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.x. p.;
II. Edward, of whom hereafter ; in. Hobert, of Fowey, b. 22
Nov. 1733, „i. 1 Sept. 17G4, Amy, dau. of .Vlexander,
Esq. of Kingsbridge, and d. s. p. 1804 : i. Anne, '-. 1735, -(.
2 Jan. 181G; ii. Jane, b. 173G, d. unm. The 2nd son,

Edward Stepuhns, Esq., b. 28 .-Vug. 1732; )/i. 10 Nov. 1701,
Catherine, dau. of Uev. John Bedford, Vicar of Charles,
Plymouth, and by her (who d. Feb. 1814, aged 73) had
I. Edward, his heir; ii. Darell (Uev.), of Trewornan, Hector
of St. Petrock .Minor, bapt. 13 April, 1771, m. Mary, dau. of
John Bennett, of Lostwithiel, and d. 2 Feb. 1848, having had,
w ith other issue, wlio d. s. }/., Hobert, of Trewornan, b. 26
Sipt. Isll; III. Lucretia Bedford, b. 8 Sept. 1764, m. '23 Sept.
17»G, Hev. John Jago, D.D., Vicar of .Milton Abbott, and had
Edward Jago, of whom hereafter. The eldest son,

Kdwakd Stephens, Esq., Capt. H.A., bapt. 28 Jan. 1762,
,<. by the w ill of his cousin, Darell Crabbe, afterwardsTrelawny,
to Coldrenick in 1795, and thereupon took the surname of
Trelawny. He in. '20 Aug. 1795, Jane, dau. of Thomas
Woollcombe, Esq. of Plymouth, and by her (who d. July,
1813) had issue,

t. Charles, his heir.

II. Edward (Hev.), Vicar of JIaker, bapt. 2G Dec. 1804;
d. cnia. 4 Dee. ls>G6.

I. Anne Darell, bapt. 9 Feb. 17;i7. >,;. Edw.-ird Jago, Esq.,
son of Hev. John .lago, D.D.. \'icar ol ililton Abbott and
Haltery, andc/. lfe6S, leaving issue,

1 John Jago, now of Coldrenick. 2 Edward.

3 Charles Trelawny, Viee-Admiral R.N., -/. 15 Nov. 1n91.

4 Hobert Stephens, Lieut.-Col Indian Army.

1 Jane Darell. 2 Lucretia Bedford.

3 Ellen Trelawny, hi. Rev. F. J. Hooke, Canon of S.alis-
bury, and d. 2 July, 1884.

II. Eleanor, m. Christopher MeAdam, Esq. of Balloehmorrie,
and d. 1852, leaving two dans., Ellen, ///. William Lowe,
Esq., and Emily, wlio lit. Charles Dudley Maynard, Esq.

Mr. Trelawny d. April, 1807, and was s. by his eldest son,

Charles Trelawny, Esq. of Coldrenick, High Sheriff co.
Cornwall, 1822, b. 26 June, 1799; tZ. s. ^. 25 .Vug. 1833, and
was .•!. by his nephew, John Jai^o-Trelawny, now of Col-

.ii-iii.-< — Quarterly: 1st and 4th arg., a chevron sa., for
Trelawny ; 2nd and 3rd arg., three Cojnishs ppr., on a chief
sa., as many cross-crosslets or., for Jago. C'< — ,\. wolf
passant ppr., for Trelawny, and on a rock ppr., a eormoiant
rising sa., wings pean charged on the heart with a cros.s-
cnsslet as in the arms, for Jaco.

i^u'-l — Coldrenick, St. German's, Cuinwall.


Teelawny, lIojiACE DuRMEK, Esq. of Shotwiek
Park, CO. Chester, J.l*. and D.L., late Capt. Koyal
Horse Grtiards, b. 1821; m. 1859, Hon. ^Maria
Katherine Walsh, eldest dau. of John, 1st Lord
Oi-mailnvaitc, and has i.ssuc,

I. Florence. il. 3Iaud.

III. Hilda, m. 13 July, 1892, John Herbert Upton-Cottrell-
Dormer, Lieut. 4th Batt. Oxfordshire Light Infantry, 4tli
son of Clement Cottrell-Dormer, Esq. of Ingmire Hall,
CO. York, and has a son, b. 30 .\pril, ls;i3.

IV. Lilian. v. Miny.

Liineag'e. — This is a branch of the ancient Cornish family
of TuELAWNY of Ticlaicny.

Lieut.-Gen. Haury Trelawny, Governor of Languard Fort
(younger brother of Sir William Trelawny, Gth Bart, of Tre-
lawny), m. 1752, Mary Dormer, and d. I.SOO, leaving a son.

Col. Charles Buereton Trelawny, of Shotwiek, who
assumed tlie surname and arms of Breketon at the decease of
Owen Salusbury Breretou, Esq. He m. 17.sG, JIaria, sister of
Sir Christopher Hawkins, Knt. of Trewitheii, Cornwall, and
leir (with a dau. Charlotte, la. John Charles Trevanion, E.sq.
of Carhays) a son,

Harry Brereton Trelawny, Esq. of Shotwiek, b. 179'2,
Capt. Grenadier Guards; m. 1818, Caroline, dau. of Capt.
Jlonk, H.N., and by her (who d. 23 Jan. 1879) had issue,

I. Harry, Capt. Grenadier Guards, (/. s. p. Is51.

II. Horace Dormer, now of Shotwiek.

III. Clarence, late of the Austrian Army, h. 1826; la. 1870,





Mary, dau. of W. S. Campbell, Esq., and has issue, Eose,
Violet Mary, and Kinnia Airnes.

I. Agnes Ca'roline, w. )st, IJuly, 1S40, John James Calley,
Esq. of Burderop, Wilts, who' d. IsM, and inilly, isn;,
Uedworth David Barclay, Esq. of Eastwiek I'aik, Surrey, by
whom she has issue, three sons and one dau.

Capt. Trelawny J. 10 Jime, 1S69.

Ariits—Arg., a chevron sa. between three oak-leaves slipped

ppr. Crest— A wolf pa,-sant ppr. ii;o»o— Sermoni consona

facta. .S,(!f— Shotwiek I'ark, co. Chester. Citits— Carlton,

Army and Xavy, and JlarlOorough.


Tkei-Awxy-Eos.-:, Kev. Joux, IDA)., of Ham, in
the Tvtliing of I'emiycross, otherwise AVeston
Peverell. co. Devon, B.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin, 1875,
M.A. 1S7S, B.D. 1889, D.D. 1890,6. 1852 ; m. 1st,
1881, Emma Eathei-ine Mary, dau. of Alexander
Bassett, Esq. of Bajnton House, co. Glamorgan,
and by her (who d. 1886) has issue,
AViLLi.iM Edwin Trelawny, 6. 1SS3.
Alexander Hamelin, b. 1*84.

Mary Trelawny, 0. 1«>82. Caroline Sophia, b. 1835.

He m. 2ndl_v, 1894, ilarj Frederica, dau. of the late
Ciipt. G. SomervillcDigby and the LadyEmilyDigby.
Liineag'e. — The Trelawnys o/'/'/j/hjokJA awd 7/«»i are a
branch of the ancient family of Tbl-lawnx of TreUnniij,
derived from Jons Trelawny, of St. German's, a younger son
of the Coniish house. To this branch belonged Kobert Tre-
lawny, Esq. of Ham, Member for Plynioutn in the Long
Parliament, of whose treatment Clarendon speaks in his
Uistori/ nf the R^htliion.

Arthur Collins, the celebrated genealogi.^t and antiquarj,
author of Collins' Pamric, b. at Exeter, 1682, was s-on of
William Collins, Esq. of the Inner Temple, Gentleman-Usher
to Catharine, Queen of Charles II., and grandson of John
Collins, Esq. of Kenilworth, Warwickshire. The tiist edition
of the Ptcragc was published in 1703, and a second in 171.5, in
four vols, folio. The latest edition was that of 1812, with
valuable additions by SirEgerton Brydges. Co-lu^s Baronttage
was first published in 1720, and subsequently in 1741. His
other publications are, 1. The Life of Ci.cil, Lord Burleigh,
1732, Svo. ; 2. The LifeofFdtcard the Black Prince, 1740, Svo. ;
3. Letlers and Memorials of State, collected by Sir Henry Sidney
and others, 1746, two vols, folio; 4. historical Collections oj
the Sohle Families of Cacendifh, Holies, Vere, Harley, and Ogle.
1752, folio; 5. Historu nf Jnha of Gaunt. In consideration of
these important contributions to historical and gcnealogicai
history, George II. granted to Mr. Collins a pension of £4C0 a
year. This painstaking and learned writer d. at Baltersea IC
March, 17G0. He was father of

Gen. Arthcr Tooker Collins, of the Eoyal Marines, 6.
I71S: /«. Henrietta Caroline, dau. of George ITrazer, Esq. of
Park, King's Co., Ireland; and d. 1794, leaving one dau. and
three sons,

I. David, Lieut. -Col., Judge Advocate, and Historian of the
Settlement of New South Wales, b. at Exeter, 175G. In
1770 he was appointed Lieut, in the Marines, and in 17 72
was instrumental in rescuing the unfortunate Matilda.
Queen of Denmark, and in conveying her to her brotliei'.-
(George III.) Hanoverian dominions. In 1775 he greatly
distinguished himself at the battle of Bunker's Hill. In
1787 he accompanied Governor Philips to New South Wales
as Judge-.\dvocate, and was subsequently made Governor
of Van Diemen's Land : previously to which he wrote a
history of tlie furnjur settlement. He (/. at Van Dienien's
Land, 24 March, IslO.
u. George. ni- William.

The 2nd son,

George Collins, Esq., D.L. Devon, vi. 1784, Mary, only
child and heir of Samuel Pollexfen Trelawny, Esq. of Ham.
Devon, and d. 1826 (his widow d. 1837), having had issue,

I. George Trelawny, b. 1786 ; d. in infancy.

II. George Trelawny, Lieut. 23rd Koyal Welsh Fusiliers,
killed at the siege of Badajoz, 6 April, 1812.

III. Arthur Luce Trelawny, Lieut. Koyal Artillery, 7H. Sophi i,
dau. of William Holmes, Esq., M.D. Quebec, and d. Dec.
Is20 (his widow d. Is6i), leaving issue, three daus.,

1 Sophia Mary, r,i. 1868, Col. EitzGerald, 33rd liegt. (who
d. 1882); and -/. 1S«3.

2 Carohne Matilda, yn. 1851, Rev. William Eoss, Canon of
Derry, and liural Dean (d. 1891) and had, wiiti one dau..
TO. W. Manning, Esq. (d. 1889), three sons. Key. John
Trelawny Ko.-s, now of Ham ; Arthur William Pollexfen;
and Kol.crt Lislie Marcus.

3 Arthurine Trelawny 'born posthumous).

IV. Charles Trelawny Collins-Trelawny, of Ham, only

surviving son and heir.
v. Edwin Trelawny, /-. 1807 ; </. young.
I. Mary Trelawny, d. 1849. ii. Caroline Trelawny, d. 1873.
in. Catherine Trelawny, m. the llev. Henry Hare, of Curlis-

Knowle, Devon, and had issue, two sons and three daus.

IV. Charlotte Trelawny, d. 1876.

V. Emily Trelawny, d. 1810.
The only surviving son.

The Key. Charles Trelawny Collins-Tbelawny, M.A. , of
Ham, Eellow of Balliol College, Oxford, and Uector of Tims-
bury, Somerset, b. 10 April, 1792; in. 21 July, 1831, Elizabeth
AylilTe, youniiest dau. of Edward and Marianne Boodle, of
London. The liev. Charles Trelawny Collins assumed
by royal licence, 26 Nov. 1838, in compliance with the will of
his mother, her maiden name of Trelawsy, andtL 1878.

,4r))iS — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, .arg., a chevron sa. ; 2nd and
ord, arg., a chevron sa., between three oak leaves vert.
Crest — A wolf statant ppr. il/o^o-Serinoni consona facta.

ieaJs— Ham, Plymouth; and Limavady, Londonderry.


Trematne, John, Esq. of Heligan, Cornwall,
and Sydenham, Devon, M.P. for East Cornwall
from 1874 to 1880, and from South Devon
1884-85, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1859, b. 15
April, 1825 ; m. 13 Nov. 1860, Hon. Mary Charlotte
Martha Vivian, dau. of Charles Crespigny, 2nd
Lord Vivian, of Glynn, and has issue,

I. John Claude Lewis, J.P. co. Cornwall, b. 29 Oct 1869.

I. Onera Mary Georgiana.

II. Harriet JIaud.

III. Giaee Danuuis Matilda, ni. 1889, Charles Batington,

Lineag'e. — From the manor of Tremayne, in the parish ol
St. Jlartin, on the banks of Helford Haven, this family derived,
at a very remote period, its designation. In the reign of
Edward III., Perys Tremayne, was there resident. By hia
wife. Dame Opre Treskewys, he was father of

John Tremayne, to whom, having no issue himself, s. his

Perys Tre.mayne, who m. Onera Trevertea, and was grand-
father of

Tbo.mas Tre.mayne. This was the last resident of the family
at Tremayne. Hem. Isabella, dau. andsole heir of Trenchard
of Collaeombe, and removed in consequence to that estate,
where his descendants flourished for more than three centuries.
Isabella Trenchard, surviving her husband, re-married with
Sir John Dammerel. Thomas Tremayne was s. by his elder

Nicholas Tremayne, who was s. by his son,

Thomas Tremayne, who m. Elizabeth Carcw.

John Tre.mayne, of Collacombe, who m. Emma, dau. of
John Beare, of Huntsham, had issue,

I. Thomas, his heir.

II. Kichard, of Tregonnan, Cornwall, ancestor of

Lewis Tremayne, of Heligan, who commanded a regiment
of foot for King Charles 1., and was Lieut. -Governor of
Pendennis Castle. This gallant person had two sons,

1 John (Sir), King's Serjeant, and author of the Pleas
of the Ciou-n, who d. s. p.

2 Charles, whose son,

Lewis Tremayne, m. Mary, dau. and co-heir of —
Clotworthy, Esq. of Ki'shlc'igh and Clotworthy, in
Devon, and was s. by his son,
John, m. Grace, youngest dau. and co-heir of Henry
Hawkins, Esq. of St. Austell, and left, with a dau..
Glace, wife of Charles Rashleigh, Esq., younger
brother of the House of Menabilly, a son.
Key. Henry Hawkins Tremayne, of whom here-
after, as representative of the family at the
decease of Arthur Tremayne, Ep(1. of .Sydenham,

Mr. Tremayne was s. by his only son,

Tho.mas Tremayne, of Collacombe, High Sheriff of Cornwall
2HENRY Vll. 1485). He m. Philippa, eldest dau. of Kogcr
Grenville, Esq. of Stowe, and had eight sons, with as many
daus. The former were,

I. PiOger, who d. s. p.

II. Edmund, of whom Prince, in his Worthies of Devon,
gives the following account: "Being a younger brother,
he became servant to Edward, Marquess of Exeter, and a





gre?t sufferer for his inviolable fidelity to his noble
master : for when the Marquess of Exeter and the Lady
Elizabeth (afterwards Queen of England, of glorious
memory) were committed to the Tower in Queen Mary's
days, upon an accusation of being privy to Wyat's conspi-
racy, Mr. Edmund Tremayne was set on the rack, thereby
to extort from him a confession of their guilt (prisoners
were oft examined about her, and some were put to the
rack to try if they could be brought to accuse that lady),
wherein approving their innoceucy and his own fidelity,
■with invincible resolution, he was, upon the Lady Eliza-
beth's advancement to the throne, made one of the clerks
of her Majesty's most honourable privy council. He had
also an honorary salary settled upon him by the city of
Exeter, for the good offices it had received and expected
from him." He vi. Eulalia, dau. of Sir John St. Leger,
and had two sons, named Francis, who both d. issueless.

III. DiGORT, eventual successor to the estates.

IV. Kichard (twin with John), in holy orders, and an emi-
nent divine. He was educated at Oxford, and became a
Fellow of Exeter College in that university, which he re-
tained until the accession of Queen Mary, when he was
obliged, from his zeal for the Keformation, to seek an
asylum in Germany, having been deprived of his fellow-
ship. Upon the elevation of Elizabeth to the throne, he
returned from exile, and, visiting his college, had the
honour of receiving both degrees of divinity at once, on
15 Feb. 1565. Dr. Tremayne subsequently removed to
Gates Hall, and thence passed within a short period into
his own county, being instituted Canon Residentiary of St.
Peter's, Exeter, and Treasurer of that church. _ He
esteemed in his time a famous preacher, and he is styled
by Carew, " Well born, learned, and well beloved." He
m. Joan, eldest dau. of Sir Piers Courtenay, of Ugbrook,
butd. s.p. 1584.

V. John, twin with his brother. Dr. Tremayne.

yi. Nicholas > twins ; between these brothers so great a re-

VII. Andrew J semblance in person and sympathy of affec-
tion subsisted, as scarcely to have been paralleled in any
other instance. Kisden, in his sui-vey of Devon, relates
some singular facts regarding them.*

VIII. Robert, who d. an infant.

The two elder sons, Roger and Edmund, dying issueless, the
estates eventually devolved upon the third son,

DiGORY Tremayne, Esq., who thus became of Collacombe,
and was s. by his son,

Arthur Tremayne, Esq. of Collacombe. This gentleman
m. in 1586, Mary, dau. of Sir Richard Greville, Knt. of Stowe,
by whom he had a numerous family, and dying 1634, was
i. by his eldest son,

Ed.mund Tremayne, Esq. of Collacombe, who m. Bridget,
dau. of Sir John Cooper, of Dorsetshire, and had issue,

I. John, d. unm. ii. Thomas, d. unm.

III. John, one of the most gallant and devoted of the

IV. Edward, like his brother, a distinguished and faithful
adherent of King Charles I.

V. Arthur.

The youngest son, eventually inheriting the estates, became

Arthur Tremayne, Esq. of Collacombe, and was a Col. in
the army. He m. Bridget, dau. of Nicholas Hatherleigh, Esq.
of Lamerton, and was fatlier of

Edmund Tremayne, Esq. of Collacombe, m. Arabella, dau.
and sole heir of Sir Edward Wise, K.B., of Sydenham, Devon,
and had issue, Arthur, his successor; Edward Wise, who
appears to have d. s. %>. : Arabella; and Bridget. Mr. Tre
mayne was «. by liis eldest son,

Arthur Tremayne, Esq. of Sydenham, m. Grace, dau. of
Sir Halsewell Tynte, 1st Bart, of Halsewell, and was s. by his

Arthur Tremayne, Esq. of Sydenham. He ra. Miss Ham-
mond, of Wilts, and left an only child,

Arthur Tremayne, Esq. of Sydenham, 6. 1775, who, dying
v.nm. Dec. 1808, devised the principal estates of his family to

Rev. Henry Hawkins Tremayne, h. 27 July, 1741, the
lineal heir, and, after the decease of the said Arthur, repre-
sentative of the ancient House of Tremayne. Mr. Hawkins
Tremayne m. 1767, Harriet, dau. and co-heir of John Hearle,
Esq. of Penryn, some timeVice- Warden of Cornwall Stannaries,
and left at his decease, 10 Feb. 1829, an only son,

John Hearle Tremayne, Esq. of Heligan and Sydenham,
J.P. and D.L., &. 17 March, 1780 ; High Sheriff of Cornwall
1831, and M.P. for that co. from 1806 to 1826. He m. 11 Jan.

* Upon the monument of these remarkable brothers, the
follow ing lines are engraved : —

"These liken'd twins, in form and fancy one,

Were like affected, and like habit chose:
Their valour at Newhaven siege was known.

Where both encounter'd fiercely with their foes;
There one of both sore wounded lost his breath,
And t' other slain, revenging brother's death."

1813, Caroline Matilda, youngest dau. of Sir William Lemon,
1st Bart, of Carclew, and by her (who d. 27 Aug. 1864) had
surviving issue,

I. John, now of Heligan and Sydenham.

II. Arthur. Col. in the army, now of Carclew {i"-e that T>ame).

III. Henry Hawkins, J. P., b. 24 March. 1830: m. Charlotte
Jane, 3rd dau. of John Buller, Esq. of Morval, and has seven

I. Harriet Jane, m. 25 Jan. 1842, Sir John Salusbury Tre-
bwny, 9th Bart of Trelawny.

II. Mary, m. 13 Feb. ISil, Hon. and Eev. John Townshend

III. Caroline, d. young.

Mr. Tremayne d. 27 Aug. 1851.

Arms — Gu., three dexter arms, conjoined at the shoulders
and flexed in triangle or, fists ppr. Crests — Two arms em-
bowed, holding between their hands a man's head ppr., on the
head a hish-crowned hat sa. Motto— Honor et honestas.

Seats — Heligan, St. Austell, Cornwall ; and Sydenham House,
Lew Down, Devon.

Town Residence — 18, New Cavendish Street, W.

Clubs — Carlton and Arthur's.


Tremayne, Aethur, Esq. of Carclew, Cornwall,
J.P. and D.L., educated at Eton and Ch. Ch.
Oxford, M.P. for Truro 1878-80, served in the
13th Light Dragoons in the Crimea, and com-
manded them as Lieut.-Col. 1860-61, b. 15 May,
1827; m. 1st, 22 Sept. 1858, Lady Frances
Margaret Helj-Hiitchinson, 2nd dau. of John, 3rd
Earl of Donoughmore, K.P., and hy her (who d.
11 April, 1866) has had issue,

I. Arthur Richard, 6. 17 Sept. 1861 ; d. 30 Jan. 1862.

II. William Francis, late 4th D.G., h. 25 Oct. 1862 ; m. 19
Aug. 1890, Zoe Anna Judith, 3rd dau. of Baron de Robeck,
of Gowran Grange, Xaas.

III. Charles Lewis, b. 14 Feb. 1864; d. 25 Feb. 1876.

IV. John Hearle, Lieut. 13th Hussars, 6. 11 March, 1865.

I. Caroline Mary, ra. 31 Jan. 1883, Francis Alexander, Lieut.
R.N., eldest surviving son of Caledon DupriS Alexander,
Esq. of Calcot Park, Reading, and of 30, Belgrave

He m. 2ndly, 15 Sept. 1870, Emma Penelope, 5th
dau. of Rev. Thomas Phillpotts, of Porthgwidden,
Cornwall, by Mary Emma Penelope his wife, dau.
of Ulysses Hughes, Esq. of South Wales, and haa

V. Arthur Hughes, 6. 19 Oct. 1872.

II. Alice Opre, b. 10 Feb. 1875.

Col. Tremayne, 2nd son of the late John Hearle
Tremayne, Esq. of Heligan and Sydenham, by
Caroline Matilda his wife, dau. of Sir Williain
Lemon, 1st Bart, of Carclew, *. by will, March,
1868, to the estates of his uncle. Sir Charles Lemon,
2nd and last Bart, of Carclew.

Lineage and Arms — Same as Tremayne of Heligan.
&at— Carclew, Perran-ar-Worthal.


Teemenheeee, Florence Lucy and Evelyn
Westfaling, only dans, and co-heiresses of the
late Hugh Seymour Teemenheere, Esq., C.B., of
Tremenheere, Cornwall, J. P., M.A. Oxford, who
was h. 22 Jan. 1804 ; m. 1856, Lucy, dau. of Ealph
Bernal, Esq., M.P., and widow of Vicesimus Enox,
Esq., Recorder of Saffron Walden, and d. 16 Sept.

Lineage. — This family has been long established in
Cornwall. In the reign of Edward I., Nicholas de Tee-
menheere received grants of manorial rights. Another of
its ancestors, John Tremenheere, 1690, endowed the church at

William Tremenheere, m. Mary, dau. of John Borlase,
Esq. of Pendeen, Cornwall, by his wife Lydia Harris, of Hayne,
near Lifton, Devon, and was father of

William Tremenheere, Esq. of Penzance, vi. Catherine,
dau. of Rev. Walter Borlase, LL.D., of Castle Horneck, near
Penzance, Vice-Warden of the Stannaries, by his wife Mar-
garet Pendarves, of Paul, and had issue,





AVilli;iin. John.

Wai.tkk, of whom presently.

Ilinry I'lndarves, J. P. and'p.L. Cornwall.

Catherine. Mary. Jfarixaref.

The 3ra son,

JIajor-CiEn. Walter Tremknuekuk, K.TI., and A.D.C. to
Kinir William IV., m. 20 March, IbOJ, France - ^, '.inil dun. of
Thomas Apperley, Esq. of I'lasirronow, near Wrexham, .I.P.
and ILL., and afterwards of Wotton House, near Gloucester,
and had issue,

IICGH SEY.MorR, late of Trenieiilieere.

John Iknry, m. \s:ii), Kliza Caroline I'ierard, and had issue
George Henry Wynii. ami Kilirh Caroline

Cieorse liorlase. Major-Gen. of .Sprin^r Gnive, Middlesex, J. P.,
7/). 1841, Sarah Swaine. widow of Capt. J. U. Lunisdcn, and
dan. of Kev. U. II. Hough, and had issue, George I'en-

Charles William. C B.. Lieut. -Gen. late Bombay Ensineers,
/). 1813; //I. 1 - 41, Camilla Kliza Gnig, and has issue. Sey-
mour James Henry .\pperlcy, Madras Civil Service. la.lH Get,
1887. Jessie, dau. of 15. H. Van Auken, Esq, of New York:
William; George; Herbert; Fanny, decea.sed ; Mary; and

Arms — Sa., three Doric columns paleways arg. Cre.'<t — A
Saracen's head in profile ppr. Motto — Thryscryssough ne Dcu
a nef.

HesUlrncf—iS, Thurloe Square, S,W.


TnEycK, CnAia.ES O'Haka, Esq. of Clonfert, co,
Gahvay. late 14tli Kegt., b. 19 March, 1S46 ; s. liis
brotlieV, Dee. 18G7 ; 7n. 11 April, 1874, Elizabetli
Olivia. 3rcl dan. of Kobert St. George, Esq., and
gi'anddau. of Sir Rieliard IJligb St. George, Bart.,
of Woodsgift, CO. Kilkenny, and has issue,

I. John Arthur Bcrdett, b. Ul Aug. 1S84.

II. Charles Irederick. //.'JS July, 1885.

I. Grace Eulalie St. George.

II. Violet JLadeline .'\laud. m. Moira Sophia.

Xiineagre. — Etre Trekch. Esq, of Ashford, CO. llos-
common, 'Jnd surviving son of Frederick Trench, Esq. of Gar-
tally, M.P. for CO. Galway he, Burke's I'un'iic, Clascaktt,
E.), by Eliz.abeth his wife, Uau. of John Eyre, Esq. of Eyrecourt
Castle, III. 1768, Charlotte, only child of Kean OJIara, Esq. of
Dublin, and granddau. of O'llara, Esq. of Annaghmore,
CO. Sligo, and(/. 177.'), leaving an only son,

Hev. Frederick Etre Trench, liector of Kellistovrn, co.
Carlow, h. 1769; m. 179:i, Catherine, dau. of Michael Head, Esq.
01 Derry Castle, co. Tipperary, and had i.ssue,

John Eyre, his heir. William Eyre, 6, 1800; d. s. 21. 1861.
Rev. Mr. Trench <?. 1848, and was «, by his eldest son,

JoHX Etre Trench, Esq. of Clonfert, co. Guhvay, h. 1798;
rn. 1834, Grace, 3rd d,au. of RcY. John Burdett, Rector of
Banagher, King's co., and Ballygarth, co. Jleath, .ind by her
^who '/. Jan. I889i had issue,

I. Frederick Augustus Etre, his heir.

II. Charles OHara, now of Clonfert.

I. Margaret Matilda, d. 1874.

II. Catherine Maria Louisa, </. 1871.

III. Grace Florinda, ni. 1862, Arthur Burdett, Esq. of Coolfin,
King's Co., and d. 1863, leaving i.ssue, Arthur Hugo de
I'urdet, now of Coolfil <\ee that jamUt/).

IV. Charlotte Henrietta.

Mr. Trench d. Fob. 18G4, and was s. by his eldest son,

Frederick Augustus Etre Trench, Esq. of Clonfert, co.
Galw.ay, 6. 1836, a. his father in 1864; d. uaia. Pec. 1807, and
was K. by his brother, the present Charles O'IIara Trench,
of Clonfert.

Arms, dr. — Same as Trench of Cangnrt.
Si-0.1 — Clonfert, Eyrecourt, co. Galway.
Clo.'j — Junior United Service, S.W.


Tkencji, HEyp.T Bloomfikld, Esq. of Cangort
Park, King's Co., h. 24 Kov. 1840 ; m. 11 Aug. 1870,
Jessie, only child of William Charles Erederick
Eawlins, Esq., and has issue,

I. Henrt AVilliam Bloomfield, Lieut. Oxfonlshire L.I., 6.
17 May, 1873.

II. Frederick Charles Bloomfield, '). '23 April, 187S.
I. Constance Georgiana Bloomfield.

i[. Mildred Blanche Bloomfield.

HI. Jessie Angel Bloomfield, d. 11 May, 1889.

Liineage.— William Trench, Esq. of Cangort Park, 6.
1769 ibrollier of Frederic, 1st Lord Ashtowii. and 4th son of
Frederick Trench, Esq. of Moate .and Woodlawn, co. (i;ilway,
by .Mary his wife, eldest dau. and co-luirof Francis-Sadleir,
Esq. of Sopwell Hall, co. Tipperary), m. 18 June, 1798, Sarah
Elizabeth Frances Henrietta liicarda, only dau. of the Hon.
Robert Moore, youngest son of I'.dwanl, -Mh F.avl

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