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28 July, 1616: m. 1st, Jane Smyth, grand-dau. of Robert
Heath. Esq. of Madeley, co. Stafford ; and 2ndly, 24 Aug. 1647,
Amy, dau. of Randall Snaw, Alderman of Newcastle-under-
Lyme; by the latter of whom (who d. 11 Dec. 1666) he lefi at
bis decease, 1679, an oaly son,

Michael Wabd, of Xewcastlc-under-Lyme, bapt. there
25 June, 1648; m. 11 Feb. 1679, Hannah, dau. of Rev. George
Koades, Vicar of Leek, and by her (who m. 2ndly, William
Meakin, Gent, of Horton) he left at his decease, in 1685, a dau.
Dorothy, wife of Francis Goodwin, and a son,

Rev. Michael Ward, LL.B., Rector of Blithfield, and of
Leigh, CO. Stafford, 6. 7 Dec. 1681; m. 1st, 31 Jan. 1707-8,
Elizabeth Green, and had by her (who d. 10 April, 1712) a dau.,
Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Lovatt, Esq. of Clayton. He m.
2ndly, 10 Jan. 1714, Sarah, dau. of Itev. John Spateman,
Rector of Yoxhall, and by her (who d. 1753) left at his decease
11 Sept. 1744, the following issue,

I. John, M..A.., Rector of Cheadle, co. Stafford, h. l.'j Sept.
1715; ?». 6 Nov. 1758, Anne, dau. of Caisar Colclough, Esq.
of Cheadle and of Delphousc ; and d. -without surviving
issue, 11 Dee. 1792.

II. ilichael, of Leifh, co. Stafford, b. 15 Dec. 1716; in.
3Iary Canwright; and d. without surviving issue, 1 Dec.

III. Samuel, of Manchester, 6. 6 April, 1726; ))i.24Feb. 1754,
.\nn, dau. of William Bancroft, Esq. ; and ;/. 12 May, 1787,
leaving issue,

1 Jlichael, M.D., of Manchester, 6. 15 Dec. 1762; d. iinm.
21 Feb. 18.34.

2 John, Lieut. 3rd West India Regt., b. 176-3 ; d. s. jj.

3 Th.imas, b. 5 Sept. 17C9; d. 1770.
1 .Sarah, and 2 Amelia, d. young.

3 Ann. d. unm. 1834.

4 Elizabeth, d. uuni. 1841.

IV. Thomas, of London, h. 7 Aug. 1728; m. 19 May, 1765,
Hannah Gill ; and d. 8 June, 17U0, leaving issue,

1 John, of Bristol, Merchant, b. 26 Feb. 1778; m. Francos
dau. of Joshua Maddie, Esq. ; and d. s. p. 24 March,

2 Thomas, of Xewcastle-under-Lyme, 6. 16 Feb. 1780 ; d.
30 June, ls73 ; m. 4 Jan. 1808, Elizabeth, dau. of William
Jngleby, Esq of Cheadle, and by her (who d. 11 Jan.
IbOo; had issue, William, of The Grove, Hadnall, Salop, h. 18 Dec.
1809; ';». 9July, 1*34, his cousin, Matilda Octavia, dau.
of George Frauklyn, Esq. of Bristol, by whom he has

George Franklin, of Sproston Wood, b. 10 April,
1835 ; ra. 14 Oct. 1858, Mary Anne, dau. of J^mes
Boydell, Esq , and has issue, William Edward Trevor,
6. 30 July, lo59: Harry Dacre .Michael, 6. 4 fllarch,
1864; Charles Cecil Ernest, b. 20 Feb. 1866 ; Thomas
Henry Bernard, 0. 2 JIarch, 1868; Edmund Arthur
Francis, b. 2 March, 1870 ; Maiian Ellen ; and Susan

AVilliam Ingleby, b. 19 May, 1837 ; d. 24 Oct. 1854.
r.mnia. Susan, d. 27 Nov. 1861.

1 Ann Alethea, 6. 2 March, 1708; m. George Franklyn.
Fsq. of Bristol; and <?. 20 Jlarch, 1»50, leaving George
Wooei-offe Franklyn, M.P., deceased, and other i.=sue.

2 Elizabeth, b. 22 Nov. Ii71 ; ni. John Blagg, E.sq. of
Cheadle ; and d. 2 Sept. 1843, leaving issue,

3 Margaret, b. 17 Oct. IT'S ; d. 30 Aug. 1857.
V. Francis, of whom presently.

I. Mary, b. 30 Nov. 1717; m. 1735, her cousin, John Spate-
man, Esq, ; and d. 1780, leaving issue.
The youngest son.

Rev. Francis Ward, of Stramshnll, co. Stafford, Rector ot
Stanford, Notts, and perpetual Curate of Croxden, in the
former CO. b. 13 Aug. 1731; m. 23 Deo. 1754, Margaret. eUlest
dau. of Robert Bill, Esq. of Farley Hall, co. Stafford, by Lydia
his wife, dau. of Robert Ilurst, E.?q. of Cheadle Grange, and
by her (who d. 18 April, 1780) had issue,
John, his heir.

Thomas, of Jlarlborough, b. 12 April, 1759; m. 17 Dec. 1793,
Martha, dau. of Nathaniel Merriman, Esq. of Mavlboiough ;
and d 3 Jan. 1811, leaving issue by her (who d. 31 Aug.
Is07, in the 100th year of her age), Thomas Merriman, b.
1806; Anne, d. 23 May, 1881; Elizabeth, m. 1s28, her
cousin. Thomas Baverstoek Merriman, Esq., andd. 23 Sept.
I8.'i0, leaving issue ; and Jane, d. unm. 7 net. 1850.
Robert Edward, of the Salt OSiL'e, b. 19 Dec 1762; m. 1788,
Charlotte Parker; and d. 6 June, 1790, leaving an only
dau., Hannah Penelope, who d. unm. 16 Dec. 1848.
Rev. Francis Ward d. 10 May, 1783, and was s. by his son,

John Ward, Esq. of Stramshall, co. Stafford, and afterwards
of Marlborougli, Wilts, b. 30 June, 1756; to. 14 Jan. 1784,
Hannah, dau. and heir of Samuel Hawkes, Esq. of Ogbourne
St. Andrew, eldest son of William Hawkes, Esq., by Hannah
his wife, sister and co-heir of the Hon Sir Michael Foster,
Knt. of Draycot Foliat, Wilts, and of Stanton Drew, Somerset,
one of the Judges of the Court of King's Bench, and by her
(who d. 24 April, 1843) had issue,

I. Thomas Uawdon, late of Ogbourne St. Andrew.

II. Samuel Hawkes, b. 27 Oct. K90; d. i2 Jan. 1807.

III. Charles Bruce, i. 28 Jan. 1793; d. 13 Feb. 17!)6.

IV. John, of Stramshall (Rev.), A.M., Rector of Wath, near
Ri|)on, CO. York, and Rural Dean, b. 8 May, 1795 ; to. 1st,
9 Jan. 1823, Ann, clilcst dau. of Samuel Merriman, M.D., ot
Kodborne Cheney, Wilts, and of Brook Street, London, and
by her (who d. 17 June, 1844) had surviving issue,

1 Samuel Hawkes Foster, now of Stramshall, co. Stafford,
and of Brixton, b. i June, 1834 ; m. 1 Feb. 1865, Harriet;
Emma, dau. of Win. Gilbert, Esq., and d. 6 June, 1891,
having by her, who d. 10 June, 1881, had issue,

Charles Foster, b. 20 Jan. 1866.
John Francis, b. 1 May, 1871.
Gilbert Jlerrunan, b. 20 July, 1874, and
Robert Gerald, b. 26 Aug. 1878.

2 George Ernest, b. 20 Sept. 1837 ; m. 27 Aug. ISGl, Agnes
dau. of Charles Finch, Esq., and has i.ssue. Ernest, b. 8
Nov. 1863; Arthur, b. 1 Dec. 1866. to. 16 March, 1892,
May Elizabeth, dau. of Hewlett Quitter, Esq. ; George, b.
21 .darch, 1870: Francis, b. 12 Jan. 1872; Helen: Emma,
d. 17 Blareh, 1866 ; Agnes, to. 9 Nov. 1890, U. R.' Hender-
son, who<<. 3 .March, 1893, and d. 14 Sept. 1892, leaving
issue, Andrew liichmond, b. 7 Aug. 1891, and Helen
Ward, b. 14 Sept. 1892. Rose.

I Margaret Hannah. 2 Frances Ann.

3 Christina Jane Beatrice, d. unm. 13 Feb. 1888.

4 Elizabeth .Mary. 5 Rosa Maria, d. unm. 21 March, 1890.
Rev. John Waid m. 2ndly, 21 July, 1846, Helen Duncan,
dau. of Itev. John Stuart, Esq., Superintendent of M litary
Accounts of the War Office ; and d. 4 Dec. 1861, having had
issue by her,

6 Mary Stuart. 7 Emily Stuart. 8 Helen Stuart.

V. Charles (Rev.), A.M., Rector of Maulden, co. tiedford,
Rural Dean, 6. 28 April, 1799: m. 1st, 15 Aug. I8:i5,
Susannah, dau. of Rev. itobert Foster, M.A., PrcOendary
of Wells, and Kector of St. Michael, Sution, Bonnington,
CO. Noitingliam, and by her (who d. 1 March, 1841) has

1 Charles Bruce (Rev.), A.M., Vicar of Saint James's,
GlcsKop, b. '20 Nov. 1838 ; hi. 22 Jan 1863, Hannah Maria,
dau. of John Michael Blagg, E.sq. of Cheadle, co. Stafford,
and d. 9 June, 1892, leaving issue,

Cyril Ilalcomb, b. 12 Nov. 1863.

Leonard Foster, b. 24 March, leGG.

Robert Biuce, b. 2 June, ls68.

Arthur Gordon, 6. 20 Jlarch, 1870.

Augustme Melliar, b. 31 Aug. 1871.

Cliuiies JohnSelwyn, b. 26 June, 1872.

Bernard Michael, b. 21 Aug. 1875.

Harold Ambrose, b. 18 Dec. Il76.

Frederick William Rawle, b. 7 Nov. 1879.

Basil Vernon, 6. 18 April, 1881.

Isabel Amy, rf. 1371.





1 Louisa Elizabeth, m. 30 June, 1857, ■Williim Melliar
Foster Melliar, Esq. of North Aston Hall, (Jxon.

2 Caroline Susannah Maria, 7n. 30 Aug. 1S8I, Eev. Edward
Vernon Collins, Curate ot St. Barnabas, Oxford.

Kev. Charles Ward, to. 2ndly, 25 April, 1844, Elizabeth,
only dau and heir of Rev. Aaron loster, B.A., Vicar of
Lyna and of Kingston, Somerset (and widow, with issue,
ot Andrew Foster Melliar, Esq. of Wells) and d. 15 March,
1879, having by her (who d. 18 April, 1860) had issue,

1 Charles Uerhcrt, h. 16 Sept. 1845; d. 3 July, 1SC2.

2 Philip Gordon, VI ar of Braunhing, S. Albans, B.A., h.
24 Feb. 1848 ; m. 1 1 Oct. 1870, Sarah Matilda, dau. of John
Woodward, Esq. of Wells, and has issue,

Herbert Foster, 6. 24 March, 1 873.
Charles Gordon, b. 23 Sept. 1875.
Amy Jlelliar. Edith Hilda, d. 1874.

Florence Louisa. Margaret Hilda.

3 Eeginald Foster, b. 18 March, 1850; m. 12 Jan. 1S75,
Agnes, dau. of Walter Strickland, Esq.

I. Elizabeth Anne, d. 14 Jan. 186G ; m. 22 Jan. 1810, John
Gabriel, Esq. of C-ilne, wh? d. 1 ^^ov. 1825, leaving issue,

II. Slargaret, m. 18 May, 1807, Uev. Joiin Joseph Good-
en' lUgh. D.D., afterwards Hector cE Bow Brickliill, co.
Bucks, and of Boughton Poges, co. Oxford, nephew of
Samuel Goodenough, D.D., Bishop of Carlisle; andt^. 1813,
leaving issue.

m. Lydia, m. 27 Aug. 1812, Capt. James Alexander Gordon,
It.N. (afterwards Admiral of the Fleet, G.C.B., and Governor
of Greenwich Hospital, d. Jan. 1869) ; and d. 28 July, lb35,
leaving issue.
Mr. Ward c^ 13 April, 1829, and was s. by his eldest son,

TiioMAS Eawdon Ward, Esq. of Ogbourne St. Andrew, and
Draycut Foliat, Wilts, b. 25 Sept. 1783; m. 8 Nov. 1815, Ann,
dau. and heir of Thomas Clark, Esq. of Greenham, Berks, by
Ann his wifi-, dau. of Thomas Hancock, Esq. of Marlborough,
and by her (who d. 13 Aug. 1845; had issue,

I. Michael Foster, now of Ogbourne St. Andrew and Dray-
cot Foliat.

II. John, of Greenham, Berks, Commander (retired) R.N. ; 6.
10 March, ls27 ; m. 11 Jun. 1853, Anne Huskisson, dau. of
Sir Roger Ke.'itingTherry, oneof the Judges of tlie Supremo
Court at Sydney, and d. 12 Nov. lass, leaving issue,

1 Foster Edward Wemyss, 6. 24 July, 1857, d. in Sydney,
N.S.W. 2d June, 18bS.

2 Thomas Eawdon, b. 31 July, 1859.

3 George Hawkes, 6. 8 June, 1863; d. 17 Dec. 1863.

4 Roger Leycesier Charles, b. 29 Jan. 18t!o.

5 John Everard, b. 28 March, 1867; d. 26 April, 1868.

6 Geoige Decimus, b. 21 Nov. 1870.

7 John Stuart, b. 5 Deo. 1873.

8 Benjamin Wasey, b. 11 June, 1876.

1 Anita Maria Eawdon. 2 Edith Mary.

3 Sophia Jane. 4 Mabel itosina.

I. Charlotte Ann, d. t[)i?)i.29 Jan. 18b3.

II. Eliza Mar}% d. unm. 1 Oct. 1893.

III. Frances ilargaret, m. 3 Nov. IboS, Eev. Eobert Vaughan
Hughes, of the Wyelands, Chepstow.

Mr. Ward, who was J. P. and Lieut.-Col. in the Eoyal Wilts
Eegt. of Yeomanry, d. 25 Feb. 1863.

,-lr)i(S — Quarterly : 1st, az., a cross patonce or, within a bor-
dure of the last, charged with eight hurts, for W^ard ; 2nd, or.
three bendlets az. on a chief erm., two crosses patee gii., for
Uawkes ; ;ird, erm., on a chevron vert between three busies
stringed sa. an escallop or, for Foster; 4th, arg., on a bend
^u between three pellets as many swans ppr., for Clakk.
Crests — 1st, Ward : A wolf's head erased or, gorged w ith a
collar az., thereon an escallop gold, between two bezants; 2n'i,
F'o.^TER : An arm embowed in armour, the hand grasping a
broken spear all ppr. Multo — Garde le croix.

6ea is— Ogbourne St. Andrew, Marlborough, Wilts; and
Draycot Foliat, Wilts. liisutence — Banner Down House,
Batheaston, Somerset. Clubs — Carlton, and Army and Navy.


Waed, Artht:e Welleslet, Esq. of Calverley,
Tunhridge Wells, Kent, J.P. and D.L., b. 12 April,
1813 ; VI. 3 Nov. 1836, Catherine Auiie Murray, 6th
surviving dau. of John Houlton, Esq. of Earleigh
Castle, Somerset, and has issue,

I. Lambfrt Uoulton, b. 29 Aug. 1837, late Capt. 2nd Life

II. Arthur Edward Houlton, 6. 10 April, 1839.

III. Frederick Victor Houlton, 6. 26 June, 1844; d. same

rr. Francis Moore, 6. 29 July, 1850, Capt. late GCth Eoyal

V. Vi. tor Napier, 6. 11 Dec. 1851, Capt. late Rifle Brigade.

I. Catherine Neville.

II. Emily Frederica Brande, d. 23 March, 186J.

ni. Edith Lydia Drummond, m. 18 July, 1SC5, Viscount

Hood, and has issue.
IV. Augusta Louisa, m. 12 July, 1875, Henry Holditch Ilua-

gerford, Esq. of Dingley Park, co. Northampton.

Liineag-e. — Samuel M'ard, Esq., living at the close of
the 17th century, m. and had two sons; one, the younger,
Thomas, a Post Captain, E.N., was lost in the Indian seas in
17G2; the other,

Samuel Ward, Esq., Barrister-at^Law, b. 16 May, 1707; -;».
Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Dodgson, Esq. of Leeds, and hud
by her (who d. 23 April, 1782), issue. Mr. Ward d. 29 July,
1747. His youngest son,

William Ward, Esq., 6. 29 March, 1743; m. 2 July, 1772,
Catherine, dau. and sole heir of Thomas Ncvill , Esq. of Black-
burn, CO. Lancaster, by Catherine Tasker his wife, and ■'.
7 March, 1811, having had by her (who d. 15 Feb. 1785), with
several daus., who all d. young or unm., except the oth,
Elizabeth, wife of William Edwards, Esq., two sons,

I. Samuel Neville, of Easton, Hayes, Kent, b. 13 Aug. 1773 ;
m. 16 Aus, 1S04, Mary, eldest dau. of Thomas .Jackson,
Esq. of TuUydoey, co. Tyrone; he d. 27 Oct. 1850, having
liad issue,

1 Samuel Neville, b. 18 June, 1813; m. 12 April, 1812,
Catherine, dau. of Francis Lasuelles. Esq., and has
Arthur Edward, b. 25 Dec. 1816, Major Bengal Stall"
Corps, and other issue.

2 James Jackson, 0. 28 Aug. 1814; m. 6 June, 1849,
Nerina Arrow, only dau. of Capt. Pepper, of the Indian
Navy, and has George James, b. 13 Jan. li)52, and other

3 Edward Eyre, 6. 11 Dec. 1815; m. Jan. 1840, Flora
Maria Nightingale, only child of Cajit. John Hall, and </.
5 March, 1843, leaving i;sue, Edward liobenson,6. 7 Oct.

4 Henry (Rev.), M.A., b. 19 Nov. 1816.

5 Charles (Rev.), M.A., m. 27 Dec. 1845. Mary, dau. of
the late Very Rev. J. E. Jackson, Dean of AnnacrH', and
hus Charles J. Edward, b. 23 March, 1847, and other

1 Lydia, m. II May, 1835, Eev. William Drummond.

2 Catherine Neville.

3 Mary. m. 30 May, 1850, Francis Henry, son of Francis
Lascelles, Esq., late of Madras Civil Service.

4 Elizabetli, m. 22 May, 1845, Ferguson Branson, M.D.

5 Emmeline.

II. John, of Hoi wood.
The 2nd son,

John Ward, Esq. of Holwood, Keston, and Calverley, J.P.
and D.L., High Sheriff 183.5, and M.P.for Leominster 1330-31,
b. 22 Dec. 1779; m. 27 Nov. 1806, Jane Frances, eldest dau. of
Robert Lambert, Esq. of Elland Hall, co. York, and by her
had, with other children, d. young or ^inm.,

I. Arthur Welleslet, now of Calverley.

II. Neviile, of Calverley Grange, Kent, J. P., 6. 1 Oct. 1816;
m. 16 Feb. 1839, Florentina Louisa, youngest dau. of John
Houlton, Esq. of Farleigh Castle, and has issue,

1 Ellis Houlton, b. 25 April, 1840, late Capt. 60th Eoyal

2 Nevill Houlton, b. 22 Feb. 1843, R.N. ; d. Nov. 1866.

3 Henry AtBeck Houlton, b. 23 Oct. 1845, late 60tli
Eoyal Rifles.

4 Augustus Graham Houlton, E.N., l. 27 June, 1847,

5 Frederick Houlton, Capt. E.A., 6. 3 Dec. 1856.

1 Flora Houlton.

2 Clara Lambert Houlton.

3 Grace Hediey Houlton.

He d. 24 Feb. 1855.

^j-ijw— Az., a cross flory or. Crest— A wolf's head erased
ppr., langued gu. Motto — Garde le croix.
Stat — Calverley, Tunhridge Wells, ICent.
Toirn liesidenct — 40, Park Street, Grosvenor Square, W.


"Waed, Edward Foote, Esq. of Salhouse ITaU,
Norfolk, B.A. 1871, M.A. 1871, b. 16 Nov. 1818; ?».
12 Not. 1885, Zilla Mary, elder dau. of Gen.
Fanshavre, K.E., and has had issue,

I. Ivor Fanshawe, 5. 3 Feb, 1837.

II. Eric Harding, b. 27 July, 18S8.

I. Brenda Zilla, 6. 13 Deo. 1889; <;. 8 July, 1891.

II. Vera Mabel, 6. 5 April, 1891.

Lineag-e. — The Wards have long teen seated ia

Egbert Ward, Esq., who d. 2 April, 1639, erected the family
residence at Walcotte, now called Wakot, Norfolk. He j«.
Bridget Callow, and had issue,





IIuMPHKET Ward, of AValcottc, the eldest son, 6. 15S3 ; d.
I'ji'o, and had by his wife Alice, a son and successor,

Robert Warp, Esq., m. Mary, dau. of liiohardGaze. Gent.,
and J. 1 Dec. Iu63, (leaving, with two daus., Jlary and Alice)
a son,

Joseph Ward, Esq. of 'Walcotte. 6. 1G4S ; d. 1G7S, leaving,
liy his wife Susan (who i,i. "Jndly, Richard Ellis, Esq. of North-
repps, Norfolk) a dau., Mary, and a son,

RoiiERT Ward, Esq., b. 1(377; Hi. Margaret, dau. of William
RoU, Esq. of St. Janies"s, Westminster, of the family of Lord
Chief Justice Holt, and by her (who (;i.2r.dly, Richard Blofeld,
Esq.) liad issue. Robert Ward d. 1706, and by the testamen-
tary will of William Uolf, Esq., the purchase of the Salhouse
estate was made, by the order of a blaster in Chancery, 1712,
agreeably to the testator's directions for the benefit of Mr.
Ward's children. His son and heir,

IliiLT Robert Ward, Esq. of Walcot and Salhouse, b. 1704 ;
t?. 17o'J, leaving by his wife, Elizabeth, three sons and three
daus. The 'Jnd son and successor,

Richard Ward, Esq. of Walcot and Salhouse, J.P. andD.L.,
a Capt. of Dragoons, and Major of Brigade to the Cavalry in
South Britain, Lieut.-Col. of the East Norfolk Regt. of Militia,
b. 12 Oct. 1730; d. 1709; )/(. Amelia, dau. of Stamp Brooks-
bank, Esq., M.l'., of Healaugh, co. York, and Hackney House,
Middlesex, and bad issue,

Richard Dalrymple, b. 1765; d. 1784. <■

Robert, his successor.

AVil.iam (Rev.), M..\., 6. 1769; m. Margaret, eldest dau. of

William Woolley .'^impson, of Diss, Banker, and left at his

decease, 1835, William, rn. his cousin, and other issue.
Henry, </. 17S4.
Amelia, d. 1781.
Mary, m. George William Browne Bohun, Esq. of Ecceles,

Suffolk, d. 1825.
E.'izabeth, d. 1821.
Fa^^s, jn. Rev. John Lonje, 'Vicar of Coddcnham and

CHh-field, SuCfolk ; and d. Isti3.
Sophia, d. 1829.

The 2nd son,

Robert Ward, Esq. of Salhouse Hall, J.P., b. S Sept. 1767 ;
M. 3 Sept. 1794, Lyuia, 3rd dau. of Richard llawle, Esq. of
Liskeard and Trevilla, Cornwall, and by her (who d. 7 Jan.
1839) had issue,

Robert, b. 1795, who, whilst serving as a Midshipman on
hoard H.JI. ship "Topaz," was mortally wounded in an
attack on the North Fort of Mocha, iu the Red Sea, 7 Dec.
Richard, of Salhouse.

William Henry, Stmlcnt for Holy Orders, Exeter Coll. Ox-
ford, b. 1801 : d. 8 Dee. 1818.
Lydia, m. her cousin, William Ward, Esq. of Huntingdon ;

and d. 12 Oct. 1833.
Frances, 6. 1808 ; rf. 4 May, 1825.
This gentleman, an officer in the Royal Navy, whilst serving
as a Midshipman on board the " Monmouth," in the fleet com-
manded by Sir Edward Hughes, was in six general actions in
India, from 1780 to 1784. He d. 14 Feb. 1843, and was s. by
his son,

Richard Ward, Esq. of Salhouse Hall, J.P. and D.L., b.
14 June, 1799; -„i. 21 May, ls44, Elizabeth (who (L '24 May,
1884), 3rd dan. of Vice-Admiral Sir Edward James Foote,
K.C.B., and had a son, the present Edward Foote Ward, Esq.
of Salhouse. He d. 21 July, 18G3.

Arms — Arg., on a bend engrailed sa. between two acorns
slipped vert three fleurs-de-lis or. Crest — A dexter arm erect,
couped at the elbow, habiteti quarterly or and vert, cuff arg.
hand ppr. hoWing a pheon also ppr. Motto — Usque ad
mortem fidiis.

/S'eat— Salhouse Hall, Norwich.

IV. Caroline.

VI. Jlargarct Blakemore.

V. Evelyn Mabel.


Ward, Hexrt, Esq. of Rodbaston, co. Stafford,
J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1872, b. 25 June, 1828 ;
m. .3 .May, 1855, Jane, dau. of John Uagnail, Esq.
of West i3romwich, and has issue,

I. Heset Herbert, 6. 24 April, 1857.

II. William Leonard b. 24 June, 1860.

III. George Ernest, 6. 1866; m. 1889, Helen J. Tibbets, of
Hawardcn, Iowa, U.S.A.

lY. Arthur Bagnall, E.I.C.S., b. 18G9 : d. 15 Sept. 1892.

I. Anne Bamett, i/i. 1877, F. Hensman, Esq., 1st Life

II. Ellen Jane.

in. Alice Mary, m. 1889, E. T. Hales, M.D. of Holt, Nor-

Mr. Ward is son of William Ward, Esq. of Wol-
verliampton (who d. 12 Oct. 1849), by Anne his
wife, dau. of John Barnett, Esq. of Combcrton. He
has one brother and three sisters, George, m. 1855,
Lydia Barnett; Mary Ann, -widow of John N. Bag-
nall, Esq. of Shenstone, co. Stafford, and has issue ;
Emma Harriet, m. John Topliam, Esq., M.D.
(deceased), and has issue; Caroline, m. Major-
General Kent, and(i. 1891.

Sm<— Rodbaston, Penkridge, co. Stafford.
Clab — Conservative.


Ward, Egbert EDWARD,'Esq. of Bangor Castle,
CO. Down, b. Nov. 1819, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff
1842, late lOtli Hussars ; m. 30 April, 1857,Harriette,
dau. of tlie Hon. and Rev. Henry Ward, Rector of
Xillinchy, co. Down, brother of the 3rd Viscount
Bangor, and has issue, an only child,

Matilda Catherine, m. 27 June, 1878, the 5th and present
Lord Claiimorris.

liineage. — (See Viscount Bangor, Burke's Peerage).

Mr. Ward, of Bangor Castle, and his sister, Anne Catherine,
widow of Robert Steward Kennedy, Esq. of Cultra, co. Down,
arc the only children of the late Edward Michael Ward, Esq.
of Bangor Castle, sometime Minister Plenipotentiary at
Dresden (grandson of the 1st "Viscount Bangor), by his wife,
Lady Matilda Stewart, dau. of Robert, 1st Marquess of

Arms — Az., a cross-patonce or. Crest — \ Saracen's head
affiontee, couped below the shoulders ppr. Motto — Sub cruce

Scat — Bangor Castle, Bangor, co. Down.


Waede-Aldam, Mrs. Sarah Julia, of Hooton
Pagnell, co. York, dau. and eventually sole heiress of
Rev. William Warde, m. 30 April, 1878, William
Wright Aldam, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Frickley
Hall, Doncaster, who assumed the prefix surname
and the arms of Waede (see Aldam of Frickley),
and has issue,

William St. Andrew, b. 10 May, 1882.

Lineage.— Thomas Warde, Esq. of Tanshelf, Gent., who
d. about 1035, had, by Elizabeth his wife (besides a dau. Eliza,
wife of John Cooper ; and four sons, Leonard, Hastings,
Robert, and George) two other sons, John, of whom we treat,
and Patience (Sir), knighted 1675, Lord Mayor of London,
1681, m. 1675, Elizabeth, dau. of William Hobson, Esq. of
Hackney, and d. 10 July, 1694. The 3rd son,

John Warde, Esq. of Tanshelf, m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Thomas Vincent, Esq. of Barnborough Grange; and d. ll>
Aug. 1657 ; having had (besides two daus., Elizabeth and.
Susanna, and a younger son, John (Sir), Lord Mayor of
London 1719, knighted 1714, ancestor of Warde of Sqmrri/es,
Cmiii, Kent), an elder son and heir,

Thomas Warde, Esq. of Tanshelf, m. a dau. of Sehvood,
and had (besides two daus., Catherine, m. Thomas Sclwood,
Esq. of Billiam; and Elizabeth, m. Edmund Winn, Esq. of
Ackton) an only son.

Patience Warde, Esq. of Hooton Pagnell, to which estate
he .5. under the will of his grand-uncle, Sir Patience Warde.
He m. Anna, dau. of Tobias Harvey, Esq. of Womersley, and
by her (who d. May, 1730) had (besides a son, John, d. young ;
and four daus., Catherine, m. 7 Sept. 1838, William Parkins,
Esq. of Mortemley, Eeclesfield, and d. s. p. ; Mary,7«,. 21 Dec.
1742, Walter Stanhope, Esq. of Ilorsforth, and d. s. p. ; Anne,
d. unm. ; and Elizabeth, d. mini.), an only surviving son and

Patientics Waede, Esq. of Hooton Pagnell, bapt. 27 Feb.
1717; r,i. Frances, dau. of St. Andrew Thornhaugh, Esq. of
Fenton and Osberton, Notts, descended from the ancient
family of St. Andrew of Gotham; and d. at York, 30 July,
1786, having had issue two daus., P'rances, m. Stanhope
Harvey, Esq. of Womersley ; and Anne, d. unm. 20 Sept.
1781), and a son and heir,





St. Andrew Wakde, Esq. of Hooton Pagnell, bapt. 27 May,
1745 : rn. Mary Ann, dau. of Anthony Cooke, Esq. of Cwston,
and by her had issue, St. Andrew, his heir; Charles d.
young 1793; Julia d. young; and Mary Anne. Mr. St.
Andrew Warde d. March (he was bur. the i;2nd), 1S22, and
was «. by his elder son and heir,

St. Andrew Warde, Esq. of Hooton Pagnell, J. P. and
D.L., m. 1800, Maria Josepha, dau. and eo-heir of Stanhope
Harvey, Esq. of Womerslcy, by Frances Warde his wife, and

William, his heir.

St. Andrew, m. Miss Fletcher, of Sidney, and had four sons,
and one dau., )m. Mr. Wettenhall, of Brisbane.

Maria Cassandra, d. 2-i Nov. 18i0. Sarah.

The elder son,

Eet. William Wakde, of Hooton Pagnell, m. 1st Mrs.
Elizabeth Williamson (nde Harrison), of Melton, near Hull, by
whom he had no issue ; and 2ndly, :\Ii5S Marianne Smithson,
of Heighington, near Durham, by whom he left at his decease,
27 May, IbCS, two daus., his co-heiresse.s. Mart Anne, d.
18S2, and Sabah Jclia, now of Hooton Pagnell.

Arms — Az., a cross patonce or.

^tat— Hooton Pagnell, near Doncaster.


Waede, Chaet,es Arthur Madan, Esq. of
Squerryes Court, Kent, J.P. and D.L., High Slieriii
(1887), Lieut.-Col. late Royal Artillery, b. 8 April,
1839 ; w. 23 Oct. 1879, the Hon. Anastasia Kathleen
Lucia O'Brien, fith dau. of Lucius, 13th Lord
Inchiquin, and has issue,

I. Mary Kathleen. n. Dorothy Louisa.

ni. Blanche Theresa.

Lineage. — This family of Wakde is a younger branch of
that which is seated at Hooton Pagnell, co. York, an

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