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nd by
her (who d. 18 Sept. 1844) he left issue at his decease, 5 Jan.

I. Edward Garmonsway, 6. 14 Dec. 1791, who purchased
Lower Worsall, co. York. He m. 1840, Anne Dowson, and
d.s.p. 14 March, 1842.

II. Richard (Rev.), M.A., Prebendary of Salisbury and
Rural Dean, b. 12 May, 1795; m. 19 Aug. 1823, Isabella,
dau. of the Rev. William Greenwood, B.D., Fellow of St.
John's College, Camb. (by Grace his wife, only duu. of John
Smith, Esq., J. P. and D.L., of Elmhurst Hall, co. Stafford,
and his 2nd wife, Elizabeth, dau. of John Jervis, Esq. of
Darlaston. Mr. Smith's 1st wife (who c(. s. ^.) was Mar-
garet, sister of John, Earl St. Vincent. The Eev. Richard
Waldy d. 19 Dec. 1868, having had issue,

1 John Edward (Rev.), his heir.

2 Charles Richard William (Rev.), M.A., b. 27 Aug. 1825,
Rector of Sutton-on-Denvent, co. York.

3 Alfred Henry, 6. 28 Jan. 1827, late Capt. 46th Regt., d.

4 Henry Temple, 6. 5 Aug. 1831.

6 William Thomas, late of Howden Court, Tiverton, co.
Devon, J.P. co. Devon, b. 29 Jan. 1833; m. 1st, 1862,
Emily, dau. of William Bradshaw, Esq. of Homerton,
Middlesex, and by her (who d. 1870) he has issue,

1 Lionel St. Clair, b. 20 April, 1863.

2 Cecil Reginald Vavasour, 6. 14 Feb. 1870.

1 Gertrude Emily Isabella.

2 Edith Helena Beatrice.

3 Evelyn Maud Jersis.

He TO. 2ndly, Ada Juliana Marguerite Amelia, only dau.
of Arthur Montagu, Esq. of Penton House, Devon, and
grand-dau. of Sir George Denys, Bart., of Easton Neston.
CO. Northampton, and by her has had a son, Claud Deny.s
Montagu, b. 1872; d. Nov. 1874. Mr. WiJdy is a Magi-
strate of the CO. of Devon, and of the borough of Tiverton,
and was formerly Capt. in the 4;ird Regt.

6 Reginald Garmonsway, b. 6 July, 1S38.

1 Margaret. 2 Isabella Mary.

3 Grace Caroline, d. 1836. 4 Catherine Janet.

5 Frances Helen.

III. Thomas William, of Egelescliffe, J.P. and D.L. for
Durham and the North Riding of co. York, 6. 31 July, 1801 :
■;/;.. 1st, 17 Dec. 1828, Jane, only child of Robert Scott, Esq.
of Eootham, York, by whom he had a dau.,
Jane Elizabeth, m. 7 Aug. 1855, Rev. Charles Thoroto^:,
M.A., Vicar of Eanceby, co. Lincoln.
He m. 2ndly, 22 April, 1834, Ellen, only dau. of Thomas
Henry Faber, Esq., J. P., by whom he has a son,
Edward Garmonsway, J.P. for co. Durham and the North
Riding of Yorkshire, late Capt. 2Sth Regt., 6. 31 May,
1835; TO. 1808, Cecily Jane, dau. of the Rev. John
Garvey, and d. 1887.





He m. oidly. 13 June, IS-IH, Emily JlavRaret, dau. of
Eowland Webster, Esq. of tlie GrtinRe, Bisliopswcaniiouth,
CO. Durluim, J. P., by whom he had a son,
Arthur Garmonsway (Rev.), 6. IS Dee. 1S50, M A. of Mcrton
Coll. (.i.xford.Vicarof Horsley, Woculluiuse, Derbyshire, in.
Ul .\pril, ISSl, Caroline, 6tli' ilau. of J. F. Newton, Esq. of
i'otio Grange, co. York, and has issue,
.Tohn Newton, b. io l"eh. 1SS4.
Emily Margaret, b. 15 March, 1SS2.
He 711. 4thlv, 24 Oct. 18-=i2, Fanny I.onisa, dau. of Felix
Frederick Bean. Esq. of Claphaui Hall, Sussex, by w hom he
had a dau.,
Emily Marearet, m. 21 fept. 1S71, as first wife, Robert
Huttou Wilson, Esq. of Eggleselille, co. Durham, anl d.
He v>. Srhlv, 21 ,TuIr, 1874, Jane, eldest surviving dau. of
Charles Hiliton Ron'e, Esq. of Tolesby Hall, Cleveland, co.
York, and <( 1SS(J, leaving his widow tenant for life of the
Egglescliffe and other estates.
I. Mary, ;h. 22 Aug. 1827, Rev. William Smoult Temple, J.P.
of Oljerdinsdale" Hall, co. York, Hector of Uinsdale, co.
Durham, and d. 16 Jan. 1869, leaving issue.
Arms— Or, on a bend between three leopards' faces az. a
pelican of the first, f rest— Out of a mural crown a dove with
an olive branch all ppr. .Vo<!o — Fidelis.
/it'sic/tnce— Claverton Rectory, Bath.


"Wale, Eobeut ffolkes, Esq. of SlielforrI, co.
Cambridge, Cupt. 4tli Suffolk Ecgt., Cambs. Militia,
b. 1803.

Liineag'e.— This family owes its name to an ancient
barony in co. Northampton, the possessors of which held
hinds in cos. Northampton and Rutland. In the middle of
the 12th century, the family is stated to have been divided
into two branches, the elder derived from Richaiid Fitz-
AVale, of Eydun, temp. Henbt II., from which the Wales
of Essex claim to descend. The younger branch was, it is
said, transplanted to Ireland 1167, by a knight, William
AVale, who obtained considerable lands in the conquest of the

This family was established in Essex some years previous to

Thomas Wale, the elder, of Radwintcr, Essex, was s. 1.560,
ty his son,

TuOMAs Wale, of Radwinter and Harston Hall, Cambridge-
shire, m. 1st, Jane, dau. of Richard Westlcy, of Hempstead,
and had issue, Thomas, his heir, of whom presently; John, b.
J595 ; Mariraret; and Joan. By Martha, his 2nd wife, he had
issue, George, of Radwinter, 6. 1625 ; m. Lucy Browne, and
d. s. p.

Thomas Wale, Esq. of Little Bardfield Hal), the eldest son,
m. Elizabctii, dau. of Geoffrey Nightingale, of Newport Pond,
and d. 1650, having had issue, Robert, of whom presently;
Thomas, 6. 1618; William, b. 1620; John, 6. 1622; Henry. 0.
1024, ancestor of Wale, of Old Hall, Essex ; Edward, b. 1629 ;
Geoffrey, b. 1031 ; Charles, of Saffron Walden, 0. 1038, an-
cestor of Wale of Earl's Colne I'liory, Essex, now extinct;
Elizabeth, m. Edward Stubbings, Esq., and had issue, Jane,
m. Robert Stubbings, Esq., and had issue,

EoEEBT Wale, the eldest son, m. Anne Eagle (who to. 2ndly,
Mr. Rivet, and d. 1690), by whom he had a dau., Eliza, who
ni. — Dove, Esq., and a son,

Thomas Wale, h. 1642; m. Penelope Wood, and had issue.

Gbegobt Wale, ofShelford, the eldestsurvivingson, 6. 1668,
^ii. 1st, Margaret Sparke, of Eisby, by whom (who d. 1702) he
had issue,

Thomas, his heir.

Margaret, m. Allen Hurrell, and had issue.

Penelope, d. 1700. Anne, d. young.

He 771. 2ndly, Eliza Hitch, and had further issue,

Hitch, 6. 1711; m. Mary Massey, and had issue.
Gregory Wale d. 5 June, 1730, and was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Wale, of Shelford, who sold the estate of Rad-
winter; he m. Louisa liudolphinaRahten,andci.29 July, 1796,
aged 75, having had issue,

Gregory, 6. 12 June, 1760, and d. 1794, from the effects of
an assault by highwaymen on Bagshot Heath, aged 34.

Cbables, aft' rwards Sir Charles Wale, his heir.

Margaret Philipina, d. 19 April, 1841, aged 90.

Mary, m. Rev. T. Pemberton, Rector of Taughboyne,

Gen. Sie Chakles Wale, K.C.B., 6. 5 Aug. 1702, last sur-
viving son, Col. H.M.'s 33rd Eegt. of Foot, m. 1st, Louisa, dau.

of Rev. Castcl Sherard, of Huntingdon, by whom (who d.
1806) he had issue,

I. Thomas Sherard, b. 1794, Commissioner of Arbitration at
Surinam ; rf. there 1821.

II. Charles Newtor, d. 1799.

III. Alexander Malcolm (Rev ), B.D., his heir, 6. 1797; m.
Carohne, dau. of Antoine Ardrighctti, of Piato, Savoy, and
by h'!r (who d. 1867), he (who d. 26 May, I.S84) leaves
issue, 1 Thomas, d. 1843; 1 Charlotte; "i Louisa; 3 Cecil
Mary ; 4 Caroline.

IV. John Philip, d. 1799.

I. Louisa Harriet Margaretta, d. 1805.

.'^ir Charles Wale jn. 2ndly, Isabella, dau. of Rev. Thomas
•lohnson, of Stockton-on-Tees, who d. in Barbados, 1810,
leaving issue,

II. Isabella Martha, m. Sherlock Willi^i, Esq., and has i.ssue.
Sir Charles Wale m. 3rd, Henrietta, dau. of Rev. Thomas
Brent, of Brent, Somerset, and by her (who d. 1858) had

V. Charles Brent, 6. 1817, J.P. and D.L. : to. Henrietta, dau.
of Richard Whately, Archbishop of Dublin, and d. 1861,
leaving issue, with four duus., three sons,

1 Charles, b. 1853. 2 Edward, d. young.

3 Frederick, b. 1864.

VI. Robert Gregory, of Shelford.

VII. George Henry, Commander R.N., h. 1822; in. 1st,
lilaneh, dau. of Jlust Rev. Richard Whately, Archbishop of
Dublin, who d. 1^60 ; and 2n(lly, Kate, dau. of Dudley
I'ersse, Esq. of Roxborouah. co. Galway, by whom he left
issue, Frederick, b. 1868. d. 1870.

VIII. Frederick (twin with George Henry), Commandant of
1st Sikh Irregular Cavalry (Wale's Horse) in the Iniliaa
Mutiny, fell at Lucknow 1858 ; m. Adelaide, dau. of Edward
Prcst, Esq. of York, and had issue, two daus.

IX. Arthur Campbell, late of the E.I.C.S., 6. 1825.

X. Henry John (Kev.), late Lieut, loth Pragootis, 6. 1827;
m. Caroline, dau. of Edward Prest, Esq. of Y'ork, and has
issue, 1 Malcolm, b. 1868, and four daus.

III. Henrietta liridget, m. Martin William ffolkes, Esq. of
Hidington Hall, Norfolk, and d. 18.'i5.

IV. Louisa Fanny, m. Rev. John Dgges La Touche, Vicar of

V. Augusta Caroline, m. Richard Dill, Esq., M.D.

VI. Cecil Marianne, m. Rev. Charles Laurence, of Laurence-
town, CO. Galway.

General Wale d. 1845, and was s. by his eldest surviving
son. The Rev. Alexander Malcolm Wale, "Vicar of Sunning
Hill, CO. Berks, who, in 1850, sold the estates of Shelfo';d to his

Robert Gregory Wale, Esq. of Shelford, J.P. and D.L.,
late 33rd Regt., and Hon. Col. Cambridgeshire Militia, b. 14
Aug. 1820; 7?!,. 1849, Fanny Anna, only dau. and lieir of Sir
Edward West, Chief Justice of Bombay, by which lady (who
d. 1809) he had issue,

I. Robert ffolkes, now of Shelford.

I. Fanny Lucretia. ii. Mildred.

III. Henrietta Cecil. iv. Anna Charlotte.

V. Gcorgiana Isabella. vi. Fredeiica.

He 771. 2ndly, Anna, youngest dau. of the late John
Bendyshe, Esq., R.N., of Barrington, co. Cambridge ; she
d. s.p. 1876.

Arms — Arg., on a cross sa. five lions rampant or. Crest —
A. lion rampant or, supporting a cross sa. JfoiJo— Cum cruce

Seal — Shelford, Cambridge.


"Walfoed, Henry Alexander, Esq. of Foxbur-
row Hall, co. Suffolk, Lieut. -Col. lute 20th Hussars,
J.P. Suffolk, b. 1836 ; in. 1877, Edith Caroline, dau.
of the late George Walker, Esq. of Walthamstow,
Essex, by whom he has issue,

George Hen'bv, b. 1878.

Edward, b. 1880.

Alexander Ellis, 6. 1885.

Helen Edith.

Lineage. — This family removed into the co. Suffolk the
latter part of the 17th century from Hraintree, co. Essex, and
are of the same line as the family of tlie name still in the
latter co.

Rev. William Walford, Rector of I^ong Stratton, Norfolk
(son of William Walford, b. 1722, by Mary his wife, dau. of
John Davy, of Lowestoft), 71?. Diana, dau. of Rev. Randall
Burroughes, of the Manor House, Long Stratton, through
whom, as granddau. and heiress of Mr. Ellis, of Kidhall,





Yorkshire, Mr. Walford traces a lineal descent from Edward
HI. By her he had issue,

I. William, a graduate Clare Coll. Camb.

II. Davy, 6. l&OO.

III. George, b. 1801.

IV. Ellis (Rev.), of Dallinghoo, 6. 1803, d. 1S8I.

V. Charles, of Foxhurrow, J. P., 6. 1805, d. s. p. 1879,havln£r
devised the Foxburrow estate to his sister Mary Anne, for
her life, with remainder to his nephew, Henry Alexander

■VI. Henry (Rev.), 6. 1805.

I. Mary Ann.

II. Diana, m. Kev. Edward James Moor, Canon of Xorwich.
The eldest surviving son,

Eev. Ellis Walford, of Dallinghoo, Rector of Dallinghoo,
M..\. of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Rural Dean, b. 2'Z
April, 1803; m. 1st, 1832, Henrietta, dau. of James Colvin,
Esq. of The Grove, Little Bealings, by whom he had,

I. Ellis, 6. 1833; d. young.

II. Eilis b. 183-); d. 1848.

HI. He,-.rt Alexander, now of Foxburrow.

IV. James Hare, 6. 1838; m. Georgiana, dau. of Rev. Mr.

V. Henrietta Maria, b. 1841.

Mr. Walford m.2ndly, 1842, Frances Matilda, dau. and co-heir
of Rev. Lancelot R. Brown, Rector of Kelsale, co. Suffolk, by
whom he had issue,

VI. Lancelot Charles ^Rev.), M.A., Vicar of St. Saviour's,
Chelsea, late Kector of Christ Church, Tunbridge Wells, b.
1843; m. 14 July, 1870, Alice Margaret, dau. of JohnLiiinl
Mair, 1st Lord Lawrence, and has issue; Manraret Euiiiy,
b. 1872; Edith Alary, b. 1874; Sybil Alice, b. 1878.

VII. Edward George, b. 1846; d. 18G1.

viii William Stewart (Rev.), 6. 1847, Rector of Dallinghoo,
Suffolk, m. Emily, dau. of Major Low.

IX. Randall Ellis, b. 1849.

X. Frederick, b. 1850; m. Katherine, dau. of Quinton
Fleming, merchant, Liverpool.

I. Jdliana Mary, m. Capt. H.R. Lowe, li. F'anny.

III. Mary Ann Emiline, m. Kev. E. Backhouse, Rector of

Mr. Walford d. 11 Oct. 1881, and wass. by his eldest surviving
son, Henry .Alexander Walford, Esq.

Anns — Arg., a fess gu., in chief a lion pass.-guard., ppr.
Crest— A deim-lion ran; p. ppr., charged on the shoulder with a
cross-crosslet, arg.

SriUs — Foxburrow Hall, Melton, Woodbridge.

Clubs — Naval and Military.

Walfoed, John Henshaw Njckson, Esq. of
Eiiyton Towers and Roden House, co. Salop, J. P.
for COS. Hereford and SalojD, M.A. Ch. Ch. Oxford,
late Lieut. Slirojislure Yeomanry Cavalry; b. 3
Dec. 1836; m. 11 Sept 1862, Mary, dau. of William
Staley, Esq. of Tliistlemount, Eossendale, co. Lan-
caster, and lias issue,

I. John Asuton Henshaw, Lieut. Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 6.
4 Nov. 18G3.

IT. Ihomas Walford Henshaw, b. 1866.

I. Mary Joan Henshaw.

Lineage.— John Henshaw Walford, T.^q. who d. 6 Sept.
1836, had issue by Dorothy, his wife, dau. of Thomas Dickin.
Esq. of Loppingtdn, a son,

John He.nshaw Walford, Esq. of Roden House, J. P., m.
10 Oct. 1832, Mary, dau. of Jonathan Nickson, Esq., and by
her had issue,

John Henshaw Kickson, now of Ruyton Towers.

Mary Dorothy, m. Rev. John Wright, Vicar of Grinshill.

Sarah Helen, m. Rev. John Lee, Vicar of Tilstock.

Mr. Walford d. 25 Oct. ISCo.

-Sea^s— Ruyton Towers, Shrewsbury; and Roden House,


Walker-Heneage, Major Clement, of Couip-
ton Bosset, Wilts, V.C. late 8tli Hussars, J.P. and
D.L., High Sheriff for Wilts (1867), b. 6 March,
1S31 ; m. 7 Dec. 18C5, Henrietta Letitia Victoria,
ord dau. of the late John Henry Vivian, Esq., M.P.
of Singleton, co. Glamorgan.

Lineage.— Robert llENEAnE, of Lincoln, one of the
King's xVuditors, youngest son of John lleneage, of Uainton,

the "th in lineal descent from Sir Robert, d. 27 July, 1536j
leaving, by Lucy his 1st wife, dau. and co-heir of Ralph
Buckton, Esq. of Elmswall, several sons, of whom two left
issue. Sir Thomas Heneage. of Copt Hall, Essex, one of the
Privy Council, and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster to
Queen Elizabeth, whose only dau. and heir, Elizabeth,
created Viscountess Maidstone, and Countess of Winchilsea,
m. Sir Moyle F'inch, Bart., and

Michael Heneage, Esq., Keeper of the Records in the
Tower of London. He was 6. 27 Sept. 1540 ; and (/. 30 Dec.
1630, leaving issue, by Grace his wife, dau. of Robert Hony-
wood, Esq. of Charing, Kent, four sons and three daus. The
eldest son,

Thomas Heneage, Esq. of Battersea, Surrey, d. 9 Aug.
1641, leaving i.ssue (by Bridget his wife, dau. of George
Woodward, Esq. of Upton, Bucks, and relict of Sir Thomas
Liddell, Knt. of Ravensworth Castle, co. Durham), a son.

Sir Michael Heneage, Knt. of Gray's Inn, who d. Dec.
1711, leaving (by Phoebe his wife, dau. of Samuel Foote, Esq.)
four daus. and one son,

Charles Heneage, Esq. of London, who d. 1738, leaving
two daus., Elizabeth and Cecil, his co-heirs; both dying wnoi.,
the latter in 1765, and the former iu 1779, the inheritance of
this branch of the Heneage family devolved to the issue of
their aunt,

Cecil, eldest dau. of Sir Michael Heneage, and wife of
John Walker, Esq. of the Inner Temple, and of Iladley,
Middlesex. This John Walker was son of Clement Walker,
Esq. of the Middle Temple, by Mary his wife, dau. of Sir
William Button, Bart., and grandson of Thomas Walker, of
Westminster, Hereditary Chief Usher of the Court of Ex-
chequer, by Joan his wife, dau. of John Moore, of Ipswich.
John W^alker, who, as aforesaid, m. Cecil Heneage; and
</. 1 March, 1703, leaving by that lady two sons, the elder of

Heneage Walker, Esq. of Hadley, Chief Usher of the
Exchequer, dying .«. p. 15 May, 1731, was s. in his estates and
oflices by his only brother,

John Walker, Esq. of Lineham, who d. 27 April, 1758,
leaving, by Dyonisiahis wife, eldest dau. of James Colebro'^ke,
Esq. and sister of Sir James and Sir George Colebrooke,
liarts. of Gatton, three sons and three daus., i. John, of
Compton Basset, who took the name of Heneage, m. Arabella,
dau. of Jonathan Cope, Esq., but d. s. p. 1806; ii. James
Button (slain at St. Cas, 1754); iii. Colebrooke, and three
daus., I. Mary, d. unm. 1775; li. Dyonisia, m. 1772, Rev.
Theophilus Meredith, of Ross, and left an only dau., Henrietta
Arabella; and in. Cecil Ann, m. 1704, Lieut.-Col. Thomas
Calcraf t, and had an only son, John, a general ofiBcer, d. unm.
1830, and three daus., Cecil Mary Elizabeth, d. ■unm. 1808,
.Arabella Bridget, to. William Thomas St. Quintin, Esq. of
Scampston, co. York, and Mart Dyonisia, to. 26 Nov. 1796,
Rev. George Wild, M.A. ot Speen, Vicar of Chevelcy, and
by him (who d. 1 Jan. 1831) left at her decease. May, 1831,
live daus. and four sons, i. George Hen'eage, of whom pre-
sently ; 2 Thomas John Wyld, M.A., Rector of North Wraxall,
m. 1836, Maria, dau. of Joseph Neeld, Esq. ; and John Wyld,
late of the 3rd Light Dragoons. The above-mentioned,

George Heneage Wyld, Esq. of Compton Basset, who
took, by royal licence, 29 Aug. 1818, the names of Walker
Heneage, J.P. and D.L., M.A., High Sheriff 18'29, b. 17 July,
1799; ni. 7 Aug. 1824, Harriet Sarah, eldest dau. of William
Webber, Esq. of Binfield Lodge, Berks, and had issue,

I. Clement, now of Compton Basset.

II. Michael, Lieut.-Col. Coldstream Guards, b. 20 Dec.

I. Matilda Harriet. ii. Alice.

He was Hereditary Chief Usher of the Court of Exchequer
and Chief Proclamator of the Court of Common Pleas, and
was M.P. for Devizes 1838 to 1857, and d. 1875.

^rms— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, or, a greyhuund courant sa.
between three leopards' faces az within a bonlure engrailed
gu. on a mullet, a crescent for difference, for Heneage; 2nd
and 3rd, az., a chevron engi ailed erm. between three plates,
each cliaiged with a trefoil slipped ppr., lor Walker.
Crests— 1st, Heneage : Or, a greyhound courant sa. differenced
a.s the arms ; 2nd, Walker : A deiiii-heraldic ti- er salient per
I'ule indented arg. and sa., armed and languedgu., manedanU
tufted or. Motto — Walk in the fear o( God.

&a<— Compton Basset, Calne, Wilts.

Club — United Service.


The late Thomas Eades Walkee, Esq. of
Berkswell, Hail, co. Warwick, Studley Castle, co.

6 T





Warwick, the Lodge, Dravton Gardens. London,
S.W., and Kisber Villa, Xewniarket, J. P. for co.
Worcester, M.P. fur East Worcestersliiro l!S74 to
ISSO, imsuceessf ulh- contested tlio borongli of Wed-
uesbiiry, 1SG8 ; b. L'-i Feb. 1843; «». 7 July, 1S74,
Hon. Elizabotii Sydney Alisoji, 2nd dau. of Ilcury,
1st Lord llindlip, ami had issue,

I. Thomas Hexet, now of BerkswoU Ilall, b. 17 Aug. ISSO.

II. George KreilerieU, l>. 10 Jau. 18S4.

III. Charles Eailos, b. ISSi!.

I. Elizabeth, (>. IDJune, 187G.

II. Ellen, b. 2 Aug. 1S7S.

in. Ethel liuth, 0. 13 Jan. 1SS3.

Xiiueag'e. — The ancestors of this old Warwick family have
lieon hnulowners in the county for many generations, but the
vosiiion its representatives now hold is in :i great measure due
to the genius of the late Thomas Walker, Esq., who duriiig
the earlier part of his life was largely interested in the iron
trade of the Jlidland counties, and who purchased the Berks-
well property in ISGI from Sir Kardlcy Wilmot, Bart., and
the .Studley Castle Estates in 1SG3 from Sir F. L. H. Good
1-icke, Bart. Fifth in descent from John Walker, merchant
•of London, who settled in co. Warwicii in the early part of the
17th century, was John Walker, Esq. of Wishaw Hall, co.
Warwick, b. 17ti7 ; who s. 1811, andd. 1848. Hem. 1813, Char-
lotte (who d. I8oC) dau. of William Bannister, Esq. of Great
OhatHell, CO. Stafford, and d. 1848, leaving by her (who d.

Thomas Walkeb, Esq. of Berkswell, J. P. for cos. Stafford
and Warwick, on roll for High Sheriff 1879, but. specially ex-
<;uscd on the ground of illness, Lord of the Manors of Berks-
well, Morton Bagot, Middleton-Scrivven, &c.. and Patron of
the livings of Berkswell, Solihull, Morton Bagot, and Middle-
ton, 0. 1817; m. 1840, Euth, dau. of John Fades, Esq.
of The Delph, co. Stafford, and by her (who d. 1882) had

I. Thomas Eades, his heir.

II. (■ rederiek James ( Mercote Hall, co. Warwick), 6. 16 March,
1S46: )ii. 1872, Jane Elizabeth, youngest dau. of John
Clutton, Esq. of Flanchford, Keigate, Surrey, and has

1 Frederick Thomas, b. J^n. 1874.

2 John Lister, b. Jan. 1870.

1 Winifred Jane, b. Jan. 1873.

2 Jlillicent, 6. July, 187G.

3 Dorothy, b. Jan. 187«.

I. Emily Paith, b. 1849; m. 15 Nov. 1871, Sir Charles
Nugent, oth hart, of Balliulough Castle, co. AVestmealh,
ami has issue.

II. Mary Florence, 6. 1851.
Mr. Thomas Walker d. 1888.

Arriis — Arg., a chevron between three crescents, sa. on a
canton of the last, a dove holding an olive branch all ppr.
CYat-A. greyhound's head erased sa. il/o«Jo — Passant,
■crerianl, en honeur.

6V«r.i— Berkswell Hall, Coventry ; Mercote Hall, Ilampton-
in-Arden ; Studley Castle, Studley ; all in co. Warwick, and
the Manor House, Middleton, near Bridgnorth, co. Salop.

Mr. W.alker d. 18C2. His only surviving son,

Frederick John Walker, Esq. of The Priory, B.athwick,
Somerset, F.R.G.S., b. 13 Feb. 1824; m. 5 Sept. 1849, Lydia,
dau. of Samuel llarwood, Esq. of Barton Hill, co. Gloucester,
and had issue,

I. John Charles Abthington, now of The Priory.

I. Fliirenee Flizabtth Hannah, m. 20 Feb. 1878, Sir Henry
Wrixon Becher, 2nd Bart, of Ballygiblin.

II. Nora Frederica, tii. 25 June, 1874, Kev. Edward Augustus
ISraeken Pitman, M.A. of The Hall, Old Malton, co.

in. Constance Marianne, m. 3 Feb. 1881, William Norton
Barry, Esq. of Castle Cor, co. Cork.
IV. Ethel Arabella. v. Eveline Blanche.

VI. Maud Edith, deceased.

VII. Violet Beatrice, m. Jan. 1391, David Ernest Hutchins,

Mr. Walker d. June, 1891.

Arma — Arg., two chevronels between as many crescents in
chief az. and a moor-coek in base sa. combed and wattled gu.
Cieat—Oa a. mount vert amidst fern ppr. a moor-coek as in
the arms, charged on the breast with a fillet or. MMo—
Vincit Veritas.

^'tai— The Priory, Bathwick, Bath, Somerset.


Wat.kee, John Chaeles Aethington, Esq. of
Ihe Priory, Bailiwick, co. Somerset, Cai^t. lOtJi Hus-
sars, b. 23 filay, 1859 ; m. 20 Aug. 1890, Lucy Isabel,
youngest dau. of Sir Stuart Hogg, of 14, Southwell
Gardens, S.W. {see Bckkk's I'eerage, Magiieea-
3I0ENE, B.), and has had issue,

Cyril Henry Arthington, 6. 17 April, 1892 ; rf, 9 Aug. same

Lineag-e.— PiOEERT Walker, Esq. of Gilderton, co. York,
-descended from a family long settled in the West Hiding of
that CO., was father of

Jo-SEPH Walker, Esq. of Leeds, co. York, who had, by Sarah
liis wife, with other issue, an elder son,

John Walker, Esq. of Ebor House, co. Gloucester, h. 1790,
tn. 1 Sept. 1818, Hannah, dau. and co-heir of Isaac Whitelock ;
Esq. of Sheepscar, co. York; and had by her (who d. 18G3)
two sons and one dau.,

I. Charles Whitelock, 6. May, 1819 ; d. v. %]. May, 1838.

II. Frederick John, of the Priory.

I. AralieDa Matilda, b. 1821 ; 711. 1848, William Crowdson
Tunstall, Esq.; and d. 1859, leaving a son, Frederick
William Whitelock Tunstall, b. 1858.


Kereich-Walkee, Heney Walkee, of Newker
House, CO. Durham, b. 25 Ajiril, 1832 ; assumed by
royal licence the additional ntime of Walker in
1877 ; in. 4 Feb. 1 864, Isabella, eldest dau. of George
Eeid, Esq. of Woodmansterne, Surrey, and has

I. Edward Henry, 6. 22 Dec. 18G4.

II. George Arthur, b. 26 March, 1866.

III. William Barrel, b. 16 April, 18G7.

I. Evelyn Isabella, b. 3-Feb. 1870.

II. Adeline Mary, b. IG March, 1872.

III. Grace Annie, b. 17 Nov. 1875.

IV. Julia Mabel, b. 29 Sept. 1880.
Lineage.— &-C Kerrich of Gcldestnn Hall.

Edward Kerrich, of Arnolds, Dorking, Surrey, 3rd son of
John Kerr:ch, Esq. of llarleston, by Elizabeth his wife, dau.
of John Walker, Esq. of Wallsend, Northumberland, vi. Mary
Evelyn Susan, dau. of liichard Fuller, Esq. of the Rookery
Surrey, and by her (who </. 21 March, 1885) had issue,

I. Henry Walker, now of Newker House.

I. Elizabeth Frances.

II. Annie Evelyn.

III. Helena Jane.

IV. Gertrude Julia, m. G. J. G. Reid, Esq., and has issue,
four sons, and three daus.

V. Sophia Louisa.

VI. Emma Adeline.

VII. Isabel H.arj let.

VIII. Oct.avia Fa

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