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cot, Esq. of Burnhead, who d. unm. 31 March,
1795, and was «. by his sister,

Margaret Scot, who 9)1. Rev. Dr. Samuel Charters, minister
of Wilton parish, but d. s.p. 17 Nov. 1815, and was s. by her
1st cousin and nearest heir,

William Watson, Esq.of Burnhead (son of Thomas Watson,
and his wife, Euphan Scot), m. 21 Aug. 1785, at Nassau, in the
island of New Providence, East Florida, Rebecca Peters, by
whom he had issue,

I. William, of Burnhead.

I. Margaret, b. 25 Nov. 1788.

II. Rebecca, 6. 4 July, 1790; m. W. Prole, Esq.
Mr. Watson d. 3 July, 1818, and was s. by his son,

William Watson, Esq. of Burnhead, 6. 19 April, 1787 ; m.
1818, Bridget Bowles, dau. of William Abraham, of Bath, and
by her had issue,

I. William Scott, of Burnhead.

n. Henrv, m. Emma Byrne, and had issue.

III. Charles.

I, Elizabeth, m. John Stavert, of Hoscote, and d. s. p. 1870.
Mr. Watson d. 3 Feb. 1870, and was s. by his eldest son,

William Scott AVatson, Esq. of Burnhead, b. 8 May, 1819 ;
VI. 1851, Louisa Sarah, dau. of Thomas Dennis, of Pilton, and
by her had issue,

I. William Scott, now of Burnhead.

II. Thomas John, b. 19 Nov. 1859: d. 10 Oct. 1860.

III. Charles Abraham, b. 9 July, 1861.

I. Brid;;et Sarah, b. 2 June, 1852 ; (/. 28 Nov. 1885.

II. Annie Louisa Elizabeth, b. 26 Nov. 1853; d. 27 June,

III. Louisa Margaret, b. 9 Sept. 1856, d. v.nm. 24 Aug. 1888.

IV. Susan Harriett, 6. 2 Jan. 1858; d. 19 March, 1875.

v. Frances Emmeline, b. 25 June, 1863, m. 1893, P. E. L.
Mason, Esq.

Mr. Watson d. 30 April, 1885, and was s. by his eldest son.

Adiis — Or, on a bend az., a star between two cre.<!cents of
the first, within a border of the second. Crest — A buck's head
and neck erased, ppr., collared az., the collar charged with a
star between two crescents or, all within two branches of laurel
issuing from the torse, and disposed circular ways. Mottoes —
(On an escroU above) "In recto decus"; and "Nemo sibi

Heut — Burnhead, Hawick, Roxburghshire.

Clubs — New Club, Edinburgh; Junior United Service, Lon-



Gibsox-Watt, James Millek, Esq. of Doldo-w-
lod, CO. Radnor, and Heathfield, co. Stafford, b. 6
Sept. 1875; s. his father 1891.

Lineage.— James Gibson, Esq., Staff-Surgeon 13th Light
DraRoons, descended from a family seated in co. Ayr, m.
Agnes, dau. of James Miller, Esq. of Glasgow, by Margaret his
wile, dau. of James Watt, F.R.S., LL.D., the celebrated engi-
neer and improver of the steam engine,* and d. 1835, leaving
James Watt, who assumed the additional surname of Watt
by royal licence, 1856, in compliance with the wUl of his
great uncle, James Watt, Esq.of Doldonlod.
Agnes Miller, to. Chilley Pine, Esq., 4th Dragoon Guards,
who was killed at balaclava, 1854, leaving a son, Arthur.
Margaret Elizabeth, m. Feb. 1865, Henry Brunning Marsh,
Esq. of Upton-on -Severn, M.D., d. 8 Feb. 1877, leaving a
dau., Ethel Margaret Watt.

The son,

James Watt Gibson-Watt, Esq. of Doldowlod and Heath-
field, J. P. and D.L., served as High Sheriff co. Radnor, b. 4
Aug. 1831 ; m. 17 Nov. 1874, Emma Henrietta, dau. of Henry

♦ James Watt, J. P. of Greenock, to. Agnes Muirhead, and
was fatiier of James Watt, the great engineer and natural
philosopher, and chief inventor oi the steam engine, F.R.S.,
LL.D., b. 1736 ; was twice married, and d. 19 Auc 1819. A
monuiuental statue by Chantrey, with a remarkable inscription
by Lord Brougham, is in Westminster Abbey ; another in
Handsworth Church, co. Stafford.





O'EeiUy Hoey, Esq. of Knuzden, co. Lancaster, and had

James Miller, now of Doldowlod.

Geraldine Emma. Evelyn Margaret. Dorothy Ellen.
Mr. Gibson-Watt d. 19 June, 1891.

Seats — Doldowlod, Khajader, co. Eadnor, and Heathfleld,
CO. Stafford.

Watt, Adelaide, of Speke Hall, co. Lancaster,
h. 19 May, 1857 ; s. her father 1865.

Lineage. — Eichabd Watt, merchant, of Liverpool, pur-
chased, 1797, the manor of Speke from C. G. Beauclerk, Esq.,
son of the well-known Topham Beauclerk. His nephew and

EicHAED Watt, Esq. of Bishop Burton, co. York, and Speke
Hall, CO. Lancaster, High Sheriff co. York, d. ISli, and was
5. by his son,

EicHAED Watt, Esq. of Bishop Burton and Speke Hall, High
Sheriff of co. York, 1811, who had issue,

I. EicHiRD, of whom presently.

II. Francis, of Bishop Burton, b. 1814, J. P. and D.L. East
Eiding of co. York, and High Sheriff 1865. He d. umii. 17
June, 1870, and wass. at Bishop Burton by his brother.

III. William, of Bishop Burton, who d. 1874.

I. Sarah, m. James Hall, Esq. of Scarborough (see Hall-
Watt, of Bisho'p Burton).

II. Mary, m. May, 1834, James Sprot, of Spott House, co.

The eldest son,

EicnAED Watt, Esq. of Speke, had an only son,

EicHARD Watt, Esq. of Speke, b. 1835 ; m. 1856, Adelaide,
dau. of William Hignett, Esq. of Chester, and d. 1865,
leaving by her (who d. 1861) an only child, Adelaide, now of

Arms — Per fess or and az., a fess embattled between three
fleurs-de-lis counterchan^ed. O-est — A greyhound sejant arg.
jiowdered with fleurs-de-lis, one paw resting on two arrows.

6'fa£— Speke Hall, near Liverpool.


ITail-Watt, Ernest Eichaed Beadlet, Esq.
of Eisliop Burton and Carhead, co. York, J. P. for
the East Eiding, M.A. Cambridge, b. 5 Oct. 186.J ;
m. 3 Feb. 1891, Julia Philadelphia, 2nd dau. of
Digby Cayley, of Norton Grove, Malton, eo. York.
Mr. Hall- Watt assumed the additional surname of
Watt in 1886.

Lineage.— James Hall, Esq., J. P. of Scorbro', m.
Sarah, eldest dau. of Richard Watt, Esq. of Bishop Burton and
Speke Hall, co. Lancaster {see thatj'amUij)a.nti.d. 1877, leaving
a son,

John Hall, Esq. of Scorbro' Hall and Walkington
Lodge, Beverley, 6. 1835 ; m. 1862, Mary Amelia, dau. of
AVilliam Bradley Wainman, Esq. of Carhead, co. York, and by
her (who d. 1892) had issue,

Ernest Eichard Bradley, now of Bishop Burton.

Mabel, m. James Garforth Tottie, Esq.
3Ir. Hall d. v. p. 1868.

A rms — Per pale or and az., a fesse nebuly between four fleurs-
de-lis all counterchanged. Crest — A greyhound sejant, arg.,
seme de lis az., supporting with the dexter paw two arrows
saltireways points downwards ppr. Motto — Vigneurde dessus.

Sea(s— Bishop Burton, Beverley, and Carhead, Crossbills, co
York. CiMii— Junior Carlton, and Wellington, S.W., and

Watt, William Geoege Thomas, Esq. of
Breckness, co. Orkney, J.P. and D.L., b. 1849 ; m.
;23 July, 1885, Mary Charlotte, dau. of the late
Lieut. Eobert Barry, E.M.

Lineage.— Breckness was acquired by

George Graham or Graeme, Bishop of Orkney 16in-38 (see
Sutheeland-Gbaeme, of Graenieshall). His 3rd son,

John Graham, of Breckness, rn. 22 Sept. 1645, Barbara, dau.
of Harry Stewart, of Graemsay, and d. before 1672, leaving a

Haebt Graham, of Breckness, 6. 1648; m. 1669, Euphemia,
dau. of Andrew Honyman, Bishop of Orkney. He represented
the county in Parliament 1685, and d. 20 June, 1718, leaving a
son and heir,

Andrew Graham, of Breckness, 6. 1672 ; in. 1694, Euphemia,
dau. of Eobert Honyman, of Graemsay, and d. 1721, leaving a

Eobebt Graham, of Breckness, b. 1696 ; m. Margaret, dau.
of his uncle, James Graham, of Anstruther, a.nd.d. before 1754,
leaving a son,

Eobert Graham, of Breckness, b. 1724; m. 1744, Margaret
Brown, andrf. Sept. 1780, having had issue,

I. John, b. 1747 ; d. v. p.

II. Patrick, of Breckness, 6. 1748, sold the estate in 1787 to
his brother-in-law, William Watt, and d. 13 Nov. 1800.

III. Eobert, b. 1749 ; m. Miss Smith, of Turmiston, Orkney.

I. Margaret, b. 1752 ; m. William Watt, merchant in Kirk-
wall, afterwards of Breckntss (son of William Watt, mer-
chant in Kirkwall, by Katherine, his wife, dau. of Eer.
John Gibson, of Evie and Eendall, son of Alexander Gibson,
Archdeacon of Caithness, Dean of Watten and Bowei^bv
Katherine, his wife, dau. of James Sinclair, of Assery) ;
and </. 18 July, 1779, leaving by him (who d. 13 Aug. 1810,
agfd 80) issue,

1 William Gbaham, of whom hereafter.

2 Eobert Graham Watt, 6. 1779; m. EUza Eae, and had

1 Margaret Ann Watt, 1778 ; m. hercousin James Stewart
Watt, M.D., and had issue.

AViLLiAM Graham Watt, of Breckness, eldest son of Margaret
Graham and her husband, William Watt, s. to Breckness. He
was b. 1776; m. Ann, only dau. of Thomas Traill, of Frotoft,
Orkney, and d. 23 Oct. 1866, having had issue,

I. William Watt Graham, his heir.

II. Thomas Traill, 6. 1819 ; m. Eliza Strang, and had, Ann
Traill, and Eliza Strang.

III. Eobert Graham, b. 1825; m. Elizabeth, dau. of George
Dale, Esq. ; and d. 3 April, 1862, leaving issue,

William Geoege Thomas, heir to his uncle.
Eobina Graham.

I. Eobina Grant, m. James William Moffatt, E.N.

II. Margaret Graham.

III. Ann Traill, m. John Balfour, Esq.

IV. Thomima Traill.

The eldest son,

William Watt Geaham Watt, of Breckness, 6. 1815 ; m.
Barbara, dau. of Eev. William Logic, D.D., Minister at Kirk-
wall, and d. s. p. 4 March, 1876, being «. by his nephew, the
present proprietor.

.irms (of Gbaham) — Or, a lion's paw erased and erect betw.
four roses gu., on a chief sa. three escallops of the held. Crest^
\ lion's paw as in the shield, grasping a sword paleways ppr.
Motto — Xec temere nee timide.

Sea<— Skaill House, Breckness, Orkney.


Watts, James, Esq. of Abney Hall, co. Chester,
b. 28 June, 1845 ; m. 1877, Anne Hadfield, 2nd dau.
of Dr. Henry Browne, of Manchester, and has had

James, b. 8 Aug. 1878.

Humphrey, b. 15 Sept. 1880.

TJghtred, b. 19 March, 1882; cZ. 2 Dec. 1884.

Henry Lyonel b. 5 Sept. 1884.

Miles Buckston, b. 14 Sept. 1886.

Anne Hadfield, b. 9 Sept. 1888.

Lineage. — John Watts, Esq. m. Sarah Busby, and d.

at Burnage, 9 Sept. 1801, leaving a son, John Watts, Esq. of
Burnage, co. Lancaster, ra. Elizabeth Beasley, and had issue,

I. John, TO. twice, and d. s. p. 1836.

II. William, m. Mary Griftifs, and has issue, Joseph, b.
1S27; William ; John, m. Julia, dau. of William Saunders,
Esq.; Isaac; and five daus.

III. Joseph, deceased.

IV. Samuel, residing at Burnage Hall, to. 1st, and had is.sue,
Samuel, Edward, George, Eliza, and Jane ; m. 2ndly, Maria
Smith, and had issue, Albert, Frank, Stanly, Maria, and

V. James (Sir), late of Abney Hall.
The youngest son,

SiE James Watts, J.P., High Sheriff of co. Lancaster 1871,
b. March, 1804; m. 16 Dec. 1832, Margaret Anne, youngest
dau. of Nathaniel Buckley, Esq. of CarrHill, Saddleworth, co.
York (descended from Geoffrey de Bucklegh, of Buckley Hall,
Eochdale, slain at the battle of Evesham, 1265), and by her,
who d. 1892, had issue.





I. James, now of Abney TTall.

I. Kmina, m. 24 Nov. ISoS, James Carlton, Esq. of AVhallcy
E.'iiige, Mancluster.

II, Susan Huckley, m. Xathaniel Buckley, Esq. of Carr Hill,

Sir James servccl tlie cffieo of >[ayor of Manchester, and re-
ceived the honour of knishtliood lS57,and i(. April, 1S7S, and
was s. by his eldest sou, Ja.mes, now of Abney Hall.

.^r;ii5— Erni., on a chief sa. a ffarb between two bees or.
CnM—A. deiui-critlin s;i. with winys extended chequy or and
s:i. the dexter claw grasping a garb or. Aloito — Fide sed cui

.S, •<«— .\bney Hall, Chcadle, near Manchester ; and Farlands,
Kinder, Derbyshire.


"Watts, Edwaed 1Ia>sloi'e, Esq. of Ilanslope
Purk. BiK'ks, b. 12 June, 1S4.'5, J. P. for Buckingliam
and Xurtliant-!, ;«. IG April, 1S68, Sophia Edith,
3rd dan. of Eichard Sclbv Lowndes, Esq. of The
Ehus, Eletchley, Bucks, and has issue, a dau.,, b. 29 Jan. 1870.

Lineage. — The founder of this family was William
■\VaTts, h. 1722, who, under Lord Clive, brought to a successful
termination the treaty with Meer Jaffier, in Hindostan, June,
1757. lie <;. 17C4, and left with a dau., Amelia, who m.
Sir Charles Jenkinson, Bart., afterwards Earl of Liverpool,
an only son and successor.

Edward Watts, Esq., in whose minority his trustees pur-
chased from the representatives of the Pierrepont family the
manor and estate of Hanslope. He ra. Florentia, dau. of
-Mexander Wynch, Esq., Governor of Fort George, Madras,
and (.1. 1S28, leaving is.sue,

Edward, of Hanslope, t. 1778; d. unm. 1800.

William, of whom presently.

Amelia, b. 17»U ; d. unm. March, 1862.
The 2ad son,

William Watts, Esq., m. and dying 1818, left issue,


II. Henry, b. 20 Oct. 1822; rf. unm. May, 18.53.

I. Eliza. HI. liev. W. II. .\pthorp, M.A.. Vicar of Brierton,
son of Kev. Frederick .-Vpthorp, of Gumley, Leicestershire,
and h:is issue, Frederick WUliam ; John Gardiner ; East;
Lucy EHza.

II. Louisa Kosa, m. Rev. Augustue Pyne, M.A., Vicar of
Horning, Norfolk, anil has issue ; Williaai Augustus:
Edward Dilman ; Hamilton St. Ledger; Lucy Gardner
Sadler ; Florence Alice Minnie.

The elder son,

William Watts, Esq. b. 1821 ; m. 15 Sept. 1843, Caroline,
dau. of the Rev. Frederic Apthorp, Rector of Gumley, co.
Leicester, and by her (who m. 2ndly, 17 Jan. 1856, Regin.ald
Robert Walpole, Esq., grandnephew of the 1st Earl of Orfoid)
had issue,

Edward Hanslope, now of Hanslope Park.

Caroline Florentia. m. 24 Sept. 1867, Henry Edward, elder
son of the Rev. Henry Bull, Rector of Lathbury, Bucks,
and has issue, a son, Herbert Edward, 6. May, 1870.

Fredeiick Annie Fanny.

Mr. Watts d. 18 Nov. 1S53.

Amis — .4z., three arrows or, feathered and headed arg. on a
chief of the .second as many Moors' heads couped and sidefaced
sa. Crest — A greyhound .sejant arg. supporiing with the dex-
ter foot an arrow or, headed and barbed of the first. Motio —
Nou eget JIauri jaculis neque arcu.

Seo£— H:in<.lope Park, Stuney Stratfoid, Bucks.

Club — Brooks'.


Wauchope, Andhew GiLBEitT, Esq., C.B.,
C.M.G-., of Xiddrie, .Midlotliian, J. P. and D.L., b. 5
July, 1846 ; Col. in the army and Major 42nd R.
Hij^Hiknders (The Black Watch) ; >«. 9 Dec. 1882,
Elythea Kuth, dau. of Sir Thomas Erskine, Bart.,
of Cambo, and by her, who d. 1883, has had issue,

Andrew William, 6. 1883; d. 4 April, 1887.

liineag'e. —This very ancient family was originally settled
in the South of Scotland, in the district of Wauchopedale in
CO. Dumfries.

The direct ancestors of the existing family were hereditary
Eaillics in Midlothian, to the Keiths Marischals of Scotland,
afterwards Earls Marischal, from whom they got the lands

of Niddrie Marischal, and they are now by far the oldest
possessors of land in the male line for a wide range round

Robert Wadchope, of Niddrie Marischal, inscribed his
name upon a tomb which he built in 1387. Gilbert Wa0-
CHOPE had a charter of Niddrie from Robert III.; and
Patrick Wadchope, of Niddrie, and Isabel his spouse, occur
in a deed 6 Nov. 1479.

From Archibald Wadchope, of Niddrie, and Eupherae
Scougal his wife, living 1491, the chain of evidence is complete
to the present time. They had Gilbert, who succeeded;
and -Margaret, m. Sir William Dundas, of Dundas. The son
and heir,

Gilbert Wadchope, of Niddrie, had a charter as heir
apparent to Archibald, 6 Nov. 1504. He appears repeatedly
as Deputy to Earl Marischal, from 1527 to 1540. His wife's
name is unknown, but he had a son Gilbert, his heir; and
Eupheme, vi. 1520, Sir John Edmonstone, Knt. of Edmon-
stone. They probably had another son, as at this time also
lived Robert Wauchope, who, Bishop Lesley states, was
Primate of Ireland, Doctor of Sorbonne, and d. at Paris,
10 Nov. U>51. The son,

Gilbert Wadchope, of Niddrie, m. Alison, dau. of Hamilton,
of Innerwick. He d. Aug. 1571, and bis relict 1589, leaving
I.William, who succeeded; ii. Gilbert; in. Abraham; iv.
John; V. Adam; i. Eupheme, m. Henry Halyburton, of
Merton, 1574. The eldest son,

William Wauchope, ra. 1st, 15G0, Anne, dau. of Hepburn,
of Wauchton, by whom he had Robert, his heir ; and 2ndly,
Margaret, widow of Sir James Dundas, of Dundas, dau. of
Sir James Sandilands of Calder, and sister of the 1st Lord
Torphichen. The son and successor,

Robert Wauchope, of Niddrie, m. 1558, Margaret Dundas,
dau. of his stepmother, by whom he had, Archibald, his heir;
and Mary, m. 1583, Gavin Sandilands, of Luaifodda. He m.
2ndly, Marg:iret, dau. of Sir James Douglas, of Drumlanrig,
ancestor of the Dukes of Queensberry, widow of William,
Earl of Monteith, and of Edward Crichton, of Sanquhar,
Robert, and Archibald, the younger, of Niddrie, his son and
heir apparent, were both forfeited 1587. The said Archibald
Wauchope had vi. 1584, Rachel McGill, dau. of Sir Jurae."i
McGill, Knt. of Rankeilor, and widow of George Stewart, of
Rosyth. He was a Papist under attaimler. He had a son,
F'rancis, who s. before 1604, when he was served heir to his
grandfather, Robert, and 1609, there was an Act passed of
restitution of the House of Niddrie. This

Francis Wadchope, of Niddrie, m. Jane Sandilands (said'
to be dau. of Lord Torpichen), and had, i. John, his heir; ii.
Francis ; in. William ; i. Margaret, 1st wife of James Rait, of
Edmonstone. The elder son,

Sir John Wadchope, was knighted by King Charles I.,
when he visited Scotland, with great pomp, 1633. Sir John's
1st wife was Anne, dau. of Sir Andrew Hamilton, of Redhouse,
next brother of Thomas, 1st Earl of Haddington, and by hev
he had two sons, i. .\ndrew, his heir ; ii. John, who m. the
heiress of Edmonstone, and is now represented by Sir John
Don- Wauchope, Bart, of Edmonstone. Sir John m. 2ndly,
1653, Jean, widow of Sir John Ker, of Tochton, by whom he
had, James, whose son succeeded and was ancestor of the
present luird, of whom hereafter. Sir John's son,

Andrew Wauchope, then younger, of Niddrie, m. 1656,
Margaret, dau. of Sir John Gilmour, Knt. of Craigmillar,
President of the Court of Session, by whom he had three
sons, I. William, his heir; ii. James; in. Gilbert, Lord'
Fountainhall. William, his son, survived until 1725, when
his two brothers being dead, and his uncle Lord Edmon-
ftone's two sons, being also dead, all without issue, and Lord
Ediiionstone's daus. being exclu<led by the settlements on heirs
male, the son of James, his uncle by the half-blood, succeeded.

James Wauchope was served male heir of his father's 2nd
marriage, 1685. He m. Jane, dau. of Sir William Wallace,
Bart, of Craigie, by a dau. of William Menzies, of Pitfoddles,
and had a son,

Andrew Wadchope, of Niddrie, s. his cousin, 1725. He
m. June, 1735, Helen, dau. of the Hon. Sir Andrew Holme,
of Kinmicrghame, son of Patrick, 1st Earl of Marchmont,
and had I.Andrew, his heir; ii. William; in. John. The
eldest son,

Capt. John Wadchope, of Niddrie, served as Capt. of
Dragoons at the battle of Minden. He m. 26 Sept. 1776,
Alicia, dau. of William Baird, of Newbyth, and sister of
Gen. Sir David Baird, Bart., and liad i. Andrew, killed at
the battle of the Pyrenees, in command of the 20th Foot; ii.
William, his heir; in. John; iv. George; v. Robert (Capt.);





I. Alice Mrs. Macltenzie; ii. Helen, Mrs. Spottiswoode, of
Spottiswoode ; iii.Jane; iv. Mary ; v. Anne, Mrs. Waucliope ;
VI. Sophia; and vii. Margaret, m. Admiral Sir Patricli Cami>
bell, K.C.B. The 2nd, but eldest surviving, son,

William Wauchope, Esq. of Niddrie, Licut.-Col. 26th Regt.,
and Aide-de-Camp to Hon. Sir Thomas Maitland, Governor of
Ceylon, m. 1817, Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Baird, Esq. of
Newbyth, and niece of the Marchioness of Breadalbane, and
"by her \wh it?. 27 April, 186G) had issue,

Andbew, his heir.

Kersey Sidjiey Susan, m. 1842, Admiral Sir Geo'ge Elliot,
K.C.B., E.N., eldest son of the Hon. Admiral Sir G.

Col. Wauchope d. 1825, and was «. by his eldest son,

Andrew WAncHOPE, Esq. of Niddrie, J. P. and D.L., 6. 6
Dec. 1818; jn. 26 March, 1840, Frances Mary, dau. of Henry
Lloyd, Esq. of Farrenrory, co. Tipperary, by Harriet Amelia
liis wife, youngest dau. of Sir John Craven Garden, Bart, of
Templemore, and by her (who d. 26 June, 1858) had issue,

I. William John, late of Kiddrie.

II. Andrew Gilbebt, piesent representative.

7. Harriet Elizabeth Frances, m. 12 Sept. 1800, DayroUes
Blakeney, present Lord Veniry.

II. Hersey Josephine Frances Mary.
Mr. Wauchope d. 22 Nov. 1874, and was i. by his son,

William John Wauchope, Esq. of Niddrie, Capt. 6th
Inniskilling Dragoons, 6.11 Sept. 1841; m. 17 Aug. 1870,
Eleanor, youngest dau. of the Hon. and Rev. Edward Har-
hottle Grimston, brother of the 2nd Earl of Verulam ; and
<1. 1882.

Arms— Az., two mullets in chief of the last a garb or. Crest
— A garb or. Mot((i—St:i promissis.

Seat — JSiddrie House, Liberton, near Edinburgh.


Watjd, Edwaed Wilkes, Esq. of Easton, co.
York, J.P. Lieut.-Gol. 4tli W. York Volunteers, b.
30 Sept. 1834 ; m. 16 June, 1859, Hon. Elizabeth
Holmes A'Court, eldest dau. of William Henry,
2nd Lord Hejtesburj, and has issue,

I. Edward William, 6. 11 Oct. 1864.

II. Brian Henry, b. 1866.

III. Arthur Lennard Charles, 6. 1372.

I. Margaret Elizabeth. ii. Emily Mary.

III. Mabel Emily. iv. Gertrude Anne.

V. Alice.

Iiineag-e.— The family of Waud, or, as it was originally
■spelt, "Wode," claims Saxon origin, and has been for many
centuries settled in the co. for York, wherein they were
owners of Clifford's Tower, in the city of York, until it was
sold to the county, 1826.

Samuel Waud, Esq., who was b. 10 June, 1683; m. 19 Feb.
1725, In the Chapel Royal, St. James's, Katharine, youngest
dau. of Robert Horsfield, Esq. of York, and had issue, Samuel,
his heir; and Katharine, m. James Saunders, Esq. The son,

Samuel Waud, Esq. , b. 17 Dec. 1729 ; m. 7 June, 1756, Alice,
eldest dau. of John Wilkes, Esq. of Blackbane, co. York, and
had issue, one son and three daus.,

Samuel Wilkes, his heir.

Elizabeth Katharine, m. William Hill, Esq. of Beeston

Katharine. Alice.

The son and heir,

Samuel Wilkes Waud, Esq. of Chester Court and Manston,
6. 19 Oct. 1768; lu. 24 Dec. 1796, Ellen, only dau. of Brian
Hodgson, Esq. of Crakemarsh, co. Stafford, niece of Bielby
Porteous, Bishop of London, aud had issue two sons,

I. Samuel Wilkes (Rev.), Rector of Rettendon, Efsex, h.
26 Aug. 1801 ; m. Louisa, dau. of the late Richard Meeeon,
Esq. of Battle Bridge, and had two sons (twins) aid a

1 Samuel Wilkes, and 2 Bryan, 6. 18 Dec. 1857.
1 Anne Louisa.

n. Edwabd.
The 2nd son,

Edward Waud, Esq. of Easton, J.P. and D.L., Major 4th
West York Militia, Lieut. -Col. West Riding Artillery Volun-
teers, 6. 10 April, 1806; m. 30 July, 1«33, Mary Dorothy,
eldest dau. of Thomas Sayle, Esq. of Wentbridge, and had

I. Edward Wilkes, now of Easton.

II. Brian Wilkes, Barrister at-Law, of the Inner Temple, 6.
4 June, 1837.

I. Ellen.

II. IMary, m. 21 April, 1S70, Marmaduke Francis Cox
Dodman, Esq., representative of the ancient family of
Dodman of Pockliiigton.

III. Katherine.

IV. Margaret Alice, d. Nov. 1872.
Col. Waud d. 23 Dec. 1885.

^rj».?-Or, on a pale az , three martlets arg. quartering vert

a chevron between three horses' heads couped arg. Crest A

martlet ppr. Moito — Sola virtus iuvicta.

;&'ca(— Kyde, Isle of Wight.

Residence — Montreal, Canada.

Wat, Eleanor Isabella Eliza, 2nd dau. of
Eev. Henry Hugh Way, of Alderbourne, Bucks, m.
28 Feb. 1865, the late Benjamin Henry Walpole
Way, Esq. of Denham Place, Backs (b. 25 April,
1830), who d. 18 Jan. 1891, and has issue,

I. Benjamin Ihst, Ii. 9 July, 1869.
It. Lewis Charles, 6. 28 May, 1872.
in. Geiald Oscar, 6. 17 Feb. 1875.
IV. Roger Hill, 6. 15 Aug. 1878.
I. Constance Ishbel Susan.

Lineage.— The family of Waye, originally of Somerset,
removed in the reign of Henry VII., or early in that of
Henry VIII., to Torrington, in Devon.

AVilliam Waye, of Great Torrii'gton, son of Alexander
Waye, had a confirmation of arms from Robert Cooke,
Clarenceux, 1574. By Margaret his wife, dau. of Nicholas
Berry, of Berry Nerber, in Devon, he had four sons, of whom
the eldest, William, was ancestor of the family that shortly
after removed to Bndport, Dorset; and from the younger,
Richard, proceeded a branch settled co. Hereford, at William
and Bostock. The former,

AViLLiAM Waye, of Torrington, in Devon, living 1620, d.
about 1630, leaving three sons. The 2nd son,

John Waye, of Bridport, Dorset, d. before 1680, leaving by
Elizabeth his wife, two sons, John Wate, of Bridpo

Online LibraryBernard BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland (Volume 2) → online text (page 338 of 392)