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Key. Lewis C. Davies, of Ynyshir, co.
Cardigan, and granddau. of the late Robert Rad-
clyffe, Esq. of Eoxdenton Hall, co. Lancaster, and
has, with other issue,

John Lewis, b. 1863.

liineag'e. — John Vaughan, Esq. of Green Grove, co.
Cardigan, who assumed the surname of Llotd on inheriting in
addition the Brynog estate, rd. 1788, JaneEvans, of Highmead,
CO. Cardigan, and d. 1846, leaving by her (who d. 1848) a son,

Lieut.-Col. Edward Vaughan, of Brynog, who m. 1828,
Sarah Lonsdale, dau. of Rev. E. Crosby, and by her (who d.
ISSl) had issue,

I. John Crosbt, of Brynog and Green Grove.

II. Herbert, who s. his brother.

I. Jane, m. Rev. Robert Colby, Rector of Ansford, co. Somer-
set, and had a son, John Vaughan, now of Rhdsygilwen,
CO. Pembroke.
Lieut.-Col. Vaughan d. v. p. 1833, in command of the 98th
Regt. at the Cape of Good Hope. His elder son,

John Crosby Vaughan, Esq. of Brynog and Green Grove,
Capt. 38th Eegt., s. his grandfather, and was killed in the
Crimea in 1855, and was «. by his brother,

llEREEET Vaughan, Esq., now of Brynog.

iS'eat— Brynog, Talsarn(R.S.O.), South Wales.






Vaughax, John Edwaeds, Esq. of Rhcola, co.
Glamorgan, b. 27 Sept. 1863, Lieut. Scots Guards,
is the second son of the late Vaughan Hanning
Vaughan-Lee, Esq., D.L., M.P., of Dillingtou and
Kheola, s. his father 1882, m. 1888, Alice, eldest
dau. of the late Major Waller Ashe.

liineagre. — John Edwards, Esq. of llheola (son of John
EdwarJs, Esq. of Llyrela), having s. by request 1829, to the
estate of William Vaughan, Esq. of Lanelay, a.5sumcd, JSS3,
the additional surname and arms of Vadghan. He m. 1st,
Ann, dau. and heiress of Williams, of Court Herbert, co.
Glamorgan ; and 2ndly, 1809, Sarah Parkins, of Wandswortli.
widow of John Dalton, Esq., and dying left issue,

Nash Vaughan, late of Eheola,, VI. John L^e Lee, Esq. of Dillingtoa Park, Somerset,
and bad,
Vaughan Hanning, now Vaughan-Lee of Dillington.
The son and heir,

Nash Vaughan Edwards Vaughan, Esq. of Eheola and
Lanelay, co. Glamorgan, J. P. and I). L., b. 22 May, 1811 ; in.
1st, 4 March, 1844, Harriet Amelia, 2nd dau. of Edward
Swainston Strangwayes, Esq. of Alne Hall, co. York, by whom
he had a dau. Frances Matilda; and 2ndly, May, 1859, Anna
Maria Louisa, 3rd dau. of Edward Swainston Strangwayes,
Esq. He d. 5 Sept. 18CS, without surviving issue, and was a-.
by his ncpliew, Vaughan Hanning Vaughan-Lee, Esq. of
Dillington Park, Somerset, M.P. (see Vadghan-Lee of Dilling-
ton), who d. 1882, and was s. by his 2nd son, John Edwards
Vaughan-Lee, who assumed the name of Vaughan only, in
lieu of that of Vaughan-Lee.

Seat — Rheola. near Neath.
Ctwi— Guards.



CO. Down, J.P., B.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin, b. 1825 ;
m. 1st, 1850, Frances St. Lawrence, dau. of Gen.
Hon. Arthur Grore-Annesley, of Annes Grove, co.
Oork, 3rd son of Eichard, 2nd Earl Anneslej, and
by her (who d. 17 Sept. 1871) has had issue,

I. George Henry (Eev.), M.A. Camb., Curate of Christ
Church, Brentwood, Essex, b. 11 Feb. 1854.

I!. John Montgomery, b. 12 Jan. 1857 ; educated at Lauaannc
and R.I.E. Coll. Cooper's Hill, d. June, 1883.

III. Francis Warden Arthur Annesley, b. 6 Sept. 1863.

IV. Ernest Llewellyn, 6. 26 Mardi, 1866, in I.C.S.

y. Charles Annesley, b. at Veytaux, Switzerland, 16 June,
and d. 18 Sept. 1871. ,

I. Francis Mary, b. 19 Sept. 1852 ; d. 21 Feb. 1862.

II. Elizabeth Mary, b. 20 Aug. 1855 ; d. 3 May, 1867.

III. Piiscilla Georgiana, 6. 29 Aug. 1858 ; d. 1 Nov. follow-

IV. Alice Katherine. v. Margaret Beatrice.

Mr. Vaughan vi. 2ndly, Oct. 1872, Jane, dau. of
Col. Wall, of Leamington, ar»J widow of Capt.
Denis Koenig, of Paris. She d. s. p. 1876. He ni.
-irdly, June, 1884, Caroline Ann, eldest dau. of J.
Wykeham Dickenson, Esq. and has issue,

VI. Ealph Montgomery.
VI. Frances Mary.

Iiineage. — There is every reason to believe that this
family, one of Welsh extraction, is descended from the old
and ennobled House of Vaughan, of Golden Grove, in Carmar-
thenshire, on which was conferred the earldom of Carbery
{see Burke's Extinct and Dormant Peerage). For nearly
three centuries it has been settled in the province of Ulster,
first at Ardee, co. Louth, and afterwards at Dromore, co.
Down, and, in corroboration of the Golden Grove ancestry,
it may be observed that one of the daughters of Walter
Vaughan, of Golden Grove, Carmarthenshire, m. Sir Edward
Moore, Knt., eldest son of Gerald, 1st Viscount Drogheda,
and tliat in her widowhood she and her daughter Letitia, b.
1615, were possessed of property in the county of Louth, and
resided at Ardee, as appears by their petition to Parliament
regarding the losses they sustained in the Eebellion of 1641.
It may also be noticed that the Kev. George Vaughan,
Treasurer of Dromore (ancestor of the Vaoghans o/' Ga(V()/'>,
was the devoted friend of Jeremy Taylor, Bishop of Dromure,

who was in early life chaplain to Richard Vaughan, ot
Golden Grove, Earl of Carbery. The first on record in Ireland

Eev. George Vaughan, b. 1634, who resided for some time
near Ardee. He was first appointed Curate of Dundalk, and
afterwards Treasurer of Dromore Cathedral. He d. leaving a

Eev. John Vaughan, soa of the preceding Eev. George
Vaughan, was b. 1675, B.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin, 1701, and was
appointed Rector of the united parishes of Dromore and
Anaclone, co. Domi. He purchased an estate in the parish of
Donoughmore, and other property in co. Down; jii. 23 May,
1710, Anne, sister of Eight Rev. Ealph Lambert, D.D., Bishop
of Dromore, and had issue,

I. Ealph, b. 13 Feb. 171 1 ; d. unm.

II. George, of whom hereafter.

1. Alice, m. 1st, John Corry, Esq. of Newry, and had issue,
and, 2ndly, Eobert Lambert, Esq. of Dunleady, co. Down,
by whom she had an only dau. Anne, heir to her father, m.
25 Sept. 1771, Eichard, 2nd Earl Annesley.

Eev. John Vaughan, whose will is dated 2 Sept. 1742, d. Jan.

1745. His 2nd son,
Eev. George Vaughan, B.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin 1732, 6. 3

Jan. 1713 ; s. his father as Rector of Dromore and Anaclone.

He m. Margaret Smith, of Clontibret, co. Monaghan, an heir,

and had issue,

I. Ealph, s. to the property of his uncle, Ealph, m. Miss
Montgomery, co. Monaghan (cousin of Ann, wife of his
brother, George), and had one dau. Anne, to. her cousin,
George Vaughan, of Quilly.

II. George, of whom hereafter.

I. Eebecca, m. William McDowell Johnstone, Esq. of Bally-
willwill, CO. Down, and h:id a son, Eev. George Henry
McDowell Johnstone, of Ballywillwill, b. 1775. to. 1811, his
cousin. Lady Anna Maria Annesley, dau. of Eichard, 2ad
Earl Annesley, and d. s. p. 1864.

Eev. George Vaughan d. 14 May, 1794. His 2nd son,

George Vaughan, Esq. of Villa, co. Down, Col. of Dromore
and Donaghclony Volunteers 1793 (a very interesting pro-
clamation of the volunteers appears ia the Belfast Newsletter
of 8 Jan. 1793, signed by George Vaughan, Col., and Thos.
Dowglass, Capt.), m. Anne Montgomery, of Bessmount, co,
Monaghan, and had issue,

I. John, of Villa, d. unm.

u. George, of whom hereafter.

lu. Ealph, d. unm.

I. Margaret, d. uniii. 21 Aug. 1823.
Tlie 2nd son,

George Vaughan, Esq. of Quilly, b. 1763; m. 1st, his cousin,
Anne, only dau. of his uncle, Ralph Vaughan, by whom he
had no issue, and 2ndly, 1824, Mary, dau. of George Tyrrell,
Esq., CO. Westmeath, by his wife, Catherine, dau. of Very
Rev. AVensley Bond, Dean of Ross, and sister of Very Rev.
James Forward Bond, also Dean of Ross, and d. 7 Feb. 1810,
leaving issue,

I. George Montgomery, now of Quilly.

II. .lohn, d.unm,

I. Katharine.

II. Margaret, m. 1850, Mitchell Henry, Esq. of Kylemore
Castle, CO. Galway, M.P., and d. 1874, leaving issue.

Anns — Per pale sa. and az., on a chevron engrailed arg. ,
between three boys' heads couped at the shoulders and entwmed
round the necks with snakes, ail ppr., a cross gu. Crest — A
boy's head gu. , as in the arms, charged on the neck with a cross
gu. Motto — Honeste audax.

Seat — Quilly House, co. Down.


Vaughan, Hugh Vaughan, Esq. of The Castle,
Builth, CO. Brecon, b. 6 Aug. 1852 ; m. 12 Aug.
1885, Eva, dau. of the late Henry Campbell, Esq.
of Dunoon, co. Argyll, and has had issue,

Elizabeth Angela, 6. 3 Aug. 18S6.

Violet, 6. 26 Sept. 1888; d. 18 March, 1889.

Mr. Vaughan ia eldest son of the late Rev. Thomas
Thomas, Kector of Disserth, co. Radnor, by Ann
Eliza his wife, dau. of the late Hugh Vaughan, of
Llwynmadoe, co. Radnor, and sister of James
Vaughan, of The Castle, Builth, sometime High
Sheritf for co. Brecon, and formerly a Surgeon-
Major H.E. I.C.S. He assumed, by rojal licence,
the name and arms of Vaughan in lieu of Thomas,
18 July, 1885, in compliance with a clause in the





^^ill of his uncle, James Taiighiin, Esq., who d. 17
Dee. 1SS4.

.-Inns — Gu., a sarb or. on a chief arg., three hoars' heads
diiptii of \.he lirst, a borJure iuvcclcd goboiiy of Hie second
and az.

Crest— On a garb lying fesscwise or, a lion ramp, reguar.l.
ajjr., holdiui: in tlie dcxtor paw two ears of wheat of the first.

Motto — HtDD. (iVKIAWN. AC. NAC. OFNA.

iSca: — The Castle, liuilth,.co. Jjrecon.


Vaughax, Hexrt Feaxcis John, Esq. of Hum-
phrestou Hall, eo. Salop, E.A., Scl. Oh. Ch. Oxou,
■vvliere he graduate.! in honours 1864, in the
pchools of Natural Seieuee, b. 3 Jan. 1841 ; m.
10 Jan. 1S7G, Marv Dorothea Scott, elder dau. of
Scott Kasun th Stokes, Esq., of Trin. Coll. Camb.,
Darrister - at - Law, and one of H.M.'s Ciiief
Inspectors of Schools, son of Charles Scott Stokes,
Esq. of BeacldcT, co. Gloucester, by Emma his
wife, dau. and heir of Eichard Jenkins, Esq. of
Jieachlej, co. Gloucester, and has had issue,

I. Henry Hu.MrniiESTON Scott, 6. 30 -luly, 1877.

II. John Courtenay KoUiott Dudley, 6. 22 March, 1S79.

III. AVilliam Herbert traucis, 6. and d. IG Sept. IbSj.
I. Anne Dorothea, 6. and d. 15 Oct. 1831.

u. Mary, b. and d. 10 Feb. ISSS.

Lineage.— This family is descended through Ithel
Vaughan, who m. the heiress of Holt, co. Denbigh, from
Ednowian Bendew, Lord of Tegaingle, Founder of the XIIJ
Xoble Tribe, a.d. lO'li. The family has long been seated at
Chilton Grove, near Shrewsbury, where the senior line
resided until the death of John Jones, Esq. of Chilton, 5
Oct. 1816, with whom that branch of the family became
extinct. John ap John, to whom Chilton was granted
traditionally by Henry V'II., -with a new coat of arms for
services at Bosworth, d. s. p. and was the first called Jo.ves.
His mother having been a Stanley, he had the enormous
influence of that family. John's father was of Holt, co.
Denbigh, and his name appears as contributing to the
benevolence of 7 Henry Vll., and also paying something
from his estate to the Abbot of Shrewsbury. liis I'ymiiy
had two houses there, both called Jones' Mansion, one of
which was the residence of Prince llupert in 1642 ; and
another branch of the family wasseated at Berwick, in the
neighbourhood where Sir Samuel Jones built sixteen alms-
houses and a chapel in his park, surrounding a quadrangle,
which still remains. Of this branch came Sir Thomas
Jones, Lord Chief Ju.stice of the Common I'leas in the reigns
of Charles If. and James II.

William Jones, Esq. of Chilton, a burgess of Shrewsbury,
son and heir of Isaac Jones, E.sq. of Chilton (whose name
appears in the Visitation of co. Salop in 1623, and who d. 9
May, 1694, and was bur. at Atcham), by Susannah his wife,
dau. of Uichard Hatchett, Esq. of Peplow, co. Salop, in.
Susannah, dau. of John Calcjtt, Esq. of the Lower House,
Berwick Maveston, near Shrewsbury, and was bur. at Atcham,
21 March, 1728, leaving issue,

I. William, of Chilton, bapt. 16 Sept. 1684; m. Mary, dau.
of Joseph Muckleston, Esq. of Shrew.sbury, and was bnr. at
Atcham 2 May, 1757, leaving issue, I William, of Chilton,
6. 1 July, 17a2; m. Sarah, dau. of Edward Gibbons, E.sq. of
Ettingshall, co. StafTord, and d. 7 Feb. 1815, without sur-
viving issue. 2 Joseph, of Wolverhampton, surgeon, b. 22
March, 1734; m. Elizabeth (who </. 27 May, 180 v, and d. s.
ji. 10 Feb. 1807. 3 Thomas, bapt. 23 .Sept. 17o7 ; d. s. j>.
27 Feb. 1811. I Mary, bapt. 17 Nov. 1739; d. unm. 14
June, 1773. 2 Susannah, bur. 1 Oct. 1744, uiim.

II. TnuMAS, of whuni hereafter.

III. Isaac, bapt. 17 Dee. 1691.

IV. John, of Finnant, bapt. 24 April, 1694; m. Mary, dau.
and heir of William Lloyd, Esq. of Finnant, was bur. 18
Oct. 1763, leaving issue, 1 Lloyd, m. Magdalen, dau. of
Samuel Simmocks, and d. s. p. 25 Feb. 1801 ; 2 John, of
Newport, co. Salop, a physician, who had the Chilton estate
by Will, and m. Sarah (who d.i March, lH25), andii. «. p. 6
Oct. 1816, aged 78; 1 Mary, d. s. p.; 2 Anne, d. s. p.;
3 Martha, rn. Eev. Itichard Congreve, of Congreve, co.
Stafford, and d. 19 Slarch, 1809, leaving issue, Kiojiard
Congreve, who s. to Chilton, and sold it to K. L. Burton,
E.sq. of Longner.

I. Eleanor, bapt. 9 May, 1682 ; bur. 24 Dec. 1691.

II. Martha, bapt. 16 Sept. 168G ; m. — Atkis.

Jii. Mary, bapt. 18 March, 1095; m. 16 July, 1722, John

The 2nd son,

Thomas Jones, Esq., the 2nd son, bapt. 11 Oct. 16SS, 7n.
Margaret, dau. and heir of Edward, eldest son of Sir Richard
Vaughan (bur. 20 July, 1728), of Tyrycoed, and by her had
issue, two sons, William and George, who d. s. p.

William Jones, Esq., 6. 1726: m. Mary, dau. of Thomas
Kyffin, Esq. of Oswestry, whose mother was dau. of Edward
Lloyd, Esq. of Llanvorda, near that town, and was bur. at
Broseley, co. Salop, 8 Oct. 1790, leaving issue two sons, Thomas,
who d. s. p., and John.

John Jones, Esq., «. to the representation of the Chilton
family on the death of his relative, William Jones, of Chilton,.
7 Feb. ISl.J; m. 2 Feb. 1779, Eleanor, only child of William
Adams, Esq. of Broseley, a Catholic family, bapt. 1733, by
Eleanor his wife, only child of Henry Fermor, Esq., and
Elizabeth his wife, younger son of Henry Fermor Esq., who
d. 3 Feb. 1683, and Eleanor (;i^e Browne) his wife. John Jones
was bur. at Broseley 1820, leaving issue, by Eleanor his wife,
a son and heir,

George Jones, Esq., Lord of the Manor of Humphreston,.
and other jitates in co. Salop, was bapt. at Broseley 28 March,
1781. He migrated into Staffordshire, and m, at Bilston, in that
county, 1S02, Catherine,?*. 13 July, 1775, eldest dau. of Daniel
Turner, Esq. of the Brownhills, near Walsall, and eldest co-
heir of her brothers, who d. s. p. The Turners were an old
family seated at Sutton Coldfield, and in the neighbourhood.
Daniel Turner, Esq., was the eldest son of Henry Turner, Esq.,
and Catherine his wife, widow of Thomas Jordan, Esq. of
Biriningliam, and dau. of William Lea, of Hales Owen. He-
771. Sarah, b. 1756, tlie only child of Robert Hanbury, Esq.,
bapt. at Norton Canes, near Walsall, 1736, by Mary, dau. and
heir of Uichard .\rllaster, Esq. of Lyndon, co. Stafford, and-
Jlary his wife, grand-dau. of Ferrers Fowke, Esq. of Wyrley,
in the same neiglibourhood. This Richard Arblastcr, whose
sou or grandson of the same name was tiie last male of his
race, was a younj^er son of Edmund Arblaster, of Lysnis,
near Walsall, who d. 1732. George Jones, Esq., added to the
large mineral estates he possessed in StalTordshire and South
Wales considerable landed estates in Shropshire, and at his
death divided them amongst his descendants, reserving to his-
son a life interest in most of them, together with the residui-
of his property. He was bur. at Donington, co. Salop, 7
March, 1S57, and his wife was interred in the same vault, 17
.\pril, 1858. They had issue an only son, John Jones Esq. of
lUickley Grange, co. Salop, and two daus., Tlieodosi.T, b. 1803-
m. John Barker, Esq., SheritT of Staffordshire 1851, and d. 1!V
March, 1882, and lileanor, d. young and unm., and is bur. in
the Jordan and Turner vault in St. John's churchyard,
Wolverhampton. The only son,

John Jones, Esq., Lord of the Manor of Humphreston, co.
Salop, J. P., 6.2 April, 1805; m. 30 Dec. 1826, Anne, foster
dau. of S. Badger, Esq. (b. at Windsor, 24 June, 1808 ; <;. aS
Ruckley Grange, eo. Salop, 16 Feb, 1866, bur. at Donington,
in the family vault, 20 Feb. 1866), and had issue,

I. Gcorgi', rf. v.p 1864, bur. at Donington.

II. Henry Francis John, of Humphreston.

III. Henwayn, b. at Kilsall HaU, 20 Dec. 1843; <?. s. p. 1891.
I. Anne, b. 9 July, 1827. ii. Catherine.

III. Ellen, 6. 10 Oct. l'-33, a nun.

IV. liuth, b. at Donington, 24 June, 1838.

Mr. John Jones d. 8 Oct. 1882, and was s. by his son, Henrt
Francis JoHNjWho adopted the name of Vacghan 13 April, 187t>.

^rma— Quarterly of seven; 1st, Arg. a linn rainp. vert,,
wounded in the shoulder gu.. for Jones, of Chilton; 2ud, arg..
a chev. between three boars' heads sa. couped, langued, and
snouted t:u., tusked or, for Ednowain Benoew, the old arms
of the family ; 3r,l, vert, three eagles displayed in fess or, for
Owain GwvNEDD ; 4lh,gu. abend arg., lor Gratwood ; 5th,
per fess sa. and arj;. a lion ramp, counterchanged, for
Vadghan; 6th, sa. a mtirtlet arg. for Adams ; 7th, arg. a mill-
rind sa., forTuKNER. C'l-esls—lst, the sun in splendouror; 2nd,
on an Eastern crown or, a dragon jiass. guard, gu. ; 3rd, a,
boar's head sa. couped gu., tusked or, pierced with a dagger,
ppr. Mnttnes — " Ovnerna ovno augau," and " Ento Sol testis."

Seat — Humphreston Hall, co. Salop.

A^aughan-Petse-Eice, John Pugh Carbeet,.
Esq. of Lhvyn-y-Erain, co. Carmarthen, J. P. and
D.L. CO. Cardigan, and J. P. co. Carmarthen, High
Sherili; 1891, Ij. ISd'J; m. 27 Sept. 1887, Margaret,
Kcr, younger dau. of James Stewart, Esq. D.L., of
Altvrodin, co. Cardigan, (.see Ihatjamily) and has
issue, a dau. b. 20 Jan. 1804.





Xiineagre of ruTSE. — {Sie Bcrke's Pitragi, Petse, Bart.)

Liineagre of Rice.— Thi.s family is of ancient Cambrian
ancestry. Walter Kice, Esq. of Llwyn-y-I5rain, co. Car-
niartlien, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Penoyre Watkins, Esq. of
I'eiioyre, co Brecon, and Broadway, co. Carmarthen, and
by her (who d. 29 Dec. 1829} had issue, Caroline, d. 4 April,
isio, and Waltee. Mr. Bice d. 12 Jan. 1793, and was s. by
liis son,

Major Walter PacE, of Llwyn-y-Brain, m. Mary Anne,
youngest dau. of Herbert Evans, Esq. of Highraead, co. Car-
digan, and by her (who d. 8 Dec. 1859) had issue,
■Walter, deceased.

•CiEORGK Watkin, late of LIwyn-y-Brain.
Herbert Henry, hi. Isabella, dau. of Gen. Munt ; hed. 20 Oct.
1853, leaving issue, Herbert Henry, d. 16 Aug. 1866 ; Edward
John, d. 4 Jan. 1858: and Henrietta Eliza.
jVIary Anne, in. Lieut.-Gen. Langerniann, of Chateau Provid-
roux, Belgium ; she d. 6 Dec. ISGO, having had issue,
Godfrai George, d. 25 Jan. 1874. Lieut.-Gen. Langermann,
</. 12 May, 1861.
Eliza Caroline, d. «nm. 15 March, 1846.
ilargarctta Jane, m. l>t, 14 Sept. 1836, Pryse-Pryse Loveden
(eldest son of Pryse-Prj"se, Esq. of Gogerddan), who d. 1
I'ob. 18-Ji, leaving issue. Sir Pryse Pry.<;e, created a baronet
<«?e Burke's Perrage); Margaret, m. 13 Oct. 1869, Thomas
llolford, Esq. of Papillon Hall, co. Leicester; and Caroline
Agnes Loveden, m. 26 Jan. 1887, Viscount Parker {see
Burke's Peet-age, Macclesfield, E.). Mrs. Loveden ni.
2ndly, Henry Charles Fryer, Esq. of Lytchet House, co.
Dorset, and d. 18J2.
Decima Dorothea, m. 12 Oct. 1853, John Pugh Vaughan
Pryse, Esq. of Bwlch Bychan, co. Carmarthen, D.L. (see
liCRCE's Peerage, Pryse, Bart.), and d. I8y3, leaving issue,
John Caebert Pcgh, now of Llwyn-y-Brain ; Pryse, d. 16
March, 1863 ; and Alice Eliza Maude, d. 22 March, 1867.
Mr. Pryse took the name of Vaughan, in compliance with
the wish of his godlather, and is now Vaughan-Pbyse.

Major Rice d. 30 April, 1844. His 2nd son,

Geoegb Watkin Rice- Watkins, Esq. of Llwyn-y-Brain, co.
Carmarthen, J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff co. Carmarthen
1856, and for co. Brecon 18S0, 6. 1816; formerly Adjutant
and Capt. f3rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers and Major Royal Car-
marthen Militia. He took the surname of Watkins by royal
licence 1865, under the will of his great-uncle, George Price
Watldns, Esq. of Broadway, co. Carmarthen, and Rhosferig,
CO. Brecon, and d. s. p. and was s. by his nephew.

Seat — Llwyn-y-Brain, Llandovery, co. Carmarthen.


Vawdbet, Rev. Daniel, of Plas Gwjnant, co.
Carnarvon, M.A., formerlj Rector of Stepney, of
Darley Dale, b. 5 March, 1808 ; m. 1st, 12 July,
1S42, Christiana Anne, only child of Robert Pow-
iiall Hadfic'ld, Esq. of Winnington, co. Chester, and
widow of William Orford, Esq. of Liverpool, mer-
chant, and had issue,

I. Daniel, 6. 16 June, 1844: d. s. p.

II. Louis Wyatt, l>. 1846, d. v.nm.

He m. 2ndly, 1876, Arabella Mary, dau. of Arthur
Osmund Wyatt, Esq. of Troy House, co. Monmouth,
.and had issue,

i:i. Daniel Arthur, 6. 28 Sept. 1877, d. t. p.

Liineagre. — Thomas Vaudrey, 2nd son of Thomas Vau-
■drey, of Bodon, who was 5th sun (but eldest by 2nd marriage)
of Robert Vaudrey, Esq. of The Biddings, Vice Chamberlain of
-Chester, was 6. at Bodon temp. Queen Elizabeth, but neither
iie nor his descendants being found at Bodon, he, being contem-
porary, appears from still-existing documents to be certainly
identical with Thumas Vaudrey, who first settled at the Mill
Gate, in Cranage, co. Chester, early in the 17th century. This
Thomas Vaudrey m. 12 Feb. 1020, Anne Jackson, of Sandbaeh,
<;o. Chester, and by her (who d. 10 May, 1679) had issue, a son
and heir, and a dau. Anne. He d. May, 1678, and was s. by
iliis son,

Thomas Vawdret, gent, of the Mill Gate and Cotton, bapt.
3 Oct. 1622. He )J(. Jane Cotton, of Church Holme, and by
her (who d. 14 June, 1686) had issue, a dau. Anne, m. 14 Feb.
1689, Cranage Wilcoxson, gent, of Sproston, co. Chester, and
.a son and h. ir,

Thomas Vawdret, gent, of Mill Gate and Cotton, m. Sarah,
dau. of John Whittingham, gent, of Moresbarrow, and by her
who d. 31 Dec. 1724) had issue,

I. Daniel, his hiir.

■51. Thom.,3, 01 Giay's Inn and Moresbarrow, 6. 9 Dec. 1695 ;

TO. Elizabeth Gresty, of Peover, co. Chester, and had issue,
two daus., and was living in 1730.

III. Joseph, b. 28 Dec. 1697 ; m. Mary Glover, and had a son,
Thomas Vawdrey, who d. s. p., and a dau. Anne, m. Joseph
Sandbach, of Chelford.

I. Hannah, 0. 12 Feb. 1692; m. James Bulkeley, gent, of

II. Sarah, 6. 10 May, 1699 ; m. Ralph Dean, gent.

HI. Mary. b. 31 July, 1703; 1st, George Wood, gent, of
Knutsford, and 2ndly, John Shawe, gent, of Holmca

IV. Elizabeth, d. in infancy 1705.

Mr. Vawdrey d. Kov. 1716, and was s. by his son,

Daniel Vawdrey, Esq. of The Mill Gate, 6. 7 Feb. 1694; m.
Hannah Sandbach, of Henry, co. Chester, and by her (who d.
14 Oct. 1753) had issue,

I. Thomas, of The Mill Gate, 6. 25 March, 1722 ; to. 12 May,
1757, Mary, dau. and heir of Thomas Stanway, gent, of
Bidden Hall, co. Chester; d. 17 April, 1793. Mr. Vawdrey
was bur. at Holmes Chapel 30 May, 1779, having had

1 Thomas, 6. in 1762, ■) , .„ ,-„.,„„.,

2 Daniel, 6. 1767, ' j <i- i° mfancy.

1 Anne, only dau. and heir, bapt. 17 Feb. 1764; m. 19
Oct. 1784, Rev. James Eyton Mainwaring, M.A.,aiid had
a son. Rev. James Mainwaring, of Biddenhall, who sold
the Mill (iate estate.

II. Richard, 6. 25 Dec. 1723; d. unm. 12 May, 1751.

III. Daniel, b. 17'36 ; d. 1730.

IV. Daniel, who continued the male line.

I. Mary, 6. 20 March, 1731 ; m. Richard Nicholls, gent, of
Warrington, and d. 11 May, 1804, leaving issue.

Mr. Vawdrey was bur. at Holme Chapel 15 Oct. 1763. His 2nd
surviving son,

Daniel Vawdrey, Esq. of Moresbarrow Hall, co. Chester,
6. 14 March, 1733; m. 1st, Mary, dau. of William Seaman, Esq.
of Middlewich, and by her (who was bur. 1 Feb. 1774, aged 30
years) had issue,

I. Gilbert, 6. 1770; d. 1773.

II. DANihi,, his heir.

Mr. Vawdrey m. 2ndly, 1 Jan. 1778, Mary, dau. of Peter Sea^
man, Esq. of Warrington, and by her (who d. 20 March, 1834,
aged 90) had issue,

III. Gilbert (Rev.), B.A., 6. 28 Dec. 1778, Incumbent of
Wrenbury, co. Chester, d. unm. 4 Feb. 1814.

IV. Peter, of Warrington, b. 27 April, 1780; d. unm. 19
March, 1831.

v. Richard, of Middlewich, Attorney-at-Law, 6. 26 March,
1782; d. unm. II April, 1832.

VI. William (Rev.), Rector of Harthill and Incumbent of
Burdwardsley, both in co. Chester, b. 28 March, 1784: lii.
Fanny, dau. of John Brabant, Esq. of Kinderton Lodge,
Middlewich, and had issue,

1 Frederick. 2 William Davi

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