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6. 30 Dec. 1857; Emma Julia; Beatrice Jwne Myrrha, d.
1866; Alice, cL 1866; Alma; Cecilia; Magdalena ; Olivia;
Augusta, d. 1864; and Celeste Henrietta, d. 1866.
Anna Kellett, d. 1861. Mary, d. 1873.

Jane, m. Oct. 1836, Charles Dormer, Esq., and d. a widow,
Feb. Ib55.
The elder son,

Robert Kellett Long, Esq. of Dunston Hall, co. Norfolk,
J. P., High Sheriff 18-56, of Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1825,
M.A. 1832, Capt. East Norfolk Militia, b. 4 May, 1804; m.
It; March, 1843, Maria Louisa, eldest dau. of William Fortescue,
Esq. of Writtle Lodge, Essex, and by her (who d. 1846) had,

I. Fortescue Walter Kellett, now of Dunston.

II. Charles Hamilton Kellett (Rev.), B.A., Vicar of Swin-
derby, 1876, b. 19 April, 1845; m. 1873, Edith Mary, dau.
of Edward Lyon, Esq. of Johnson Hall, Eccleshall, and
has issue,

Ernest Kellett, b. 15 Jan. 1874.

Edward Fortescue, b. 4 Dec. 1876. Ethel.

III. Ernest Henry Kellett (Rev.), M.A., Rrctor of Newton
Flotman, Norfolk, b. 7 Oct. 1846: m. 31 .Ian. 1877, Eliza-
beth Margaret Eeresford, dau. of Rev. John G. Beresford,
of Bedale Rectory, co. York.

11 r. Long d. 26 Feb. 1874.

iSeaf— Dunston Hall, near Norwich.


LoNGCEorT, Charles Alexander Holcombe,
F.sq. of Llanina, co. Cardigan, b. 13 May, 1883, s.
bis father, 1892.

Lineage. — Edward Longcroft, Capt. R.N., who was
Flair-Lieut, to Lord Rodney at the time of his victory over
the Comte de Grasse, m. Sarah, dau. of — B — , Esq. of
Llr.yney, co. Radnor, and d. 1812, leaving by her (whod. 1808)
a son,

Charles Richard Longcroft, Esq., who d. 20 May, 1888,
Ey Sarah his wife (who d. 20 Jan. 1885) he had issue,

Charles Edward, late of Llanina.

EUen, m. May, 1864, to Robert Anderson, Lieut. 95th Regt.,
and Major Renfrewshire Miliiia, and d. 10 May, 1890, leav-
ing issue, one son and two daus.
The only son,

Charles Edward Longcroft, Esq. of Llanina, co. Cardigan,
J. P. for COS. Cardigan and Carmarthen, 6. 6 Dec. 1842; m. 8
Aug. 1S77, Catherine Alicia, eldest dau. of Rev. Essex Hol-


LoNGE, Robert Bacon, Esq. of Spixworth Fart,
Norfolk, J.P., B.A. Cambridge, late Capt. Norfolk
Militia Artillery, b. 30 March, 1830; m. 20 Jan.
1853, Caroline Elizabeth, dau. of the late Rev.
Charles Orman, Perj^etual Curate of Shouldham^
Norfolk, and has issue,

I. Francis Bacon, Capt. R.E., b. 31 Oct. 1856.

II. Robert Douglas, Capt. 57th Regt., b. 21 Dec. 1857 ; m. S-
April, 1891, Blanche Adeline, only dau. of the late Rev.
Dr. Webster, of Cork, and has issue, Dorothy Douglas.

III. John Charles (Rev.), M.A. Camb., Vicar of Linton, co.
Cambridge; b. 11 April, 1859.

IV. Julius Octavius, b. 7 Nov. 1863; d. 1 Feb. 1864.

V. Edward Norman, late Lieut. 3rd batt. Norfolk Regt., 6.
7 April, 1868; d. 21 April, 1890.

I. Elizabeth Margaret, d. ii. Julia Georgiana.

III. Caroline, d.
I IV. Henrietta Charlotte, m. 3 June, 1891, Charles Arthur
! Bathurst Bignold, Esq., J.P., D.L., eldest son of Lieut.-

j Col. Bignold, of Harford Lodge, Norwich, and has issue^

; Charles Robert.

Lineag'e. — The Parish Register of Aswelthorpe mentions
j one Thomas Longe going to the King's host at Nottingham in
! the year 1485.

I John Longe, of Hingham, co. Norfolk, had two sons, viz.,

1 1 John, who had by his wife Margery ^she d. his widow im

j 1546) two daus. Catherine, m. Robert Baker, and Isabel, w.

William Bawdewyn ; and 2 William. The younger son,

William Longe, of Hingham, d. in 1557, leaving, by

j Catherine his wi:e, two sons and a dau., 1 John, his heir, 2

1 William, of Depeham, who had John, Peter, William, Mar-

t garct, Anne, and Amye, all born before 1557 ; and 3 Catherine,

m. John Burrough. He was s. by his eldest son,

John Longe, of Hingham, who had, with Thomas, and
three daus., Catherine, Mary, and Margaret, an elder son,
his heir at his decease,

John Longe, of Hingham, b. in 1558, and d. in 1622, when
he was s. by his son,

Robert Longe, Esq. of Fowlden, 6. in 1588, who was-
Sheriff of Norfolk in 1G44. He m. 26 May, 1614, Elizabeth,
dau. of John King, citizen of London, and had (with five-
daus., Elizabeth, b. 1615, m. Clement Heigham, Esq. of
Barrow, Suffolk ; Margaret, b. 1618, m. 1st, Francis Batchcroft,
Esq. of Bexwell, and 2nd]y, Gascoine Weld, Esq. of Bracon-
ash; Susan, b. March, 1621, m. Rev. M. Longther, and d. s. p.
in 1673 ; Mary, b. May, 1626, m. E. Britiffe, Esq. of Bacons-
thorpe; and Sarah, 6. March, 1634, in. 1st, Tobias Frere,
Esq. of Harleston, and 2ndly, — Wogan, Esq. ; she d. Feb.
1684) five sons. He d. 17 Sept. 1656, and was s. by his eldest
surviving son.

Robert Longe, Esq. of Reymerston, 6. Jan. 1619. This
gentleman TO. four times. His first wife was Anne, dau. and
co-heir of Thomas Milner, Esq. of Lynn Regis, and by her,
who d. May, 1653, he had (with two daus. Priscilla and Eliza-
beth, who both d. young) sis sons. He m. for his second
wife, Elizabeth, dau. of Francis Bacon, of Norwich, one of
the Judges of the Court of King's Bench, and by that lady,
who d. in Jan. 1659, had another son, Francis, of whom
presently. By his third wife, Frances, widow of Edmund
Gournay, Esq. of West Barsham, who d. in 1670, he had no
issue. By his fourth and last wife, Ellen, dau. and heir of
Thomas Gournay, Esq. of West Barsham, he had two daus.,

I. Anne, b. Aug. 1673, d. young.

II. Ellen, b. Jan. 1674, m. Richard Fenier, Esq. of Yar-

He d. Dec. 1688. His seventh son, (the only child of the
second marriage),

Francis Longe, Esq., Recorder of Yarmouth (only child of
Robert Longe, Esq. of Reymerston, co. Norfolk, by Elizabeth,
his 2nd wife, dau. of Sir Francis Bacon, one of the Judges of
the Court of King's Bench), purchased the estate of Spixworth.
He ra. Susanna, dau. and heir of Tobias Frcre, Esq., and by





her (who d. 1G81) had issue, to survive youth, two sons and |
three daus. Mr. Longe d. 3 Dec. 1734. His 2nd son,

Francis Longe, Esq. of Spixworth and Reymersion, b. Aug.
1689 ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Godfrey, Esq. of Kisby,
Suffolk, and by her (who d. 1767) had issue,

I. Feancis, his heir.

II. John (He v.), Hector of Spixworth, Reymerston, and
Hackford, Norfolli, and Chaplain to Geobqe III., b. 25 July,
1731 ; OT. Dorothy, dau. of Peter Elwin, Esq. of Booton and
Thurning, Norfollc. by whom (who d. 1810) he left at his
decease, 18 Sept. 1806, John, his heir; and Robert, of Cat-
ion Lodge, Norfolk, D.L., 6. 1766; d. s. p. The elder son,

John, Vicar of Coddenhara, Ipswich, Suffolk, b. 6 April,
1765; m. 1st, 5 Nov. n'JO, Charlotte, dau. and co-ht-ir of
John Browne, Esq. of Ipswich, and by her (who d. 21
Kay, 1812, aged 50) had,

1 Francis Bacon, b. 1 June, 1798 ; d. 17 Jan. 1819.

■2 Jolin Francis, d. young.

"> John, of Spixworth.

4 Robert (Rev.), of Spixworth.

5 Henry Browne (Rev.), M.A., b. 17 March, 1803 : m. 31
Aug. 1836, Anne Margaret, eldest dau. of Gen. Alexandi-r
Niaholson, of East Court, co. Gloucester, and of Ufford,
■Suffolk, and had, Henrj' Cochrane, d. an infant, 1849 ;
■Cecilia Jane ; Margaret Frances ; Louisa ; and Rosa.

1 Charlotte Dorothy, d. young.

2 Charlotte Dorothy, m. 6 Dec. 1822, Gen. Robert
Martin Leake, of Woodhurst, Surrey, and t^ s. p. 9
March, 1858, aged 61.

Kev. John Longe, m. 2ndly, Frances, dau. of Col. Ward,
- of Salhouse, Norfolk, who d. s. p. He d. 3 March, 1834.
Francis Longe d. Oct. 1735, and was s. by his eldest son,

Francis Longe, Esq. of Spixworth and Reymerston, 6.
June, 1726; High Sheriff for Norfolk 1782. He m. Tabitha,
flau. of John Howes, Esq. of Morningtliorpe, and by her (who
d. Nov. 1760; left at his decease, Feb. 1770, an only son and

Francis Longe, Esq. of Spixworth, b. April, 174S : High
Sheriff 1786 ; m. Katherine, 2nd dau. of Sir George Jackson,
Bart , but had no issue. He d. July, 1812, and was s. (at the
decease of his widow, 1828) by his cousin,

John Longe, Esq. of Spixworth Park, D.L., b. 14 July,
1799; m. 10 June, 1829, Caroline Elizabeth, eldest dau. and
co-heir (with her sister. Lady Wetherell Warneford) of the
late Lieut.-Col. AVarneford, of Warneford Place, Wilts, and
niece of Henry, 4th Viscount Ashbrook, wiiich lady d. 29 Aug.
1846, aged 51. Mr. Longe d. 27 Sept. 1872, and was s. by his

Rev. Rohebt Longe, B.A., of Spixworth Park, Vicar of
Coddenham cum Crowfield, Ipswich, Suffolk, b. 6 Nov. 1800;
ill. 7 Oct. 1828, Margaret Douglas, dau. of Rev. Charles Davy,
Rector of Barking, Suffolk, and by her (who d. 30 Sept. 1»73)
had issue,

I. Robert Bacon, now of Spixworth.

II. Francis l>avy, B.A. Oxon : Inspector Local Government
Board, h. 25 Sept. 1831 ; vi. 27 Sept. 1864, Sara Rose, dau.
of Rev. Thomas Patteson, Rector of Hauibledon, Hania.

jii. John, in holy orders. Rector of Sterntield, Suffolk, b.

20 Aug. 1832; m. 12 June, 1856, Maria E., only dau. of

Richard B. Martin, Esq. of Hemingstone Hall, Suffolk, and

has issue.
I. Margaret Charlotte Anne, m. 6 Feb. 1861, Rev. Henry

Ware Schreiber, 5th .?on of Lieut. -Col. Schreiber, of Hill

House, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Mr. Longe d. 27 Jan. 1830.

Amu — Gu., a saltier engrailed or, and on a chief of the last
three crosses-crosslet of tlie lirst. t'yest — A lion sejant gu.
holding a saltier engrailed or.

Heat — Spixworth Paik, near Norwich.


LoNGFiEjLD, EiCHAED Edmvxd, Esq. of Longue-
ville, CO. Cork, J.P. and D.L., Hicrh Sherife 1887 ;
M.A., Cambridge; b. 6. June, 1842; m. 19 Sept.
1872, Alberta Charlotte, dau. of W. H. Russell,
JJsq., LL.D., and has issue,

I. Richard William, b. 18 Dec. 1873.

II. Lewis, b. 8 Dec. 1874.

III. Charles Edmund, b. 31 Aug. 1885.

I. Sibyl Mary, 6. 13 June, 1877.

II. Muriel Alberta, b. 8 Sept. 1878.

liiueag'e. — John Longfield, Esq. of Denbigh, Wales,
1652, afterwards of the city of Dublin, d. intestate: adminis-
tration granted 8 March, 1669-70. He had two sons,
, Sobeit, b. in Denbigh, 1662, obtained an exten-ive grant of

lands in cos. Westmeath, Meath, Clare, under the com-
mission of grace, by patent dated 15 April, 1685. He resided
at Kilbride, co. Meath, and d. 1710, leaving issue, which
became extinct in the male line on the death of his great-
grandson, Robert Longfield, in 1790.
John, ancestor of the Longueville and Castle Mary families.

The 2nd son,

John Longfield, Esq., J.P., b. 1653, settled at Castle Mary,
near Cloyne, co. Cork, and d. 22 April, 1730, leaving by Mary
his wife, dau. and co-heir of William Hawnby, Esq. of Mallow,

I. Robert, of Castle Mary, J. P., 6. 1688 ; m. 1731. Margaret,
dau. and co-heir of Richard Geering, Esq. of Dublin, M.P.,
and d. 11 March, 1765, aged 77, having had issue,

1 John, of Castle Mary, b. 3 July, 1733; m. (licence dat«d
10 March, 1755), Alice, dau. of Thomas Tilson, Esq., and
left at his decease an only son,

Robert, of Castle Mary, M.P. for borough of Donegal, m.
April, 1778, Elizabeth, sis'er of the 1st Lord Lismore,
and dau. of Thomas O'Callaghan, Esq. of Shanbally, co.
Tipperary, by his 2nd wife, Hannah, dau. of John Roger-
son, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench, andt^ s.j>.

2 Richard, of Longeuville, co. Cork, J. P., High Sheriff
for CO. Cork, 17.58," M.P. for Charleville 1761, and after-
wards for co. Cork, b. 1734. He was created, 1795, Baron
Longueville of Longueville, and in 1800 advanced to the
ViscocNTCT OF Longueville. His lordship, who was
Governor of co. Cork and a Representative Peer for
Ireland, )U. 1756, Margaret, dau. ot Richard White, Esq.,
and aunt to Richard, 1st Earl of Bantry, but d. s. p.
23 May, 1811, when the honours expired.

1 Anne, m. Roger Conner, Esq. of Connerville.

II. John, of whom presently, as of Longueville.

III. Hawnby, of Cork, in. 29 June, 1733, Mary, dau. of
Christopher Vowell, Esq. of Ballyorane, co. Cork, and d.
31 July, 1741, leaving by her (who had predeceased him,
Sept. 1738) an only child,

Susanna, b. 19 Feb. 1734-5, m. Richard Parker, Esq.

IV. William, of Cork, 6. 1710, who, by Mary Goodman his
wife {b. 23 Nov. 1719; d. 5 Aug. 1739), had at his death,
1777, an only child,

John Longfield, Esq. M.D., of Cork, m. 1775, Elizabeth,
dau. of John Conroy, Esq., and aunt to the 1st Baronet of
that name, and had (with other children, who d. s. 2^ ) a
3rd .=on, Robert, m. April, 1815, Mary, 2nd dau. of John
Martin, Esq. of Cork, and had an only child and heir,
Mary Elizabeth, who n. 1838, her tirsc cousin, David
Beatty, Esq. of Borodale, co. Wexford.

I. Helena, m. 1708, Theodore Vansevenhoven, of Cork.

II. Elizabeth, m. John Tooker, Esq. of Cork.
HI. Anne, in. Richard Uniacke, Esq. of Mount Uniacke, co.


IV. Mary, in. 1720, Walter Lavitt, Esq. of co. Cork.

V. Heniictta, m. Rev. Thomas Squire.

VI. Deborah, m. Nov. 1731, James Peircy, Esq. of co. Cork.

VII. Bryana, m. Rev. William Bucknor, of Croom, co.

The 2nd son,

John Longfield, Esq. of Longueville, J. P., 6. 24 June,
1695 ; 7n. 12 Sept. 1738, Susanna, dau. of Montifort Westropp,
Esq., and left at his decease, 5 April, 1765, two sons,

John, his successor, of whese line we treat.
Mocntifort, ancestor of the laraily now of Castle Mary,
{refer to that Memoir).

The elder son,

John Longfield, Esq. of Longueville, J. P., High Sheriff co.
Cork 1775, M.P. for Mallow, 6. 5 July, 1741 ; m. 24 June, 1764,
Elizabeth, dau. of William Foster, Esq., and first-cousin of the
Right Hon. John Foster, created Lord Oriel, by whom he had

I. John, his successor.

II. Mountifort (Rev.), Vicar of Desertserges, co. Cork, and
many years J.P. for that co., m. 1st, Nov. 1796, Grace, dau.
of William Lysaght, Esq., by whom he had issue,

1 John, ni. Miss Cotter, and had issue.

2 Mountifort (Bight Hon.), P.C, Q.C., J.P., LL.D. of
Trin. Coll. Dublin 1831 (B.A. 1823, M.A. 1829, LL D.
1831), became a Fellow of that University 1825 and
Professor of Political Economy 31 Oct. 1832. He
resigned his Fellowship tor the Professorship of Feudal
and English Law 29 Nov. 1834. This eminent jurist was
appointed, 1847, aCommissonerof the Incumbered Estates
Court, and, 1858, Judge of the Landed Estates Court.
He was b. 1802 ; in. iS45, Elizabeth, dau. of Andrew
Armstrong, Esq., and d. 1884. fehe d. 1882.

3 Robert, of Merrion Square, Dublin. M.A. of Trin. Coll.
Dublin, called to the Irish Bar 1834, appointed Q.C. 1852,
elected M.P. for Mallow 1859, b. 1810; m. 1840, Charlotte,
dau. of George Stawell, Esq. of Crobeg, co. Cork, and d.

J Elizabeth, m Daniel Conner, Esq. of Manch, and has





2 Mary, „i. — M'Carthy, Esq.

3 Grace, m. John Beiisley, Esq.

The Eev. Mountifort Longfield m. 2ndly, !Mary Ann, dau.
of Col. William Connor, and had further issue,

4 George (Rev.), M.A., Fellow Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1842 ;
m. 28 July, 1850, Marj' Webb, chlest dau. of Nathaniel
Webb Ware, Esq., and il. 3 Xov. 1^78, leaving issue.

r> Henry, m. Eleanor, dau. of X. Webb Ware, Esq.

6 Eichard (Rev.), Rector of Hogeely, m. Willielmina, dau.
and co-heir of the Rev. James GoUock.

7 William, J. P. co. Cork. 6. 1821 ; »i. 186."), Frances Cathe-
rine, eldest dau. of Rev. Richard Eongfield Conner, of
Dowudaniel, Eector of the St. Anne's, Siiandon.

8 Thomas. 9 Foster.

4 Mary.

5 Frances Patience, m. Lieut. -Gen. John Longfield.

m. William, called to the Irish Bar 1794, (/. .^■. p.

IV. Hesky, of Waterloo, co. Cork, J. P., -ni. Maiy, only dau.

and heiress of John Powell, Esq. of Sea Court, co. Cork,

and rf. 1851, leaving issue,

John Powell, late of AVaterloo, J. P., B.A. of Trin. Coll.

Dublin, late Lieut.-Col. Royal Cork Artillery ;51ilitia, b.

1817; Jii. 1848, 6th dau. of Rev. Matthew Purcell,

of Burton, co. Cork.
Henry, b. 1828 ; m. 1857, Eliza Augusta, only child and

heir of William Purcell, Esq. of Altaniira, co. Cork, and

<l. 1871, leaving, with other issue, an eldest son, William

Henry, Lieut. Lincolnshire Regt., b. 1859.
Eobert, d. unm. 1864.

Elizabeth, m. John Power, Esq. of Eoskeen, co. Cork, .T.P.
Eachael, in. Rev. William Xeligan, LL.D., Kector of St.

Mary's, Shandon, co. Cork.
Mary, m. 1st, Robert Longfield, Esq. of the Castle Mary

branch {ir/nch see), and 2ndly, 1854, George, ■2nd son of

Thomas Lucas, Esq. of Eichford=town, co. Cork.
Patience, m. 6 Jan. 1848, Daniel Conner, Esq. of Manch,

CO. Cork.

Dora, j». Edward Francis Eoche, Esq., J.P., of Johnstown
"~ House, CO. Cork.

I. Patience, the 1st wife of Johu Wallis, Esq. of Drishaue

Castle, CO. Cork.
u. Elizabeth, 77i. George Stawell, Esq. of Crobeg, co. Cork.

Mr. Longfield d. 1815, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Longfield, Esq. of Longueville, Lieut.-Col. in the
army, J.P. and High Sheriff 1829, 6. May, 1767 ; m. 15 Oct.
1797, Eleanor, dau. of John Lucas, Esq. of Mount Lucas,
King's Co. {see (hat family'}, and by her (who d. Nov. 1858)
had issue,

EicHAED, of Longueville.

John, of Kilcoleraan, Bandon, co. Cork, C.B., General
(retired). Col. bth Regt., 6. 18'J4 ; m. 29 April, 1861, Frances
Patience, dau of Kev. Mountifort Longfield, of Churchill,
Eector of Desertserges, co. Cork, and had a son, John
Edmund, Lieut. 9th Batt. King's Eoyal Kifle Corps, 6. 14
April, 1865. Gen. Longfield d. 27 Feb. 1&89.

Margaret Eleanor, m. 21 Aug. 1820, Thomas Wood Craster,
Esq., D.L., of Craster Tower, co. Northumberland, who rf.
1867. leaving issue.

Elizabeth, m. 1836, Rev. Edmund Lombard, and d. Dec. 1892.

Col. Longfield d. 18 Oct. 1842 ; and was s. by his son,

EicHAED Longfield, Esq. of Longueville, co. Cork, J.P.
.•md D.L., High Sheriff 1833, Member for co. Cork in the last
Parliament of William IV., 1835-37, b. 7 May, 1802 ; m. 1st,
1832, Harriet Elizabeth, dau. of John M'Clintock, Esq., M.P.
of Drumcar, co. Louth, by the Lady Elizabeth his wife, and
by her (who d. at Florence, 27 April, 1634) had an only child,

I. John, 89th Regt., b. 29 Nov. 2832; d. returning from the
Crimea, 20 Oct. Is55.

He m. 2ndly, 1841, Jemima Lucy, dau. of Wyrley Birch, Esq.
of Wretham Hall, Norfolk, by Catherine Sarah his wife, dau.
of Jacob Reynardson, Esq. of Holywell, co. Lincoln, and by
her (who d. 15 Jan. 1892) had issue,

II. RicHABD Edmd.nd, now of Longueville.

III. Augustus Henry, of Waterloo, Mallow, late 9th Norfolk
Regt., retired Lieut.-Col., 6.5 May, 1845 ; m. 28 June, 1883,
Florence Amy, younger dau. of Eichard N. Pereival, Esq.
of Springfield, Saiidbach, Cheshire, and his issue, John
Pereival, 6.27'Oct. 1885: Kathleen Mary Noel, 0. 29 Dec.

IV. Lewis Pryor, b. 4 March, 1848 : d. 27 Sept. 1856.

I. Catharine Elinor, d. 30 June, 1870.

II. Johanna Jemima.

Mr. Longfield d. 18 June, 1889.

Arni.% — Gu., a chevron erm. between seven ero.=ses-crosslet
fitchee, three in chief and four in baso arg. C,-ext—OM of a
ducal coronet or, a demilion rimpant gu. JV/o»o— Farcere

^•«a«— Longueville, near Mallow, co. Cork.

Ciub—^ew University, S.V,'.


Longfield, Mountifoet John CooKXEXAr,
Esq. of Castle Mary, co. Cork, J.P. and D.L.,
educated at Eton and Oxford, Capt. 2nd Life
Guards, b. 16 October, 1858 ; m. 10 Jan. 1891, Alice
Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of James Mason, Esq. of Eyn-
sham Hall, co. Oxford, and has issue,

Rita Narcissa, b. 29 Nov. 1891.
Norah Mary, 6. 1893.

Lineag'e. — For the earlier portion of this pedigree, refer
to Longfield of Longueville.
The younger son of John Longfield, Esq. of Longueville.
MoDNTiFORT LoNGFiELD, Esq., who inlierited the estates o£
Castle Mary from his cousin. Lord Longueville, b. 22 Aug.
1746, ))i. (licence '22 June, 1778) Frances, dau. of John George
Bateman, Esq. He was Col. of the City of Cork Militia,
M.P. for Enniscorthy, and many years for Cork. He d.
8 June, 1819, having had issue, two daus., Margaret and
Letitia, and three .sons, i. Eichard, rn. Maria, dau. of Henry
Bruen, Esq. of Oak Park, and d. 1819, leaving two sons, wh»
both d. ii/tim. 1833; ii. John, d.s.-p.; and iii. Robert, of
whom we treat. The 3rd son.

Rev. Eobekt Longfield, of Castle Mary, m. Cherry, dau. o£
Thomas Hugo, Esq. of Drumeen, co. Wicklow, and had issue,
MoDNTiFORT, of Castle Mary.

Eobert. a Lieut, in the army, ni. Mary, dau. of Henry Long-
field, Esq. of Waterloo, co. Cork, and by her (who rn. 'Jndly,
George Lucas, Esq.) left at his decease, 1849, one dau. Mary

William Henry, in. Elizabeth Mary, dau. of Mathew Brink-
ley, Esq. of I'arsonstown, co. Meath, and has issue, one so»
and two daus.,
William Mountifort.

Florence Letitia. Edith Caroline.

Thomas Hugo, Eector of St. Paul's, Cork, d. unm. 17 March,

Frances Anne, rn. Richard Beare Tooker, Esq.. J.P., Capt.
Eoyal Cork City Artillery Militia, and d. 28 April, 1866,
having Iiad i.ssue.

Cherry, rn. 1851, William Oliver Jackson, Esq. of Abanesk.
and Castleview, co. Cork, and d. 1862, leaving issue.
3Iargaret, d. unm.
Emily, d. unm. 1854.

Elizabeth,, m. 1853, Maziere .John Brady, Esq., Barrister-at-
Law, 2nd son of the Eight Hon. Sir Maziere Brady, Bart.,
Lord Chancellor of Ireland, and has issue.

The Eev. E. Longfield d. 1843, and was s. by his eldest son,

Mountifort Longfield, Esq. of Castle Mary, .LP., D.L.,
High Sheriff 18.55, rn. 1840, Caroline Augusta, sole surviving-
child of George Courtenay, Esq. of Eallcydmond, co. Cork,
and had issue,

Mountifort John Courtenat, now of Cattle Mary.

Narcissa Caroline. Cherry Elizabeth.

Louisa Margaret, rn. 19 April, 1869, George Sackville
Berkeley. Esq., (japt. E.E., eldest son of Robert Berkeley,
Esq., Q.C., 40, Upper Mount Street, Dublin, and has issue,
one son.

Anne Catherine, deceased.

Margaret Eleanor, deceased.

Emily Blanche Mary, m. 1 Oct. 1872, Henry Philip Constan-
tino Dillon, Esq., Lieut. RE., eldest son of the Hon. Con-
stantine Dillon, and has issue two sons and one dau.

Letitia Geraldine.

Caroline Augusta Rose, deceased.

Adeline Maude Felicia, rn. 4 June, 1874, Major Charles
Augustus Roehfort Boyd, R.E., 2nd son oi George .Vugusluft
Rochfort Boyd, Esq. of Middleton Parit, co. Westuieath, and
has issue one son.

F'rances Amy Georgina.

S !• '^•""^' '^^■<=<^^^<^^-

He d. 8 Nov. 1864.

Arms, <t"c. — Same as Longfield of Lonriu'eviUe.
Seat — Castle Mary, near Cloync, co. Cork.


Longman, Aethur Hampton, Esq. of Shendish,
CO. Herts. J.P., M.A. Trin. Coll. Canib., Hon.
Lieut.-Col. (retired) Herts Militia, Z^. 19 A^jril, 1438,
m. 1 Feb. 1866, Alicia, 3rd dau. of John Forster,
Esq. of Malverleys, Hants.

Mr. Longman is the only son of the late Charles-
Longman, Esq. of Sliendish (who d. 1873), by
Anna Maria Surman, his wife (who d. 1859), 2n(J
dau. of Major Hampton of Henllys, co. Anglesea,






and granflson of Tbomas Norton Longman, of
Mount Grrove, by Mary liis wife, dau. of T. Slater.

5taf— Shendish, Hemel Hempstead, Herts.
Clubs — Carlton and Kew University.


LOXGUETILLE, Thoicas, Esq. of Penvllan, Salop,
J.P., b. 29 April, 1S44; m. 29 June, "lS68, Mary
Frances, only surviving cliild and heiress of Alex-
ander Eobertson, Esq. of Balgownie Lodge, co.
Aberdeen, and has issue,

I. Eeginald, Lieut. Coldstream Guards, h. 2G March. 1869.

II. Edward, 6. 22 Dec. 1877.
in. Francis, b. 23 Dec. 1S92.

I. Mary Margaret Anne Isabel, b. IS Dec. ISSG.

Xiineag^e. — The Longuevilles came to England in the time
of William the Conqueror, and became Lords of Overton
Longueville, co. Huntingdon, and of Wolverton, co. Bucks.
During the civil ware of the reign of Charles, they, as Royalists,
suffered loss, ha^^ng previously sold and exhausted a consider-
able portion of their estates in the cause of the support of the
Stuarts. Edwaed Loxgueville, the then head of the family,
was created a Baronet of Xova Scotia, by King Charles I.,
in IGaS.

Thomas Jo>-es, Esq. of The Court, Wrexham, Lieut. 104th
Eegt., afterwards Capt. Denbighshire Militia, and Capt.
Merionethshire Militia, b. 1740 (eldest son of Thomas Jones
and Maria Margaretta, his wife, eldest dau. and co-heir of Sir
Thomas Longueville, Bart, of Prestatyn, co. Fiint\ had by
his 1st wife, Jane, dau. of John Jones, of Aberkin, co. Car-
narvon, an only son,

I. Thomas Longueville, of whom hereafter.

By his 2nd wife, Anne Lloyd, he had (with a son, Eiehard.
and a dau., Elizabeth, both d. s. p.) other children, viz.,

II. Edward, m. Charlotte Stevens, and was father of the Rev.
Harr}' Longueville Jones, M.A.

m. Hugh, of Larkhill, co. Lancaster (m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Benjamin Heywood, Esq., and had several children, see
Hetwood-Jones oj Lark-lull).

IV. Charles Thomas, of Os

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