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esent been
found is of the reign of Henry VIII., and relates to the estate
of East Brent, which has only lately been sold. Referring to
the same estate of East Brent there are several deeds in the
succeeding reigns, and a marriage settlement of the time of
Charles 11., in which East Brent, Shipham, and Newbay, are
mentioned as family property.

John Tripp, Esq. of Shipham and Huntspill, Somerset, living

in the reigns of William III. and Mary II. and Queen Anne,

TO. twice. From his 2nd marriage are derived the Tripps of

Bristol, one of whom went to Holland, and amassed great


wealth at Amsterdam, where, from him, a street is still called
Tripp Street. His son was created in Holland Baron Tripp by
the Prince of Orange, and one of his descendants commanded
with great credit the Nassau Brigade at Waterloo (seeWeUing-
ton Dis2Mtches). The son of the 1st marriage,

John Tripp (Rev.), Rector of Huntspill, m. and had issue,
two sons, I. John, the heir ; ii. Samuel, who m. and had
numerous issue. The eldest son,

John Tripp, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Deputy-Recorder of
Taunton, and J. P. for cos. Wilts, Dorset, Gloucester, Devon,
and Somerset, m. Anne, dau. of Rev. James Upton, Rector of
Bishop's Hull, near Taunton, and by her had issue,

I. John, of whom presently,

II. James Upton, r,i. Miss Edsaw, of Fittleworth, and had

1 James (Rev.), Rector of Spofforth, who TO.lst,Miss Buckle,
and 2ndly, Miss Harvey, and d. aged 92, leaving issue by

2 George. 3 Charles Upton. 4 Francis Upton.
1 Sarah Caroline.

III. George, Post Capt. R.N. (was at Bounker's Hill, 1775),
m. Miss Deacon, anil had issue, Elizabeth Anne, who m. her
cousin. Rev. Robert. Henry Tiipp.

IV. Robert (Rev.), Rector of Kewe, near Exeter, m. Miss
Thompson, of Kirk Deighton, and had issue,

1 Robert Henry (Rev.), Vicar of Altarnum, co. Cornwall,
m. his cousin, Elizabeth Ann, dau. of Capt. George Tripp,

2 William Upton. 3 John.
4 Charles Upton, Capt. 36th Native Infantry.

1 Marianne. 2 Elizabeth. 3 Anne.

V. Henry, an eminent Conveyancer of Lincoln's Inn, re-
sided at Orchard Wyndham for fifty years, d. unm. 1835, and
was bur. at the Temple Church, London.

I. Mary, d. unm.

II. Anne, m. Brigadier-Gen. William Owen.

HI. Frances Alicia Deborah Frederica Upton, d. unm.
The eldest son.

Rev. John Tripp, LL.D., b. at Taunton, Rector of Spofforth
and Gatton, co. York; rii. Sarah Burchell, and d. 11 F^eb.
1814, having had issue,

I. George, Capt. 25th Regt. of Foot, served in Egypt under
Sir Ralph Abercrombic, and was at the battle of Aboukir.
He J., unra. at Spofforth Rectory, 21 Aug. 1804.

II. Charles, of whom presently.

III. Peter, Lieut.-Col. 98th Regt. of Foot, 7n. Frances, dau.
of — White, Esq., Army Surgeon, and had issue. He d. in
the Isle of Wight June, 1862.

IV. John Upton, m. his cousin. Sarah, dau. of James Upton
Tripp, Esq., and had issue. He d. at Bath.

I. Harriet, d. at Spofforth, co. York.

II. Frances, to. Henry Eyre, Esq. of Botleigh Grange, co.
Hampshire. ^

III. Charlotte, d. unm. at Exeter 1845.
The 2nd son.

Rev. Charles Tripp, Rector of Silverton, D.D., J.P., 6. 20
April, 1784; m. 15 June, 1815, Frances Owen, 2nd dau. of
Brigadier-Gen. William Owen, Lieut.-Col. 61st Regt., and
sister of Sir William Owen, 8th Bart, of Orielton, and by her
(who d. 27 March, 1866) had issue,

I. Henry, the present representative.

II. John (Rev.), b. 20 July, 1821 ; to. 1 1 Nov. 1856, Elizabeth,
eldest dau. of Rev. James Gould, and has issue, six sons
and two daus.

III. Charles, b. 30 April and d. 8 Aug. 1825.

IV. Charles George, Banister-at-Law, now of New Zealand,
b. 1 July, 1826; m. 'ii Sept. 1858, Ellen Sheppard Hai-per,
3rd dau. of the Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Chi istchurch,
New Zealand, and has issue, four sons and four daus.

V. William Owen (Rev.), b. 13 May, 1828; m. 27 Nov. 1S56,
Mary Georgina, eldest dau. of Rev. D. Llewellyn, and d. 18
April, 1860, having had issue, a son and a dau.

VI. Arthur Sampford, b. 18 Jan. 1831 ; m. 23 July, 1857,
Agnes Jane Harriett, 2nd dau. of Rev. D. Llewellyn and
has issue, three sons and a dau. d., bur. at Sampford
Brett, 19 Jan. 1889.

VII. Howard, 6. 18 Aug. 1832; d. unm. 9 April, 1857.

I. Frances, d. 25 Feb. 1818.

II. Frances Anne, m. 5 Dec. 1850, Rev. John Henry Wise,
Eector of Brendon, North Devon, and has issue, a son and

III. Eliza, TO. Aug. 1846, Capt. C. S. Bentley, 51st Regt., and
has issue, three sons and two daus.

Dr. Tripp d. 9 April, 1865.

Hesidence — Winford Rectory, Bristol.


Teist, Feancis "VVaeken, Esq. of Tristford,
Devon, and Behan Pare, Cornwall, b. 24 Feb.
1882 ; s. his grandfather 1890.

6 P





Liineag'e.— John Tkist, the first recorded io the College
cf Arms, (;i. iiliout 1370. Jolianiia, dau. and heir of Edmund
Piilesdon. and Through her became possessed of the manor of
Maidford, eo. Northampton, where he resided, and his descen-
dants after him, for about four centuries.

JouN Tkist, Esq. of Hernaford, Devon, the descendant of
this old family, i.i. Elizabeth, dau. and sole heir of Nicholas
Bro-.vse, Esq. of Dorsle.v, Devon, and had issue, i. Nicholas, of
Dorsley and Bowdon, j.P.and D.L.,High SherilT Devon 1709,
and ji.P. for Totnes, whose preat-frranddau. and heir,
Tryphcna, m. 5 July, 1S04, Edward William Stackhuuse, Esq.,
M.A., Fellow and Sub-Warden of All Souls, Coll. Oxford. He
afterwards took the names and arms of Winne and PtNDAKVEs,
was Col. Royal Cornwall Miners Artillery, J. P. and D.L.
Cornwall, and for many years represented the co. in Parlia-
ment : and ii. John. The 2nd son,

John Trist, Esq. of Iverswell, Devon, m. Christiana Prowse,
dau. and co-heir of — Prowse, of Moor, Devon, and had issue.
The son and heir,

Rev. John Trist, M.A., Vicar of Veryan with Kenwyn and
Kea, Cornwall, m. 1753, Jane, dau. of Rev. Jeremiah Milles,
B.D., Rector of Duloe, Cornwall, and a niece of the Right
Rev. Thomas Milles, D.D., Bishop of Waterford and Lismore,
and had issue. His 2nd son.

Rev. Jeremiah Trist, M.A., of Behan Pare, J. P., Vicar of
Veryan, m. 17S3, Elizabeth Charlotte, only child and heir of
Richard Fineher, Esq. of Carneggan, and had issue,
TH0M.4S, his heir.

Sanuiel Peter John (Rev.), M.A., Vicar of Veryan, deceased.
Charlotte Kinclier, m. John Gwatkin, Esq., J. P., formerly of

the MadrasC.S. ovho ti. 18f>5), and ((.leaving issue.
Harriet Anne, deceased, m. Rev. Richard Budd, B.l>., J. P.,
Fellow of Corpus Christi Coll. Oxford, and Rector of Ruan
Lanihonie, Cornwall, and had Issue.

Caroline, deceased. Maria Elizabeth, d. unm.

Bev. Jeremiah Trist d. 1829. His eldest son,

TnoMAS Trist, Capt. Bengal Army, b. 31 July, 1788 ; vi.
Dec. 1819, Frances, eldest dau. of Jolin Grose, Esq. of Bloom-
field House, near Bath, formerly of the Bengal C.S., and by her
(who (/. 1S73) had issue,
John Fischer, late of Tristford, ifcc.

John Henry Gwatkin, Major 3Iadrns army, 5. 24Sept. 1823 ;
5)!. 6 Feb. 1850, Eleanor Ruth, eldest dau. of G. Ashion,
Esq. of Lisbon.
Jeremiah (Rev.), M A., b. 23 Jan. 1830.
Frances Maria, vi. 5 Jan. 1842, Edward Trewbody Carlyon,
Esq. ot Trevr6, near Truro.
Capt. Trist J. 4 April, 1832. His eldest son,

John Fincher Trist, Esq. of Tristford, Devon, and Behan
Pare, Cornwall, J. P. and D.L., for Cornwall, and J. P. co.
Devon, late Lieut. 41st Regt. H.M. Madras Army, Major
(retired) Royal Cornwall Rangers Militia, s. Mrs. Wynne-Pen-
darves as her heir 12 Oct. 1873 ; 6. 16 July, 1822 ; m. 13 April,
1848, Jane W.irren, eldest dau. and co-heir of Rear-Admiral
Devon.shire, R.N., by Loveday Warren his wife, and niece of
Admiral Sir John F. Devonshire, Knt., K.C.H., of Alwington
House, Devon, and had issue,

I. Richard Fincher Warren, Capt. E.A., b. 4 April, 1849; d.
U7im. in the East Indies. 10 June, 1881.

II. William Samuel Gwatkin, Cajit. 2nd West India Regt., b.
11 July, 1850; m. 11 Ausr. 1880, Amy Jane, dau. of P. J.
Margary, Esq., C.E., of Wingfield Villa, Stoke, and gninl-
dau. of Sir William Russell, 1st Bart, of Charlton Park,
Cheltenham, and d. in North America, 11 Oct. 1882, leaving
issue, a son,

Francis Warren, now of Tristford.

III. Thomas Grose, b. 26 June, 1852; deceased.

IV. Francis Roberts, 6. 25 Dec. 1853; deceased.

V. Henry Enys, b. 21 July,1855; deceased.

VI. John Fincher, b. 31 Oct. 1856.

VII. Hore Browse, 6. 4 June, 1859.

VIII. Pendarves, b. 9 May ls64.

I. Frances Jane Devonshire, m. 2 July, 1884, Rev. W. Dun-
Btan Rundle, LL.M. Emmanuel Coll. Camb., Rector of
Little Hcmpston, Totnes, Devon.

II. Tryphena, yn. 9 Aug. 1888, C. E. Roberts Chanter, Esq.

III. Eveline, m. 12 Jan. 1892, Courtenay Thornton Clifton,
Esq., P.W.D. Cairo.

Mr. J. F. Trist d. 1890, and was s. by his grandson.

Arms — Az., a quatrefoil between anorle of seven estoiles or,
a canton erm.; quartering Pclesdon, Kenne, Browse, Prowse,
&c. Crest— On a mount vert, an osprcy ppr., holdiug in its
beak a fish arg. .Vo((o— Nee triste nee trepide.

ii«ii(i<nce— Tristford, Harberton, South Devon.

TvoUope, J. P. and D.L., Capt. and Hon. Major
3rd Uatt. Northamptonshire Regt., 2nd son of
John, Ist Lord Kesteven, and has issue,

TiioMis, b. 1 May, 1S91.
Dorothy Nesta.

Liineag-e.— Sir William Carew, Knt. of Bury, Devon, 5th
son of .Sir Nicholas Carew, Lord of Carew Castle, co. Pembroke,
by Joan his wife, dau. and heir of Sir Hugh Courtenay, Knt.
of Haceombe {see Carew of Antony), obtained from his mother
the n.anois of Bury, Wickband, Widebridge, Bokeland, and
liledvagh, Devon. He left by Jane his wife, a son and heir,

John Cakew, E.sq., of Camerton, ,n. Margaret, dau. and co-
heir of Kelly, Esq. of Stodley and Camerton, Somerset,
and was s. by his son,

Georoe Carew, Esq. of Camerton, ni. Margaret, dau. of Sir
Thomas En,;,'klield, Knt. of Englefield, Berks, and was
father of

Thomas Carew, Esq. of Camerton. He m. Elizabeth, dau.
and heir of Hugh Biecombe, Esq. of Crowcombe, by whom
(who d. 1598) he had issue, i. John (Sir) his heir; ii. George,
d. s. p. ; I. Dorothy, b. 1559, m. 1574, Sir William Greville ; iii.
Katherine, 6. 15G8, HI. 1584, Robert Howse. Herf. 1604, and
was .«. by his eldest son.

Sir John Carew, Knt. of Stodley, who obtained a grant of
Carew Castle, eo. Pembroke, from Charles I. He i/i. Elizabeth
Southcote, of Indehoe, by whom (who <Z. 1633) ho had three
daus. (i. F^lizabeth, b. 1591 ; n. Mary, b. 1601, m. John Pin-
combe; III. Dorothy, b. 1604, m. Thomas ap Thomas) and as
many sons,

I. Thomas, his heir.

II. John, i;i. Dorothy Hippisley, and ci. s. p.

III. George, of Carew Castle, who had a son John, d. s. p.,
and three daus., Elizabeth, Mary, and Dorothy.

Sir John Carew d. 1637, and was s. his eldest son,

Thomas Carew, Esq. of Crowcombe, m. Margery, dau. of Sir
John Wyndham, Knt. of Orchard Wyudham, Someset, by
whom (who a. 1660) he had issue,

I. John, his successor.

II. Thomas, »i.Mary, dau. of Thomas Ileatley, and d. 1691,

1 Thomas, who s. his cousin in the estates.

2 George of Carew Castle, d. s. p.

1 Mary, ?)i. CHas. Nicholson. Esq.

2 Dorothy, m. 1715, Peter Elers, Esq. of Chelsea.

III. George, of London, d. 1684, leaving issue,

1 Thonia.s. 2 John. 3 George.

4 Richard. 5 Heatley.

I. Elizabeth, d. 1C6S. n. Margery, d. 1662.

Mr. Carew d. ICOl, and was ». by his eldest son,

John Carlw, Esq, of Crowcombe, m. Katherine, dau. ot
Zouclie Tate, Esq., who d. 1720. He d. 1683, leaving an only
son, who d. J. p. 1691, when the estate descended to his

Thomas Carew, Esq. of Crowcombe, m. Jane, dau. of Johu
Sanford, Esq. of Nynehead, and had issue,

I. Thomas, his successor.

II. Jchn, lit. Elizabeth, dau. of Alderman Billings, of Bath,
and d. 1750, leaving issue,

1 Thomas, (). 1729 ; d. s. p. 1769.

2 John, b. 1734 ; m. Mary, dau. of Charles Webber, Esq.
of Devon, and d. 1771, leaving two daus.,

Mart, of whom hereafter, as the successor to the

Elizabeth, d. itnm. 1850.

IV. Henry, d. s. p.
II. Mary, d. s. p.


Teollope, Ethkl Mart, of Crowcombe Court,
Somerset, m. 22 Oct. 1885, Hon. Robert Cranmer

III. George, d. s. p.
I. Elizabetli, d. s. p.

III. Ann, d. s. p.

IV. Mary, in. Charles Prowse, Esq.

V. Amy, III. John Hawkins, Esq.

VI. Lucy, )/i. Thomas Smith, Esq.

VII. i'enelupe, in. Edward Stokes, Esq.

Mr. Carew d. 1719, and was 3. by his eldest son,

Thomas Carew, Esq. of Crowcombe and Carew Castle, M.P.
for Minehtad, b. 1702 ; m. 1st, Btary, dau. of Francis Drewe,
Esq. of Grange, Devon, and had, with two daus., Mary, and
Ann, who d. unm., an only surviving dau. and heiress,

Elizabeth, who s. him.
Mr. Carew m. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of John Horn, Esq. by whom
he hud no issue. He d. 17C6, and was s. by his only dau.,

Elizabeth Carew, of Carew Castle and Crowcombe, m.
James Bernard, Esq. of the Middle Temple, but had no issue.
She d. 1805, when the estates passed, under entail, to her

Mart Carew, of Carew Castle and Crowcombe. She »». 1794





George Henry Warrington,* Esq., of Pentrepant, Salop, who
assumed the surname and arms of Carew on succeeding to
the estates, and d. 1842, having had issue,

I. Thomas George W/.rrington, his heir.

II. Henry, b. 1799 ; m. Jane JIaria, only dau. of John Kogers,
Esq. of Ayshford, and (/. 1854, having had issue,

Dudley, of Ayshford, Sidmouth, Devon, ft. 1826; d. 1870.
Mary, m. 4 Dec. 1852, Robert Peel Floyd, 3rd son of Sir
Henry Floyd, Bart., and d. s. p. 11 Oct. 1853.

III. John Francis, d. 18G0.

IV. Gerald (Eev.), M.A., b. 1808 ; m. 1841, Elizabeth Ann,
dau. of Eev. William Black, of Bath. She d. 17 March,

I. Nesta, m. Gabriel Powell, Esq. of Petcrston Court, co.

II. Mary Anne, m. T. Luxton, Esq. of Weacombe, Somerset.

III. Louisa.

IV. Elizabeth, d. 1871.

V. Ellinora, m. 1847, M. E. Forster, Esq., Comm. E.N.

VI. Caroline Harriet, m. 2 Jan. 1838, Col. J. C. Dansey,
Koyal Artillery, and d. 23 July, 186a.

Mrs. Carew d. 1852. Her eldest son,

Thomas George Warrington Carew, Esq. of Carew Castle,
Crowcombe, and Pentrepant, b. 1797 ; ■m. 15 Feb. 1827, Eliza-
beth Hannah, only child of Thomas Eeid Clarke, Esq. of Turn-
ham House, Chard, Somerset, and had issue.

I. George Henry Warrington, his heir.

II. Coventry, J. P., b. 3 Feb. 1833; m. 1860, Eosetta Anne,
dau. of Capt. W. Hotham, E.N., and had issue two daus.,
Maud and Blanche.

III. John (Eev.), Kector, of Clotworthy, Somerset, 6. 11 Dec.
1835; m. I86C, Mary Anne, dau. of G. Aglen, Esq. of
Shepton Mallet, and has issue,

1 Coventry George, 6. 16 Jan. 1870.

2 A son, ft. 1874.

1 F'lorence. 2 Ida.

Mr. Carew d. May, 1850, and was «. by his eldest son,

George Henry Warrington Carew, Esq. of Carew Castle,
and Crowcombe, Capt. King's Dragoon Guards, and Lieut.-
Col. 2nd batt. Somerset Volunteers, 6. 28 April, 1830 ; m. 14
Aug. 1856, Mary Philippa, only dau. of Peter Eickards Mynors,
Esq. of Treago, co. Hereford, and had issue,

I. Edmund George, his heir.

I. Ethel Mart, now Hon. Mrs. TroIIope, of Crowcombe

II. Geraldine Eleanor.

Mr. Carew d. 24 .Jan. 1874, and was s. by his only son,

Ed.mcnd George Carew, Esq. of Crowcombe Court, Somer-
set ; Carew Castle, co. Pembroke, and Pentrepant Hall,
Salop, b. 12 March, 1860; d. 4 July, 1886, and was s. by his
sister, the Hon Mrs. Trollope.

Arms — Or, three lioncels passant in pale sa. armed and
langued gu. Crest — A main-mast, the roundtoi) set off with
palisadoes or, a lion issuing thereout sa. il/otto— J'espere

Seat — Crowcombe Court, near Taunton.


Trottee, Heney, Esq. of Morton Hall, Mid-
iotliian, Col. Grenadier Guards, b. 5 Jan. 1844 ;
m. 24 May, 1866, Hon. Eva Gilford, eldest dau. of
Kobert Francis, 2nd Lord Gilford, and has issue,

* Family op Warrington.
This family was formerly seated at Aigberth, co. Lancaster.
The Eev. George Warrington, Eeetor of Pleasley, co, Derby,
and Vicar of Hope, co. Flint, grandson of John Warrington,
Esq. of Aigberth, ra. Mary, only dau. and heir of Henry Strud-
wick, Esq., descended from the baronetical families of Hanmer
and Brougthon, and left, with other issue,

George Henry Warrington, who, marrying the heiress of
Carew, of Carew Castle and Crowcombe, assumed by sign
manual 1811, the surname of Carew only.
William Warrington, Eeetor of Thirsk, Yorkshire, m. Miss

Hanmer Warrington, Major 4th Dragoon Guards, Consul-
General at Tripoli; m. Jane Elizabeth, only dau. of
Charles Price, Esq., and had issue seven sons and three
daus., viz., 1 Hanmer George ; 2 William Henry, late Capt.
3rd Dragoon Guards, who m. Emma, dau. of Major V.-.n
Cortland, and has issue; 3 Charles Thornhill, 11th Linht
Dragoons, d. 1839; Frederick Herbert, H.M.'s Vice-Consul
at Tripoli ; 5 Osman, of the 77th Eegt. ; G Henry ; 1 Jane,
fti. Tliomas Wood, Esq , H.M.'s Vice-Consul at Bengazi ;

2 Emma, m. Major Gordon Laing, and is deceased ; and

3 Louisa.

Thornhill Warrington, late Capt. 8th Light Dragoons ; who
had one son, Strudwick (Eev.).

I. Algernon Eichard, Lieut. 2nd Life Guards, b. 20 June,


II. Gerald Frederic, 2nd Lieut. Grenadier Guards, ft. 21 July,

III. Edward Henry, 2nd Lieut. Grenadier Guards, 6. 1 Dec.

IV. Eeginald Baird, 6. 25 March, 1874.
I. Meta, 6. 25 Feb. 1868.

Lineagre. — The immediate ancestor of this family was
Thomas Trotter, of the reigns of Eobert II. and III. of
Scotland. He appears to have been the proprietor of the
lands of Foulshaw, Catchelraw, Kilnhill, &c., co. Berwick.
He d. temi^. James I., King of Scotland, and was s. by his
eldest son,

William Trotter, of Catchelraw, " one of the captains for
keeping the peace on the borders, 1437," and again in 1450.
He m. Isabella Trotter, a dau. of the family of i'rentannan, a
near cousin of his own, and d. in tlie beginning of the reign
of James III., King of Scots, leaving issue, a son,

Thomas Trotter, of Catchelraw, la. 1490, Jean Hepburn, a
dau. of the ancient family of Wauehton, and had a son and

EoBERT Trotter, of Catchelraw, 6. 1518; in. Elizabeth, dau.
of Eobert Sinclair, of Longformacus, and had three sons,
I. Thomas, his heir; ii. Eobert, //j. the heir of Eowchester;
and lit. William, burgess, guild brother, and Treasurer of the
City of Edinburgh. He d. temp. Mary, Queen of Scots, and
was s. by his son,
. Thomas Trotter, of Catchelraw, who left issue, three sons,

I. Egbert, his heir, whose son, George, d. s. p.

II. John, 1st of the family of Morton Hall, of whom we

III. George, wlio was a Writer to the Signet, and having
lived to a great age, acquired a considerable estate.

The 2nd son,

John Trotter, 1st Baron of Morton Hall, 6. 1553, being a
younger brother, was bred a merchant, and acquired by com-
merce a great estate, particularly the barony of Morton Hall.
He TO. Janet, eldest dau. of David Macnath, of that ilk, an
ancient family in co. Dumfries, by whom he had five sons and
four daus. He was a great loyalist temp. Charles I. He d.
1641, aged 81, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Trotter, 2ud Baron of Morton Hall, a steady loyalist,
fined £500 sterling by the Parliament, 1645, for assisting the
Marquess of Montrose. He to. Janet, dau. of Henry Jlorrison,
son of John Morrison, Esq. of Saughtonhall, and had two sons,
and eight daus. He d. 1651, and wass. by his eldest son,

John Trotter, 3rd Baronof Morton Hall, served heir to his
father, 1652. He d. imm. in Malta 1665, aged 26, and was s.
by his brother,

Henry Trotter, 4th Baron of Morton Hall, m. Marian,
eldest dau. of Sir Alexander Dalmahoy, Knt. and dying 1685,
aged 42, was s. by his son,

John Trotter, 5tli Baron of Morton Hall, m. Elizabeth,
eldest dau. of William Wilkinson, of Tursdale, co. Durham,
and d. 1718, aged 51, having had issue. The 3rd son,

Tuomas Trotter, Esq. 7th Baron of Morton Hall, successor
to his brother, Henry, 6th Baron, m. 1770, Joanna, dau. and
heir of Gabriel Porterfield, Esq. of Hapland, co. Ayr, and had
(with six daus.), ^

I. John, ■> successive Barons, both d. s. p., John in 1804,

II. Henry, ) and Henry in 1858.

III. Alexander, Lieut.-Gen., rf. 5 Feb. 1825; m. 21 May, 1793,
Margaiet Kaiherine, dau. of Eichard Fisher, Esq. of Lo-
retto, Midlothian, and by her (who d. 4 May, 1834; had

1 Thomas, Lieut. Scots Greys, 6. 21 Sept. 1795 ; killed at
Waterloo 18 June, 1815.

2 Eichard, late of Morton Hall.

1 Margaret Eichard Fisher, m. 1813, Lord Cunninghame,
one of the Judges of the Court of Session, Scotland, and
is deceased.

2 Joanna Gordon, to. 2 Aug. 1838, Eev. John Morrell
Mackenzie, M.A., and is deceased.

He d. 1793, and was s. by his grandson,

Eichard Trotter, Esq. of Morton Hall, Midlothian, and
Charter Hall, co. Berwick, J. P. and D.L., Convener of Mid-
lothian, CO. Edinburgh, from 1851 to 1868, 6. 23 Blarch, 1797;
7/1. 21 Sept. 1836, Mary, dau. of Gen. Sir John Oswald, G.C.B.,
of Dunnikier, by his wife, Charlotte, dau. of Lord Charles
Murray Aynsley, Dean of Booking, son of John, yrd Duke of
AthoU, and by her (who d. 11 Oct. 1851) had

I. Henry, now of Morton Hall.

II. John Oswald, late Lieut. 5th Dragoon Guards, 6. 17 Jan.

I. Charlotte AthoU Mary, iu. 27 July, 1858, Sir John Marjori-
banks, 3i°d Bart, of Lees.

6 P 2





n. Marffsret Catherine.

III. Emily Frances. »!. 22 Jan. ISSl, E. Jl. Oakeley, Esq.,
and has issue (sa Bukke's Peerage and BaroMtatjej.
He d. 1S74.

^^Diis— Quarterly ; 1st anil 4th arg'., a fesse sii. between three
mullets in chief sa. and a cre.-seent in base az., as the paternal
coat ot I'KOTTEK or Moi-ton H'lH ; 2nd and ord arg., a chevron
pu. between three boars' heads couped sa., for Trottek oi
Cuiu-Ur Hall. CriM—A knight in armour ppr., holding his
eoui-serarg., caparisoned gu. ^Supporters—llOituv, a lion ramp-
ant gu. ; sinister, a horse arg. maned and hooted or. Jloito —

^fi's— Morton Hall, Liberton, Edinburgh; and Charter Hall
Duuse, CO. Berwick.


Teottee, Egbert Akchibald, of The Bush,
Castlolaw, and Drvden, Midlothian, J. P., Lieut.-
Col. late of the Bengal Army, b. 13 Feb. ISIJ...

Lineage. — Archibald Trottkr, Esq., 4th son of Alex-
ander Trotter, Esq. of ICettleshicl, co. Berwick (sjc Trotter
of Htirton), m. 174S, Jean, dan. and heir of llobert Moubray,
Esq. of the Bush and Castlelaw, by Katherine his wife, dau. of
George Linde, Esq. of Georgia, Midlothian, and had issue,

I. Robert, his heir.

II. Alexander, of Dreghorn (see that family).

m. John, of Dyrham Park, Herts, m. Felicity Swinton, and
had issue,

1 John, of Dyrham Park, J. P., late Capt. 2nd Life Guards,
h. 13 June, isOS ; m. 22 Oct. 1S33, Hon. Charlotte Amelia
Liddell, dau. of Thomas Henry, 1st Lord llavensworth,
and d. 1S70, leaving, with other issue, a son and successor,
Frederick, now of Dyrham Park, J. P., Licut.-Col. in the
army, m. 10 Feb. Is87, Maiy, dau. of llichard Durant,
Esq. of High Canons.

2 Steuart, d. 1814.

1 Coutts, in. 1822, Sir Henry Lindsay Bethune, Bart., de
jure Earl of Lindsay, and was motlier of John, the pre-
sent Earl.

2 Catherine, m. 1823, Joseph .Smith Windham, Esq.

3 Jean, id. 28 Aug. 1873, A. C. P. Coote, Esq.

4 Martin, m. 1832, William John Hamilton, Esq.

IV. Coutts (Sir), Bart, of Westville, co. Lincoln. (.bVe Bdrke's
Peerage and Baronetage, Lindsay, B.).
I. Katherine, d. 1835.

The eldest son,

EoBERT Trotter, Esq. of The Bush and Castlelaw, m. 1787,
Ann, only dau. of James Trotter, Esq. of Castleshiels, co. Ber-
wick, and of Horton, Surrey, and had issue,

I. John, his heir. ii. Archibald, of Dryden.

1. Jean Sophia, a. Jtnm. n. Katherine, d.uuM.

Mr. Trotter, who was Postmaster-General for Scotland, d.
July, 1807, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Trotter, Esq. of The Bush and Castlelaw, J.P.
and D.L., b. 10 July, 1788: vi. G Dec. 1817, Matilda, 4th
dau. of Sir Francis Workman Macnaghten, 1st Bart, of Dun-
darave, co. Antrim, and dying s. p. 13 Nov. 1852, was s. by
his brother,

Archibald Trottee, Esq. of Dryden, Castlelaw, and The

Bush, J. P., b. 23 Dec. 1789 ; m. 22 May, 1813, Laura Maria,

2nd dau. of Thomas Chase, Esq., Madras C.S., and had issue,

I. Robert Archibald, now of The Bush.

n. Thomas Coutts, Bengal C.S., 6. 10 Feb. 1816 ; m.

1st, 17 Oct. Is37, Harriet Augusta, 2nd dau. of Henry

Shakespear, Esq., Member of the Supreme Council in India,

which lady d. 30 July, 1838, and 2ndly, VJ Sept. 1839,

Sophia Charlotte, 2nd dau. of John William Templer, E

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