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y Legion
during the years 1835-36 ; he was mortally wounded at the
head of his regiment at the assault of the redoubts on the
heights of Ayete, near St. Seb:.siian, 5 May, 1836.

I. Catherine, m. 1826, Rev. Mourant Brock, Incumbent of
Christ Church, Clifton, co. Gloucester, 3rd son of William
Brock, Esq. of Heavilree, co. Devon, and d. IS38, leaving

II. Amelie, m. 1S29, Gerard Lipyeatt, eldest son of Gen.
G. Gosselin, of Mount Ospringe, Kent, and has issue.

The 2nd son,

Carre William Tupper, Esq. of Haute ville House, Guernsey,
M.A., late Fellow of Exeter Coll. Oxford, b. 1797; m. 1833,
Eliza Jane, 5th dau. of Thomas Priaulx, Esq. of Montville,
Guernsey (descended from the ancient French family of Des
Preaux), and had issue,

I. Edward Murray, Lieut. R.N., b. 1836 ; served in H.M.S.
" Dido " in the North Pacific during the Crimean war, killed
in an attack made by the boats of his ship, H.M.S. " Iris,"
on the island of Tanna, New Hebrides, 1858.

II. James de Vic, b. 1838; Capt. and Brevet Lieut. -Col.
23rd Regt. Royal Welsh Fusiliers, served at the eiege and
fall of Sebastopol, 1855, including the assault on the Kedan
on the 8th Sept., severely wounded. He obtained the Cri-
mean medal and clasp, and Turkish medal. Served during
the mutiny in India, 1857-68, including the siege and relief
of Lucknow, and in other actions under Lord Clyde ;
received the Indian medal and two clasps for Lucknow
and the relief of Lucknow. Accompanied his regiment on
the Ashantee expedition 1873-74, for which he received the
medal ; d. at Pembroke Dock 1881.

III. Basil de Beacvoib, now of Hauteville House.

IV. Jasper Selwyns, Lieut.- Col. in the army, late Major 2nd
Eegt. Queen's Royals, b. 1843.

, I. Catherine Ellinor, b. 1833.

II. Frances Anne, b. 1835; d. 1890.

III. Agnes Emily, b. 1845.

f Arms (as anciently borne)— Az., on a fesse, between three

boars passant or, as many escallops gu. Crest — A greyhound
sa., the same, with additions, as registered in the Heralds' Col-
lege, viz., az., on a fesse engrailed, between three boars pas-
sant or, as many escallops gu., a canton erm., thereon, pendent
fromachain, a medal bearing the profiles of King William
and Queen Mary or. Crest — A mount vert, thereon a grey-
hound passant erm., charged on the shoulder with a slip of oak
fructed ppr., the dexter fore-paw resting on an inescutcheon
az., charged with a medal, pendent from a chain, as in the
arms. Jiotio—L'espoir est ma force. The reverse of the medal

represents a sea fight, and bears the singular legend of " Nox
nulla secuta est."
Residence — Hauteville House, Guernsey.


TuEBEEViLL, CoL. JoHN PiCTON, of Ewenny
Priory, co. Grlamorgan, J. P., Col. late Madras Staff
Corps, 6.1837, s. liis brother 1891; m. 1st, 1860,
Josephine, joungest dau. of Dr. Joseph Hamilton,
of Xingston, Canada, and by her had issue,

I. Margaret Josephine, m. 1892, Courtlaud MacGregor, Esq.
He m. 2ndly, 11 Sept. 186G, Eleanor, youngest dau.
of Sir Grenville Temple Temple, 11th. Bart., and
has issue.

I. Charles Grenville, b. 1868.

II. Alec John, )

III. Robert, j

IV. Frank Temple, b. 1877.

V. Ivor,

VI. Arthur,

VII. Wilfrid, b. 1884.
II. V^iolet Mary. iii. Edith.


twins, 6. 1873.

twins, 6. 1881.

rv. Beatrice.

Col. Turbervill m. 3rdly, 1889, Caroline Frances,
youngest dau. of Richard Aliller, Esq.of Manderston,
CO. Berwick.

Liiueag'e. — The ancient and knightly family of Turbervill,
one of the most powerful of the Norman Houses established in
CO. Glamorgan, were previously to their advent into that
county. Lords of CrUg Howell, co. Brecknock, which they
obtained, at the conquest of Brecknock, from Sir Bernard
Newmarch, the Norman knight who, in the early part of
WiLHAM Rdfus's reign, entered Brecknockshire, and won the
lordship from its possessor, Bleddyn ap Maenyrch, a Welsli

Ewenny Priory, bought temp. Henry VIII, by the Carneb,
passed, by the mariiage of an heiress to the Tubbebvills, and
on the extinction of this family, at the death without issue, of
Richard TnBBEiiviLL, of Ewenny Abbey, SlierilT of Glamorgan
1740, M.P. for that CO. 1767, was inherited on the deatli of his
widow in 1797, by Richard Turbervill Picton, Esq., who there-
upon assimied the name and arms of Tubisebville 15 Aug.
1797. He was the son of Thomas Picton, of Poyston, co. Pem-
broke, and m. Elizabeth, eldest dau. and co-heir of Rev.
Gervase Powell, of Llanharran House, co. Glamorgan, and
had issue,

I. Richard Turberville, his heir, of Ewenny Abbey, J.P.
and D.L., d. s. 'p.

II. Gf.rvasb Powell, s. his brother, of Ewenny Abbey, J.P.
and D.L., K.H., Lieut.-Col. 12th Foot, m. 1st, 27 Oct. 1840,
Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Stephen Dowell, ot Brawick Grove,
Berks. She d. 21 May, 1844. Ham. 2ndly, Sarah Warry,
sister of George Warry, of Shapwick, co. Somerset, but
d. s.p. 16 June, 1861.

I. Elizabeth Margaret, of Ewenny Abbey, s. her brother,
and d. unm. March, 1867, leaving the estate to her cousin,
LiECT.-CoL. Thomas Picton Warlow, of whom presently.

LiEOT.-CoL. Thomas Picton Wablow, of Ewenny Priory,
Lieut.-Col. R.A., J.P. and D.L. co. Glamorgan, High Sheriff
1876, s. his cousin, Elizabeth MaegaretTdrbebville, and as-
sumed by royal licence, 1867, the name and arms of Turber-
vill only. He was the eldest son of Capt. Thomas Warlow,
H.E.I.C.'s Engineers, by Mary Prudence Ord his wife, and
grandson of John Warlow, of Castle Hall, co. Pembroke, by
Catherine his wife, sister of Gen. Sir Thomas Picton, G.C.B.,
and 4th dau. ot Thomas Picton, of Poyston, co. Pembroke. He
m. 1857, Lucy Eliza, only dau. and heir, of Lieut.-Col. Henry
Connop, of the 93rd Highlanders, but d.s. p. 23 Nov. 1891,
when he was s. by his brother. Col. John Picton Warlow, who,
has assumed by deed poll for himself and his eldest son, the
surname of Turbervill.

Seal — Ewenny Priory, Bridgend, co. Glamorgan.


Tttebutt, William Gladwtn, Esq. of Ogston
Hall, CO. Derby, and Arnold Grove, Kotts., J. P.,
High Sheriff 1889, b. 7 Feb. 1853; w.6 Nov. 1879,
Edith Sophia, 3rd dau. of Thomas Dickinson Hall,
Esq. of Whatton Manor, Notts., and has issue,

I. Gladwtn Maukice Revell, b. 17 May, 1S83.





n. Richard Baliington, b. 14 May, 13S7.
I. Eaehel Gladwyn.

Lineage.— liicH^RD TrBr-rxT, Esq. of the city of York,
living tciip. Edwakd VI. and Qut'fn Elizabeth, m. and left
(witli a dau. the wife of Koliinsou of York) two sons, of whom
the elder, William TrKBUTT, Esq., liegistrarof tlie Consistory
Court of York, d. s. p. 10 Kov. Itj43, and devised estates at
Kipon to the son of his brother, his nepliew,

liicuARD TrRr-CTT, Esq. He hi. and had (with two daus.,
ilargaivt and Mary, both living un,ii. 1G4S) a son,

William Turbdtt, Esq., to whom his grand-uncle, ■\Villiain,
bcquealhed the estate of Mount St. Jolm, ncarXhirsk. He d.
13 April, 1073. aged -6. and lies buried in Felixkirk Church.
15y Auiie, his wife, he left two sons, William (his heir) and
idehard. The eldest,

William Tcrbctt, Esq. of Mount St. John, b. 1668, High
ShtrilT for eo. York 1710 ; m. Jliss Driffield, of Easingwold, an
heiie,-;s, and dying 13 Sept. 1727, left issue, six daus. and an
only son,

KicHABD TuRBUTT, Esq. of DoHcaster, bapt. 1G39 ; m. 1st,
Mary Anne, and co-heir of John Kevell, Esq. of Ogston,
CO. l>erby, and by her (who d. 17'i4, aged 38), had two sons,
I. John : II. Kichard, both d. in infancy. He m. 2ndly,
Frances Babington, an heiress bywlrom(who d. 1741, aged 3U)
he had issue, William; Frances, i)i. John Woodyeare, Esq. of
Crookliill Hall, co. York; and Eleanor, b. 1740, ?)!. Gen. James
Sowerby, of Carlisle. Mr. Turbutt d. 3 Sept. 1758, aged 63,
and was s. by his son,

William Tcreutt, Esq. of Ogston Hall, co. Derby, 6. 1738 ;
m. 2 Feb. 1767, Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir of the Rev. Benja-
min Burrow, Rector of Morton, and by her (who d. Jan. 1834)
iad issue,

I. William, his heir.

II. Richard Burrow, Rector of Morton, co. Derby, m. Isabella,
only dau. of Benjamin Sharpe, Esq. of London, Banker,
and d. 30 Jan. 1S41, having had issue,

1 Richard (Rev.), 6. 1804; d. 1823.

1 Isabella, d. 1823.

2 Frances Eleanor, m. 1832, Rev. Henry John Goodwin,
of Mapleton.

I. Frances, d. itnrd. 1803.

II. Mary Eli/.abeth. m. John Robert Sharpe, Esq. of Doe
Hill, CO. Derby ; d. 1841.

III. Eleanor, d. uynn. 1825.

IV. Emilia, d. unm. 1834.

Mr. Turbutt d. 23 Aug. 1S17, and was s. by his eldest son,
William Turbutt, Esq. of Ogston Hall, and Arnold Grove,

Banister-at-Law, b. 4 May, i7ti8 ; lu. 22 June, 1814, Anne, aau.

of Major-Gen. Gladwyn, of Stubbin Court, co. Derby, and by

her (who d. 7 Sept. 1»55) had Issue,
I. Gladwin, his heir.

I. Ann, rf. unm. July, 1835.

II. Lucy, d. unm. Oct. 1838.
ni. Helen, d. unm. April, 1839.
IV. Maria, d. unm. 14 Jan. 1877;

Mr. Turbutt d. 25 Dec. 1S3G, and was s. by his son,

Gladwin Tukeutt, Esq. of Ogston Hall and Arnold Grove,
Xotts, J. P. and D.L., High Slieriff 1358, b. 31 March, 1823;
m. 30 May, 1850, Ellen, youngest dau. of Baldwin Duppa
Duppa, Esq. of Hollingbourne House, Kent (she rf. 1878), and
d. 3 Sept. 1872, leaving issue,

I. William Gladwyn, now of Ogston.

II. Richard Duppa de Uphaugh, of Hollingbourne, Maidstone,
Kent, 6. 8 Jan. Ia55.

Arms — Az., three turbots naiant arg., two and one, finned or.
Ores' — A naked arm ppr., holding in the hand a trident or,
armed and headed arg.

icaf— Ogston Hall, Alfreton, co. Derby.


TuRNEH, John, Esq. of Turner Hall, by Ellon
and Tipperty, co. Aberdeen, J. P., D.L., formerly Col.
Commanding 3rd Batt. Gordon Highlanders, b. 20
Nov. 1831 ; m. 11 April, 1854, Mary Anne, dau.
of Walter Alexander Donaldson, Esq., by Maria
Pliillimore his wife, and has issue,

I. John, late Capt. and Hon. Slajor 3rd Batt. Gordon High-
landers, 6.2 June, 1855; m. 1883, Lucy t;thel Janet, dau.
of Henry Maynard Harding, Esq. of Tullamaiue Castle,
CO. Tipperary, and has issue.

II. George John Kemp, 6. 3 April, 1858.

III. Walter Keith, 6. 1 Jan. 1861 ; d. 27 Oct. 1892.

I. Maria Elizabeth. u. Frances Annie Urquhart.

m. Aimee Ellen. iv. Anna Margaret Kemp.

V. Mary Alice Maud Gordon. vi. Constance Marion.

Lineag-e — The first proprietor of Turner Hall was

John Turner, the eldest son of Andrew Tdkner, of Kin-
niinitie, in the parish of Birse, co. Aberdeen, where tha
Turners had then held land for some generations. John
Turner acquired the property of Turner Hall by royal charter
of Ja.mes II. in 1G88. He seems to have rf. abroad, and to
have left the property in strict entail to his younger brother,
Robert (4th son of the above Andrew), who s. as first in the
entail in 1697. This

Robert Turner, Esq. of Turner Hall, m. 18 Jan. 1693,
Margaret Ross, eldest dau. of John Ross, of Rosehill, and rf.
Jan. 1741, when he was s. by his son,

John Turner, Esq. of Turner Hall, who ;ii. Helen, dau. of
Mr. Farquharson, of Weston in Cromar. He rf. 1759, and was
s. by his son,

John Turner, Esq. of Turner Hall, b. 1725; m. I Nov.
1757, Elizabeth, 2nd daa of William Urquhart, of Meldrum,
and rf. 8 F'eb. 1802, when he was s. by his son,

Keith Turner, Esq. of Turner Hall, b. 20 Jan. 1768; m.
4 May, 1794, Anna Margaret, only dau. of George Riddock,
H.E.I.C.S., and rf. 20 Oct. 1808, leaving by her (who rf. 1 Oct.
1823) a son, his successor,

John Turner, ICsq. of Turner Hall, b. 17 July, 179G; m.
Sept. 1820, Elizabeth Helen, sister of William Urquhart, of
Byth, and dau. of Capt. William Urquhart, only son, by a
2nd marriace, of William Urquhart. of Meldrum, and rf. 2
Aug. 1834, leaving by her (who rf. 5 Jan. 1837) issue,

I. John, now of Turner Hall.

I. Anna Margaret, m. Rev. George Kemp, Rector of St.
Alphage, London, E.C., who rf. s. p. 17 Dec. 1861.

II. Mary Ann, m. 22 Jan. 1846, John Douglas, W.S., of Edin-
burgh, and has issue, John Brown, b. 30 May, 1852; Archi-
bald liaiiisay, 6. 1861 ; George Hector, 6. 1863; and Mary
Anne Turner.

III. Elizabeth Helen, rf. unm.

^)-)iis— Quarterly : 1st and 4th sa., a Catherine wheel arg.;
2nd and 3rd arg., three guttes de sang. Crest — A flaming
heart ppr. il/ot(o— Tu ne cede malis.

Seat — Turner Hall, Ellon, Aberdeen.


TuENLT, John, Esq. of Drumnasole, co. Antrim,
B.A., J.P., and U.L., b. 17 Sept. 1819 ; m. 2 July,
1850, Charlotte Emily, dau. of the late Eight
Hon. Edward Litton, Q.C., a Master in Chancery,
Ireland, and has issue,

I. Francis John Seymour, b. Nov. 1862,

II. John, b. 1869.

I. Sophia Dorothea.

II. Dorothea Vescina, rf. 16 Oct. 1889, unm.

III. Charlotte Augusta Anne. iv. Flora Eugenie.
V. Catherine Beatrice. vi. Nina Rochfort.
VII. Gertrude. viii. Hilda.
Lineagre. — An immediate ancestor of the Drumnasole

family held lands in co. Down ; but his widow, who had con-
trol of the property, m. for her second husband a Mr. Wilson,
and to her children by him she devised Mr. Turnly's estates.

Francis Turnly, Esq., J. P. for Downpatriek, whose father
was also a J. P. for Downpatriek, m. 1760, Catherine Black,
of Bordeaux, and by her (who rf. 1795) left at his decease, 1800,
landed property to his children. His son,

Francis Tuknly, Esq. H.E.I.C.C.S., spent his early life in
China; he m. 1304, Dorothea Emilia, dau. of John Rochfort,
Esq. of Clogrenane, co. Carlow, and d. 1845, leaving by her
(who rf. 18C6).

Robert Alexandeb, of Drumnasole, 6. 1805; rf. unm. 1885.

John, now of Drumnasole. Charles Horace.

Dorothea Anna. Catherine.

Arms— Arg., a fritillaria meleagris, stalked and leaved
ppr., on a canton gu. a cross pattee or. Crest— On a mound
vert, an oak-tree ppr., supporting on the sinister side a shield
gu. charged with a cross pattee or. Motto — Perseverando.

Seat— Drumnasole, Glenarm, co. Antrim.


TniNOE, Edmund, Esq. of Stoke-Rochford, co.
Lincoln, M.A, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1894,
foi'merly M.P.for South Lincolnshire and for Grant-
ham, b. 24 March, 1838 ; m. 17 April, 1866, Lady
Mary Catherine Gordon, eldest dau. of Charles,
10th Marquess of Huntly,





Lineage.— Sir Edmund Tcenob, i. 14 May, 1619 (younp;est
60U of Christopher Turnor, Esq. of Milton Erneys, co. I'edford,
& descendantof the family of Tcbnoubo/ Haverhill), a staunch
Royalist, was named one of the knights of the Koyal Oak, Imt
that Order never being founded, he received the honour of
knighthood in 1663, at which time he was a Commissioner of
the Alienation Office, Sun^eyor-General of the Outports, and
one of the chief farmers of the Customs. After performinR
various acts of munificence, this eminent and excellent person
d. 1707, leaving (by his wife, Margaret, dau.of Sir John Harri-
son, Knt. of Stoke-Eochford) a dau. Elizabeth, m. Sir Justi-
nian Isham, Bart., and a son, his successor,

John Turnob. Esq. of Stoke-Kochford, ni. Diana, only
child of the Hon. Algernon Cecil, son of William, Earl of
Salisbury, and had issue. Mr. Turnor d. 1719, and was s. by
his son,

Edmund Tuknob, Esq. of Stoke-Eochford, to. Elizabeth,
dau. of Henry Feme, Esq. and co-heir of her brother, by
whom he bad issue, i. Edmund, his heir ; ii. John, Capt. in
the Dragoon Guards ; i. Diana, m. George Langton, Esq. of
Langton ; ii. Isabella, m. Lieut.-Gen. Alexander Drewry ; and
III. Elizabeth, m. Edward Andrewes, Esq. He d. 1769, and
was s. by his eldest son,

Edmund Turnok, Esq. of Stoke-Rochford, and of Panton
House, m. Mary, dau. of John Disney, Esq. of Lincoln, and
had issue. Mr. Turnor d. 1805, and was s. by his eldest son,

Edmund Turnob, Esq. of Stoke-Eochford, and of Panton
House, F.R.S., F.A.S., M.P. for Midhurst. He in. 1st, 7 May,
179S, Elizabeth, dau. of Philip Broke, Esq., by whom (who d.
1801) lie had an only dau.,

Elizabeth Edmund, m. Frederick Manning, Esq. She d.

He m. 2nd]y, Dorothea, dau. of Lieut.-Col. Tucker, and by her
■(who rf. May, 1854) had issue,

I. Chbistopheb, of Stoke-Kochford. ii. Cecil.

III. Algernon (Rev.), m. 9 Jan. 1840, Sophia, only dau. of Sir
Thomas Whichcote, Bart., and d. Aug. 1842.

IV. Henry Marten, Capt. King's Dragoon Guards, m. 28 July,
1840, the Hon. Marianne, Sih dau. of Godfrey, 3rd Baron
Macdonald, and had Archibald Henry, d. in Japan Dec.
1867 : Harriet Mina ; and other issue.

T. Philip Broke, of Little Ponton Hall, Grantham, m. Selina,
dau. of James Saunderson, Esq., and d. 24 April, 1882,
having had a son, Cecil Algernon Broke, Scots Greys, b. 23
May, 1855, and d. May, 1880.

I. Charlotte, rf. 1881.

II. Henrietta, m. 11 July, 1839, Thomas Augustus Wolsten-
holme, 6th Earl of Macclesfield, and d. 19 Nov. following.

Mr. Turnor, an eminent antiquary, and the author of a history
of Grantham, d. 19 March, 1829, aged 74, and was s. by his
eldest son,

Chbistopheb Tubnok, Esq. of Stoke-Eochford, J.P. and
D.L., High Sheriff 1833, M.P. for South Lincolnshire 1841 to
1847, b. 4 April, 1809; vi. 2 Feb. 1837, Lady Caroline Finch
Hatton, dau. of George William, 9th Earl of Winchilsea, and
by her (who d. 13 March, 1888) had issue,

I. Fdmund, now of Stoke-Eochford.

II. Christopher Hatton, b. 16 Dec. 1840; r,i. 4 May, 1871, at
Toronto, Canada, Alice, eldest dau. of Hon. Hamilton H.
Killaly, and has issue, a son, Christopher, 6. at Toronto
23 Nov. 1873.

m. Cecil Montague,6. 16 Oct. 1842, Comm. R.N.,d. «.p.IS86.

IV. Algernon, C.B., b. Nov. 1845 ; m. 3 Aug. 1880, Lady
Henrietta Caroline Stewart, dau. of the 9th Earl of Gallo-
way, and has issue, Herbert Broke, b. 18S5 ; Christopher
Randolph, b. 16 Aug. 188C ; a son i. 8 April, 1888 ; d.
1S91 ; and three daus., Marjorie, Algitha, and Verena.

V. Herbert Broke, 71st Regt., 6. 25 Dec. 1848; d. 31 July,

VI. Charles Edward, 6. S Nov. 1851 ; d. 16 Sept. 1875.

VII. Graham Augustus, 6. 13 Sept. 1853.

I. Edith Georgiana, m. 16 Sept. 1868, Yiscoimt Emlyn,
eldest son of the 2nd Earl of Cawdor.

II. Constance Evelyn, d. 11 March, 1859.

III. Agnes Octavia, d. Feb. 1858.

IV. Bertha Kathleen.

v. Dora Agnes Caroline, m. B. B. Trench, Esq.
Mr. Turnor d. 7 March, 1886.

-4;-?ii.s— Erm., on a cross, quarter-pierced arg., four fers-de-
mouline sa. Crest — A lion passant arg., crowned or, in his paw
a fer-de-mouline of the arms.

5^£('(i-— Stoke-Eochford, Grantham, and Panton Hall, co.


TuRTON, Edmund Heney, Esq. of Upsall and
Larpool, co. York, J.i*. and D.L. for the Norf.h
Eidiiig of Yorksliire, late Capt. 3rd Dragoon Guards,

h. 1823 ; m. 8 July, 1856, Lady Cecilia Mary
Leeson, 2nd dau. and co-heiress 'of Joseph, 4tli
Earl of Miltown, K.P., and lias issue,

I. Edmund Russboeough, 6. 1 Nov. 1857. of ,St. Leonard's
Terrace, Chelsea, and 5, Paper Buildings, Temple,
called to the Bar, Inner Temple, 1882 ; London County
Councillor; m. 9 Aug. 18SS, Clementina Sarah, and dau.
of theHon.SirSpeneer Ponsonby Fane, K.C.B., of Brymp-
ton Park, co. Somerset, and has issue,

Edmund Spenceb, 6. May, 1889.

II. Robert Bell, 3I.A., J.P., of Kildale, b. 1859 ; called to the
Bar, Inner Temple, 1883, (27 Ashley Place, S.W.).

III. Ralph Douglas, 6. 1862, Capt. 1st Batt. 22nd Cheshire

I. Barbara Josephine.

IT. Cecilia Marianne.

Lineagre. — This family bore formerly the name of Petebs.
Of their ancestors, Eanulph Petebs, lived teiiq^. Charles I.,
and John Peters, Capt. E.N., was Killed in tlie Dutch war
during the reign of Charles II., leaving, besides other issue,
an eldest son, William, who m. Mary Kitchmgham, of Ponte-
fract, CO. York. His grandson, Matthew Petebs, h. at Bel-
fast 1711, was connected w^ith the Irish Goveinment in im-
proving the navigation of the loughs and rivers of Ireland ;
he m. the eldest dau. of George Younge, Esq. of Dublin, and
had, with two daus., Margaret and Hannah, a son,

Eev. William Peters, 6. in Dublin 1741, LL.D., R.A.,
F.E.S., Chaplain to George IV., Prebendary of Lincoln,
Rector of Eaton and Knipton, in co. Leicester, and Wools-
thorpe, CO. Lincoln. This gentleman was a painter of much
celebrity. He m. Margaret, dau. and co-heir of Eev. John
Knowsley, of Burton Agnes, co. York, and by her (who m.
2ndly, Eev. John Gibbons, Rector of Brasted, Kent, son of
Sir William Gibbons, Bart, of Stanwell, Middlesex) had issue,

I. John William, M.A., Rector of Langford, Berks, vi. Cathe-
rine, dau. of Sampson Colclough, Esq. ofBaconfield, Newark,
and had issue.

II. George Augustus, Barrister-at-Law, of Ruswarp, near
Whitby, b. 3 April, 1793; m. Elizabeth, only dau. of Rev,
Dr. Herbert, and had issue,

1 Anne, m. 1846, Rev. R. Rastall, and d. 1847, leaving

in. Edmund, of whom presently.

I. Elizabeth, m. Rev. Thomas Green, Rector of Bagby, co.
Northampton, and has issue,
1 Thomas, a Barrister of the Inner Temple; m. 1851,
Laura, dau. ot Capi. Clarke, R.N., and d. 1874, leaving,
viith other issue, Capt. John Green, 5th Dragoon

Rev. William Peters d. 1814. His 3rd son,

Edmund Peters, of Brasted Park, Kent, Kildale, and Lar-
pool, CO. York, b. 27 April, 1796, assumed by sign-manual the
name and arms of Tukton only, in compliance with the will
of the eminent physician. Dr. Turton, who bequeathed him
the bulk of his large fortune. He rii. April, 1822, Marianne,
only child and heir of Robert Bell-Livesay, Esq. of Kildale
(2nd son of Ralph Bell, Esq. of Thirsk, co. York), by Jane his
wife, dau. of Rev. Dr. Cleaver, Rector of Malton, and had

I. Edmund Henby, now of Upsall and Larpoolt

II, Robert Consett, 6. 1827, and d. at Florence 1831.

I. Marianna Teresa Livesay, m. 1848, Multon Lambarde, Esq.
of Beechmount, Kent, and has issue.
Mr. Turton, J.P. and D.L. N.R. co. York, and J.P. for Kent,
was for some time M.P. for Hedon. He d. 1857, and was s. la
the family estates by his only surviving son.

<^amilj of £urlon.

Sir John Tubton, Knt., one of the Barons of the Exchequer,
and subsequently one of the Judges of the Court of King's
Bench in the reign of William III., had, besides other issue,

De. John Tubton, M.D., of The Hall, Wolverhampton, and
of Adam Street, Adelphi, London, 6. 1700; m. 1734, Dorothy,
only surviving child of Gregory Hickman, Esq., by Dorothy,
dau. of Walter Moseley, Esq. of The Mere, Enville, co. Staf-
ford, d. 1754. Dr. Johnson wrote some verses to this lady: —
" To Miss Hickman playing on the Spinet " (Boswell's /.j/ui-
son, vol. i. p. 97). He had an only son, John Tueton, edu-
cated at Queen's Coll. Oxon, elected lladcliife Travelling
Fellow May, 1761, and admitted a Fellow of the College of
Physicians 1768. In 1771 he was appointed Physician to the
Queen's Household, and 1782 to the Queen, the following year
Physician Extraordinary to the King, and in 1797 Physician
in Ordinary to the King and Prince of Wales. He m. Maiy,





dan. and co-luir of Joseph Kitchinsmaii, Ksq. of Balk Hall,
near Tliirsk, by Mary, dau. of M'illiaiu Lambe, Esq., and
had no issue. He d. 15 April, 1S06.

Anns — Quarterly : 1st and 4th erm., ten trefoils, four, three,
two, and one, vert: ind gu., a lion rampant between three
treiV'ils ; ord, per chevron az. and sa. a chevron engrailed
with plain cotises between three bells arg. Crest — Out of a
mural coronet arg., a cubit arm, habited vert, cufled of the first,
the hand ppr., holding a banner per fesse arg. and verr, the
fringe counterchanged, a trefoil in centre of banner. Motto —
Formos;i qua? honesta.

•St.irs— Upsall Castle, Thir*k, and Larpool Hull, Whitby, co.


The late Sir Fkancis Cuakles Foktescue
TrEviLE, K.C.M.G., of Bosworth Hall, J.P. cos.
Lei^'l.'^tel• and iS'ortliaiiiptoii, aud D.L. co. Leicester,
I. 10 Jan. 1831 ; m. 3 Aug. 1878, Adelaide Anna-
bella, widow of John, Lord Lisgar, G.C.B., and
dan. of Edward Tuite Dalton, Esq., by Olivia his
wife, afterwards Marchioness of Ileadfort, and
d. s. J}. 1SS9.

Lineage. — The family of Todrville (or Tdrvile) is of
Norman extraction.

Soon after the conquest of England, the Tourvilles became
extensive proprietors in the counties of Warwick and Leicester,
being lords in the former of the manors of I'ailington, Herde-
benve, Bedworth, Chelmescote, Fulbrooke, and Nuneaton ;
and giving, in the latter, their name to the manor of Norman-
ton-Turvile, the original seat of the family.

George Tcrvile (eldest son of Sir William Turvile, Knt. of
Kormanton-Turvile, by Jane his 2nd wife, eldest dau. of Sir
John Warburton, of Warburton and Arley) was given Aston-
Flamville, co. Leicester, by his father, who d. 2 July, 1552.
He in. 1st, Anne, dau. of John Sheldon, Esq., bu

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