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eft at his decease, 1 William Joseph, b. 29 Jan. 1833 :
r,i. 1856, Sophy, dau. of Geoi'ge Staniforth, Esq., and
has issue, Maria, m. 12 Feb. 1877; William Maiit
Coghlan, Sessions Judge, Tanna, Bombay, and Blanche ;
2 Henry, b. 25 Oct. 1836 ; 3 Edward (Rev.), 6. 19 May,
1838, d. 20 Sept. 1875; 1 Catharine Mary; 2 Agnes, a
Nun; 3 Isabella; 4 Eliza.

4 Michael, 6. 5 April, IhOO ; vi. 12 April, 18^0, Harriet,
dau. of Joseph Lescher, Esq. of Boyles ; d. s. p.

5 Frances, d. young.

u. Thomas, b. 10 Sept. I7C7 ; d. 5 Jan. 1825.
III. Robert, a Monk of La 1 rappe, b. 12 Feb. 1770; and d.
at La Trappe.

I. Catherine, 0. 17 April, 1759 ; d. unm. 7 Jan. I18n.

II. Elizabeth Mercy Magd;Jen, 6. 23 July, 1760 ; d. 20 Aug.

III. .Mercy, b. 17 Oct. 1761 ; d. unm. 23 March, 1807.

IV. Anne, b. 7 Feb. 1763; d. unm. 26 Oct. 1814.

V. Frances, b. 16 Feb. 1772; ?/i. 4 April, lsl5, Nicholas
Tuite Selby, Esq. of Acton, and had issue.

VI. Eleanor Monica.

III. JoHX ancestor of the Walmesleys of Weslwood House.

IV. W ilUam, bapt. 7 Aua. 1622 ; d. young.

V. George, d. young ; bur. 27 June, 1649^.

I. Jlargaret. bait. 1616; d. unm.

II. Janet, m. John Sherborne, Esq. of Ealey Hall, co. Lan-
caster ; d. s. p.

^fiimilg of (Elulmcslcir of glunlunbalgb.
Sir Thomas Walmesley, of Dunkenhaigh, co. Lancaster,
Sergeant-at-Law and Judge of the Court ot Common Pleas,
d. 26 Nov. 1612, aged 76, leaving by his wife Anne, only dau.
and heir of Robert Shuttleworth, of HacUinge, co. Lancaster
<who (/. 19 April, 1635), an only son,

Thomas, of Dunkenhaigh, m. 1st, Eleanor, sister of Henry
Earl of Danliy, K.G., and eldest dau. of Sir John Danveis,
Knt. of liaunstey, co. Wilts, by whom (who d. Sept. 1601)
he had,

1 Thomas (Sir), of Dunkenhaigh, of whom presently.

2 John, </. April, 1660.

1 Elizabeth, m. Richard Sherborne, Esq. of Stonyhurst,
CO. Lancaster, and d.g.p. 12 Dee. 1066.

2 Anne, ta. 1st, William Middleton, Esq. of Stockeld and
Thurntoft, co. York; 2ndly, Sir Edward Osborne, Bart,
of Kivcton (so ereated 13 July, 1620; liy whom she had
an only son. Sir Thomas, created, 1689, Duke of Leeds.
She was bur. 20 Aug. 1066.

Mr. Walmesley m. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of .Sir Richard Hogh-

ton, ist bart. of Hoghton Tower, cm. Lancaster, aud by her

<who d. 13 July, 1632) had a son,

Charles, of Stayner Hall, and Lord of the Blanor of Selby

CO. York ; -m. 1st, Mary, dau. of Thomas Charnock, of

Astley, CO. Lancaster; and 2iidly, .Ann Clerk, of co.

York. He d. 1672.

Mr. Walmesley d. 12 March, 1641. lli.s son.

Sir Thomas Walmesley, of Dunkenhaigh, m. Juliana,
dau. of 8ir Richard Molyneux, 1st bart. of Sefton, co.
Lancaster, and d. v. p. 13 July, 1637. left by her (who d.
Oct. 1668>, ." . J \

1 Richard, of Dunkenhaigh, of whom presently.

2 Thomas, and 3 John, who d. young.

4 William, of Sanilesbury, co. Ltmcaster, m. 1st, Anne,
dau. and heir of James Walton, ot Preston, co. Lancaster,
and relict of Edward French, of Preston : 2ndly, Fiidis-
wide, dau. of Richard Rod, of Rod, co, Herelorct; Srdly,
Dorothy, of John Danby, of Crofton, co. Lancaster,
and d.s.p.

1 Juliana, m. Francis, 2nd Viscount Carrington, and

2 Eleanor, 1st wife of Sir Godfrey Copley, of Sprot-
borough, CO. York, Bart., so created 17 June, 1662, who
d 1684.

3 Anne, d. unm. 1644.
'I'lie eldest son,

Richard Walmesley, of Dunkenhaigh, 6. 1630 ; m. Mary,
dau. and co-heir of Bartholomew Fromond, of Cheam,
Surrey, and dying 28 April, 1679, left by her (who d. 25
July, 1687),

1 Thomas, d.s.p.v. p. 2(i Aug. 1677.

2 Richard, d.s.p. 23 Nov. 1680, in Rome. "

3 Charles, d..'!.p. i June, 1680, at St. Omer's.

4 Francis, d.- young.

5 Bartholomew, of Dunkenhaigh, m. Dorothy, dau. and
CO heir of John Smith, Esq., and dying 29 Dec. 1701, left
by her (who d. 1 Nov. 16:)8j,

Francis, of Dunkenhaigh, /). 13 Oct. 1696; d.s.p.

Catherine, heir to her brother, m. Isl, 1 March, 1711,
Robert, 7th Baron Petre, and by him (who rf. 22 March,
1713) had an only child, liobert James, 8th Baron
Petre. She //(. 2ndly, April, 1733, Charles, 14th Baron
Stourton (who d. s.p. 11 ilarch, 1753;. She J. 1785,
aged 88.

.jFnmilu of ftSlalmrsIfg of Colbtoats.

Robert Walmesley, of Coldcoat.s, co. Lancaster, mi. Isabella,
dau. of Ralph Parkinson, of Chipping, co. Lancaster, and had
issue (with Richard, of Holcroft, co. Lancaster, who m. and
had a son, Thomas, b. 1601 ; and Elizabeth, m. John Parker,
of Lovely, co. Lancaster), a son,

Thomas Walmesley, of Coldcoats and Eaves Hall, co. Lan-
caster, ?). 1661; m. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Richard
Griinshaw, of New Houses, co. Lancaster; and 2ndly, Katha-
rine Hall, of Bradshaw, co. Chester. By the former he had
(with Richard; Charles; Isabell : and Anne, m. William
Cromback, of Clerk Hall, co. Lancaster) a son,

RoiiLRT Walmesley, of Colilcoats and Eaves Hall, 6. 1529;
m. 1648, Anne, sister of Kichard Thornton, of Tyersall, co.
York, and dying circa 1688, left an only child,

Thomas Walmesley, of Coldcoats and Eaves Hall, b. 1650 ;
m. Ellen, sister ot Samuel Crook, of CoppuU, and by her

Richard Walmesley, of Coldcoats and Eaves Hall, m. 1704,
Dorothy, elder sister and coheirof William Ferrers, Esq. of
Bashall, co. York; and d. circa 1718, leaving (with John, b.
1712, d. 10 Jan. 1746; William; Mary, m. Hammerton Astley
of Preston, and Elizabeth) a son,

Richard Walmesley, of Bashall and Eaves Hall, 6. 1707:
n Miss Williams, of Flint; and dying 29 Aug. 1707, left an
only dau. and heir, Margaret, ,a. 18 April, 1700, John Hughes
Lloyd, of Plymog, and left issue.

^rms— Gu. on a chief ermine, two hurts. CreU — A lion

statant guardant ermine, ducally ciowned or. Motto — Valet

.8'ti!«— Pilgrim's Hall, near Brentwood.


Walmesley, Humphkhy Jeffeey, Esq. of
Westwood, CO. Lancaster, J. P., Lancasliire Hussars
Y.C., Lord of the Manor of Ince, in Maekerfield,
b. 6 June, 1816 ; in. 18 Sejit. 1877, Mario Gertrude,
2nd dau. of George Manlej, Esq. of Spofforth Hall,
Wetherby, co. York, by whom he has issue,

I. Charles Talbot Gerard.

II. Humphrey Worthington Gerard.

I. Charlotte Muriel Gerard.

II. Cecelia Verda Gerard.

III. Ethel Marie Theresa Gerard.

IV. Marguerite Kathleen Gerard,

V. Violet Marie Isabella Gerard.

Lineage. — John Walmesley, Esq. {s:e Waliieslet of
Pili/rim's Hall), m. 1st, Anne, dau. of Lawrence Bryers, of
Buckshaw, co. Lancaster, by whom he had an only dau.,
Catheiine, m. Richard Chorley, Esq. of Hartwood Green; and
2ndly, Margaret Ples^ingion, of Dimples and Plessington, by
whom he had, Robert, d. uiiiii., buried 13 July, 1727 ; Mar-
garet, d.s.p.; and an eldest son,





John Walmeslet, Esq. m. Mary, dnu. of William Greaves,
and had itsiie, i. William, of WiKan, co. Lancaster, who
U. s. p.; II. John, suciessor to his father; iii. Iraniis, and
IV. .lames, hoth d. young; v. Tlicnias, d. in London, leaving
one dau., Theresa, a Nun, at Canihrai, who d. 21 June, 179-1;
VI. Richard, of Douai, O.S B., in holy orders of the Church of
Home; vii. Charles, O.S. B., D.D., F.R.S.. a Roman Catholic
Bishop, and forty years Vicar Apostolic of the Western District
of England, 6. 13 Jan. 1722, d. 25 Nov. 1797; viii. Vivian,
of Wanington, m. a dau. of Miller, andtZ. 1762, leaving issue;
I. M.irgarct, and ii. Margaret, both d. young. The eldest sur-
viving SI n,

John Walmeslet, Esq., m. 1st, Margaret, who d. s.p. ; and
2ndly, Mary, sister and co-heiress of William Gerard, Esq. of
Ince, and dau. of lliuhard Gerard, Esq. (grandson of Richard
Gerard, of Ince, who was 2nd son of Sir Thomas Gerard, 2nd
tart, of Bryn); she d. 13 Dec. 1795; he was buried 9 March,
1780, andhadissue, John, d. u«;;(. buried 3 Oct. 1785; William
Charles and Charles Thomas, all d. young ; and his only sur-
viving son,

Richard Walmeslet, Esq. of Westwood House, b. 1752; m.
15 Aug. 1780, Sarali, dau. of James Worthington, Esq. of West
Houghton, and had issue (.''he d. 19 Jan. I83I), Chaeles, his
heir ; William Gerard, m. Eliza, widow of John Gerard, Esq.
of Windle Hall, and 6th dau. of Edward Ferrers, Esq. of
Baddesley Clinton co. Warwick, and d. s. p. ; Sarah and
Elizabeth, who d. young; and Dorotliy Mary, »«. — Reade,
and d. i.p. 1814. Mr. Walmesley d. 1790, and was s. by his

Charles Walmeslet, Esq. of Westwood House, 6. 16 July,
1781 ; m. 17 Nov. 1804, Elizabeth, dau. of Jolin JelTerys, E.-q.
of the Inner Temple, aud by her (who d. 28 Nov. 1860) had

Charles John, 6. 30 Aug. 1805; d. unm. 22 May, 1830.

Riohard, b. 28 Sept 1806 ; d. young.

William (Jeeaei). of Westwood House.

John, b. 1809; d. 1877.

Henry Worthington ilicv.), S. J., b. 5 Jan. 1811 ; d. 20 Nov.

Thomas, b. 2 March, 1813; to. 3 April, 1837, Anna Maria
Cotham, of Spiingfield, co. Lancaster, and dying 15 March,
1847, left issue,

1 Charles Leo, b. 28 June, 1838; m., had issue, and d.
2 Nov. 1872.

2 Vincent Augu'tine. 6. 16 Aug. 1841 ; d. 3 Nov. 1871.

3 Alfred Angelus, 6. 4 May, 1845.
1 Wiaefride Maria.

Hermon, of Gidlow, near Wigan, 6. 21 Oct. 1816; m. 18.39,
Ellen Lynch, of Liverpool, and d. 12 Dec. 18b9, leaving

1 Oswald John, 6. 19 Jan. 1846; m. 8 Oct. 1879, Emily,
dau. of George Manliy. of Spofiorih Hall, and has issue.

2 Herojan, in Holy Orders, S.J., 6. 25 Feb. 1850.

1 Frances Elizabeth, m. June, 1869, Walter Weld, Esq.,
and has is-ue.

2 Gertrude Mary, m. 1876, Augustus Henry de TrafTord,
of Haselour Hall, Tamworth, late 1st Dragoon Guards,
and has i-ssue,

3 Blary Monica.

Yiviun Oswald, b. 1823; to. 19 May, 1853, Alice Talbot, of
Ashton-in-Makerfield, and has issue, Vivian Oswald Wilfrid,
b. 19 Feb. lHn4; and Alice Kdgitha.
Frances Cecilia, m. Nov. 1845, James Lomax, Esq., D.L., of
Clayton Hall, co. Lancaster.

Kleanora, m. 4 Aug. 1841, Wi.liam Colegrave, and has

Sarah, a Nun, d. 1869.
Eliza Maria, d. unm. 17 Dec. 1837.
Mr. Walmesley d. 29 June, 1833, and was s. by his eldest sur-
viving son,

William Geeaed Walmeslet, Esq. of Westwood, J. P., 5.
12 July, 1808; m. 18 Oct, 1838, Caroline, dau. of Sir Thomas
Joseph de Trafford, 1st hart, of Trafford, and had issue,

William Geeaed, of Westwood.

HumphbetJeffert, now of Westwood.

Charles Henry, d. 28 Oct. 1892.

Robert Cuthljen, d. 1859.

Caroline Veronica, m. 16 May, 1861, Capt. Paget Peploe

Mosley, of Netherseale Old Hall, co. Leicester, J. P., co.

Derby, late llih Hussars; and d. 3 Nov. 1878.
Belinda Theresa.
Harriet Cecilia, m. 9 Sept. 1873, Alfred Thomas Townshend,

5th Baron Braye, and has issue.
Charlotte Julia, m. Ist, 2 June, 1870, Robert Curzon, Esq. ;

and 2ndly, Paul Edgar Tichborre Hibbert, Esq. of Bilton

Grange, lo. Warwick, and has issue.
Monica Octavia, m. Major U. M. Burke, 14th Hussars, of

Carraroe Park, co. Roscommon.

He d. 11 Oct. 1868, and was s. by his son,
William Gekabd Walmeslet, Esq. of Westwood House,

Capt. 11th Hussars and I7th Lancers, and Duke of Lan-
caster's Yeomanry Cavali-j-, 6.4 July, 1841 : m. 21 July, 1869,
Augusta, youngest dau. of I^rd Henry Gordon, brother of the
10th Marquess of Huntly, and by her (who d. 1881) had, i.
Augusta Mary Gcrardine, m. George, 2nd son of the late Sir
Pyers Mostyn, Bart, of Tah'.ere, co. Flint, and d. 1893, leaving
issue ; ii. Cecile Theresa, d. 1879. Mr. W. G. Walmesley d.2
Jan. 1877, and was s. by his brother, Humphbet Jeffert, now
of Westwo d.

Anns — Gu., on a chief erm. two hurts, a crescent for differ-
ence, quarteiing Geeaed and 1^CE. Crest — A lion statant
guaidaiit erm. ducally crowned or. Motlo — En Dieu est mon

Scats— W^estwood House, in the Manor of Ince, Wigan ; and
Inglewood House, Hiingerford, lierks.

Clubs— Boodle's, Windham, and The Cavalry.


Walmesley, Eichard, Esq. of the Hall of
Ince, CO. Lancaster, and Lucknam, Wilts, J. P.,
High Sheriff of V\ ilts in 1877, b. 1816.

Lineag'e. — John Walmesley, Esq. (son of John Wal-
mesley, of Blackburn), m. 1st, 1692, Sarah Dimmock, widow,
dau. of Sir Richard Iloghton, 3rd Bart, of Hoghton Tower,
which lady cZ. 1699. He m. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of Edward Herle,
Esq. of Wigan, son of Rev. Charles Herle, Rector of Winwick,
CO. Lancaster. Mr. Walmesley d. 1726, and was s. by his only

John Walmeslet, Esq. of the Hall of Ince, to. Ann, eldest
dau. of John Braddyll, Esq. of l^ortfleld and Conishead Priory,
CO. Lancaster, by Anne Dodding, sole heiress of MylesDodding,
E.<q. of Conishead, and had issue. He d. 1749, and was s. by
his son,

John Walmeslet, Esq. of the Hall of Ince, D.L., 6. 1740,
High Sheriff co. Lancaster, to. Mary, dau. of William Shaw,
Esq. of Singleton, co. Lancaster, and by her had, with a dau.,
tnmia Elizabeth, m. William Sparling, Esq. of Spetton, Salop,
a son and heir,

John Walmeslet, Esq. of the Hall of Ince, 6. 28 Dec. 1775;
)/i. 1st, Hannah, dau. of Christopher C'onron, Esq., and had
by her three sons and one dau.,

I. John, 6. 1798; d. s. p. 1»32.

II. William, of the Hall of Ince, b. 1800, d. s.p.

III. Christopher, 6. Ib08.

I. Mary Anne, d. 1817.

Mr. Walmesley m. 2ndly, 1812, Ellen, dau. of Richard Godol-
phin Long, Esq. of Rood Ashton, Wilts, M. P., and li. 1867,
leaving by her issue,

IV. Edward Jones, b. 1814, deceased.

V. liicHARD, now of the Hall of Ince, ft. 1816.

II. Florentine, m. 1834, John Hawkesworth, Esq. of Forest,.
Queen's Co.

III. Ellen Mary. rv. Anne Katherine.
V. Emma Margaret.

Anas — Gu., on a chief erm. two hurts. Criwi— A lion statant
guardant ducally crowned gu. Motto — Spes durat avoruni.
Seat — The Hall of Ince, Wigan, co. Lancaster.
Ciiii— Conservative.


Waleond, Henet, Esq. late of Dulford House,
Devon, J. P., Hon. Lieut. -Col. 4th Batt. Devon llegt.
one of the co-heirs of the barony of Welles, heir male
and repre^entative of Col. Humphrey Walrond, on
whom Philip IV. of Spain conferred, 5 Aug. 1653,
the titles of Marquis de Vallado, Conde deParama,
and Conde de Valderonda, with the dignity of a
grandee of the 1st class, b. 9 Nov. 1841 ; m. 1861,.
Caroline Maud, dau. of the late William John
Clark, Esq. J. P. and D.L.,of Buckland Toussaints,
Devon {see that family), aud has issue,

I. IIenrt Humphret, b. 1862.

II. Ernest Adolphus, b. 1863.

III. Francis Arthur, 6. 18G6.

IV. Herbert William, 6. 1868.

V. Conrad Montague, 6. 1869.

VI. George Stewart Basil, b. 1876.

I. Edith Maud, m. 1887, Rev. Charles Long Sweet, M.A.

II. Beatrice Paulina Mabel.

HI. Kate Gwendoline. rv. Sibyl Mary,





Iiineage.— This old Devonshire family, called at difTcrent
times peWaleran, Wallekendk, Wallebondk, and Walrond,
were seated at Eradielle, in the time of Henry II. The
original deed of transfer of Bradfelle fromKulkc Paj-nel, Lord
of Hampton, to Waler.iude, tanp. King John, is still iu posses-
sion of the family.

KicHARD DE Bkadfelle, living at Bradfelle, of Uff-
calme, Devon, 1154, was grandson of Kobebt of Bradfelle, and
father of an^ ther

IticiiARD DE Brapfelu:, living at the same place, in the
reii:n of Kicuard I., whose son, bearing the present surname,

KicHARD Wauiond, was in Bradfiild, in the beginningof the
reign of Henbt III., and was s. at his decease by his son and

AViLUAM Walkond, of Bradtiekl, father of

John AValrond, of Dradfield, whose son and successor,

John Walrond, of Bradfleld, jh. Joan, dau. and heir of John
Stowford, of Stowford, Devon, and thus acquired that estate.
He was living in Edward I.'s time, and was s. at his decease
by his son,

William Walrond, of Bradfield, whose son, by his wife

John Walrond. of Bradfield, m. Alice, dau. of John TJfflete,
■of Evelegh, Devon, aunt and heir of John Ufflete, and had two

John, his successor.

William, of Bovey. Devon, ancestor of the W^alronds of
Bm-ei/, whose eventual heiress, Jddith Maria Walrond, m.
'22 July, ITTt-, JohnRolle, Esq. of Stevenstone, created Lord
liolle 1796. Her ladyship d. s. p. 1 Oct. 1820.
The elder son and heir,

John AValrond, of BradSeld, m. Margaret, dau. of John
Moore. Esq. of Moore Hayes, Devon, and was s. by his son,

John Walrond, of Bradfield, who left two sons, Humphret.
his heir, ancestor of the AA'alronds o/iJra(/^,'W, now repre-
sented in the female line by Sib John Walrond Walrond,
Bart., of Bradfleld ; and Ossiond, from whom the Walronds of
Du'ford. The younger son,

Osmond AA'alrond, m. Emlyn, dau. of Buckthought, of
Devon, and had three sons. The eldest son,

IIc.MPHRET AA'alrond, Esq. of Sea, in tiie parish of Ilminstor
•and Somerset, one of the Masters of Chancery, m. 1st, Elizalietli,
dau. and co-heir of John Brokehampton, of Sealby whom he
had, with three other children, who all d. s. p., Henry, his
heir. He m. 2ndly, Katherine, dau. of Sir John Popham, but
shed. s.p. about 1593. Humphrey Walrond d. loaO, and was
.s. by his son,

Henry AValbond, Esq. of Sea, admitted of the Inner Temple,
London, 15 June, 1662, named in the will of his cousin, Hum-
phrey Walrond, of Bradfield, in 15S6; to. Elizabeth, dau. and
co-heir of AA'illiam Devenish,* Esq. of Hellingleigh, Sussex,
lineally descended from King Edward I., and had three sons,
Hc.MPHREY, his heir; William, of Islebrewers, Somerset; and
Henry. Mr. AA'alrond d. 18 Feb. 161C, and was s. by his eldest

HcMPHBET Walrond, Esq. of Sea, m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Humphrey Colles, Esq. of Barton, Somerset, by Elizabeth his
wife, sister of Thomas, Lord D'Arcy, and had five sons and two
daus., I. Katherine: ii. Elizabeth, m. Henry Sydenham, Esq.
of Cholworthy. The eldest son and heir,

Hc.MPHREY Walrond, Esq. of Sea, s. his father, 17 Feb. 1621.
He was a distinguished Eoyalist commander, and was esteemed
of so much importance as to be one of the hostages demanded
and given up at the surrender of Bridgwater. Col. AA'alrond
subsequently repaired to the Island of Barbados, and was
appointed its Governor and President. On 5 Aug. 1653, Philip
IV., King of Spain, created Col. Humphrey AValiond Marquess
de A'allado, Conde de Parama, Conde de Valderonda, and a
Grandee of the 1st Class. The patent is still extant. By
Grace his wife, whom he m. 1624, and who was yet living in
1668, Col. Walrond left issue, i. George, his heir; ii. Humphrey,
<i minor, 1646, ),(. Joan, dau. of Thomas Pennoyer, of Chalford,
Herts : iii. Henry, Lieut.-Geu. in the Army, and Governor of
Barbados, whose will (dated 22 Oct. 1690) was proved 3 JIarch,
1693, m. and had issue; iv. John, of Barbados, ^;^. and had
issue; V. Thomas, Col. in the Army, Member of the Privy
Council of Barbados, m. Frances, dau. of Col. Sir Jonathan
Atkins, by Mary his wife, sister of the 1st Earl of Carlisle, and
had issue an only child, Frances, wife ofWilliam Adams, Esq. ;
VI. Edward; i. Grace, m. Constat Sylvester, E-q., and had
issue, Grace, wife of Sir Henry Pickering; ii. Bridget, m. —
Crofts, Esq. ; iii. Anne. The eldest son,

* Through this alliance, Mr. AValrond, of Dulford, esta-
blished his co-heirship to the barony of Wellc.^, now in abey-

George AA'alrond, Esq., 2nd Marquess, a Capt. of Horse,
who lost his right arm in the service of King Charles I.,
afterwards of the parish of St. Philip, in the Island of Barba-
dos, m. 1st, circa 1645, Frances, 5th dau. of AVilliam Coryton,
Esq. of Coryton and AVest Newton, M.P. for Cornwall, by
Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Sir John Chichester, Knt. of Raleigh,
and by her (who d. Sept. 1665) had issue, with Theodore, his
successor, three daus., Elizabeth, d. Jan. 1723, wife of Francis
AVills, Esq. of St. Stevens, Saltash, Cornwall: Frances, m.
Richard Mitchell, of Barbados ; Grace, wife, of Le Conte, of New
York. George AValrond's will bears date 14 Aug. 16S8, and
was proved in Barbados, IS Dee. 1688, in which year he (/. He
was s. by his son,

Theodore AA'alrond, Esq. of the Parish of St. Philip, Bar-
bados, 3rd Marquess, m. Elizabeth, sister of Capt. William
Smith, and had issue,

Theodore, his heir.

George, of the parish of St. Philip, ni. 9 July, 1724, Dorothy
Pickering, and d. 1743, leaving issue.


Theodore Walrond d. 1706, and was s. by his eldest son,

Theodore AA'alrond, Esq. of the Island of Antigua, 4th
Marquess. He m. 1st, 1724, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas AA'ills,
Esq. of AA'ivelescombe, Cornwall, by whom he had an only
child, Maine Swete, his heir. Hem. 2ndly, Amy, relict of John
Parry, by whom he had issue ; and 3rdly, Mary Keynell, who
d. 1 July, 1766. Mr. AValrond d. soon after the year 1748, and
was s. by his son,

Maine Swete AA^alrond, Esq. of the Island of Antigua, 5th
Marquess, b. 1725; m. 1748, Sarah, sister and heir of William
Lyons, Esq., sometime of Antigua and Philadelphia, by whom
he had issue,

I. Theodore, under age in 1762 ; d. unm. 1767.

II. Joseph Lyons, heir to his father.

HI. Charles AVills, 6. 1754; m. 18 May, 1777, Elizabeth, dau.
of John Day, Esq. of Antigua, and sister of Capt. William
Day, R.N., Governor of Sierra Leone, and d. 1795, at
Tortola, leaving issue,

1 Theodore, of Calder Park, co. Lanark, J. P. and D.L.,
6. 8 Jan. 1788; m. 11 Sept. 1820, Jane, dau. of Lieut.-
Col. Sir Charles Holland Hastings, K.C.H., and d. 31 Dec.
1864, leaving issue,

Theodore, C.B., Civil Service Commissioner, h. 17 Feb.

1824; 1,1. 1st, 17 Nov. 1859, Charlotte Eliot, dau. of

Biversdale GrcnI'ell, Esq., and by her (who rf. 12 May,

1872) has issue; he )«. 2ndly, 12 Jan. 1876, Henrietta

Louisa, dau. of the late Charles Grenfell, Esq. of Taplow

Court, Bucks, M.P.
Main Swete (Rev.), M.A., Vicar of St. Lawrence, Jewiy,

b. 30 May, 1834 ; to. 10 Dec. 1867, Fanny Mina, dau. of

John Marston, Esq., and has issue.
Francis Charles, b. 17 Sept. 1836 ; m. 24 Nov. 1868, Eliza,

dau. of Hunter Morrison, Esq., and has issue.
Charles Wills, late Capt. R.A., b. 30 Dec. 1837.
Agnes AValwyn, vi. Joseph John Henley, Ksq., eldest soa

of the Eight Hon. Joseph AA'arner Henley, JI.P.
Jane, to. John Boyle. Esq., 3rd son of the Right Hon.

David Boyle, late Lord Justice-General of Scotland.
Mary Caroline.

2 Elizabeth Ilolloway, m. 1799. Henry Bennett AA'ood, Esq.
of St. Christopher's, and d. 1833.

3 Ann Caroline.

4 Sarah, m. 1813, Rev. Thomas Blackburn, of St. Kitts,
and ./. 1822.

5 Mary, rf. unm. 1816.

6 Grace, to. 1828, ¥. Martin, Esq. of La Guyre.

IV. Maine Swete, of Manadon, Devon, Licut.-Col. in the
army, d. 16 May, lsl7. He m. 1st, 1778, Elizabeth, dau. of
Charles Andrew Chabart, Esq., Governor of St. Eustacia,
and had one son,

JIain Swete, of Hereford, M.D., b. 22 Nov. 1779: m. 1 July,
1807, Antoinetta Louisa, dau. of John Sandburg, Esq.,
Chief Justice of the Island of St. Croi.'c, and had issue.

Lieut.-Col. Walrond »i. 2ndly, Feb. 18U3, Elizabeth, dau. and
co-heir of Humphrey Hall, Esq. of Manadon, Devon, by the
Hon. Jane St. John his wife, and had by her(who m. 2ndly,
Sir William Elford, Bart.) an only child, Jane St. John Hall,
who d. an infant, 1809.

V. Lyons, who d. s. p.

I. Elizabeth, ?». Admiral Holloway.

II. Sarali, m. 1st, 1782, Major Fluker; and 2ndly, Gen.
Vaughan Lloyd.

III. Catherine, m. John Lyon.s, Esq. of Antigua and St.
Austin, Hants, father, by her, of Admiral Lord Lyons,

Mr. AA'alrond d. 1704, and was s. by his son,

Joseph Lyons AValrond, Esq. of the Island of Antigua,^ana
of Dulford House, Devon, 6th Marquess, m. 28 Dec. 1797
Caroline, dau. of Admiral Sir Edward Codrington, G.C.B.,
grandson of Sir William Codrington, 4th bart., and d. 13 Jan.





1815, aged 63, leaving two sons, Lyons, 7tli Marquess, of Dul-
I'ord House, b. 21 April, 1800, and d. uniu. 21 May, 1819;

Bethell Walrond, Esq. of Dulford House, Devon, J.P. and
1>.L., M.P. for Sudbury and Saltasli, representative in the male
line of the ancient family of Walrond and Marquess de Vallado,
■Oonde de Parama, and Conde de Valderonda, and a Grandee of
the 1st Class in the Kingdom of Spain, y. 10 Aug. 1801; m.
10 Nov. 1829, the Lady Janet St. Clair, only dau. of James,
2nd Earl of llosslyn, G.C.B., and had surviving issue,

I. Henry, present representative.
I. Harriet.

Mr. Walrond, as one of the co-heirs of the ancient Barony of
"Welles, petitioned the King, 1832, that His Majesty would be
graciouslyplcased to terminate the abeyance in his behalf, which
being referred to the Attorney-General, a report followed in
favour of the claimsof the petition, andsothematterat present
rests. He d. 1876. His widow d. Nov. 1880.

A rms— Arc , three bulls' heads cabossed sa. armed or. Crests
— 1st, An heraldic tiger sa. pellete; 2nd, On a mural crown an
heraldic tiger sa. pellet6. This last crest w

Online LibraryBernard BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland (Volume 2) → online text (page 328 of 392)