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nd had issue, Arland, Christo-
pher, Caroline, and Ada.

III. William, d. s. p.

I. Ellis, TO. Xaverious Blake, Esq. of Oran Castle, co.
Gal way.

II. Honoria, m. John Donellan, Esq. of Ballydonellan Castle,
CO. Galway.

Mr. Ussher was s. by his eldest son,

John Ussher, Esq. of Eastwell, m. 1831, his cousin, Maiy,
dau. of Capt. John Ussher, of Canada, and had issue,

I. Christopher, his heir.

II. John, m. Isabella, dau. of Capt. Dillon, of Johnstown,
and d. 1878, having had issue, two sons and three daus.

III. Edmund Augustus, ((. young.
IT. William Augustus Edmund.

I. Mary, m. Stewart Johnston, M.D.

II. Ellis Belinda, d. unm. March, lb25.

Mr. Ussher d. 24 April, 1851, and was s. by his eldest son,
Christopher Ussher, Esq. of Eastwell, 0. 1832; m. Olivia,

dau. of David Ruttledge, Esq. of Barbersfort, co. Galway, and

liad issue,
I. William Arland, now of Eastwell.
•I. Christopher, d. 10 Sept. 1880.
II. Henry Ingham, b. 10 Feb. 1879.

I. Agnes.

II. Olivia Ellis.

III. Alison.

Mr. Ussher d. 21 Feb. 1884.

Arms — Az., a chevron crm. between three batons or. Creat
— An arm couped below the elbow and erect, vested bendy or
and az., holding in the hand ppr. a baton or. Motto — Ne
vile velis.

/Seat— Eaetwell, Kilrickle, Loughrea, co. Galway.


TJssHKE, RiCHAKD JoHN, Esq. of Cappagli House,
CO. Waterford, J.P,, b. 6 April, 1841 ; m. 20 Jan.
1866, Elizabeth Owen, eldest dau. of Rev. John W.
Finlay, J. P., of Corkagh House, co. Dublin, and
has had issue,

I. Beverley Grant, i. 19 Feb. 1867.

II. Percy John, 0. 28 Aug. 1868.

HI. Arthur Hamilton, b. 14 Sept. 1869.

IV. Neville Osborne, 6. 23 Aug. 1873 ; d. 5 March, 1880.

I. Isabella Mary Grant, b. 20 May, 1871.

Lineag-e. — This family is a branch of the preceding.
Abthcr Ussher, Esq. of Cappagh and Camphire, 4th son of
Beverley Ussher, Esq. of Kilmeadon,and grandson of Arthur
Ussher, Esq. of Donnybrook, by Judith Newcomen his wife,
m. Lucy, sister of Robert Taylor, of ballynort, co. Limerick,
and left, with other issue, two daus., Sarah, m. Richard Keily,
Esq. of Strancally, whose grandson, Arthur Keily, assumed
by royal licence, 1843, the surname of Ussher; Judith, to. Mr.
Creagh, and a son,

John Ussher, Esq. of Cappagh, m. 1st, 17G1, Elizabeth, dau.
of Christopher Musgrave, Esq. of Tourin, and sister of Sir
Richard Musgrave, 1st Bart, of Tourin, and had by her,

Arthur, of Camphire, b. 30 March, 1764; m. Margaret, dau.
of the Rev. John Hewetson, J. P., of Suirville, and left at
his decease nine daus. and three sons, the eldest of whom,
Christopher Musgrave Ussher, of Camphire, co. Waterford,
//1.7 Dec. 1833, Kleanor, dau. of Thomas O'Grady, Esq., and
niece of Standish, 1st Viscount Guillamore, and d. 2 Dec.
IfesO, leaving i.'sue. Their eldest son, Aetuor Edward,
now of Camphire, J.P. co. Waterford, b. 18'i^, m. 1st, 25
April, 1»61, Annie Julia, dau. of William Henry Haseard,

Esq., Recorder of Waterford; and 2ndly, 1877, Kate Emilie,
dau. of George Henry Adams, Esq., and has issue. Their
2nd son, Thomas O'Grady, of Flower Hill, co. Waterford, 6.
28 June, 1838, ni. 14 Jan. 1869, Henrietta Mary, only dau.
of Thomas Harris, Esq., Q.C., and has issue, Christopher
Arthur, b. 25 Feb. 1872; Thomas Harris, 6. 30 Sept.
1878; Gertrude Elizabeth ; Eleanor Melian ; and Henrietta

Sarah, m. Ussher Boate, Esq. of Duckspool, and d. s. p.
Mr. Ussher vi. 2ndly, 26 Aug. 1770, Elizabeth, dau. of Alder-
man William Paul, and d. 8 March, 1789, leaving, with other
issue, by her,

I. Richard Keily, of Cappagh.

II. John, of Landscape, co. Wexford, m. Lucy, dau. of the
Rev. William Glascott, of Pilltown, co. Wexford, and d.
16 Feb. 1844, leaving issue by her (who d. 30 March,

1 John Glascott, of Landscape, Barrister-at-Law, J.P. co.
Wexford, d. vnm. 12 June, 1863.

2 Richard, of Landscape, b. 1818; m. 1st, 1849, Charlotte,
dau. of Rev. James Metge, and widow of Robert Living-
stone, and by her (who d. 1875) had a son, John Richard,
b. 1851, and d. young, and a dau. Lucy Cassandra,
b. lt<56, d. 25 Manh, 1867. He m. 2ndly, 1876, Mary,
dau. of William Hales Carroll, Esq. of Harcourt Street,
Dublin, and by her has issue, Richard Neville, b. 1882.

3 Arthur Beverley, settled in Australia.

4 William Neville, to. Miss Grant, co. Cork, and has issue.
Their 2nd dau. Lucy Glascott, d. 9 Jan. 1885.

1 Elizabeth, d. unm. 15 Aug. 1861.

2 Sarah. 3 Lucy Arabella, d. unm. 4 Mary.

5 Susan Emily, m. 8 Aug. 1849, Adam Glascott, 4th sott
of John Glascott, Esq. of Killowen.

Charlotte, m. 13 July, 1867, Rev. J. F. Metge ffrench.

7 Isabella, d. unm.
I. Elizabeth. ii. Lucy. in. Judith.

IV. Susanna.

The eldest surviving son of the 2nd marriage,

Richard Keily Ussher, Esq. of Cappagh, b. 4 Feb. 1778 ;
m. 1st, Martha, dau. of Rev. John Hewetson, J. P., of Suirville,
and 2ndly, 6 Feb. 1836, Isabella (who d. 20 July, 1881), dau. of
Col. Jasper Grant, 41st Regt., Governor of Upper Canada and
Lieut. -Governor of Carlisle (of the Grants of Kilmurry, co.
Cork). By the latter, he left at his decease, 25 Feb. 1854, a
son and successor, the present Richard John Ussher, Esq. ot

Anns and Crest — Same as Usshee of Eastwell. Motto —
Amor vincit omnia.

Seat — Cappagh House, Lismore, co. Waterford.



Polsue Philleigh, Cornwall, J.P., Capt. Cornwall
and Devon Miners Artillery, W.D., E.A., 5. 20 Oct.
1859 ; m. 22 June, 1887, Janet, eldest dau. of Right
Rev. Herbert Bree, D.D., Lord Bishop of Barba-
does, and has issue,

I. Robert Stapylton, 6. 3 March, 1892.

Lineagre.— John Usticke, Esq. of Botallacli, St. Just, son
of John Usticke, Esq. of the same place, m. Jane, dau. of
Stephen Pawley, Esq., by Margery Tristam his wife, grand-
dau. of Sir John Arundell, of Trerice, Cornwall, and was s. by
his son,

Stephen Usticke, Esq. of Botallack, m. 1 June, 1724, Cathe-
rine, dau. of John Borlase, Esq. of KosecadyhiU, M.P. for St.
Ives, and by her had issue,

John, ?«. Juliana Roberts.

Thomas, m. Grace Folwhcle.

William, of whom presently.

JIary, m. Thomas Trewren, Esq. of Trewardreva.

The 3rd pon,

William Usticke, Esq., m. 1752, Philippa, dau. of Philip
Nowell, Esq. of Falmouth, and sister of Sir Michael Nowell,
Knt., High Sheriff of Cornwall, and by her had issue,

I. Stephen, d. unm.

II. Robert Michael Nowell, b. 19 April, 1771, of Pen-
wame, Cornwall, J. P., Chaplain to the Prince Regent,
d. s. p.

I. Philippa, jn. .John Davis, Esq.

II. Mary, m. Rev. C. V. Le Grice.

III. Catherine, to. John Peters, Esq., son of John Peters,
Esq. of Winchelsea, and was mother of Rev. Michael
Nowell Peters, M.A., of Penwarne, Cornwall, Vicar of
Madron and Morvah, to. 1818, Anne, dau. and heir of Rev.
William Borlase, of Castle Horneck, and had issue, two daus.,
Mary Usticke, to. 1881, Rev. John Tonkin, of Treverven,
Cornwall, and l.ydia Nowell, m. 1855, John Borlase, Esq. of
Castle Horneck, Cornwall, and has two daus.





IV. Jane.

V. Anne, m. Eev. George Allen, of Sesesek, Cornwall, brother
of Michael Allen, Esq. of Coleridge House, Devon, and had
an only child, Georgiana Ann, m. 6 June, 1816, Theojihilus
Samuel Beauchant, Capt. K.JI.A., and by him (who d. Sept.
1819) had issue,

1 Stephen Usticke, late of Woodlane.

'2 George, b. 1821 ; m. Eliza Cregoe, and has fonr d.aus.

3 Theophilus, m. Elizabeth Chester, and has five daus.

4 Allen Michael, ya. Augusta Passingham, and has issue,
tiiree daus.

1 Ann, m. E. W. Ommanney.

2 Georgiana, m. Mr. William Broad, of Falmouth, and has
one son and two daus.

3 Lydia, m. W. H. Bloomfield Kempe, Esq., and has two
sons and three daus.

VI. Elizabeth. vii. Lydia, m. Henry Warne, Esq.
His great-grandson,

Stephen Usticke Nowell-Usticke, Esq. of Woodlane, Fal-
mouth, Cornwall, J. P., late Lieut. Cornwall Kangers Militia,
A. May, 1818; to. 20 April, 1858, Lucy E. Marianne, 2nd dau.
of Kev. Eobert StapyltonBree, Vicar of Tinagel, Cornwall, and
had issue,

t. EoBERT Michael, now of Polsue.

II. Michael Stanley, b. 1804.

III. William G. Scapylton, h. 1S66.

IV. Charles Michael, /;. 1869.

1. Lucy Elizabeth. ii. Minna Georgiana.

This gentleman, whose patronymic was Beauchant, assumed
by royal licence, 23 Feb. 1852, the surname and arms of
NowELL and Usticke, on succeeding, 1851, to the estates of his
maternal uncles, Rev. Robert Michael Nowell-Usticke, and of
.Sir Michael Nowell. Mr. S. U. Nowell-Usticke d. March, 1875,
and was x. by his eldest son.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th counter-quartered gu., on a
bend embattled counter-embattled, between two plain cotises
or, three eagles displayed of the field, for Usticke ; 2nd and
3rd, per fesse arg. and sa., a fesse engrailed counterchanged
between a sword in chief, point upwards, and another in base,
point downwards, ppr., for Nowell; 2nd and 3rd per bend
sinister dovetail or and sa. six martlets within a bordure, all
counterchanged, fur Beauchant. Ci-ests—ist, Usticke, A
denii-eagle displayed gu., gorged with a plain collar and
pendent therefrom an escutcheon or, charged with a water-
bouget sa. ; 2nd, Nowell, A dexter arm embowed in armour,
grasping a sword ppr. between the antlers of a stag sa. ;
3rd, Beauchant, on a mount vert, in front of rays of the sun
ppr., a martlet sa., holding in its beak an acorn slipped, also
ppr. Motto — Semper paratus.

Seat — Polsue Philleigh, near Grampound Eoad, Cornwall.


Vaizet, John Robert, Esq. of Attwoods, co.
Essex, J.P. and D.L., High SherifP 1877, called to
the Bar at the Inner Temple 1863, LL.M. Camb.,
and formerly Major 2nd Essex R.V., b. 29 Nov.
1839; m. 9 Nov. 1865, Alice, dau. of Edward
Hornor, Esq. of The Howe, Halstead, J.P. co.
Essex, and has issue,

I. Robert Edward, b. 15 July, 1868.

II. Francis Arthur, 6. 19 May, 1870.

III. John Leonard, b. 2 Aug. 1871.
I. Alice Lilian, 6. 7 Sept. 1874.

Lineag-e.— This family has been settled at Halstead for
upwards of three centuries. A portion, indeed, of the present
estates were held as occupiers by its ancestors in the female
line as early as the reign of Edward IV. At the latter part of
the last century,

JouN Vaizey, Esq., of Halstead, J.P. co. Essex, the then
head of the family, m. 1798, Sarah, 2nd dau. of George de
Home, Esq. of Stanway Hall, Essex, descended from Oliver de
Home, of Ypres, in Flanders, who migrated to Norwich circa
1571, owing to the persecutions of the Duke of Alva. Mr.
Vaizey d. 1831, leaving a son,

John Vaizey, Esq. of Attwoods, ni. 18 Dec 1838, Ann,
dau. and co-heirof Robert Bousfield, of London, and d. March,
1855, leaving by her (who d. April, 1879), a son,

John Egbert, now of Attwoods.

Ar7>is — Az., a cross engrailed between four crosses-crosslet
arg. ; quartering gu., on a chevron cotised, between three
lions' heads erased or, two tilting-lances of the field, points
inwards, for Bousfield. Crest — A cubit arm in armour, hold-
inj; in the hand a sprig of oak fructed, all ppr., charged with
a cross-crosslet, as in the arms.

Seat — Attwoods, Halstead, co. Essex.

Cltd) — Reform.


Vale, Heney Edward, Esq. of Coddington
Court, CO. Hereford, D.L., Major (retired) 3rd
Batt. Worcestershire Eegt., b. 182.5 ; m. 1st, 1851 ;
Elizabeth Ann, dau. of John Burton, Esq. of
Renville, Kent, and by her has had issue,

I. Harry Burton (Rev.), M.A., vicar of Sproxton-cum-
Saltby, 6. 1852.

II. Edward Martindale, d. 1880.

III. Francis Villiers, d. 1886.

IV. Octavius Scarlett, Capt. 3rd Batt. Worcestershire Eegt.,
6. 1861.

V. Harvey Arnott, 6. 1865.

VI. Hugh Carr Wildman, b. 1866.

I. Florence Meade, d. 1892.

II. Helena Conduit.

HI. Honor Thursby, w. Rev. T. Pitts, viearof Loughboro".
IV. Emily Crofts.

Ho m. 2ndly, 1878, Frances EHzabctli, dau. of
Robert Burton, Esq. of Greville Lodge, Sydenham.

liineag-e.— William Vale, Esq. of Cricklewood House,
Hendon, and Montagu Place, London, m. Anne, sole heir of
Edward Martindale, Esq. of Bristol, and only descendant of
Sir Robert Yeamans, Bart, of that city ; and d. 182G, leaving

William Vale, Esq. of Mathon Court, co. Worcester, J.P.,
Lieut. R.N., m. Catherine, dau. of Thomas Ridgley, Esq., and
d. 1842, having had, with other issue.

Henry Edward, now of Coddington Court.

Martindale Edwin, of Mathon Court, B.A. Trin. Hall,
Camb. 1853, called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1»56. J.P.
and D L. for co. Worcester, and late Lieut. -Col. and Hon.
Col. 4th Batt. Worcestershire Eegt., b. Is29; d. 1838.

Seat — Coddington Court, near Ledbury.


Ya>^deleur, Hector Stewart, Esq. of Kilrush,
CO. Clare, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1873, late
Capt. Rifle Brigade, b. 18 Jan. 1836; m. 18 July,
1867, Charlotte, eldest dau. of William Orme
Foster, Esq., M.P.,of Apley Park, co. Salop, and has

I. Cecil Seymour, Liewt. Scots Gu.ards, 6.11 July, 1869,

II. Alexander Moore, b. 25 Dec. 1883.

1. Isabel Grace. n. Evelyn Norah.

Lineag-e.— Rev. John Vandeleub, M.A., of Cragg, co.
Clare, Rector of Kilrush (2nd son of Giles Vandeleur, who
settled at Ralahine, co. Clare, 1660, and was one of the Com-
missioners for Applotting Quit-rents in Ireland), seated him-
self at Kilrush 1687, m. Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir of Thomas
Crofton, Esq. of Inchirourke, co. Limerick, by whom (who d.
1703) he left (his will was dated 19 Aug. 1726, and proved 13
March, 1727), besides other issue, an eldest son,

John Vandeleur, Esq. of Kilrash, vi. Frances, dau. of John
Ormsby, Esq. of Cloghans, co. Mayo, and had issue,

I. Crofton, his heir.

u. John Ormsby, of Maddenstown, co. Kildare, ra. Frances
Pakenham, dau. of Thomas, Lord Longford, and dying 1777,
left two sons, 1 John Ormsby, Lieut. -Col. 5th Dragoons;
2 Thomas Pakenham, Major-ijen., killed at Delhi.

III. Richard, of Rutland, Queen's co., Capt. 9th Lancers, m.
Elinor, dau. of John Firman, Esq. of Firmount, and rf.
1772, leaving, with several daus., an cnly son, Gen. Sir
John Ormsby Vandeleur, G.C.B., b. 1763, who in. 1829,
Catherine, dau. of Eev. John Glasse, and d. 1849, having
had i6sue.

I. Frances, m. Thomas Meares, Esq.

Mr. Vandeleur, whose will was dated 9 April, and proved 9
Nov. 1754, was s. by his eldest son,

Crofton Vandeleur, Esq. of Kilrush, m. Alice, dau. of
Thomas Burton, Esq. (uncle of Francis Pierpoint Burton, 2nd
Lord Conyngham), by Dorothy his wife, dau. of the Eight lion.
John F'orster, Chief Justice of the Common Picas in Ireland,
and by her had issue,

I. John Ormsby, his heir.

II. Thomas Burton, one of the Judges of the King's Bench in
Ireland, d. s. p. 1835.

III. Croiton, Major-Gen. in the army, d. at Anligna, leaving
a son.

IV. Richard, Major 38th Eegt., d. unm.

V. Frederick, Capt. 87th Eegt., killed .^t the battle of

6 B 2





VI. William (Rev.), Rector of Julianstown, d. 1S43, leavins
ivith other ixsue, Boyle, Col. late ;nh Lancci-s, m. 187 C,
Siirah Christiana, only Uaii. of Major Henry Peaeli Keisley,
of Idlicote (sfc that _ramiii/). and wiitow of Capt. tlie Hon.
Lucius Oary, only son of U tU Viscount Falkland.

I. Dorothy. ii. Alice.

HI. Emily. iv. Frances, d. unm.

The eldest son,

The Right Hos. John Ormsbt Vanbelecb, of Kilrush,
F.C., Commissioner of the Customs for Ireland, m. 17 Nov.
ISOO, Lady Frances Jloore, youngest dau. of Charles, 1st
JLnrquessof Drogh.cda, and by her (who (/. 5 Oct. 1833) had

I. Crofton Moore, his heir.

II. Henry Seymour, d. unm. 19 March, 1373.

I. Anna Frances.

II. Alice, m. 1st, Rct. Charles Moore Stewart, 2nd son of
Alexander Stewart, Ksq. of Ards, eo. Donegal, and 2ndly,
Lieut. -Col. John Vandeleur, lOtli Hussars.

Kight Hon. Mr. Vandeleur d. 2S Nov. 1S2S, and was s. by his
eldest son,

Cbofton Moorb Vaxdeledr, Esq. of Kilrush, co. Clare,
.T.P. and D.L., Col. of the Clare Kegt. of Militia, High Sheriff
1832, M.F. for co. Clare 1859 to 1874, 6. 9 Dec. 1808; m.
23 April, IS32, Lady Grace Toler, 2nd dau. of Hector John,
2nd Earl of Norbury, and by her (who d. 3 May, 1872) had

I. Hector Stewart, now of Kilrush.

II. Crofton Toler, late Capt. 7th Dragoon CJuards, //. 7 March,
1840; m. IS Oct. 1864, Charlotte iMary, youngest dau. of
Kev. R. Bury, of Carrigrenane, oo. CorU.

HI. John Oriiisby Moore, Lieut.-Col. Gordon Highlanders
(retired), b. 5 July, 1841.

I. Elizabeth Frances, m. 1855, St. John Blacker Douglas,
Esq. of Elm Park, co. Armagh, of Tullahennel, co. Kerry,
and of Grace Hall, co. Down.

II. F'rancis Letiiia.

III. Grace Dorothea, m. 1863, Robert Cary Keeves, Esq. of
Besborough, co. Clare.

Col. Vandeleur d. 9 Nov. 1881.

Aj-ins— Or, a, trefoil vert between three mullets purp. CreH
— .\ martlet purp. holding in the beak a trefoil or. Mutlo —
A'iitus astra petit.

Heat — Kilrush House, co. Clare.

2'own Residence— Tl, Cadogan Square, S.W.

CI ab—Ca.v\ton.


Vandebstegen, IIeney Beigham Douglas,
Esq. of Cane End, co. Oxford, J. P., was Lieut.
Oxfordshire Hussars, educated at Marlboro' and
Ch. Ch. Oxford, b. 20 Dec. 1852 ; s. bis father

Lineag'e. — Henbt Vanderstegen came from Holland in
the reign of William III. His son, William Vandebstegen,
m. 1752, Elizabeth, dau. and co-heirof Thomas Brigham, Esq.
of Cane End, or Cannon End (whose ancestor, Anthony Brig-
ham, was Cofferer to Henry VIII., and purchased the estate
from the king at the dissolution of the monasteries, it having
been part of the endowment of the abbey of Notley, Bucks, and
a residence of the monks or abbot). He d. 13 Feb. 1797; she
-/. 12 July, 1800, leaving a son,

WrLLiAM Vanderstegen, Esq. of Cane End, who, by his 1st
marriage, had issue, three daus., I. Brigham, d. unia. ; ii.
Frances, m. John Drake, Esq., and had issue, John, Louisa,
Marianne; iii. Marianne, w. Rev. William Crabtrce, and
'/. s.p. He m. 2ndly, 1807, Elizabeth Grace, dau. of Charles
Kirby, Esq. of Bath, and d. 10 June, 1831, having issue by her
.;who d. 21 Jan. 1844), one son, William Henbv Vander-
stegen, Esq. of Cane End, and one dau. Louisa, m. Kev.
Arthur Nugent Buckeridge. The son,

William Henbt Vanderstegen, Esq. of Cane End, co.
Oxford, M.A., J. P., and D.L., High Sherifif ls43, b. 18 Jan.
1808; m. Feb. 1852, lillen, dau. of Richard Denny, Esq. of
Bergh Aplon, Norfolk, and has issue,

I. IIknrt P.rioiiam Douglas, now of Cane End.

II. Fredericlt William, b. 19 March, lb65.

III. F^rnest, 6. Ib57.

I. Grace Ellen. ii. Dorothea.

Mr. W. H. Vanderstegen d. 9 Sept. 1892, and was s. by his
eldest son.

Armg — Quarterly: Ist and 4th az., a lion arg. between two
fishes or, for Vanderstegen; 2nd and 3rd arg., a fleur-de-lis
l/otwecn eight martlets sa., for Brigham.

Heal— (Suae End House, near Reading.


Van db Weter, Victor William Bates, Esq.
of New Lodge, Berks, J. P., Iligh Sheriff 1885, late
Lieut.-Col. Ii. Berks Militia, b. 20 Nov. 1S39; m.
6 Aug. 1868, Lady Emily Georgina, youngest
dau. of William, 2nd Earl of Craven, and has issue,

I. William John Bates, b. 29 Dec. 1S70.

II. F^dward Bates, b. 29 March, 1874.

III. Bates Grimston, 6. 22 Feb, Ia76.

IV. John, b. 9 Aug. ISSl.

I. Brenda. ii. Margery.

III. Joan. IV. Elizabeth.

Lineage. — His Excellency Jean Stlvain Van deWeteb,

for many years Belgian Minister at the Court of St. James's
(son of Josse Alexandre Van de Weyer, by his wife, Martine
Gouban), m. 1839, Elizabeth Anne Sturgis, dau. of Joshua
Bates, Esq. of Boston, U.S., and by her (who d. 1878) had

Victor William Bates, now of New Lodge.

Albert Sylvain Bates, d. 1874.

Victoria Alexandrina Leopoldine, m. 21 Jan. 1864, as his
first wife, Hon. Henry Robert Brand, eldest sou of Viscount
Hampden, and d. 20 July, 18ti6.


Alice, m. 15 Aug. 1878, Hon. Charles Brand, 4th son of Vis-
count Hampden, and has issue.

Eleanor F'rances Weston, m. 24 Sept. 1879, Hon. Reginald
Baliol Brett, elder son of William, 1st Lord Esher, and has
His Excellency d. in 1874.

Seat — New Lodge, Windsor Forest, Windsor.


Aqnew, Patrick Alexander Vans, Esq. of
Sheuchan and Barnbarroch, co. Wigtou, Capt. 3rd
Batt. Kitle Brigade, b. 20 Oct. 1856.

Liueagre. — Robert Wadss, who was eldest son of John
Wauss, Ambassador to England from King James II. in 1437,
left issue, Blaize, his heir, ancestor to the family of Vans of
Barnbarroch : Tliomas, Ambassador to England in 1457, Dean
of Glasgow, Secretary to the King, and Keeper of the Privy
Seal; George, Bishop of Galloway; and Patrick, Prior of

John Vans, Esq. of Barnbarroch (representative of the
family of Vans of Barnbarroch), in. Margaret, only child and
heir of Kobert Agnew, Esq. of Sheuchan (of the Agnews of
Lochnaw), by Blargaret, dau. of Patrick M'Dowall, of F'reugh,
and assumed the surname and arms of Aqnew. He d. 1780,
and was s. by his son,

Kobert Vans Agnew, Esq. of Barnbarroch and Sheuchan,
b. 24 April, 1755; who m. 24 Feb. 1777, F'rances, dau. of Jolin
Dunlop, Esq. of that ilk, and had issue, Robert, Capt. in the
Guards, d. 1804; John, his heir; James, R.N., d. 1800;
Patrick, successor to his brother; Henry Stewart, an advo-
cate at the Scottish bar, d. 1855 ; Margaret, d. 1864; Frances
Georgiana, (/. 1839 ; and Maria, d. 1882. Mr. Vans Agnew d.
1809, and was a. by his eldest surviving son,

John Vans Agnew, Esq. of Barnbarroch and Sheuchan,
who d. unm. 1825, and was s. by his next brother,

Patrick Vans Aonew, Esq. of Barnbarroch and Sheuchan,
Lieut.-Col. in the H.E I.C.S., C.B., and one of the East India
Directors, 6.6 Jan. 1783; iji. 7 Sept. 1813, Catherine, dau. of
D. Eraser, Esq. of Inverness, and by her (who d. 18/9) had

I. Robert Vans, his heir.

II. Patrick Alexander Vans, 6. 21 April, 1822, H.E. I. CCS. ;
killed at Moultan, 20 April, 1848.

III. WilU tin Vans, d. 1633.

IV. John Vans, b. 1824 ; m. 1852, Frances, dau. of Col. Boy-
cott Jenkins, and d. Nov. 1874, having by her (who d. 1872)
had issue, Charles Edward Patrick, John Fmser, Francis,
Arthur Frederick, Edward Lovelace, Mary, Gertrude,

V. James Van.s, 6. 1828; d. 1886.

VI. George Vans, h. 1831; -m. Rosa, dau. of J. Wilson, E.sq.,
and widow of John F'or.-.ter, Esq., and has i.ssue, Robert,
Patrick Alexander, F'rank, Ernest George, Catherine Isabel
Ida, Violet Eleanor.

I. Frances Vans.

II. Jlary, m. 1844, Major-Gen. Edmund Jeffreys, C.B.

III. Elizabeth, d. 5 April, 1893.

IV. Catherine, d. 31 Jan. 1872.

Col. Vans Agnew d. 17 May, 1842. His eldest son,

RoBEHT Vans Agnew, Esq. of Sheuchan and Barnbarroch,
CO. Wigton, J. P. and D.L., M.P. co. W igton 1873 to 1880, b. 4





March, 1817; m. 22 April, 1852, Mary Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of
Sir David Hunter Blair, Bart, of Blairquhan, co. Ayr, and by
her (who d. 2 Aug. 1870) had issue,

I. Patrick Alexander Vans,' now of Barnbarroch.

II. James David Vans, b. 4 April, 1858 ; d.6 Dec. 1889.

III. John Vans, b. 23 Aufr. 1859.

I. Elizabeth Vans, m. 1880, Edward Salvin Bowlby, Esq.

II. Catherine Vans, m. 1875, Erasmus Gowcr, Esq.

III. Mary, m. 18»6, Andrew Agnew Stuart Menteath, Esq.

Mr. R. Vans Agnew d. 1893, and was s. by his eldest son.

J7-ms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th arg., a bend gu. ; 2nd and 3rd
arg., a chevron between, in chief, two cinquefoils gu., wiih
a cross-crosslet fitclu'e sa., in centre and in base a saltire
couped. Crests — 1st, a lion rampant, holding scales in the
dexter paw ; 2nd, an eagle issuant and reguardant ppr. Sup-
'porters — Two savages, with clubs in their hands, and wreathed
about the middle with laurel, ilottots — Be faithful, for Vans ;
Consilio, non impetu, for Agnew.

Seats — Barnbarroch, near Wigtown, and Stranraer Park,
Stranraer, N'.B.

Club — Carlton.


Van Straubenzee, Tueneh, Esq. of Speimi-
tliorne, North Riding of York, Col. R.A., C.B.,
Bcrved in Egyptian Campaign, Order of Med j idle,
and medal for Tel-el-Kebir, now in command
(local Brig.-Gen.) of a 2nd Class District in
Madras, b. 9 Aug. 1838 ; m. 11 Oct. 1877. Florinda
Harriette, elder dau. of W. J. Hamilton, Esq. of
Eiddown, co. Kilkenny, and has issue,

I. Henry Turner, 6. 28 Dec. 1878.

n. Percival, 6. 13 Dec. 1880.

III. Alexander William, 6. 18 March, 1S34.

I. Eileen Mary.

liineag'e. — This family held high rank in the Nether-
lands, being, as the prefix "Van" indicates, of noble descent.
In the year 1798, Gen. A. van Straubenzee was Governor of

Philip William Casimir van Straubenzee (h

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