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Sib John Wakde, Knt. of Pontefract, M.P. for London, 2nd
son of John Warde, Esq. of Tanshelf, co. York. Sir John m.
Mary, dau. of Sir William Bucknall, Knt. of Oxney Hall,
Herts, and haii issue one son and ten daus. The only son,

.John Wabde, Esq. of Squerryes, Kent, m. Frances, dau. of
Eobert Bristow, Esq. of Micheldever, Hants, and had issue,

John, his heir. Kobert, b. 29 Xov. ; d. 17 Dec. 1722.

WiUiam, of Westerham, 6. 5. Jan. 1723, \i\mg unm. 1772.

George, Lieut.-Col. in Gen. Carpenter's Kegt. of Dragoons,
b. 24 Nov. 172o; d. 11 March, 1S03.

Mary, m. William Clayton, Esq. of Harleford, Bucks, M.P.
for Marlow, 2nd son of Sir William Clayton, 1st bart. of
Marden Park, Surrey, and d. 17 Jan. 1760, leaving a dau.
and heir, who m. John Lord Howard de Walden, K.B.

Katherine, d. 28 Dec. 1736.
Tlie eldest son,

•John Warde, Esq. of Squerryes, i. 19 June, 1721, m. 1st,
Elizabeth, dau. of John Gore, Esq. of Bush Hill, Middlesex,
•who d. s. 'p. 29 May, 1748 ; and 2ndly, Kitty Anne, dau. and
sole heir of Charles Hoskins, Esq. of Croydon, Surrey, 2nd
son of Sir William Hoskins, Knt., by whom (who d. 17 April,
17C7) he had issue to survive youth,

I. John, who s. his father.

II. Charles, b. 11 Jan. 1754; m. 16 March, 1784, Anne, eldest
dau. of Arthur Anncsley, Esq. of Bletchington, Oxon, by
whom, who d. 19 Sept. 'l816 (.he d. 7 Jan. 1820), he had

1 Charles, of whom presently.

2 Arthur, 6. 25 Xov. 17t<7, and d. 12 Xov. 1838, m. 15
Sept. 1816, Anne, dau. of Thomas Denson, Esq. of EUes-
mere, co. Salop, and had issue, Amelia Anne Barton.

3 Henry William, Capt. Bth iiegt. Bengal Cavalry, 6. 22
Oct. 1788; d. 30 Aug. 1819.

4 Francis (Sir), K.C.B., Gen. in the army, m. Annabella,
eldest dau. of Kobert Jones Adeane, Esq. of Babraham,
CO. Cambridge, she d. 1861. He d. 4 May, 1879.

1 Kitty Anne, m. 17 July, 1834, the Rev. Walter St. John
Mildmay, 8th son of Sir Henry Paulet St. John Mildniay,
ord ban. of Coulsliam, who d. 31 July, 1835. She d. 6
April, 1884.

III. George, of Woodland Castle, co. Glamorgan, Gen. in the
army, m. 31 Jan. 1781, Charlotte, dau. of the Right Rev.
Spencer Madan, D.U., Bishop of Peterborough, by the
Lady Charlotte Cornwallis his wife, dau. of Charles, 1st
Earl of Cornwallis. Gen. Warde d. 20 June, 1830, leaving

1 George, of Clifton, 6. 25 July, 1785; m. 23 April, 1811,
Anne Amelia, 2nd dau. of Thomas Dashwood, Esq.,
brother of Sir Henry Watkin Dashwood, 3rd bart. of
Kirtlington ; d. s. p. 6 July, IsOS.

2 Charles, to whom his uncle bequeathed Squerryes.

3 William, Col. in the army, b. 9 Feb. 1788; to. 1st, IS
June, 1815, Isabella Delamaine, who d. 29 Xov. Is.;.',;
and 2ndly, 5 July, 1828, Catherine, dau. of Edward Haw-
kins, Esq. of Court Herbert, co. Glamorgan ; by the Isf
marriage the issue were,
George, 6. 25 Nov. 1823.
William Wilder, 6. 10 April, 1825 ; killed at the battle of

Chillinwalla, 13 Jan. 1S49.
Charles, b. 20 Jan. 1827.
Henry, b. 2 Nov. 1829 ; d. 17 July, 1833.
Spencer Grant, h. 9 Feb. 18.34.

Isabella, Lady Smith Neill. m. 1 Oct. 1835, James George
Smith Neill, of Barnweill and Swindrigemuir, Biiga-
dier-Gen., C.B., and Aide-de-Camp to the Queen, who
was kiUed at the relief of Lucimow 1857; d. 19 Nov.
Charlotte Jane, d. 5 July, 1831.

1 Charlotte, m. 11 Feb. 1817, the Rev. William Vansittart,
D.D., Rector of Shottesbrook and White Walthani, Pre-
bendary of Carlisle, 3rd son of Arthur Vansiltait, Esq.
of Shottesbrook.

2 Mary, m. 25 May, 1822, Henry John Grant, Esq. of The
GnoU, CO. Glamorgan.

rv. Henry (Sir), of Dean House, Hants, b. 7 Jan. 17C6; d. 1
Oct. 1834; a Gen. in the army. Col. of the 31st and 68tli
Kegts. of Foot, Commander of the Forces in the West
Indies, Governor of Barbados, G.C.B., Arc, -m. 18 May,
1808, Molina, dau. of John Thomas, Esq. of Hereford, b. &
July, 1776, d. 24 Oct. 1835, by whom he had issue,

1 Henry John, Lieut.-Col., d. s. p. 22 May, 1838.

2 Edward Charles (Sir), Gen. in the army, K.C.B., <fcc., b.
13 Nov. 1«10, and d. 11 June, 1884, having m. 24 .Aug.
18J3, Jane, eldest dau. of Rev. Charles Lane, M.A.,
Rector of Wrotham, and Rural Dean of Shoreham {sec
Lane of King's Bromley, and has had,

Charles-Edward, Capt. 4th Hussars, b. 26 Dec. 1845.
Henry Murray Ashley, Lieut.-Col. late 19th Hussars, b. 3

Sept. 1»60; ;(t.31 March, 18s0, Louisa Anne, eldest dau.

of Wilmot Lane, Esq., E.l.C.S. (see Lane, of King'*

Bromley), and has issue,
Louisa. Kathleen.

St. Andrew Bmce, Maj. K.A., 6. 23 Nov. 1852, m. 18

April. 18s2, Olivia Louisa, dau. of Col. George McCall,

of Elibank Lodge, co. Berks.
Alexander John Walter, b. 19 March, 1855, m. 30 Oct.

1882, Enriqueta Petronilla, dau. of James Fair, Esq.,

and has issue,

Rosita. Jenny.

Augustus Lynedoch, 6. 24 Nov. 1856 ; d. 31 Jan. 1858.
David Archibald Augustus, 6. 25 June, 1858 ; d. 23 Feb.

Frances Molina, m. 2 Aug. 1872 ; Ralph Cromwell Gregg,

Esq., sometime Lieut. 19th Hussars.
Edith Pierrepont. Louisa Jane.

3 Frederick Moore, Ensign in the 1st or Royal Eegt. of
Foot, 6. 28 Oct. 1812; d. 27 Nov. 1830.

4 Walter, Lieut.-Col. in the army. Staff Officer of Pen-
sioners, b. 22 Feb. 1815 ; d. 4 May, 1861, having ?n. 8
May, 1841, Augusta, 3rd dau. of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Lionel
Smith, Bart. G.C.B. and G.C.H., and had issue,

Henry Lionel, 6. 1 March, 1842 ; m. 20 June, 1876,
Laetitia, dau. of Samuel Walker, Esq. of Petersham
House, CO. Surrey, and has issue,
Lionel, b. 16 June, 1877.
Eldred Walter, 6. 2 March, 1856.
Augusta Mary. Isabella.

5 Augustus William (Rev.), Rector of Little Horsted, Sus-
sex, b. 29 Dec. 1816; m. 16 Aug. 1854, Catherine, eldest
dau. of William Woodgate, Esq. of Swaylands, Peushurst,
D.L. Kent, and has had issue,

William Henry, b. 22 Sept. 1855.

Hamilton Kiancis, b. 15 Feb. 1857.

Augustus Walter Francis, b. 11 Aug. 1859; m. Gertrude,

dau. of the Rev. Canon Robinson, M.A.
Henry John, 6. 31 Dec. 1860.
Edward Charles, b. 3 Aug. 18G2.
George Frederick, b. 11 July, 1865 ; d. 15 Dec. 1873.
Catherine. Mary. Evelyn Catherine.

1 Harriett, to. 1st, 4 May, 1826, Fi-ancis, 6th Earl of
Guik.lord, who d. 29 Jan. 1861 ; and 2ndly, 10 Feb. 18C3,
John Lettsom Elliott, Esq. She d. 16 April, 1874.
I. Katharine, to. 6 March, 1783, Sir Nathaniel Dukenfield,
oth bart. of Dukenfield Hall, and d. Sept. Ib23.
John Warde d. 9 Feb. 1775. His eldest son,

John Wabde, Esq. of Squerryes, High Sheriff for Kent
1778, 6. 2o Jan. 1753; m. 15 Feb. 1781, the Hon. Susannah
Askell Grimston, 3rd dau. of James, 2nd Viscount Giimston,
but dying s. p. 9 Dec. 1838, was s. by his nephew,

Charles Warde, Esq. of Squerryes, b. 1 Oct. 1786, who
dying iinm. 14 Feb. 1801, was s. by his cousin,





Chakles Wapoje, Esq. of Squerrycs, Admiral E.^., K.II.,
J.r. for COS. Kent and Glamorgan, b. 13 Sept. 1780; m. IT)
Jan. 1S24, Marian."-., eldest dan. ot Arthur William Gregory,
tsq. of StyvTchall Hall, co. Warwick, and by her (who d. -ti
l\b. 1SS9) had issue,

Charles Grant, b. 6 Dec. IS:5 ; d. 15 Fob. 1S26.

Oeokge, late of Sqiioi ryes.

lleury John Gregory, l.iout. ."iGth Bengal Native Infantry.

h. 3 July. 1S3J; killed in the massacre of Cawnpore, 27

June, 15^57.
Chakles .-VRXHrB Madan, now of Squerryes.
Mariana Theresa, i^ -0 June, 1820.
i;iiuly Theresa. ?h. 1st. 6 July, 1S48, Kol^ert Osborne, Ksq.

of Laurence Weston, co. Gloucester ; and 2ndly, .Spencer

Vansittart, Fsq., Capt. late 1st KoyMls. soti (.f the Eev. W.

Vansittart, D.U., and d. 18 Oct. 1891, having had issue live

sons and a dau.
Wary Selina, vi. 25 April, 1871, the Eev. Charles Griffith, of

Glyn Celyn, co. Brecon, who d. 11 Jan. ISiG.
Harriette Susanna.
Charlotte Henrietta, m. 5 Dee. 1878, Eicht Hon. Sir John

Tomlin.son Hililiert. I'.C. K.C.B., JI.P ol Urmston Grange,

Manchester, and Ilampsfield, North Lancashire.
Katharine JIariana.
Louisa Anne, m. 8 Feb. 1872, the Eev. H. C. Bartlett, Vicar

of Westerham, and has issue.

lie d. 5 Jan. 1869, and was s. by his eldest surviving son,

George Wakde, Esq. of Squerryes, formerly Capt. in the
army, Lieut. -Col. Commandant London llifle Brigade, b. 1 1S27 ; m. 28 Aug. 1SG2, the Lady Harriet North, eldest
ilau. of Francis, Btli Earl of Guildford ; d. s. p. 25 Jan. 1877,
and was s. by his brother, Charles Abthcii Madan, now of

Anns — Az., a cross flory or, a crescent for difference. Crest
—A wolfs head erased or. il/oi£o— Licet esse beatis.
Seat — Squerryes Court, Westerham, Kent.
C'iitJs— Junior Carlton, and E. 1. United Service.


CriiBEK LEGE -Ware, Charles Edvvaed, Esq. of
Poslingford, Suffolk, b. JMarcli, 18G0 ; m. 18S9,
Beatrice, dau. of John Eell, Esq. of Lancaster

Lineage.— The family of Cumberlege was settled for
many generations in co. Stafford, where they had estates.

Charles Nathaniel Ccmberlege-W"aee, Esq. of Posling-
ford, ra. Caroline, eldest dau. of Eichard Ilooton, Esq. of
Leamington, co. Warwick, and had issue,
I. Charles (Rev.), M.A. Trin. Col!. Cambridge, Vicar of
Asrwood. Bucks, m. IHiiO, Elizabeth Anne, dau. and heiress
of Mrs. Montgomery Williams, of Crawley Grange, Bucks,
and d. 1871, leaving iisue, a son and three daus, of whom
Charles Edward, now of Poslingford.
Edith Caroline, s. to the estate of Crawley Gninge, Bucks,
from her gram I mot her, Mrs. Montgomery Williams, who
inherited it from her brother, Col. Boswell (a bianch of
the BoswELLS oj Auchiidec/c).
n. Arthur (Eev.).

in. liijhard, Lieut. 11th Ecgt., b. 1841 ; m. 1SG7, Blanche,
dau. of Major-Gen. Wyatt; and rf. lyC'J.

IV. Edward, late Lieut. 51si Light Infantry, 6. 1848.

V. Henry Mordaunt, 6. 1850; j/i. 1878, Blanche Giuevra, dau.
of George Fenwick, Esq.

VI. Francis Vernon, b. Is53 ; d. 1871.

I. Emily. Ii. Louisa.

III. Augusta.

Tliis gentleman, who was 3rd son of Capt. John Cumberlege,
by -Vnne his wife, dau. of Samuel Ware, Esq. ot Highgate, .s.
on the death of his maternal uncle, Samuel Ware, Esq. of Heiidun
Hall, 1860, to the Middlesex and Suffolk estates, and assumed
by royal licence 18G2, the name and arms of Ware. He d. 22
Sept. 1888, and was s. by his grandson.

Anns— Per pale arg. and gu., two lions passant within an
orle of roses and escallops all countercharged. Crest — In
front of spears in sallire ppr. a dragon's hcaJ gu., gorged
with a collar gemel arg. Motto — iJeo faventc.


Waeixg, Thomas, Esq. of Waringstown, co.
Down, J.P., Barrister-at-Law, M.P. for Northern
Division co. Down, Hon. Col. 5tli Batt. Royal Irish
Killes, High Sheriff 1868-69,6. 17 Oct. Ib28 ; in.
1st, 22 April, 1858, Esther, 3rd dau. of lioss
'Ihompson Smyth, E^q. of Ardniore, co. Derry ; she
d. 26 March, la73 ; and 2iidly, 6 Aug. 1874, Eanny,
4tli dau. of Admiral John Jervis Tucker, of

Trematon Castle, Cornwall, and by her (who d. 1*
Nov. 1883) has issue,

I. Holt, b. 26 May, 1877.

II. Iluric Henry, a cadet H.M.S. "Britannia," b. 16 Aug

I. Esther Marian, b. 10 Feb. 187G.

II. Mary Theresa, b. 8 Dec. 1830.

III. i' ranees Joan Alice, b. 8 Nov. 1883.

He m. 3rdly, 1 July, 1885, Geraldlne, 3rd dau. of
Ales. Stewart, Esq. of Bally Edmond.

Lineage.— This family, of the ancient House of Wauino
or' i.a»e(K'/ii/-(;, became established in Ireland <e»i}). James I.,
when John Waring settled in co. Antrim, and m. Mary, dau.
of the Rev. Mr. Peers, of Derriaghy, in that co., by whom he
had three sons, William, John, and Paul; and several daus.
The eldest son,

William Waring, Esq., 6. 1619: d. 1703, became possessed
(by purchase from the soldiers of Mr. Deputy Fleetwood's
Eegt. of Horse), in 1656, of the district of Clanconnell (of
which the W^aringstown estate is a part), and shortly after
built the present mansion and tlie church adjoining : he served
as High Sheriff CO. Down, 1GG9. He m. 1st, 2GMay, 1656, Eliza-
beth, dau. of William Gardiner, Esq. of Londonderry, and by
her had issue,

Samcel, his heir.

Mary, m. Itichard Close, Esq.
lie j)i. 2ndly, Jane, dau. of John Close, Esq., and by her (who
(/. 5 Blay, 1724) had issue (with six daus., Jane, Mrs. Houston;
Rebecca, Mrs. Montgomery, of Convoy; Elizabeth, ,n. Eev.
John Cuppage, A.M. ; Sarah, m. Robert Maxwell, Esq. of
Falkland ; Anne ; and F'rances) seven sons, of whom the

Thomas, High Sheriff, co. Down 1724, m. 1st, Miss Law-
renee, by wliom he had two sons,

1 Winium, d. unm.

2 Samuel, d. unm.

He m. 2ndly, Mary Blacker, and had two other sons,

3 Thomas (Eev.), Hector of Moira, co. Down, m. Hester,
dau. of Jasper Lucas, Esq. of Eiokfordstown ; and d.
1777, leaving with a dau., Mary, m. John Holmes, Esq.,
five sons,

1 Thomas, of Newry, b. 1736; m. Anne, dau. of Robert
Thonipsiin, Esq., and had, 1 Thomas; 2 William; 3
Jasper; 4 James; 5 John, Lieut. 23rd Light Dragoons ;
6 Hester, m. Eev. John Goddard; 7 Jane; 8 Selina.
The eldest son,

Thomas, 6. II Oct. 1761, J.P. cos. Down and Armagh,
High Sheriff, co. Down 1797; d. 4 March, 1841. He
m. 11 April, 1792, Mary, 2nd dau. of John Goddard,
Esq. and by her (who d. Jan. 1803) had issue,
Thomas, b. July, 1793, rector of Bright, diocese of
Down, killed by a fall from his horse, Jan. 1823;
Henry, of Waringstown. of whom presently;
Eichard, J. P., Seneschal of Newry, b. 3 Sept. 1799; d.
ol Aug. 1875; Anne, vi. 12 Jan. 1836, Breon
Charles Bordes, Esq., Lieut. 77lh Eegt., and d. May,

2 Jasper. 3 William.

4 John.

5 Lucas (Rev.), Eector of Kilkeel, co. Down, m. Ellen,
dau. of Cliarles Douglas, Esq. of Grace Hall, co. Down,
and had issue,

Tiio.MAs, of Waringfield, co. Down, m. Louisa, dau. of
Peter Lowe, Esq. (by Louisa his wife, dau. of Sir
liiehard Butler, 7th bart. of Garrj hundon, co.
Carl 'W/, and d. 1877, having had issue, Samuel, late
Capt. (iJnd Eegt., who d. 1872: Th anas, killed ia
New Zealand ; Lucas, now of Waringfield, Robert
I'ereeva! Maxwell; Henry Lowe, d. 18i"2; Louisa, ?ii.
Capt. George Douglas, of ."\lount Ida, co. Down.

Charles (Eev.), M A., Eector of Eglish, co. Armagh.

John, m. Geraldine, dau. of Mathaniel Montgomery
Solicitor, of Swalinbar, co. Cavan, and DominicI*
Street, Dublin, and had two daus., Anne, and


4 Eicliard, whose son,

John, rii. Dorothea, only dau. and eventual heir of
Robert Ulaxwell, Esq. of Finnebrogue, co. Down, and
assumed by royal licence, dated 9 April, 1803, the
additional surname ol Maxwell, and had a son,
John Waring-Maxwell, Esq. of Finnebrogue, M.P,,
CO. Down.
The eldest son,

Samuel Waiuno, Esq. of Waringstown, High Sheriff 1690,
M.P. for Hillsborough from 1703 to 1715; m. 1696, Grace, dau.
of Eev. Samuel Holt, co. Meath, and d. 1739, having had



TV All


I. Samuel, his heir.

II. Kichard, d. unm.

ill. Holt, Major in the army, served at Dettingen, Fontenoy,
and Collodcn, m. 1746. .\nne, dau. of Very Rev. William
French, Dean of Elphiii, son of John French, Esq. of
French Park, eo. Kosconimon, and c^. 1806, having had
issue, Samuel, Capt. in the army, killed in action, unm. ;
William, (/. young; Richard, and Robert, both d. unm.;
Holt (Vt-ry Rev.), who s. to Waritigstown ; and two daus.,
Frances Arabella, m. Rev. William Boyd; and Mary, r,i.
William Archer, Ksq., and d. 8 Aug. 1844, aged S3.

I. Jane, m. Alexander MNaghtcn, Esq.

II. Sarah, m. 1st, IJalph Lambert, Esq. ; and 2ndly, Rev.
James Ilaiiiilton, D.D.

III. Frances, m. Henry Ussher, Esq.
jv. Alice, m. Conway Spencer, Esq.]

The eldest son,

Samuel Waring, Esq. of Waringstown, High Sheriff 1734,
d. unm. ll'Sd, and was s. by his nephew,

Very Uev. Holt Wearing of Waringstown, Deau of Dro-
more, 6. 2 Jan. 1766; m. 17'J3, Elizabeth Mary, dau. of Rev.
Arerell Daniel, Rector of Lifford, eo. Donegal, and had

Eliza Jane, m. James Wapshare, Esq.
Anne, d. tinm.

Louisa, m. 1st, Rev. John Michael Brooke; she m. 2ndly, St.
John Augustus Gierke, K.H., Lieut. -Gen. in the army, and
Col. 75th . egt., who (/. IfcCU, leaving with other issue a dau.
Elizabeth Marj-, ™. 24 Nov. 1891, Henry James MacFarlane,
Esq. of Hunstown House, co. Dublin, {see thntfamili/).
Frances Grace, m. Henry Waring. Esq. of Waringstown.
Jane, m. Henry Samuel Close, Esq., a Banker in Dublin
■who d. March, lb67 ; she d. Jan. 1877.
The Dean's cousin and son-in-law,

Henry Warinu, Esq. of Waringstown, J.P., Major in the
army, 6. 26 March, 17t)5; m. 14 Jan. 1824, Frances Grace,
4th dau. of Very Rev. Holt Waiing, of Waringstown, Dean of
Dromore, and by her (who d. 1860) had (with three other sons,
who d. in infancy) issue,
Thomas, now of Waringstown.

Holt, Capt. 8bth Connaught Rangers, Resident Macistrate
Nenagli, co. Tipperary. b. 2.5 May, 1835; m. 20 May, 18G2,
Margaret Elizabeth dau. of Kobert McClintock, Esq. of
Dunmore, co. Donegal, and has issue, Henry, Capt. K.A.,
6. 6 March, 18G3; Grace; Margaret; Bfary; and Susan.
Henry, Major. Governnr of the Militaiy Prison, Gosport,
formerly Assistant Adju'ant Gen. Bombay; h. 16 Feb.
1840; m. 8 July, 18ri9, Mary Letitia, dau. of Lieut.-Gen.
Hutchinson, of Wellesbourne, Bideford, Devon, and has
issue three sons and two daus., Richard, Lieut. R.A.,
Edmund, and John; Mary and Esther.
Mary Loui~a, m. 14 Jan. li<53. Rev. Alexander Matthew
Pollock, M A., who d. Feb. 1865; she d. 18 July, 1873.
Elizabeth Mary.

Frances Jane, m. 20 Oct. 1858, Rev. William Henry Over-
street Fletcher, d. Jan. 1, 1880.
Anne, d. 1860. Susan, d. 1847.

Selina Grace, m. 18 July, 1867, Robert Henry Hartley, Esq. ;
d. 1878.
He d. 6 April, 1866.

Arms — Arg., on a bend sa., three mascles of the first. Cre^t
— A crane's head couped at the neck ppr. Jl/oi(o— Nee vi nee

Seat — Waringstown House, Lurgan, co. Down.
Town Residence — 13, Victoria Square, S.W.
C/i',6i— Carlton, S.W.; Kildare Street, Dublin; and Ulster,


Waring, IIenkt, Esq. of Beenham House, Berts,
J.P., High Slieriff 1888, Lieut.-Col. Kaihv.ay
Engineers Volunteer Staff Corps, b. 1822 ; m. 1855,
Sarah Milnes, dau. of John Wheat, Esq. of Nor-
wood Hull, and Treeton, co. York, by his wife
Elizabeth Saunderson, and has issue,

I. William Wheat, Capt. 11th Hussars, b. 29 May, 1860 ; m.
1882, Sophia Annie, eldest dau. of the late Col. Scobell,
of Tiie Abbey, Pershore, co. Worcester, and has issue,

Charles IIeney, 6. 1888.
Edward kobert, 6. 1893.
Melloney Mary.
Irene Margaretta.

I. Maude Mary, m. Major Thomas Baker.

II. Edith Eli/.abeth, m. Charles Lane Sansom, M.D,

III. Rosamund Ruth.

rv. Alice Ada. v. Beatrice Bertlia.

Lineage. — John Waking, Esq. of Haworth Hall, Rother-
ham (son of Joseph Waring, and Elizabeth Sykes, his wife),
m. 1819, Mary Fletcher, by whom he bad issue,

I. William, m. Elizabeth Arkle, and had issue, a son, 6.

II. Henry, now of Beenham House.

III. Charles, m. Charlotte Eliza JIary Jane, dau. of Sir
George William Denys, Bart., and d. 1887, having had'
issue, two sons and one dau.

IV. Mark, d. unm.

1. Mary, m. Rev. Richard Chambres, M.A., and d. s. p.
Mr. Waring d. 1867.

Arms — Gu., a bend engrailed, cheqny or and az., between
two bugles stringed of the second. 6'rest— Upon a millrimi
fesswise or, a dragon gu., charged on either wing with an
annulet gold. J/o»o— Toujours prcst.

Seat — Beenham House, Reading.


Waenefoed, Ret. John Hexet, M.A., of
Warneford Place, Wilts, Hon. Canon of VVakeiield
Cathedral, b. li Sept. 1818; m. 30 April, 1851,
IMary Anne Susan, dau. of Rev. Jolin Dale Wawn,
Vicar of Stanton-le-Dale, co. Derby, and by her who
d. 1887, has issue,

I. John Charles Kemeys (Glenside, Ringmore, Teignmouth,

Devon) b. 25 Feb. 18.52, late Capt. 6th West York Militia,
m. 10 Dec. 1879, Emil, dau. of Rev. Robert Burton,
Rector of Raheny, co. Dublin, andd. 1893, leaving issuCj

1 John Robert Kemeys, 6. 15 Jan. 18S0.

2 Harrj Walter Burton, b. 26 July, lts84.
1 Esnie Mary Elizabeth, 6. 6 May, 1883.

II. Harry Lancelot (Rev.), B.A., 6.1860.
lit. Walter Wyndham Hanbury, b. 1866.

I. Henrietta Warneford, m. 5 Feb. 1879, William Henry
Foster, Esq. of Spring Head, Halifax, and Hornby Castle,
Lancaster, and has issue.

II. Minnie Laura Warneford.

III. Constance Edith Warneford, d. 1832.

IV. Eva Harriette Warneford.

V. Chrissie Dora Warneford.

VI. Augusta Marion Wadham Warneford, d. 1872.

llr. Warneford is Vicar of Selterliebhle, co. Tork^
and Lord of the Manor of Sevenhuinpton, Wilts.
He inlierited Warneford Place on the death of his
cousin, Lady Wetherell Warneford, in 1861.

Lineage. — This family descends from Robert Wakne-
roRD, to whom, in consideration of twenty marks and one
pony. King John gave, in 1210, certain lands in and about
Sevenhampton, Wilts, and Pinkney, co. Gloucester. From
him directly derived, in regular descent from 1223 to 1542,

.loHN Warneford, of Sevenhampton, who, by Susanna his-
wife, dau. of John Yates, of Lyford, was father of

John Warneford, 6. 1542, whose son, by Anne his wife,
dau. of Thomas Dutton, of Sherborne,

Thomas Warnefoed, 6. 1572, m. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. of Sir
Edmund Fettiplace, of Childrey, and 2ndly, Mary Aswell,
dau. of Henry Shelley, Esq. of Warminghurst. He d. ia
16a9, having had issue by the first,

I. Edmund, of Buckland, who was father of Sir Edmond
Warneford, knighted 1681, who, by Bridget his wite, dau.-
of William Paul, banker, of Oxford, had a son, Edmond
Warneford, b. 1683, who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Sack-
vi'le, of liibury, and had an only dau. and hei' ess, Anne
Warneford, who m. Thomas Estcourt Cresswell, Mho, jure
wxoris, became possessor of tlie Pinkney estates.

II. Walter, m. Frances, of Sir William fiJaxey, Knt. of
Saylin, Essex, and dying 24 Aug. 1687, was bur. at Mount
Mellick, Queen's Co., leaving a son, Robert, in. Mary, dau.
of Clint, of Knightweek, co. Worcester, who returned his
fathers funeral certificate for registry in Ulster's OflSce.

III. John, of whose line we treat.
The younger son,

John Warneford, 6. 1613, m. and left a son.

The Rev. Henry Warneford, Rector of Freshford, jnv

Mary, dau of Sir Thomas Gooderiche, and was father of
Ven. Richard Warneford, D.D., Archdeacon of York,

who d. 1755, leaving, by Mary Stainforth his wife, two sons,

Francis, Col. of Warneford Place, m. Catherine, dau. of
Samuel Calverley, and had two sons,
1 Francis, ol Warneford Place, co. Wilts, m. 19 Nov.
178 I, the Hon. Elizabeth Flower, eldes dau. of William,
2nd Viscount Ashbrook (d. 1 April, 1847), and had two
sons, who d. in infancy, and two daus. Lady Wethereli.
Warneford, who d.s. 2). in 1861, the wid^w of Sir Charles
Wetlierell, Q.C., Attorney-General for England ; and Mrs.
Long, who d. s. p.





2 Samuel (Kev.), Ti.X). of Warneford Place, Rector of
Bourton-on-the-llills, co. Gloucester, d.s.p. 1S56.

John, of whom we treat.
The 2111.1 son.

The Ket. Jonx Wakneford, of Dorkinff, in. Susanna, dau.
of Kdwavd Garland, and was father of

The Kev. John 'Warnefoiid, of Mickleham, Surrey, m. 1st,
Charlotte Anne, dau. of Gen. Sweetinp, King's Dragoon
Guards, and by her (who tf. 1S32) left, with other issue, an
elder son and heir,

I. John- IIesrt (Rev.), the present representative.

II. lli-nry, m. and d. 1S70, leaving two sons and one dau.

III. Charles 1-raneis, ?». hut has no issue.

IV. Francis llenrv. d. IS-IS.

V. Arthur Edmund, m. a dau. of Col. Hammill, and has issue
three sons.

VI. Edward Cooper, m. and d.s. p. 1865.

I. Charlotte Anne, m. and has issue three daus.

II. Jl.iry Emily, vi. and d. s. p. 18S2.

III. Catherine, m. and has issue one son and one dau.
iv. Ciaia Margaretta, m. and has issue six children.
V. Frances Henrietta, )/;. and has two children.

Tie m. 2ndly, Anna Maria, dau. of Rev. Edward Parry, M.A.,
Rector of Mold, co. Flint, and by her (who d. IStiO) had
further issue,

VII. Thomas Lewis John, m. Miss Tucker, and has issue one

VIII. William John, Mi. Miss Buckley, and has issue one

Mr. W.arncford d. 1849.

.■l;-»i.5— Per fess embattled sa. and arg., six crossjcs patt<5e,
three in .^hief and three in base counterchanged. Cresl — A
^rb ppr. Miitlo — Cruce quam muro tulior.

Scat — Warneford Place, Highworth, Sevenhampton, Wilts.


Lee-Waexer, Henry, Esq. of Walsingham
Abbey, Norfolk, J.P., b. 15 Dec. 1847.

Lineag'e. — Thomas Lee, Esq., descended from the very
ancient laniily of Lee of Colon, Salop, m. Anne, dau. of the
celebrated John Warner, D.D., Bishop of Rochester, and was
fatlier of

The Vex. Archdeacon Lee, whose son,

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