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IV. Emily Susan, m. 1861, William Fermor Ramsay, Esq.
Jlr. Tredcroft d. 19 Dec. 1846.

Arms — Arg., on a mount vert, a cock ppr. ; quartering, 1st az.
a dolphin, embowed between three escallops or, for Scrase ;
2nd .sa. a chevron between three escallops az., for Michel.
Cve^i — .'V cock's head erased ppr. Motto — Vigilando quiesco.

Heat — Glen Ancrum, near Guildford.


Tredennick, The Rev. George Xesbitt Hat-
DOX, jM.A., of Camlin, co. Donegal, Vicar of Spar-
brook, Birmingham, b. ISfiO ; j».19 Not. 1889, Alice
Jane, eldest dau. of the Ven. Robert Phair, Arch-
deacon of Rupert's Island, N.W.A., and has issue,

John Nesiiitt EBNf:sT, b. 23 Sept. 1892.

Lineage. — The family, one of Cornish extraction, from
St. Breock, near Bodmin, who lost their estates through their
adherence to the cause of Charles I., was established in
Ireland temp. William 111.

William Tredennick, Esq., had two sons, John, the heir;
William ; and nine daus. The eldest son,

John Tredennick, Esq. of Camlin, m. 1st, Elizabeth Crozier,
by whom he had issue,

I. William, of Camlin, his heir, Jii. Elizabeth, dau. of John
Jones, Esq., and d. s. p.

I. Margaret.

II. Jane.

He III. 2ndly, Sarah Hamilton, of Eden, and by her (who d.
1801) left issue,

II. James, d. unm. iv. Archibald, d. unm.

III. George, d. unm. v. Galbraith, his heir.
He d. 1782. The 5th son,

Galbbaith Tredennick, Esq. of Camlin, b. 1757; s. to his
estates on the death of his eldest brother, William, who d.
June, 1817. He vi. 19 April, 1793, Anne, dau. and, in her
issue, heir of George Nesldtt, Esq. of Woodliill, co. Donegal,
and by her (who d. 20 Sept. 1851) had issue,

I. John Arnold, late of Camlin.

II. George Xesbitt (Rev.), of Woodhill, Ardara, co. Donegal,
Vicar of Kilbarron, diocese of Raphoe, b. 26 May, 1796 ; m.
June, 1827, Lydia, Gth dau. of William Magee, D.D., Arch-
bishop of Dublin (she d. 1865), and had issue,

1 John Galbraith, of Camlin.

2 George ^esbitt (14ev.), Incumbent of St. John's, Devon-
port, B.A., b. 3 Dec. 1840, subsequently Rector of Lis-

3 James Richard Knox, Major-Gen. 67th Eegt., b. 4 Oct.

4 William Magee, M.D., b. 5 July, 1844.

1 Elizabeth Moulson, 7/i. Rev. John Taylor Coffy, Rector
of Magorban.

2 Anne Nesbitt, m. March, 1851, Lieut.-Col. Robert
Abraham Logan, oith Regt., and has issue.

3 Lydia, m. Charles King Colquhoun, Esq., Capt. Tyrone

4 Jane, d. young. 5 Maria, d. young.

6 Margaret Sarah.

III. William Richard, of Fortwilliam, co. Donegal, b. 1802 ;
III. 183i, Maria, 7th dau. of William Magee, D.D., Arch-
bishop of Dublin, and by her (who d. Dec. 1851) had

1 William Richard, late Capt. 27th Regt., m. 1874, Millie
Letitia, dau. of James Johnstone, Esq., and has issue.

2 Charles, m. 1 March, ls;s7, Elizabeth, youngest dau. of
J. G. Willans, Esq. of Bayswater.

1 Elizabeth.

2 Annette, m. St. George Johnston, Esq.

3 Wilhelmina. 4 Jlarcia, vi.

5 Jane, m. 6 Annabella, m.

7 Charlotte. 8 Maria.

I. Elizabeth Jane, 7n. Capt. Coyne Reynolds, of Coolbcg, CO.
Donegal, 39th Regt., and had a dau., Anna Maria.





II. Annabella, m. Capt. William Atkinson, of Devonport,
30th liegt., and d. s. p.
Mr. Galbraitli Tredennick t7. 17 June, 1817, and was s. by bis
eldest son,

John Arnold Tredennick, Esq. of Camlin, J. P. cos. Done-
gal, Fermanagh, and Eoscommon, Iliffh .Sheriff co. Fermanagh
1821, h. 21 May, 1795; ni. 25 Jan. 1819, Elizabeth, dau. of
Joseph Johnston, Esq. of Summer Hill, co. Donegal, and
d. s. ;>. His nephew,

John Galekaith Tredennick, Esq. of Camlin, Col. Donegal
Militia, b. 8 April, 1828 ; //;. 3 March, 1859, Emily Dodsworth,
dau. of Joseph Haydon, of Guildford, and had issue,

I. George Nesbitt Haydon, now of Camlin.

It. John Magee. in. Arthur Heywood.

IV. Trevrand Galbraith.

V. Percival Dodsworth Foster.

VI. Galbraith William. vii. Charles Joseph Haydon.
I. Sophia Harriett.

Col. Tredennick rf. 1884.

Arms — Az., on a fesse arg., between three stars or, a
crescent gu. between two crosses pattee-fitchee sa. Crest —
A martlet, holding an olive-branch ppr. il/u((o— Fides not

Stat — Camlin, Ballyshannon.


Teeffey, Chaele.s Ebenezer, Esq. of Place, co.
Cornwall, J. P., High Sheriff 1886, h. 1 May, 1812 ;
m. 30 Aug. 1866, Udney Maria Elakeloy," dau. of
Joseph Toii Bretton, Earon von Bretton, and has
had issue,

I. Blakeley von Bretton, &. 11 Aug. 18G7 ; d. 23 Aug. 1879.

II. Edward, b. 1 March, 1S69.

III. Dormer Kierulff Bretton, b. 7 May, 1877.

I. Florence, b. 5 March, 1871.

II. Yandah Louisa Bretton, b. 16 Jan. 1874.

Liineag-e.— The Visitation of Cornwall 1G20 traces this
family from

KOGER Treffry, of Treffiy, whosc son, John Treffry, m.
Ibott, dau. of Sir Nicholas Flamank, and was father of John
Treffry, m. a dau. of Simon Killigrew, and was s. by his son,
EoGER Treffry, m. Senata, dau. and heir of Peter Polgreene,
and had a son, Thomas Tbeffbt, m. Elizabeth, dau. and co-
heir of Eobert Bonnyface, and was father of Thomas Treffry,
m. Amice, dau. and co-heir of John Miehelstow, and was s.
by his son,

Thomas Treffry, m. Alice, dau. and co-heir of Searle, of
Penveranc, and had i. John (Sir), his heir. High Sheriff of
Cornwall, m. Anne Lucome, and d. 1 Sept. 1.500, leaving an
only dau. Anne, m. John Trcgorck; n. Thomas, of whom
hereafter ; in. William, High Sheriff of Cornwall 1500, d. s. p.
1504 ; IV. Jennet, m. John Trevanion ; v. Jane, ra. John
Beckett. The 2nd son,

Thomas Treffky, m. Jennet, dau. and heir of William
Daw, of Plymouth, and had i. Tho5IAs, his heir; ii. John;
in. Henry; iv. William, all living 1604. He d. 1609, and
was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Tbeffbt, Capt. of St. Mawes Castle, M.P. for Corn-
wall 1555; TO. (setts, dated 29 Sept. 1505), Elizabeth, dau.
of John Killigrew, and d. 31 Jan. 15C3, leaving two daus.,
I. Agnes, iH. William Lower, of St. Winnow; ii. Sibill, j/j.
John Gayer, of Trenbrace, and one son,

John Treffry, of Treffry, m. 1st, Jane, dau. of Eeainald
Mohun, and by her had one dau. Loare, vi. Trenwith, of
Trenwith. He m. 2ndly, Emilyn, dau. and co-heir of John
Tresithny, and by her (who was buried 30 June, 1G04) had
seven daus. (viz. i Elizabeth, m 1st, Edward Morth, and 2ndly,
6 April, 1603, Edward Hender ; li. Anne, to. Edward Heaiie ;
III. Sara, bapt. 25 June, 1568; iv. Deborah, ?»,. 1609, Henry
Peters; v. Martha, m. June, 1.594, Thomas Dickwood, alias
Peters; vi. Kebecca, bapt. 29 March. 1579; vn. Mary, bapt.
15 April, 1581), and five younger sons (viz. John Tresithny,
h. 1571; Henry, 6. 1575; Abci, b. 1577; Henry, b. 1583;
Benjamin, b. 1585) and three elder sons,

I. William, his heir.

II. Thomas, Barrister-at-Law, Mayor of Lostwithiel 1604,
1625, 1631, TO. Catherine, dau. and co-heir of Thomas
Hellier, alias Blayow, and d. 1 March, 1635, leaving by
her (who d. July, 1035), two daus., Emlyn, m. 5 Nov.
1623, Nicholas Kendall, of Pelyn, and Blanch, to. Thomas

ui. Matthew, of Foye, bapt. 20 Feb. 1566, in. Elizabeth,
dau. of John Somester, of Pcynsfcrd. co. Devon, and d.
Nov. 1626, leaving by her (who d. Sept. 1656; two daus..

Elizabeth, bapt. 18 March, 1606, and Jane, bapt. 14 March,
1607, and three sons,

1 Thomas, of whom hereafter, heir of his cousin.

2 William, bapt. 20 March. 1605, father of Kobert, whose
son, Samuel, had by Elizabeth his wife, lloger, b. 1746,
TO. 28 May, 1770, Mary Veale, and d. 1818, leaving a
son, Joseph, b. 21 April, 1771 ; m. 31 July, 1^00, Susanna
Brown, and was father of Joseph, 6. 4 June, IhOl ; m.
Alice Eveleigh, and d. circa 1874, leaving three daus.,
Alice, Susan, and Josepliine Anna, a younger son, Elford,
and an eldest son,

Joseph Eveleigh Treffry, settled in Quebec, m. 1880,
Mary Anne Horan.

3 John, bapt. 1 June, 1608; m. 20 June, 1634, Mary
Bowden. She d. July, 1672.

John Treffry, of Treffry, d. 28 Jan. 1590, and was s. by his
eldest son,

William Treffry, Esq. of Treffry, bapt. 18 Feb. 1559,
JI.P. for Fowey 1584; to. 3 April, 1589, Ursula, and co-
heir of William Tremaine, Esq. of Upcott, co. Devon, and
had by her

I. John, his heir.

I. Jane, vi. 29 May, 1611, John Trefusis, Esq. of Trcfusis.

II. Mary, bapt. 1 July, 1593 ; d.
HI. Emlyn, bapt. 20 Aug. 1596; rf. wniii.

IV. Bridget, m. Robert Morrice, Esq.

V. Ursula, m. Thomas Trefusis, Esq.

Mr. Treffry d. 24 Feb. 1603, and was s. by his only son,

John Treffry, Esq. of Treffry, bapt. 27 Jan. 1594, M.P. for
Fowey 1620, signed the Heralds' Visitation of Cornwall in 1620,
m. 17 Oct. 1619, Bridget, dau. of Sir Arthur Champernon,
Knt. of Darlington, co. Devon, and d. s.p. Sept. 1658, when he
was s. by his cousin,

Thomas Treffry, Esq. of Treffry, also of Rooke, 6. 1607 ;
TO. (setts, dated 28 April, 1641) Jane, dau. of John Vivian,
Esq. of Trewan, and by her (who d. Nov. 1654) had, with four
other daus. (Mary, b. 1644, d. 1676; Bridget, b. 1647, d. 1650;
Elizabeth, living J 659; and Jlartha, b. 1652), two sons and
a dau.,

I. John, his heir.

II. Thomas, d. s. p.

1. Jane, bapt. 28 May, 1646 ; m. John Tollar, Esq. of Fowey,
and d. March, 1701, leaving, with other issue, a son,
William Tollab, heir to his uncle.
Mr. Treffry was s. by his eldest son,

John Trefff.y, Esq. of Treffry, bapt. 28 March, 1650, M.P.
for Fowey 1679 to 1685, mi. Katherine, dau. of Henry Stephens,
Esq. of F'owey, and (f. s. p. March, 1731, having bequeathed
his estates to his sister's son, William Tollar, who, having
assumed the surname and arms of Treffry, by Act of Parlia-
ment 8 George II., became

William Treffry, Esq. of Fowey, bapt. 27 Dec. 1676, m.
1st, Miss F"ortescue, of Spridlestone, co. Devon, who d. s.p.,
and 2ndly, Kebecca, dau. and co-heir of John Weymouth, Esq.,
and widow of Rev. Daniel Hyde, Vicar of Barnstaple, and by
her had four daus. (viz., Elizabeth, b. 1713, d. 1715 ; Jane, b.
1716 ; Margaret, 6. 1719; Eebecca, b. 1720) and four sons,

I. John, bapt. 6 Sept. 1714 ; d. July, 1715.

II. Henry, b. 1717; d. 1719.

III. William, bapt. 7 Oct. 1720; d. Nov. 1721.

IV. Thomas, his heir.

Mr. Treffry d. March, 1735, and was s. by his son,
Thomas Treffry, Esq. of Place, High Sheriff co. Cornwall,

1766, b. 1724; m. Susanna, dau. of Thomas Pipon, Alderman

of Fowey, and had issue,
I. William Esco, his heir.

I. Eebecca, d. unm. May, 1747.

II. Elizabeth, bapt. 23 Oct. 1739 d. unm. Aug. 1753.

III. Jane, bapt. 11 Aug. 1747 ; m. 1st, Nicholas Austin,
Lieut. E.N., who d. s. p., and 2ndly, 15 March, 1782,
Thomas Dormer, Esq., and was buried 3 Dec. 1786, leaving
by him, two daus., Susan (Mrs. Mills, of Warkleigh) and

Jane Treffry, b. 24 Aug. 1785; m. 22 Sept. 1806, Edward
Wilcocks, Esq. of Exeter, and d. March, 1864, leaving,
with three daus. (June, m. 10 Veh. 1»35, James Jones,
Esq.; Selina. d. 10 Jan. 1811 ; Ellen, d. v.nm. 9 Sept.
1830) and three younger sons (Henry, b. 24 July, 1815;
Thomas Austin Treffry, b. 21 Sept. 1819; and Charles, 6.
12 June, 1821), an eldest son,

Edward John Wilcocks (Eev.), of whom hereafter, aa
heir of his cousin.

IV. Susanna Anne, bapt. 6 Oct. 1748 ; m. 17 April, 1780,
Joseph Austin, Esq., and d. Dec. 1760, having had two
daus., Susan and Surah, both d. unm., and one son,

Joseph Thomas Austin, ol whom hereafter.
Mr. Treffry d. Dec. 1776, and was s. by his only son,

William Esco TKErrRY, Esq. of Place, who d. s. ji. Nov.
1779, and bequeathed his estates to his youngest sister, Mrs.





^ll-;:lnl1a Anne Austin, and her i>.-uo. IK r only s,in. Josr.pii
Thomas Aistin, liavinir assanud tlu- suiikiuK' :nKl aims of
TEKrtRY by voyal lici'ni.'e 'Jo l-'i'b. ls;i(;, l.rrainc

Joseph Thomas Tkkitky. Esq. of I'lcu-r. lli' was liapt.
i May, ITS.', was lli.^'h Slu-rilT of Cornwall l - :lu, anil .'. .■!. jk
Jan. Iti.'iO. havin;; bcquiatlu'il his estates to liis liist cousin,
1;kv. Edwaiid Joh.s ^\■ll,l-o^.■Ks, who, having assiinuil tin'
surname ami arms of Tuekiky by royal lieenee dated 10
May, Iti.'iO, became

lir.v. Kdwaud .Ioiin Tui-.n uv, D.C.I... of I'laeo. lie was
bajit. S May, ISOU, ;-i. 30 Anjr. Isili."'. .\nn.'. dau. of Charles
Steel, Esq., It.N., and by her (who U. 2J .March. lb:^l) had

I. Edward, h. 'Jl ^ejit. 1S:!S: •!. 21 Sept. !M4.

II. Charles Ebenkzei!, his In ir. now of I'lace.

III. (ieorire Steel. '.. I'i Kcb. l-ll ; ),.. .lane Sn-.vart.

IV. i;ei;inald lleber (Kev.), h. 30 .Marcli, IblU, Sector of St.
Knilellion, Cornwall.

V. llarry. h. b Maich, IS4S.

VI. Joseph Thomas. J.H.. li. '2'J Dec. IS'il; ,u. 1874, Ada,
dau. of Col. J. \V. Peard.

VII. Edward Lambert (,Kcv.), 6. ',^9 April, lS."i4. licctor of
Aswarby, co. Lincoln.

VIII. Spencer Thornton, h. 14 Dec. ls.''jG.

IX. John lie Crcssy. b. n April, Ibii'.).

I. Anne Ellen, //. 10 April. 1S40: m. 24 July, IsOrt, Rev.
Ifandficld Noel rurcell, Vicar of Fowev, aiul (?. fi JIarch,

II. Zoe, ft. 11 Dec. 1849; m. Xov. Ib76, Ernest KiilVer, Esq.

III. Maria Stuart, //. 4 Dec. l.s.'iO; i/i. 18^2, Capt. William
Eobert Piicketr, It. A.

Ani:s — Sa., a chevron between three trees eradicated ai'S.
Ci-'s( — A Cornish chough's head erased ta., ill the beak a sprig
of laurel vert.

^t((( — I'lace, I'owey, Cornwall.

TuEGONiXG, Jonx SiJiiioxs, of Laiidiic, Corn-
AMiU ;:nd Brvn-Hht'od, eo. Caniiavtlieii, J.l*. for co.
C'urnwnll, aud J. P. and D.L. for co. C'armartlicn
(oil Roll for Hi<Th Sheriff 1892), b. 10 Sept. 1812;
.V. 1878; m: 26 Sept. ISIiG, Sophia, dan. of JCdward
IN'orris, Esq. of Liverpool, and lias istuie,

I. John Simsionb, ft. IG Feb. ISOS, B.A. Trin. Coll. Camb.


II. William Edward Cecil, ft. 17 Feb. ItiTl, i;.A. Trin. Coll.
Camb. Ib'SZ.

an. Arthur Langford, ft. .") Sept. 1874.
3V. Wynn Harukl, ft. 6 June, ls7fl.

V. Geoffrey Xorris, ft. 2.0 Sept. l.ssl.

VI. Ed.^rar Avery, 6. 11 Feb. 1884.

I. Sophie Elizabeth. it. Emily (ir.icc. in. Dorothea.

Xiineag'e. — John TnEnoMNG, of Gwennap. i,i. 29 3Iay
1813, ijrace Simmou.s, dau. of John Simmons, of Trcla.-.sick in
Ladocli and had issue, two sons,

I. JouN Simmons, ft. 20 April, IsM; „>. G Oct. 1^40, Eliza-
beth Avery, dau. of John;iord. of IJuscastle: U. at
Landue 31 March, 1*78, having hail is.~ue,

1 .John Simmoxs, the present representative.

2 William Henry, ft. 12 (Jet. Ib43; ./. in infancy.
1 G."aee, ft. 25 Aug. Ib41 : d. in infancy.

II. William lleniy, ft. 19 March, 1810; d. ant,,. 1 JIarch,

AjTii.< — Arg., on a mount vert, a stag lodged in front of tiiree
oak-trccs ppr., a chief az., thereon a ]jassioii cross between two
mullets ot the field. Cnst — In front of a rock ppr., thereon a
castle arg., a stag lodged or. Motlu — Semper paratiis, semper

^iitf — Landue, nearLaunccstou, Cornwall ; ljryn-liafod,near
Llauclly, CO. Carmarthen.


Teegonwell, iliis., of Portman Lodge, Hants,
m. 17 Dec. 183G, Joux Tregoxwell, Esq. of
.Vnderson and Craiibourue Lodge, co. Dorset, wlio
<■/. 12 Oct. 1885, leaving issue, three daus. (as

Liineage. — This family derives its surname from its
.aueii nt seat, Trcgonwcll, in Cornwall. I'olion, in his descrip-
tion of Cornish men and manners, mentions the Tregonwells
tis of Eellermine, and records that " theybiiilded many places,
and had many lands and n'.anors before the Nurman Con-
'luest.'' Towards the close of the L'lth century,

TutGO.N WELL, of Trc^ouwell, had two sons,

I. llnr.r.ier, bis heir, whose male descendants became o.vtinct
in the reign of Kiii^;-.! amks 1., the co-heirs marrying liawdcn,
rollamoiuuer, aud i'enpoll.

II. John.

The younger son,

Joii.N Tnr.GoxwELL, an eminent civilian in the time of
IIenuv VIII., was employed by that monarch in suing his
celebrated divorce from CATiaaiiNE of Aragon. In l.")44, he
was appointed by si>ecial commission, with others named
therein, to preside in the Court of Chancery during the
absence of the Lord Chancellor, Sir Thomas Wriothesley, and
in l.">r)0, he was constituted one of the Commissoners of the
(ireat Seal, in consequence of the indisposition of the Lord
Chancellor Iticli. In iri.'i2, he received the honour of knigiit-
hood, was returned to rarliamcnt by the Burgesses of Scar-
borough, and served as High Sheriff of Dorset and Somerset
Ioa4. In addition to those great and lucrative oHices, the
king conferred upon him very extensive territorial grants,
amongst others, the mitred abbey of Milton, Dorset, surren-
dered II ."\larch, l."i3!l, by Abbot Bradley. In this abbey. Sir
John Tregonwell was interred 150o, under au altar tomb of
grey marble. He was s. by his grandson,

Jolis Trego-Vwell, Esq., Lord of the ilanor of ^Milton, m.
Anne Soamaster, of Sombornc, Hants, and had a son, his suc-
cessor in 1'j8.'>,

John Tregonwell, Esq. of Jlilton Abbey, m. Katherinc,
youngest dau. of the Hon. Anthony Browne, eldest son of Sir
Anthony Browne, 1st Viscount Montague, and two soas,

I. John, of ^lilton Abbey, ft. l.')98, whose granddau. and
heir, >tary 'Iregonwell, ;/). 1st, lOsO, Francis Luttrell, Esq.
of l>anster Castle, and 2ndly, Sir Jacob Banks, Knt.

II. Thomas, of whom presently.

Mr. Tregonwell, High Sheriff of Dorset 1004, 101.'), and 1027,
purchased the estate of Andersoji, and, erecting the mansion-
house 1022, went to reside there on the marriage of his eldest
son. He iL 1039, when Milton Abbey passed to his son and
heir, John Tregoswell, ICsq., and his 2nd son became,

Tho.mas Tregonwell, Esq. of Anderson. He was ft. 1003 ;
))i. 162.5, Dorothy, relict of Sir John Ityves, and dau. of the
Hon. Henry Hastings, of Woodlands, 2nd son of George, 4tli
Earl of Huntingdon, and had one son and four daus. Mr
Tregonwell d. \Cihv\, and was s. by his son,

Joii.N Tregonwell, Esq. of Anderson, m. thrice; by his 1st,
wife, Lewes, dau. of Lady Beauchamp, lie had a son and heir,

.John Tregonwell, Esq. of .\nderson, ft. 1701; //.. twice,
and d. 1700, leaving, by Anna Catliarina, his 2ud wife, dau. of
Capt. Hill, his son and successor,

Thomas Tregonwell, Esq. of Anderson, vi. 1st, Miss Sarah
.Saunders, and had two sons, Thomas and John, who both
predeceased him uiun. He m. 2ndl}-, Henrietta Eleanora,
dau. of Michael Lister, Esq., and cousin of Thomas Lister,
Lord Bibblcsdale, by whom he left at his decease, 1701, an
only child,

Lewis Dimoke Gkosvenor Tregonwell, Esq. of Anderson,
J. P. and D.L., ft. 14 Feb. 17o!^, in whose favour the House of
Lords decided the suit instituted by his father against John
Strachan, Esq., the heir of Jacob Banks, so far as the estate
of Tregonwell was ciuiccvned. That property his guardians
subsequently sold to the Vyvyan family. Mr. Tregonwell m.
1st, IJec. 1781, Catherine, only child of St. Barbe Sydenham,
Esq., of Combe, Somerset, by whom (who d. Feb. 1794) he had

I. St. Barre, his heir.

II. llelcu Ellery, la. a March, 1814, Capt. J. Duff Markland,

He m. 2ndly, 11 Jidy, 1800, Henrietta, 2nd dau. of Henry
Willliam Portman, Esq. of Bry;uistou, Dorset, and had by her
one son and one dau.,

I John, late of Cranbourne Lodge and Anderson^ suc-
cessor to his half-brother.

I. Henrietta Lewina, m. 6 .Uily, ls2."i. Hector Wil!i;,iii Bower
Monro, Esq. of Edmondshain, Dorset.

Mr. Tregonwell, High Sheriff 1780, d. IS Jan. 1*32, and was i.
by his cider son,

St. Bawie Tregonwell, Esq. of Anderson, ft. G Aug. 1782;
</. u,i„t. ls.')9.

Jl iHN Tregonwell, Esq. of Anderson and Cranbourne Lodge,
CO. Dorset, D.L., High Sheriff 1871, ft. 20 Sept. 1811; m,
17 Dec. 1830, Kachael, youngest dau. of Kev. Itobert Lowtli, by
Frances Harington bis wife, and granddau. of liobert Lowth,
D.D., Bishop of London, and by her had

I. Henrietta Frances.

II. Wynuiiam Bachael, rii. 13 I'eb. 1873, Major Raymond
li!glis, son of l,ieut.-(;en. Sir W. liiglis,

III. -Maiy Itobiua, la. 7 June, lSS7, Hubert Law, eldest son





of the Efv. Uubcrt llarkness, late Hector of Wimborne St.
Giles, JJorset.
He d. 12 Oct. 1885.

Arms — Arg., three ijellets in fesse within two burrulits sa.
■between as many Cornish chou;;hs ppr. Creft — A Cornish
cbouuU's head anil neck ppr., holding in its beak uchaiJleterm.
and sa. Multo — Nosee teipsuni.

£esidenc(. — Cranborne LotJ*e, Cranborne, Dorset.


Jago-Tkelawnt, John, K.sq. of Coklrenick, co.
Cornwall, Major-Gen. in the army, formerly Lieiit.-
Col. 71tli Highlanders, b. 1826; s. his maternal
uncle, Charles Trelawny, 25 Aug. 188.3 ; assumed
by royal lieenee, dated 19 April, 18SG, tlie surname
of Teelawny, in addition to and after that of
Jago, and the arms of Trelawny and Jago quar-

Liineagre.— The Trelawnys ot Coldrenick, derived from
a scion of the ancient house of Trelawny of 2',-claw/ie.

Marmaduke Dabell, of Pagenham, co. Sussex, whose will
was proved '2o July, 1568, m. Anne, dau. of lliehard Seott, Esq.,
and niece of Sir Keginald Scott, ICut. of Scott's Hull, and had
an only dau. and heir.

Mart Darell, of Pagenham, whom. Edward Darell, Esq.,
Clerk of Aeatry to (Jueen Elizabeth, and by him (whose will
was proved 2U Oct. 1.573) had a son and heir,

Sir Thomas Dareli,, Knt. of Pagenham, m. 1st, Elizabeth,
■dau. of Itobert ilorley, Esq. of (ilynde, co. Sussex, and had
i.=sue. He in. 2ndly, Anne, dau. of William Murchamp, Esq.
of Unsted and Godalming, co. Surrey, and had by her
Tho.mas. of w horn hereafter. He -m. Jrdly, Bridget Crosby, an
heiress, and had issue by her also. Sir Thomas's son by his
2nd wife,

Tho.mas Darell, of Allhallows, Lombard Street, citizen
of London, -m. 27 Dec. 1G19, Mary, dau. of Tliomas Koe, of
St. Mary Aldermary, citizen of London, and of Cadhay, co.
Devon, by Martha Jaye his wife, and .lister and lieir of John
Hoe, Esq. of Trewornan, eo. Cornwall, and d. Dec. 1(J2}, leav-
ing two daus. (Sirs. Philips, and Gratiana, );i. Sir Henry
■Carew, 2nd Bart, of Haccombe) and one son,

Thomas Darell, Esq. of Trewornan, b. 1G18; s. to the
estates of his xmcle, John Hoe, Idba. By Mary his wife
<who was buried at St. Minver. 10 Sept. Ifi'.n'i), he had four
daus. (viz., i. Maria, m. Jan. 1G74, John llunkin; ii. Anne,
in. 1677, Giles Itisdon; ni. Frances, m. May, lt!:iO, John
Arseott, Esq. of Tescott; iv. Elizabeth, la. 2'J April, 1G73,
■William Godolphin, Esq. of Trewarveneth; and four sons,

I. Thomas, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Henry liromfield, Esq. of
Chaeroft, co. Southampton, and d. c.p. April, IGtiS, leaving

1 Henry, heir to hi.': grandfatliei'.

2 William, of St. Mary-le-Strand. London, ni. Frances,
dau. ol Kichard Dayrell. Esq. of Lillinuston Dayrell. co.
Buckingham, and </. 8 March, 1727, leaving by her (who
d. 21 Sept. 1754) an only son,

Heney St. George, to whom his cousin, Charles Tre-
lawny, Esq. of Coldrenick, bequeathed his estates
17G4. He assumed by royal lieenee, dated 12 July,
17G8, the surname and arms of TRELAW^Y, and d. s. p.

1 Elizabeth, ni. 14 Nov. 1G92, "Very Kev. Edward Tre-
lawny, Dean of Exeter, 3rd son and eventual heir of
Jonathan Trelawny, Esq. of Coldrenick, and grandson
of Edward Trelawny, Esq. of Coldrenick, brother of Sir
John Trelawny, 1st Bart, of Trelawny, and had three
sons ; the two eldest d. wnni., and the third,

Charles Trelawny, of Coldrenick, •>.•. to the estates,
d. uiiM. G Oct. 17G4, and bequeathed all his estates to
his cousin, Henry St. George Darell, as above.

2 Anne, la. Kev. Daniel Sagittary, Hector of Stecpletou
and Winterbornc, co. Dorset.

II. John, bapt. 18 Dec. 1658, d. June, 1689, leaving bj Anne
his wife, one dau., Anne, d. same year.

III. Edward, bapt. 24 Feb. 1G70 ; d. s. p.

IV. Jl.armaduke, d. s. j^- Eeb. 1698.

Ur. Darell 3 Jan. 1G98, and was s. by his grandson,

Henry Darell, Esq. of Trewornan, m. Anne Sagittary, and
Iby her (who d. Dec. 1G97) had issue,

I. Thomas.

II. Henry, s. to Trewornan, bapt. 9 Dec. 1G96, >/(. Sarah, dau.
of John Symkin, Esq. of Plymouth, and d. s. i>. July, 1731.

I. Anne, of whom hereafter.

II. Frances, bapt. 2G Dec. 1700, ni. G Fib. 1720, John Crabbe,
Esq. of Plymouth, and d. Aug. 1738, leaving a son,

Darell Cbabce, to whom his uncle, Henry St. George

Trelawny, bequeathed CoUlnnick. w hereupon he assumed
the surname and arms of Trelawny. He m. Dorotliea
Maria, dau. of Francis Gregor, Esq. of Trewartheujck,
and d. s. [>. 24 Aug. 1795.

Mr. Darell d. July, 1737. His eldest dau.,

Anne Darkll, -m. 22 Aug. 1730, Hev. Edward Stephens,
Vicar of St. Kew, son of Edward Stephens, Esq. of Falmouth,
and by him (who d. 1737) had l. Henry, b. \~tZ\, d

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