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of Drogheda,
and by her ''ad issue,

I. Frederick Fitzwilliam (Rev.), b. 11 Jlarch, 1799; in.
16 Feb. 183.-). Louisa Alice, dau. of Col. The Right Hon.
Robert Ward, son of Bernard, 1st Viscount Bangor, and d.
3 Pec. 1869, liaving by her (who d. 16 Dec. 1878) had issue,.

1 Milllam Robert (Rev.\ Hon. Canon of Liverpool, and
Rector of .All Saints', Kensington, b. 9 Oct. 1838; lu. IS
Jan. 1877, Edith .\nne Hamilton (who '?. 4 Dec.1892), eldest
dau. of Charles Langton, Esq. of Liverpool, and has issue,
Frederic Charles, b. 25 Nov. 1877; William Langton, and
ilobert Hamilton (twins), 1';. 10 Nov. 1881: John Roy, 6.
2 Sept. 1884; Louisa Jessie ; Mary Ellinor.

2 Frederic Ward, //. 1840; d. 4 Jan. Is54.

3 John Henry, b. 21 March, 1842; d. unid. 25 Dec. 1870.

4 Robert Fitz Frederic, in Holy Orders, 0. 22 Nov. 1843;
7U. 28 .Aug. 1868, Marg.aret Geraldine, 2nd dau. of Rev.
Francis Hewson, Rector of Dunganstown, co. Wicklow,
and (/. 3. }). 4 June, 1869. His widow iZ. 3 Aug. 1871.

5 Louis, b. '20 JIarcli, 1846; m. 21 June, ls77, Mary Anne,
dau. of William Robert Ward, Esq., and has issue, John
Henry, b. 1878; Bernard Frederick, b. 1880; Claud
William, b. 1881 ; Geoffrey Louis, b. 1885 ; and Harriette
Louise. 1 Sarah, d. unm. 8 Oct. 1880.

n. Henrt, late of C;ingort Park,

I. Harriet, m. April, 1832, Vcn. Evans Johnson, .Archdeacon
of Ferns, and (/. 1840, leaving issue.

II. Anne Margaret, m. 24 Oct. 1839, Guy .Atkinson, Esq. oS
Cangort, King's Co., who d. 28 Nov. l8o9, leaving issue.

Mr. William Trench d. April, 1849. His second son,

Henrt Trench, Esq. of Cangort Park, J. P., co. Tipper.ary,
and King's co., High Sheriff 1842, b. 8 Oct. 1807 ; m. 22 Oct.
1836, Hon. Georgiana Mary Emilia Bloomfield, dau. of Lord
Bloomfield, and d. 7 March, 1881, leaving issue, by her who d.
13 Jan. 1893,

I. Henrt Bloomfield, his heir.

II. William Thomas, of Loughton, Moreygal], King's Co., h. !>
Sept. 1843; m. IC Jan. 1877, Elizabeth Ida, dau. of Colin
George Campbell, Esq. of Stonefield, eo. -Argyll.

III. Benjamin Bloomfield, A. 28 Nov. 1846 ; m. 25 July, 1889,
Dora, }-oungesr, Jau. of Christopher Turnor, Esq, of Stoke
Roclifort, eo. Lincoln, and has issue. Sheelah Georgiana
I'.ertlia, b. 2S Jlav, 1890; Theodora Caroline, b. 17 Julv,

I. Harriott.

II. (Jeorgiana Sarah, m. 24 June, 1869, Francis William
Lloyd Edwards, Esq. of Nanhoran, en, Carnarvon, who d.
20 Jan. 1890, leaving issue.

III. Louisa Charlotte, m. 20 July, 1870, Lieut.-Col. James
Gore Booth, R.E., and has issue.

IV. Isabel Catherine, m. 3 Jan. 1883, Rev. Frank Chenevix
Trench, youngest son of the Archbishop of Dublin, .and has

v. Blanche Helen.

Armn — Arg., a lion passant gu., between three fieurs-de-li,s
az., on a chief of the last, a sun in splendour or. Crest — -An
arm in armour embowed, holding a sword, all ppr. Motto —
Virtutis fortuna comes.

^'e<(£— Cangort Park, Roscrea, King's Co.


Ashfoedby-Thkxciiard, Johx, Esq. of Stanton
House, CO. Wilts, Ij. 28 March, 1843 ; w. 11 July,
18()7, Augusta, only dau, and heir of Rev. Hem-y
Kobert Eowler, of Eelton, co. Gloucester, and has-

I. ,TonN HekrtMohun, b. 4 May, 1803,

II. George Augustus, b. 1869.

III. Thomas Bernard, b. 1870,

IV. Cr.-vven Patrick, b. 1871; d. 1882.

V. Stephen Granville, b. 1872.

Iiineag"e. — Baldwin dc Riparlis, Earl of Devon, granted:
Hordhill, in the Isle of Wight, unto

Pagands Tbenchard and his heirs : unto w hieh deed are
witnesses, amongst others, Robert, Alexander, and Hugh
Trencliard, grandsons of Paganus Trenchaid. This Baldwin
lived in the time of Henry 1. His son and heir,

AViLLiAM Tkenchaku, Was witness to a deed of Galfridus dc
Insula, concerning some bands in Schaldfiint, time of Henry I.
He had three sons, of whom the eldest,

RoiiERT Trenchard, is witness to a grant made to the
commons of Christchureh by Richard di- Redvers, Earl ot





Devon, -which nobleman d. 8 IIenet IT. (IIGI). lie was also a
witness under the Rrant of Galfridus do Insula, son of Jordan
de Insula, made to the Abbey of Quarrara, in the Isle of
Wight,of his mill of Schaldflint. lie had a son and successor,

llENKT TitKNCiiARD, of Ilordhill, who is a witness to the
grant of William de liivers (called Vernon), Earl of Devon,
made to the Abbey of Quarrara, in the Isle of Wight, of the
service of eighty-eight acres of land in his manor of Welford ;
unto which grant Mabell, Covtntess of Devon, was also a witness,
which Mabell (7. 8 King Jons. Henry Trenchard had issue,
three sons, Henry, Baldwin, and William. The eldest.

Sib Henut Tbenchard, Knt., confirmed to Walter le
Francois land in Lingwood, which Henry, his father, had
formerly granted. To his grant unto C;irlton is annexed his
seal-manual. This Henry Trenchard, Knt., /'(. the dau. and
heir of AValerand, and left two sons and a dau. The elder

John Trenchard, of Hordhill, granted to Walerand, his
brother, a tenement adjoining Sehaldtlint. He left issue, I.
John, of Ilordhill, and :i. Walerand, whose great grandson,
Egidius, left a dau. and heir, who hi. John IJepden. The older

John Trenchard, of Hordhill, »!. Margaret , who re-
leased the part of her dowry unto Walerand Trenchard by deed,
dated l.'J Edward IJ. lie was .'t. by his son,

liicHARD Trenchard, who by deed, dated 17 Edward II.,
and by another deed, dated 22 Edward II., granted, together
with Henry Trenchard, son of John, and brother to liiehard,
a plaid of land in Schaldflint unto Adam Gunibald, Vicar of
Schaldflint. The manor of Schaldfliut was entailed by line
nnto Henry Trenchard and Eleanora his wife, and the heirs of
their bodies, 4 Edward II. Bichard m. and left issue,

Richard Trenchard, called Le Grandicer, living temp.
Henrt III., VI. Blurgaret, dau. and co-heir of Sir William
Damarell, Knt. of Hinton, and left a son,

John Trenchard, who m. Sibella, dau. and co-heir of
William Moleins, hy Margaret, dau. and co-heir of Eobert
Cotes, of Fairoke, co. Somerset, and relict of William Walleis,
by whom he left a son,

EicHAED Trenchard, who left, by ;Margaret his wife, who
m. 2ndly, Robert Dingle, a son,

Henrt Trenchard, who s. his elder brother Baldwin. This
Henry recovered lands in the Isle of Wight, at an assize held
at Winton, 3 Henrt VI. He had a son,

Henrt Trenchard, of Hordhill, who vi. Christiana, dau.
and heir of John :\Iohun,* Esq. of Ham Mohnn, by Joanna,
dau. and heir of John Jordan, Esq. of Wolverton, and thus
acquired Wolverton and Ham Mohun. Henry Trenchard's
name is found in deeds,' dated 39 Henrt VI., and also 15
Edward IV., shortly after which time he died. By his mar-
riage he brought a great addition of estate, and had a son and

Sib John TRExcnARD, Knt. of Wolverton, High .Sheriff in
1.509, who m. 1st, JIargarita, dau. of John Wyke, of Byndon,
Devon, who d. s. ;>., and 2ndly, Eleanora, dau. of John Philiole,
of Woodland, Dorset, by whom he had issue,

I. Thomas, his heir.

II. Henry, who 7«. Ama, dau. of James Russell, of Berwick,
Dor.set, and had a son, Thomas, of Lytchett Jlaltruvers, who
TO. Hawifsa, sister and co-heir of George de la Lynde, and
left a son, Henry, of Lytchett, who m. Margaret, dau. of
Sir Robert Drury, Knt. of eo. I3uckingham, and whose son,
George, sold Lytchett to Sir George Trenchard.

The elder son,

Sir Thomas Trenchard, Knt. of Wolverton, 13 Henrt VII.,
with many other eminent of the West brought
timely aid to the succour of the city of Exeter, then besieged
by Perkin Warbeek and the Cornish rebels, and in the 21st of
the same reign, Sir Thomas entertained at his house, Philip,
King of Castile, w'ho was compelled by tempi'stto put into the
port of Weymouth, and the monarch remained at Wolverton
until his departure for Windsor to visit the king. Ho m. 1st,
Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Strangeways ; 2ndly, Anna, dau. of

* William Mohun, third Baron of Dunster, fortified and
held his castle on the part of the Empress Matilda, against
King Stephen, in 1132. From his eldest son, Reginald de
:\lohun, Karon of Dunster, descended the successive barons of
the family : and from a younger son, John i!c Jlohun, sprang
the -"\Iuhuiis of Ham Mohun, of whom John Mohun, Esq. of
Ham JIuhun, m. Joanna, dau. and co-heir of Thomas Norris,
of Normington, in Wilts, and widow of Sir Richard Turberville,
hy whom he was grandfather of John Mohun, of Ham Mohun,
who m. Joan, dau. and heir of John Jordan, Esq. of Wolver-
ton, and was father of Christiana, m. as in the text, to Henry

' Thomas de la Lynde ; and 3rdly, Editha, dau. of John Hyrde-
ford. By the 2nd wife, ho had, with younger issue,

I. Thomas, of Wnlveiton, m. Eleanor, dau. of Sir Giles

Strangways, Knt. of .\ilesbury, and had by her (who m.

2ndly, Thomas, son of John Carew, of Anthony) a son,

Thomas Trenchard, of Wolverton, who in. Eleanora

dau. of Sir John Horsey, Knt. of Clifton, and was s. by

his son.

Sir George Trenchard, of Wolverton, knighted by
Queen Elizareth 1os8, to. 1st, Anna, dau. of Sir George
Speke, Knt. of Whit'-; Lackington, and 2ndlr. Jane,
dau. of Hugh Bamfield, and widow of Thomas" Chaffin,
of Koike. By the latter, he had three daus., Jane, to.
John Williams, Esq. of llerringston ; Dorothy, m. the
son and heir of Arthur Cliampernoune; and Arundela,
1)1. John, son of Sir Thomas Freeke, Knt. of Slierstoii.
By the former. Sir George had three sons and three
daus., viz.,

1 Thomas (Sir), his heir.

2 John, of Warmwoll, co. Dorset, in. Jane, dau. of Sir
John Rodney, of Stoke, co. Somerset, and had one
.son, John, who (/. viim., and five daus., Penelope, d.
uiim. ; Francos, m. Col. John Bingham, of liinghams
Melcombe ; Grace, ra. Col. William Sydenham, of
Winford Eagle ; Jane, m. John Sadler, Esq. ; Eliza-
heth, (/. uniii.

3 George (Sir), who d. s. p., m. 1st, Elizabeth Whit-
san, of Bristol, and 2ndly, Lady Penelope D'Arcy,
dau. and co-heir of Thomas, Earl of Rivers, and d.s.p.
leaving her a widow at 17. She m. 2ndly, Sir John
Gage, Knt. of Firle, and Srdly, Sir William Ilervey,
Knt. of Ickworth, co. Suffolk. This fair lady and
wealtliy heiress was wooed by three suitors at the
same time, and the knights, as in chivalry bound,
were disposed to contest the prize with targe and
lance: but the lady herseU' forbade the battle, and
menaced the disobedient knights with her eternal
di.spleasure, promising jocularly tliat if they had but
patience she would have them all in tlieir turus^
which promise she fulfilled.

1 Grace, m. Sir .Icilui Strangways, Knt. of Melbury.

2 Anne, m. Nicholas Strangwas's, Esq.

3 Elizabeth, vi. Sir John Browne, Knt. of Frampton.
The eldest son.
Sir Thomas Trenchard, of Wolverton, living 1640, m.

Mrs. Elizabeth Motford, widow, sister and co-heir of
Christopher Morgan, Esq., and had, with seven daus.
and three younger sons, an eldest son,
Thomas Trenchard, of Wolverton, m. Hannah, dau. of
Eobert Henley, Esq. of Bramshill, and had three daus.
(1 Elizabeth, to. John Ivory, Esq. of Colhay ; 2 Anne, m.
SValter Erie, Esq. of Chatborough ; 3 Mary, m. John
Southby, Esq. of Carswcll) and two sous,

1 Thomas, his heir.

2 John, of Bloxworth (Right Hon. Sir), P.O., sworn one
of the principal Secretaries of State 23 March, 1693,
afterwards Chief Justice of Chester, m. Philippa, dau.
of George Speke, Esq. of White Lackington ; d. 1694,
leaving three daus. (1 Elizabeth, m. John Jleech, Esq.
of Charmister; 2 Mary, m. Arnold, Esq. of
Portsmouth; 3 Anne, to, John Bromfiold, Esq. of
Haywood) and four sons, three d. s. p., the eldest
George, m. his cousin. Mart Trenchaiu), and had
issue as hereafter.

The eldest son,

Thomas Trenchard, of Wolverton, M.P. for Bridport, m.
Anne, dau. of Thomas Erie, of Charborough, and had a
dau. Mary, m. Thomas Turberville, Esq. of Bore Regis,
and a son,

Thomas Trenchard, of Wolverton, M.P. for Dorchester
1689, for Wareham 1695 and 1698, and for co. Dorset
1700 and 1701, Col. in the army, m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Henry Henning, Esq. of Pokeswell, and by her (who d.
1725), had an only dau. and heir,
Mart Trenchard, of Wolverton, b. 20 April, 1694, '.n. her
cousin, George Trenchard (as above) and had two daus.
(1 Henrietta, TO. Joeelyn Piekard, Esq. of Bloxworth; 2
Mary, m. Richard Owen Cambridge, Esq. of Whitmin-
ster), two younger sons, Thomas and John, Commissioner
of 'I'axos, both d. s. j). and an eldest son, her heir,
George Trenchard, of Wolverton, in. Mary Serjeant, and
d. 12 Got. 1763, leaving 1 William, of Wolverton, m.
C Aug. 1790, Lady Hester Amelia do Burgh, dau. of John,
12th Earl of Clanricarde ; 2 George (Rev.), Rector of
Lytchett Maltravers, LL.D., m. 1795, Anna Maria, dau. of
Sir Thomas Reeves, Knt. of Holeport, co. Berks, and
d. s.p. 1808.
II. Richard, of whom hereafter.
The 2nd son,

Richard Trenchard, Esq. of Xormington, co. Wilts, to. and
was s. by his son,

William Trenchard, Esq. of Normington, to. Jane, dau. of
Maurice Rodney, Esq. of Rodney, Stoke, co. Somerset, sister
and co-heir of Sir John Rodney, Knt. of Rodney Stoke, and
had four sons, i. Francis, of Xormington, d. 6 Nov. 1635,
having had an only dau., Elizabeth d. young; ii. Edward,





of Mount Trenchard (granted 1'2 June, anno 12 James I.),
(?. «. ]K 1<321 ; III. JoHx, of whom hereafter; iv. Henry, of
Cutteridge, i;;. Mi-s Jane Towes, and had issue, all <(. s. p.
Mr. Trenehard's will was proved 1591. His third son,

John Treschakd, Esq. of Mount TrenclKird. and Saltford,
CO. Somerset, m. Mrs. Anne Southcott (or Southwell), widow,
dau. and co-heir of Edward Neville, Esq. of Sussex, and had
issue. His will, dated 10 Aug. 1646, was proved 20 Feb. 1654,
and he wasj. hy his son,

William Tre.nchabd, Esq. of Cuttcridge, m. Ellen, dau. of
Sir George Norton, Knt. of Abbotsleigh, co. Somerset, and had

I. JoHX, his heir.

I. Ellen, m. Henry Long, Esq of Melksham.

II. Anne, m. Kichard Baxter, Esq., and cf. s. p.

nt. Franees, bapt. 5 March, 1676 ; ;/;. 1703, Jolin Hippisley,
Esq. of Stanton, co. ^Yilts, bapt. IS Aug. 1676, son ot John
Hippisley, Esq. of Stanton, who was bapt. 26 Jan. 1640, and
d. 10 Oct. 1667, by Anne Hippisley his wife, and grandson
of Eobeit Hippisley, Esq. of Stanton, who d. 1667, by Jane
his wife, who d. Sept. 1670, dau. and co-heir of William
Steventon, Esq. of Dottrell, co. Salop, which Robert Hip-
pisley was 3rd son of John Hippisley, Esq. of Stone
Easton, co. Somerset, and had, with two daus., I Ellen,
bapt. 18 Aug. 1706; 2 Anne, bapt. 31 May, 1713, three

1 William Hippisley, of Stanton, High Sheriff, co. Wilts, 6.
1707 ; d. s. p. 1755.

2 Robert Hippisley, of whom hereafter.

3 George, bapt. 23 Sept. 1716 ; d. s. p. Jan. 1639.

Mr. Trenchard d. 22 Aug. 1710, aged 70, and was.?, by his son,
John Tkexchard, Esq, of Cutteridge, heir also of his grand-
father, SirGeorge Norton, Knt. of Abbotsleigh. He was Barris-
ter-at-Law, a Commissioner for Forfeited Estates in Ireland,
andM.P. for Taunton; b. 1662; m. Anne, dau. of Sir William
Blackett, 1st Bart, of Wallington, and d. s. p. 16 Dec. 1723,
when he was .«. by his nephew, Robert Hippisley, who, having
assumed the additional surname of Trenchard, became

Robert Hippisley-Trenchard, Esq. of Stanton, b. 1715;
1!!. 1st, 1740, Mary, only dau. of John Gore, Esq., Rector of
Wilton, by Lucy Dawson his wife, and by her (who d. 26 April,
1755, aged 36) had issue,

1. John William, his heir.

I. Lucy, bur. at St. Edmund's, Salisbury.

II. Ellen, b. 7 Sept. 1745; m. 1st, 22 Dec. 1766, John Ash-
roRDEY, Esq. of Cheshunt, co. Hertford, b. 1726) who was
son of John Ashfordby, Esq. of Cheshunt, h. 1670, by his
2nd wife, Frances Poltock, who d. 6 April, 1774, aged
86. Mr. Ashfordby, who d. 1747, was descended from
the family of Ashfordby, an ancient and respectable one in
the CO. Leicester), and by him (who d. 1778} had an only

1 John Ashfordby (Rev.), of whom hereafter.

She VI. 2ndly, 4 Oct. 1779, John Long, Esq. of Preshaw, co.
Southampton, and by him had

2 AV alter Long, of Preshaw (see that faviily).
Mr. Trenchard d. July, 1787, and was s. by his son,

John William Hippisley-Tbenchard, Esq. of Cutteridge
and Abbotsleigh, b. 1740; viho d.s.p. 1810, and devised his
estates to his nephews. Rev. John Ashfordby and Walter
Long. The elder of whom, having assumed the additional sur-
name of Trenchard, became,

Rev. John Ashfobdbv-Tbenchard, D.C.L., of Stanton, 6.
1771, m. 1st, Martha, dau. of William Croft Cooke, Esq. of
London, and by her (who d. in 18o2) had two sons and four

I. John Trenchard Craven, his heir.

II. Walter (Rev.), M.A. of Trinity Coll. Oxford, d. 1836.

I. Ellen, m. Rev. Edward Rowden, Vicar of HigUworth,
Wilts, and d. 1834, leaving a dau.

II. Frances, d. 1831.

III. Emma, m. Rev. Anthony Crowdy.

IV. Mary, ci. 1831.

He ra. 2ndly, 1834, Miss Brooks, of Kingham, co. Oxford. Dr.
Trenchard inherited Stanton, JIarston, &c.. at the decease of
his father in 1773. He was s. by his eldest son,

Rev. John Trenchard Craven Ashfordby-Trenchaed,
M.A., of Stanton, b. 1800; m. 27 Aug. 1839, Mary Elizabeth
Jane, only dau. of Rev. Samuel Davies, of Northaw, and by
her (who 21 July, 1863) had issue,

I. John, his heir.

I. Mary, ni. Rev. James Bowden, Rector of Ardingly, Sussex,
and d. 21 Jan. 1881, leaving issue.

II. Ellen, ra. 14 July, 1870, Rev. William Caldwall Masters,
M.A., Rector of Stanton iitzwarren, and has issue.

III. Frances, m. and has issue. iv. Emma.
Be d. 10 March, 1851.

AriM — Party per pale, the dexter side paly of sis arg. and

sa., the sinister az., for Trenchard; quartering Ashfordbt*
Crest— X dexter arm holding a battle-axe. Jl/o«o— Nose*
jSsais— Stanton House, near Highworth.


Dillon - Teenchard, Heney Luke, Esq. of
Lytchett House, co. Dorset, and Colinshays, co.
Somerset, b. 14 Jan. 1849; m. 1 March, 1870, Fanny,
younp;est dau. of the late John Steele Gatehouse,
Esq. of Eayville House, Emsworth, Hants, and has

Harry de BnKCH, h. 22 Aug. 1872.
Laura Fanny, 6.24 March, 1871.
Margaret Eva, b. 10 March, 1885.

Lineag-e.— This is a branch of the noble House of Dillox.
L0KE Dillon, Esq., an Officer in the army, 2nd son of Luke
Dillon, Esq. of Clonbrock, co. Galway, and brother of Robert
Dillon, 1st Lord Clonbrock, m. 17 Feb. 1785, Lady Margaret
Augusta, sister of Henry, 1st, Marquess of Clanricarde, K.P.
(whose other sister. Lady Hester Amelia, m. 1790, William
Trenchard, Esq. of Wolverton, who d. 1821), and was father

Rev. Henry Ldke Dillon, b. 10 Jan. 1786, sometime Rector
of Lytchett Maltravers, Dorset, ))i. 29 June, 1815, Phoebe, dau.
of J. W. Dawkins, Esq. of Romsey, Hants, and i. March, 1845,
leaving by her(who d. Sept. 1854) a son,

Henrt Luke S.mith Dillon-Tbenchard, Esq. of Lytchett
House, 6. 8 Jan. 1823; to. 17 March, 1848, Laura Augusta,
younger dau. of Rev. J. J. De Witt, of Wool, Dorset, and d. 24
May, 1867, having had issue,

I. Henry Luke, now of Lytchett House.

II. George Edmund, b. 1850. in. William, h. 1854.
IV. Charies Edward, 6. 1856. v. Robert, b. 1860.
vi. Hugh, b. 1862.

I. Laura Augusta. ii. Helen, d. young.

.firmj— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, per pale arg. and az., in the
1st three pallets sa., for Trenchard; 2nd and 3rd, arg., a lion
rampant gu., debruised with a baraz., between three crescents,
with an estoile of six points of the second issuant from each,
for Dillon. Crests — A dexter arm embowed, vested az.,
cuffed or, holding in the hand a trenching-knife ppr., for
Trenchard ; on a chapeau gu., turned up erm., a hawk rising
ppr., for Dillon. Motto— 'Sosce teipsum.

Seat — CoUnshays House, near Bruton, Somerset.


Teeveltan, Thornton' Eoger, Esq. of Netlier-
witton, Northumberland, J. P., b. 1843; m. 1864,
Dolree Wilkinson, dau. of J. W. Eraser, Esq. of
Bath, and has issue,

I. John Spencer, b. 1864. ii. Walter Raleigh, 6. 1865.

III. Roger de Thornton, b. 1871.

IV. Freeman Blackett Thornton, b. 1874.
I. Lilian Elizabeth Margaret.

Ijmeag:e. — Walter Trevelyan, Esq. 2nd son of Sir
George Trevelyan, SrdBart. of Nettlecombe, m. 14 July, 1772,
Margaret, elder dau. and co-heir (with her sister, Mary, wife
of Thomas Witham, Esq. of Headlam) of James Thornton,
Esq. of Netherwitton, co. Northumberland (a family of dis-
tinction in Northumberland, founded by the celebrated Rogee
DE Thornton, " the richest merchant that ever was dwelling
in Newcastle," who d. 2 Jan. 1430), and by her had two sons,

I. Walter Blacket, his heir.

II. Raleigh, of whom presently.

He m. 2ndly, Margaret, eldest dau. ot Richard Hitchens of
Penzance, and by her who d. 1838, had furtherissue,
HI. Walter Calverley, 6. 1807 ; m. 1828, Isabella, dau. of C.
Tait, and d. 3 Dec. 1849, having by her (who d. 10 April,
1872) had issue,

1 Walter Raleigh, m. 29 Sept. 1863, Marion Adelaide, only
dau. of Rev. Charles William Leslie, of Ballibay, and
has issue,

Walter Raleigh, b. 29 Aug. 1865, m. 25 June, 1891,
Georgina Alice, only child of Edmund Whitney Fether-
stonhautih-VVhitney, Esq.
Charles Calverley, b. 25 March, 1874.
Adelaide Isabella. F'lorence Emmeline.

Nora Kathleen.
1 Frances Isabella, m. 24 Not. 1860, Hcrr Albrecht





2 Marparet Lydia, to. 2 Sept. 1862, John Pearson Cress-
wcll. Esq., M.ll.C.S., and has issue.

3 Harriet July Emmeline, to. 15 June, 1865, Robert Wil-
liam Head, Esq , and has issue.

I. Julia, m. George Dennis John, Esq. of Penzance.

II. Frances Susanna, ?)!. 31 Aug. 1839, John Dangcrfield,
Esq. of College Villas, Hanistead, and had issue, a dau.
Margaret Eleanor, m. 28 Aug. 1869, J. E. Beckett, Esq.

The eldest son,

Walter Blackett Teeveltan, Esq. d. unm. 3 April, 1818,
and was s. by his brother,

Baleigh Treveltan, Esq. of Netherwitton, 6. 6 Aug. 1781 ;
TO. 14 June, 1819, Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Kobert Grey, Esq. of
Shorestone Hall, Northumberland, and by her, who d. 16 Sept.
1885, had issue,

I. Thornton Raleigh, 6. 18 April, 1820; m. 1842, Dorothy,
dau. of Matthew Henderson, of Galashiels, and d. 14 Feb.
1845, leaving issue,

Thornton Roger, now of Netherwitton.
Constance Mary, m. 1st, 1864, James Todd Mackie, Esq.,
and 2ndly, 1869, Robert Benn, Esq.

II. Walter Blackett, B.A. Cambridge, Barrister-at-Law, b.
17 March, 1821 ; m. Helena Caroline, dau. of Sir John
Trevelyan, 5th Bart, of Wallington and Nettlecombe, and
widow of Rev. Bryan Faussett, and has issue,

1 Herbert, Major late K. Inniskilling Fus., h. 6 July, 1847.

2 Walter.

3 Willonghby Fenwick, Capt. 2nd Batt. North Stafford-
shire Regt., h. 1 Aug. 185G.

1 Constance Helena, m. 1877, Arthur Moseley Channell,
Esq., Q.C. , Recorder of Rochester.

III. Raleigh, b. 15 Aug. 1823; m. 1844, Sarah Flora, 2nd dau.
of Capt. Macdonald, 36ih Ucgt., and d. 25 Aug. 1882.

I. Elizabeth Young, d. 8 June, 1830.

II. Constance, m. 7 Aug. 1850, Robert Hawdon, Esq.

III. Helena, m. the late Lieut.-Col. Harrington Trevelyan,
formerly 60th Rifles, son of Eev. Walter Trevelyan, of
Henbury, Somerset.

He d. 12 May, 1865.

Arvis — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, gu., a demi-horse arg., hoofed
and maned or, coming out of water in base ppr., for Trevel-
yan; 2nd and 3rd, sa., a chevron arg., a chief indented of the
second, for Thornton. Crest — Two arms counter-embowed
ppr., habited az., holding in the hands a bezant. Motlo — Time
trieth troth.

^eaJ— Netherwitton, near Morpeth.


TitiPP, Eev. Hexry, M.A., Eector of Winford,
near Bristol, and late Fellow of Worcester Coll.
Oxford, b. 6 April, 1816 ; m. 25 June, 1857, Anne,
dau. of Eev. James Gould, Incumbent of Marians-
leigli, CO. Devon, and lias issue,

I. Owen Howard, h. 6 Jan. 1862.

II. Henry Howard, b. 6 Oct. 1867.

III. Walter Charles Howard, b.2Z Jan. 1870.

IV. Cecil Edward Howard, b. 3 Dec. 1872.

V. Howard Bertie, 6. 26 March, 1874.

VI. Hugh Upton Howard, b. 3 Oct. 1878, d. 1889.

I. Mary Howard, 6. 9 June, 1860; to. 20 Oct. 1886, P. E.
Cripps, Esq., and has issue.

II. Florence Margaret Howard, m. 17 Dec. 1835, Surgeon-
Major Gubbins, and has issue.

III. Annie F"rances Howard. iv. Amy Howard.

V. Agnes Howard, m. 2 July, 1889, Frank E. S. Metford,
Esq., and has issue.

VI. Emma Howard,
vii. Winifred Howard.

VIII. Alice Josephine Howard.

IX. Geraldine Howard.

Iimeage.— That this family resided in Somerset, and had
landed property in that county for many generations, appears
from a great number of old parchment deeds still in the pos-
session of the family. The oldest which has at pr

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