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o the
Bishop of Durham, Prebendary Durham Cathedral,
Rector of Nuncham Courtney, Oxford : s. to his father's
estates in Scarborough and Redholme; d. 5 Aug. 1825.
He TO. 1st, Christiana, dau. of Robert Fanshawe, Esq.,
and by her (who d. 27 Dec. 1810) had issue, two dau..
Catherine, m. 1819, Rev. James Baker, Chancellor of the
diocese of Durham, Rector of Durham-the-Less 1822,
and of Nuneham Courtney 1825; and d. 1825, leaving:
issue (James (Rev.); Kate, in. Major-Gen. Collinson,
ll.E.); Fanny, d. in infancy. Rev. Francis Haggitt m.
2ndly, Lucy, one of the three daus. and co-heiresses of
William Parry, Esq. of King Street, Hereford (by Frances,
his 2nd wife, sister to Rov. Dr. Richard Prosser. of
Belmont, Prebendary of Durham), and by her, who d. 2S)
April, 1863, had an only child, the present Francis
Richard Wegg-Prosser, Esq.

2 George (Rev.), M.A. Pembroke Coll., Vicar of Soham
with Barway, d.unm. about 1833.

3 William, Commander K.N. , of H.M. Sloop "Orestes";
lost at sea, unm. Will proved 3 Jan. 1803.

4 D'Arcy, of St. Peter's Coll., incumbent of Branxton
and Cornhill, North'ton, 1799; to. 11 Nov. 1802, Mary
Martin, and d. 7 Nov. 1850, having by her (who d. 13
Feb. 1858j had issue, D'Arcy, of Hobart Town, Tasmania,
6. 28 Oct. 1805; Amelia, m. '32 June, 1843, to Robert
Pope, Esq. of Gray's Inn Square, and is deceased;
Marianna Matilda Catherine.

1 Sophia, TO. 1791. Philip Egerton Ottey, of the Navy-
Office, and d. 18 Sept. 1851, aged 89. He d. 10 March,

2 Rosamond, d. unm. 10 Feb. 1853, aged 90.

3 Ann, d. 1837. 4 Elizabeth, d. unm.

5 Mary, m. 7 Oct. 1786, .Sam Barker, Esq. of Lyndon, co.

II. William, of Ipswich, m. Mary, dau. of Edward Staple, of
London, merchant, who d. Nov. 1821. He ((. 25 Dec. 1769
(will proved 4 .lau. 1770), having had issue,

1 George, b. 4 Oct. 1757 : educated at Harrow, Fellow of
Clare Coll., Camb., M.A., Rector of Beechamwell,
resident curate of Litchain, Norfolk, where he </. 30 Jan.
1795 (will proved 19 Dec. 179.5). He m. 19 Dec. 1786,
Penelope, dau. of Pell lleigham, Esq. of Hunston Hall,
Suffolk, and by her (who d. 15 Jan. 1835) had issue,
George John, of Dagworth Hall, Fellow of Cti. Cb^





Camb. M.A., Vicar of Parham and Hackeston, m.
1818, Harriet, 2nd dau. of Rev. Robert Porteous, of N.
Wickham, Essex, and d. 1 March, 1847, having by her
(who d. in 1856) had issue,
Frederick, Rector of Wallasey, co. Chester, m. 10
Sept. 1846, Merelina Sophia, dau. of St. T. Cocks-
edge, of the Mount, and d. 1847, leaving issue,
Louise Porteous, and Edith Merelina.
Henry, of the Grange, 6. 23 May, 1825; m. II Nov.
1858, Marianne, dau. of Charles Hampden Turner,
Esq. of Leigh Place, Godstone, Surrey, and d. 1884,
having had issue, George John, 6. 11 Nov. 1859, </.
17 April, 1883; Charles, of New Zealand, 6. 3 June,
1861 ; Henry Pell Heigham, &. 18 Aug. 1862; Edward
Dashwood, Lieut. R.E., b. 7 Dec. 1863; Richard
D'Arcy, d. young, 6 Aug. 1872; Frances Margaret;
Mary Harriet ; Isabella Henrietta Dorothy.
Arthur, d. 1852.

Marianne, 8 May, 1851, Rev. Stanley Pemberton,
Rector of Little Hallinbury, who rf. 1880.
ranny, m. 27 May, 1847, Kev. William Cooke, Rector
of Kentford and Gazeley, and d. 1874.
Frederick, of the Inner Temple, Fellow of Trin. Coll.,
Camb., d. 5 March, 1818, aged 24, unm.
2 John, D.D., clerk in holy orders, M.A., Fellow Clare
Coll., Camb., Rector of Ditton, Camb., Prebendary Ely
Cathedral, 1804; m. 30 Oct. 1810, Frances, eldest dau. of
Sir Henry Peyton, 1st Bart, of Doddington, and d. 7 Jan.
1843, having by her (who d. 10 May, 1854) had two daus.,
Mary Ann Frances, m. 18o3, John Lloyd Wynne, of Coed
Cocb, N. Wales, and d. 1887; Louisa Harriet Isabella,
TO. 1 Sept. 1836, Henry Belwaid Ray. Esq., who d. 1855,
shed. 12 Dec. 1844.

1 Anna Maria, m. Rev. Thomas Thoresby, Rector of
Eriswell, Suffolk, and d. 14 July, 1823.
in. John, of St. George's in the East, m. Sarah, dau. of
Edward Staple, of Wapping. Will proved 12 Dec. 1763.

IV. Thomas, of Scarborough, bailiff there 1779-93: will
proved 23 July, 1794. He m. Catherine Stockdale, and by
her (who d. 1794; will proved 24 Oct. 1794) had issue,

1 William (Rev.), senior chaplain at Chelsea, 1788, rector
of Hyfleet, Surrey, Armthorpe, oo. York, and Bromley,
Middlesex, Cth wrangler Trin. Coll., Camb., M.A. ; m. 6
April, 1785, Sarah, dau. of Richard Chambers, M.D., of
Paddington, and d. 3 Feb. 1834, having by her (who d.
23 Sept. 1823) had issue,

Richard, rector of Fornham-All-Saints, Fellow Clare
Coll., Camb,, M.A., d. unm. 21 Feb. 1862.

William, killed by a kick from a horse, 28 Jan. 1809,
aged 13.

Sarah, 6. 27 July, 1797 ; m. Henderson Bain, who d. 18
Jan. 1862.

Catherine, d. unm. 19 June, 186S.

2 Thomas, d. April, 1887.

3 Luke, d. 8 July, 1763, an infant.

4 John (Rev.), h. 7 July, 1768, Master of Dedham School,
Bucks, afterwards of Denham, near Uxbridge, where he
d. 16 Jan. 1847. He m. 26 June, 1798, Martha
Godfrey, of Islington, and by her (who </. 10 April, 1810)
had, with other issue, Thomas, of Great James Street,
London, m. 20 Dec. 1833, Thoraasine, 2nd dau. of Charles
Cooksey, Esq., and d. in Australia; Mary, d. 30 Oct.
1817, aged 18.

1 Elizabeth, m. Henry Traviss, who d. 23 April, 1786. She
d. April, 1781, having had issue.

2 Catherine, d. young 25 Aug. 1761.

3 Catherine, 6. 8 Nov. 1771.

V. Luke, attorney-at-Law at Leeds.
I. Mary, vi. Edward Staple, Esq.

^r))is— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, in the first quarter,
quarterly, sa., a cross double-parted and fretty engrailed or,
between four spear-heads arg., embrued ppv., for Pbossek ;
2nd and 3\d arg., a fesse engrailed sa. between three escut-
cheons of the last, each charged with an annulet or, for Wegg :
in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, arg., three fleur-de-lis between
two bendlets nebuly gu., for Haggitt. Cresfs— 1st, Pkosser,
a wolf's head erased sa., semee of spear-heads arg., pierced
through the mouth with a sword ppr. ; 2nd, Wegg, A sinister
hand in a gauntlet ppr., holdmg an escutcheon sa. charged
with an annulet or; 3rd Haggitt, a demi-lynx ppr. semee-de-
lis gu., holding a branch of olive also ppr.

Seat — Belmont, co. Hereford.


Weie, Thomas, Esq. of Hall Craig, co.
Eermana<;h, representative of the Irish branch of
the ancient family of Weir or Veue.

Liineage. — Baltredds de Verb, who was witness to a
charter of King William who s. King Malcoi.m in 1165; was
«. by his eldest son,

Walter de Veee, whose son,

RADnLPHUs or Ralph de "Vere, d. in the end of tlie reign of
Alexander II., leaving a son,

Thomas de Vebe, a witness in a charter of a donation to the
monastery of Kelso, by Henricus de St. Clau, anno 1266. He
was father of

Richardus de Were, mentioned in a donation totliQ monas-
tery of Kelso, anno 1294 ; his son,

Thomas de W^ere, proprietor of the lands and barony of
Blackwood in the shire of Lanark, d. in the reign of David
Bruce, leaving a son,

BuAN Were, who d. in the beginning of the reign of King
Robert III. His son,

KoTALDUs Were, of Blackwood, got a charter from Patrick,
Abbot of Kelso, dated 1404. He d. in the reign of King James
II., leaving a son,

Thomas Were, of Blackwood, who was father of

Robert 'Vetr, of Blackwood, who got a charter of confirma-
tion from Robert, Abbot of Kelso, dated 1479, and d. soon
after. His son,

Thomas Weir, of Blackwood, d. in the beginning of the
reign of Queen Mart, leaving by his wife .^j'gidia, dau. of John,
3rd Lord Somerset, a son,

James Weir, of Blackwood, who lived to a great age, and d.
anno 1595. By his wife, Eupheam Hamilton, he had

I. James, m. Mariotte Ramsay, dau. of George, Lord Dal-
housie, and was ancestor of the "Veres of Cruigie llaU and

II. William, of Stanebyres.

III. Robert, of whom we treat.

IV. John, of Pownell.

The 3rd son,

Robert Weie, of Craighead, on the river Clyde, sold or
assigned his estate about 1610, and settled at Moiiaghan (now
called Hall Craig), co. Femianagh; m. a sister of Sir David
Lindsay, and d. 1633, having by her had issue,

Alexander Weir, who d. v. p. 1632. He Hi. 161 1, .\nne,
dau. of Sir John Dunbar, of Derrygonnelly, co. Fermanagh,
by whom he had issue,

John, who fell in the civil wars of 1641.
Alexander, of Hall Craig.
Jane ; and two other daus.

The younger son,

Alexander Weir, of Hall Craig, fought in tlie battle of
Worcester 1651. In Nov. 1683, he raised, jointly with James,.
son of Sir John Hume, an independant troop of Horse in
support of the Prince of Orange, and (Mr. Hume having d.)
routed a party of King James's adherent at Ballyshannon, in
June, 1689, and had part in the victory of Newtown Butler;
after this he was slain at lioyle, and was there bur. within tho
Abbey, a monument was erected by Lord Kingston on the spot
where he fell at Boherboy. By Sarah Goodwin, his wife, hw
had issue, John, who d. young, and

Robert Weir, of Hall Craig, 6. 1676 ; fought at the Battle of
the Boyne, andatAthlone, Aghrim, and Limerick, and (?. 1743.
He TO. Anne, dau. of Capt. Christopher Carleton, of Market
Hill, CO. Fermanagh, by whom he had, with several younger
children (from one of whom has descended a branch that
settled in co. Sligo, and is represented thtrc by the Weirs of
Lake "View, near Boyle) a son,

Alexander Weir, of Hall Craig, Capt. in tho Fermanagh
Militia in 1745; m. 1745, Barbara, dau. of John Crozier, Esq.
of Magheradunbar, co. F^ermanagh, and by her (who d. April,
1779) had issue,

I. Robert, of Hall Craig.

II. John, Lieut. 43rd Foot, nominated one of the esquires to
Sir Guy Carleton, upon his installation to the knighthood
of the Bath, 1779. He afterwards served in the American
War, where (having lost a leg) he d. a Capt. in the
Regt. of Invalids in 1811.

I. Barbara, m. to John Johnson, Esq. of Brookhill, co.
Mr. Weir d. Oct. 1784, and was bur. with his wife at Devenish
Church. He was s. by his elder son,

Robert Weir, Esq. of Hall Craig, J..P and^.L. co. F'er-
managh, and served as High Sheriff; m. July, 17V9, Mary, dau
of Thomas Rynd, of Ballywhillin, co. F'ermanagh, and by her
had (with five other daus. ),

John, of Hall Craig.


Mary, m. John Phillips, Esq. of Edstone, Stratford-on-Avon,
who d. Jan. 1836, leaving two daus.. tlie eldest of whom
VI. Darwin Galton, son and heir of Samuel TL-rtius Galton,
Esq. of Duddeston House, co. Warwick, by Frances Anne
Violetta, his wife, dau. of Dr. Erasmus Darwin, equally
celebrated as a physician and a poet.





Mr. Weir J. ISIS, and was 5. l)y his son,

John Weib, Esq. of Hall Craitr, Hi. Caroline Mary, dau. of
John Chamh^y, Esq. of Bik-anip, co. Dublin, and had issue,
eeveral sons and daus., the 5th of whom,

Thomas Weib, Esq., is now of Hall Craig.

&at— Hall Craig, co. Fermanagh.


^Y£LCH, George Asser White, Esq. of Arlc
House, CO. Gloucester, and Lord of the Manors of
iXovth Shoebury, and Soutlicburch Essex, J. P.,
Capt. K.X. (retired), b. 1S29 ; m. 1864, Catherine,
dau. of llajor England, and niece of Sir Eicliard
England, G.C.B., K.H., and has issue,

I. GEOBr.E AssEB White, b. 1 June, 1865.

II. Henry England, 6. 23 June, 1875.

I. Mary Anne O'Brien. ii. Anne Mannooch.

, III. Kate brace. iv. Margaret Eleanor.

Lineage. — Walter Welcu, E.;q. of Arle, son of William
Welch, Esq., by Margaret Biggs his wife ; m. Nov. 1773, Mary,
dau. of John Gregory, Esq. of Arle, and d. 1 April, 1808,
leaving by her (who J. 1782) a dau., Mary Butt, who m.
William I'arnier, Esq., and had a son,

John Gregory Welch, Esq. of Arle, J.P., 6. 16 Feb. 1775;
r,i. 28 Sept. 1797, Frances Asser, dau. and heir of Thomas
AVhite, Esq. of Alstone, near Cheltenham, and Korth Shoe-
bury, and Soutbchurch, Essex, and by her (who d. IS May,
1852) had issue,

George Asser White, late of Arle House.

John (iregory, Capt. Eoyal North Gloucester Militia, de-

Walter, late Lieut. 93th Regt., b. 1804; deceased.

Thomas White, deceased.

Caroline Mnry, deceased. Louisa Maria, deceased.

Elizabeth Gregory. Emma Matilda, deceased.

Hariiet, deceased.

Mr. Welch d., and was s. by his eldest son,

George Asser White Welch, Esq. of Arle House, J.P. and
D.L. for Essex, and J.P. for co. Gloucester, b. 13 Jan. 1800;
m. 26 Aug. 1828, Anne Catherine Gardiner, only child of
Lieut.-Col. Mannooch, of the 68th Kegt., and fiicce of Vice-
Adniiial Sir Edward Brace, K.C.B., and by her (who d. 5
March, 1879) had issue,

I. George Asser White, now of Arle House.

n. Edward, Capt. 93rd Highlanders, 6. 1835 ; m. 1860, Sophia
Anne, dau. of the late Major England : and d. 1865, leaving

III. Frederick William, Major late 93rd Highlanders, b. 27
Jan. 1842.

IV. Septimus Charles, late 9th Foot, ft. 1845.

V. Alban Henry Drew, b. 1847 ; d. 1830.

VI. Francis Gregory, 6. 1849.

I. Catherine .^^nne Mary, m. 1861, her cousin. Major John
Philip B. Forstcr. late of the 4th and 83rd Itegts.

II. Barbara Henrietta, m. 18.^5, Frederick Thamas Curtis,
Esq., Barrister-at-Law, and d. 1860.

III. Louisa Frances, d. IS.'iI.

IV. Maria Elizabeth, d. 1859.

V. Agnes Brace, d. 1861.

Mr. Welch d. 8 Feb. 1874, and was s. by his eldest son.

Arms — Az., on a fess engrailed between six mullets or, a
lion passant of the first. Ci-est — An antelope's head erased az.
trillettee or, holding in the mouth a cross-crosslet fitchee.

Seat — Arle House, near Cheltenham.

ttiii— Junior United Service.


Weld, Reoixald Joseph, Esq. of Lulworth
Castle, CO. Dorset, b. 24 May 1842.

Lineagre. — Several genealogical writers, including Guil-
lim, bear testimony to the Saxon origin of this ancient family,
which tradition has handed down time out of mind. Guillim's
Dii-play of Hcraldi-y, describing the arms of Humphrey Weld,
Esq. of Lulivorth, Governor of Portland Castle, temp.
Charles 11., adds that the Welds are " lineally descended from
Edric Sylvaticus, alias Wild, a Saxon of great renown in the
reigns of King Harold and William the Conqueror, whose
father, Alfric, was brother to Edrick, of Stratton, Duke of

William Weld, Sheriff of London, 25 Edward III., settled
at Eaton, co. Chester. He to. Anne, dau. of Nicholas de
Whcttenhall, and had (with two younger sons, who settled in
Bucks and Suffolk) a son and heir.

William Weld, of Eaton, m. Margaret, dau. of William
Bostock, and was father of

John Weld, of Eaton, in. Ellen, dau. of John Brucn, of
Tarporley, and had a son and successor,

Edward Weld, m. Margaret, dau. of Thomas Cotgreare, of
Chustleton, co. Chester, and was s. by his son,

John' Weld, of Eaton, m. Margaret, only dau. and heir of
James Boton, of Tiverton, Devon, and was father of

John Weld, m. Joanna, dau. of John Fitz Hugh, of Con-
gleton, and had three sons,

I. KoBERT, of Eaton, m. Elenora, dau. of Robert Oklton, of
Wctten Hall.

II. John, who settled at Willoy, Salop, and was patriarch of
tlie Welds of that place.

III. liichard, of Holt.

IV. Hdmphbey (Sir).

The 4th son.

Sir Humphrey Weld, Knt., took up his abode at Holdwell,
CO. Herts. He was Sheriff of London 1599, and Lord Mayor
ten years afterwards. Sir Humphrey in. Ann, dau. of Nicholas
Wheler, Esq., and left, with two daus., at his decease in 1610,
a son and successor,

Sir John Weld, Knt. of Arnolds, Middlesex, m. Frances,
dau. of William Whitmore, Esq., by whom (who d. 1056) he
had issue,

r. Thomas, d. young.

II. Humphrey, his heir.

III. John (Sir), of Compton Bassett, Wilts, a Knight Ban-
neret. This gallant person m. 1648, Mary, dau. of William,
Lord Stourton, and dying 11 July, 1674, Jeft an only son,

William, who s. his uncle Humphrey.

IV. George, m. Bridget, dau. of — Thimblethorp, Esq., co.
Lincoln, and d. 1C96, leaving two daus.

Cicely, m. James Mahony, Viscount of Oldcastle, Spain.
Elizabeth, Ml. 1st, — Dickenson, Esq.. and 2ndly, X'hilip
Stafford, Esq.

I. Anne, m. Sir J. Cutts, of Childerley.

II. Mary, m. Thoma.s Allen, Esq. of Finchley.

III. Frances, ni. — Martin, Esq. of co. Buckingham.

IV. Margaret, m. William Bowyer, Esq. of Deuham Court,

Sir John Weld d. 1022, and was s. by his eldest son,

Humphrey Weld, Esq. of Holdwell. This gentleman was
Governor of Portland Castlo. He purchased, 1641, from the
Howard family, the manor of Lulworth, and divers other
extensive estates in Dorset. He ni. Clare, youngest dau. of
Thomas, Lord Arundell of Wardour, by whom he liad an only
dau., JIary, ra. Nicholas TaalTe, Earl of Carlingford. Mr.
Weld d. about the year 1G84, and was bur. in King Henry
VII. 's chapel, Westminster. His nephew,

William Weld, Esq., s. to his estates, and thus became of
" Lulworth." This gentleman m. 1072, Elizabeth, dau. of
Richard Shireburn, Esq. of Stonyhurst, co. Lancaster, by
whom he had issue,
John, rf. \oung.
Humphrey, his heir.

Mary, in. Nicholas Fairfax, Esq., nephew of Lord Fairfax,
and after his decease m. Sir Francis Hungate, Bart. ; by tha
latter she had an only dau.,
Mary Hungate, m. Sir Edward Gascoigne, of Parlington.
Mr. Weld d. 1698, and was s. by his only surviving son,

HuMrnKEY Weld, Esq. of Lvtlworth Castle, m. 1701, Mar-
garet, only dau. of Sir James Simeon, Bart, of CliiUvortli,
and left issue,
Edward, his heir.

Thomas, who assumed the surname of Simeon. He m. Mary,
dau. of Ihomas Fitzherbcrt, Esq. of Swinnerton, by whom
(who d. 1707) he had an only dau.,
Mary Simeon, who took the veil at Bruges, Flanders.
Mary, m. 1728, Edward Horsley Widdrington, Esq. of Felton,
Northumberland, by whom (who </. 1749) she had an only

Elizabeth Margaret Widdrington, heiress of her father, m.
Tliumas Hidden, Esq. of Swinburne Castle, Northumber-

Elizabeth, d. unm. 1791.
Humphrey Welu d. 1722, and was s. by his son,

Edward Weld, Esq. of Lulworth Castle, b. 1705; m. 1st,
1727, Catherine Elizabeth, dau. of Walter, Lord Aston, of
Forfar, but by her had no issue. He m. 2ndly, 1740, Miry,
Theresa, dau. of John Vaughan, Esq. of Courtfield, by whom
(who d. 1754) he had four sons and one dau., Mary, who
became " a poor Clare," at Aire, in Artois. Hed.8 Dec. 1761,
and was s. by his eldest son,

Edward Weld, Esq. of Lulworth, b. 1741; m. 1st, 1763,
Juliana, dau. of Robert, Lord Petre ; and 2ndly, 1775, Mary





Anne, youngest dau. of Walter Smytlie, Esq. of BramTjridge,
CO. Hants, but had no issue. He d. 1775, and his widow m.
Thomas Fitzhertiurt, Esq. of Swinnerton, whom she survived.
Mr. Weld was s. hy his only surviving brother,

Thomas Weld, Esq. of Lulworth Castle, 0. 24 Aug. 1750,
who founded the Catholic College at Stonyhurst. He in. 1772,
Mary, eldest dau. of Sir John Stanley Massey Stanley, Bart, of
Hooton, and by her (who d. 1 Aug. 1838) had issue,

I. Thomas, his heir.

II. Edward, b. 18 Dec. 177.5; d. young.

III. Joseph, of Lulworth Castle, of whom presently.

IV. John, 6. 15 June, 1780, a Friest, deceased.

V. William, 6. 31 Aug. 1781; d. 19 Oct. 1782.

VI. Humphrey, of Chideock, Dorset {see Weld of Clddcock

vir. James, 6. 30 April, 1785; m. 15 July, 1812, Juliana
Anne, dau. of Robert Edward, lOth Lord Petre, and had
1 Henry. 2 Francis, a Priest.

S Philip, d. 1846.

1 Anna Maria. 2 Catherine.

3 Agnes, a Nun. 4 Charlctte.

■vni. George, of Leagrim Park, co. Lancaster, 6. 2 8 Sept.
1786 ; m. Maria, dau. of John Searle, Esq. of Londou, and
■ ijL. 31 March, 1866, having had issue,

1 John, of Leagrim Park, J. P. and D.L., m. 1846, Eleanor,
dau. of Nicholas Selby, Esq., and has issue.

2 George, 22nd llegt., d. in India, Nov. 1844.

S Arthur. 4 Alfred (liev.), S. J.

b Walter.

1 Emma. 2 Georgiana.

C Maria Theresa. 4 Louisa.

IX. Francis, h. 30 Sept. 1787 ; d. Jan. 1788.

I. Juliana, d. v.nm.

II. Mary Theresa, a Nun of ihe Order of St. Francis Sales.

III. Catherine Winifred, m. 1800, William, Lord Stourton.

IV. Elizabeth Mary, m. Charles Bodenham, Esq. of Itother-
was, CO. Hereford.

V. Clara, a Nun of the Order of St. Francis Sales.

VI. Theresa, m. William Vaughan, Esq. of Courtfleld.
Mr. Weld d. 1810, and was «. by his eldest son,

Thomas Weld, Esq. of Lulworth Castle, b. 22 Jan. 1773,
TO. 1796, Lucy, dau. of Hon. Thomas Clifford, and had an only

Mary Lucy, m. 1818, Hugh Charles, Lord Clifford, of Chud-
leigh, and d. May, 1831, lea\ing issue.

After the decease of his wife, Mr. Weld took holy orders, was
promoted to a Bishopric in the Itonian Catholic Church, and
became a Cardinal 1829. Dr. Weld was the first Englishman
■who had a seat in the Conclave since the pontitkate of
Clement IX. He d. 10 April, 1837, and was s. by his

Joseph Weld, Esq. of Lulworth C.astle, 6. 27 Jan. 1777 ; m.

23 Nov. 1802, Hon. Elizabeth Charlotte Stourton, 4th dau. of

Charles Philip, 16th Lord Stourton, and by her (who d. 16 Jan.

1864) had issue,

Edward Joseph, late of Lulworth.

Thomas, who assumed the additional surname of Blundell

(see Welu Blundell).
Joseph, of The Lodge, Lymington, Hants, J.P., 6. 19 June,
1815, m. 21 Nov. 1848, Flora MacDonnell, 4th dau. of Sir
Joseph Eadcliffe, Bart, of Budding Park, co. York, and has
. issue,

1 Wilfrid Joseph, b. 28 Sept. 1849. 2 Henry,

3 John. 4 Joseph Edward.

1 Clare.

2 Emily, m. John Coventry, Esq., Burgate House, Hants.

3 EUzabeth. 4 Flora.
5 Monica, a Nun.

Mary, m. 1803, Lieut.-Col. Vaughan, of Courtfleld, co. Mon-
.Mary Anne, d. unm.
He (7. 19 Oct, 18C3, and was s. by his eldest son,

Edwakd Joseph Weld, of Lulworth Castle, J. P. and D.L.,
■who served as High Sheriff of that county, b. 8 June, 1806 ; m.
9 Aug. 1838, Ellen Caroline, eldest dau. of Sir Bourchier-Palk
Wrey, Bart, of Tawstock Court, Devon, and by her (who d. 13
Ott. 1866) had issue,

I. Edward Bourchier, d. young.

II. Keginald Joseph, now of Lulworth.

III. Shireburu Joseph, 6. 17 Dec. 1844.

IV. Humphrey Joseph, 6. 1854.

I. Caroline Filomina, m. 1862, Henry Silvertop, Esq. of
Minster Acres, Northumberland, who d. 3 Dec. 1887.

II. .^lary Teresa, m. 1870, Sir William Vavasour, Bart, of
Haslewood Castle, co. York.

iji. Florence Mary, 571. 1872, Edward Wolseley, Esq., nest

brother of Sir Charles Wolseley, Bart.
IV. Agn 5 Frances.
■\'. Con^ ice Ehzabeth.
■VI. Elea, /r Mary, a Nun.

Mr. Weld d. 8 Dec. 1877.

Arms — Az.,afcsR, nebul6 between three crescents erm. with
numerous quarterings. O-esf— Out of a ducal coronet ppr. a
wyvern sa., guttee d'or. Motto — Nil sine numine.

Seat — Lulworth Castle, Wareham, Dorset.


Weld-Blundeli, Charies Joseph, Esq. of
Ince Blundell, co. Lancaster, J.P., b. 23 Dec. 18 U ;
educated at Stonyhurst and Ch. Cli. Oxford ; m.
14 May, ISS-i, Charlotte Catherine Marcia, dau. of
Hon. Charles Pieri'epoint D'Arcy Lane Fox, broth ur
of Sackville George, Lord Conyers, and has issue,

I. EicHAKD, 6. 1887
I. Mary Teresa.

II. Lewis, b. 1883.
II. Alice Mary.

Xilneag'e. — Thomas Weld-Blcndell, Esq. of Ince Blun-
dell, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1852, 2nd son of Jo-eph
Weld, Esq. of Lulworth Castle, co. Dorset, by the Hon.
Elizabeth Charlotte Stourton (see Weld of Lulworth) s. by will
to the estate of his kinsman, the late Charles Robert Blundell,
Esq. of Ince Blundell, and assumed in consequence, the
additional surname of Blundell, m. 6 Nov. 1S39, Teresa Mary
Eleanora, youngest dau. of William Michael Thomas Vaughan,
Esq. of Courtfleld, and had issue,

I. Charles Joseph, now of Ince Blundell.

II. Henry Joseph, b. 25 July, 1848.
lu. Herbert Joseph, b. 7 Jan. 1852.

IV. Edward Thomas Joseph, b. 4 Nov. 1856, priest, O.S.B.
v. Alfred Joseph, b. 20 April, 1860, Priest, O.S.B.
I. Mary Elizabeth Frances, a Nun, d. 1872.
n. Teresa Mary Anne.

III. Alice m. 14 Nov 1865 Simon, Lord Lovat.

IV. Edith Mary Catherine, a Nun.

v. Winifred Mary, m. 6 June, 1882, Robert Edward Walmcs-
ley, Esq. of Parkstone, co. Dorset.

VI. Annette Mary, m, 22 April, 1879, George Sackville
Frederick Lane Fox, Esq., eldest son of George Lane
Fox, Esq. of Braraham Park, Yorkshire, and has issue.

VII. Clare Mary Monica.

Mr. Weld-Blundell d. 3 Jan. 1887.

Arms — Az., ten billets, four, three, two, and one, and a can-
ton or, charged with a raven ppr., quarterly with Wkld. Crista
— A squirrel 'Sejant gu., collared and holding a nut or, and
for Weld— A wyvern sa. guttee d"or collared chained and
wings or.

6eoJ— Ince Blundell Park, Blundellsands, Lancashire.


Weld, IIumphrey Frederick, Esq. of Chideock
Manor, co. Dorset, J. P., Lieut. 1st Vo

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