau. and co-heir of John Greame,
Esq. of Sewerby House, co. York, and had issue,

George John, who assumed the name and arms of Yarburgh
on succeeding to the estate of Heslington, co. York {see
'Yav.vvugb of Heslington), m. 1840, Maiy Antonia, dau. of
Samuel Cheelham Hilton, Esq. of Pennington, co. Lancas-
ter, and d. 1875, leaving two daus., Mary Elizabeth, m.
1862, George William Lord Deraniore (see Bdrke's Peerage),.
and Susan Anne, m. 1865, Charles Lethbridge, Esq.

Yarburgh Gamaliel, in holy orders, b. 1813, m. 1839, Editha
Christian, 5th dau. of W. A. Le Ilunte, Esq. of Artramount,
CO. Wexford, assumed the name and arms of Greame on
succeeding to the estate of Sewerby, co. York, and d. 1890,
having had issue, 1 Yarburgh George, J. P., M.A. Cam-
bridge, 6. 1840, m. 1867, Dora Lctitia, 2nd dau. of the Eight
Rev. T. O'Brien, Bishop of Ossory, and has issue, Yarburgh,.
Francis, Philip, Editha, and Dora; 2 Patty Warburton, d,
1870 ; 3 Editha, d. 1859 ; 4 Maria.

Henry, in holy orders.

Edward, of Lingoroft, near York, 6. 1823, m. 21 Sept. 1854,
Rosabelle Susan, 4th dau. of George Lloyd, Esq. of Cowesby
Hall, drowned 4 Feb. 1869, leaving issue, Georgina Rosa-
belle, m. 1879, Guy St. M;iur Palmes, Esq. of Tne leases,
Yorkshire, late 14th Hussars; Edith Maria Greame, m.
1879, Frederick Edward Reynard, Esq. of SunderlandwicU
and Hobgreen, co. York ; Cecil Mary.
The third son,

Rev. Henry Lloyd, Rector of Y''arborough, co. LincolHi,
h. 1815, m. 1858, Anne Eliza, dau. of the Rev. W. Roy, D.D.,
and leaving issue,

George William.

Henry John Greame, 6. 1862; Capt. Cornwall Militia, late
Lieut. 2nd batt. Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, m. 9
Dec. 1886, Caroline Emily, 2nd dau. of T. H. Peter-Hoblyn^
Esq. of Colquite, Bodmin, co. Cornwall, and has issue,

1 Cyril Ga,scoigne, b. 18S7.

2 John Rodney, b. 1890.

3 Henry Greame, b. Is92.

1 Caroline Doris. 2 Kathleen Anne.

Alicia Margaret.
The Rev. Henry Lloyd d. Nov. 1862.

Arras — Arg., three lions dormant in palesa. Crest — A demi-
arm in scale armour, the hand naked ppr., the cuff arg. grasp-
ing a lizard vert.

Motto— VwY Vaeddian deffro.

Sea£— Stockton Hall, York.


{See Vaughan of Golden Groce.)


Lloyd, Charles Henry, Esq. of Tralhvyn, co.
Carnarvon, b. 6 Aug. 1847.

Lineage. — The family of Lloyd of Trallwyn is one of
great antiquity in Wales, and the present Mr. Lloyd possesse?
a roll setting forth the pedigree from a remote period.

John Ellis, Esq. 6. 1 Nov. 1786 (son of Hugh Ellis, Esq. of
Carnarvon, by Anne his wife, dau. of Samuel Wright, Esq. of
Knutsford, and grandson of the Venerable John Ellis, Arch-
deacon of Merioneth, by Anne his wife, dau. and heir of Hugh
Lloyd, Esq. of Trallwyn), assumed by royal licence, 1811, the
surname and arms of Lloyd, in compli.ince with the testa-
mentary injunction of his grand-uncle, the Rev. William
Lloyd, son of Hugh Lloyd, Esq. of Trallwyn. He was a
Magistrate and Deputy-Lieut, for co. Carnarvon, and served
as High Sheriff, 1817. He to. 5 Dec. 1815, Jane, dau. of the
Rev. Griffith Jones, and had issue,

John Ellis, his heir.

Hugh, 6.7 Dec. 1825: d. 8 April, 1865,

Robert, b. 16 April, 1833; d. 1880.

Richard, 6. 8 Sept. 1834.

Margaret Ann, d. 1885.

Mary Catherine, m. 1854, Alfred Jones, Esq.

Cordelia, m. 1857, Thomas Parr Williams Ellis, Esq.

The eldest son,

John Ellis Lloyd, Esq. of Trallwyn, 6. 10 May, 1819; ni.
21 Aug. 1845, Eleanor, dau. of John Sothern, Esq. of th«
Priory, Liverpool, and d. 8 Dec. 1873, having had issue,





. I. John Eixis, 6. 12 July, ISIG; d. 26 Jan. 18G3.

II. Charles Henry.

III. AVilliam, b. 15 March, 1S57 : d. 4 March, ISSO.

IV. Hugh Gnynn, b. 5 Jan. 1859.

V. Francis Longueville, 6. 25 Dec. 18G2.
X. Edith Mary,"tf. 5 Dec. 1S60.

II. Annie Elizabeth, m. Eev. W. Briscoe. Rector of Nutfiold,
Keithill, Surrey.

III. Harriet Jane, d. 6 Pec. 1300. iv. Mary Ellen.
V. Isabel, d. 29 Jan. 18G3.

Arms — Az., on a chevron or between throe spear-heads arg.
a torleau between two bulls' heads caboshcdsa. Crest — .\ lion
rampant arg. gutti^e de sang surmounting two spears in saltire

Stat — Trallwvn. Pwllheli, co. Carnarvon.


LxoYD, Geoege Butlek, Esq. of Shclton Hall,
CO. Salop, J.P., b. S Jan. 1854 ; m. 22 Jan. 1880,
Constance Mary, 2nd dau. of Colonel Eichard Jen-
kins, 1st Bengal Cayalrj, of Bieton Hall, and
grand-dau. of Sir Eichard Jenkins, K.C.B., and lias

I. William Butler, 6. 6 Nov. 1880.

II. Thomas Butler, b. 17 Nov. 1890.

I. Mary Constance, 6. 1 Feb. 18S2.

II. Margaret Helen, b. 27 Sept. 1885.

Lineage. — Lewis Llotd, of Alberbury, co. Salop, living
1582, was father of

John Lewis Llotd, of Shrewsbury; admitted a burgess of
Shrewsbury, 12 Sept. 1582. His son,

William Lloyd, of Shrewsbury, who d. in 1G46, was father

JoHX Lloyd, of Shrewsbury, admitted a burgess by descent
2 March, 1677. By Mary, his wife, he had issue, a son,

John Llotd, of the Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury; admitted
a burgess by descent, 2 March, 1677, but declared to be too
young to vote. His son,

Thomas Llotd, of Kowton, had property at Wattlesborough
in 1708; was admitted a burgess of Shrewsbury, 23 March,
1721 ; and was bur. at St. Julian's, Shrewsbury, in 1736. By
Sarah his wife, (who was bur. at St. Julian's in 1787, aged
78), he had issue,

I. John, of whom next.

I. Mar)-, VI. James Ground, and rf. in 1820, aged 90.

II. Elizabeth, bur. at St. Julian's iu 1787, aged 63.

John Lloyd, of Shrewsbury ; admitted a burgess of Shrews-
bury, 6 Oct. 1774; bur. at St. Julian's, Shrewsbury, 20 May,
1794. He m. 22 June, 1758, Mary, dau. of John Bucknall, of
Shrewsbury, by whom he had issue,

I. Thomas, his heir.

II. William, admitted a burgess of ShrevTsbury, 2 Oct.

Thomas Lloyd, Esq, of Shrewsbury ; admitted a burgess 16
Dec. 1783; Mayor of Shrewsbury, 1810; in. 18 Aug. 1789,
Eliza Bella, dau. of Thomas Wright, of the Poultry, London,
by Elizabeth, dau. of Harry Johnson, of Kenilworth, and by
her (who d. 30 June, 1831), he had issue,

I. John Thomas, his heir.

1. Charlotte, d. 28 Slay, 1827. n. Frances.

III. Mary, m. Eowland Himt, Esq. of Boreatton (.see that

Mr. Thomas Lloyd d.4May, 1826, and was bur. at St. Maiy's,

John Thomas Lloyd, Esq. of the Stone House, Shrewg-
■bury; admitted a burgess 3 Oct. 1812; m. at St. Mary's,
Shrewsbury, 5 Oct. 1819, Harriet, younger dau. of the Eight
llev. Samuel Butler, D.D., Lord Bishop of LichSeld ; and by
her (who d. 12 March, 1880, aged 79), he had, with other

I. The "Venerable Thomas Bucknall, of the Whitehall,
Shrewsbury; M.A. of St. John's Coll. Camb. ; sometime
Vicar of St. Mary's Shrewsburj-, and rector of Edgmond,
and Archdeacon of Salop; m. Sophia Eliz.ibeth, dau. of
the Eev. Percival Spearman Wilkinson, of Mount Oswald,
Durham, by whom he had iisuc,

1 John Bucknall.

1 — 7)i. Eev. Bobert Mowbray Tillard, M.A., Vicar of

2 Ellen, -.a. — Adams, Esq. of Bath.

3 Alice, 4 Mary.

II. William Butler, of Monfemoor, and afterwards of Preston
3Iontford, co. Salop, -J. P. and D.L., m. 20 May, 1851, Jane
Emilia, dau. of the Rev. George Hunt, of Wadenhoe, co.
Northampton, and sister of the Right Hon. George Ward

Hunt, Bometimo Chancellor of the Exchequer (sea HoifT of
Boreatton) ; and d. 9 April, 1874, leaving issue,

1 George Bdtler, now of Shelton Hall.

2 Edward William.

3 Ernest Thomas, B.A. Ch. Ch. Oxford ; a magi.strate
in the Indian Civil Service; b. 1860, m. Ethel Mary,
second dau. of Sir Eichard Dansey Green-Price, iiart., and
has issue.

I HaiTict Mary. 2 Edith.

Mr. John Thomas Lloyd d. 4 May, 1826, aged 35, and waa
bur. at St. Mary's, Shrewsbury.

Stat — Shelton Hall, Shrewsbury.


Lluelltn, Col. William Satmond, of Sfcret-
liall, CO. Essex, h. 20 Feb. 1834 ; commissioned as
2nd Lieut, in the Eoyal Artillery, 11 April, 1854,
served in the Abyssinian expedition of 1867-8, held
the appointment of Colonel on the Staff in com-
mand of Artillery in Egypt, and afterwards at
Malta, from Oct. 1884, to Feb. 1889. Col. Llucl-
lyn is Lord of the Manor of Strethall, and patron
of the living.

Lineage.— Martin Lluelltx, living in the 16th century,
had eight sons, the youngest of whom, Martin, b. 1616, took
his M.A. degree at Chiist Church, Oxford, in 1643. During
the siege of Oxford he commanded a company in the King's
service. He wa.s afterwards Principal of St. Mary Hall,
Oxford, and Physician to Charles II. ; and was author oiMcn
Miracles and other poems. He d. 17 March, 1681-'2, having
been twice m., and leaving by his first wife, a son Martin, and
a dau. Lettice; and by his 2nd wife, three sons, George,
Eichard, and Maurice, and two daus. Martha and Mary. His
eldest son,

Martin Lluelltn. who was a Lieut of horse in the army of
James II., and Commissary-General to the forces in Portugal
in the reign of Queen Anne, ?«. Elizabeth, dau. of Charles
Halford, of Edith Weston, Eutland, and d. in 1729. His

Eichard Lluelltn, lord of the manor of South Witham,
CO. Lincoln, was b. in 1701, and )/(. 1725, Alice Whittakcr,
who d. 1758. He d. in 1768, and was s. by his son,

Eichard Lluelltn, a Field officer in the Lincolnshire
Militia, and D.L. for that co., b. 1740; m. Margaret, widow of
Eichard White, of ShinclitTe, and dau. of Warren Maude, of
Sunnyside House, co. Durham, who d. in 18'22. He d. 1829,
leaving an only son,

Sir Uichard Lluelltn, 6. 17 Nov. 1781 : entered the army
in 1799, as Capt. with temporary rank in the 5'2nd Eegt., with
which he served under Sir John Moore in 1880-1 at Ferrol,
Cadiz, and in the Mediterranean. On the renewal of the war
he relinquished his temporary commission, and re-entered
the army in the 28th Efgt., with which he served in the
Peninsula, being present at the battles of Busaco and Albuera,
and many other engagements ; also in the campaign in the
Netherlands in 1815, including the battles of Quatre Bras and
Waterloo, in which last battle he was severely wounded. He
was rewarded with the Companionship of the Bath, and pro-
motion to the rank of Lieut.-Col. Ho became a General and
K.C.B. Sir Eichard Lluellyn m. 27 June, 1831, Elizabeth.
Augusta, dau. of Lieut.-Gcn. Eaymond, of the Lee, Essex,
who d. 12 Jan. 1878, leaving issue,

I. Eichard, b. 18 May, 1832; entered the army 15 Dec. 1849,
as Ensign 46th Foot, with which regt. he served in the
Crimea, and was present at the siege of Sevastopol, was
afterwards a Major of the 3rd batt. Durham Light Infantry
(Militi:i), and Hon. Lieut.-Col. Col. Lluellyn m. 10 Aug.
1872, Amy Hawkins, dau. of George Chester, and d. 27
Sept. 18y0, leaving issue,

Eichard, 6. 25 April, 1874.
Raymond Chester, b. 14 Jan. 1882.
Amy Margaret.

II. William Ratmond, of Strethall.

Hi. Eaymond Maude, 6. 22 Dec. 1842: E.A.Trin. Coll. Camb.
1868, called to the Bar, 28 June, lhl76; m. 21 March, 1872,
Agnes Harriett, elder dau. of Thomas Masters Usborne, of
Clifton, CO. Cork. He d. s. p. '26 June, 1886.

I. Elizabeth Margaret, d. 3 Feb. 1887.

Sir Eichard Lluellyn d. 7 Dec. 1867.

^,.;ns— Arg., a lion rampant sa., ducally crowned or, langued
gu. Crest — A rock, and thereou a Cornish chough, all ppr.
Motto— W0T8 mihi lucrum.

Ilesidence—'i'i , Lowndes Street, S.W.






{See Deetv of Grange.)


Locke, Wadham, Esq. of Clere House, Seend,
CO. Wilts, and The Elms, Hants, J.P. for Wilts,
High Sberiii" 1847, late 1st Dragoon Guards, b. 4
July, 1803 ; m. 1st, 1827, Caroline Mary, dan. of
Henry Thompson, Esq. of Burton, Yorkshire, and
by her had issue,

1. Wadham, h. 1829, d. 1841.

I. Caroline Charlotte Elizabeth, ni. 1857, Capt. George Henry
Lamb, late 49th Eegt.

He m. 2ndly, 21 April, 1844, Albinia, dau. of
John Dalton, Esq. of Sleningford Park, co. York,
and Fillingham Castle, co. Lincoln, and by her has

I, Wadham, late Lieut. 94th Foot, h. 6 March. 1845 ; m. 12
June, 1878, Alves, eldest dau. of Col. Inglis, of Kiags-
mills, CO. Inverness, and d. s. p. 1880.

II. Ernest Dalton Bokough, 6. 1848.
in. CecilJohn Hay, b. 1852.

IV. Norcliffe Robert Sutton, d. young.

V. Francis Alexander Sydenham, l>. 13G1.

VI. Arthur Guy Neville, b. 1864.

VII. D'Arcy Victor Thomas Andrews, b. 1SG7.
II. Eachel Ethel Albinia Laura.

in. Albinia Selina Johanna.

liineagre. — For some account of this family, refer to the
Gentleman's Magazine for 1792, p. 798.

Wadham Locke, Esq. of Eowdeford, House, co. Wilts, vi.
Anne, dau. of James Sutton, Esq. d. 28 June, 1799, and was s.
by his only son,

Wadham Locke, Esq. of Eowdeford House, 6. 26 Oct. 1779,
J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff of Wilts, 1804, and M.P. for
Devizes 1832; ra. 23 Sept. 1802, Anna Maria Selina, dau. of
Francis Powell, Esq. of Hurdcott House, Wilts, and by her
(who <^. 6 July, 1838) had issue,

Wadham, now o* Cleve House.

Francis Alexander Sydenham, of Eowdeford, Wilts, .J.I'. and
D.L., High Sheriff 1859, b. 31 July, 18U4 ; m. 1 Dec. 1835,
Katharine Harriott, dau. of j\dmiral Sir Francis Fellowes,
C.B., by Catherine Mary., his wile, dau. of .Sir William
Abdy, Bart., and by her (who d. 30 Jan. 1879) had issue,
Wadham Fellowes, 6. 3 Feb. 1838, d. 30 July, 1854; and
Katharine Selina, m. 21 Nov. 1867, Gen. Horatio Morant,
who d. Dec. 1888. He d. 1885.

John, J.P. and D.L., late H.E.I.C.S. Bengal, of Eowdeford,
Wilts, b. 1808 ; m. 1839, Frances Augusta, dau. of Thos.
Moore Wayne, Esq. of South Wanborough, Hants, and d.
1886, leaving issue, three daus.. Amy ; Ella; and Julia.

Anna Maria Selina, m. 1st, Georce Purefoy Jervoise, Esq. of
Herriard Park, Hants ; and 2ndly, Francis J. P. Marx, Esq.,
of Arle, Bury, near Alresford, and had issue, George,
deceased ; John, Commander E.N.

Elizabeth Sarah, d. 14 Nov. 1833.

Anne, m. 4 Jan. 18 '8, Eev. Henry Paddon, eldest son of
J. Paddon, Esq. of Fareham, and had issue, three sons and
one dau.

Louisa, m. 1st, William Lawrence Colquhoun, Esq., of
Clathick, and by him had issue, one son and one dau. ;
2ndly, J. Dunlop, Esq. of Tollcross, Glasgow.

Katharine Powell, m. George Duberly, Esq., Col. 77th Eegt.,
and has issue, a son and dau.

Frances Isabella, j/i. Henry Duberly, Esq., Col. 8th Hussars.

Mr. Locke d. 21 Oct. 1835.

Arms — Per fess az. and or, a pale and three hawks with
vings endorsed, all counterehanged. Crest — X hawk, wings
endorsed, holding in the beak a padlock or.

Sfa^s— Cleve House, Seend, Melkshain, Wilts ; and The
Elms, Christchurch, Hants.


Eliott-Lockhaet, William, Esq. of Cleghorn,
CO. Lanark, J.P. cos. Lanark, Roxburgh, and Selkirk,
D.L. CO. Selkirk, educated at Harrow, late Capt. 26th
Cameronians and 74th Highlanders, ^..s.c. and was
D.A.A.G. at Aldershot 1863-68, b. 2 March, 1833 ;
m. 11 AprU, 1866, Dorothea Helen, eldest dau. of
Sir Walter Elliot, K.C.S.I. of Wolfelee, and has had

I. Allan Ashton, Lieut. Highland Light Infantr

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