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is thus alluded
to: "This Galfrid lived 1244, he was servynge his piince
and vanquyshed a Sarrazin in combate, then bcgynnyng
to scale with the Sarrazin's head." Sir Geoffrey had a son and

Sir Geoffry Duttok, Knt. (generally styled " D"nus Gal-
iridus filius Galfridi de Dutton,") m. and had issue, i. Peter,
his heir ; ii. Thomas, to whom he granted Thelwall, 1258-9;
and I. Margaret, wife, 1st, of Robert de Denbigh, and 2ndly
of Nicholas de Leycester. The elder son.

Sir Peter Ddtton, Knt., afterwards de Warburton, was
living 1 Edward II. He had issue, i. Geoffry (Sir) ; ii. Peter,
of Aston and Budworth ; and iii. Hugh, of Kelher Walton.
The eldest son.

Sir Geoffry Warburton, High Sheriff of Lancashire 1326,
liad, by Margaret his wife, Geoffry (Sir) ; and Robert, living
1327. The former.

Sir Geoffry Warburton, sen., Knt., m. and had issue, i.
•Geoffry (Sir), jun. ; ii. Peter, living 1348; and i. Margaret, m.
Peter Lymme, living 13:^8. The elder son.

Sir Geoffey Waeeueton, jun., Knt., had, by Alice his wife,
three sons,

Gfoffrey, who attended the Black Prince to his Duchy of
Aquiiaine ; he had no male issue.

Tliomas, who predeceased his lather without male issue.

John, eventually heir.

In the Lansdowne MSS. 825, p. 185, this Sir Geoffry, jun., is
said to liave had another son, named William, from whom
Peter Warburton, of Grafton, afterwards Judge of the Coniaioa

Pleas, descended. Sir Geoffry, jun., d. before 1383, and was 3.
by his eldest surviving son,

John Warburton, Esq. of Warburton, m. Agnes, dau. of
Richard de Wevere, and, dying before 1391, was s. by his son,

Peter Warburton, Esq. of Warburton, who fought at the
battle of Shrewsbury, at the side of Henry Percy, (or which he
received the royal pardon, 5 Sept. 4 Henry IV. His seal
exhibited " two chevrons and a mullet, on a canton," with two
dragons for supporters, circumscribed '' S. Galfride de War-
burgtone." He was the last of the family who bore this coat.
He m. Alice, dau. of Sir Henry Braylsford, and d. 8 Henry V.,
leaving issue, Peter, d. s. p.; and

Sir Geoffry Warburton, Knt. of Warburton, who was con-
stituted Seneschal of Halton by the Earl of Buckingham, and
knighted before 10 Henry VI. He used on his seal a cormo-
rant, the basis of the present coat. He »i. Ellen, .^ister of John
Bruyn, of Tarvin, and by her (wlio m. 2ndly, Henry Leigh,
and Krdly, Ralph Grosvenor) left issue, i. Peter; ii. Thomas;
in. John: i. Elizabeth, »i. Thomas Bulkeley; and ii. Johanna.
The eldest son,

Peter Warburton, Esq. of Warburton (called Wise Piers),
who built Arley Hall, 1469, had a dispensation from Pope Paul
II., for marrying Helen, dau. of Sir John Savage, of Clifton,
to whom he was related in the third degree. He d. circa 1495,
and was s. by his elder son.

Sir John Warburton, of Warburton and Arley, Knt. of
the Body to Henry VII., Seneschal of Halton, and Sheriff of
CO. Chester, 20 Henry VII. He d 15 Henry Vill., having on.
Jane, dau. of Sir William Stanley, of Holt, Chamberlain to the
King, and had issue three sons and two daus. The eldest son,

Sir Piers Warburton, Knt. of Warburton and Arley, m.
Elizabeth, dau. and finally heir of Richard Winnington, of
Wiunington, and d. 5 June, 4 Edward VI., leaving issue,

John, his heir.

Peter, ancestor of the Warburtons of Befferston Grange,


Jane, m. Sir William Brereton, Knt. of Brereton.

Anne, m. Sir Edward Fitton, Knt. of Gawsworth.

And two other daus.

The son and heir.

Sir John Warburton, Ent. of Warburton and Arley, d.
1572, leaving issue by Mary his wife, dau. of Sir William
Brereton, of Brereton,) i. Peter, his heir; ii. George, of The
Lodge, sometime of Arley, of whom presently; iii. John;
I. Anne, J/!.. Sir Robert llarkham, Knt. of Cotham. The eldest
son and heir,

Peter Warburton, Esq., m. Mary, dau. of Sir John Hol-
croft, Knt. of Holcroft, and having nine daus., but no son,
settled his estates, in default of issue male of his own body,
successively on the heirs male of his father, grandfather, and
great-grandfather. The nine daus. were,

Mary, m. Sir Thomas Wilbraham, Knt. of Woodhey.
Elizabeth, m. Ralph Egerton, Esq. of Rilley.
Jane, 7)i. William Brereton, Esq. of Ashlej-.
Isabel, TO. Sir Edward Stanley, 1st bart. of Eickerstaffe.
Eleanor, m. Tliomas Marbury, Esq. of Marbury.
Frances, m. Sir Clirislopher Trentham, Knt.
Alice, m. Sir Peter Warlairton, Knt. of Grafton, Justice of
the Common Pleas in the time of Elizabeth.
Frances. Anne.

Peter Warburton having thus no male issue, the male repre-
sentation of the family vested in the descendants of his next
brother. That gentleman,

George Warbukton, Esq. of The Lodge, m. Eliza, sister of
Thomas Hesketh, Esq., and widow of Alexander Hoghton, Esq.
of Hoghton, and had issue. His eldest son,

Peter Warburton, Esq. of The Lo^ige, Crowley, m. Eliza-
beth, dau. of Sir Richard Egerton, Knt. of Ridley, and had,
with a dau., Eleanor, wife of William Hammer, Esq. of the
Fenns, two sons, Peter, m. Eleanor, dau. of Lord Kilmorey,
but by her (who m. 2ndly, John, 1st LordByron) had uo issue ;
and George, of Arley. The 2nd son.

Sir George Warburton, 1st Bart, of Arley, so created 27
June, 1650. He to. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Thomas
Myddelton, Knt. , of Chirk Castle, co. Denbigh, and had issue,
two sons and four daus. Sir George m. 2ndly, Di;,na, dau. of
Sir Edward Bishopp, 2nd Bart, cf Parham, Sussex, by the Lady
Margaret Tufton, dau. of Nicholas, 1st Earl of Thanet, and had
Tnomas, of Winnington, co. Chester, and other issue. Sir
George d. 18 May, 1676. and was s. by his eldest son,

Sir Peter W'arburton, 2nd Bart, of Arley, m. Martha, dau.
and heir of Thomas Dockwra, Esq. of Putteridge, co. Herts,
by whom (who d. 1707) he had issue,

I. George, his successsor.

II. Ihomas, of Turner's Hail, Herts, m. 1st, Rebecca, dau.
and co-heir of George Stourton, Es^. of PirMn, co. Bedford,





and had one dau., Martha, the wife of Isaac EIcs, Esq. of
London. He m, 2ndly, Annie, dau. of William Dockwra,
Esq. of London, and had,
1 Peter, 4th Bart.

1 Anne. m. Thomas Sloughter, Esq., Hisrh Sheriff of co.
Chester, 1755. Thoir only son, Thomas .-^louKhter, Capt.
16th Li^lit Prasroons, left by Sarah his wife, an only
child, Anne WaVburton Sloughtcr, m. 1st, Kev. Thomas
Coupland, of The Priory, Chester; and 'Jmlly, William
Owen, Ksq. of Glansevern, co. Montgomery, King's Coun-
sel, (i. 1S37.
in. Peter, Capt. in the army.

I. Martha, Hi. — Foulkes, Ksq. of London.

II. Anne, m. William Dockwra, Esq. iii. Arabella.

Sir Peter s. at his decease by his eldest son,

Sir George Wabbdrton, 3rd Bart, of Arlcy, M.P. for Chester
tenij). Queen Anne and Kins George I. lie m. the Hon. Diana
Alington, elder dau. of William, 'ind Lord Alington, and had
a son, Dockwra, d. in infancy ; and a dau., Diana, m. 1724, Sir
Richard Grosvenor, 4th Bart, of Eaton, but d. s. jj. 1730.
Sir George d. '29 June, 1743, and was s. by his nephew,

Sir Peter Warbcrton, 4th Bart, of Arlcy, to. 2nd Feb. 1745,
Lady Elizabeth Stanley, eldest dau. of Edward, 11th Earl of
Derby, and had issue,

I. Peter, his successar.

J. Harriott, jii. John llowels Lcgh, Esq. of Prestbury, and
had issue,
1 Charles Legh, d. s. p.

1 Elizabeth Hester Legh, m. Thomas Delves Broughton.

II. Emma. m. 1st, James Croxton, Esq. of Norley Bank, co.
Chester, by whom (who d. 27 Aug. 1792) she had a dau.,

Emma Croxton, m. 13 Oct. 1803, Rev. Rowland Egerton,
B.A., 7th son of Philip Egerton, Esq. of Egerton and
Oulton, and d. 16 Sept. 1881, aged 99. Mr. Rowland
Egerton as.-nmcd the additional surname of Warbjrton,
in consequence of this marriage, and d. 20 May, 1840,
having had issue,

1 Rowland Eyles, late possessor.

2 James Francis (Rev.), b. 15 April, 1807; m. 19 Feb.
1839, Ann, 2nd dau. of George Stone, Esq. of IMis-
worth, CO. Northampton, and (/. 12 Sept. 1849, leaving
issue, Francis, b. 1 Kov. 1841, d. 23 May, I8G6 ; George,
6. 24 Feb. 1844, m. Oct. 1886, Ruth, dau. of Hun.
Arthur Lascelles ; Geoffrey (Rev.), Rectorof Warburton,
Cheshire, b. 7 April, 1S46, vi. 1878, Adela Georgina
"Victorine, dau. of B. G. Goode, Esq., and widow of II.
T. Kelsey, Esq. ; Arthur, b. 3 Jan. 1848, m. 1874, Edna,
dau. of James Stowe, Esq. ; Catherine Ann ; and
Eleanor Werburgh.

3 Henry William, Major 47th Foot, m. 27 May, 1835,
Harriette Elizabeth, dau. of Jlajor-Gen. Thomas Evans,
C.B., and d. 27 F'cb. 1868, having had issue,

Rowland Henry, 6. 20 March, 1840 ; d. Feb. 1S6I.
Hsrriette Sophia, m. 1860, T. Bennett, Esq., Staff-
Surgeon-Mnjor. Charlotte Edith.

Emma Isabella, m. 1877, Rev. C. S. Bruce.

4 Peter, JIajor (retired^, Indian army. Col. of Volunteers
South Australia, received for his services as an explorer
to Western Australia from Southern Australia, the
Gold Medal from Geographical Society, and was made
a C.M.G. He was b. 15 Any. 1813; m. 8 Oct. 1838,
Alicia, dau. of Henry Mant, Esq. of Bath, and d.
18b9, leaving issue, Richard, b. 31 May, 1840; Rowland
James, b. 4 Feb. 1846, m. 1872, Annie, dau. of John
Hart, Esq., C.M.G., and has issue ; William, b. 5
Sept. 1847, ?n. 1877, Edith, dau. of W. M. Sandford,
Esq., and has issue ; Eva (deceased) ; Ethel Catherine,
m. 1871, H. A. Short, Esq. of Buttamuc, and has
issue ; and Slary.

6 George Ed»;iid, formerly .51st Regt., b. 25 March,
1819: 111. 1st, 23 Nov. 1842, Augusta,youngest dau.of Sir
Richard Spencer, 11. N., and had issue, George Grey, b.
90ct. 1843; r/i. 1872, Amy, dau. of Edward Hester, t sq.,
and has issue ; Rowland, b. 14 Nov. 1845, m. 1881, Mary,
dau. of John M'Kail, and has issue ; Horace, b. 9
Nov. 1848, TO. 1875, Selina, dau. of John IM'Kail, Esq.,
and has issue; Augustus, b. 26 March, 18.iO: m. 1880,
Fanny, dau. of Edward Hester, E.sq., and has issue ;
Reginald, 6. 2/ dune, 1855; Philip, 6. 28 Aug. 1856:
Randle, 6. Sept. 1860, to. 1890, Eva, dau. of Edward
Hester, Esq., and lias issue ; Edward, 6. 1867; Alice,
to. 1870, Rev. Waldyve Willington Tarleton ; Mary,
m. 1870, Cecil Rogers, Esq. ; Emma Ann, m. 1884, \V.
W. Mitchell, Esq. Mr. G. E. Egerton ra. 2ndly, April,
1873, Emma, dau. of Rev. James Coghlan, and d.
18S9, leaving further issue, Francis Joseph, b. March,
1875; Cecil William, 6. 1878.

1 Emma Elizabeth, m. 28 Nov. 1843, Ven. James Saurin,
Archdeacon of Dromore, who d. 1879.

2 Frances Mary, m. 21 April, 1829, the late Robert
Eden, Esq., and has issue.

3 Maria .Sytjilla, r/(. 24 April, 1838, James, only son of
John Bateman, Esq. of Knypersley, co. Stafford.

4 Charlotte, m. 1 Sept. 1859, Rev. Henry Leslie, Rector
of Kilclicf, CO. Down; who rf. 19 Nov. ISIO.

5 Sophia, vi. 12 April, 1860, Henry WoUcy, Esq.

Mrs. Croxton m. 2ndly, Mr. John Hunt, and had another

III. Elizabeth, d. 5 Feb. 1760. iv. Anne, d. 27 Dec. 17G9.
V. Margaret, d. zmm. Oct. 1837.

Sir Peter was s. at his decease by his only son,

Sir Peter Warburton, 5th Bart, of Alley, 6. 27 Oct. 1754,
m. Alice, dau. of Rev. John Parker, of Astle, co. Chester, but;
d. s. p. 14 May, 1813, when the baronetcy expired, and the
estates passed, under Sir Peter's will, to his great-nephew,
Rowland Eyles Egerton Warburton, Esq. of Warburton
and Arley, who assumed in consequence the addition;il sur-
name and arms of Warburton ; J. P. and D.L. co. Chester,
High Sheriff 1833, b. 14 Sept. 1804; m. 7 May, 1831, Mary,
eldest dau. of Sir Richard Brooke, 6th Bart of No'ton Priory,
CO. Chester, and by her (who d. April, 1881) had issue,

I. Piers, now of Warburton and Arley.

I. Mary Alice, vi. 13 Sept. 1859, William Edward, 2nd son of
Sir Theodore Brinekman, Bart. ; he d. 10 Jan. 1872.

II. Mary, rii. 1st, 6 Sept. 1860, Robert Newcomen (d. v. p. 2»
Oct. 1861), eldest son of Sir Robert Gore Booth. 4tli Bart, ot
I.issadell, co. Sligo ; and 2ndly, John Ussher, Esq. of co.
Watciford, and has issue by him.

Mr. Warburton d. 6 Dec. I89I.

^'/■«ts— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, arg., a chevron betwccrt
three cormorants sa., for Warburton; 2nd and 3rd, arg., a
lion rampant gu., between three pheons sa., for Egerton.
Crests— 1st, A Saracen's head affrontee c'Ouped at the shoulders
ppr., round the temples a wreath arg. and gu., issuing there-
from three ostrich feathers or, for Warburton ; 2iid, Threelf
arrows, two in saltire and one in pale or, headed and feathered
sa., bound with a ribbon gu., for Egerton.

Scfti— Arley Hall, Northwich, co. Chester.


Wakefrton, Richard, Esq. of Garryliinch,
King's Co., High Sheriff King's Co. 1872, D.L. and
J.P.King's and Queen's Cos., High Slieriff Queen's-
Co. 18G9, b. 1846; m. 18 July, 1867, Georgina
Williclmina Henrietta, dau. of William Henry
Hutchinson, Esq. of Rockforest, co. Tipperarj, and
by her (who d. 1891) has issue,

Richard Hutchinson Dutton John, 6. 1877.

Jessie Georgina. Mary Anne, d. 1871.

Mr. Warburton m. 2ndly, Bridget Mary, dau. of
John SlcXamara.

Iiineag'e. — Richard Warburton, Esq.,i. 1637, a descend-
ant of the great and ancient house of Warburton o_/ Cheshire,
was Clerk of the Council to Henry Cromwell, Lord Deputy of
Ireland, 1654, and afterwards Clerk-Assistant to the Irish
House of Commons. He is styled of "Garryhinch," 1662,
and was M.P. for Ballyshannon from 1695 to 1711. He in-
Elizabeth, dan. of Thomas L'Estrange, Esq. of Moystown,
King's Co., and d. 1717, having had (with five daus., of whonii
the eldest, Susannah, m. Henry Warren, Etq. of Grangebeg,
CO. Kildare; the 2nd Elizabeth, m. Frederick Trench, Esq. of
Garbally, ancestor of the Earl of Clancarty; the 3rd, Anne,
TO. Very Rev. John Trench, Dean of Raphoe; and the 4th, —
Nuttall, Esq.), i. Richard ; ii. George ; and iii. John. The-
eldest son,

Richard Warburton, Esq., jun., of Garryhinch, M.P. for
Portarlington from 1692 to 1715, m. Elizabeth, dau. of John-
Pigott, Esq., and had issue,

I. Richard, «S Garryhinch, b. fi Dec. 1G96, M.P. for Queen's
Co. ; he d. unyn. 1771, having devised Garryhinch and other
estates to his 4lh brother, Peter.

II. John, d. unm.

III. George, of whom presently.

IV. Petkr, devisee of his brother Richard, d. 29 Sept. 1784.
v. William, m. Barbara, dau. of Lyiton Lyiion, Esq. of

Knebworth, Herts, and had a son, Richard Warburton-
Lytton, Esq., m. Elizabeth, dau. of Paul Jodrcll, Esq. o(
Lewknor, and left an only dau. and heiress, IClizaketu
Barbara, heiress of Knebworth, m. 1798, William Earl
BoLWER, Esq. of Wood Dalling and Hcydun, Norfulli,
Brigadier-Gen. (sec Bulwer).

I. George, ?«. William Garden, Esq. of Lismore, Queen's Co.,

II. Judith, m. Emanuel Pigott, Esq.

III. Jane, to. George Pigott, Esq. of Knapton.
Richard Warburton, jun., d. v. p. 1715. His 3rd son,

George Warburton, Esq. of Dublin, 9)1. Jane, dau. of
Richard le Ilunte, Esq. of Artramont, co. Wexford, and was-
father of

John Warburton, Esq. of Garryhinch, M.P. for Queen's?





Co. 1779 to 1794. This gentleman was heir to his uncle Peter.
He served in early life as a military oflScer, and was at the
taking of Queoec, under Gen. Wolfe. He m. Martha, dau. of
Bowes Benson, Esq., and had issue,
liicHAED, his heir.

Peter, Major H.M.S., m. Elizabeth, dau. of Edmund Malone,
Ks(j.,and tl. 1827, leaving i.esue, 1 John; 2 Peter, d. 1838;
1 Anne ; 2 Martha ; and 3 Elizabeth.
Martha, 711. William Augustus Le Hunte, Esq. of Artra-

Col. Warburton d. 1806, and was s. by his son,

EicHAKD Wakburton, Esq. of Garry hinch, 6. 1778, J. P. and
D.L., m. 1800, Anne, dau. of Thomas Kemmis, Esq. of Dublin,
and had issue,

I. John, of Garryhinch, d. s.p. 1839.

II. KicHAKD, his successor.

III. George, b. 1805; m. a dau. of — Toole.

IV. William (Very Rev.), D.O., Dean of Elphin, 6. 22 Oct.
1806 ; m. 1st, IS May, 18'if), Emma Margaret, youngest
dau. of Major-Gen. Kichard Stovin, by Frances Acland his
wife, sister of Sir John Palmer Acland, Bart, of Fairfield,
and had issue,

1 Eichard Stovin, J.P. for Roscommon. 6. 28 Feb. 1836;
7)1. 17 Sept. 1874, Rosa, only dau. of Sir William Leeson,
by his 2nd marriage, and has issue, a son, Stovin.

2 Joseph William, in the Foreign Office, b. 2 April, 1837;
m. 30 July, 1862, Lady Frances Isabella Anne King, only
dau. of Robert, 6tli Earl of Kingston, andd. 1891, leaving

3 Frederick Tynte, Capt. K.E., b. 22 Blarch, 1839.
1 Emma Lydia, d. -unm. 2 June, 1864.

Dean Warburton m. 2ndly, March, 1878, Emily, elder dau.
of the late Loftus Bland, Esq. of Blandsfort, Queen's Co.,
Q.C., Chairman eo. Tyrone.

V. Peter, b. 1807: d. unm.

VI. Henry, m. a dau. of the late Dr. Hume, andc?. 1889, leav-
ing issue by her, who d. 1891.

VII. James, who emigrated to Prince Edward's Island, m.
there the dau. of — Green, Esq. of that island.

vin. Robert, Lieut.-Col. Bengal Artillery, served in the
Afghan campaign 1839 to 1842 ; l)^. an Indian Princess; and
d. Nov. 1863, leaving a son, Robert, Lieut. B.A.

IX. Arthur, m.

X. Thomas, settled in Australia, and is m.

I. Anne. 11. Martha, m.

HI. Susan, to., and d. 1890, leaving issue.
IV. Mary, m. James Birch, Esq. of Birchgrove, near Ros-
crea, and has issue.

The 2nd son,

Richard Warburton, Esq. (d. 18G2) of Garryhinch, J.P.
and D.L., High Sheriff of King's Co. 1845, and of Queen's Co.
1849, b. March, 1804; in. 6 Sept. 1844, Mary EUinor, dau. and
heir of Lieut.-Col. Kelly, of Millbrook, King's Co., and by her
(who d. Nov. 1862) had issue,

I. Richard, now of Garryhinch.

II. Hugh Dutton, b. li!62, late 11th Hussars, m. 28 .July,
1SS6, Ethel Louisa Alberta, only dau. of Lieut.-Col. O.
Williams, of Beenham Ledge, Berks, late Royal Dragoons.

I. Catherine Janelte, in. Charles Lockhart Hamilton, Esq.,
72nd Highlanders, who d. 1874 leaving issue, four daus ;
and 2ndly, Capt. Crosbie Barton, 19th Regt.

II. Ellinor Mary Anne, ;«. Capt. J. Hiil Poe, of Eiverstown
Nenai;h, eo. Tipperary, and has issue.

III. Jessie Isabelle.

IV. Frances Sophia, m. Robert Olphert, Esq., and has issue.

V. Ada lilanehe, m. 25 June, 18»7, Major Henry Walter
Trench, 2nd Queen's Regt., and has issue.

VI. Maud Alyne.

Arms — Arg. a chev , between three cormorants sa. Crest —
A Saiacen's head affrontee, couped at the shoalder ppr., round
the temples a wreath arg. and gu., issuing therefrom three
ostrich feathers or.

Seal — Garryhinch, near Portarlington.


Waud, Edmund G-ranville, Esq. of ]N"ortbwood
and AVeston, Isle of Wight, J.P. co. Southampton,
b. Nov. 1853; s. his father 7 July, 1882; -n-as
educated at Old Hall and Stonyhurst Colleges, is
Lord of the Manors of Northwood, Debourne,
Kinj^ston, Weston, &c. ; private chamberlain of
His Holint ss Leo XIII. (created on the occasion of
the sacerdotal jubilee in 1888) ; m. 28 May, 1885,
Gertrude Jane Mary, eldest dau. of Hon. Hubert

Liineagre.— John Ward, Esq., who d. in the garrison of
Gibraltar, where he had previously served at the taking of
that celebrated fortress, under Admiral Rooke and the Prince
of Hesse, left an only son, an infant, under guardianship,

John Ward, Esq., 6. in the Garrison, who resided almost
all his life in Spain. He was a merchant there, and only
settled in England 1782, having previously m. in Spain, He
had issue,

George, his heir.

Robert Plumer, of Gilston Park, Herts, Under Secretary of
Foreign Affairs, 1805, afterwards Lord of the Admiralty,
author of Tremdne, Dc Verc, &c., b. 19 March, 1765: m.
1st, 6 April, 1796, Catherine Julia, dau. oi C. J. Maling,
Esq. of Hilton, Durham (and sister of Admiral Maling, and
of Sophia, Countess of Mulgrave), by whom he had issue,
Henry George (Sir), G.C.M.G., Mini.?ter Plenipotentiary
for acknowledging the Mexican Republic, subsequently
Secretary of the Admiralty, Lord High Commissi iner of
the Ionian Isles, and Governor of Ceylon, m. Emily, 2nd
dau. of Sir John Swinburne, 6th hart, of Capheaton, and
had, Dudley, Swinburne, and other issue. He d. (Gover-
nor of Madras) 2 Aug. 1860.
Mr. Robert Ward to. 2ndly, 16 July, 1828, Jane, relict
of William Plumer, Esq. of Gilston Park, and dau. of
the Hon. and Rev. George Hamilton, son of James, 7th
Earl of Abereorn, by his Countess, Anne, dau. of Col.
John Plumer, M.P. for Herts, and assumed by ro\al licence
the additional surname of Pldmer; and Sully. i833, :Jlary
Anne, widow of Rev. C. G. Okeover, of Okeover, and
dau. of Sir George Anson, G.C.B. Mr. Plumer-Ward, d.
Elizabeth, d. unm.

Charity, in. William Saunders, M.D., Physician to the Prince

The eldest son,

George Ward, Esq. of Northwood Park, Isle of Wight, a
Merchant of great eminence in the City of London, 6. 31 Aug.
1751 ; TO. 9 July, 1784, Mary, dau. of Thomas Woodfall, Esq.,
and by her (who d. 1813) had issue,

George Henry, of No:thwood Park, to. Mary, da-:, of Dr.

Saunders, MA., and d .s. p.
William, a Director of the Bank of England, and M.P. for

the City of London, m. Emily, dau. of Harvey Christian

Combe, Esq. of Cobham Park, Surrey, M.P. fur Loudon,

and d. 184y, having had issue,

1 William George, late of Northwood Park.

2 Henry, Capt. Indian Cavalry.

3 Matthew, d. in India, 1843.

4 Arthur Robert(Rev.),VicarofSt. Clement's, Cambridge,
b. 1829.

1 Emily Mary, d. 1839.

2 Alicia Frances, d. 1869.

3 Caroline Elizabeth, d. 1845.

4 Georgina Mary, to. 1850, Arthur E. Penny, Esq., and
had issue.

Henry, to. Harriet, sister of the late Sir John Davis, Bart.,

Governor of Hong Kong, and had issue.
John, m. Miss Grace Lind, of Ireland ; d. s. p.
James (Rev.), to. 22 Feb. 1827, Harriett Marcia, dan. of Henry

Ker Seymer, Esq. of Hanford, and niece of Horace, 3rd Lord

Rivers ; and d. leaving issue,
liiehard, 7th Hussars.

Emma. Frances. Charlotte.

Harriet, in. J. Beckford, Esq., Commander R.N., cousin of

Lord Rivers.

Mr. Ward d. 1829, His grandson,

William George Ward, Esq. of Northwood Park, and
A\"eston Manor, Isle of AVight, to. 31 March, 1845, Frances
Mary, youngest dau. of Rev. John Wingfield, D.D., Prebendary
of Worcester and Canon of York, and had issue,

I. Edmdnd Granville, now of Northwood Park.

II. Wilfrid Philip, of Molescroft, Eastbourne, Sussex, b. 2
Jan. 1856; in. 24 Nov. 1887, Josephine Mary, 2nd dau. of
the late .J. R. Hope-Scott, Esq. of Abbotsford (see th"t
family), by Lady Victoria his wife, dau. of Henry, 14tli
Duke of Norfolk, and has issue,

1 Wilfrid Hope, 6. 1890.

1 Mai-y Josephine.

2 Teresa 'Victoria.

III. Bernard Nicholas, b. 4 Feb. 1857, in holy orders of the
Church of Rome {Residence -St. Edmunds Coll.).

I. JIary, a Religious of the Order of St. Dominiek.

II. Agnes Frances, a Religious of the Order of St. Benedict.

III. Cecilia Emily.

IV. Gertrude Teresa, m. 10 Sept. ,1878, John FreJeiick
Greene-Cadogan, Esq.

V. Margaret Mary, a nun, d. 1893.

Mr. Ward, well-known as one of the leaders of the Oxford

Movement, d. 7 July, 1882.

Arms — Az., a cross moline or. Crest — A wolf's head erased
and langued ppr.

,S<;ats— Norihwood Park, Cowes ; and Weston Manor, Fresh-
water, Isle of Wight.

Clubs — Carlton and Orleans.






Waep, Col. Michael Fostek, of Ogbourne St.
Andrew, and DiMycot Foliat, co. Wilts, J. P., late an
OllicorOOth Li-lit Infautrv, F.R.A.S., F.E.^Mct.S.,
late Col. Counnandant North Wilts Vols. (V.D.), b.
1-1 March, 1820; m. 17 Aug. 1854, Helen Cliristiiia,
dan. of Robert Clerk-Rattrav, Esq. of Craighall-
Rattrav, co. Perth, and has had issue,

I. Thomas Rawdon, 6. 6 July, ISGl ; Capt. lltli
(Prince of Wales West YorksUire) Kogt.

II. Michael Henry, b. 13 Sept. 18C4; d. 'JS Jan. 186S.

I. Alice Helen Agnes, d. 21 Dec. 1855.

II. Helen Mary. III. Gertrude Anno Christina.
IV. Ada ^largaret. v. Sophie Ondine.

Lineag'e. — Michael Wakd, of Newcastlc-iindcr Lyme,
CO. SlatTord, was bur. there -8 Dec. 1G41. His will, dated
10 Deo. 1641, was proved at Lichfield, 23 Feb. following. By
Margaret his wife (who d. 3 June, J6a3) he left issue,

Thomas, of whom presently,

Michael, )»., and liad issue.

Kichard, whose eldest son, Michael, D.D., h. at Newport.
Salop, 1643, a very einiiieiit Divnie, was elected Provost of
Trin. Coll. Dublin, in 1674 ; became Viee-Chancellor of the
University in 1678, and was consecrated Bishop ot Ossory
24 Nov. following, from which see he was translated to that
of Derry in 1679, where he d. 3 Oct. 1681. His lordship m .
Mary, dau. of Sir George Carr, Knt. of Southerball, co.
York, and widow of Kev. Thomas Margetson, D.D., but by
her (who d. 1701) he had no issue.

Joseph. Isaac. Sarah, m. Margaret, m.

The eldest son,

Thomas Ward, of Xewcastle-under-Lynie, bapt. there

Online LibraryBernard BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland (Volume 2) → online text (page 331 of 392)