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tholomew Ensign 60th Foot, d. uwn.

tii. Norman, Lieut. 40lh Foot, jre. Mary Anne, dau. of Simon
Dring, Esq. of llock Grove, co. Cork, d. s. p.
IV. Kichara John, of Mount Uniacke, Halifax, B.N. A.,
A. 22 Not. 175-;, settled at Halifax 1781; Solicitor-General
for the province of Nova Scotia 1782, Attorney-General
1797, anil Slember of His Majesty's Council 1808. He m.
1st, 3 May, 1775, Martha Maria, dau. of Mons. M. de Les-
deruier, of Canton Geneva, Switzerland, by whom he had

1 Norman FitzGerald, of the InnerTemple, H.M. Attorney-
General, and Judge of the Supreme Court of Lower
Canada, 6. 1778 ; m. Sophia de Lesdernier, and d. s.p. 11
Dec. 1846.

2 Crofton, of Lincoln's Inn, Judge of the Vice Admiralty
Court, Nova Scotia, m. 1S05, Dorothy, dau. of Capt.
Jones Favvson, and had issue,

1 Richard John (Kev.), B.A. Oxon, 1832, Rector of
Sydney, Nora Scotia, ?)!. Anne, dau. of the Ven. Arch-
deicon Willis, and had issue, hichard, in Holy Orders;
FitzGerald; Dora.

2 Crofton, d. ^'nm. 1817.

3 Norman FitzGerald.

1 Martha Maria. 2 Elizabeth.

3 Alicia.

3 Richard John, H.M. Attorney-General for Cape Breton,
and Judge of the Supreme Court in British America; m-
Marianne, dau. of th'j Hon. Charles Hill, of Haliiax ; d-
J834, leaving issue,

Charles Hill, Major 2nd Dragoons, d. unm, 30 Jan.

Richard John Norman, d. 1844.
Helen Maria, d. unm. 1848.
Mary Mitcnell, m. 1851, C. W. Watkins, Esq. of Badby

House, CO. Northants.

4 Robert FitzGerald (Rev.). Rector of St. George's, Ilali-
lax, m. Elizabeth Franklyn, and d. s. p. 1870.

5 James Boyle, H.M. Attorney-General, and Commissioner
of Crown lanil<. in. Rusina, dau. of the Hon. William
Black, and had issue, William, liarrister-at-Law, (i. uaiu.;
Rupert; Richard; James Boyle (Rev.), now of Mount
Uniacke, Halifax, ni. 1st, Saidie, dau. of Judge Wilkin-
son, and had issue, an only dau. Saidie, and 2iidly, Mary
Merkle ; Florence.

1 Mary. m. 3 May, 1805, Rear Admiral Sir Andrew
Mitchell, K.C.B.

2 Man ha Maria, m. 3 May, 1805, Thomas N. Jeffery, Esq.,
Collector of H.M. Customs at Halifax.

3 Alicia Margaret, m. William Scott, Esq. of Sunderland
Hall, CO. Roxburgh.

4 Anne, hi. Capt. Kevan Izod Leslie, GOth Rifles, of Wilton,
CO. Cork.

5 Elizabeth, d. unm.

6 Eleanor Rebecca, m. William Hacket, Esq., Inspector-
General of Military Hospitals.

Mr. Richard John Uniacke, r,i. 2ndly, 14 Jan. 1808, Eliza,

-dau. of Major I'hilips Newton, 48th Regt., and dying 11

Oct. 1830, left issue by her, an only son,

Andrew Mitchell, of Halifax, Barrister at-Law, D.C.L.,

Judge Advocate-General, and Custos Rotulorum, Chief

Commissioner for Nova Scotia at the International

Exhibition, London, I8tj2, 0. 9 Nov. 1808; m. 6 Feb.

1834, Elizabeth filcLean, dau. of John Fra.-^er, F^sq. Bar-

rister-at-Law, foinierly an OHicer in the Eraser Feiicibles,

by whom (who became c3-heir of her brother John, who

■d. unm.) he had issue,

1 Robie, of Gorsebrook, Halifax, Barrister-at-Law, m.
Ist, Georgiana Harriet, dau. of Sir Edward Archibald,
C.B., and had issue, 1-iIy and Katharine ; and 2ndly,
F'rederika Mariun Douglas, dau. of Arthur Woodgate,
Esq , by whom he has, Cecd Dudley Woodgate, and

2 Norman FitzGera'd, an Officer in the 60th Rifles, m.
Mary .\ugusta. dau. of Capt. J. Vhidipps, 7th Hussars,
and had issue,

1 Andrew Carey.

2 Norman Fyfe, Lieut. 19th Hussars, m. 29 Nov. 1893,
Kathleen, dau. of the late James Cassidy, Esq. of
Monasterevan, co. Kildare.

3 Lucius. 4 Kdinond FitzGerald, d. young.
I Geraldine, m. Arthur Levick, Esq.

.3 Andrew Eliutt Molyneux, of the War OfSce, London.

4 Robert FitzGerald (Rev.), M.A., Vicnr of Tandridge
eo. Surrey, in. 3 April, 18(i6, Hannah, dau. of Thomas
Salmon, Esq. of St. Hildas, co. Durham, and has

1 Richard Gordon FitzGerald, of Selwood Place, Stan-
well, CO. Middlesex, B.A. Trin. Coll. Oxon, F.R.S.A.,
m. 31 Aug. 1892, Cecilia Monica, d^u. of Frederick
Lambert, Esq. of Garratts Hall, Banstead,co. Surrey,
and has had issue, Helen Monica Geraldine, 6. 30
Aug. 1893 ; d. young.

2 Robie FitzGerald, Lieut. 27th Royal Inniskilling Fus.,
III. 3 March, 1^94, Jennie, only dau. of John R. Cuth-
bert, late Capt. 10th Hussars.

3 Andrew F'itzGerald.

5 Crofton James, Lieut.-Col. Army Service Corps, m.
1865, F\anny, dau. of Col. Campbell, late 60th Rifles,
and has issue,

1 Herbert Crofton Campbell, Lieut. Royal Artillery.

2 Andrew Gore. 3 Gerald Lawrence. 1 Helen F'anny.

6 Gordon, d. young.

1 Helen Elizabeth, ?)i. Brenton Halliburton Collins, Esq.
of Dunorlan, Tunbridge Wells, J. P.

2 Maria Jeffery, m. Col. George W. Stockley, R.E.

3 Alicia Harriet, tn. Rev. W. H. L. CogswiU, D.D.

4 Mary McCawley, m. Major Redmond Uniacke Somer-
ville, 61st Regt.

V. Crofton, of B.allyre, co. Cork, J. P., m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Bor Uniacke, Esq. of Woodhoiise, and had issue,
I Crofton, of Ballyre, m. 1835, Esther, dau. of Percy
Smyth, Esq. of Headborough, d. s. p.
1 Anne. 2 Alicia.

I. Mary, m. Simon Dring, Esq. of Rock Grove.
Mr. Norman Uni.icke's will is dated 17 March, 1774, and, dying
1776, he was s. by his son and heir,

James Uniacke, Esq. of Castletown, m. (settlement dated 13
Feb. 1777) Elizabeth, dau. of Simon Dring, Esq. of Rock Grove,
an<l d. 1835, having had issue,

I. Norman, his eldestson.

II. James, of Glcngarra, co. Cork, Major North Cork Rifles,
ni. Alicia, dau. of Simon Dring, Esq., d. s.p.

I. Mary, vi. William Crawford, Esq. of Lakelands, co

The eldest son,

Norman Uniacke, Esq. of Castletown, Lieut. Col. North
Cork Rifles, m. 1821, Fileanor, dau. of Col. Robert Uniacke-
FitzGerald, of Corkbeg, M.P. (co-heir of her brother Robert,
who d. s. p. 1832), and d. v. p. 1S35, leaving issue,

I. Robert Uniacke FitzGerald, now of Castletown.

II. James FitzGerald, M.D., d, s. p.

I. Louisa, d. young.

II. Elizabeth F'rances.

Arms, Crest, and Jl/oJioes— Same as Uniacke, of Mount
Uniacke (quartering, Kearney, Purdon, and FitzGerald).
Scat — Castletown, Killeagh, co. Cork.


Unthank, Clement William Joseph, Esq. of
Intwood Hall, co. Norfolk, J. P., High Sheriff 1893,
b. 18 Aug. 1847 ; m. 1873, Judith Sarah, dau. and
co-heir of Onley Savill-Onlej, Esq. of Stisted Hall,
Essex, and has issue,

I. Clement William Onley, 6. 31 March, 1874.

II John Salusbury, b. 19 July, 1875.

III. Ralph Arthur, b. 10 Feb. 1880.

I. Judith Marian. u. Maria Janet.

III. Marjory Elizabeth. iv. Ursula Clementine.

V. Dorothy Mary. vi. Cicely May.

vii. Amy Violet.

Mr. Unthank, formerly Capt. I7th Lancers, is a
J. P. for CO. Norfolk, and Lieut.-Col. Commanding
4th Vol. Batt. Norfolk Kegt. since 1888.

Lineagre.— The family of Unthank, long seated at Un-
tliank, in the county of Northumberland (which property was
sold in the year 15G8 to the Li Jdell family by Thomas Unthank,
Esq. of Unthank), was represented towards the close of the
17th century by

RoiiERT Unthank, Esq. of Unthank, who, by his will, dated
27 March, 1694, desired to be bur. in the chapel of the parish
cliurch of Alnham, beside his ancestors. By Jane his wife he
had issue,

I. Edward. ii. Thomas.

I. Elizabeth. ii. Rebecca.

His 2nd son,
Tuo.MAS Unthank, Esq., settled at Newcastle-on-Tyne, ro.





1712, Jane, dan. of — Forster, Esq. of Xewcastlc, and d. 1734,
having had issue,

I. Henry, 6. 1715; d. about 1780, and was bur. at Ashwell-
thoi-pe, CO. Norfolk.

II. Robert, 6. 17 IS: d. about 1780, and was also bur. at Ash-

III. William, of whom hereafter.

I. Ann. H. Mary. iii. Elizabeth.

His 3rd son,

William Unthank, Esq. of Norwich, was b. at Newcastle,
1721. He m. Miss Amy Dodd, of Carlton Hall, by whom he
had issue,

I. William.

I. Hannah Maria, d. unm.
His only son,

William Unthank, Esq. of Heigham, Norwich, 6. 17G0;
m. 11 Dec. 1783, Anne, dan. of John May, Esq. of Southwold,
Suffolk, and d. 11 Nov. 1837, having had issue,

I. William Samuel, Lieut. 44th Ecgt., 6. 1787, killed leading
the forlorn hope, at the storming of Ijadajos, 7 April, 1812.

II. Thomas, 6. 1789.

III. John, Master of the Queen's Bench, 6. 1798; m. 1st,
Elizabeth, dau. of John Scott, Esq., and 2ndly, Mary, dau.
of Gen. Williams, and d. s.p. 1879.

IV. Robert, 6. 1799; d. 1820.

V. Clement William, of whom presently.

The 5th son,

Clement William Unthank, Esq. of Intwood Hall, Norfolk,
J. P. and D.L., 6. 1804; ni. 1835, Mary Anne, dau. and sole
heir of Joseph Salusbury Muskett, Esq. of Intwood Hall, and
d. 1884, having by her (who d. 19 Feb. 1888) had issue,

I. Clement William Joseph, present representative of the

II. John, 6. 1849; d. 1867.

I. Maiy Anne Clementine, m. Major-Gen. A. H. Lindsay,

n. Elizabeth Salusbury, m. G. W. Erewis, Esq. of Chester-
ford Park, Essex.

Arms — Or, a saltire gu. between two crescents in pale of the
last, and as many giiffins' heads erased in fesse sa. Crest —
A griffin's head erased gu , gorged with a collar flory, and
ducally crowned or, in the beak an increscent or. 3Iotto —
Esto semper tidelis.

Seat — Intwood Hall, Norwich.

1 1. Charlotte Mary, m. 3 Sept. 1834, Edmund C. Bnxton, Esij.
of Daresbury Hall, co. Chester, nephew of £ir T. Fowell
Buxton, 1st Ijart.

II. Emma, m. Rev. John Pigott, son of Col. Pigott, oi Djd-
dershall, Bucks.

Mr. Upcher d. 2 Feb. 1819, and was s. by his eldest son,

Henut Ramet Upcheb, Esq. of Slicringham Hall, Norfo;k,
J.P. and D.L.,M.A. Camb., &. 8 March, 1810; m. 3 July,
1838, Caroline, dau. of Joseph Morris, Esq. of Ampthill House,
CO. Bedford, and had issue,

I. Henry Moebis, now of Sheringham.

ir. Gerald, b. 19 June, 1841 ; d. 24 Sept. 1872.

III. Russell, Lieut.-Col. South Wales Borderers, Col. late
Durham Light Infantry, 6. 3 Feb. 1844: m. 1872, Marian,
dau. of J. Rogers, Esq. of Holt, Norfolk.

IV. Harry Berners (Rev.), B.A., Rector of Ashwell, near
Oakham, 6. 14 Aug. 1845 ; m. Nov. 1867, Fredeiica Lucy, 3rd
dau. of J. T. Mott, Esq. of Barningham Hall, Norfolk, and
has issue, Howard Berners, b. 11 Jan. 1870; Constance, b.
25 Aug. !8G8; and others.

v. Arthur Hamilton (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Baconsthorpe,
Norfolk, b. 5 Oct. 1855; m. 1884, Joan, dau. of Rev. Nicholas-
Simons, M.A., Vicar of Bramfieid, Suffolk.

VI. Edwyn Fitzhenry, 6. 18ft9; d 5 Oct. 1891.

I. Augusta Louisa, d. 26 June, 1863.

II. Charlotte Laura Caroline.

Mr. H. R. Upcher d. 30 March, 1892, and was ;. by his eldest

Seais— Sheringham HaD, Cromer, and East Hall, Feltwell,
Bran.;on, Norfolk.
Club — Consen'ative, S.W.

Upcher, Henry Mokkis, Esq. of Sheringham
HaU, I^orfolk, J.P., b. 15 Dec. 1839, w. 10 June,
1869, Hester Maria, only dau. of Eev. Edward
Bowyer Sparke, Canon of Ely and Eector of
Feltwell, Norfolk, and has issue,

I. Henry Edward Sparke, B.A. Camb., b. 1871.

II. Edward Cyrill Sparke, 6. 1872.
I. Louisa Maria Sparke, 6. 1875.
u. Caroline Edith Sparke, 6. 1877.

liineag'e. — Peter Upcher, Esq. of Sudbury, J.P. for Suf-
folk, and Free Burgess of Sudbury, son of Robert Upcher, of
Colchester, and grandson of Thomas Upcher, Free Burgess of
Colchester, 1646, to. Susan, dau. of Charles Abbot, Esq. of Col-
chester, and was father of

Rev. Abbot Upcheb, Rector of St. Peter's and St. Gregory's,
Sudbury, 6. 28 Sept. 1 722 : m. Mary, dau. of Rev. John Foxwell,
Eector of Rattlesden, Suffolk, and was father of

Peter Upcher, Esq. of Great Yarmouth, who m. Elizabeth,
dau. of John Ramey, Esq. , and sister of the Countess of Home,
and had a son.

Abbot Upcheb, Esq. of Sheringham Hall, who m. 3 April,
1809, the Hon. Charlotte Wilson, eldest dau. of Henry, Lord
Berners, and by her (who rf. 8 Feb. 1857) had issue,
I. Henry Ramey, his heir.

n. Abbot (Rev.), B.A., Rector of Kirby Cane, Norfolk, b.
25 Sept. 1813; m. 1839, Mary Jones, dau. of Rev. George
Day, Rector of Earsham, Norfolk, and d. 17 May, 1893,
leaving issue, Keginald; Abbot Roland (Rev.), M.A. Rector
of Haleswoith, ; Edward Berners; Hugh Knyvet (Kev.i,
Chaplain to H.M.S. "Invincible," d. 12 June, 1881, at
Malta; Arehdale Wilson; and Mary Rosalind, to. 16 Oct.
1867, Col. Henry Edmund Buxton, 5th son of Sir Edward
Buxton, 2nd Bart.

III. Arthur Wilson ^Rev.), M.A., Eector of Ashwellthorpe
with Wrenigham, Norfolk, 6. 7 April, 1815; to. 7 Oct. 1S4 ,
Isabella Jane, dau. of Rev. Canon and Lady Jane Wode-
house, and has issue, Arthur (Kev.), Rector of Hingham,
Norfolk, b. 1846, to. 9 July, 1881, Margaret Ada, youngest
dau. of Rev. John Barham Johnson, Rector of Welbourne,
CO. Lincoln; James Hay (Rev.), B.A., b. Id54; Jane Char-
lotte, TO. 5 Nov. 1873, Robert Harvey Mason, Esq. of Necton
Hall, Norfolls \_see thatjamili/) ; and Mary.


TJppLEBT, Rev. George Crowle, of Barrow
Hall, CO. Lincoln, Vicar of Bonby, near Barton-
on-Humber, and formerly of Corringham, B.A.
Magdalen Coll. Cambridge, b. 13 Feb. 1858; *. his
father 1891 ; ni. 15 Jan. 1891, Margaret Augusta,
•Ith dau. of Lieut.-Col. Charles Brown Constaple,
J.P. and D.L., of "Wallace Cragie, Forfarshii-e, and
1 Lansdowm; Place, Cheltenham.

Lineage. — John Uppleby, Esq. of Wootton, J.P. (son o£
John and Elizabeth Uppleby, and grandson of John Uppleby,
Esq. of Wootton, who m. 1663, Barbara, dau. of John Fawlding,
of Burnham), m. 1st, 1731, Mary Field, by whom he had (with
two daus., Elizabeth, d. young, and Mary, m. Martin Robinson)
one son,

John, of Wootton, m. 1st, his cousin, Hannah Bentley, who
d. s. p., and 2ndly, Elizabeth Atkinson, of Barton, by
whom he had issue. The eldest son,
John, of Wootton, J.P. and D.L., to. Kitty, only surviving
dau. and heir of Roger Leadbetter, Esq. of Glawford
Briggs, and by her (wlio d. 1838) had issue,
Leadbetter, of Wootion House, cp. Lincoln, J.P. aad
D.L., late Major North Lincoln Militia, b. 1799; to.
1847, Eliza Roberta, dau. of Admiral Sir Robert Barrie,
and d. 5 Dec. 1879, leaving a son, John, of Wootton
House, CO. Lincoln, and Aidrishaig, co. Argyll, 6. 1855.
John, b. 1815; d. s.p. 1838.

Harriott, vi. John George Stapylton Smith, Esq. of Mel-
ton Wood, Barrister-at-Law.

Mary, m. her cousin, Robert Graburn, Esq. of Walton
House, Somerset.
Mr. Uppleby d. 1839.
He m. 2ndly, 1745, Dorothy, 2nd dau. of George Crowle, Esq.
of Fryston, co. York, and by her had issue,
George, of whom we treat.
Hoger, d. s. p. 1780.

William 'Rev.), Vicar of Barton, m. 1st, a dau. of Midgeley,
of Beverley, and 2ndly, Mary Moody. By the former he
had two sons, William, d. abroad, and Gilby, or Leeds.
Elizabeth, m. 1st, Abel Smith, Esq., elder brother of the Isl;
Lord Carrington, and 2ndly, Robert Ramsdcn, Esq. oi
Carlton, Notts.

Eleanor, m. John Lambert, Esq. of Hull.
The eldest son by the 2nd marriage,

George Uppleby, Esq. of Barrow, J.P., m. Sarah, only dan.
and heir of Charles Robinson, Esq. of Beverley, co. York, by
Bridget his wife, only dau. and heir of William Gildas, Esq.
of Barton, and d. 25 April, 1816, having had issue, (with four
daus., Sarah, m. Rev. John Holt; Dorothy, ni. Robert Mar-
riott, Esq. of Barton ; Eliza, m. Rev. John Salmon ; and Lucy,
m. Rev. William Fox, of Girsby), two sons, Charles, of Bar-
row, d. s. p. 1853, and

Rev. George Uppleby, Vicar of Barton- on-Humber, co.
Lincoln, who m. 1816, Mary, only dau. of William Fox, Esq. of





Oirsby Manor, ia the same co., and d. 9 Nov. 1S52, having had

I. George Cuables, late of Barrow Hall..

I. Eainia, in. liev. KicharJ Eddie, of IJroughton Ecptovy,
CO. Nottinjjhani, and has issue, Adrian Kichard, George
AVilliani. .Mary Knima. Liioy Sarali, and Julia Frances, lu.
isr2. Andrew Brandram, Esq.

II. Lucy Sarah, hi. Capt. Edward Ottley WoUaston, and has
issue. 'llenrv Uppleby ; Edith Lucy. vi. 1S76, Henry Collins
AVells. E.^q.'ot Broomsfield Lodge' Essex; Ethel Frances,
!>Uldred Louisa Mary; and Affnes Ellon.

III. >Iulia .Abi^'.il, ;/i. her cousin, Kev. George William Holt,
of r.ardney Hall, co. Lincoln.

His eldest son.

George Charles Upplebt, Esq. of Barrow Hall, co. Lincoln,
M.A.. J.r. .and D.L., High Sheriff 1S03. Barrister-at-Law,
late Major 1st Lincoln K.V.. b. 'IS April, 1819; Hi. 1st, 23 April,
18;vj. Emily, 2nd dau. of Ecv. William Worsley, of Bratoft
Kcctory, co- Lincoln, and by her (who d. 1S70) had issue,

I. Charles Gylby Oliver, Lieut. 1st Lincoln K.V., b. 5 Aug.
ISoS: (/. jinm. April, 1SS3.

II. George Cbowle, now of Barrow HaU.

I. Emily May.

II. Leila Frances, m. 17 June, 188.5, Eev. Charles John Boden,
yi.A., Vicar of St. Barnabas, Surrey.

III. L;uira Violet.

He m. i2ndly, o Xov. 1S72, Louisa, 3rd dau. of John Golden,
Jisq. of Caenby Hall, co. Lincoln, and d. 1S91.

Arms— Az., six martlets, three, two, and one, or, on a chief
arg. three bucks' heads caboshed sa. Crest— A buck's head ppr.,
collared or. jl/o»o— Mctuo secundis.

Sent — Barrow Hall, Ulceby.


Uptox, Hexey Aethur SnucKBURGH, Esq. of
CrlTde, CO. Louth, and Stansteadburv, Herts, b. 3
]March, 1S70 ; s. iiis uncle 1S89.

Iiineag'e. — Rev. Ambrose Upton, Rector of Kilnceboy,
Kilrush, and Killimur, Diocese of Killaloe (of the Uptons of
Lupton, see next Memoir), went to Ireland before 1759
(the date of his will\ as Chaplain to the Lord-Lieutenant. He
'.a. Anna, dau. of B. Whitney, Esq. of Newpass, co. Westmeath,
and had issue. The 3rd son,

CuRisTOPHER Henry Upton, Esq. m. Isabella, dau. of Col.
Clarfjes, Royal Irish Dragoons, youngest son of Sir Thomas
■Clarges, Bart., and had issue,

I. Shuckeurgh Whitney, of whom presently.

II. Clarges, a Capt. 43rd Regt., unm. who was drowned.
I. Anna, m. W. Ruxion, Esq. i.f Ardee House.

n. Helena, hi. Thomas Rothwell, Esq. of Rockfield.

The eldest son,

Rev. SHrcKBCRGH Whitney Upton, Rector of Kilmoon, co.
Meath, m. Jlargaret, dau. of Lewis F. Irwin, Esq. of Tanragoe,
■CO. Sligo, and by her (who d. 1336) had issue,

I. Henry, d. unm. 1824.

II. Lewis, late of Glyde Court.

jii. Arthur Shockbdrgh, of Coolatoor, Mo.ate, co. West
meath, B.A., J. P., late JIajor Westmeath Militia, b. 1807 ;
ra. 1869, Alice Flunkett, eldest dau. of Rev. Robert
Hedges PlunUett Dunne, of Brittas, Queen's Co., and had
issue by her (who </. 11 March, 1870), Henry Arthdk
SHrcKBCRGH, now of Glyde Court.

I. Elizabeth Beatrice, rii. 1829, Theophilus Clements, Esq.
of Rakenny, co. Cavan, who is deceased.

II. Isabella, d. unm.

The Rev. S. W. Upton d. 1807. His 2nd son,

Lewis Upton, Esq. of Glyde Court, co. Louth, and Stan-
stead Bury, Herts, formerly of 4th Hussars and 9th Lancers,
late Capt. Louth Rifie Militia, J. P. co. Louth, and High Sheriff
1346, b. 3 Dec. 1805; m. 14 Aug. 1844, Isabella Sophia Geor-
5iana (who d. 1865), only child of William Henry Feilde, Esq.
•of Netherfield House, Herts, by Georgiana Martha Pybus his
■wife, youngest dau. of George Fairfield, Esq. of Walton House,
Surrey, son of Richard Fairfield, Esq., Governor of Madras,
and d. 1889, and was s. by his nephew, Henry Arthur Shuck-
BrP.GH Upton, now of Glyde Court.

Arnii — Sa., a cross rnoline arg. Crest — On a ducal coronet
or, a war-horse courant sa., caparisoned or. Motto — Semper

&'a£*— Glyde Court, Castlebellingham, co. Louth ; Stanstead-
6ury, Ware, Herts.


Uptox-Cotteell-Doemkk, Floee.n'ce A^'^'E, of
Ingmire Hali, co. York, s. her sister 27 Jan. 1876 ;

m. 22 April, 1858, Clement Cottrell Dormer, Esq.,
onlj son of Charles Cottrell Dormer, of Rousham,
Oxon (see that Name), aiid by him (who d. 29 Dec.
1S80) has issue,

I. Charles Walter, of Rousham, co. Oxford, Lieut. 13th
Hussars, b. 21 May, 18G0, m. 1879, Ursula, 4th dau. of
Thomas Leslie-Melville-Cartwright, Esq., by Lady Eliza-
beth, his wile, and has issue, two sons, Clement and

II. Clement Adelmar, of Cokethorpe Park, co. Oxford,
b. 14 Nov. 1862.

III. Greville, b. 23 March, 1864 ; d. 1865.

IV. John Herbert, Lieut. 4th batt. Oxfordshire Light In-
fantry, b. 1 Aug. 1865, 9)1. 13 July, 1892, Hilda, 3id dau.
of Horace Trelawny, Esq. of Shotwick Park, Chester,
and has, John Trelawny, &.30 April, 1893.

v. Maximilian, 6. I March, 1867; m. 18 Oct. 1893, Helen
Georgina Agnes, dau. of the late Col. AUen, of St.
Andrews, N.B.

VI. Aubrey Caesar, b. 15 March, 1874.

VII. William Otway, b. 1878.

VIII. Humphrey Handle (posthumous), 6. 29 April, 1881.

I. Beatrice, in. 1884, Arthur Woodbyne, youngest son of Sir

Woodbine Parish, K.C.H.

II. Florence Augusta, m. 31 Jan. 1885, Hon. Cecil Saumarez
Toby, Capt. 7th Batt. the King's Royal Rifle Corps, 2nd
son of Florance George Henry, 5th Baron Boston (see
Burke's Peerage), and has issue, Greville-Northey, 6. 24
Aug. 1S89, and Evelyn-Aucusta, h. 25 Sept, 1887.

III. Dorothy Mary, d. an infant.

IV. Evelyn Hilda, vi. 20 Sept. 1893, Alexander Dundas
Robertson, Esq. of Woolongoon, Australia.

v. Winifred Evelyn. vi. Katherine Elizabeth.

She and her husband assumed the name and arms
of Upton, in addition to and before those of
CoTTEELL-DoEMEE, by roval hcence, dated June,

Lineag'e. — The family of Upton, or, as the name was
anciently spelt, De Uppeton, was settled at Upton, Cornwall,
about the time of the Conquest. From the extreme age of
the original pedigree, still in existence at Ingmire Hall, some
of the earlier names and dates are illegible; but from the r2th
century the descent is continued down in an unbroken line to
John Uppeton, de Uppeton, Cornwall.

Arthue Upton, Esq. of L'Upton, elder brother of the
Chevalier John Upton, Knight of Malta, and grandson of John
Upton of Lupton, Devon, by Joan his wife, dau. and heir of
Sir Wincomb Raleigii, Knt., was 4th in descent from the
marriage of John Upton, Esq., younger son of John Upton,
of Trelaske, Cornwall, with Agnes, sister and heir of John,
Peniles, of Lupton. He m. Gertrude, dau. of Hugh Fortescue
Esq. of Filleigh, and had issue,

John, his heir.

Henry, ancestor of the Uptons, Lords Templetown.

Hugh. Arthur.


Elizabeth, vi. John Hele, Esq. of Diptford, Devon.

The eldest son,

John Upton, Esq. of Lupton, 16'20, m. Dorothy, dau. of Sir
Anthony Rous, Knt. of Halton, Cornwall, and had seven sons
and eight daus. Of the former, the eldest Arthur, was his
father's heir, and the 3rd Ambrose, ancestor of Lewis Upton,
Esq. of Glyde Court, co. Louth. The eldest son and heir,

Arthur Upton, Esq. of Lupton, aged 6, 1620, m. Elizabeth,
relict of Robert Ilaydon, Esq., and dau. of William Gould, Esq.,
and had issue, i. John, of L'Upton, M. P. for Dartmouth, d. s. p.
1687; II. Arthur, d.unm.; in. William, of whom presently.
The 3rd, but only son to sui-vive,

William Upton, of L'Upton, m. Catherine, youngest dau.
of Sir John Otway, of Ingmire Hall, and had issue. The 2nd,
but eldest surviving son and heir,

John Upton, Esq. of Ingmire Hall, m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Thomas Boucher, Esq. of Twickenham, Middlesex, and had
(with a dau. Elizabeth, m. 1751, Thomas Swettenham, Esq. of
Swettcnham) a son and successor,

John Upton, Esq. of Ingmire Hall, M.P. for Westmorland,
m. Mary Noble, of Weston, co. Durham, and had issue, John,
his heir ; Mary, to. John Morland, Esq. of Capplethwaite,
Westmorland; and Jane. The only son and heir,

John Upton, Esq. of Ingmire Hall, m. 1st, Dorothy, dau. of
Christopher Wilson, D.D., Bishop of Bristol, by whom he had
a son, John, 6. 18 Dec. 1796, (/. unm. 1 Feb. 1867, and 2ndly,
11 .^lay, 1799, Florence, dau. of Thomas Smyth, Esq. of Staple-


THE la:n'ded gentry.



ton CO. Gloucester, and eldest sister and co-heir of Sir John
Smyth, 4tli Bart, of Ashton Court, Somerset, by whom he liad
a son, Thomas, of whom we treat. Mr. Upton d. 6 Jan. 1832,
and was s. by his elder son,

John Upton, who surrendered the family estates inco. York
and Westmorland in favour of his younger brother,

Thomas Upton, Esq. of Ingmire Hall, 6. 8 June, 1800, who
m. 16 July, 1829, Eliza, 2nd dau. of Benjamin Way, Esq. of
Denham Place, Bucks, and by her (who d. 1 June 1870) had

Thomas Smyth, of Ingmire Hall, b. 1830; d. 1848.

John Henry Greville, of Ashton Court, who took the name
of Smyth, and was created a Bart. 25 April, 1859 (see Bubke's
Peerage and Baronetage).

Eliza Kkances, late of Ingmire Hall.

Flobence Anne, now of Ingmire Hall.
Mr. Thomas Upton d. 23 Dec. 1843, and was «. by his eldest

Thomas Smyth Upton, Esq., d. unm. 12 March, 1848, and
was s. by his sister,

Eliza Fbances Upton, who d. unm. 27 Jan. 187G, and was
■s. by her sister, the present proprietor.

Arm.^ — Quarterly: 1st and 4th, Dobmer, azure ten billets,
four, three, two, and one or. a chief of the las

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