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izabeth, m. John Hutchinson, Esq. of Timmony Park.

II. Selina Maria, m. 2S March, 182;i, Sir Edmund Waller, Ith
bart. of Newport.

III. Georgiana Fiances, m. Caleb Powell, Esq. of Clonshavov,

Mr. Waller d. 16 July, 1833, and was s. in his estates by his
«on, William Thomas Waller, Esq., now of Prior Park.

Arms — Chequy or and az., on a canton gu. a lion rampant
double queued of the fi st. Oi-e>!t — Out of a ducal coronet or,
an eagles leg and thigh erect gu. in front of a (.lume of five
ostrich feathers alternately arg. and az. Mottu — Uonor et

Seal — Prior Park, Borrisokane, co. Tipperary.

Waller, William Xewcome, Esq. of Aliens-
town, CO. Meatli, J.P. and D.L., b. 13 Aug. 18.j9.

Liineage. — This family descends in the female line from
■Waller of Groombridge. They spring from

William Waller, Esq. of Groombridge, High .Sheriff of
JKent, m. Anne Fallemar ( preceding Memoir) and left two
sons, I. William, m. Alice Hendly, and from whom descended
Waller, Bart, (see Peerage and Baronetage), and tlie Wallers
of Castletown ; ii. John, m, Elizabeth Fainfold, and was
father of

Richard Waller, whose son,

Robert Waller, m. Elizabeth Dunconibe, and had two
sons, William and

Edmdnd Waller, E?q. of Coles Hill, Herts, who d. ir02.
and was bur. in Agmuudeshatn (now Ameisham, Bucks)
Churchyard, leaving a sun,

Robert Waller, Esq. of Agmondesham, Bucks, to. Anne,
dau. of Griffin Hampden, of Hampden, and sister of Col.
John Hampden, the famous Republican, by whom he had
eleven children, whose baptisms are to be found in Amersliam
Church Registry as follows,

I. Edmdnd, the celebrated Poet, b. IC05; »(. 1st, Anna
Banks ; aud'indly, Mary Biesse (see \Y alleu of lanuiiigton,

II. GryfRn, b. 16u7.

III. Robert Thomas, ancestor of Waller, of Allcastown,
CO. Meath.

IV. Stephen, 6. IfilO.
I. Elizabeth, h. 1601.
u. Anne, b. 1602.

m. Cecilia, b. 1603, m. Mr. Torakins, Clerk of Queen's
Couu' il, who was executed for being concerned in the
" Waller Plot "' li'43 (see Clarendon's Ihstorii).

IV. Dorothy, 0. 1G04; d. 1601, bur. in Amersliam Church-

V. Mary, 6. 1608.

VI. Uifely, b. 1613.

VII. Ellen, b. 16i4.

The 3rd son,

Robert Thomas Waller, bapt. 1600, went to Ireland and
was killed in the massacre of 1041, leaving by his wife, a
niece of John Bramhall, Archbishop of Armagh, a son,

John Waller, Esq. of Kdmainham Castle, near Kells, co.
Meath, 6. 1641 ; m. Hannah, dau. of William Coddington, Esq.
of Holmpatrick, co. Dublin, and had four sons and eight daus.
He d. 6 Feb. 1715, and was bur. in Martry Churchyard. One
child only survived him,

Robert Waller, 6. 1672 ; to. Anna Maria Hughes ; and d.
.1731, having had issue, i. Robert, of Rookwood, b. 1701, -ni,
Jane Ormsby; his issue is extinct; ii. William, ot whom
presently; I. Hannah, m. Dixie Coddington, Esq. of Ath-
lumney; ii. Mary to. Francis Mereuyth, Esq. of Dollords-
town ; III. Jane to. 1st. Cul. Eyre, of Eyrec' urt Castle ; and
2nd!y, Col. William Congreve. The younger son,

William Waller, Ksij. of AlIen.stown, fc. 1710, co. Meath,
bought most of the property, and built tlie present house.

He TO. 1733, Anna Maria Smyth, dau. of Yen. James Smyth,
Archdeacon of Meath, by Catherine Vesey his wife, dau.
of Most Rev. John Vesey, Archbishop of Tuum, and had
Robert, his heir.

Jan)es, b. 1737 ; ./. .». p. 1757, in India.
William, 6. 1719; killed by a fall while hunting IC Jan.

Catlierine, 6. 1734; m. James Noble, Esq. of Glasdrummon.

CO. Fermanagh, and had issue several sons and daus., all of

whom d. vnra., except Mungo Henry, of whom presently .

Anna Maria, m. Dean Browne : and Mary Martha, rn. Rev.

Thomas Sutton; and i/. 19 March, 1791.
Anne, to. Jnhn Young, Esq., and d. 1806.
Maiy, b. 17S9; m. 1767, Samuel Augustus Beaufort, Esq., and

d. 1831.
Jane, b. 1746; m. 1st, Edward Nangle, Esq. ; and2ndly. Rev.

Robert Highland ; d. 1790.
Leonora, b. 17.52 : m. Capt. Mayne; and d. 1834.
Elizabeth, 6. 1753; d. 1835.

Mr. Waller d. 2 Oct. 1790, and was s. by his eldest son,

Robert Waller, Esq. of Allrn.stown, b. 1735; m. Mary
Shirley, and had two sons both of whom d. infants. He d.
1S09, when his property devolved upon his nephew.

Rev. Mongo Henry Noble, Rector of Clongill, co. Meath
(see Noble of GUt.tsdruntinond), in right of his mother,
whereupon he assumed by royal licence 1809 the surMamc
and arms of Waller. He vi. Jan 17;i4, Maria, eldest dau.
of William Newcombe, D.D., Archbishop of Armagh, and
Primate of all Ireland, by Susanna D'Oyly his wife, and had

I. William Henry, 6. 1795 ; d. v.nm. 17 June, 1837.

II. Robert, of Glassdrummond (see Noule of Glassdrum-

III. James Noble, of whom presently.

IV. Jlungo, b. Ib05; d. 1824

V. Jolin (Rev.), b. 1«09; d. 1824.

I. Susannah, d. 1797.

II. Maria, d. 1857.

Mr. Noble Waller <;. 3 June, 1S3I. His 3rd son,

James Noble Waller, Esq. of Allenstown, J.P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff 1845-46, b. 28 July, 1800 ; to. 1st, 22 Marcli,
ls;;8, Julia, dau. of Charles Arthur Tisdall, Esq. of Charles-
fort, CO. Meath, and by her (who d. 17 April, 1848) had issue,

I. William Newcome, now of Allenstown.

II. James Henry, b. 25 .March, 1845: d. 13 March, 1884.

III. Edmund Noble, b. U June, 1846; m. 7 Apiil, 1877.
Maria Louisa, dau. of Rev. Robert Noble.

I. Julia Elizabeth.

He m. 2ndly, 15 May 1858, Anna Marie, 5th dau. of Rev.
James A. Burrowes, and by her (who d. 17 Sept. ISJl) had

II. Catharine Maria.

III. Florence Mary, d. 10 Feb. 1889.

Mr. Waller d. 18 Dec. 1874.

^)-))is— Arg., a bend voided sa. charged with three walnut
leaves ppr., sa. three walnut leaves or, between two bendlets,
arg. Crest — Pendant from an oak tree ppr. an escutcheon arg.
charged with a saltire gu. a mount vert a walnut-tree ppr. on the
sinister side, an escutcheon pendant charged with the arms of
France with a label of three uoiuts arg. Mottoes — " llic
fructus virtutis" and " Azincouit."

Seat — Allenstown, Kells, co. Meath.



Wallingtox, Jonx Williams, Esq., C.B., of
Keevil Manor, Wilts, J.P., late Capt. 4tli Light
Dragoons, Hon. Col. 4th Eatt. Gloucestershire liegt.
1872-1884; b. 16 March, 1822; ?«. 22 June, 1852,
Henrietta ilaria, youngest dau. of Lieut. -Col. Wil-
liam Beach, of Oakley Hall, Hants, and Keevil
House, Wilts, and iiaa issue,

I. John Arthur Beach, b. 11 April, 1853; to. 5 April, 1833,
Constance Mary, 2nd surviving dau. of Sir Henry St.
John iliiiimay, Bart, of Dogmersfield Park, Himts, and
has issue,

John Mildmay, b. 7 Jan. 1394, d. in infancy.
Nina ilary I'll) His.

II. Edward William, private secretary to the Earl of
Hupetoun, Governor of \ictoiia, b. 7 Dec. 1854.

in. Charles Digby, 6. 23 March, 1856, Lieut. 2nd Batt.

Lancashire Fusiliers, in. 31 Jan. 1894, EJith Margaret,

3rd dau. of Sir Edward Stafford, G.C.M.G.
IV. Frank Maxwell, b. 7 Match, ls70.
I. Henrietta Maria. ii. Augusta Frances,

in. Alice Julia.





liineagre.— The family of \VAl.LiSGTONisono of antiquity,
anil has lieen Ion<r settled in to. Gloucester.

Edward Walungton. Ksq. of Wotton-untloi-EcIge, m. 12
April, lot3;>, Susanna Okes, ami lunl a son,

Charles W.^llington, Esq. of Malniesbury, m. -0
1719, Mary, dau. of Natlianiel Player, Esq. of Malmesbury,
and was father of

The llEv. Charles Wallin'gton, Vicar of Frampton, co.
Gloucester, m. Mary, dau. of .lohn rurncll, Esq. of Dursley,
and had issue, Charles; John, d. unni. at sea; and Mary, /.(.
Georjre l";,itliorne, Esq. The eldest son,

Charles Wallixgton, Esq. of Dursley, co. Gloucester, in.
6 Xov. 1749, Elizabeth, dau. and sole heir of N'ichohvs Neale,
Esq. of Dursley, and by her (who d. 1781) had issue,

I. Charles (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Hackwell, Essex, b. Oct.
1750: Hi. .Tan. 17S1, Frances Russell, dau. of Hanilyn Har-
ris, Esq. of Daveniry, eo. Xorthaaipton, and had issue,

1 Charles Arthur Granado, Lieut. -Gen. Bengal Presi-
dency, J. P. and D.L. co. Wurwiek, h. 31 Jan. 11^!^.

2 John Clement, Lieut. -Col. 10th llus.sars, b. 25 July,
1700 : m. 1st, Alice, dau. of William Charles Monck
Mason, Esq. ; 2ndly, Fanny Wilson.

1 Frances Ann, d. unm. 30 Jan. 1826.

II. John, cf Piers Court, m. 17S3, Miss Wallington, 3rd dau.
and co-heir of Sanuu'I Walliiitrton, of Dursley, and had
issue an only dau. and litir, Klizabeth, who m. Henry Clif-
ford ClilTord, Esq. of F'rauiptou Court, Gloucester, and d.
1838, leaving issue.

in. Edward, of Dursley.

I. 3Iary.

II. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Williams, Esq.
The 3rd son,

Edward Wallixgton, Esq. m. 16 May, 1702, Arabella, Ms
cousin, dau. of John Wallington, Esq. of Chelsea, and by her
had issue,

Edward, b. 29 Julv, 1794. John, of Dursley.

Charles, d. 28 May, 1832.

Arabella Harriot, m. 1817. the Rev. Robert Jerniyn Cooper,
2nd son of Bransby Cooper, Esq.
The 2nd son,

John Wallington, Esq. of Dursley, co. Gloucester, J. P., b.
25 Jan. 1797 ; m. 25 Sept. 1820, Anne, 2nd dau. of Edward
Sheppard, Esq. of The Ridge, Wotton-under-Edge, co.
Gloucester, and by her (who d. 6 Nov. 1879, aged 79) had

I. John Williams, C.B., of Keevil House.

I. Anne Elizabeth, to. IS Nov. 1866, William Towgood, Esq.
of Uplands, Somerset.

Mr. W.allington d. May, 1888.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st ai;d 4th, erm., three bars wavy sa. on
a chief gu. a saltier or, for Wallington ; 2nd and 3rd, or, on a
fess sa. surmounting a lion rampant gu. three dexter hands
aig., for Neale. Crest — A bucks head ppr. erased gu. collared
fa. charged with a cinqui foil or, between two lozenges arg.
Jilottu — Non temere, sed fortiter.

Jiiscde'iice — Keevil House, Trowbridge.


AVallis, IIenky AuBitKY Beaumoxt, Esq. of
Drisliane Castle, eo. Cork,J.P., b. 4 Jul}', ISfil ; m.
1 March, 1883, Elizabctli Caroline, eldest dau. of
Hon. Albert ielverton Bingliam, 5tli son of the 3rd
Lord Clanmorris, and has issue,

Henry Digbt, b. 3 June, 1885
Audrey Beatrice Jean, b. 23 Jan. 1888.

Lineage.— In 159.5, Thomas VVallts, Esq. resided at
Curryplass. co. Cork; he d. previous to 1G30, leaving a widow
and two sons. The elder son,

Tiio.MAs Wallys, of Curryglass, left at his decease two

I. Thomas, of Curryglass, of whom hereafter.

II. Peter, of Shangary, co. Cork, living 1630, High Sheriff
1C60, had a large grant of laud under the Act of Settlement,
TO. Audrey, dau. of Barachias Baker, Esq. of Carrigrohan,
CO. Coik, and d. Ifi79, lea\ing by her (who d. 1685) fmr
dans. (viz. : 1 Margaret, ui. Col. Edward tlorker, of Bally-
Maloe, CO. Cork, and d.s p. 17 July, 1721 ; 2 Katherine. m.
167'J, Eberi.zer Low, Esq., and d. H July, 1697; 3 Meiiet-
abel. Til Francis Foulke, Esq., and d. 1 July, 1703 ; 4 Maiy,
m. Benjamin Glascott, Esq., New Ross, who d. Oct. 1723)
and two sons,

1 John, of Carrigrohan, J.P., whose dau. and heir, Mary,
m. Charles Guokin, Esq.

2 Barachias, of Ballycrenan, m. 1688, Ellen Cross, of
Ballybrazil, co. Wexford, and d. intestate (Adm. 7 July,
1711) leaving two daus. (viz., 1 Susan, m. Williaui

Corker, Esq. of Kilbrenan, co. Cork ; 2 Eleanor, m. Jan.
1730, Sylvester Cross, Esq. of Passage, co. Cork, who d.
1767) and a son,
William, of Ballycrenan, vi. Clotilda, dau. of Thoma.»
UniaeUc, Esq. of Woodhouse, co. Waterford, and had
Barachias, of Ballycrenan, vi. 1763, Anne, dau. of
Emanuel Pigott, Esq., and d.s. p. Jan. 1765; Helena,
VI. John Colthurst, Esq. ; Clotilda, m. 1771, Sir Edward
Hoare, 3rd bart. of Annabelle.
The elder son,

Thomas Wallts, Esq. of Curryglass, mentioned in will of
his uncle Peter, 1630, party to a deed in 1640, had issue,

I. Boyle, b. 1644.

II. Thomas, ot Curryglass, of whom hereafter.

III. Henry, of Drishane, co. Cork, m. Penelope, dau. of
John Nettles, Esq. of Toureen, and left

1 Thomas, d. s. p.; 2 Henry, b. 1697, d. s. p. 1749; A
John, of Reddy, called to the Bar 1754, High Sheiiffof
Cork 1772, d. s. p. 1787; 1 Mary, m. George Jackson.
Esq. of Grangebeg, co. Cork.

The eldest surviving son,

Thomas Wallis, Esq. of Curryglass, m. 1st, 1679, Jane
Ludyman, and by her had issue, Thomas and Grace, viho
both d. unm. Mr. Wallis had in the time of James 11., to-
fly to England with his wife and two children. He ra. 2ndly,
Persis, dau. of Holmes, and had issue four daus. (viz., Annc^
y/i. Thomas Moore, Esq. of Gregg, co. Cork; Elizabeth, m.
Samuel Meade, Esq.; Arabella, to. Michael Webber, Esq.;.
Persis ; and Jane, m. Digby Cooke, Esq.) two sons,

I. George, his heir.

II. Thomas.

Mr. Wallis purchased considerable landed property in the co.
of Cork, in 1703, from the trustees of F'orfeited Estates. His
son and heir,

George Wallis, Esq. of Curryglass, m. 1721, his cousin,
Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Wallis, Esq. of Drishane, and had
two daus. (viz., Penelope, vi. John Parker, Esq. of Cherry-
mount, CO. Waterford ; and Elizabeth, in. Samuel Adams, Esq.)
and as many sons,

I. Henry, his heir.

II. George, d. s. p.
The elder son,

Henuy Wallis, Esq. of Curryglass and Drishane, under
the limitations in the will of his maternal grandfather, Henry
Wallis, Esq., became entitled to the Drishane and other
estates; he m. 1758, Elizabeth, dau. ot Christmas Paul, Esq.
of Paulville, co. Carlow, by Ellen his wife, dau. of Robert
Cai ew, Esq. of Ballynamona, co. Waterford, and had four
sons and two daus.,

John, his heir.

Christmas Paul (Rev.), B.A., to. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. of Rev.
James Stopford, Fellow Trin. Coll. Dublin, and sister of
Edward Stopford, Bishop ot Meath, and had three sons and
six daus.,

1 John, an officer 52nd Regt., d. unm.

2 Henry, an officer 52ud liegt., d. s.p.

3 James, d. s. p.

1 Elizabeth, d. unm.

2 Catherine.

3 Penelope, to. Rev. Digby Joseph Stopford Bam.

4 Ellen, m. — Lombard, Esq.

He 9)1. 2ndly, Hannah Fitzgerald, and had further issue.

4 George.

5 Thomas, Barrister-at-Law, to. Miss MacDermot, and
had a dau., Anne.

6 Christmas Paul, to. Blessing, dau. of Thomas Brown-
ing Gardner, Esq., Youshal, co. Cork, and bad 1 Christ-
mas Paul, d. unm. ; 2 Thomas Henry Gardner ; S
Cliristiana Augustus ; 4 Georgina Blessing ; 5 Frances ; tf
Penelope Croker.

5 Anne, d. unm.

Thomas, m. Miss Cooke, and had issue, 1 Harry, an officer
52nd Foot, TO. Miss Justice, and had three daus. Mary, )/t.
Thomas Crofts, Esq ; Ellen, in. John Moriarty, M.D. ; and
Dora, d. unm. ; 2 Cooke, of Minehill, eo. Coik; 1 Rebecca,
1/1. — Sherlock, Esq. ; 2 Elizabeth ; 3 Mary, to. — Herrick,
Esq. ; and 4 Ellen, ?k. the Rev. A. Sergeant, of Waterford.

Harry, m. Helen, 2nd dan. of James M'Call, Esq. of Brae-
head, CO. Lanark, and had three sons, Harry, drowned ;
James ; and John, d. .«. p. ; and seven daus., of whom the-
eldest, Sarah, m. William Smith, Esq. of Carbeth Gutherie ;
and the 6th, Margaret, m. George Dennistuun, Esq.

Ellen, in. Charles Bolton, Esq. of Curraghduff, co. Water-

Elizabeth, to. Sir Joshua Christmas Paul, 2nd bart. of Bally-
glan, CO. Waterford, and d. s. p. 16 April, 1836.
The eldest son,

John Wallis, Esq. of Drishane Castle, m. 1st, Patience,
eldest dau. of John Longfield, Esq. of Longueville, co. Cork,
and by her had one dau..





Patience, r,i. — Hanning, Esq. of Cork.
He m. 2ndly, Sept. 1787, Marianne, dau. of Jonn Carlcton,
Esq. of Woodside, co. Cork, and Ly her had issue,

Henrt, his heir.

Penelope, m. Samuel Adams, Esq. of Kilbree, CO. Cork, J. P.

Elizaheth, m. the liov. Charles Morgan.

Marianne, m. Simon Newport, Esq., J. P., of John's Hill
Villa, Waterford.

The son and heir,

Hemiy Wallis, of Drishane Castle, co. Cork, J. P. and
D.L., High Sheriff 1814; m. Ut, Miss Forster, by whom he
had one son, deceased: and 2ndly, 1827, Ellen, dau. of Grice
Smyth, Esq. of Eallynatray, co. Waterford, and sister of the
Princess of Capua and of Lady Dinorhen, and had,

John Richard Smyth, of Drishane Castle.

Mary Gertrude, d. umn. 5 May, 1857.

Mr. Wallis d. 6 Jan. 18o2, and was s. by his son,

John liicHARD Smyth Wallis, Esq. of Drishane Castle,
J.P., High Sheriff 1857, 6. 5 June, 1828; m. 1 Sept. 185.3,
Miss Octavia Willoughby, and by her who m. 2ndly, 4 Apiil,
1872, Sir G. H. Beaumont, 9th bart. of Cole Orton Hall, co.
Leicester) had issue,

Digby Henry Willoughby, 6. 2 June, 1854 ; d. 18 July, 1858.

Henry Aubrey Beacmont, now of Drishane Castle.

Eva Octavia Augusta, d. 28 March, IbtiO.

Eva Violet Amelia Gwen AVilloughby, 6. posthumously.

Mr. Wallis d. 27 Oct. 1868.

&af— Drishane Casilo, Millstreet, co. Cork.

Club — Carlton.


Walleoth, Coxead AcoLPnus, Esq. of Mickle-
over House, co. Derby, M.A. Oxon, b. 1851 ; m. 1876,
Cecilia, eldest dau. of Jacob Willink, Esq. of Hin-
derton, co. Chester.

Lilueag'e. — Charles William Herman Wallroth, Esq.
of Lee, CO. Kent, ru. 1845, Louisa, dau. of George Bremeyer,
Esq., and by her (who d. 1893; had issue,

I. Charles Henry.

u. Frederick Anthony, m. 1874, Caroline Sibella Wells, and
has issue,

Eeginald Claude, h. 1875.

Eleanor. Maude Caroline.

Florence Emily. Iris.

HI. Conrad Adolphus, of Mickleover House.

I. Louisa, ra. 1874, Allied Lubbock, Esq., and has had issue,
Alfred Basil, h. 1876; Kobin, b. 1879; Merlin Gordon, b.
1884 ; Nora, d. 1875 ; Inez Alfreda.

II. Florence, in. 1S73, William Frederick AJphonse Archi-
bald, Esq., Master of the Court, and has issue, Ptoderie
Thomas, b. 1876 ; Malcolm George, h. 1878 ; Cuthbert Nor-
man, 6. 1882 ; Hubert Karl, 6. 1863 ; Ethel Frances ; Cecile
Florence ; Euth Mary.

HI. Catherine Elizabeth,
Mr. Wallroth d. 1857.

f^fxit — Mickleover House, Derby.
CLuh — United University, S.W.


Walmesley,Eichaed Joseph, Esq. of Pilgrim's
Hall,, b. 8 Dec. 1822; m. 26 Sept. 1848.
Louisa Harriet, dau. of John Brooke King, Esq. of
Lincolnshire, by -whom he has had issue,

I. Richard, 6. 27 Aug. 1850; mi. May, 1882, Martha, dan. of
J. Gascoigne, Esq. of Leamington, and has, with other
issue, a son,
Bernard Eobebt, h. 1884.

13. Charles, h. 7 March, 1852 ; d. unm. 1892.

HI. Hubert, 6. 11 April, 18G6; d. unm. 1890.

I. Louisa Caroline, m. 26 Oct. 1870, Daniel O'Connell
Smithwiek, Esq. of Orchardton, co. Kilkenny, and d.
19 Oct. 1883, leaving issue.

II. Ellen.

III. Alice, ra. 12 Oct. 1880, Capt. Thomas Carrol Dempster
(late 28th Ecgt.), and has issue,

IV. Constance.

V. Eose.

VI. Gertrude.

VII. Mary, m. 1890, W. Higgins, Esq., late Cameronians
(Scottish Eifles).

Lineage. — Thomas Walmeslev, of Sholay, co. Lan-
caster, living 22 Henry VII., m. Elizabeth, duu. of William

Travels, of Neathby, co. Lancaster, and was father of another
Thomas Walmesley, of Sholay, living 28 Henry VIII. , who
m. Margaret, dau. of James Livesay, of Livesay, co. Lan-
caster, and d. 17 April, 1584, having had eight sons and two

Thomas (Sir), Sergeant-at-Law, and one of Judges of the
Court of Common Pleas temp. King James I. Sir Thomas
founded tlie family of Walmesley of Danktnhalgh, now
represented l)y Lord Petre.

EicuARD, of Sholay, of whom presently.

Eiibert, of Coldcoats, co. Lancaster, ancestor of the Wai^
mesleys 0/ C'o/(/coat*« : the eventual heiress of whom, Mar-
garet Walmesley, of Bashall, 6. 30 Aug. 1736 ; m. 18 April,
1766, Hugh Hughes Lloyd, Esq. of Plymog, co. Denbigh,
and Gwerelas, co. Merioneth.

Edward, of Banaster Hall, co. Lancaster, w. Anne Hawkes-
worth, of Hawkesworth, co. York; and d. circa 1601,

1 Thomas, of Banaster Hall, m. Frances, dau. of Edward
Stanley, of Jloor Hall, co. Lancaster, lea\ing by her an
only dau., Anne, ra. KatclitTe Hoghton, youngest son of
Sir Richard Hoghton, 1st Bart, of Hoghton Tower.

2 Edward, of Banaster Hall, b. 1593 ; -la. Dorothy, dau. of
Christopher Anderton, of Horwi.-k, co. Lancaster, relict of
William Walton, of Walton-le-dale.

.3 Richard, </. young.

1 Rosamond, la. Thomas Winkley, of Bellington, co. Lan-

2 Anne, m. Richard Craven, of Dunkley, co. Lancaster.

3 Elizabeth, m. Robert Hodgkinson, of Preston.
William, merchant of London, ra. and had issue.
Nicholas, inerehant of London, m. Sarah, dau. of Sir Thomas

Keinble, Lord Mayor of London, and had issue,

1 Thomas, of Chalfont St. Peter, co. Bucks, ra. Elizabeth,
dau. of — Ellis, of London.

2 Judith, ra. Sir Robert Smyth, of Upton, Essex.
Henry, a Priest.

John, of Gray's Inn, Barrister-at-La«-.

Alice, m. Eichard Hethershall, of Hethershall, co. Lan-

Elizabeth, in. Christopher Nowell, gent, of Mearley, co. Lan-
caster, and left issue.
The 2nd son,

Eichard Walmesley, Esq. of Sholay or Sholley, m. Mar-
garet, dau. of William Walmesley, Esq. of Fishwick, co. Lan-
caster, and had two sons, Thomas, who d. unm. ; and his
successor at his decease, about the year 1609, when his will
was proved at Chester.

Eichard Waljiesley, Esq. of Sholley, 6. 1598; to. Ellen,
dau. of William Gerard, Esq. of Eadborne, in Brindle, co.
Lancaster, and had issue,

I. Richard, d. v. p., leaving by his wife Elizabeth, dau. o£
Thomas Souihworth, of Samlesburj-, co. Lancaster, an only
child, Elizabeth, m. Thomas Cottam, of Dilworth.

II. Gerald, d. young ; bur. 9 Jan. 1622.

III. Thomas, of Sholley, bapt. 2 April. 1621 ; living 1664; m.
Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Mossock, and sister and heir of
Henry Mossock, Esq. of Cunscough, co. Lancaster, and had
a dau., Anne, who d. a Nun in Flanders ; a son, Henry,
bur. 3 March, 1660 ; and a son and heir,

Richard Walmesley, Esq. of Sholley, 1656, m. Jane,
dau. of John Hoghton, of Park Hall, and sister of AVilliam
Hoghton, Esq., and by her (who was bur. 13 Oct. 1722) had

1 Thomas, his heir.

2 William, of Liverpool, d. s. p. 16 March, 1752.

3 John, d. s. p.

4 Edward, killed at sea.

5 Eichard (Eev.), d. 6 May, 1735.

6 Eobert, lost at sea.

7 Charles, d. 1716.

8 Uenry,d.s. 2J- 173t.

9 James, </. 7 April, 1777.

10 Francis, d. s. p. April, 1760.

1 Elizabeth, d. unm.

2 Anne, d. unm. 1733.

3 Margaret, m. 1722, William Colegrave, Esq. of Cann
Hall, Essex, d. 24 April, 1768, leaving issue.

4 Doroth}', d. young.

Eichard Walmesley d. 19 Aiig. 1737, and was s. by his son,
Thomas Walmesley, of Sholley, b. 21 Oct. 1685 ; in. Mary,
dau . of William Colegrave, Esq. (who d. 11 Nov. 1721), and
had issue,

1 Richard (Rev.), b. 14 Dec. 1709 ; d. v. p.

2 Thomas, his heir.

3 Joseph, 6. 7 Oct. 1715; d.s.p. April, 1759.

4 Francis (Rev.), Sub-Prior at Dolwert, Loraine, 6. 11
April, 1718 ; d. at Dolwert.

1 Mary, d. unm.
Thomas Walmesley d. 10 April, 1755. His eldest son,

Thomas Walmesley, Esq. of Sholley and Bellzei-shatch,
F:ssex, h. 28 Aug. 1713 ; ni. 10 April, 1758, Klizabeth, eldest
dau. of John Turner, F;sq. of Hampstead Heath, and left at
his decease, 12 May, 1775.





I. RiCHABD, of Slioll.'y. h. 22 Ausr. KG4 ; m. 25 Aug. 179t,
Oatharino, dau. of Thomas JIanby, of Downsell Hall,
Essex, by Anne, dan. ot Wiili.ini Colt'grave and Margaret
Walmesley, and dying 20 Jlay, 1803. left issue,

1 TuoMAS George, of ShoUey, which lie sold 1870, b. 16
Aug. 17115; 7.1. 4 May, 1824", Susan Elizabelli TrussUr,
of Slindon, Sussex, aud </. leaving issue, Anthony, b.
25 Nov. 1826 ; Kichard, (/. young, 1829 ; John, b. 26
Jan. 1830, (/. s. ^i.

2 IJichard, J.l'. for E.ssex, 6. 25 Nov. 1706 ; m. 29 May,
1821, Marianne, dau. tf Joseph Lcscher, of Boyks
<Jourf. Kssex, and (/. 16 Feb. 186,"), leaving issue by her
{Who d. 6 Oct. 1868).

1 KiCHAKD Joseph, now of rilgvim's Hall.

2 Thomas, late of Lilyston Hall,"Lss<x, b. 23 Nov. IS23 ;
m. 5 May, 1S47, Mary Newtun Kli/.abeth, only sur-
viving child and heir of Edward iMariin Foxhall, by
whom (who d. 26 April, Isiti) lie has 1 .Alfred, b. 1 1
Sept. 1849, if. .\ug. 1881 ; 2 Liodfrev, b. I June, 1853,
<;. 18 Jan. 1870; 3 Robert Edward,' b. 17 Dec. 1857;
m. 6 June, 1882, Winifred Blary, dau. of Thomas
Weld-Blundell, Esq. of Ince 1-ilundell, Lancashire ;
1 Mary, m. 11 Jan. 1877. U'illiim, 3rd son of Mr.
.Sergeant Bellasis, and has issue; 2 Agnes Mary, a
Nun; 3 i\Iary ; 4 Josephine Mary.

3 Robert, Lieut. 77th Regt., 6. 30 Aug. 1828; d. in
the Crimea, Oct. K-64.

4 John Joseph, 0. 1 Nov. 1835 ; m. Adele, dau. of
George Stagg. and has issue.

1 Blary Ann Eleanor, vi. 6 June, 1812, Hon Henry
William Pctre, of Springfield, Essex, 2nd son of lltii
Baron Petre, and has issue.

3 Henry, of Ingatestone Hall, Essex, b. 1 Nov. 1799;
m. 1 Way, 1832, Mary, dau. of William Havers, Ksij.
of Beacons Essex, and by her (who </. 16 Oct. 1871),

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