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706). They
had issue,

I. John, of Cahirduggan, co. Cork, m. and had issue an only
child, «i. (as his 1st wife) Charles Atkins, Esq. of Curra-
kerry West (now of t'ountainville),co. Cork, Sheriff of Lime-
rick in 1694, and d. s. p. Mr. Westropp was s'. at Cahir-
duggan by his brother Ralph.

II. MouNTiFORD, of whotn hereafter. *'

III. Ralph, of Cahirduggan, co. Cork, to which he s. on the
decease of his eldest brother, John, without surviving issue.
He m. Aug. 1701, Hanna, dau. of Randall Roberts, Esq. of
Britfieldstown, co. Cork, and had issue, with three daus.
(Martha, nj.Randle Roberts, Esq.of Britfieldstown; Hannah,
VI. Rev. Cecil Westropp ; and Anne, m. John Watkins, Esq.>
five sons,

1 John, of Lismehane (Maryfort), co. Clare, High Sheriff
CO. Clare 1744: ni. 1728, Jane, eldest dau. of Thomas
Roberts, Esq. of Britfieldstown ; and d. 1780, leaving
Ralph, of Lismehane, of whom hereafter, as successor
to Attyflin, at the death of his cousin, John, 1781.
William. John.


Hannah, m. Harri.son Boss Lewin, Esq. of Fortfergus,
CO. Clare.





Anne, m. Edmund Morony, Esq. of Milltown Malbay, co.
Clare, and d. 31 July, 1764.
2 Kobert, of Fort Anne, High Sheriff co. Clare 1746, ra. his
cousin, Elizabeth, dau. of Poole Hickman, Esq. of Kil-
more, and d. 1776, having had issue,
Poole, of Fort Anne, High Sheriff 1776, Capt. Eoyal
Irish Artillery, m. 1767, Mary, dau. of Henry Hick-
man, Esq. of Kilmore, andd. 1803, having by her (who
i. 1836) liad issue,
Thomas, d. s. p.

EoBEET, of Fort Anne, High Sheriff 1804, m. 1798,
Dorcas, dau. of John Keily, Esq. of Strancally Cas-
tle, CO. Wateiiord, and d. 1826, having had issue,

1 Poole, d. young.

2 John, of Fort Anne, J. P., to. 1828, Maria, dau. of
Francis Macnamara, Esq. of Arran View, co. Clare,
andd. 1850, having by her (whocL 1857) had issue,

Kobert Macnamai-a, of Fort Anne, J.P., d. s. p.
Francis Macnamara, of Fort Anne, J.P., Major

Clare Militia, d. s. p.
John Townsend, d. s. j)-
William Nugent, now of Fort Anne, b. 1838.
Arthur George, d. s. p.
I>orcas, m. John Harrison Moreland, Esq., J.P.,

of Raheens Manor, co. Clare.
Wilhelmina Jane, d. unm.
Maria Victoria.

3 Eobert, b. 1810 ; m. 1835, Anne, dau. of William
Colclough, Esq. of Clonmel, and d. 1849, leaving

Eobert, A.H., 6. 1837.

William Keily, 6. 1839, late Major 68th the
Durliam Light Infantry, served in Bliotan and
Afghanistan ; Hon. Lieut. -Col. 18S2 ; m. 1882,
Marie Jone, dau. of Arthur Sutherland, M.D.,
of Eichmond, Virginia, and widow of Harry
Thornhill, Esq. of Stantun-in-Peak, co. Derby.

John, d. young.

Dorcas Frances, m. L. Maberly, Esq.

4 Arthur, d. s. p.

1 Jane, rn. John Piercy, Esq.

2 Mary, ra. George O'Callaghan, Esq. of Mary Fort,
CO. Clare.

3 Dorcas, m. John F. Kiernan, Esq.

4 Sarah, m. Lieut. White, E.N.

5 Frances, m. Eev. H. W. Crofton, of Inchinappa,
CO. Wickiow.

6 Annabella, m. Henry Townsend, Esq. of Wliite-
hall, CO. Cork.

Henry Hickman, Capt. 9th Light Dragoons (retired

1816), served at Copenhagen and Monte Video.
Ealph, Lieut. (51st) the King's Liglit Infantry, killed
at the siege of Badajos, 9 May, 1811.
John (Eev.), Rector of Ballyvaughan, co. Clare, ?;i.
Anne, dau. of Augustine Fitzgerald, Esq. of Tureen,
CO. Clare.
John, d. s. p.
Maiy, m. Thomas Gabbett, Esq. Jane.

3 Randle, of Cork, Mayor 1743 ; to. Peniel, 2nd dau. of
Lionel Becher, Esq. of Sherldn, d. 1777, and was an-
cestor of the Westuopps of the City of Cork, and Sir
Michael R. W'eslropp.

4 Mountiford, d. unm.

5 Ealph, M.I)., m. 1745, Mary, 3rd dau. of Michael Bustead,
Esq. of Meailcstown, co. Cork, (/. 1771, and was ancestor
of the Westeopp of Rave'iiswood, co. Cork.

TV. Thomas, of MelIon,^co. Limerick, High Sheriff co. Clare
1698, purchased Ballysteen from the Chichester House
Commissioners, 12 June, 1703 ; m. his 1st cousin, Elizabeth,
dau. (it is stated) of — Bury, Esq. of Shannongrove, co.
Limerick, and d. 1743-4, leaving issue,

1 Thomas, of Ballysteen, to. 22 July, 1729, Sara, dau. of
Berkeley Taj'lor, of Ballinort, and had issue, with two
daus. and a son. Col. Berkeley Westropp, an eldest son,
Tho.mas, who m. Jane, dau. of Thomas Browne, Esq. of
Kewgrove, co. Clare ; and d. Dec. 1789, leaving issue
(besides three children who d. young), General John
Westropp of Ballysteen, High Sheriff of co. Limerick,
1794, d. s. p. 1825, when estates reverted to the issue of
his sister, Sara, wife of Thomas Odell, Esq. of Ballin-
garry, co. Limerick.

2 MocNTiFORD, of Mellon, to. 1744, Martha, dau. of
Thomas Eoberts, Esq. of Britfieldstown, co. Cork, and
had issue,

John, of Mellon, and of Eockiield, to. Susannah, dau. of
Thomas Lew in, Esq. of Cloghans, co. Mayo, grand-
dau. of John Eoss Lewin, Esq. of F'ort Fergus, co. Clare,
and d. 3 Nov. 1793, his wife dying 1823, having had;
with two daus., Barbara, m. Howell Powell Clough,
Esq., 20th Kegt., and d. s. p. 1863; and Susanna, 7«.
Charles Dunbar Whitehead Massey, Esq., son of Sir H.
D. Massey, Bart, (she d. 6 Jan. 1817, and he d. 14 June
the same year, leaving a dau., Susanna, m. 9 March,
1843, Samuel H. Bindon, Esq., County Court Judge of
Gippsland, Victoria, Australia), a son,

MouNTrpORD, of Mellon, 17th Light Dragoons, b. 1781 :
ra. 1813, Jane, dau. of Charles Dawson, Esq. of
Charlesfiirt, co. Wexford, and d. 1843, having by her
(who d. 1859) had issue,

1 John, d. uiim. 1850.

2 Charles Eichard. <Z. unm. 1846.

3 Dawson, of Mellon, co. Limerick, J.P., Hi^-h
Sheriff 1885, 6. 26 Feb. 1823; 30th Bengal N. In-
fantry; TO. 12 Nov. 1861, Frances Dorothea, eldest
dau. of the late Col. John Vandeleur, 10th Hussars,
and grand-dau. of the Eight Hon. J. 0. Vandeleur,
and Lady Frances his wife, 4th dau. of Charles
Moore, 6th Earl and 1st Marquess of Drogheda,
and d. 7 July, 1893, leaving issue,

Mountiford, now of Mellon, 6. 20 July, 18C4, Capt.

Limerick City Artillery.
Alice Jane, m. 17 April, 1888, Francis Welch, Esq.,


Frances Susan, d. unm, Emily Caroline.

Eosetta Anna. Agnes Dorothea.


4 Walter Montiford Westropp Dawson, Esq. of
Charlesfort, co. Wexford {sec Westropp Dawson of

1 Anna, m. Major Eichard Low, who d. 1868, leav-
ing issue. She <Z. July, 1858.

2 Susan, m. 1843, William Bolton, Esq. of The
Island, CO. Wexford, J.P., High Sheriff 1856, and
had issue.

3 Jane, m. 18.55, Major George Gavin, M.P., of
Kilpeacon House, co. Limerick, 16th Lancers, who
d. 1880, and has issue.

Jane, to. Edward Galwey, Esq. of Lota, co. Cork, who
d. 1812, leaving issue.

Elizabeth,)/*. Eev. Eichard Collis, Chanter of the Cathe-
dral of Limerick, and had issue.

3 Eobert, d. unm.

4 Cecil, M.A. 1737, of Ballydoole, Incumbent of Ardcannj-,
m. his cousin, Hannah, 2nd dau. of Ealph Westropp, Esq.
of Cahirdowgan; and d. 1788, leaving an only son,

Thomas Westropp, Esq. of Curraghbridge, ni. Aug.
1771, Frances, 2nd dau. of William Minchin, Esq. of
Greenhills, co. Tipperary, and had, with four daus.,
Thomas and Ealph, Lieut. li.N., who d. unra. The
elder son,

Eev. Thomas Westropp, Rector of Doonas, co. Clare,
TO. Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of George Stacpoole, Esq. of
Craigbiien, co. Clare, and t(. 1843, aged 71, leaving,'

1 Thomas, A.M., Eector of Ardcanny, and Preben-
dary of Limerick, m. 1st, 1825, Maria Frederica,
dau. of William Minchin, Esq. of Greenhills, by
whom he had one son, Thomas (deceased) ; and
2ndly, Helena, 3rd dau. of Daniel Gabbett, Esq. of
Strand House, by whom he lias issue, Daniel Gab-
bett; Cecil George; Alicia, la. 1883, Frederick
F'inch, Esq. ; Eliza ; and Helena, m. 1869, Hugh
Massy Westropp, Esq.

2 William, M.D. of Limerick, m. Bessy, dau. of
John Gabbett, Esq. of Shepperton, co. Clare, and
d. s. p.

3 George, m. Emma^ dau. of Michael B^urneU, Esq.,
and had issue, William Stacpoole Westropp, now of

1 Jane, m. Eev. James Bennett.

5 Palmes, Sheriff of Cork 1757, Mayor 1778, to. Susannah,
dau. of John Eoss Lewin, Esq. of Fort Fergus, co. Clare,
and was ancestor of tlie Westroppso/ Rishmom/, Vilie, of
Gen. John Westropp, and of the Westropp-Moegans oi
Bridestown. He d. 23 Oct. 1793.

V. Robert, of Fort Anne, co. Clare, to. Anna Smith, and
d.s. p., settling estates on his nephew Eobert, 1735.

I. Elizabeth, m. 1st, in 1684, Thomas S;iai,icht, Esq. of
Burrane, co. Clare ; and 2ndly, Arthur Ward, Esq. of

II. Frances.

III. Susannah, m. Henry White, Esq. of Knocksentry, co.
Limerick, and had issue.

Mountiford Westropp, Esq. d. 1698, and was s. by his 2nd {but
eldest surviving) son,

MooNTiFORD Westropp, Esq. of Kilkerin. He purchased
from the Commissioners at Chichester House, 14 June, 1703.
the lands of Attyflin, co. Limerick. Hem. Elizabeth, dau. of
John Bury, Esq. of Shannongrove (ancestor of the Earls of
Charleville), by Jane his wife, sister of William Palliser, Esq.,
and had issue,

John, his heir, of whom hereafter.

Mary, to. 1715, Poole Hickman, Esq. of Kilmore, co. Clare.
Frances, m. — Lavitt, Esq. of Cork.
Jane, m. Tliomas Browne, Esq. of Newgrove, co. Clare.
Gertrude, ra. Luke Hickman, Esq. of Fenloe, co. Clare.
Anne, m. 1st, Eichard Bury, Esq. of Mount Pleasant, co.

6 z 2





Cl:\re; ami ■:r.c.Is-, William Spaight, Esq. of Six Mile

Susiinniili, ni. 21 Sept. 1T3S, Jon:i LonstioM, of Longucville,

CO. Cork.
The only son,

John Westropp. K-.i. of Attyflin, IliKli .'^hoiiffco. Limcvicli
174& ; 111. 1734, his first cousin. Mary, daii. of I'.erUeloy Taylor,
Ksq. of Limerick, and d. s. j). 17S1. He devised
Attyflin to his cousin.

Kalph Westropp. Ksq. of Lismebanc, afterwards of Attyflin,
High Sheriff of co. Clare 1772 and 1S04 ; m. 1759, Mary, 2nd
tiau. and co-heir of Willi,"<m Johnson, Esq. of Lizard, co.
Limerick, and Eallylegan, co. Cork, by Amy his wife, 2nd dau.
of Col. Hugh Massy, of Puntryleagne, sister of Hugh and
Eyre, the 1st Lords JIassy and Clarina, and niece of George
£vans, 1st Lord Carberry, and dying 18 June lS06,had issue,

I. John, of Attyflin, his heir.

u., m. Anna, dau. of Darby O'Grady, Esq., and had

issue, and Ralph, (?. young, and seven daus.
III. Ralph, Jlayor of LimericK 1800-1801, m. 1795, Harriet

Verekcr, sister of Charles, 2nd Viscount Gort, and had


1 RvLPH, bis heir, of Coolrcagh, J.P., 6. 8 Nov. ISOO; J.
s.p. 11 July, 1383.

2 John, j)i. Miss Abby Gabbctt, of Corbally, and had,
Ealph, (/. 1376, m. Catherine O'Callaghan, andhad issue,

John, (/. 1884; Harriet; Mary; Anne; Abby.

1 Julia, m. 1st, Capt. Ormsby; and 2ndly, Rev. J. B.

2 Mary, r.i. Col. George Slamer, of Carnelly, d. Jan.

3 Henrietta, m. Ealjh Evans, Esq. of Carker, co. Cork,
and had issue.

Jlr. Westropp i?. March, 183S.
IV George, Lieut. 5th Foot, d. s. p.
V. Thomas, of Ross H - use, co. Clare, iii. Anne, dan. of John

Rose, Esq., and widowof John Keating, Esq., and had issue,

Thomas, who U. uvm. 1838. aged 20.

I. Jane, to. 1st, William Stamer, Esq. of Carnelly, co. Clare,
and had issue; and 2ndly, 1789, Charles Vereker, 2nd
Vi.scount Gort, and had issue.

II. Eliza, m. 10 March, 1793, Arthur Brereton, Esq. of B.illy-

III. Emma, vi. Edward Jameson, Esq.

IV. Anne, m. Nov. 1790, Nicholas Green Evans, Esq. of

Halph Westropp was s. by his son,

John Westropp, Esq. of Attyflin, High Sheriff 1798, b. 17G2;
m. 1799, his cousin, Anna, dau. of Major James, of
Osgodvie, co. York, and by her ^who m. 2ndly, Peter War-
burton Jackson, Esq.) had issue,
John, his heir.

George, m. 1st, Thomasina Julia, youngest dau. of Ralph
Evans, Esq. of Carker, co. Cork, by whom he has issue, a
son, John, d. 1879, and five daus., and 2ndly, his cousin,
Heniietta, dau. of William Johnson Westropp.
Mary, m. Sir Hugh Massey, Bart, of Doonas, co. Clare.
Charlotte, ra. 1st, Henry \\ estby Brady, Esq., and had issue,
four sons and three daus. ; and 2ndly, Count Uanileski, and
had one son, deceased.
Jane, m. Capt. PeacocUe, 3Gth Foot, d. s. p.
■ Georgina, m. 1st, Lieut. Greene ; and 2ndly, Henry F. Chap-
man, Esq.. M.L>., and had issue, one son and one dau.
Julia, m. Richard Wilme, Esq., M.D., and had issue, one
Cecilia, m. William Jackson, Esq. of Inane, Rn.screa, co.
Tipperary, and had issue, five daus. and three sons.
3Ir. Westropp d. 1S39, and was .?. by his son,

John Westropp, Esq. of Attyflin, J. P., 6 20 Feb. 1814; m.
1st, 17 May, 1836, Georgina Wilhelmina, dau. and co-heiress
of Col. George Stamer, of Carnelly, co. Clare, and had issue,

John, now of Attyflin.

George William, 11th Regi., h. 17 Jan. 1839; }ii. Miss Anna
Barry, and has issue.

Ralph Hugh, h. 26 Aug. 1844, B.A., T.C.D. 18G3; m. 2 Oct.
1879, i^enrietta Jane, dau. and heir of Henry Vereker, Esq.,
and d. 1883.

Hugh Massy, b. 23 May, 1847; m. 3 March, 1SG9, Helena,
youngest dau. of Rev. Thomas Westropp, Prebendary of
Ardcanny, and has issue, three sons and one dau.

Mary Johnston, TO. 24 March, 1859, Col. John (rCallapban,
of Maryport, co. Clare, and has one son, George, formerly
Capt. 1st Batt. Royal Irish Rifles, who has assumed the sur-
name and arms of Westropp (see O'Callaghan of Maryfort).

Elizalieth Anna.

Alice Julia, m. 19 Aug. 1868, Richard Stacpoole, D.L. of
EUenvale, co. Clare, and has issue.
IICTO. 2ndly, .30 July, 1856, Charlotte Louisa, eldest dau. of
Lieut.-Gen. Sir Thomas Whitehead, K.C.B., of Uplands Hall,
to. Lancaster, and had by her

Thomas Johnson, h. 16 Aug. 18C0, E.A., T.C.D. 1882.
Louisa, d. 20 Nov. 1858.

He d. i March, 1866.

^nii.i— Sa., a lion rampant erm. ducally crowned or. Crcst^
An eagle's head ppr., is.suing from a ducal coronet or. MoUo
— Je me tourne vers I'Occident.

Stffi/s— Attyflin, Patrick's Well, co. Limerick ; and Clon-
money, co, <ilare.


Wethered, Thomas Owen, Es.q. of Remnantz
and Seymour Court, Bucks, J. P., M.P. for Marlow
from 1863 to 1880, h. 26 Nov. 1832 ; m. 9 Sept.
185:5, Edith Grace, dau. of Rev. Elart Ethelston,
Eector of St. Mark's, Cheetham Hill, near Man-
chester, and has issue,

I. Edith Ethelston, m. 30 April, 1891, JohnDanvers Power,
Esq. of the Inner Temple, London.

II. Constance Anne Ellen, m. 1883, W. G. Steuart-Menzies,
Esq. of Culdares and Cardney, co. Perth, and has issue,

III. Laura Sophia, m. 29 April, 1886, Francis W. Grubbe,
Esq. of Shellow, Essex.

Liineagre. — The Wethereds of Great Berkhamstead, co.
Hertford, were for many years resident at Ashlyns in that
parish. The first mention of them occurs in an Inquisition,
taken 1431, where John Wetherherde appears as one of the
tenants of the Manor of Maudelyn. The representative of the
Ashlyns line temp. Charles II., Francis Wethered, Esq. of
Ashlyns, Comptroller of His Majesty's Works, and Farmer of
the Excise of co. York, ?;t. Judith, dau. of Dr. Castell ; and d,,
June, 1668, leaving three surviving sons, i. Francis, d. s. p.
Jan. 1674; ii. George, d. s. p. Aug. 1671; iii. John, d.s.p.
Dec. 1698: and four daus., of whom Elizabeth Wethered,
of Ashlyns, "the last of the Berkhamstead family,"™. John
Cradock, of Christ's Church, London ; and d. 18 Oct. 1703.
having directed by her will, dated 10 July that year, that
Ashlyns should be sold. Probably the Wethereds, of Little
Missenden, of whom we are about to treat, were descended
from the Ashlyns line. Their first recorded ancestor,

Francis Wethered, Esq. of Little Missenden, co. Bucking-
ham, who had, by Elizabeth his wife (who was buried at that
place, 22 Dec. 1635), i. Francis, ?)i. '22 Nov. 1619, Elizabeth
Harding; it. Edward, of whom hereafter; iii. Isabel, or
Esbell, bapt. I April, 1599. He was buried at the same place
as his wife, 21 March, 1G38. The 2nd son,

Edward Wethered, Esq. of Little Missenden, bapt. 15 Sept.
1588, d. Aug. 1638, leaving by Mary his wife, who was
executrix, of her husband's will, proved Sept. 1638, two sons,
William, of Great Missenden, whose will, dated 6 Jan. 1709,
was proved 2 Sept. 1710; and

John Wethered, Esq. of Little Missenden, who had by
Mary his wife (who survived him, and was buried at Little
Missenden, 25 Sept. 172.5), four sons and as many daus.,
I. John, bapt. 7 Dec. 16C5; ii. William, bapt. 6 Jan. 1GC7;
III. Edward, of whom hereafter; iv. Francis, bapt. 26 Dec.
1681 ; I, Martha, Mrs. Beaman; ii. Mary, b. 1664; in. Sarah,
b. 1684; iv. Elizabeth, Mrs. Treacher, bapt. 2 Feb. 1678. He
d. intestate Sept. 1707. His 3rd son,

Edward Wethered, Esq. of Penn, co. Buckingham, bapt.
6 Dec. 1671 ; to. Susanna, dau. of Samuel Eldridge, of Amer-
sham, by whom (who d. 1748, aged 73) he had three sons and
as many daus., I. Edward, b. 8 March, 1712; d. of the small-
pox, 26 Nov. 1749, leaving issue; ii. George, of whom here-
after ; III. William, b. 1706, d. 1749; i. Susannah, m. George
Slirimpton; ii. Sarah, and in. Hannah, both d. of the small-
pox, 1749. He d. 1749, at Penn, where there is a monument
and insciiption to his memory. His 2nd son,

George Wethered, Esq. of Penn, bapt. 13 March, 1714; vi.
1st, 27 Oct. 1744, Elizabeth Gibbons, of Great Marlow, by
whom (who d. 18 Dec. 1753) he had two sons,

I. George, 6. March, 1746; d. March, 1820, leaving two sons,
Charles and George ; and a dau. Anne.

II. Jan:es, b. 30 April, 1748; d.unm.

He m. 2ndly, 12 May, 1757, Anne, dau. of Thomas Reynold-!,
Esq. CO. Oxford, by whom (who d. 26 \u.g. 17U4, aged 75 ) he another son and a dau.'

III. Thomas, of whom presently.

I. Anne, b. 15 July, 17.58: m. 22 Oct. 1782, W. Hickman,
Esq. ; and d. 21 Jan. 1809. He d. 24 Dec. 1850.

Mr. Wethered d. 21 June, 1783. His 3rd son,

Thomas Wethered, Esq. of Remnantz, near Great Marlow,
h. 16 Aug. 1761; to. 31 July, 1788, Sarah, dau. and co-heir nf
Samuel Badger, Esq. of Fritwell and Weston, co. Oxfoid, by





■whom (who was 6. 13 Dec. 17C7, and d. 3 June, ISoC) he had

I. Thomas, h. 23 April, 1739; d. v. p. S July, 1815.

II. Owen, his heir.

III. Edward, an Officer in 3rd Dragoon Guards, 6. 1801 ; d.

IV. Florence James (Rev.), Vicar of Hurley, Diocese of
Oxford, Fell. King's Coll. Camb., 6. 21 July, 1807; m. 23
May, 1839, Esther Ellen, dau. of Ilev. Giles Haworth
Peel, of Ince, co. Chester; and rf. 19 Dec. 1867, leaving a

Florence Thomas (Rev.), M.A. Oxford, Vioar of Hurley, ft.
12 Feb. 1840; m. 1st, 27 Feb. 1862, Grace Emma, dau. of
Hon. and Rev. Samuel liest, Rector of Abbott's Anne
Diocese of Winchester, and granddau. of William, 1st
Lord Wynford, by whom (who d. 10 Oct. 1864) he had a
son and a dau.,
1 Edmund Peel, 6. 7 Jan. 1863.

1 Marion Grace, 6. 1 ipril, 1864.

fe 711. 2ndly, 4 Dec. 1867, Mary Josephine, dau. of Joseph
•jonsor, Esq. of Belgrave Square, London, by whom hu
has further issue,

2 Arthur James, 6. 11 May, 1869.

3 Harold Francis, b. 20 Oct. 1870.

4 Joseph Robert, 6. 26 Nov. 1873.

5 Ernest, h. 26 June, 1875.

6 Herbert Lawrence, 6. 10 Nov. 1877.

2 Alice Lilian, ft. 30 June, 1872.

3 Dora Mary, 6. 27 Sept. 1870.

V. Lawrence William, Biufield Firs, Bracknel, Berks, J. P.
CO. Buckingham, ft. 23 Dec. 1810: m. 10 Jan. 1867,
Katherine Anne, dau. of Major Hurt, of Wirksworth, co.
Derby, and widow of Edmund Yates Peel, Esq., and d. 10
June, 1890, leaving a dau.,

Katherine Mary, 6. 1870; m. 26 Sept. 1889, C. Eoydell
Gibson, Esq., and has issue, a dau.

I. Sarah, 6. 22 Sept. 1790 ; m. 13 April, 1823, Rev. Godfrey
Faussett, D.D., Canon of Christ's Church, Oxford, and d.
21 Nov. 1875, leaving issue.

II. Martha, 6. 1793; d. unm. 18G7.

III. Elizabeth Ellen, b. 13 Oct. 1796 ; m. 13 Oct. 1818, Florence
Thomas Young, Esq. of Binfield Park, co. Berks, and d. s.p.
28 Dec. 1876.

IV. Anne, 6. 1799; m. 21 Oct. 1851, Frederick Allen, Esq.,

V. Georgiana, 6. 1806; m. 6 Jan. 1835, J. Aldridge, Esq. of
Inholraes, near Hungerford, and d. 1874, leaving issue.

Mr. Wethered d. 7 Sept. 1849, and was «. by his eldest sur-
viving son,

Owen Wethered, Esq. of Remnantz, J. P., 6. 25 May, 1798;
m. 25 May, 1830, Anne, dau. of Rev. Giles Howarth Peel, of
Ince, CO. Chester, and by her had issue,

I. Thomas Owen, now of Remnantz and Seymour Court.

II. Owen Peel, Hon. Col. Buckingham Rifle Volunteers,
M.A. Oxford, b. 6 May, 1837; m. 28 Jan. 1863, Frances
Alice, dau. of G. T. Ellison, Esq. of Seymour Street, Port-
man Square, London, and has issue,

1 Francis Owen, 6. 13 Dec. 1864.

2 Owen Henry, ft. 19 Dec. 1867.

3 Walter Perceval, 6. 6 May, ls69.

4 Thomas Arthur, b. 20 Feb. 1872.

5 Hugh Ellison, ft. 15 Feb. 1889.

1 Alice Mary, ft. 1866; m. 25 Aug. 1891, Rev. Herbert 0.
Fearnley-Whitdngstall, Vicar of Great Marlow, and has
issue, a son.

2 Evelyn Annie, 6. 1873.

3 Cisely Edith, 6. 26 Nov. 1877.

in. Edward Florence, 6. 1842: d. 1868.

IV. Haworth Peel, ft. 1843 ; d. 1868.

V. Robert Peel, ft. 7 Jan. 1815, m. 25 Aug. 1870, Edith,
dau. of Lieut. -Col. Robert Vansiitart, of Chuffs, Maiden-
head, and d. 2 Nov. 1873, leaving one dau. Katherine, d.
Dec. 1S73.

I. Anna Maria, &. 2 Nov. 1831, m. 27 July, 1852, Rev.
Francis William Peel, M.A., Rector of Bur^hwallis, and
Vi'jar of Skelbroke, eo. York, and d. 19 March, IStili,
leuving issue.

II. Sarah Elizabeth, 6. 23 April, 1834, ni. 26 Jan. 1800,
Lieut.-Col. W. Godfrey Faussett, 44th Regt., and d. 14 Jan.
1894, leaving issue, two sons.

III. Sophia, 6. 1838, ni. 1st, 1861, Lieut.-Col. Perceval Fen-
wick, 6:ah Regt., who d. 1862, and 2ndly, 1883, the Rev.
Michael Graves.

IV. Georgina, 6. 1840, to. 1866, Rev. Charles Mackworth
Drake, "Vicar of Veryan, who d. 1873.

V. Ellen Anne, ft. 1846, m. 1 July, 1869, Rev. Robert God-
frey Faussett, Vicar of Cassington, Oxon, and has issue.

VI. Emma Mary, h. 1848, m. 7 May, 1874, Rev. Robert
Trefusis, Vicar of Chittlehampton, North Devon, and has

VII. Mary Louisa, ft. 1850, d. unm. 26 Jan. 1876.

Mr. Wethered d. 27 May, 1862, and was s. by his eldest son,

.^rais— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, gu., on a chevron between
three flesh pots or, as many mullets of the field ; 2nd and 3rd,

erm.. on a bend gu,, three eagles displayed or. Crests— A
coat's head erased per bend embattled or and gu. Motto— Vir-
tute et labore.

6'«((s— Remnantz ; and Seymour Court, Great Marlow,

ttjtft— Oxford and Cambridge.


Hall, CO. Lancaster; serrel in the 20th Hussars
and Coldstream Guards, b. 25 Feb. 1849 ; m.
20 Sept. 1882, Blanche Jane, dau. of the late
Arthur Champagne, Esq. of Eirer Lyons, King's
CO. and has issue,

I George Acgostus Chatttagne, 6. 24 July, 1883.
II. Harry Edward De Robillard, 6. 22 F'eb. 1889.
1. Ilerniione Blanche Katharine.

liineagre. — This family originally lived at Wetherall
Priory, co. Cumberland ; in the reign of William of Orange,
they received grants of land in Ireland; Joun Wetuerall
returned to England in the reign of George III. His son.

Gen. Sir Frederick Wetherall, G.C.H., served with great
distinction in the various wars at the latter end of the last
century and beginning of the present one, commanded the
troops at the conquest of Java, and received gold medal and
thanks of both Hoiuses of Parliament; was equerry and
executor to H.R.H. The Duke of Kent. His son.

Gen. SirGeorgeAugcstus Wetherall, G.C.B., commanded
the British troops at the rebellion in Canada 1837, ai;d was
Adjutant-General of the F'orces for many years, and was
Governor of the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, m.
Frances, dau. of Capt. Denton, and d. April, 1868, having
by her (who d. Dec. 1867) had issue, a son,

Major-Gen. Sir Edward Robert Wetherall, K.C.S.I.,
C.B., served throughout the Crimean war on the staff of
Lord Raglan, and at the Indian Mutiny as Chief of the staff
to Lord Strathnairn, and d. as Under Secretary of State for
Ireland II May, 1869. He m. 2G Jan. 1847, Katharine, dau.
of John Durie, Esq. of Astley Hall, Lancashire, and by her
had issue,

I. George Nugent Ross, late 15th Hussars, m. 6 Feb. 1879,
Augusta, dau. of Lord Henry Gordon, and widow of Capt.
Walmesley, of Westwood Hall, L;incashire. She d. 14 May,
1881. HetZ.s.p. 19 April, 1893.

II. Henry Acgdstds, now of Astley Hall.

III. Ernest Victor Albert, 6. 26 April, 1862.

I. Kate, m. Capt. S. Ashton, and d. 1874.

II. Rose Sarah Evelyn, 7a. W. R. Warner, Esq.

III. Isabella Maud, m. Capt. H. W. Raymond, late RoyaL
Irish Rifles, and has issue.

Seat — Astley Hall, near Manchester.


Wetheeell, Haeeiet Elizabeth, of Pashlej
House, Sussex, youngest dau. and co-heir of tlie
late Nathan Wether

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