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t, therefrom
issuant a deuii-lion rampant sable; 2nd, Cottbell, argent a
bend nebuly gutte d'eau between three escallops of the second ;
3rd, Upton, sable a cross moline arg.

Crinis — Dormer upon the dexter side — a fox statant arg. ;
then Cottbell, — a talbot's head couped sable gorged with a
collar with chain affixed thereto between two crosses palee
palewise or, the collar charged with three escallops also sable;
Upton upon the sinister side — on a ducal coronet or a liorse
passant sable bridled, saddled and accoutred also or.


Seat — Ingmire Hall, Sedbergh.


Meldriim and Byth, co. Aberdeen, J.P. and D.L.,
*. 5 May, 1830 :' m. 5 Aug. 1856, Isabella Forbes,
dan. of Gen. Sir Hugh Eraser, K.C.B., H.E.I.C.S.,
of Braelangwell, co. Ross, and has issue,

I. EeaxtchampColclough, Capt.Q.O. Cameron Highlanders,
v. 20 July, 1860.

I. Annie Isabel, h. 19 April, 1857; to. 26 Feb. 1878, Garden
Alexander Duff, Esq. of Hatton Castle co. Aberdeen.

liineag'e. — Divers authentic historians attest the an-
tiquity and eminence of the great House of Ubquhabt.

Ueqchabt of Cromarty was always acknowledged as chief
■of the name, and formerly possessed, either in priority or
superiority, almost that whole county. They were heritable
Sheriffs of Cromarty until the heritable jurisdictons were
abolished in 1747. In the time of Alexandeb I., Galleroch
Urchart is mentioned in a composition between Andrew,
Bishop of Murray, "et dominura Olanum Ostiarium," and
in tlie reign of Uobert Bbuce, William Ubchabd, of Cro-
marty, was heritably Sheriff of that shire. The elder branch
of the Urquharts of Cromarty, died out in 1741. The estate
having previously been sold to George, Viscount Tarbert,
the leadership of the name passed to the Urquharts of Meldrum.
A principal line, ■vidsXJ'B.q.V'Ri^^i of Braelangwell, in the parish
of Kirkmichael, which continued to hold the Braelangwell
property until the last proprietor, Charles Gordon Urquhart,
Esq., an Officer in the Scots Greys, sold the estate, with the
■exception of a small portion, including the ancient burying
ground of Kirkmichael, which, having descended in strict tail,
became the property of that gentleman's brother, David
Ubquhabt, Esq., late M.P. for Stafford.

Sir Alexander Ubquhabt, of Dunlugas eventually in-
herited Cromarty at the decease of his elder brother, Sir
Thomas Urquhart, a devoted royalist. He d. 1661, leaving two
<laus. the elder «i. Sir Henry Guthrie, of King Edward, and the
younger, Christian, m. 1st, Lord Rutherford, 2Ddly, James,
Viscount Fendraught, and 3rdly, George Morison, of Bognie.

John Urqohabt (2nd son of Alexander Ubquhart,* of Cro-
marty, by Beatrix his wife, dau. of Innes of Auchintoul),
ii. 1547 ; became tutor to his grand-nephew. Sir Thomas Urqu-
hart, and was well known afterwards by the designation of
Tutor of Cromarty. The Tutor of Cromarty, " renowned,"
saith Sir Thomas Urquhart, " all over Britain for his deep
reach of Natural art," d. 8 Nov. 1631, aged 84. He to. three

* " Alexander Urquhart, of Cromarty, was the eldest of the
twenty-five sons of Thomas Urquhart, of Cromarty, by Helen
his wife, dau. of Alexander, Lord Abernethy ; seven of these
sons fell at Pinkie."— <S2r Thomas Urquhart.

times. His eldest son by his third wife, Elizabeth, only dau.
and heir of Alexander Seton, of Meldrum, 6th in descent from
the marriage of William Seton (younger son of Sir Alexander
Seton, Lord of Gordon) with Elizabeth, dau. and heir of
William Meldrum, was

Patrick Ubquhabt, of Jleldrum, co. Aberdeen, who suf-
fered severely for his adherence to King Chables I. He to.
Lady Margaret Ogilvie, dau. of James, 1st Earl of Airlie, by
Lady Isabel hia wife, dau. of Thomas, 1st Earl of Haddington,
and had issue,

I. John, predeceased his father unm.

II. Adam, heir to his father.

III. James, founded the Cbaioston branch (which »ee).

rv. Patrick, Professor of Mtdieine in the King's Coll.,

Aberdeen, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Dr. Andrew Muir, and

had issue,
v. Alexander, Capt. in the army, killed under the royal

I. Elizabeth, m. 1st. Sir George Gordon, of Gight, and

2ndly, Major-Gen. Thomas Buchan.

The Laird of Meldrum d. 1664, and was s. by his son,

Adam Ubquhabt, Esq. of Meldrum, b. 1635, M.P. for co.
Aberdeen; m. 1667, Lady Mary Gordon, sister of George, 1st
Duke of Gordon, and had issue, John, his heir; James, of
Byth; Adam and Lewis, Churchmen in France ; Mary, a nun
at Dieppe ; Elizabeth, to. David Ogilvie, of Clova Anne, to.
Sir Florence Odonachie, in France and had issue. Adam
Urquhart d. at Edinburgh 10 Nov. 1684, leaving the Lady
Mary Urquhart his widow, who m. 2ndly, James, 4th Earl of
Perth, Lord Chancellor of Scotland, and d. at St. Germain
1726. The eldest son and heir,

John Ubquhabt, Esq. of Meldrum, 5. 1668, held conjointly
with the Hon. John Campbell, of Mamore, M.P., father of
John, 4th Duke of Argyll, the office of Master of the Works in
Scotland temj). Queen Anne. He was likewise a member of
the last Scottish Parliament, which united the two kingdoms.
He TO. Jean dau. of Sir Hugh CampbeU, of Calder, by Lady
Henrietta Stewart, his wife, dau. of James, 5th Earl of Moray,
and had issue.

I. Adam, d. in his father's lifetime, unm.

II. William, his heir.

I. Mary, m. William Menzies, of Pitfodels.

II. Jean, m. Alexander Steuart, of Auchluncart.

III. Elizabeth, m. William Forbes, of Tillery.

IV. Anne, m. Charles Gordon, of Blelack.

He d. 1726, and was s. by his son,

William Ubquhabt, Esq. of Meldrum, to. 1st, Mary, dau.
of Sir William Forbes, of Monimusk, and had issue by her,

I. Keith, his heir.

I. Jane, to. Capt. John Urquhart, of Craigston.

II. Elizabeth, ia. John Turner, of Turner Hall.

He TO. 2ndly, Ann, dau. of William Scott, Merchant, in co.

Aberdeen, and had by her one son, William, who left a son,

William. He m. 3rdly, Isabella, dau. of George Douglas Esq.

of Whiterigs, of the family of Glenbervie, and had by her a

George, m. 1784, Bridget, only dau. of Beauchamp Col-
clough, Esq. of Bohermore, co. Carlow, and d. a Lieut.-
Col. in command of the 66th Regt., leaving an only surviving

Beauchamp Colclough Ubquhabt, who became even-
tually of Meldrum and Byth.

Mr. William Urquhart was s. at his decease by his elder sur-
viving son,

Keith Urquhart, Esq., of Meldrum, m. the Hon. (after-
wards Lady) Jane Duft, 3rd dau. of William, 1st Earl Fife.
He d. 1793, and was s. by his son,

James Ubquhabt, Esq. of Meldrum, b. 1750; m. 1788, Miss
H. Forbes, dau. of William Forbes, Esq. of Skellater and Bal-
bithan, but d. s. p. 17 Nov. 1835, and was s. by his cousin,

Beauchamp Colclough Ubquhabt, Esq. of Meldrum and
Byth, J.P. and D.L., b. 1796 ; to. 1819, Anne Jane, eldest dau.
of Patrick Fitzsimons, Esq. of Streamstown, co. Westmeath,
and by her (who d. 10 Feb. 1862), had issue,

I. George, b. 7 Sept. 1821 ; d. 27 June, 1852.

II. Beauchamp Colclough, now of Meldrum and Byth.
in. William Henry, b. 14 April, la39, deceased.

IV. Thomas Bedford, Staff Paymaster, late Capt. 72nd
Highlanders, b. 11 Jan. 1842; d. 1891.

I. Sarah Jane Elizabeth Bridget, d. 15 May, 1879.

II. Henrietta Susan, m. i Dec. 1865, Major-Gen. James Hyde
Champion, Bombay army (retired).

III. Douglas Isabella Maria, m. 1850, Garden William DuflF,
Esq., 2nd son of Garden Duff, Esq. of Hatton, deceased.

IV. Jemima Louisa Merries c/. 1846.

V. Elizabeth, m. 1st, 1 July, 1856, John McKenzie Fraser,
Esq. of Braelangwell, eldest son of Gen. Sir H. Fraser,
K.C.B., and 2ndly, 22 Oct. 1874, Luther B. Martin, Esq.





XI. Mary, m. Vi. Pirrie, 51. D.

v;i. Anne .lane, 'I. 11 March, iS33.

viii. C"liark>ttc Millar, m. Major William Hill, Madras Staff

IX. Catheiine Gcorgina, d. 1S41.
Mr. Uniuhart d. 4 Oct. Itol.

.4 nns— Quarterly : 1st and 4tli, or. three bnars' heads erased
CU.. lanmu'<l az., for Vkqchakt of Cromarti/ ; 2m\, arc, a
deiiii-ottir issuinsout of a bar waved sa., the otier crowned
or, for MELPKfM; 3rd, or, three crescents witliin a double
tressure counteiflorv cu., for Seton. Crest— A demi-otter sa.,
crowned with an antique crown, and in its paw a crescent or.
^■"l(;>^)();•^^.^ - Iwo srovhouiuls ppr., collared gu., leashed or.
Mottou—yivan, speak, and do well ; above the crest, Per marc,
jicr terras.

,vV„f.<_>It.Uirum House, Old Meldrnm ; and BytU House,
near Tun iiT, co. Aberdeen.


Pollaed-Ukquhart, Feancis Edward Eomu-, Esq. of Craigston, co. Aberdeen, J. P. and
]).L., ^fajor S.H.A., b. 8 Sept. 1S48 ; m. Nov. 1888,
Louisa lionrietta, 2nd dau. of the late Garden Duff.
Esq. of llatton Castle, co. Aberdeen.— James UrQcnAiiT, of KnocUleigh, 3rd son of
Patrick Uniuhart, of Meldrum {see preceding Article), m. Mar-
garet, dau. of Fraser Tyrie, and was s. by his only son,

Capt. .luus Ukquhakt, of Craigston, who purchasing the
estate of Cromarty, was designated by either title. He m. his
cousin, Jean, dau.of ^YiIliam Urquhart, Esq., of Meldrum, and
had issue, William, liis heir; James, a general ofBcer, who
d.s.p.; John, who d.unm.; Mary, m. Hobert Arbuthnot,
Esq. of Haddo; Elizabeth; Jean, m. the Chevalier Urquhart,
of Byth ; Margaret, vi. Eobert Clerk, Esq. of Mavisbank.
C.npt. Urquhart d. 175G, and was s. by his son,

William UnQcnAKT Esq. of Craigston, who sold the estate
of Cromarty. He m. 1st, Margaret, dau. of George Irvine,
Esq. of Artamford, and had issue, John, his heir ; Jane, m.
Erancis Gregor, Esq. of Trewarthenick, Cornwall ; and Eleanor,
Mr. Urquhart m. 2ndly, Margaret, dau. of A. Ogilvie, Esq. of
Auchiries, and had Adam, ?/i. Mary, dau. of the Kight Picv.
Edward Ma'tby, Bishop of Durham; Elizabeth, m. J. C.
Champion, Esq., Major 21st Kegt ; Frances, m. G. Green,
Capt. in the army. He was s. by his elder son,

John Ukqchart, Esq. of Craigston, m. Isabella, dau. of
Alexander Moir, Esq. of Scotstown, and had issue,

William, his heir.

George, d. unm. in India.

Francis, Major-Gen. in the army, m. 1843, Margaret, dau. of

Henry Forbes, Esq. of iJalgownie.
Margaret, m. Col. Jonathan Forbes Leslie, of Eothie Norman,

late of the 78th Kegt.
Eleanor, m. John Ardine Clegg, who d. 18G9.

Mr. Urquhart d. 1S21, and was s. by his eldest son,

William Uequbart, Esq. of Craigston, J. P. and D.L., m.
Mary, dau. of Alexander Fraser, Esq. of Fraseifield, and
dying, March, 1847, left an only dau. and heir,

Mart I^aci^lla Uequhart, of Craigston, m.lQ Aug. 1846,
William Pollard, Esq. of Kinturk, Castle Pollard, co. West-
meath, J.P. and D L., M.P. for that co., who assumed by
royal licence, the additional surname of URQuaAiiT, and d.
Dec. 1873, leaving issue. The 2nd son,

Francis Edward Eomclus Pollard-Urquuart, Esq. is
now of Craigston (see Pollard of Castle Pollard).

Arms, Crest, and Motto — .Same asUnQDiiART o/ Mtldrura.

Seat — Craigston Castle, TurnlT, co. Aberdeen, built in ltj04.


URQriiART, Datid Punlop, Esq. of strawberry-
hill, Jving'3 CO., J. P., High Sheriff 1890, Major,
iate 3rd JJatt. Leinster Eegt., b. 5 Jan. 1830 ; m.
3 April, 1872, Henrietta, dau. of the late John W.
Tark'ton, Esq., J. P., of Killcigh, King's co. (and
Anne liis wife, who s. her brother Eowland Eothcr-
gill, Esq. to the Hensol Castle estate in co.
ulatp.organ, and resumed the name of Eothcrgill),
and has issue,

Anne .Jane.

Henrietta Cecilia.

Xiineag-e — This branch of the Urquhart family came
frcm Cromarty, and are descendants of the liistorieally well-
kuown .Sir Thomas Urquhart, the arms being the same.

Major Urquhart came to Ireland in 1852, and purchased
Strawberryhill; the lands ia Scotland being in possession of
himself and his family.

William Urquhart, Esq. of Fairhill, co. Lanark, J.P.
m. 1782, Anne Steele, of Inchny, and d. 1818, leaving by her
(who d. 1825) a son,

John Urquhart, Esq. of Fairhill and Auchingramont, &c.,
CO. Lanark, and of Caraneugh, co. Perth, J.P., 6. 1783; m.
1815, Jane, dau. of Andrew Mc Kair, of Balvee, co. Dumbar-
ton, and by her (6. 1793; d. 1840) had issue,

I. William, d. ii. Andrew, d.

III. John, d. IV. Robeit, d.

V. James, d. vi. Duncan, d.

VII. TUoinas, d.

VIII. David Dunlop, now of Strawberryhill.

IX. Andrew, ?)i. lySC, Abigail Young, and d. IcaviDg issue,
one dau.

I. Janet, d. ii. Anne, d.

HI. Jane, m. Rev. William Rorison.

IV. Cecilia Cleland, <;. v. Barbara.

VI. .■\gnes, m. William Alston Dykes, Esq., and has issue,
live sons and two daus.

Mr. Urquhart d. 1854.

iS<a<— Strawberryhill, Cloghan, King's Co.


UsBORNE, Thomas, Esq. of Writlle, Essex, J.P.,
M.A., and M.P. for Mid. Essex since 1892, b. 30
May, 1840 ; m. 3 Dee. 1863, Frances Alice, eklest
dau. of Joseph Alfred Hardcastle, Esq., M.P., and
has issue,

I. Thomas Masters, Lieut. E.A., 6. 11 Dec. 1S5S.
It. Henry Lawrence, 6. 2 Sept. 1SG9.

III. Edward F'rancis, b. 30 March, 1S73.

IV. Robert Arthur, 6. 23 Feb. 1876.

V. John, b. 7 Sept. 1878.

VI. James, b. 13 June, 18S9.

I. Margaret Anne. it. Mary Elizabeth

III. Winifred Maud. iv. Mabel jUexina.

V. Edith Hardcastle.

Mr. Usborne is the only son of Thomas Masters
Usborne, Esq. of Elackrock, co. Cork (who m. 1837,
and d. 17 Oct. 1881), by Margaret his wife, dau. of
Henry Ilillier, Esq. of Hertford. He has two
sisters, Agnes Harriet, widow of Eaymond Maude
Lluellyn, Jisq., and Edith Alice, m. to Sir Kalph
Payne (jallvvey, Bart.

Seat — Writtle, near Chelmsford, Essex.

Clubs— Carlton, Constitutional, S.W., and City, E.G.


UssHER, William Arland, Esq. of Eastwell, co»
Galway, b. 187G ; s. his father, Eeb. 18S4.

Lineage. — A voluminous pedigree of this family, and all
the various branches, compiled by Sir William Betham,
Ulster King of Arms, commences with

Arland Ussuer, Sheriff of Dublin 1460-C2, and Mayor
1409-71, of whom noticesremain connected with the years 14G3
to 1471. He m. 1st, Alsone Taylor, by whom he had a dau.
Margaret, and an only son, Thomas, who ju. Elizabeth Chee-
vcrs, of Macetown, and had an only dau. and hiir, Alsone,
ire. 1st, William Bath, Esq. of Athcarne, and 2ndly, John
Bellew, Esq. of Bellewstown. Mr. Ussher m. 2nUIy, Anne
Berford, and had issue, four sons,

I. John, Sheriff of Dublin 1524, m. Johanna, dau. of William
Fo.^ter, of Killcigh, and was ancestor of Ussher oi Santri/,
lli;NK\ UssuER, Archbishop of Armagh, Robert Ussuer,
Bi.-hnp of Kildare, and James L'ssui:r, Archbishop oi
Armagh, the illustrious scholar and divine.

u. Robert, cZ. s. p. m. Philip, ci. «. p.

IV. CuKisTOPHER, of whom hereafter.

The 4th and youngest son,

CnnisToPHEB UssHER, Esq., Mayor of Dublin 1518 and 1524,
d. 30 Jan. 152G. He m. Ist, Maud Darcy, wbo d. s. p. 1523,
and 2ndly, Alison, dau. of Thomas FTtzwilliam, Esq. of
Merrion, by whom, who m. 2ndly, James Fitzsimons, of Dub-
lin, merchant, and Srdly, Alderman James Segravc, of Dub-
lin, he had a son,

John Ussher, Esq., Mayor of Dublin 1561, collector of the
customs of Dublin, MieUarAmns 15C4, d. 1 May, ICOO. He iii.
Alison, dau. of Sir William Ktwman, Mayor of Dublin, by





whom, who d. 1601, he had, with a sen, Christopher, who d.
young, a successor.

Sib William Ussber, Knt. of Donnybrook, 6. 1588, Clerk of
the Council, knighted hy Sir George Cary, Lord Deputy of
Ireland 25 July, 1603. He m. 1st, Isabella, dau. of Adam
Loftus, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, and Archbishop of Dublin,
who d. 11 Nov. 1597, and 2ndly, Margaret, dau. of Edward
Cludde, of Orleton, co. Salop, widow of George Goodman, of
St. John's, who d. «. p. 18 Sept. Iti03. By his 1st wife he had

I. Arthuk, his heir.

II. Adam, Ulster King of Arms 1632, d. 1 July, 163S.

I. Mary, m. William Crofton, Ksq. of Temple House, co.

u. Jane, d. 1674, m. Daniel Molyneux, Ulster King of Arms,

who d. 13 June, 1632.

III. Margaret, m. Sir Beverley Newcomen, Knt. of Moys-

IV. Alice, d. 1 April, 1671 ; m. Sir Thomas Phillips, Knt. of

V. Elinor, m. Sir Charles Foster, Knt., Mayor of Dublin.

VI. Anne, d. 12 May, 1669; m. Sir Robert Meredith, Chan-
cellor of the Exchequer, who d. 1088.

Sir William, whose will is dated 28 Dec. 1657, was s. by his
eldest son,

Abthub Ussheb, Esq. of Donnybrook, m. Judith, dau. of Sir
Eobert Newcomen, Knt. of Moystown, by whom, who d. 1052,
he had issue,

I. William (Sir), his heir.

II. James, d. s. p. iii- John, d. s.p.

IV. Adam. d. s. p.

V. Beverley, of Kilmeadon, co. Waterford, d. 1683, m. 1st,
Joan, dau. of Sir Percy Smith, Knt., cf Ballynatray, by
whom he had a dau. Mary, m. Francis Smith, Esq. of
Rathcourcy ; and 2ndly, Grace, dau. of Sir Richard Osborne,
1st Bart, of Ballyntaylor, co. Waterford, by whom he had

1 Beverley, M.P. for Waterford, (Z. 1756; m. 1st, 26 March,
1733, Mary, dau. of Nicholas Lysaght, Esq., and had a son,
Beverley, of Kilmeadon, who d. 1756, and a dau. Mary,
m. Ambrose Congreve, Esq of Mount Congreve. He m.
2ndly, Elizabeth, sister of Edmond Shuldham, and had
two daus., Elizabeth Katherine, to. Henry Alcock, Esq. of
Wilton, and Judith, m. Edmund Shuldham, Esq.

2 James, of Ballyntaylor, m. Jane, dau. of Edmund
Donellan, Esq., and had issue,

John. Arthur (Pvev.), went to America.

Beverley, m. Melian, dau. of James Roche, Esq. of
Glywn, and had, i. John, of Conty ; ii. Melian (Mrs.
Hearns); iii. Jane, m. John Boate, Esq. of Duckspool ;
IV. Isabella, m. Roger Dalton ; v. Anne, m. Thomas
Grant, Esq. of Kilmurry; vi. Jane, m. John Osborne
Odell, Esq. of Mount Odell ; vii. Susan, m. Christopher
Jlusgrave, Esq. of Tourin.
He m. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of .\mbrose Congreve, Esq. of
Mount Congreve, and had another dau.,

Rebecca, m. Ambrose Power, Esq. of Barrettstown.

3 John, M.P. for Carriek, d. 1741 ; m. Hon. Mary St.
Geoige, and had issue,

Usher, Lord St. George, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Christo-
pher Dominick, Esq. anO had a dau. Emily, m.
William Robert, 2nd Duke of Leinster.

Olivia, m. 1736, Arthur French, Esq. of Tyrone, co.
Galway, and had issue.

4 Arthcb, ancestor of Ussheb of Camphire.

1 Judith.

2 Isabel, m. Edmund Hubbard, Esq. of Waterford.

3 Anne, m. 1st, Sir Thomas Osborne, 4th Bart, of Ballyn-
taylor, and 2ndly, Francis Skiddy, Esq. of Dublin.

Ti. Christopher, d. young. vii. Philip, d. young.

I. Margaret, d. 1633, wife of Sir Paul Davis, Knt., Clerk of
the Council, and d. 20 July, 1633.

II. Catherine, d. 1661, m. Sir Philip Perceval, Knt., ancestor
of the I'arl of Egraont.

III. Isabella, m. Sir Percy Smith, Knt. of Ballynatray.

IV. Alice, d. 1684; m. Sir Theophilus Jones, Knt. of Osbers-

Mr. Ussher was drowned in the River Dodder 2 March, 1628,
when he waa s. by his eldest son.

Sib William Ussheb, Knt of Portrane, co. Dublin, and of
the Castle of Grange, co. Wicklow, knighted 26 May, 1636, m.
ist, Elizabeth, dau. of Sir William Parsons, of Bellamont,
Lord Justice of Ireland, and by her (who rf.29 Nov. 1638) had

I. Arthur, d. l. p.

II. Christopher, of Dublin, d. Jan. 1706; in. Martha, dau. of
Thomas Pigott, Esq. of Long Ashton, and had issue,

I William, d. 1718; m. Lettice, dau. and co-heir of Sir
Henry Waring, Knt., of Warin>;stown, and had four sons.
1 William ; 2 Henry; 3 Christopher ; 4 John, all of whom
d.s. p., and two daus., Martha, m. Anthony Marlay, Esq.
of Dublin, and Dorothy.

2 Henry, Barrister-at-Law, m. 1639, Frances, dau. of Sir
Henry Waring, Knt. of Waringstown, and d. s. p.

1 Martha, d. 1797; m. 1st Nel^eniiah Donellan, Chief
Baron of the Exchequer, and 2ndly, Philip Perceval,
brother of John, 1st Earl of Egmont.

2 Florence. 3 Elizabeth. 4 Mary Anne.

I. Margaret, d. 1612 ; m. Ricliard Nevill, Esq.

II. Judith, m. Sir James Wemyss, Knt., who d. 11 Oct.

III. Elizabeth, d. young.

Sir William to. 2ndly, 14 May, 1645, Ursula, dau. of Capt.
George St. Barbe, of the House of White Parish, Wilts, and
had issue,

III. John, of whom presently.

IV. William, d. 25 Nov. 1647.

V. Adam (Rev.), m. Rebecca Wye. who d. 8 Aug. 1695, and
had issue, John, d. s. p. ; Frederick (Rev.), m. Martha Cope,
and d. in 1766 ; and eight other children.

VI. Arthur. vii. Henry, d. 1658.

IV. Mary, m. Henry CoUey, Esq. of Castle Carberry, and was
mother of Richard, 1st Lord Mornington.

V. Frances, d. young.

Sir William d. April, 1671. His 3rd son, but the eldest of his
2nd marriage,

John Ussheb, Esq. of Mount Ussher, Master in Chancery,
m. 13 Oct. 1681, Alice, dau. of Samuel Molyneux, 3rd son
of Daniel Molyneux, Ulster King of Arms, by Jane his
wife, dau. of Sir William Usher, Knt. of Donnybrook, and had
I. Chkistopheb, his heir. ii. John.

III. Samuel (Rev.), Hector of Dunganstown, co. Wicklow, b.
1694, entered Trin. Coll. Dublin, 9 July, 1714, aged 20,
M.A. 1722, m. Frances Walsh, and had, with three daus.
(I Frances, m. Thomas Bill, Esq. of Seapark, co. Wicklow ;
2 Alicia, m. William West, Esq., co. Wicklow ; 3 Katherine,
m. 1st, Mr. Sheppard, and 2ndly, William Phinuimore,
Esq.), four sons,

1 William, Capt. R.N., lost at sea off Scilly.

2 Thomas, Capt. lOth Regt. of Foot, m. Rebecca, dau. of
Rev. William Walsh, and d. s. p.

3 John (Rev.), m. May, 1764, Katherine, dau. of Rev. John
Humble, and had three sons,

John (Ven.), D.D., Archdeacon of Raphoe, 30 Aug. I8I8,

d.s. p. 1835.
Henry (Rev ), D.D., Fellow of Trin. Coll. Dublin, m. his

cousin, Rebecca, dau. of Rev. Henry Ussher, D.D., and

had 1 Henry; 2 Thomas; 3 William; 4 Samuel; 6

James ; 1 Frances ; 2 Maria.

4 Henry (Rev.), D.D., Senior Fellow Trin. Coll. Dublin,
Astronomer-Royal, Ireland, m. Mary Burne, and had, with
five daus., 1 Frances; 2 Margaret; 3 Sarah ; 4 Rebecca;
5 Alicia : and two younger sons, John, and Henry, who
both d. s. p., an elder son,

Sib Thomas Ussheb, Knt., C.B., K.C.H., Rear-Admiral
of the Blue, 6. 1779, Midshipman R.N. 27 Jan. 1791 ;
Capt. of the " Redwing," Ii< guns, 18 Oct. 1806, and of
the " Undaunted," 38 guns, 2 Feb. 1813, in which ship
he conveyed Napoleon I. to Elba 28 April, 1814. Sir
Thomas in. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Foster, Esq. of
Grove House, co. Buckingham, and d. 6 Jan. 1848,
having had issue,

1 Thomas Neville, H.M. Charge d'Affaires and Consul-
General at Hayti, m. Eliza, dau. of Capt. Fawsett,
and (i. 13 April, 1885, leaving a son, Herbert Taylor,
whose dau. m. Major Charles Talbot Davenport ; and
two daus., Adelaide Juliana Lucinda, )«. Gen. Robert
Hughes ; and Haitiana, m. Col. Augustus Staveley

2 Sydney Henry, Capt. R.N. 23 Nov. 1846, served on
the North American and West Indian stations, d.

3 Edward Pellew Hammett, Major Royal Marines,
served in Scinde 1839, and in the wars in China
1840-2, and with the Baltic Fleet (Russian war)
1854-5; m. Charlotte Maria, dau. of Rev. E. Duke,
of Lake House, Wilts, and d. s. p. His widow m.
2ndly, Col. R. S. Cole, 1st Argyle and Sutherland

4 William, Lieut. R.N., m. Miss Claike, and d.
leaving two sons.

1 Carohne, m. Rev. NeviUe Parry, and d. 1 March,

2 Elizabeth, m. Rev. I. St. George Williams.

3 Frances, d. young.

IV. William, d. young.

v. Thomas, 6. 4 Nov. 1704 ; d. s.p.

I. Mary, 6. 9 Oct. 1691. ii. Alice.

III. Letitia, b. 1693.

IV. Jane, m. Ross Mahon, Esq. of Castlegar, co. Galway.

Mr. Ussher d. 10 March, 1745. His eldest son,

Chbistopheb Ussheb, Esq. of Mount Ussher, co. Wicklow,
j«. 22 Feb. 1715, Elizabeth Chetwood, and had issue.

6 s





1. John, his heir. ii. 'Williani, d. s. p.

lu. Chiistopher. of Eastwcll, co. Giiiway, m. Margaret
Bayley, and had issue.
1 CnRisTOPHER. oi whom hereafter.

'-' John, Capt. in the army, settled in Canada, m. Blary,
dau. of — Street, Esq., and had issue, John ; Edgeworth ;
Samuel; Marsrarct, to. — Thompson, Esq.; Harriet,";.
— Mitehell, Ksq. ; Mary, ni. her cousin, John Ussher,
Esq. of Eastwell.
1. Katherine. ii. Alice.

III. Martha (Mrs. Edgeworth).

IV. Jane, r,i. George Rowan, Esq. of Drumbcg, co. Wicklow.
Mr. U.'Jsher d. ITSB, and was .'. by his eldest son,

John Usshkr, Esq. of Mount Ussher, and of Eastwell, co.
Oalway, M.P. co. Wicklow, who d. s. p. His nephew,

Chkistopher Ussher, Esq. of Eastwell, inherited thatestate,
and,!!. July, 1797, Ellis, dau. of James Browne, Esq. of Browne
Hall, CO. Mayo, by w horn (who d. 1820) he had issue,

I. John, his heir.

n. Christopher (Rev.), m. Elizabeth, dau. of C. R. Brush,
Esq. of Gill Hall, co. Down, a

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