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dly, 15 April, 1841, Vincentia, 3rd dau. of Wallop
Brabazon, Esq. of Rath House, co. Louth, representative of the
Tallaghstown branch of the noble House of Brabazon, and by
her had issue,

III. John Brabazon, b. 24 June, 1842, formerly E.N., late
Lieut, ftth Fusiliers.

IV. Clifford Wharton Charles, 6. 1843, Lieut. 11th Foot, (i.
in India 1866.

V. St. David Morgan, b. 1 March, 1846, Lieut, in the West
Somerset Yeomanry Cavalry.

VI. Arthur Marcus Philipps, b. 22 March, 1850, Capt. Eoyal
Glamorgan Militia.

vii. F'ortescue Tracey Freke, b. 31 Jan. 1856.

vin. Edward Plantagenet, b. 13 Sept. 1858, Lieut. Eoyal

Glamorgan Militia, m. and has issue, a dau., b. 20 March.


I. Vincentia Margaret Anne.

II. Mabel Louisa Frances.

ui. Maud Maria, to. 23 July, 1885, Amherst Henry Gage

Morris, Esq. (.<rfc Morris of i^ etherby) .
IV. Blanche Elizabeth Plantagenet.

Col. Kemeys-Tynte was senior co-heir to the barony of Whar-
ton, and co-heir also to the barony of Grey de Wilton, and re-
presentative of the ancient families of Halswell, Kemeys,
and Tyste. Col. Kemeys-Tynte d. 16 Sept. 1882, and was s.
by his eldest son,

Charles Kemeys Kemeys-Tynte, Esq. of Halswell, Somerset,
Cefn Mably, co. Glamorgan, and Burleigh Hall, co. Leicester,
J. P. and D.L. cos. Monmouth and Somerset, b. 1822, late Capt.
11th Hussars and Grenadier Guards, Col. 1st Somerset
Militia, m. 1st 1848, Mary, eldest dau. of Eev. George Frome,
of Puncknoll, Durset, by Mary his wife, 2nd dau. of Edmund
Morton Pleydell, Esq., and by her (who d. 1864) had sur-
Tiving issue,

I. Halswell Milborne, now of Halswell, and Cefn Mably.

II. Charles Harley Morton, 'j. May, 1864, d. unm. 1893.

I. Eachel Elizabeth Henrietta.

He m. 2ndly, 1873, Hannah, widow of Mr. Lewis, and had by
her (who d. 1873) another dau.,

II. Grace.

Hem. 3rdly, 1879, Elizabeth, eldest dau. of EichardFothergill,
Esq., M.P. of Tenby and Lowbridge, Westmorland
{whom see). C&l. Kemeys-Tynte d. 1891, and was «. by his
eldest son.

^amilTj of ^mtiTS of Cefn ||l;ibln.

ihe Hou.'e of Kemeys, originally De Camois, Camoys, and

Camey.a, isof Nornian extraction, and the name of its patriarch

is to be found on the Koll of Battle Abbey. Large possessions

vere granted to the family in Sussex and Surrey, of which cos.

Ealph de Kemeys, or Camoys was Sheriff in 1242. He was x.
by his son, Ealph de Camoys, who was summoned to Parlia-
ment 49 Henry 111., as Baron Camoys, which Barony fell into
abeyance 4 Henuy VI., and so continued until 1839, when it
was determined in favour of Thomas Stonor, Lord Camoys.
In the British Museum are contained several MS. pedigrees of
this ancient family, which we find at a very early period
holding lands in the cos. of Cambridge, Huntingdon, Essex,
Southampton, and Surrey. The direct progenitor of the line
of which we now treat, was

Stephen de Kemeys, who in 1234 witnessed a charter to
Tintern Abbey, and was granted about the same year the
manor of Kemeys, co. Monmouth, by William Marshall, Earl
of Pembroke. His descendants established themselves in cos.
Monmouth and Glamorgan, and intermarrying with the heirs
of the great Welsh families, who deduced their descent from
the Kings and Princes of South Wales, acquired the estates
now enjoyed by their representative. Col. Kemeys-Tynte.
Stephen de Kemeys had a son,

JoRWORTH DE Kemeys, Lord of Kemeys, m. Nest, dau. and
heir of Andrew de Beauchamp, Lord of Began or Begansley
(probably a corruption of Beauchamp'sley), lineal descendant
of Blethyn Maynarch, Lord of Brecon, and by her had issue,
I. Walter, living 1296 and 1320, d. s. p.; u. Meyric, s. hia
father; iii. Robert, a free tenant in Striguil 1306, d. 1335,
seised of lands in co. Bedford. The 2nd son.

Sir Meyric DE Kemeys, Knt., Lord of Began, living 1305
and 1336. In 1322, he was tried by a Special Commission for
ravaging the Despensers' lands. Heiii. Cliristy, dau. of David
ap Meyric ap Jevan ap Sytrylt, descended from Ynir, King oJ
Gwcnt, and had a son,

IIenrt de Ke.mcys, of Began, living 1337. He m. Jenet,
dau. of Ehun ap Sytrylt, and had issue, i. Morgan, living
1393; II. William, of Kemeys, vi. Jenet, dau. and heir of
Meyric ap Ehun, and had issue ; iii. Jenkin, s. his father.
The 3rd son,

Jenkin Kemeys, of Began, m. Jenet, dau. of Jevan ap
Lleison, of Baglan, and had, with othe issue, Jevan, his heir ;
Margaret, vi. Jevan ap Morgan, of New Church, near Cardiff,
and was grandmother of Morgan Williams, living (em;). Henkt
VIII., whom, the sister of Thomas Cromwell, Karl of Essex,
and had a son. Sir Richard Williams, who assumed, at the
desire of Henry VIII. , tlie- surname of his uncle Cromwell,
and through the influence of that once-powerful relative,
obtained wealth and station. He was great-grandfather of
Oliver Cromwell. The only son,

Jevan Kemeys, of Began, /«. Cliristy, dau. of Llewellyn ap
Morgan ap Ivor, of Tredegar, and had issue,

I. Morgan, living 1447.

II. William, ancestor of Kemeys of Sewpnrt. He was ap-
pointed 10 Dec. 1446, Constable of Newport Castle by-
Humphrey de Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, and was
Mayor of Newport in 1447 He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir
William de la Bere, and had issue.

III. David, of whom presently.

IV. John, of Bedminster, m. 1430, Agnes, dau. of William
Stradjing, Esq., and had issue.

V. Henry, of Caldecot, ni. and had issue.

VI. Howell, of Llanrhymny, in St. McUon's, co. Monmouth,
m. and had issue.

VII. Thomas, ot co. Gloucester.

The 3rd son,

David Kemeys, living 1447 and 1483, m. Cecil, dau. and
heir of Llewellyn ap Evan ap Llewellyn ap Cynrig, of Cefn
Mably, and had issue,

I. Lewis, his heir.

II. Jenkin, m. Julian, dau. and heir of Jorworth ap Eosser
ap Jenkin, of Vandyre, and had issue.

The elder son,

Lewis Kemeys, Esq. of Cefn Mably, ?;i. Jenet, dau. of Philip,
ap Evan Thomas ap Gwillim Jenkin, of Llansantfraidd, and
had a son,

John Kemeys, Esq. of Cefn Mably, in. Catherine, dau. of
Lewis ap Richard Gwyn, of Van, and had a son,

David Kemeys, Esq. of Cefn Mably, m. Catherine, dau. of
Sir William Bawdrip, Knt., of Penmark Place, co. Glamorgan,
and had issue,

I. Edward, Sheriff co. Glamorgan 1576, 1586, 1595, and 1605.
He m. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. of Eowland Morgan, Esq. of
Machen, and 2ndly, Margaret, dau. of William Kemeys,
Esq. of Llanrhymny, but had no issue by either lady.

II. Thomas, d. s. p. at Newhaven, in France.

III. Reynald, m. Ann Gwyn, of Llanishen, and d. s.p.

IV. Rhys, of Llanvair Castle, co. Monmouth, which, together
with the manor, he purchased of Edward Woodward, Esq.,
about the year 1610. He to. Wilsophet, dau. of William
Aubrey, co. Brecknock, D.C.L., and d. v. p., leaving issue,





1 Eclwara, d. young.

2 David, who s. his grandfather.

3 Nicholas (Sir), of whom i)resently.

4 Charles. 5 Edmund. 6 Ilanj.

Mr. Kemeys was s. by his grandson,

David Kemets, Esq. of Cefn Mably, Sheriff co. Glamorgan
1617, m. Eachel, dau. of Robert Hopton, Esq. of Witham |
Friary, Somerset (by his wife, Janet, dau. and heir of Row-
land Kemeys, Esq. of Vayndre), and sister to Ralph, Lord
Hopton, and by her (who m. 2ndly, Thomas Morgan, Esq. of
Tredegar) had a son,

Edward Kemets, Esq. of Cefn Mably, m. Theodosia, dau.
of Sir Henry Capel, Knt., and sister to Arthur, 1st Baron
Capel, of Hadham,andby her (whorf. IJan. 1657) had several
children, who all d. young. He d. 12 Jan. 1637, and was s. by
his uncle,

SiK Nicholas Kesiets, 1st Bart, of Cefn Mably, Sheriff
CO. Glamorgan 1632, M.P. co. Monmouth 1628, and co. Gla-
morgan 1642. This gentleman, distinguished for his loyalty
to Chables I., at the outbreak of the civil war raised a regi-
ment of horse for the King's service, and was created a
Bart. 13 May, 1642. He m. 1st, Jane, dau. of Sir Rowland
Williams, Knt., of Llangibby Castle, co. Monmouth, and by
her had issue,

I. Charles, 2nd Bart.

li. William, m. Mary, dau. of Thomas ap Jevan, of Llan-
gattock Vibon Avell.

I. Cecil, m. Walter Jones, Esq. of Magoyr.

II. Rachael, m. Thomas Jones, Esq. of Llantrissant.

III. Mary, m. Thomas Jlorgan, Esq. of Llanrhymny.

IV. Florence, m. Miles Button, Esq. of Cwrt-y-faid, eldest
son of Admiral Sir Thomas Button, Knt., the Arctic navi-
gator. She d. 3 Dec. 1711, aged 93.

He m. 2ndly, 1644, Jane, widow of William Herbert, Esq.
of Cogan Pill, and dau. of Sir Rawley Bussey, Knt., but by
her had no issue. Sir Nicholas was slain in the defence of
Chepstow Castle against a superior force of the Parliamentaiy
troops under Col, Ewer, 25 May, 1646, when he was s. by his

Sir Charles Ke.mets, 2nd Bart, of Cefn Mably, a distin-
guished Cavalier Officer, who was knighted at Oxford 13 June,
1643, during his father's lifetime, and was Sheriff co. Gla-
morgan, 1644. He 711. 1st, Blanche, dau. of Sir Lewis Mansel,
Knt., of Margam, which lady d. s. p., and 2ndly, Margaret,
dau. of Sir George Whitmore, Knt., of Balmes House, in the
parish of Hackney, Middlesex, Lord Mayor of London 1631-32 ;
and by her (who d. 1685) had issue,

I. Charles, 3rd Bart. ii. George, d. taim.

I. Mary, d. %i.h)h. 1708, aged 55. ") These two ladies were

II. Anne, d. unm. 170s, aged 51. > known as " The Ladies
of Nash," in the parish of Clapton in Gordans, co. Somerset
(see Life of Bishop Ken).

Sir Charles d. 1658, and was s. by his son.

Sib Charles Kemeys, 3rd Bart, of Cefn Mably, 6. at Balmes
House 18 May, 1651, M.P. co. Monmouth. He m. 1st, 1678,
Hon. Mary Wharton, 3rd dau. of Philip, 4th Lord Wharton,
and widow of William Thomas, Esq., of Wenvoe and Ruperra,
CO. Glamorgan, and by her (who d. 1699) had issue,

I. Charles, 4th Bart. ii. George, d. an infant, 1691.

I. Margaret, d. young. ii. Mary, d. unm. 1708, aged 18.

III. Jane, heir to her brother.

Sir Charles vi. 2ndly, 1701, Mary, elder dau. of William Lewis,
Esq. of The Van, co. Glamorgan, heir of Boaistall, Bucks, and
widow of Sir John Aubrey, Bart., of Llantrythid, but by her
(who m. 1703, her 4th husband, William Aubrey, LL.B., and
d . 1717) had no issue. Sir Charles d. 1702, and was s. by his

Sib Charles Kemeys, 4th Bart, of Cefn Mably, 6. at Ruperra,
23 Nov. 1688, Sheriff co. Glamorgan 1713, M.P. co. Mon-
mouth 1713 and co. Glamorgan 1722-27; d. imm. 1734, when
the baronetcy became extinct, and his estates devolved upon
his only surviving sister,

Jane Kemets, ni. 1704 Sir John Tynte, 2nd Bart of Hals-
well, Somerset, and by him (who d. 1709} had issue. Lady
Tynte d. in 1747, and was s. by her last surviving son.

Sib Charles Kemeys-Tynte, 5th Bart of Halswell (see Tynte
family supra.)

.■fn/i-s— Quarterly: 1st counter-quartered, 1st and 4th gu.,
a lion couchant between fix crosses-crosslet arg., for Tynte;
vert, on a chevron arg. tliree pheons sa , for Kemeys ; 2nd az.,
three bars wavy urg., over all a bend gu., for Halswell ; 3rd sa.,
a maunch arg., on a border or, an orlc of lions' gauiba erased
in saltire gu., for Wharton ; 4th az., a wolf'.-* head erased arg.,
for l.upcs, Eurl of Chester. Crests — 1st, Kemeys, On a mount
vert, a unicorn az. sejant, armed, crined, and unguled or;
2nd, Halswell, issuant from a ducal coronet a dcmi-griffln or,
Afofiocx— Uuw-dy-ras, for Kemeys; Tynctus cruore Saraceno,
tor Tynte.

Seals — Halswell House, Goathurst, Bridgwater, Somerset,
Cefn Mably, Cardiff, co. Glamorgan ; and Burleigh Hall, co.

fiwts— Carlton ; and Windham.


Tyeingham, RoGEii William Giffard, Esq. of
Tyringham, Bucks, and Trevethoe, co. Cornwall, b.
5 Aug. 1870; s. 1870.

Liineage. — William Mackworth, 6. 1694, Srd and
youngest son of Sir Humphrey Mackworth, of GnoU, co.
Glamorgan (descended from Mackworth of Mackworth Castle,
CO. Derby, living in the reign of Edward III.), assumed the
name of Praed in pursuance of settlements made upon his
marriage by John Praed, of Trevethoe.

William Praed (otherwise Mackworth), M.P. for St. Ives
1781-1806, &. 1749 : m. 1778, Elizabeth Tyringham Backwell
sole-heir of her brother, Tyringham Backwell, of Tyringham
and St. Clement Danes, Banker, and dying 3 Oct. 1754, was
s. by his son,

James Backwell Pbaed, Esq. of Tyringham and Trevethoe,
served as High Sheriff of Bucks 1807, and represented the co.
in Parliament from 1835 till decease, 13 Jan. 1837, 5. 30
May, 1779; m. 22 Feb. 1823, Sophia, 2nd dau. of Charles
Chaplin, Esq. of Blankney, co. Lincoln, and by her (who d.
1854) had issue,

I. William Backwell, of Tyringham and Trevethoe.

II. Charles Tyringham, of London, Banker, 6. 1833.

I. Mary Sophia, d. unm.

II. Louisa Agnes, m. 1856, Edmund Chase Marriott, Esq. of
Poltair, Cornwall.

III. Charlotte, 6. Dec. 1827 ; m. 1861, Sidmouth Stowcll Skip-
with, Comm. R.N. [d. 1S7'2), and h^.s issue,

1 Reginald, b. Oct. 1866. 2 Gerald, &. July, 1869.

I Eva, b. June, 1862.

The elder son,

William Backwell Ttbingham, Esq. of Tyringham and
Trevethoe, J. P. and D.L. for cos. Bucks and Cornwall, and
High Sheriff for Bucks 1860, b. Oct. 1829, assumed by royal
licence, 6 Aug. 1859, the surname and arms of Tyringham, in
lieu of his patronymic Praed, m. 25 March, 1865, Fanny
Adela, 2nd dau. of Col. W. Wilby, Commanding 1st batt. 4th
King's Own Regt. (she m. 2ndly, 1873, William Kraneiss
Higgins, Esq. of Turvey House and Picts Hill, co. Beds), and
d. 29 Nov. 1870, having had issue,

I.. Roger William Giffard, now of Tyringham.

I. Mary Isabel, 6. 18 Aug. 1807.
Mr. Tyringham inherits through his great-grandmother the
ancient estate of Tyringham, which family he represents in
the female line ; Elizabeth Tyringham Backwell, who m. in
1778, William Praed (otherwise Mackworth), being the descen-
dant in the female line of Elizabeth Tyringham (only child and
heir of Sir William Tyringham, of Tyringham), she ra. 1678,
John Backwell, eldest son of Edward Backwell, Citizen, Gold-
smith, and Banker of London.

The male line of the family of Tyringham thus became
extinct in the person of Sir William Tyringham, K.B., 1685,
after the family had resided there from the time that John
Gifford, of Tyringham (who was a descendant of Walter
Giffard, Lord of Longueville, in Normandy, a kinsman of the
Conqueror, and who awarded to him forty-eight manors in the
CO. of Bucks), assumed, in 1273, the name of Tyringham, and
transmitted it to his descendants.

Jnns — Az., a saltire engrailed arg. Crest — A talbot's head
couped gu., billette or.
<Sta(«— Tyringliam, Bucks, and Trevethoe, Cornwall.



Aldourie and Balnain, co. Inverness, J. P. and D.L.,
Capt. 2nd Batt. Cameron Highlanders, b. 19 July,
1856 ; m. 15 Dec. 1881, Edith Adriana, eldest dau.
of the late Right Hon. Sir Charles J. Selwyn, Lord
Justice of Appeal, and has issue,

I. Charles Edward, 6. 28 April, 1883; d. 7 Oct. 1S8C.

II. Niel, b. 9 July, 1889.

I. Hester Vere, 6. 4 June, 1886.

Liineagre. — Tradition relates that the ancestor of this
family, a cadet of the noble house of Seton temp. Jamls IV.,
having in a sudden quarrrl slain a gentleman of the name of
Gray aX a hunting match, fled to France, and assumed the
name of Tytleb, and Itat his two sons returned to Scotland •





with Queen Makt, and that from the elder the present family
Jeseends. Their paternal arras, crest, and motto, bear refer-
ence to these particulars. The Tytlers have been distinguished
in literature during tive successive generations. Universal
Jlisiory, Ancient and Modem, by Lord Woodhouselec, The
JILiton/ 0/ Scotland, by his sou. and many other well-known
works, attest this fact. The faihcr of Lord Woodhousclee
is styled by Burns, " Eevered defender of the bcateous

Alexandkk Tttlkb, Esq., TV'. S., Edinburgh, m. J.ane, dan.
of Willism Leslie. Esq. (a younger sun of Sir Patrick Leslie, of
Iden. cadet of the Leslies of Ba'quliain, co. Aberdeen, Counts
of ttie Holy Roman Empire), and had one son and three daus.
The son,

AS'iLUAM Tttlek, Esq. of Woodhouselce, m. Anne Craig,
dau. of James Craig. Esq. of Dalnair, co. Stirling, and had
issue, .\LEXANDEB. his heir; Patrick, Lieut. -Col., m. Isabella,
dau. of the Hon. James Erskinc, of Alva, Senator of the Col-
lege of Justice, and has issue. The elder son,

Alexander Eraser Tytler, of Woodhousclee and Bal-
nain. J. P. and D.L., one of the Senators of the College of
Justice, and one of the Lords Commissioners of Justiciary
in Scotland, b. 1747; m. 1776, Anne Eraser, eldest dau.
and heiress of William Eraser, Esq. of Balnain and Aldourie,
CO. Inverness, cadet of tlie House of Lovat, and had issue,

William, of Balnain and Aldourie.

James, of Woodhousclee (see next Memoir').


Patrick, the historian of Scotland.


Jane, m. James Baillie Eraser, Esq. of Relick.

Lord Woodhousclee d. 1S13. His eldest son,

William Eraser Tvtler, Esq. of Balnain, 6. Sept. 1777;
m. 10 March, 1801, Margaret Cussans, only dau. and heir of
George Grant, Esq. of Burdsyards, or Sanquhar, co. Moray,
and by her (who d. 28 Ecb. 1862, aged 81) had issue, with
several daus., five sons,

Alexander, Lieut. H.E.I.C.S., d. 4 Aug. 1832.

George, Lieut, in the army, deceased.

William, of Balnain.

Charles Edward, of Balnain and Aldourie.

James Macleod Bannatyne (Sir), Major.-Gen. in II. M. Indian
army, K.C.B., 6. 1821 (EalUand House, St. Leonards-on-
Mr. William Eraser-Tytler d. 4 Sept. 1853, and was s. by his

William Eraser Titler, Esq. of Balnain and Aldourie,
P.L. and Convener of the eo., Lieut. -Col. of A.V., Capt. and
Deputy-Assiitant-Quartermaster-General Bengal army (five
war medals and seven clasps), b. 12 Dec. 181.5. Col. Eraser-
Tytler d. 12 Sept. 1878, and was s. by his brother,

Charles Edward Eraser-Tytler, Esq. of Aldourie and
Balnain, J.P. and D.L., 6. 30 Sept. 1817; m. 1st, 1813, Ethel-
dred, diu. of John St. Barbe, Esq., and has issue,

I. Etheldred.

II. Christina, m. 26 Sept. 1871, Rev. Edward Liddell. eldest
son of Col. the Hon. George Augustus Erederick Liddell.

III. Mary, m. 20 Nov. Ibab, George Erederick Watts, K.A.,
IJ.C.L., LL.D.

He 7V!. 2ndly, 13 July, 1S.'.2, Harriet Jane, 2nd dau. of Rev.
John Pretyman, Rector of Shcrington and Canon of Lincoln,
and had issue,

I. Charles William, b. 18.54 ; d. 1S77.

II. Edward Grant, now of Aldourie and Balnain.
lu. William Theodore.

I. Eleanor Dora, in. James, 2nd son of George Kcllie
MacCallum, Esq. of Braco Castle, co. Perth.
Charles Edwnrd Eraser-Tytler <(. .30 Jan. 1881, and was s. by
his son, Edward Grant, now of Aldourie and Balnain.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st, gu., a lion's head erased arg. between
three crescents or, a borduie of the last, for Tttler ; 2nd,
erminois, on a fesse per fesse, embattled gu.and az., three cres-
cents arg., for Craig of Da'nair ; 3rd counter-quartered, 1st
and 4th, az., a bend engrailed betueen three Irases arg. : 2nd
and 3rd, gu., three antique crowns or, the whole within a
bordure arg., for Eraser of Ba'.aain ; 4th, gu., three antique
crowns or, a border per pale of the last and az., for Grant of
Jiurdfyc-rds. Crests — Ul, Tttler, The rays of the sun issuing
from behind a cloud ppr. ; 2nd, Eraser, A stag's head erased
ppr. J/yJd!)— Occultus nnn extim tus.

.S'ea^s— AU'ouiie Castle, Inverness.

Clv.Ijs — Junior Carlton, and Orleans.


FR.^SKE-TYTLKn.-J.vME? WiLLiAM, Esq. of VVood-
houselce, CO. Edinburgh, J. P., B.A. Oxoriji. 1854;

m. 1SS3, Cliristiim Alice, 3i-d dau. of William Scott
Kerr, Esq. ol: Cliatto, aud Sunlaws, co. lloxbiirgli,
and Las issue,

I. James Francis, b. 1884.

II. William Kerr, b. 1886.

III. Patrick Seton, 6. 1892.
I. Christian Mary Marjory.

Lineagre.— James Titler, Esq. of 'WoodhouFelee, J.P.
and D.L., 2nd son of Alexander Fi-aser-Tytler, of AVood-
houselee and Balnain (sec ERASER-TvTLERo/j^ic^oui-ie and B d-
nain) b. 17t'0; m. 1810, Elizabeth, dau. of Maui ice Car-
michael, Esq. of Eastend and Symington, co. Lanark, and had

I. Alexander, Lieut. R.A., 6. 1811; d.s.p. 1812.

II. I\Iauriee William, Lieut. H.E.I.C.S., b. 1815; d. s. p.

in. James Stoart, late of Woodhousclee.

IV. George Michael, 6. 1822; m. 1861, Jane Georgiana (who (f.
1S71), dau. of George Skene, Esq. of Itubislaw, ci>. Aberdeen,
and has issue, Maurice William, 6. ItiiJ'J, and Georgiana
Mabel Kate.

I. liebecca, d. 1847.

II. Mary Anne, m. 1854, James P.. Curtis, Esq.

in. Kaiherine Elizabeth, m. 1869, George Skene, Esq. of
Itubislaw (who d. 1876).

Mr. Tytler d. 1862, and was s. by his son,

James Stuart Ebaser-Tvtler, Esq. LL.D., of Woodhousclee,
CO. Edinburgh, J. P., b. 1820; m. 1850, Mary Elizabeth, only
child of Alexander Blair, Esq. (cadet of Blaie oj Blair), and
by her (who d. 1857) had issue,

I. .James William, now of Woodhouselee.

I. .Alary Elizabeth, m. 1889, Edward T. Greene, Esq., son of
the late Arthur Greene, Esq., Registrar tor the Court of
Common Pleas, Ireland.

II. Katherine Anne.

in. Emily Jane, m. 1881, Henry L. llallewell, Esq., Royal
Scots, son of the late Col. llallewell {see Hallewell of
Stratford Park), and has issue.

IV. Alice Seton.

Mr. J. S. E'raser-Tytler d. 1891, and was s. by his eldest son.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, gu., a lion's head erased arg.,
between thi'ce crescents or, a bordure of the last; 2nd,
erminois, on a fesse per fesse, embattled gu. and a«., three cres-
cents arg. ; 3rd quarterly, 1st and 4th, az., a bend engrailed
between three frames arg. ; 2nd and 3rd, gu., three antique
crowns or, the whole within a bordure erm. Crest — The rays
of the sun issuing from behind a cloud ppr. Motto — Occultus .
non extinctus.

Seat — Woodhousclee, Rosslyn, Edinburgh.

CLub — New (Ediubui'gh).


TJdnt, John Henry Fullauton, Esq. of Udny
and Dudwick, co. Aberdeen , J.P. and i).L., b. 9
May, iSoS ; m. 8 July, 1874, Amy Camilla, elder
dau. of Sir John George ToUeraache Sinclair, 3rd
Bart, of Ulbster, and Thurso Castle, co. Caithness,
by Emma his -nife, dau. of William Standish
Standisb, Esq. of Duxbury Park, co. Lancaster.

Iiineag'e. — Patrick Udnt, of that ilk, was father of

Ranald Udnt, of that ilk; charter 11 Nov. 1406, by Ranald
de Vldeny dominus ejasdem of certain lands and annual rents
to support a chaplain in the chapel of the Holy Trinity at
Udny to pr.iy for the soul of his father Patrick.

Patrick Udnt, of that ilk, 1417.

William Udnt, of that ilk, in 1457 presents a chaplain to
Udny, and the same year resigns his claim to the lands in
dispute to Malcolm, Abbot of Arbroath, who, 22 Sept. 1469,
grants "A'osiro a)-Hi;yero Wilh'dmo de Vidny domino ejusdem,"
a feu charter of the lands of the abbey in Tarves. William
m. Christina Renton, of Kintore, and d. 1 Oct. 1498, when his

William, styled the Lord of Owdeni, was infeft ; he m.
Janet Seton, probably a dau. of Seton of Meldrum, and
had three sons, Ranald, Duncan, and Thomas. The eldest

Ranald Udnt, of that ilk, was served heir of his father
8 Jan. 1609, had a Crown charter 10 Aug. 1511 ; m. 1510,
Isabella Pantoun, probably a dau. of the Pitmeddeu family,
and had issue,

I. William, his heir.

II. Andrew, ot TiUcry, m. Janet Lyell, and had a son, Wil-

I. Jane, m. Michael, 3rd son of George Leslie, of New





William XJdnt, of that ilk, to. a dau. of Duncan Forbes, first
of Monymusk, and left three sons,

I. William, his heir. u. Eobert, of Crabadona, 1500.

III. Hercules.

William Udnt, of that ilk, was served heir of his father

19 June, 1574, in the lands of the lordship of Udny ; m.
Matilda Gordon, said to be of the family of William, Bishop of
Aberdeen, d. 1577, by whom he had

I. William, his heir.

II. KoBERT, of Tilliecorthie, Burgess of Aberdeen, acquired
a certain right to the Udny estate by contract of sale 1634 ;
hed.s. p. 1636.

HI. Alexander (IJev.), of Auchterellon and Hillbrae, co.
Aberdeen, d. s. p.

IV. John, of whum presently.

I. Helen.

II. Elizabeth, m. Peter Leith, 2nd son of John Lcith, of

William Udnt, of that ilk, m. Helen Cheyne, in all proba-
bility dau. of Cheyne, of Arnage, and had an only dau.,

Jane Udny, of Hillbrae, m. Jameg Clerk, of Tilliecorthie,
and had issue.
William Udny's brother and male heir,

John Udnt, of that ilk, first styled of Belhelvie and Straloch,
mentioned as such in Spalding's History of the Troublts, had
a charter of Newburgh or Knockhall 21 June, 1634, and was
served heir of his brother Robert in the barony of Udny 26
April, 1636. He was a member of the Committee of Estates
1648-51. He in. Isobel Eraser, and d. 1665, leaving,

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