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Benjamin Waye, of Dorchester, Rector of West Stafford,
Dorset. He d. at Bristol 1680, lea\ing, with other issue, a

Benjamin Wat, Esq., who settled in London as a merchant,
and resided at W'althamstow. He d. 1709, leaving issue, by
Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Samuel Lewis, of the Island of
Jamaica. The eldest son,

Lewis Way, Esq. of Streatham, and the Old Court, Rich-
mond, Surrey, was a member of the Inner Temple, Director
of the South Sea Company, and President of Guy's Hospital.
He d. 24 Jan. 1771, having been four times married. He had
issue only by his two last wives. His 3rd wife was Abigail,
only dau. and heir of Edward Lockey, Esq. of the Middle
Temple, and Home Hill, co. Hereford, by Abigail his wife, 2nd
dau. of Sir Roger Hill, of Denham Place, Bucks, and by her
he had a son and dau.,

Benjamin, his heir.

Abigail, m. April, 1767, John Baker Holroyd, Earl of


He VI. 4thly, Sarah, dau. of the Rev. Thomas Payne, Vicar of

Holme Lacy, co. Hereford, sister of Frances, Countess of

Northampton, and by her (who d. 1800; had an only son,

I. Gregory Lewis, b. 1757, of Spencer Farm, Essex : m. 9

Dec. 1779, Ann Frances, only dau. of the Rev. William

Paxton, Rector of Taplow, Bucks, and ri. 26 April, 1799,

aged 43, having had, with two daus. {see next Memoir) four


1 Lewis, of Spencer Farm {see Way nf Spencer Grange).

2 John, of Spajnes Hall, Great Yeldliam, Essex, J. P., d.
unm. 9 Feb. 1868.

3 William, Lieut. R.N., b. 7 April, 1792; d. 14 Aug. 1814.

4 Charles John (Rev.), M.A., of Spaynes Hall. Great
Ycldham, Essex, Vicar of ISorham, Essex, b. 23 Jan.
1796; m. 1 Aug. 1832, Georgiana Augusta, dau. of Harry
Grover, Esq. of Bury, Hemel Hempstead, and d. 1873,
leaving issue,

George Augustus, now of Spaynes Hall, Essex, J.P.,
Lieut. -Col. Bengal Staff Corps, b. 6 March, lSo7; m.
3 Aug. 1864, Catherine, dau. of Rev. W. C. Warren,
Rector of Tacolneston, and has issue, George John, b.

Charles Gregoiy, Ensign Bengal Army, 6. 25 Aug.
1838 ; killed at Allahabad, 6 June, 1857.

John Lewis, Lieut. R N., b. 30 July, 1840.

Edward, b. 28 June, 1843; )«. 15 Dec. 1868, Miss Cathe-
rine Johanna Landsberg, of Natal.

William Robert, b. 10 April, 1S49.





Emily Augiisfa, m. 9 Ausr. ISoo, Champion Russell, Esq.

of Stulibei-s, KomforJ, Slajor N. Essex Militia.
Harriett Elizabeth, m. 2 Aug. 160b, Adam liue Martin,

Esq. of Rochester.
Marj- Edith.
Anne Frances, m. 2 Juno, 1S59, George Bannister, Esq.

Capt. Bombay army.

The son and heir,

Benjamin Wat, Esq. of Penham, M.P. for Bridport 17C5,
lli^h Sheriff Bucks 1777, Bresident of Guy's Hospital, Sub-
Governor of the South Sea Company, F.R.S. and F.S.A., b.
Sept. 1740: );i. 10 Nov. 1707. Elizabeth Anne, eldest ilau. of
the Rev. William Cooke, D D., Rector of Denham, Provost of
King's Coll. Cambridge, and by her (who d. 182a, aged 79) had
seven sons and nine dans.,

I. Eesjamis, his heir.

II. Le«is(Kev.), 6. II Feb. 1772; m. 31 Dec. ISOl, Mary,
youngest dau. and co-hcircss of the Rev. Herman Drewt-,
Rector of Comb Raleigh, Devon, 7tU son of p-rancis Drewc,
Esq. of The Grange, Devon, and d. 26 Jan. 1840, leaving

1 Albert, h. 23 June, 1805 ; m. 30 April, 1844, Emmcline,
dau. of Lord Stanley of Alderley, and d. 22 March, 1874,
having had issue, Mary Alethea.

1 Drusilla, d. 10 Jlav, 1886.

2 Anna Mary, m. 18 July, 1848, J. Ayshford Wise, Esq. of
Clayton Hall, co. StatTord (see that family).

3 Olivia, 7)1. 30 Dec. 1845, Rev. Charles Edward Kenna-
way (see Kennaway, Bart.).

4 Catherine Louisa, m. 26 Jan. 1854, Rev. Henry Clarence
Pigou, Rector of Wayke Regis, co. Dorset, and had issue,
Heniy Lewis, <{. 1867; Mary Eliza.

5 Georgina Millicent, m. 19 Feb. 1852, Capt. Henry D.
Cholmelcy, of Woodchester Priory, co. Gloucester {see
Cbolmeley, Bart.).

lu. William (Rev.). Rector of Denhara and Hcdgerley,
Bucks, 7)!. Elizabeth, eldest dau. and co-heir of Maximilian
Western, Esq. of Cokethorpe, co. Oxford, and relict of
Francis Sackville Lloyd Wheate, Esq. of Glympton Park,
in the same co.

rv. Henry Francis, Capt. 22nd Regt., b. 24 Oct. 1775; d. in
St. Doming", 9 Aug. 1794.

V. George Holman Bromley (Sir), K.C.B., Major-Gen. in the
army, m. 19 May, 1815, Marianne, dau. of John Weyland,
Esq. of Woodeaton, co. Oxford, and Woodrising, Norfolk,
and is deceased.

Ti. Bromley Samuel Lascellcs, 6. 24 July, 1782; d, 23 Jan.

vu. George (Rev.), m. at Tours, 15 April, 1820, Susannah
Mary, dau. of Enos Smith, Esq., and has issue,

1 George Enos Gregory. 2 Lewis Albert.

3 Thomas Henry, Capt. 108lh Foot.

1 Elizabeth Gulielma. 2 Caroline Frances.

3 Mary Jane. 4 Drusilla Wilhelmina.

6 Ht-nrietta Charlotte. 6 Amelia Georgina.

7 Catherine.

I. Louisa Abigail, d. 24 April, 1787.

II. Sarah Anne, d. 10 Jan. 1770.

III. Isabella. IV. Mary, d. an infant.

V. JIary Ann, m. the Rev. Edward Whitby, of Cresswcll
Hall, CO. Stafford.

VI. Anne Frances.

VII. Catherine, la. 26 March, 1S26, Sir Montague Cholmeley,
Bart., and <l. his widow, 2 Feb. 18C4.

vm. Charlotte. ix. Hester, d. unm. 1824.

Mr. Way d. 22 Aug. 1808, aged 67, and was s. by his son,

Benjamin Wat, Esq. of Denham Place, 6. 8 Nov. 1770, High
Sheriff of Bucks 1822, and Col. of the Bucks Militia. He m.
31 March, 1798, Mary, dau. of Thomas Smyth, Esq. of Heath
House, CO. Gloucester, and sister of Sir John Smyth, Bart, ot
Long Ashton, and d. 1834, left issue,

I. Benjamin, his heir.

II. Henry Hugh, of Alderboiime Manor, Gerrard's Cross,
Bucks, J. P., b. 13 April, 1807 ; m. 1st, 23 Oct. 1833, Susan,
dau. of Thomas Daniel, Esq. of Stoodleigh, Devon, and
had by her (who d. 19 April, 1875) issue,

1 John Hugh (Rev.), Vicar of Henbury, co. Gloucester, h.
26 July, ls34 ; m. 18 July, 1861, Caroline, 2nd dau. of the
late Admiral Sir \V. Edward Pany, K.C.B., and nitce of
Edward, 2nd Lord Stanley of Alderley, and has issue,

Henry Edward Hugh, b. 30 April, 1862.
Philip Greville Hugh, b. 15 April, 1865.
Charies Parry, b. 10 Jan. 1870.
Abigail Dorothea, b. Jan. 1875.

2 Henry William Bromley, 6. 4May, 1837,'V:carof Stable-
ton, near Bristol ; ra. Augusta Bridges, and has issue
five sons and one dau.

8 Albert Lewis, b. 17 May, 1840; m. 1877, Mary Alithea,
only child and heiress of Albert Way, Esq., F.S.A., of
Wonham Manor, Surrey, by Emmeline his wife, dau. ot
John Thomas, 1st Lord Stanley of Alderley, and d. Nov.
1884, leaving one son and two daus.

4 Edward Daniel, 105lh Regt., 6. 6 March, 1842; m. his

cousin, Georgina Prior, and has issue one son and two

1 Kmily Frances, in. 1st, 5 Feb. 1856, George Edwards, Esq.
of Kedland Court, near Bristol, and has one son and one
dau., and 2ndly, Sir Greville Smyth, Bart, of Ashtoa

2 Eleanor Isabella Eliza, m. 28 Feb. 1865, Benjamin Way,
Esq. of Denham Place, Bucks, and has four sons and one

3 Maria Susanna, in. Andrew Grote, Esq. of Bennington,
CO. Lincoln.

4 Mary Alice Louisa.

Mr. Way, m. 2ndly, 1876, Anne, 3rd dani of the late
Cliaiies Poore, Esq. of Rouen, France, and d. 23 Feb. 1890.

III. Ilolroyd FitzWilliam, of Bath, hte Lieut. S8th Regt., in.
3 Aug. 1835, Isabella Harriett, dau. of George Gwatkia
Kenrick, Esq. of Woore, Salop, and of Mertyn, co. Flint,
and d. 1866, leaving issue five sons and two daus.

IV. Gregory Lewis, of Wick Hall, Brighton, late Major 29th
Regt. ; m. 1855, Mary, dau. of \V. Hay Macdowall, Esq.,
without issue.

v. Arthur Edwin, of Ashton Lodge, near Bristol, M.P. for
Bath 1869 to 1865 ; m. 1849, Harriet Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of
the late Henry Butterworth, Esq. of Henbury Court, co.
Gloucester, and d. 1870, leaving by her (who d. 9 Sept.
1879) issue,

1 Arthur Edward Gregory, 6. 1851.

2 Claude Greville, b. 1856.

I. Mary Anne, d. unm. 1850.

II. Eliza, m. 16 July, 1829, Thomas Upton, Esq. of Ingmire
Hall, Westmorland.

III. Mary Louisa, m. 26 June, 1838, George Nelson Prior,
Esq., Col. 64th Native Infantry, H.E.I. C. ; he d. Nov. 1B66.

IV. Kelinda, m. 12 Sept. 1840, Edward Sampson, only son of
Edward Sampson, Esq. of Henbury, co. Gloucester.

V. La:titia, m. 9 June, 1836, David Lewis, Esq., M.P., of
Strady, co. Carmarthen.

Mr. Way d. 19 April, 1834, and was s. by his son,

Benjamin W^at, Esq. of Denham Place, b. 2 Aug. 1802; m.
Susan Burrcll, of Berks, and d. Jan, 1859, leaving a son and

Benjamin Henry Walpole Wat, Esq. of Denham Place,
who d. 18 Jan. 1891, leaving his property to his wife, Eleanor
Isabella Eliza, now of Denham Place {see above).

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, az., three lucies hauriant
arg. ; 2nd and 3rd, sa., two bars arg., wreatlied gu. Crest — A
dexter arm embowed habited in mail holding in the hand ppr.
a baton or, the ends sa.

&a£— Denham Place, Uxhridgc.

Way, Lewis John, Esq., M.A. of Spencer
Graiifje, Essex, J.P. and D.L., Capt. West Essex
Militia from 1852 to 1859, b. 5 Jan. 1817 ; m. 1st,
20 Sept. 1860, Mary Isabella, dau. of the late Hol-
royd Eitzwilliara Way, Esq. of Bath {see preceding
Memoir), formerly of the 18th, afterwards the 88th,
Regt., by Isabella Harriet his wife, dau. of George
Gwatkin Kenrick, Esq. of Woore Manor, Salop, and
Mertyn, co. Flint, and by her (who d. 9 Jan. 1891)
has had issue,

I. Gregory Lewis Holroyd, 6. 4 Sept. 1863 ; d. 20 April,

II. Heubert William Lewis, b. 28 Aug. 1864 ; m. July,
1890, Kathcriue Maud, dau. of George Kitching, Esq. of
Wells, CO. Somerset, and has issue. May Evelyn Theo-

in. Lewis Greville Kenrick, b. 18 Aug. 1871.
IV. Charles Cecil Lewis, 6. 25 Jan. 1875.

I. Ermin Ann Ethel, m. 8 June, 1890, George Oliver, Esq.,
and has issue, George Kenneth, 6. 22 Oct. 1893 ; and
Ermin Mary Theodora.

II. Mary Emmeline Helen, c^. 22 Feb. 1883.

III. Evelyn Anne.

Mr. Way m. 2ndly, 23 July, 1839, Catherine,,
widow of Ashburnham BuUey, Esq., and dau. of
Daniel Robert McNab, li^sq. (a descendant of
McNab of Killin, who was deprived of his estates-
tor his adherence to Prince Charles Edward, and
of the Stewarts of Stratherne).

Lineage.— Lewis Wat, Esq. of Old Court House, Rich-
mond, Surrey, and Denham Place, Bucks, left is.sue, Ben-
jamin, his heir {see AVat of Denham) ; Gregort Lewis, 6. 1756
(only child of his 4th wife, Sarah, dau. of Rev. Thomas Payne,
Vicar of Holme Lacy, and sister to Frances, Countess o£





Northampton) ; Abigail, m. John Baker Holroyd, Earl of
Sheffield. The 2n(l son,

Gregory Lewis Wat, settled 1783, at Spencer Farm (since
called Spencer Grange), Essex. Of highly cultivated mind,
and natural refinement of taste, he gained considerable lite-
rary reputation, and was a poet of merit, 6. 1757; to. 9 Dec.
1779, Ann Frances, dau. of Eev. William Paxton, Rector of
Taplow, Bucks, and d. 26 April, 1799, leaving issue,

Lewis (Key.), late of Spencer Grange.

John, late of Spaynes Hall, Great Yeldham, Essex, d. unm.

9 Feb. 1868, aged 76.
William, Lieut. R.N., b. 7 April, 1792; d. 14 Aug. 1814.
Charles John, of Spaynes Hall, Vicar of Borehaui, Essex,

d. 1873, leaving, with other issue (see preceding Memoir),

George Augustus, Co!. Bengal Stuff Corps.
Frances Elizabeth, m. 1833, Kev. Francis Merewether, Rector

of Cole Orton, and Vicar of Whitwick, co. Leicesier, and

has issue.
Mary, m. 24 June, 1833, Rev. William Fraser, Rector of

North Walihara, Hants; d. 1862, leaving issue.
The eldest son.

Rev. Lewis Wat, of Spencer Grange, M.A. Trinity Coll.
Cambridge, 6. 15 Jan. 1783; to. 27 May, 1811, Caroline Eliza-
beth (who d. 1882), only dau. and heir of John Leech, Esq.
of London, Merchant ; and d. 25 March, 1835, having had

Lewis John, now of Spencer Grange.

William, B.A. Trinity Coll. Cambridge, Rector of Chrishall,

Essex, 6. 1 Oct. 1820; m. 11 Jan. 1848, Harriet Sophia, dau.

of Edward Sidney Stewart, Esq., R.N., by Martha Mary his

wife, dau. of Rev. Lewis Maxey, Rector of Byford, co.

Hereford, and d. 20 April, 1881.
Alfred, deceased.

Charles, m. 1st, 1861, Emma Bloomfield, dau. of Eev.
Thomas Schrieber, of The Towers, Ipswich, formerly Kector

of Bradwell, Essex, and has had issue, Mary ; and Julia,

d. -unm. ; he to. 2nclly, 25 Oct. 1887, Gertrude, dau. of Rev.

Robert Graves, Principal of Battersea CoIIckc.
Frances Elizabeth, in. John Eggar Cooper, Esq. (deceased),

and d. leaving issue surviving, a dau. Fanny.
Caroline Anne, m. Lieut.-Col. Sandwith, H.M. Indian army.
Mary, m. Eev. George Currey, CD., Master of the Charter-
house, and Prebendary of St. Paul's; she d. 18111, leaving

issue, Caroline ; Fanny, m. to Eev. Thomas Gibson, Itectur

of Staughton, Hunts ; Emma, ?«. to William Way, Esq. of

Emma, d. v.nm. Helen, d. 9 April, 1893.

Anna, d. unm.
Jessie, m. Nov. 1867, Eev. Charles John Fisher, Rector of

Ovington cum-Tilbury, Essex.
Augusta Elizabeth. . Kate, deceased.

Arms — See Wat of Denhara.

Seat — Spencer Grange, Great Yeldham, Essex.


Weaee, Edwin Thomas Clinton, Esq. of
Hampton House, co. Hereford, b. 12 Eeb. 1859.

liineage. — The family of Weare is of considerable anti-
quity (see Gicillim's Heraldry; also see Sir John Fortescue and
his desctndants, &c., &c., privately printed 1869, by Lord
Clermont, vol. ii.).

CoL. Thomas Weaee, K.H.,and Aide-de-Camptothe Queen,
i. 6 April, 1778, son of the Rev. Thomas Weare, M.A. Jesus
Coll. Oxford (6. 1709; d. 1797); m. 11 Sept. 1811, Anne, dau.
and co-heir of John Pugh, Esq. of Gaer, co. Radnor, and by
her (who d. 4 June, 1861) he left at his decease, 27 March,
Thomas William, late of Hampton House.
Henry Edwin (Sir), Lieut.-Gen., K.C.B., Comm.-'iOth Queen's
Own, b. 27 Aug. 1825; m. 16 July, 1850, Charlotte
Georgiana, only dau. of Eev. Charles Oxenden, Eector of
Barham, Kent, and has isue,
Henry Oxenden, b. 1 June, 1851.
Constance Marion. Emily.

Charlotte Maria, m. Feb. 1851, Edward Hugh Blakeney,
M.D., nephew of the late Field-Marshal Sir Edward Bla-
keney, G.C.B., and has issue three sons and two daus.

Col. Weare d. 27 March, 1850, and was s. by his eldest son.

Rev. Thomas William Weare, of Hampton House, J. P.,
M.A., Ch. Ch. Oxford, twenty years second Master of West-
minster School, Rector of Isfleld, Uckfield, Sussex, b. 2 Nov.
1813 ; TO. 1st, 23 Aug. 1853, Louisa Emma Mary, 3rd dau. of
Henry Fynes Clinton, Esq. (see Burke's Peerage, New^
CASTLE, D.); and 2ndly, 17 April, 1866, Henrietta Maria, 3rd
dau. and co-heiress of the late Capt. William Henry Majendie,
Grenadier Guards, eldest son of the late Bishop (Majendie) of
Bangor, and had issue by 1st marriage,

I. Edwin Thomas Clinton, now of Hampton House.

I. Henrietta Anna Louisa.

II. Esther Katharine Clinton. iii. Lucy Isabella.
Rev. Thomas William Weare d. 24 Feb. 1871.

Arms — Arg., on a bend vert, between six cross-crosslets
fitchee gu. three crosiers or. Cresl — A demi-lion rampant arg.
holding in the dexter paw a cross-crosslet fitchee gu. Motto—
Sumus ubi fuimus.

Heat — Hampton House, Hereford.


Webb, Eichaed Feedeeick, Esq. of Donnington
Hall, CO. Hereford, b. 28 Dec. 1831, educated at
Eton, M.A. Christ Church, Oxford, J.P. and D.L.
for Herefordshire, Middlesex, and London, late
C'ol.-Comm. 4th King's Shropshire Eegt., m. 11
June, 1857, Hon. Isabella Catherine Wykeham
Fiennes, youngest dau. of Frederick, 13th Lord
Saye and Sele, and has issue,

I. Algernon Edward, Lieut. Bengal Staff Corps, &. 13 Feb.
1865; m. 1890, Annette, dau. of H.J. Whymper, Esq.,
C.I.E., of Murrce, and has issue,

Beatrice Kathleen Annette.

II. Maxwell Frederick, in Holy Orders, Curate of St. George,
Altrincham, Cheshire, 6. 27 May, 1867.

I. Florence Isabel, »i. 1881, Henry Charles Macnee, Esq., an(J
has issue, a son, Eustace Alberic, b. 1885.

II. Ethel Kathleen.

Lineage. — Francis Webb, Esq. of Eeerham and Burgh-
field, CO. Berks, whose patronymic was Lodeb, 6. 8 March,
1758, marrying his first cousin, Anne, dau. of William Webb,
Esq., assumed by sign manual the surname of Webb, under
the will of his uncle, Richard Webb, Esq. of Burghfield. Mr.
Webb d. 6 Jan. 1806, and was s. by his only child,

Richard Webb, Esq. of Donnington Hall, b. 8 March, 1795;
TO. 12 March, 1816, F'rances, 3rd dau. of John George Han-
nington, D.D., Prebendary of Hereford and Eector of Hamp-
ton Bishop, and had (by her who d. 10 Sept. 1881) issue,

T. Eichard Frederick, now of Honnington Hall.

II. Edward Henry, b. 24 Jan. 1833, Lieut. 88th Eegt. Con-
naught Eangers. He distinguislied himself on more thars
one occasion in the Crimea, and fell in the attack on the
QuaiTies before Sebastopol, 7 June, 1855.

I. Frances Anne, m. April, 1842, Rev. Watson Joseph
Thornton, Eector of Llanwarne, and Prebendary of Here-
ford Cathedral, 2nd son of Henry Thornton, Esq. of Batter-
sea Else, M.P. She d. 24 May, 1855, and left issue, Henry
Sykes, Charles Inglis, and Frances Marianne. Mr. Thorn-
ton d. 28 July, 1855.

II. Elizabeth Emily, to. Nov. 1841, William Partridge, Esq.,
eldest son of John Partridge, Esq. of Bishop's Wood, Here-
ford, and has issue.

III. Marian, d. young.

IV. Henrietta, d. young.

V. Harriet, m. Nov. 1852, Thomas Evans, Esq. of Moreton
Court, CO. Hereford.

VI. Ellen Gertrude, ni. 31 May, 1852, the Eev. John Eic&
Byrne, 3rd son of the late Henry Byrne, Esq. of Castletown,
CO. Louth, and Master in Equity of the Supreme Court of
Judicature at Madras.

Mr. Webb d. 13 Oct. 1871, and was s. by his eldest son, now of

Arms — Az., on a chief gu. three mullets or. Crest — A stag

Seat — Donnington Hall, Ledbury, co. Hereford. Toicn Re-
sidence— G, West CromweU Eoad, S.W.


Webb, Wiiliam Feedeeice, Esq. of N"ewstea(i
Abbey, co. Nottingham, and Cowton, co. York, J.P.
and D.L., High. Sheriff, 1865, educated at Eton,
and formerly Lieut. 17th Lancers, b. March, 1829;
m. 15 July, 1857, Emilia Jane, eldest dau. of
Thomas MUls Goodlake, Esq. of Wadley, Shelling-
ford, and Letcombe Regis, Eerks, by Emiha Maria
his -wife, dau. of the late Sir Edward B. Baker,
Bart., by his -wife, the Lady Elizabeth Fitzgerald,
2nd dau. of William Eobert, 2nd Duke of Leinster,
and by her, who d. 1889, has issue,





I. ■Wilfrcil, 6. 1S61 ; d. an infant Aug. 1S61.

It. Algernon Frederick, 6. 13 May, IStio; </. 27 April, I8S4.

III. KoDERicK BEArcLERK, Lioiit. Ist (lioyal) Dragoons, i>. 3

March, 1S67.
I. Augusta Zelia. ii. Geraldine Katliarine.

III. Ethel Marv. iv. Mabel Cecilia.

Lineage.— Fkedeeick ■Webb, E^q. of Westwiolc, co.
Piirham, m: Mary, dau. of A. Slieil, Esq., and by her (.who d.
'Z Aug. 1S60) had issue,
■\ViLLiAM Frederick, now of Cawton and Newstoad.
Augustus Frederick Cavendisli, Capt. 17th Lancers, 6. 1S31 :
</. at Scutari, 4 Nov. 1S54, of wounds received in the charge
of Balaclava, Crimea.

Katharine Mary, m. 1st, 13 March, 184.'i, Col. John Roger
I'alnier. formerly Capt. in the 17th Lancers (2nd son of Sir
\V. ;i. Koger Palmer, Bart.), who d. ISGO; and 2ndly, 1864,
Admiral Sir George R. Lambert, G.C li.
Cecili.i Charlotte, m. 1854, William Wyndham Codrington,
Esq. (formerly 17th Lancers), of Wroughton, Wilts, and has
Mr. Webb d. 1S47.

^f'fifs— Xewstead Abbey, Notts; Cowfon, Northallerton,
Xorth Hiding, co. York. I'oicn Residence — 26, Grosveiior
Gardens, London, S.W'.
Clubs — Army and Navy, and Brooks's.


Webb, Chakles Daniel Henry, Esq. of Wood-
ville, CO. Tipperary, J. P., b. 9 Oct. 1825; m. 6
March, 1856, Elizabeth Lucy, dau. of Eev. M.
Lloyd ApjoliB, of Liiifield IJouse, co. Limerick, and
Kector of Bally brood, same county, and has had

I. Daniel James Napier, Capt. SSth Connaught Rangers, b.

24 Nov. 1857 ; d. in India, 25 Oct. 1886.
n. Blichael Marshall Charles, 6. 18 Nov. 1858 ; d. 24 May,

ni. Charles Caleb Coote, of Kilmore, Ncnagh, 6. 18 Nov.

1859; m. 18 Nov. 1885, Amy .Simla, 2nd dau. of Lieut.-

Gen. Charles Edward Parke Gordon, CD., and has had


1 Stuart Napier Charles, 6. 22 Aug. 1886.

2 Marshall William Traherne, b. 19 Nov. 1888.

1 Anna Elizabeth.

2 Eva Louisa Oglander.

3 Amy Frances, d. 12 June, 1891.

IV. John William Monck, 6. 16 Dec. 1861 ; entered Royal
Navy 25 Jan. 1875, and now a Lieut, in H.M.S. "Phoebe."

Liineag'e. — This family migrated to the co. Limerick at
the end of the 16th or the beginning of the 17th century from,
it is supposed, co. Gloucester. The great grandfather of the
present representative,

Daniel Weeb, Esq. of Maidstown Castle, co. Limerick, m.
Dorothea, dau. and heir of M. Leake, Esq. of Castle Leake, co.
Tipperary, and had issue,

Daniel, m. 1st, Jane Lloyd; 2ndly, Elizabeth Creed, but
d. s. p. 3 Aug. 1798.

Thomas, Dean of Kilmore, d. unni. Dec. 1796.

Richard, R.N., d.. $.p.

James, of whom we treat.

F" ranees, m. Richard hurke, Esq., who was created a bart.,
and assumed the name of De Boubgho.

The 4th son,

James Webb, Esq., aMajor in the Army, m. 1779, Elizabeth,
dau. of Sir John Oglander, Bart, of Nunwell, Isle of Wight,
and relict of Sir Gerald Napier, of More Critchell, and Middle-
marsh Hall, Dorset, and by her had issue a son and successor,

Daniel James Webb, Esq. of Maidstown Castle, co. Limerick,
and of Woodville, co. Tipperary, J. P., b. 1 Oct. 1780; m. 22
Oct. 1812, Hon. Ann Wilhelmina, dau. of Charles Stanley,
Viscount Monck, and d. 24 Oct. 1850, having had issue,

James Napieb, of Knocktoran. co. Limerick, M.A., J. P. co.
Limerick, 6. 7 Sept. 1S13 ; m. 1st, May, 1841, his cousin,
Anne, dau. of Charles Joseph Kelly, 3rd Viscount Monek,
which lady d. 23 Sept. 1853 ; and 2ndly, 29 March, 1855,
Anna Thomasina, dau. of Joseph Gubbins, Esq. of Kilfrush,
CO. Limerick, anl d. s. p. 18b8.
Charles Daniel Henry, now of Woodville.
Elizabeth Anne, d. 1824.

Arms — Erminois, a cross couped sa. charged with a mullet
arg. on a chief gu. a heron between two crosses-crosslei fitchee
of the third. Crest — A demi-eagle displayed gu. wings erminois
in the beak a cross-crosslet fitchee or. 3Iotloes—H\xid prodest,
and over the Crest, Ne proterantur.
Seat — W'oodville, Templemore, co. Tipperary.


Webb, Stebiien IIakold, Esq. of The Grore,
Colyton, CO. Devon, b. 6 Jan. 1855 ; m. 3 June,
1880, Alice Fleetwood, dau. of Edward Woolls,
Esq. of Uxbridge, and has issue,

I. Evelyn Alice Woolls.

II. Frances WoodrolTe.

Lineag-e.— This family is paternally descended from the
ancient family of Caillow or Killihoe, which is said to be of
Celtic origin. In the earlier Heralds' Visitations of Wilts, the
family is directed to quarter the arms ot Killihoe in the second
place on its escutcheon. The earliest known member of the
family was John Webbe, a wealthy n erchant in Wiltshire, b.
about 1400. The first of the family to settle in New Sarum

William AVebbe, Esq., alias Killihoe or Kellowe, of New
Street, in New Sarum, Constable ol that city 17 Oct. 1488, Mayor
in 1495, 151 1, 1513, and 1522; and M.P. for the City 1504 and
1510. On the 2nd March, 1496,he magnificently entertained King
Henrt VII. at his mansion-house in Salisbury. He m. 1st,
Joan, widow of — Stone, and by her had issue,

I. William, of whom presently.

II. John.

III. Hugh, ancestor to Rev. Hugh Webbe, Rector of Brom-
liam, Wilts, who was father of three sons,

1 Hugh, of Bowood, Wilts, held Bowood House for
Charles I.

2 William, of Bromham.

3 George (liight Rev.), D.D., Bishop of Limerick and
Cliaplain to Charles 1., 6. 1581 ; d. 1641, a prisoner to
the rebels in Limerick Castle; leaving issue, Theophilus,
Abraham, Hugh, George, and Dorcas.

I. Cecily, to. Thomas White, Mayor of Poole in 1504, Lord
of the Manor of Fittlefoide, co. Dorset, and was ancestress
to the Viscounts Sidmouth.

William Webbe m. 2ndly, Edith, widow of — Long, and of
— Morgan; and 3rdly, Joan Willington, who survived him.
He d. 1523 (will dated 13 July, 1523). His eldest son,

William Webbe, alias Killihoe, M.P. for New Sarum ia
1529, 1536, and 1547; J.P. for Wilts; Mayor of New Sarum
1533 and 1553 ; Lord of the Manor of Odstock ; m. Catherine,
dau. and heiress of John Abarrow, Mayor of New Sarum in
1551, and d. 1553, having had issue,

I. John, Lord of the Manor of Odstot-k, of whom presently.

II. William, of Pain's Place and Motcomb, co. Dorset, M.P.
for New Sarum 1558, and Mayor 1561. Will dated 8 July,
1584. By Catherine, his wife, dau. and co-heiress of
George Tournay, of Motcomb and Pain's Place, he had

1 John.

2 William (Sir), of Pain's Place and Mo

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