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dau. of William Ladkins, Esq. of Shaw, co. Stafford, and
Helkdon, co. Warwick, and by her (who d. 1699) had





IHenby, hi-; heir.

lidwaid, Merchant of London, b. 28 Dec. 16G5; d, 1742, at
Aleppo, leaving a son, James, m. Lydia, daa. of Edward
-Puinell, Esq., and had, with two sons, who d. s. p., three
•dans., Elizabeth, »i. the Count Thomas du Pont; Louisa,
m. William Mackinnon, Eeq. ; and Caroline, m. John Uewer,
George, 6. 1.5 Aug. 1G67 ; killed ahroad s. p.
Thomas, of London, d. unm. 5 April, UiZ, aged 68.
The eldest son,

Hesbt Vernon, Esq. of Hilton, 6. 1663; ra. 1717, Pene-
lope, 2nd dau. and co-heir of Robert Phillips, Esq. of Newton
Regis, CO. Warwick, and by her (who d. 2.5 Jan. 1726) had five
i»ons and two daus.,

Henry, his heir, 6. 13 Sept. 1718.

Thomas Phillips, b. 20 Nov. 1719; d. unm. 1755.

John, 6. 20 Jan. 1720; d. s.p. at Cairo 16 May, 1747.

Edward (i^ir), Admiral R.N., b. 1721 : d. 1794.

Eichard, 6. 18 June, 17;;6; in. 1759, Evelyn, dau. of John

Lcveson, Earl Gower, and widow of John Fitzpatrick, 1st

Earl of Upper Ossory, and left issue, Henrietta, m. 9 July,

1776, George Broke, 2nd Earl of Warwick.
Penelope, b. 6 June, 17:;2: m. Sir William Duckenfield

Danitl, Bart, of Over Tabley, co. Chester.
Elizabeth, 6. 17 Jan. 1724; d. 28 Jan. 172G.

Hr. Vernon d. 24 July, 1732, and was s. by his eldest son,

Henry Vernon, Esq. of Hilton Park, b. 13 Sept. 1718; to.
1743, Lady Henrietta Wentworth (who d. 12 April, 1786),
joungest dau. of Thomas, Earl of Strafford, and had issue,

Henry, his heir.

William, d. June, 1775, unm.

Leveson, d. unm. 21 Se; t. 1831; possessed Stoke, co. North-
ampton, and Aldburou-h, Suffolk.

Anne, 7n. Noel, 1st Lord Berwick, and d. 23 March, 1797.

Henrietta, m. 1st, Kichard, 1st Earl Grosvenor, and 2ndly,
Gen. George Porter, M.P. Her ladyship d. 1828.

Lucy, d. unm. 1783.

Caroline, Maid ot Honour to Ch irlotte, Queen-Consort of
George 111., 6 1751 ; d. unm. Ib29.

Jane, d. unm. 1805.
The eldest son,

Henry Vernon, Esq. of Hilton Park, 6.21 March, 1748;
m. 1st, 1775, Penelope, dau. and co-heir of Arthur Graham.
Esq. of Dublin, by whom he had twins, a dau. who d. shortlj'
after her birth, and a son,

Henry Charles Edward, his successor.
He m. 2ndly, 23 April, 1794, Margaret, dau. of Thomas Fisher,
i-sq. of Acton, and by her had two sons,

Frederick William Thomas 6. 20 Sept. 1795, the late
Frederick William Thomas Vernon VVentwoeth, Esq.
of Wentworth Castle [sre that JVamt-).

George Augustus Frederick, b. Nov. 1798 ; d. 1815.
IVIr. Vernon d. 27 Oct. 1814, aged 66, and was s. by his eldest

Henry Charles Edward Vernon, Esq. of Hilton Park,
Major-Gen., C.B., 6. 28 Sept. 1779 ; m. 28 Feb. 1804, Maria, 4th
<Iau. of George John Cooke, Esq. of Harefield Park, Middle-
-scx (see next Article), and by her (who d. 3 Oct. 1827), had

Henry Charles, hii successor.

William Frederick, of Harefield Park, Middlesex (see next

George Augustus, s. to Harefield Park on the death of his

brother (see next Memoir).
Emma Penelope.

Gen. Vernon entered the army 1798, and served throughout
the Peninsular War, in Nova Scotia, the West Indies, and the
Ionian Islands. He a.'sumed, ISOO, the name of Graham by
joyal licence on inheriting his maternal property, but resumed
that of Vernon only 1838. He d. 22 March, 1861, aged 81,
and was a. by his son,

Henuy Charles Vernon, Esq. of Hilton Park, J. P. and
D.L., High Sheriff 1867, 6. 9 Jan. 1805 ; to. 15 March, 1828,
Catherine, 2nd dau. of Richard Rice Williams, Esq. of Hendre-
denny, co. Glamorgan, and by her (whod. 29 March, 1884) had

Henry, 6. 16 Dee. 1828: d. 19 Feb. 1S55.

Augustus William, 6. 15 June, 1834 ; d. 6 Aug. 1834.

Augustus Leveson, now of Hiton Paik.

Frederick Wentworth (Rev.;, b. 8 Jan. 1839; m. 1st, 6

June, 1867, Ellen Marv Woodhouse. only dau. of Hugh

"Woodhouse Acland, Esq., and by her (who is deceased) has,

with other issue, a son, 6. 16 Oct. 1869, and 2ndly, 13 Aug.

1885, Edith Serena Hill, dau. of Rev. WiUiam Henry

Boothby, Vicar of Hiwkesbury.
William George (Kcv.), 6. 8 April, 1840; m. 8 Feb. 1866,

Alexandrina Adelaide, dau. of the late William D. Sole,

Esq. of Devonport, and has issue,

Charles Cecil WiUiam, b. 23 July, 1868.

Edward Hamilton, &. 16 Jan. 1844.
Maria. Catherine.

Mr. Vernon d. 26 Feb. 1886.

^rm,?— Arg., fretty sa. Crest— A boar's head erased sa.,
dueally gnrged or. Motto— Yerwrn semper viret.
Heat — Hilton Park, Wolverhampton, co. Stafford.
Clubs — Carlton, Junior Carlton, and Nimrod.


Veenon, Georgk Augustus, Esq. of Harefield
Park, Middlesex, J.P. and D.L. co. Stafford, Lieut. -
Col. late Coldstream Guards, b. 31 May, 1811 ; m.
1 June, 1842, Louisa Jane Frances, youngest dau.
of Admiral Bertie Cator, R.N., and by lier (who d.
20 Dec. 1880, aged 57) had issue,

I. George Edward, 6. 8 Nov. 1843, Ensign 9th Foot,
accidentally drowned at Gibraltar, 13 Dec. 1864.

II. Bertie Wentworth (Stoke Park, Towcaster) Lieut.,
R.N. (retired) J.P. co. Northampton, b. 26 Oct. 1846,
TO. 23 June, 1873, Isabel Caroline Eliza, only dau. of
Lieut.-Col. Henry Alkyns Bowyer, of the Grange,
Steeple Aston, co. Oxford, and has had a son, Bertie
Leveson Henry Wentworth, 6. 12 March, 1877 ; d. 1884.

III. Herbert Charles Erskine, 6. 28 ^ept. 1851, d. 15 Feb.

I. Mary, m. Charles Pringle, Esq., and has had one son,
whod. 1884.

II. Edith Henrietta Sophia.

III. Louisa Jane, m. Gen. Edward Westby Donovan, 2nd
son of Richard Donovan, Esq. of Ballymore, co. Wex-
ford, and has one son (see Donovan of Bully more).

IV. Lizzie, to. 1st, 1873, the late Capt. AtUyns Bowyer, of
the Grange, Steeple Aston, eldest son of Col. Atkyns
Bowyer. She m. 2ndly, Gore Langton, Esq.

V. Muriel Isabel.

liiueagre. — (See preceding Article.)

J^amilg of Cooki of ^arcGelir park.

This family, supposed to derive from that of Coke, Earls of
Leicester, became seated at Harefield in 1700.

John Cooke, Esq. (d. 1711), of the Inner Temple, Chief
Prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas, was of Cran-
brook, Kent. His youngest son of twelve children, by his
wire (an heiress, a Warren, of co. Chester),

Sir George Cooke, Knt. of Harefield and of the Inner
Temple, Chief Prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas, b.
1675 ; m. 1700, Anne, youngest dau. of Edward Jenuings, Esq.
of the Inner Temple, Counsel to Queen Anne, was b. 1681,
and d. 1736. Sir George d. 1740, and was buried with his wife
at Hayes, Middlesex, where there is a monument to his
memory. His only son and heir,

George Cooke, Esq. of Harefield, M.P. for Middlesex, &.
1709, Chief Prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas, was
presented with the freedom of the City of London for the
assistance he had rendered the citizens in his parliamentary
advocacy of their measures. He m. 1735, Catherine, 2nd dau.
and eventual heir of Sir Thomas Twysden, Bart., by Catherine,
dau. and sole heir of Sir Francis Withens, Knt. She d. 1765,
and Mr. Cooke in 1768, leaving issue (besiJes three younger

I. George John, his heir.

II. Thomas, who commanded the " Lord Elgin" East India-
man, and d. in Batavia 1772.

III. William, of the Inner Temple.

IV. Charles, who took the name of Molloy, on succeeding to
the Linstead estates, on the death of Sir Charles Molloy, in
1760, m. Catherine, dau. of Hutchinson Muir, Esq. of Suffolk,
and dying in 1805, left an only child, Mary, who r,i Rev.
William Jones, of Chalfont St. Giles, and had an only dau.
Mary, who m. 1842, Rev. Edwaiti Moore, Rector of Boughtun-
Malherbe, and had issue.

The eldest son,

George John Cooke, Esq. of Harefield Park, M.P. for
Middlesex. 6.1736; m. 1765, Penelope, dau. of Sir William
Bowyer, Bart., and by her (who m. 2ndly, Major-Gen. Smith,
uncle to Admiral Sir Sydney Smith, G.C.B., and d. 1821) left

I. George (Sir), K.C.B., of whom presently.

II. Edward, R.N., who, when commanding the " Sybille,"
179S, took " La Forte" frigate, and to whom the East India
Company erected a monument in Westminster Abbey. He
d. s. p. 1799, 01 his wounds, aged 27.

III. Henry Frederick (Sir), who s. to Harefield on the death
of Sir George.






I. Kitty, who became 1st, Mrs. Bond, and 2ndlj-, Mrs. Tre- |
beck, left issue, oue dau. Klinor Bonii, who m. 1S2S, Capt. \
Kirwan. I

II. Penelope, m. 8 March, 1704, Robert, Cth Earl of Cardigan, j

III. Eliza, d. unni. 1 May, IbSj". j
jv. Jlaria. ri. 1804, Oen. Vkunon, C.B., of Hilton Park, and !

d. at Geneva 3 Oct. ISM, Itavinn issue, |

1 Henri CHAiiLKS. ol Hilton I'ark (see precediiig ariide).

2 William iKEDKnicK, late of llarefieUl Park.

3 George AfGisrcs, now of llarelield Park.
1 Eiuina Penelope.

He d. 1785, and nras ». by his eldest son,

Liect.-Gen-. Sir George Cooke, K.C.B., K.S.G., K.T.S.,
K.W., b. 17l)is who for many years held the Colonelcy of the
77th Kest. He commanded the division of Guards at Water-
loo, where he lost his left aim by a cannon-shot. Ueti. 3Eeb.
1837, and was s. by liis brother,

Major-Gex. Sir Hexry Krederick Cooke, K.C.H., C.B.,
K.M.M., K.S.G., &c., who thus became of Hurelield Park,
Sir Henry represented the borough of Camelford in Parliament,
and was for many years Aidc-de-Camp to H.R.H. the Duke of
York; he »i. 1S34, Katherine, dau. of xVdmiral Windham, of
Felbrisg, Xorf oik ; and d. s. p. 10 March, 1837, having only
enjoyed the estate for the brief period of five weeks, which
upon his widow's second marriage in 1840, to Robert Hook,
Esq., was bequeathed to his nephew,

William Frederick Vernon, Esq. of Harefield Park,
Middlesex, D.L., late Capt. G8ih Toot, b. 7 Nov. 1807 ; s. by
the death s. p. of his maternal uncle, Major-Gen. Sir Henry
Frederick Cooke, K.C.H. , C.H.&c, to the Harefield estate ;
r,i. 22 June, 1841, Elizabeth, dau. of James Shuttleworth,
Esq., formerly of Barton, co. I>anc;ister; she d. s. p. 3 March,
1853. Mr. W. F. Vernon d. Sept. 1839, and was s. by his

Arms (of Cooke)— Paly of six su. and sa., three eagles dis-
played arg. Crest- \ demi-eiigle displayed per pale gu. and
sa., beaked and crowned or. MoUo — Fortiter in re, suaviterin

Arias, t£-c.— Same as Vernon of Hilton, with a crescent for

i'e««— Harefield Park, near Uxbridge, Middlesex.


Yeenon, Edward, Esq. of Clontarf Castle, co.
Dublin, J. P. and D.L. for that co. and J.P. co.
Xerrv, Licut.-Col. anl lion. Col. 5th Batt. Royal
Dubl'ia Fusiliers, b. 31 Jan. 1838 ; m. 27 March,
1862, Jane, dau. of Mathcw Brinkley, Esq. of
Parsonstuwn, co. Mcath, son of John Brinkley,
D.D., Bishop of Cioync, and has issue,

I. Edwakd Kingston, 6. 24 March, 1870.

II. Granville, 6. 1874, d. 1876.

III. John Avenal, b. 28 July, 1882.

I. Louisa Constance, m. 1892, Henry Edward, Srd sou of
Sir R. Cusack.

II. Edyth Agnes, m. 1800, Walter Calverly Bladcs-C.ilvei-

III. Kathleen. iv. Dorothy Mabel.
V. Muriel Maud.

liineag'e. — Sib Edward Vernon, of Houndshill, b. 14
Dec. 15S4: -ni. Jlar^aiet, dau. and heir of Henry Vernon,
Esq. of Hilton, co.Stalfo.d, and d. IG June, 1657, having had

I. IlENRT, of Sudbury, Houndshill, &c., m. 21 Sept. 1634,
Muriel, dau. and sole heir of Sir George Vernon, of Has-
lington, and was anci-stor of the Vernons of Sadbur>/ (now
Lords Vlrnon), the V eksons of Ililtoii I'ar/c, HareficUl, (tc.

II. Edward (Col.), of North Aslon, co. Stafford, had a grant of
the castle and lands of Cloniaif, co. Dublin. He m. a sister
of Joseph Giildeiord, Esq., and had issue, Mary, who d.uinn.,
and Eliziibeth.

III. John, of whose line we treat.

I. Anne, ,ii. George Harper. Esq, of Twyford, co. Derby.

II. Mary Catherine Grace Elizabeth, d. unm.

The 3rd son,

John Vei kon, Esq. of Clontarf, co. Dublin, Quartermaster-
General of the army in Ireland, m. 1st, Anne, dau. of James
Huish, Esq. of Sand, Devon, and had a son, Joun, who ((. in
London, uiiin. He vi. 2n(lly, Elizabeth, dau. of Fulke Walwyn,
Esq. of Much Marcle, Hurtfoid, and d. intestate 13 March,
1670, leaving issue. Tlic son and heir.

Rev. Edward Vernon, of Redniile,co. Leicester, m.Lettice,
dau. of John Banites, of Uttoxeter, co. Stafford, and had issue,
I. John, his heir; ii.. Edward, D.D., Rector of St. George's,

Bloomsbury, Middlesex, d. linm. 1765; and I. Catherine, m.
— Yeates, Esq. Tlie elder son,

John Verxon, a Capt. in the army, afterwards of Clontarf
Castle, CO. Dublin, ra. Dorothy, sister of Hans Otto Grahii, a.
Hanoverian nobleman, by whom (who d. 7 May, 1773) he had

I. Georoe, his heir.

II. Edward, of Dublin, Capt. 4th Dragoons, High Sheriff of
Dublin 1768; in. 1 Jan. 1760, his cousin, Caroline Catherine
Yeates, and had issue, seven sons,

1 John Frederick, b. 21 Oct. 1760; d. 18 Dec. 1760.

2 George William, Barrister-at Law, 6. 16 Jan. 1762; d.
unm. 1792.

3 Francis, R.N'., b. 20 Feb. 17G5; d. s. p. 1796.

4 Charles Hawley (Sir), Chamberlain to H.E. the Lord
Lieut, of Ireland, b. 22 July, 1766; d. unm. 24 June, 1835.

5 Brabazon Dean, Lieut.-Col. in the army, and Major 16th
Kegt., b. 27 Nov. 1768; iii. Helen, dau. of Harmer Bond,
ICsq. of Ballynahillick, near Rockmills, co. Cork, and had

Charles, b. 1829, .1. 1875.
George Harcourt, b. 1835, d. IS52.
Ellen Caroline, m. Sir Gustavus Hume.
Caroline Maria, m. William Raxton, Esq. of Ardee.
C Henry, b. 1 May, 1771 ; m. 1796, Frances, dau. of Thomas
Plunkett, Esq. of Portmarnock, and had issue,
RcT. George Edward Vernon, of Grosvenor Place, Bath,
m. 1st, Jane, dau. of Archdeacon Kingsbury, and by
her had no issue. He m. 2ndly, Harriet, dau. of Lieut.-
Col. Henry Bruen, of Oik Park, co. Carlow, M.P., and
d. leaving a son, John Bruen, who d. 1873, leaving »
son and a dau.
7 Harcourt, in the army, b. 18 March, 1775 ; d. unm.
I. Charlotte, ))i. Thomas Wright, Esq. of Houghton, co. Derby.
Tlie eldest son,

George Vernon, Esq. of Clontarf Castle, Barrister-at-Law,
whose will is dated 1 JMay, 1785, and proved 5 May, 1787, ijt.
Elizabeth Hughes, widow, and had issue,

I. John, his heir. ii. George, d. unm. lOJIay, 1802.

I. Frances Dorothy, 6. 17 Nov. 1755; m. 22 Oct. 1776, James-
Crawford, Esq. of Auburn, co. Dublin, andrf. 20 July. 1844,

II. Diana, lu. Sir Biodiick Cliinnery, Bart.

The eldest son,

John Vernon, Esq. of Clontarf C.ostle, m. 1780, Elizabeth,
dau. of H. Fletcher, Esq. of Newtown Park, co. Dublin, aud
had issue,

I. George, his heir.

II. John Fane (Rev.), of Anbone, co. Cavan, 6. May, 1790 ;
w. Dec. 1812, Frances, dau. of John Kearney, D.D., Bisbop
of Ossory, and d. 7 June, 1843, having had issue,

1 John Edward, of Erne Hill, co. Cavan, M.A.,J.P.andD.L.,
High Sheriff 1864, one of the Irish Land Commissioners,
6. 12 Aug. 1816 ; J?i. 2 July, 1846, Harriet, youngest d,au.
of the Right Rev. Dr. John Leslie, Bishop of Kilmore. by
Isabella his 2nd wife, 2nd dau. of the Hon. and Right
Kev. Thomas St. Lawrence, Bishop of Cork, and had issue,
John Fane, M.A., Barrister-at-Law, J.P. cos. Cavan and.
Dublin, b. 5 July, 1849, m. 1 1 May, 1882, Thom.asina
Georgiana, dau. of Rev. Henry Joy Toinbe, D.D., Canon
of Christ's Church Cathedral, Dublin; Edward Saunder-
son, b. 6 March, 1851: and two d.aus. He m. 2ndly,
1S58, Maria Esther, eldest dau. of the Hon. George Colley,
of Ferney, co. Dublin, and by her had one dau.

1 Anna, vi. 27 March, 1843, Sir Nicholas Chinnery, Bart.
This lady and her husband were both killed in the railway
accident at Abergele lsG8. 2 Frances.

I. Francis, ?«. Bertram Mitford, Esq., Barrister-at-Law.

II. Elizabeth, m. Charles Arthur Tisdall, Esq. of Charlesfort,
CO. Meath.

III. Maria, m. 1st, the Hon. and Rev. Pierce Butler, brother
of the 3rd Earl of Carrick, and 2ndly, Walter Fawkes, E^q.
of Farnley, co. York.

The eldest son,

George Vernon, Esq. of Clontarf Castle, i». 1808. Henrietta
Maria, dau. of Wilson Gale-Braddyll, Esq. of Conishcad Priory,
near Ulverstou, co. Lancaster, and d. 1822, having liad issue,

I. George Braddyll, his successor.

II. John Edward Venables, late of Clontarf Castle.

III. Charles Pierce, d. unm. about 1838.

IV. Walter Fawkes, d. unm.

V. Bradd)ll Francis, d. Uirm.

VI. Henry Townley, Lieut. R.N., d. unm.

I. Henrietta Jane, m. Henry I'elham Clay, Esq. of co.
Nottingham, son of Gen. Clay.

II. Elizabeth Chaiioite, m. the Right Hon. John Parker, late
Secretary to the Admiralty.

III. Maria Frances, m. 1st, George Colman, Esq., and 2ndly,
— Napier, Esq.

The eldest son,

George Braddyxl Veknon, Esq. of Clontarf Castle, d. unm.
about 1833, and was s. by his next brother,





John Kdward Vknables Vernos, Esq. of Clontarf Castle,
CO. Dublin, B.A., J. P. and D.L., High Slieriff 1847, b. 1813 ;
til. 1st, 20 Aug. 1836, Louisa Catharine, only dau. of Charles
Proby Bowles, Esq., of Park Lane, London, and by her (who d.

12 Aug. 18u3) had issue,

I. Edward, now of Clontarf Castle.

II. Charles Albert, b. 17 Jan. 1840.

III. Forbes George, b. 21 Aug. 1843.

IV. Granville William, Lieut.-Col. Comra. 16th Ecgt., h. 2
July, 1845 ; w. 30 Nov. 1882, Emma Rosalie Pender, dau. of
Stephen Francis Shairp, Esq. of St. Max, St. Leonards.

V. .John Francis Henry, b. 31 Jan. 1848 ; d. 14 March, 1884.
I. Louisa Emily, m. 2 June, 1863, George William, son

of E. F. Cuppage, Esq. of Clare Grove, co. Dublin.
Mr. Vernon m. 2ndly, 25 Sept. 1S56, Hon. Rosa Gertrude
Harriet Daly, dau. of James, 1st Lord Dunsandle, which lady
d. s. p. 31 Aug. 1859. Mr. J. E. V. Vernon d. 2y April, 1890.

Arms — Arg., a fret sa. Crest — A boar's head erased sa.,
ducally gorged or. Motto — Vernon semper virel.
&eat — Clontarf Castle, near Dublin.


Veeschoyle, Aethub Eobeet, Esq. o£ Kil-
berry and Mountowii, co. Kildare, J. P., E.E.G.S.,
Lieut. 4tli Batt. Lincoln Eegt., b. 7 July, 1859, m.
188G, Mary, dau. of Frederick Brown, Esq. of the
Manor House, Langley, Bucks, and has issue, two

Lineage. — The family of Verschoyle came from Holland
on account of religious persecution in 1568. Early in the
17th century two of the name were resident in Dublin, Henry
and William, said to have been brothers. The elder
brother, Henry Verschoyle, of Thomas Street, Dublin,
d. 1623; by his will he devised all his goods to his wife
Judith, and their two children. The younger brother,
William Verschoyle, of the city of Dublin (1634), d. 1648,
leaving a will in which he mentions his wife, Catherine van
Pilkam, his nephew, Henry Verschoyle, and his niece Catherine
Verschoyle, afterwards Catherine Cotton. His nephew, Henry
Verschoyle, was admitted a freeman of Dublin in 1659, and
is presumed to have been father of Robert Verschoyle,
admitted a freeman in 1676, and supposed to have been father
of Katherine, m. Sir Robert Newcomen, Bart, and of

Henry Verschoyle, of Dolphins Barn and Donore, co.
Dublin, admitted a freeman in 1718 ; his will, dated 1731, was
proved 1734. He ),*. 21 Aug. 1703, Martha Eskrigg, of Dublin,
by whom he had issue, Joseph; William; Thomas; Hannah, jii.
— Carmichael; Elizabeth, m. 1739, James Cartland, of Dubhn.
His eldest son,

Joseph Verschotxe, of Donore, co. Dublin, J. P., 6. 1708 ;
B.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin; admitted a freeman 1746; senior
master of Trinity Guild, and a Governor of Bluecoat Hospital,
1759; m. S Dec. 1744, Margaret Mottley, of Dublin, and d.
May, 1796, having had issue,

J. James (Risht Rev.), of Kilberry, co. Eildare, Bishop of
Killala and" .\chonry, b. 1750 ; LL.B. Trin. Coll. Dublin
(1776); LL.D. (1798): minor canon of St. Patrick's Cathedral
17S0; Archdi-acon of Glendalough 17S8; Dean of St. Patrick's
1794; Bishop of Killala 1810; rii. (licence dated 8 April)
1790, Frances Walsh, sister of Rev. Henry Lomax Walsh,
Prebendaiyof Swords, and d. 13 April,1834, having had issue,

1 Robert, of Kilberry, co. Kildare, b. 1792 ; ni. 20 Aug.
1822, Catherine, dau. and heiress of Thomas A. Curtis,
Esq. of Mountown, co. Meath, and d. 1866, having by her
(who d. 1882) had issue,

Henry, d. young, about 1835.

Augustus, d. at Eton, aged 16.

Henry William, of Kilberry, Lieut.-Col. Grenadier
Guard.s (Crimean medal), b. 1835; m. 18 Dec. Is56,
Lucy Clarissa, dau. of Ambrose Goddard, Esq., D.L.,
of The Tower, Swindon, Wilts, M.P. for Cricklade, and
d. 20 Aug. 1870, having by her had issue, 1 .Arthur
KoBEBT, now of Kilberry; 2 Edward Greville, Lieut.
Grenadier Guards, b. 5 Nov. 1866 ; 1 Theresa Blanche ;
2 Sybil Mary ; 3 Catherine.

Geurgina. Catherine, vi. Rev. — Fuller.

Augusta, m. Capt. Alfred Drummond.

2 Joseph (Rev.), of Rcundwood, Queen's Co., M.A. Trin.
Coll. Dublin, Prebendary of ISallysodare, Precentor of
Achonry, Rector of Kilmoremoy, co. Mayo, b. 1797 ; m.
July, 1827, Catherine, eldest dau. of Lorenzo Hickie
Jephson, Esq. of Carrick House, co. Tipperary, by his
wife, Hon. Martha Prittie, dau. of Henry, let Lord
Dunally ; and d. 24 Jan. 1867, having by her (who d. 23
Jan. 1871), had issue,

Henry Pritiie, 6. Nov. 1828 ; d. 1830.

James Lorenzo, of Eoundwood, Capt. 66th Eegt., h. 12
Feb. 1832; m. 24 Feb. 1868, Caroline Klizabeth, dau. of
the Marquis d'Asserfeto di Serravalle, of Manilla, Spain.
and d. Sept. 1875, having by her had issue, Louis
Charles Hamilton Massey, b. 1SC8, d. 1870: Robert, /).
and d. 1870 ; Theodore Robert Stuart, of Roundwood,
6. 16 Dec. 1871 : James Joseph, b. 22 May, 1873 ; George
Moutray, b. 15 April, 1875.

Robert Henry, of Springfield, co. Hereford, J.P. and
D.L., Capt. 1 1th Hussars, 6. 20 Aug. 1835 ; vi. 23 Nov.
1872, Gertrude Mary, dau. of Capt. Edgar Walker, of
Quarry, Northam, co. Devon, and by her has issue,
Ainslie Holford, 6. 23 July, 1875; Henry Cosby Piittie,
h. 24 Nov. 1887 ; Catherine Mildred : Lucy Caroline.

Richard Jephson, 6. 1837; Ensign 60th Rifles, d. 1857.

Martha Mildred. Emily Salusbury, d. unm. Jan. 1885.
1 Frances, in. (as bcloic) 1813, Ven. Joseph Verschoyle.

II. Richard, of Mount Merrion, co. Dublin, High Sheriff
1819 ; m. Barbara Fagan, and d. s. p. Aug. 1827.

III. John (see next Memoir).

IV. Joseph. V. William, d. 1785.

I. Elizabeth, m. Feb. 1787, William Dickinson, Esq.

Arhis — (See next Memoir).

6'tafs— Kilberry and Mountown, co. Eildare.


Veeschoyle, Eev. Hamilton Stuaet, of Castle-
shanaghan, co. Donegal, M.A., Trin. Coll., Dublin,
1868; Chevalier of the Crown of Italy; b. 19 SejDt.
1844; 7n. 15 Dec. 1873, Frances Fredeinka Dorothea,
youngest dau. and co-heiress of the Ven. Frederick
Faulkener Goold, of Eossbrien and Dromadda, co.
Limerick, Ai'chdeacon of Eaphoe, and by her has

Hamilton Frederick Stuap.t, of Dromadda and Athea, co.
Limerick, b. 6 Oct. 1874; who is to assume the addi-
tional surname and arms of Goold.

Lineage. — John Verschoyle, Esq. of Castleshanaghan,
CO. Donegal, and Stillorgan Park, co. Dublin, (3id son of
Joseph Verschoyle, of Donore, see precedinrj Memoir), 6.1752;
ill. 1st, 16 July, 1782, Henrietta, dan. of William Preston,
Esq., by his wife. Angel, dau. of William AicUdall, Esq.,
and by her had issue,

I. Joseph (Ven.), M.A., Archdeacon of Achonry, bapt. 20
May, 1783 ; m. 14 July, 1813, his cousin, Frances, only dau.
of the Right Rev. James Verschoyle, Bishop of Killala, and
d. 1862, having had issue ; 1 James, M.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin,
called to the Bar 1840; d. unm. ; 2 Richard John, of Tan-
rago, CO. Sligo, J.P., High Sheriff 1875, 6. 14 Dec. 1824; ,ii.
22 Sept. 1858, Eliza Louisa, dau. of Rev. James Peed, Rector
of Wexford, and by her had issue, Joseph Richard, 6. Is61 ;
Robert Henry ; Charles John ; W'illiam Denham ; Edward
George; Louisa Margaret, m. 18 Aug. 1880, SirMalby Crof-
ton . Bart, of Longford House, co. Sligo ; Frances Mabella,
m. 30 April, 1884, Capt. Charles Ellis Ogle, Royal Dublin
li.William, bapt. 27Jan. 1786 ; d. iinm.

Mr. Verschoyle ra. 2ndly, 2 June, 1802, Margaret, dau. of
Hamilton Stuart, Esq. of Dromespill, co. Tyrone (and heiress
of her mother Margaret, dau. and co-heiress of Rev. Albert
Nesbitt, of Castleshanaghan, co. Donegal), grand-dau. of
Alexander Stuart (by his wife Sarah, dau. and heiress of
William Hamilton, of Dromespill), and great grand-dau. of
George Stuart, of Termon, co. Tyrone, 2nd son of Hon.
Robert Stuart, of Irry, 3rd son of Andrew, 1st Lord Castle
Stewart, descended in the direct male line from Robert, Duke
of Albany, 3rd son of Robert II. Kmg of Scotland. By this
marriage Mr. Verschoyle (who d. 28 June, 1840) had further

III. Hamilton (Right Rev.), of whom afterw

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