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Aug. 1815, the Hon. Emily Susan Waldegrave, eldest dau.
of William, late Lord Radstock, and d. 24 Aug. 1860, having
had by her (who d. 12 April, 1870),
Edward Perceval, late of Roebuck Castle.
Emily Elizabeth, to. Rev. F. Braitliwaite.
Erina Laura, d. 1 March, 1834.

Caroline Mary, m. 6 Nov. 1861, Rev. George Edward Prescott,
Rector of Digswcll, Herts, grandson of Sir George William
Prescott, Bare.
Louisa Isabella, m. 9 Nov. 1847, Marcus Keane, Esq., J. P., of

Beech Park, co. Clare.
Horatio Caroline, in. Lieut. -Col. Baron De Teissier, who d.

17 Aug. 1884.
Edward Perceval Westby, Esq. of Roebuck Castle, co.





Dublin, and Kilballvowen and Ecscoe, co. Clare, D.L., High
Sheiitf 1S54. vi. 1st, 13 Oct. ISOS, Elizabeth Mary, rtau. of the
late Riglit Hon. Francis Blaokburne, Lord Chancellor of Ire-
land, and by her (who U. 1S03) had issue,

I. wilham Francis IVreeval, 6. 17 Nov. 1S54 ; d. 23 June,

II. Kbakcis Vanpeleuk, now of Kocbuck CasUe.
I. Emily Jane Laura.

Jlr. Westby »i. ■:ndly, 16 June, 1S64, Susan Elizabeth, dau. of
John Davis CxMrile, Esq., and d. 23 April, 1893.

<n»s-Quartcrly : 1st and 4th, arg,, on a chevron az tlirce
tiiio'icfoils pierced of the first; I'nd, arc, on a chief indented
"U three crosses-crostlel fitchee of the field; 3rd, or, three
J^-irbs verf over all, in the centre of the shield a mullet gu. tor
difT (Yfif— A martlet sa. holding in its beak a stalk of wheat
i>pr.,with three ears or. charged on the breast with a mullet
Kold. J/<>«o— Nee voicntie noc volanti.

^eat— lioebuck CasUe, Dundrum, near Dublin.


Weston, Henry Macgeeooe, Esq. of West
Horsley Place, Surrey, J.P. and County Councillor,
I. 3 May, 1S53 ; m. 1885, Daisy Violettc Henrietta,
eldest dau. of the late Henry William Olipliant,

Lineage.— ADiM de Weston, of Surrey, who had the
manor of Weston, C King John, was son of Walter de Weston,
grandson of Sir Ralph de Weston, Lord of Wistanestone,
Changton. Chitttington, Ilccnc, <fcc., Sussex, and
son of Kadulpuus de Weston, who had from William, Lordde
B.-aose, Baron of Brcmber, Wistancston, for twelve hides, and
Sultingfs, for seventeen, 20 William the CoNQnEKOR. Adam
de Weston's great-grandson.

Sir William de Weston, Knt., m. the Lady Joan de Pon-
tisse, and had four sons, William, his heir ; Walter (Kev.), of
AVernbam, Sussex ; Thomas, Lord of the Manor of Weston,
Shire, Surrey, living 33 Edward I., and John. The eldest

William de Weston, Esq., Eschcator to the King forSurrey,
Sussex, Middlesex, and Kent, 22 Edward I., m. 1st, Alice, dau.
and co-heiress of Matthew do Boville, of West Clandon, Surrey,
and by her had a son,

William, Lord of Wcstnn and West Clandon, Snrroy, m.

Margery, dau. and co-heir of Thomas and Juliana Homey n,

of clapliam, Surrey, and by her had three sons, William,

Edmund, and Richard, all three of whom d. s. p.

He m. 2ndly, Isabella, dau. and co-heiress of Wattcr Bargeis,

of Horsham, Sussex, and by her had two sons, William and

Walter. The elder son,

William Weston, of Sende, aged 19, 19 Edward II., m.
Amy, dau. of Sir Jacob de Norton, Knt., Hants, and cousin
and heir of Sir Richard de Norton, Knt., and by her (who
m. 2ndly, Edmund de Lenham, of Slinfold, Sussex) was father

William de Weston, of Sende, West Clandon, and Paper-
worth, m. Agnes, dau. and heir of Elie de Climsfield, of Slin-
fold, Sussex, by Agnes his wife, heir of John Dunstavell, and
has two sons, William, his heir ; and Robert, Lord cf Claphani,
Surrey. The elder son and heir,

William Weston, High Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex, m.
Joan, only dau. and heir of John Leghe, of Cateshull, and
Ertingdon, Surrey, and had by her a son,

William Weston, Esq. of West Clandon, who received
IIor?ham and otlier lands as gifts from his father. He was
High Sheriff for Surrey and Sussex 5 Henry V., and ni.Maud,
dan. and co-htircss of Thomas Harberger, of Sutton, near Pet-
worth, Sussex, by Margery his wife, dau. and co-heirecs of John
Sutton, and was father of

William Weston, Esq. of Ockham and Sende, Surrey,
Esclieator of the King for Surrey and .Sussex, 26 Henri VI.,
1448, m. Margaret, dau. and co-heiress of Edmund Richking,
of Ivcr and Langley Marish, Bucks, and was father of

John Weston, Esq. of Ockham andSende, whohad Horsham,
AVarnham, Hcckinfield, and Sutton, Sussex, 4 Edward IV.
He ra. Margaret, dau. of Jchn Mltford, and sister and heir of
John Mitford, of Jlolesden, Northumberland, and d. 14 June,
iitsZ, having had two sons, John, his heir; and Thomas, of
Cbipsted, Kent. The elder son and heir,

John V.'eston, Esq. of Ockham and Sende, m. Alice, dau. of
William Edsawe, of Pctworth, and was father of

John Weston, Esq. of Ockham, Sende, Horsham, andWarn-
ham, -,/i. Ist, Joan, dau. of Thomas Only, by Clemence his
wife, of Stamerham, Sussex, and by her had three sons. He

m. 2nilly, Juliana, dau. of Oliver Sandes, of Sherc, Surrey, and
by her had three sons. The son of the 2nd marriage,

John Weston, Esq. of Ookkam and Sende, m. Juliana, dau.
and heir of John Freeland, of Ockham, Surrey, and had issue,
John, his heir; Edward of Chertscy; and tliree daus. The
elder son and heir,

John Weston, Esq., to. May, dau. of John Vaulx,of Lam-
beth, and had issue, besides daus., two sons, Henrt, his heir;
and I'^dward, successor to his brother. The former,

Henry Weston, of Ockham and Sende, built the mansion,
Ockham House, now standing. He hi. Sarah, dau. of Lawrence
Stoughtnn, Knt. of Stoughton Stoke, Surrey, and dying s. p.
1638, was s. by his brother.

Rev. Edward Weston, D.D.,Lordof the Manor, and Rector
of Spcldhurst, Kent, m. Elizabeth, relict of George Elliot, and
dau. of John Tylden, of Milstead, Kent, and by her (who d.
1G4G> left a son and successor,

Henry Weston. Esq., High Sheriff for Surrey and Sussex
IGGl, m. 1639, Katherine, dau. of Sir William Ford, of Halt-
ing, Sussex, and his wife, sister of Henry and John ireton,
Deputy of Ireland, and d. 1G66, having had (with numerous
other children), John, his heir; Katherine, j;i. Sir Richard
Heath, Knt., Baron of the Exchequer, and Judge of the Com-
mon Pleas : and Anne, m. Sir Thomas Vernon, Knt., M.P. for
the city of London. The eldest son and heir,

John Weston, Esq., M.P. forSurrey, High Sheriff 1G37, and
subsequently I'.eceiver-Gon. for the co., sold Ockham to Sir
Peter King, afterwards Lord Chancellor. Hem. Frances, dau.
and co-heiress of H. Hall, Esq. of Gretford, co. Lincoln, andd.
1712, having had numerous issue, of which the eldest son,

Henry Weston, Esq. of Chertsey and West Ilorsley, derived
property in Chertsey from Sir W. Perkins, Knt., 1744, and
from w'. Nicholas, the estate of West Ilorsley, 1749. He to.
Anne Copperthwaite, an heiress, and d. 1759, leaving (besides
a dau. Anne, m. Horace St. Paul, Esq. of Ewart Park, North-
umberland, Col. in the Austrian service, and Count of the
Holy Roman Empire) a son and heir,

Henry Perkins Weston, Esq. of West Horsley, m. 1st,,
Marianne dau. of Sebastien Bergier de Kovereaz, of Laus-
anne, Switzerland, and by her (who d. 11 March, 17S9J had

Ferdinand Fcllerton, his heir.
Charles Henry Samdel, successor to his brother.
Frederick Alexander, Lieut.-Col. H.E.I.C.S., d. 1837.
Mary Augusta, m. Charles Sigismund Cerjat, Lieut.-Col.
of the Iloy.als, or 1st Dragoons, of Lausanne and Moudon,
Swiizerland, and d. 1828.
Mr. Weston to. 2ndly, 2 April, 1790, Jeanne Marie, dau. of
Joseph Samuel Bergier du Mont, of Lausanne, and by her
(who d. 1804) had issue,

John Samdel Henry, of West Horsley.
William Francis, settled in New South Wale.s, m. Elizabeth
Crouch, and(i. 1826, having bad issue, William Henry, d.
1837 : Augusta, m. Richard Brook, Esq. of New South
Wales; Mary Anne, d. 1838; and Elizabeth.
George Horace, d. 1826.

Geoige Edward Nicholas, settled in New South Wales, m.
Blanche, dau. of Lieut.-Col. George Johnston, 102nd Rcgt.»
and has issue,
Edward Henry, h. 30 Aug. 1833.
Frederick, 6. 1830.

Julia Maria. Blanche Eliza.


John Finch, &. 1799; d. 1815.

Augustine Charles, d. 1811.
Mr. Weston d. 4 March, 1826, and was s. by his eldest son,

Ferdinant) Follerton Weston, Esq. of West Horsley, m.
Harriet Eliza, dau. of William Babington, Esq. of Oporto, and
had one dau. Anne Henrietta. He d. June, 1835, and was s.
by his brother,

Rev. Charles Henry Samdel Weston, M.A., of West
Horsley Place, 6. 1780 ; d. s. p. 20 April, 1849, and was 5. by
his brother,

John Samdel Henry Weston, Esq. of West Horsley, C.B.,
Lieut.-Col. 31st Bengal Native Infantry, which Regiment ho
commanded at the storming and capture of Khelat, 1839. He
r,i. 1st, Sarah, dau. of Major-Gen. M'Gregor, and by her (who
(/. 1820) had a son, Henry, his heir ; and a dau. Mary Isabella
Adams, d. 1840. He to. 2ndly, Margaret, dau. of Rev. Patrick
Nicolso'n, Minister of Thurso, Caithness, N.B., and by her(who
d. 1833) had one son, Malcolm Charles, b. Aug. 1832, d. 1856;
and three daus., Augusta Cerjat, m. 1852, the late Lieut.
Frederick Jeune, 25th Bengal Native Infantry ; Jessie, d. an
infant; and Henrietta Jane. Col. Weston m. 3rdly, April,
1840, Jessie Macdonald, of George Playfair, M.D., of the
Medical Establishment, Bengal, and by her also had issue,





Gforge Edward, Frederick Lyon, Edward Evatt, and John
Samuel Henry. Col. Weston d. 8 Oct. 1850, and was s. by his

Hen-kt Weston, Esq. of West Horsley Place, 6. 5 Sept. 1825 ;
VI. 14 Nov. 1850, Frances Harriet, dau. of Augustus Hubbard
La Faguer, Esq. of Husband Bosworth, co. Leicester, and had

Henry Macgbegob, now of West Horsley.

Charles Edward, b. 8 June, 1855.

Walter John, b. 28 June, 1856.

Frances Henrietta.
He d. 6 April, 1863.

Arms—Ssi., a chevron or, between three lions' heads erased
arg. langued gu. Crfst—A wolf passant arg. ducally gorged
or. Motto — Gloria sat Deus unus.

Scat— West Horsley Place, near Leatherhead, Surrey.

Hesidence — Kingsclere, Walerden Koad, Guilford.


Weston, William Heney Pcecell, Esq. of
Wolveton, co. Dorset, M.A. Cambridge, b. 7 Feb.
1829 ; ni. 8 Dec. 1857, Alda Gertrude, dau. of Sir
John Hesketh Lethbridge, 3rd Bart, of Sandhill,
and lias issue,

I. Elizabeth, m. 1883, Commendatore Felice, Visconti di
Massino, Prefetto di Siena, and has issue,

Francesio Guiseppe, b. 1889.
Alda Maria.
Valentina Maria.

II. Alda Annie, m. 4 Oct. 1387, Henry Hugh Hoare, Esq., of
Wavendon House, Bucks, and Oxenham, Devon (see
Bukke's Peerage and Baronetage), and has issue,

Henry Colt Arthur.

III. Frances Gertrude Katharine, m. 1880, Jean Baptiste
Fernand Lanore.

Liineag'e. — The " Westonorum antiquissimae et equestris
fiimiliae Genealogia," was complied by Sir William Segar,
Garter King of Arms, in 1632, and has been amplified and
confirmed by the late C. Howard Gibbon, Esq., Richmond
Herald, and by recent research.

Hamo, son of Ralph de Bailleul, otherwise. Sir Hamo de
Weston, Knt., was the first of his race known by the name of
his manorof Weston-under-Lyzard, co. Stafford, held, amongst
many others, by Reginald de Bailleul at Domesday. The Pipe
Roll, 22 Henby II. records that he was punished directly by
Henry II. for disaffection to the Crown by infraction of the
Royal Forest Laws, and 11 John, 1209, he was indicted for a
timilar offence. He is named repeatedly as a knight of Great
Assize in the Curia Regis Rolls. He was dead 1214, when his
■widow, Agnes, is mentioned (Curia Regis Roll, 16 John). From
lilm the Westons, of Boston, co. Lincoln, of Prested Hall, co.
Essex, and of Sutton Place, co. Surrey, derived their origin.
Robert, his 2nd son, inherited Berterton, co. Stafford, and he
was s. in Weston by his eldest son,

OsBEET de Weston, named in the Assize Roll I John, and in
other documents. He d. prior to 19 Henry III., and was s. by
his elder son and heir,

Sia Hugh de Weston, Knt., Escheator of Staffordshire, 1254.
The Plea Rolls 52-56, Henry III., show that he was accused of
having taken part in the defence of the town of Stafford against
the king, and other acts of rebellion, but he did not incur
forfeiture. Dying without issue by Margery his wife, he was
«. by his brother,

John de Weston, designated " Magister" in a grant by his
son. Sir Hugh, to the Abbey of Buildwas, and in other docu-
ments, and who is named, 56 Henry III., as father of Henry
and William de Weston, his younger sons. He was dead 1272,
in which year his eldest son.

Sir Hugh de Weston, Knt., was holding one knight's fee in
Weston. Letters of protection were granted to him 1272-3
whilst proceeding to Rome. He is often named as a juror co.
Stafford. By his wife, Agnes Stratton, he left.

Sir Hugh de Weston, Knt., who 1285 received from King
Edward I. a grant of free warren in Weston, and 25 Edward
I. he was cn-dered to march to York with his men-at-arms to
join the king in the war against the Scots. Hed. 1304, and by
his wife, who was one of the Audeley family, he left an only

Sib John de Weston, Knt., who m. 1st, Isabella de Bromley,

by whom he had issue, Thomas, of whom presently, and five

daus. She d. 1317, and was bur. in the church at Weston,

where the remains of the memorial window to her husband and


herself still exists. [An illustration of this interesting relic is
given in " Dallaway's Heraldry."] Sir John m. 2ndly, Isolda
de Newton, by whom, with other isi5ue, he had Robert, cf
whom presently, and Sir John de Weston de Brough. He w.ts
Constable of the Tower of London, temp. Edward II., and
dying in 1349, was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas de Weston, temp. Edwaed III., who, by Catherine
de Foulhurst his wife, had a son, Robert, who d. without issue.
On the death of Thomas, his sisters succeeded as co-heiresses
and the estate of Weston passed out of the family, the re-
presentation being continued in the direct male line by the
eldest son of Sir John, by his second marriage.

Robert de Weston, who had received from his father a
messuage in Weston, and who was possessed of Berterton,
which, from the reign of King John, had been held by the
cadets of the family. He was living 32 Edward III., and was
s. by his son,

John de Weston, of Berterton and Newton, temp. Edward

III. and Richard II., named in several deeds. He acquired ,
Ilagley, near Rugeley, which was held by his descendants until
the end of the last century. He was s. by his son,

Richard Weston, of Rugeley, named in the purchase and
transfer of lands in Rugeley, Ilandsacre, Brereton, Longdon,
(tc, and who, with his wife Agnes, is mentioned frequently
from 4 to 26 Henry VI. He was s. by his son,

Richard Weston, of Rugeley, who d. before 6 Henry VII.,
when the name of Agnes, his widow, occurs in divers docu-
ments. He was s. by his son,

John Weston, of Rugeley, named in deeds from 21 Edward

IV. to 6 Henry VII. By his wife Agnes, he had fours son,

I. Richard AVeston, of Rugeley, who succeeded, and whose
descendants continued to hold Hagleyfor several genera-
tions, and whose monuments still exist in the old church of

II. Edmund, a cleric. in. William, a cleric.
IV. John.

His 4th son was,

John Weston, of Lichfield, who 18 Henry VII. m. Ceuilia,
dau. of Ralph, Lord Nevill of Raby, who d. in the lifetimeof
his father, Ralph, Earl of Westmorland. He was 80 years old
and blind when he d., leaving with other issue,

I. Edmund, Chancellor of Chichester.

II. Richard, Justice of Common Pleas, temp. Elizabeth,
whose son, Sir Jerome Weston, was father of Sir Richard
Weston, created Earl of Portland, who d. Lord High Trea-
surer, tern}}. Charles I.

III. RoBEBT, of whom presently.

IV. James, Registrar of Diocese of Lichfield and Coventrv,
M.P. for Lichfield 1585-6.

v. Christopher, of Tamworth.

The 3rd son,

Robert Weston, of Weeford, co. Stafford, LL.D., Fellow of
All Souls, Oxon; Dean of Arches; Dean of St. Patrick's,
Dublin. His noteworthy life and death are chronicled by
Hollinshed. He d. 1573, and was bur. in St. Patrick's
Cathedral, Dublin, having served for several years with great
distinction as Lord Chancellor of Ireland. By his 2nd wife,
Alice, dau. of John Bigges, of Isleworth, widow of G. Aunsham,
of Heston, he left no issue, but by his 1st wife, Alice, dau.
of Richard Jenyngs, of Barr, he left, with three daus., an only

John Weston, D.C.L., Canon and Treasurer of Christ
Church, Oxon; d. 1632. Monument in Christ Church. He
left with other issue, by his wife Anne, dau. of J ohn Freeman,
who d. 1663, an only son,

John Weston, M.A., Vicar of Cholsey, co. Berks, subse-
quently Rector of All Hallows, Lombard Street, London, Pre-
bendary of Bath and Wells, "who for his loyalty was
sequestered by the rebels," circa 1642. He d. 1660, leaving,
with other issue, by Martha, 4th dau. of Stephen Pears, of
Richmond, co. Sun-ey, Keeper of the Wardrobe to Queen
Elizabeth, Jasees I., and Charles I., a son,

Henry Weston, of Lane House, co. Dorset, who subsequent
to his marriage with Mary, dau. of John Buckler, of Radipole,
CO. Dorset, acquired lands in that county. He d. 1705, leaving
with other issue,

Henry Weston, of Lane House, m. Anne, dau. of Andrew
Buckler, of Radipole, and d. 1748, leaving four sons,

I. Henry, d. 1773, whose son Henry, of Lane House, d. 1797,
was father of Henry, who dying ,<;. p. 1832, left Lane House,
<L'c., to his relative. Roper Weston, of whom presently.

It. William, of whom presently.

in. Peter, of Lane House, d. s. p. 1751.

IV. Richard, d. young.

His 2nd son,
William Weston "i. Mary, dau. and heir of Henry

6 z





Samwavs, of Bincomtie, co. Dorset, ami d. 17S1, leaving, with
other issue,

I. "William, of whom presently.

II. Samuel, who m. Mary, dau. of James AYillis. He (f. 1S17,
leaving, with other issue,

James Willis, m. Anne, dau. of John Croneh, by his 2nd
wife Elizabeth Puvehase. He d. 1S3!), Icaviiis issue (alone
suivivins infancy) by his wife, who d. 1S4J,

1 MontiiRU Charles, d. 1S92.

2 Gould Kead UuNTEa- Weston. -See Hcnteb of Hun-

1 Eniinelinc, d. 1S72.

The tides t son,

William Westok, 7?i. Mary, dau. of Thomas Eoper,of Torb-
land, CO. Dorset, and d. 1S30, leaving with other issue,

KoFER Weston, of Lane House, m. Elizabeth, dau. and heir
of Joseph Turcell, of Kilcorney, co. Cork, and d. 1S55, leaving
with other issue,

William Henet Purcell Weston, now of Wolveton.

^^,.„).s_Quarterly , 1st and 4th or, an eagle displayed sa.: 2nd
and Srd erm., on a chief az. live bezants. Crest — An eagle
rising sa. beaked and membered or. Jlotto — Aquila non cupit

Seat — Wolveton, Dorchester.


MASST-WESTEorp, Jonx, Esq. of Attyflin, co.
Limerick, and Clonnioncy, co. Clare, J. P. for
Limerici, B.A., T.C.D. 18(J0, Col. 1st Vol. Batt.
King's Own Eoyal Lancaster Eegt., and late Capt.
3rd -Batt. King's Own Eegt., b. 8 March, 1837 ; m.
3 June, 1859, Margaret, youngest dau. of Thomas
Eobert Wilson ffrance, Esq. of Eawcliffe Hall, co.
Lancaster, and by her (who d. 12 Jan. 1885) has

I. John Thomas, of Eoonard, co. Clare, h. 28 April, 1860,
Capt. 12th Lancers, m. 16 June, 1890, Georgina, dau. of
Frederick. W'illiani Kennedy, Esq., and has issue,

John Francis Ralph, b. 6 April, 1801.

II. Kalph Henry, C.E., 6. 23 April, 1S64.

lu Frances Stamer, b. 10 Feb. 1867, m. and settled in
Temora, Australia.

I. ilary Georgina.

II. JIargaret, d. young, 16 June, 1870.

III. Anna Cecilia Dillon.

He adopted the prefix surname of Massy, 1875.

Liineag'e. — The Westropps appear as living in Northern
Lincolnshire in 1277, Thomas, son of Nicholas de Westhorp,
and his wife Alicia de Boleby, being defendants in a lawsuit.
In 12S2, son and heir of Edward de Westhorp, and Johan de
Manby, his wife, was living at Brompton, near Scarborough,
and in 1321, William de Westhorp, witnessed a charter of
AVhitby Abbey, to the convent of Wickham, near Brompton,

Thcmas de Westhorpe, son of the above John Wcstropp,
■was executor to the will of Rev. Robert de Plays, of Brompton,
in 134.5; m. a dau. of Thomas Linaker. Their son,

John de Westhorpe, of Brompton, m. Jane, dau. and
tventual heiressof John Fitz-Edmond Thweny, Esq.of Com-
liorough, near Sheriffliutton (the will of her brother Marma-
duke Thweny dates 1426). He d- 1369 (Inquisition post-
mortem), having had issue, with three sons, Anthony of
Whitby, James, who m. a dau. of Gerard Salvyn, and Rev.
Thomas Westhorp, Rector of Newton,

William Westhorpe, of Brompton, one of a jury that tried
a claim of Whitby Abbey to certain lands 1421 ; m. Isabel,
dau. of Thomas Wentworth, and had issue, with a son John,
priest of St. Andrew's, Newton, living 1452 (his will dates 19
Dec. 141)0, proved Jan. 1491), and three daus., Isabella, wife
of Thomas Greene, Esq. of Stansale ; Johan, wife of Robert
Morson, of Babrie, their dau., is legatee in will of Rev.
Thomas Westhorp, 1466 : and Anna, wife of William Palmes,
of Naboume,

Robert Westhorpe, of Brompton, to. Anna 3Ieynell, and
had a son,

P.ichard Westhorpe, Esq., 6.14.56, legatee in wills of Thomas
Wytham, 1474, Agnes Thweny, 1490, and Robert Witham,
14sl ; proved his descent from Jane, dau. of John Thweny,
and wi:eof John Westhorp, in 1495. and obtained one third
of Comborough ; d, 1497, leaving issue by his wife Jane,
dau. of John Witham, of Brettonby, co. York (she was blind
in 1474;. Their son,

Ralph Westropp, geat. of Brompton, and Comborough,
was father of

Hugh Westropp, gent, of Brompton, m. 1st. a dau. of John
Conyers, of Hutton-on-\Vyske. She d.s.p.; he m, 2ndly,
1522, Jane, second dau. of John Sayer, Esq. of Worsall-on-
Tees, in whose will, 1530, they are legatees. They had issue,

I. James, of whom presently.

II. Thomas, got a pension from Elizabeth for the loss of
his right arm, and for other services in the Irish war, m.
Anna. His will dates 9 April, 1604, proved at York, same
month ; d. s. p., and was bur. at Sutton.

III. Ralph, Serjeant-at-Arms, Patent 18 May, 1590; he, by
his report, saved Clifford Tower, York, from demolition,
July, 1596. His will dates 7 June, 1605; d. unm. 25 June,
1606, bur. in York Jlinster, where his tomb long remained.

I. Agnes, d. unm. atMarrick, 1606.

The eldest son,

James Westropp, Esq. of Comborough, served at bis own
cost in the wars of the Tudors, his will dates at Darnecome,
Brompton, 18 Jan. 1579. Hed. 1580, and was bur. at Bromp-
ton, where his tomb remains. He vi. 1566, Elizabeth, eldest
dau. of Christopher Septon, Esq. of Kepwick. (She m. 2ndly,
Edward Fairfax). They left issue,

I. Ralph, d. young. ]

II. William, of whom presently. 1

I. Agnes, wife of Richard Askwith, Esq. of Berowby.

II. Elizabeth, wife of John Laycock, Esq. of Brompton.

III. Isabella, wife of John Jeflryson, Esq.

IV. Jane, wife of William Wasse, Esq.
His son,

AVilliam Westropp, aged 14 at the Visitation of 1586,
when his pedigree and arms were registered, d. before April,
1604. He left issue,

I. Ralph, b. Dec. 1599, living 1606.

II. Thomas, of whom presently.

I. Anne, bapt. Aug. 1598 : d. before 1600.

II. Elinor, m. Sir Richard Osbaldeston, Attorney-Gancral \n
Ireland; d. at Dublin, 1 Aug. 1638, leaving issue.

III. Gertrude.

IV. Elizabeth.

The 2nd son,

Thomas Westrops, legatee in wills of his grand uncles
1604, 1006, s. his brother in Comborough; he entered into a
bond with Sir Frederick Cornwallis, for bail of John Alured,
afterwards Judge of King Charles I., 1638. His will dates
at Newham, co. York, 27 Nov. 1656, proved in London, 30 Jan.
1657. He left issue,

I. Edward, of Newham, summoned by Sir W. Dugdale, I6C5,
to register his arms and descent.

II. MoNTiFORT, of whom present!)'.

I. Anna, bapt. at Brompton, 9 Aug. 1632 ; m. Symon Pea-
cock, Esq.

II. Ellen, 6. March, 1633; d. before Nov. 1656.

HI. Elizabeth, left to care of her brother Montifort, 1G56.
The 2nd son,

MoNTiFORT Westropp, Esq., executor to his father 1657, in
which year he settled at Limerick, Comptroller of his port
18 Feb. 1660, purchased Kilkerin, co. Clare, 1671, High
Sheriff of Clare, 1674, and 1698, his horses were confiscated for
use of James II., 20 April, 1690. His will dates at Bunrathy,
14 Aug. 1698, proved at Dublin, 15 Oct. 1698. He m. Frances,
third dau. of John Taylor, Esq. of Ballinort, co. Limerick, by
Gertrude, his wife, dau. and heiress of Sir Francis Berkeley,
of Askeaton, and Catherine his wife, dau. of Adam Loftus,
Archbishop of Dublin, and Chancellor of Ireland (her will
dated 12 Oct. 1705, was proved at Killaloe, 8 May, 1

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