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Edward Grove, 6. 8 Oct. 1883 ; 5 James Herbert
Grove, 6. 23 Nov. 1889 ; 1 Juliet Beatrice Grove, b.
24 Dec. 1885.

2 Richard Blair, of Ashton Park, Monkston, co.
Dublin, b. 19 Jan. 1857 ; to. 25 Sept. 1886, Emily
Maud, 2nd dau. of the late Charles Nichols, Esq. of
Dunedin, N.Z., and has issue, Charles T'.iomas Blair,
6. 19 Dec. 1889 ; Arthur Blair, 6. 3 July, 1891; Emily
Beatrice, 6. 23 Nov. 1888.

IV. James (Rev.), Chaplain R.N., m. 1st, 5 Jan. 1801, Ann
Dennis ; ■2ndly, a dau. of Thomas Garde, of Ballynccurra,
CO. Cork, by whom he had a son, James Garde, b. 1803 ; d.
unm. 28 Aug. 1883; his third wife Abigail was bur. 8 June.
Ib07; he m. 4thly, 28 May, 1809, Ann, dau. of Richard
Drapes, Esq. of Waterford ; and 5thly, Catherine, dau. of
Sir Edward Hoare, •2nd bart. of Annabelle, and widow of
Henry Prendergast Garde, Esq. of Youghal.

V. Robert Grove, to. 24 April, 1799, Mary, dau. of Richard.
Gregg, Esq. of Corraherry, co. Cork, and d. 7 May, 1847,
having by her, who d. May, 1838, had issue, a dau.
Rebecca, to. 1832, to John Fitzsimmons, Esq. of Cork, and
four sons,

1 James Garde, 6. 1800; to. Prudence, dau. of William
Gardiner,of Youghal, and d. Jan. 1»41, leaving issue. His
widow and family settled in America.

2 William Fell, b. 1804 ; Ensign 47th Eegt., d. 2 April,

3 Richard Gregg, b. 11 Nov. 1808 ; m. 7 June, 1834,
Caroline, dau. of John Sullivan, Esq. of Tullilease, and
d. 2 Feb. 1891, leaving issue, Robert William, b. 3 Sept.
1840; m. 12 Sept. 1872, Jessie Maria, dau. of Thomas
Arnold Martin, Esq., J. P. of Swansea, and has issue
(Ernest CosUey, 6. 1»74 ; Kenneth Costley, 6. 1876 ; Cyril
Costley, 6. 1877; Harold Costley, 6.1878; Je«sie Gladys.
Costley, b. 1880) ; John Richard, 6. 30 April, 1843; to. 29-
June, 1871, Mary, only child ot James Alder, Esq. of
Cheltenham, and d. 6 Nov. 1889, leaving issue (Sydney
Alder Campbell, b. 1872; Edwin Stanley Campbell, b.
1874; John Dundas Campbell, d. in infancy 1877; John
Leslie, b. 1888; Arthur Llewellyn, b. 1»90; Florenc©

7 A





KatlUecn Campbell, b. ISSO; and Violet Lilian Ernestine,
b. 1886).

4 Robert, b. 1815 ; d. s. p. Feb. 1853.
Ti. William Grove, C.B., Lieut.-Col. 43th and 94th Ecgts.
i;i. 2 July, ITl'y. Elizabeth Chindien, and d. 3 March, 1844,
leaving is-ue, 1 William Grove, b. VZ May, 1800, Lieut.
and .Vdjutant 48th and 94th Kegts., m. 11 June, 1829,
Sarah Talbot, and d. 9 Jan. 1884, having by her (who (/. 30
Jan. 1887) had issue (Xathan Chinchcn, 6. '30 Dec. 1832 ; m.
2C Feb. 1SS4, Maria Hardy ; Sarah Chinchen, m. 15 Oct.
1862, George Holloway) ; 2 Thomas Garde, b. 1805, d.
young; 3 John Grove, d. young; 4 Francis Fane, b. 5
Sept. 1811, rf. .<!. J). 19 Sept. 1840; 1 Ann BuUen, jii. Robert
Pugdale Marshfield, and </. 21 July, 1868, leavina; issue ; 2
Elizabeth m. 18S0. her cousin, Charles Tuckey White, Esq.;
3 Louisa, m. William Smith, Esq., and d. 18S0, leaving issue.
The eldest son,

JouN Gbove Wnn-E, Esq. of Kilburne, J.P., Capt.,late 73rd
Eegt. and Adjutant of the Doneraile Yeomanry Cavalry,
Peputy-Governor of eo. Cork, 13 Aug. 1803, 6. circa 1758; m.
27 Jan. 1791, Mary (d. 8 Sept. 1849), dau. of Anthony Chearn-
ley, Esq. of Saltcrbridge, co. Waterford (see that /ami y), and
d. 27 Aug. 1825, leaving by her (who was 6. 8 May, 1766, and
whose will is dated 25 Oct. 1844), one son,

James Garde White, Esq. of Kilburne, 6. 15 Nov. 1791;
m. 3 Oct. 1815, Phoebe, dau. of Kev. Charles Tuckey, LL.D. of
Pareons Green, co. Tipperary, and by her, who d. b May, 1879,
had two daus. (Elizabeth, b. 26 Aug. 1824, -/)!. 16 Feb. 1843,
the late Wells George Crofts, Esq. of Templemary, co. Cork,
and d. 16 March, 1892 ; Mary, b. 31 Aug. 1829, d. young), and
four sons,

I. John Grove, b. 31 Oct. 1817 ; m. Mary Anne, dau. of Hiram
Camp, of Newhaven, Connecticut, U.S.A., and settled in
America. He d. s. p. 23 April, 1891.

H. Charles Tuckey, of Kingstown, co. Cork, b. 20 June,
1820; iH. Julv, 1S50, his cousin Elizabeth, dau. of Lieut. -Col.
William Grove White, C.B., and d. 12 July, 1863, having
by her (who d. 11 May, 1889) had issue,

1 James Grove, d. young, 22 June, 1857.

2 Charles Leonard Jackson, C.E., of Kingstown, co. Cork,
b. 19 March, 1853; m. 1877, Nina Emily, dau. of William
Craig Baynes, of Montreal, Canada, and has 1 Francis
Alfred, b. 18 June, 1881 ; 2 John Grove, b. 30 Aug. 1882 ;
1 Isabella Kathleen Dudley, b. 13 Feb. 1880.

III. Hans Thomas Fell, of whom hereafter.

IV. Henry Grove, 6. 26 Feb. 1828 ; d. aged three years.
James Grove White d. 13 Jan. 1866. His 3rd son,

Hans Thomas Fell White, Esq. of Kilburne, Major 40th
Eegt. b. IG Nov. 1821 ; ra. 8 Jan. 1852, his cousin, Amelia
Carey, only child of Col. Edward James White, 70th Kegt.,
and (/. 17 May, 1876, leaving,

I. James Gbove, now of Kilbyrne.

ti. Hans Thomas Fell, Lieut. K.N., was at Suakim 1885
(medal and Esvptian Star), 6. 7 Slay, 1856 ; m. Iti July,
j8s5, Mary Beatrice, eldest dau. of Charles Nichols, Esq. of
Dunedin, New Zealand, and has issue, Hans Grove, b. 8
Sept. 1890; Mirabel Grace Grove, b. 6 Oct. 1886; Beatrice
Mary Grove, b 16 Dec. 1887; Kathleen Whitefoord Grove,
b. 15 March, 1893.
III. Ion Grove, Lieut. 16th Bengal Cavalry, b. 1 June, 18G9.
I. Mirabel Bladen Neil, 6. 28 Jan. 1860 ; m. 17 Dec. 1881,
Capt. Alexander Towers-Clark, the DuUe of Cambridge's
Own Middlesex Eegt., and has issue, three daus.
u. Henrietta Cecilia, i. 24 June, 1865.
Ai-ms — Quarterly: 1st and 4th, arg. on a chev. gu. between
three roses of the last, barbed vert seeded gold, a cross patue
or, for White; 2nd and 3rd erm. on a chev. engr. gu. three
escallops arg. for Gbove. Crest~ A dexter arm in armour
embowed holding in the hand a sword all ppr. pomel and hilt
or, the arm charged with a cross patee as in the arms. Motto
— Nouiissez Tesperance.

&a/s— Kilbyrne, Doneraile, co. Cork ; Eockfleld, Cappagh,
CO. Watertord.


White, Louisa rEA>'CES, of Congelow, co. Kent,
widow of Thomas White, Esq. late of Congelow.

Lineag'e. — Samijel White, Esq. of Yalding, near Staple-
hurst, Kent, m. Anne, dau. of James Starnes, Esq. of Conge-
low, in the same co. ; and d. 1837, leaving a son,

Thomas White, Esq. of Wateringbury Hall, and Congelow,
in Kent, and 53, Portland Place, W., b. 1812; ra. 3 Dec. 1842,
LocisA Feanxes (now of Congelow), younger dau. of the late
William Winton, Esq. of Woodgate House, Beckley, Sussex,
and had issue,

I. Thomas AEcnrBALD Staenes (Eev.), M.A. Ch. Ch. Oxford,
Chaplain at Baden Baden, b. 1 .Sept. 1843; ?». 1874,
Mathilda Maximiliana, Baroness von Seutter-Loetzen, ilau.
of the late Wilhelm, Baron Wilhelm Ton Seutter-Loetzen,
of Hniia Eaden, South Germany.

II. Hubert, *. 22 May, 1846.

III. Lionel Algernon, b. 9 Nov. 1850, Lieut.-Col. late King's
Shropshire Light Infantry.

IV. George Meryon, b. 20' March, 1S52 ; M.A., Ch. Ch. Ox-
ford. Barrister at-Law.

V. Claude Hamilton, 6. 24 July, 1855.

VI. Kobert Howard, 6. 27 Feb. 1867; late Capt. 4th Middle-
sex Uegt.

VII. Dudley Stewart Septimus, 6. 3 Feb. 1862.

I. Louisa Elizabeth, ?ii. 14 Nov. 1871, Andrea Eushout North-
wich Prescod, Count Metaxa.

II. Helena Annie, vi. John Carthew-Hennah, Esq.

III. Elizabeth Winton, in. Lieut.-Col. Maurice Luby, 39th

Mr. Thomas White d. 9. Sept. 1883.

Seat — Congelow, Yalding, Staplehurst, in Kent.
Toicn Residence— 0, Grosvenor Mansions, S.W.


Beooman-White, Eichaed Chaeles, Esq. of
Arddarroeb, co. Dumbarton, I. 1853 ; m. 14 Nov.
1882, Lily Geraldine Angela, dau. of Samuel Leo
Schuster, Esq. of 2, Cavendish. Square, London, by
Lady Isabella, his wife, dau. of the 5th Earl of
Orkney, and has issue,

Charles James, 6. 1883.

The late John White, Esq. of Arddarroch, J.P.
for Lanarkshire, I. 1810; m. 18G8, Amelia Susannah,
widow of E. A. Brooman, Esq. of Neville House,
Twickenham, and d. 1881, having devised Arddar-
roch to his ste]3son, E. C. Brooman, who has assumed
the additional surname of White. Mr. White's
widow m. 3rdly, 25 Jan, 1883, the Eight Hon.
Lord Henry Gordon-Lennox, M.P., who d. Aug.

Seat — Arddarroch, co. Dumbarton, N.B.


Bazley-White, John, Esq. of Gennings, Kent,
J.P. and D.L., M.P. for Gravesend 1885-92; b.
18 April, 1847; assumed the additional surname
of Bazley in 1887 ; m. 10 Feb. 1876, Lady Grace,
youngest dau. of the late Countess of Eothes {see
Bueke's Peerage, EoTHEs), and has issue,

I. John, b. 9 Sept. 1878.

II. Eichard Booth Leslie, b. 1886.

I. Mary Evelyn. ii. Henrietta Maud.

III. Grace Winifred. iv. Margaret Iris.
V. Victoria Constance.

This gentleman is 2nd son of the late John Bazley
White, Esq., J. P., of Swanscombe, Kent, and
Highfield, Andover, Hants, by Mary, only dau. of
the late WiUiam Leedham, Esq., and grandson of
John Bazley White, Esq. of Swanscombe, Kent
(who d. 1867), by Henrietta Syndale {d. 1858).
Residence— Genmngi Park, Hunton, near Maidstone.


White, Eobeet Owen, of Gestingthorpe Hall,
Essex, J.P. for Kent and Essex, b. 3 Jan. 1824; w.
May, 1848, Caroline Brewer, dau. of John Brewer,
Esq., and Caroline Willmer his wife, and has issue,

I. Owen Willmeb, b. 1851 ; m. 1876, Lizzie dau. of Patrick
Leckie, Esq., and has issue.

II. Charles Percival, b. 1861.

I. Emily Caroline, m. 1872, Henry Sclfe Leonard, Esq.

II. Henrietta Lucy, b. 1858 ; m. 1882, Charles Hare Semp-
kinson, Esq., M.A.

He is a younger son of the late John Bazley White,
Esq., of Swanscombe, Kent {h. 1795, who d. 1867,
by Henrietta Clarke, his wife), and grandson of
John White and Mary Harwood his wife.

&a«— Gestingthorpe Hall, Halstead. Toxon Residence —ISO,
Cromwell Koad, S.W.






White, Henet, Esq. of Charleville, Queen's Co.
J.P. and I).L. for that eo. and J.P. for King's Co.,
on roll of High Sherifes in 1866, 1876, and 1883, b.
1818 ; m. 1855, Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Rossall,
Esq. of Lancaster, and by her (who d. 1870) has

I. Henry Chakles, J.P., 6. 1861, B.A., Trin. Coll. Dublin.

I. Henrietta Margaret.

II. Caroline Elizabeth,
in. Sophia Charlotte.

Lineage.— Robert White, h. 1686, was the first of this
lamily, to whom the Raheen (now Charleville) property he-
longed; he d. 1750, and left two sons,

I. Charles, 6. 1706, d. 1768, to whom he left the property of

II. Samdel, 6. 1713, rf. 1771, to whom he left the Raheen pro-
perty. Samuel White d. childless, beqneated Raheen to
his nephew Charles White, eldest son of his brother Charles
White of Aghavoe.

"The elder son of Robert,

Charles White, Esq. of Aghavoe, left by Elizabeth his wife,
with five daus., Margaret, to. John Kemmiss, Esq.; Sarah;
Elizabeth ; Catherine Mary, three sons, Charles ; Thomas ; and
Robert. The eldest son,

Charles White, Esq. of Aghavoe, who s. to the Raheen
Property in 1771, and changed the name to Charleville. He
was Colonel of the Kyle Volunteers. His son,

Charles White, Esq. of Charleville, D.L. for the Queen's
■County, served as High Sheriff in 1815. He m. 1778, Sophia
Alice, only dau. of Sir Roger Palmer, Bart, of Kenure, and
<i. 1822, being s. by his eldest son,

Charles White, Esq. of Charleville, m. Caroline, dau. of
Jlobert White, Esq. of Aghavoe, and d. 1833, having had issue,

Henry, now of Charleville.

Hans Robert, Major 89th Rcgt., m. Mary, dau. of Hubert
Moore, Esq. of Shannon Grove, co. Galway, and has, with
other issue,
Hubert Butler Moore White, 6. 1864.

Seai — Charleville, Xioscrea.


WniTE, James Maitland Logan, Esq. of Kel-
lerstain, Midlothian, h. 19 March, 1848.

Lineage.— John White, Esq., grandson of John White,
■of Milllhird, co. Claekmannan, understood to be collaterally
related to the family of White of Bannocliy, co. Fife, m.
Elizabeth Melville, of co. Fife, and was father of

John White, Esq. in. Jane Muirhead, co. Lanark, and by
lier was father of

John White, Esq., m. June, 1792, Elizabeth, dau. of John
Logan, Esq., H.E.I.C.S., of Howden, co. Edinburgh, and by
iicr had issue,

I. William Logan, late of Killerstain.

II. James (Rev.), of Bonchurch, Isle of Wight, Vicar of
Loxley, co. Warwick, b. March, 1803; to. 1834, Rosa, only
dau. of Colonel Popham Hill ; and d. 26 March, 1802,
leaving issue,

1 James, late Lieut. 14th Hussars, h. Dec. 1841 ; d. 1888.

1 Rosa, deceased.

2 Charlotte, deceased.

3 Clara, to. 8 Jan. 1862, John Gordon, Esq. of Cluny, co.
Aberdeen ; and d. 1864.

1. Charlotte, m. Oct. 1812, Henry Raeburn, Esq. of St.
Bernards, only son of the late Sir Henry Raeburn, 11. A.
Mr. White d. and was s. by his eldest son,

William Logan White, Esq. of Kellerstain, Advocate at
the Scotch Bar, b. 14 May, 1793; in. 1st, 9 Aug. 1819, Mar-
garet, eldest dau. of Sir Alexander Charles Gibson-Maitland,
Bart, of Clifton Hall, and by her had issue three sons and
two daus., who all d. s. p. in minority; and 2ndly, 3 July,
1844, Jane, 2nd dau. of Sir James Foulis Bart, of Colinton,
iind d. 1877, having by the latter had issue,

T. James Maitland Logan, now of Kellerstain.

I. Agnes Rosa Logan, m. 17 Sept. 1884, R. J. Roney Dougal,
2nd son of Mrs. Roney Dougal, of Ratho Park, 3Iid-
lothian, and had issue, two sons and one dau.

II. Charlotte Jane Logan, in. July, 1874, Fred J. Grieve,
Lieut. R.N., and had issue, 1 Eric ; 2 Alan ; 3 Kenneth ;
1 Louisa.

drills — Arg., an eagle displayed between three quartrefoils
8a. on a cbisf ol the last as many quartrefoils of the first.

Crest — An arm and hand supporting a wreath of laurel all
ppr. Motto — Virtute parta.
Seat — Kellerstain, by Corstorphine, P. T., Midlothian.


Whitehead, Chaeles, Esq. of Barming House,
Maidstone, co. Kent, J.P. and D.L., late Capt. W.
Kent Queen's Own Yeomanry Cavalry, h. 1834 ; m.
1866, Catliarine Lajtitia, dau. of the late Richard
EUiston Phillips Balston, Esq. of Thornhills, Maid-
stone, and has with other issue,

I. Charles Balston, h. 1868.

I. Slary Milles, m. F. Howlett, Esq. of Maidstone.

II. Evelyn Lsetitia, to. 14 July, 1891, Capt. A. F. Mockler-
Ferryman, Oxfordshire L.I.

Lineage. — The Rev. Charles Whitehead, M.A., for-
merly Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge, Vicar of East Grin-
stead, TO. 1754, and d. 1792, leaving issue,

I. Charles, of whom presently,

II. Gervase (Rev.), BD., Fellow of Jesus Coll., Cambridge,
Vicar of All Saints, Cambridge, and of Seal, Kent, Cliaplaia
to the Duke of Dorset, 6. 1763 ; d. 1838.

The elder son,

Charles Whitehead, Esq. of Ash Place, Kent ; to. 1793,
Mary Miller, and d. 1833, leaving by her (who d. 1820) a son,

John Whitehead, Esq. of Barnjet, Maidstone ; m. 1833,
Mary, dau. of Thomas Milles, Esq. of Buston, Kent, and by
her (.who d. 1884) had issue,

I. Charles, now of Barming House.

II. Edmund, Lieut.-Col. late S. Lan*. Eegt., in. Georglana,
dau. of the late Col. L'Estrange, and has issue, Edmund
L'Estrange, b. 4 Sept. 1870, Lieut. R.A.

III. Decimus, Herbert (Rev.), M.A., unm.
I. Clara Katherine, of Barnjet, Maidstone.

Mr. John Whitehead d. 1879.

Sent — Barming House, Maidstone.


Whitelaw, Alexander, Esq. of Gartshore, co*
Dumbarton, J.P. and D.L. for that co., and D.L-
Lanarkshire, Lieut. Lanarkshire Yeo. Cav., and a
member of the Royal Scottish Archers (Queen's
Body Guard for Scotland), h. 1862; m. 1886,
Dorothy, eldest dau. of Ralph Disraeli, and niece of
the Earl of Beaconsfield, K.G.

Lineage.— Alexander WnrrELAw, Esq., 2nd son of
Thomas Whitelaw, Esq., residing at Hill of Tannockside, to.
Janet, dau. of Alexander Baird, Esq. of Lochwood {see Baird
of i'lie), by whom he had issue,

I. Alexander, of Gartshore and Woodhall.

II. Thomas, b. 1826; d. s. p. 1850.

I. Jane, m. Thomas Thorneycroft, Esq. of Hadley Park and
The son and heir,

Alexander Whitelaw, Esq. of Gartshore, co. Dumbarton,
and Woodhall, co. Lanark, elected 1874, M.P. for the City of
Glasgow, J.P. and D.L. for cos. Dumbarton and Lanark, 6.
1823 ; TO. 1859, Barbara Forbes, youngest dau. of the late
Robert Lockhart, Esq. of Castleliill, and d. 1879, having had

I. Alexander, now of Gartshore.

II. Graeme Alexander Lockhart, of Colzium, Kilsyth, Capt.
3rd Batt. Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders, M.P. for
Xorth West Lanarkshire, b. 1863 ; 7ft. 1S85, Bessie, dau. of
James lieid Stewart, Esq.

III. William, of Huntingtower, Perthshire, Lieut. Lanark-
shire Yeom., M.P. for Perth, B.A. Camb. 6. 1868; m. 1890,
Gertrude, dau. of the late Col. Thompson of Milton Hall,
CO. Cumberland.

IV. James Baird, of St. Fort Newport, Fifeshire, 6. 1870, m.
1893, Lillian, dau. of Alexander Graham, Esq.

I. Charlotte Lockhart. ii. Janet Baird.

III. JIary Barbara. IV. Helen Douglas.

V. Caroline Forbes.

AriusSa., a chevron engrailed or, between three boars'
heads couped arg. armed and langued of the second. Crest — ^A
bee erect ppr. Motto — Solertia ditat.

iSeat— Gartshore, Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire.


Whitfeld, Francis Baeby, Esq. of Hamsey
House CO. Sussex, J.P., 6. 23 May, 1852 ; m. 6 June,

7 A 2





1S77, Isabel Georgiana, dau. cf Capt. Luckraft,
K.N., and has issue,

George Scuvas, b. 20 March, 1S7S.

Lineage.— EoEERT Whitfeld, of ■Wadhui-st, CO. Sussex,
with whoiM the pedigree of the family, attested by Segar, Garter,
and Camden, Clarenceux 1G06. and the Visitation of Sussex,
1634, commeuees, came from Alstenmore, temp. Henry VIII.
He had a dau., Elizabeth, m. John Edwards, of Mayfield, co.
Sussex, and three sons, i. Kobert, of Wadhurst, and Worth,
same co. (hi. .inne, dau. of Wilham Attewood, of Kent, and
had issue, his great-grandson, Thomas Whitfeld; was living at
Worth, at the Visitation of Sussex 1C34, aged 21, and up-
ward?) ; II. John, of whom hereafter; in. Thomas. The 2nd

John Whitfeld, of Tenterden, co. Kent, m. 1st, Elizabeth,
dau. of Clement Stacey, of same place,' and by her had, i.
Clement, of whom hereafter; ii. John, 6. 1555, d. 1576; iii.
Thomas, d. 1577; i. Margaret, b. 1549, m. George Reinold,
and J. 1575 ; ii. Bridget, I. 1553. He m. 2ndly, 29 Oct. 1558,
Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir of John Crowe, and by her had
further issue, iv. Herbert, b. 1560, m. Martha, dau. of Robert
Sliephard, of Permarsh, co, Essex, and d. Feb. 1622, leaving
issue. John Whitfeld was drowned 29 May, 1585. His eldest

Clestent Whitfeld, of Tenterden and Rye, co. Sussex, b.
23 Dec. 1548, vi. Mary, dau. of William Blunt, and had, i.
Francis, of whom hereafter; ii. Thomas; iii. William, to.
Miss Hays; i. Hester, m. Mr. Hay; ii. Elizaoeth, m. Francis
Fowle; iii. Margaret, »!. Mr. Waynell ; iv. Susan. Clement
Whitfeld J. at Rye, Oct. 1629. His eldest son,

Francis Whitfeld, of Bethersden and Smarden, co. Kent,
m. 1629, Dorothy Jolt, of Middlesex, and d. 16G0, leaving two
daus. (Mary, m. Mr. Taylor; Elizabeth, m. Thomas Gore, of
Dublin), and one son,

Francis Whitfeld, of Bethersden and Smarden, b. 1633;
7/1. 1st, 1662, Elizabeth Waterman, of Willesborough, co. Kent,
and by her had one son, Thomas of Bethersden {b. 1668, vi.
1698, Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Stephen Haffenden, of Eserton,
and d. 1714, leaving by her (whot/. 1740) an only son, Francis,
■whose only dau. and heir, Elizabeth, m. William Cuiteis, of
Camberwell). He m. 2ndly, 1672, Jlartha Ruck, of Deal, co.
Kent, and d. 1695, leaving by her a dau. (Martha, m. William
Whitfeld, of Bird's Isle Town), and one son,

William Whitfeld, of Bybrook, in Ashford, co. Kent, b.
1673, who m. and had issue, i. Francis, m. Martha, dau. of
John Simmonds, and was ancestor of Wiutfeld, nf Ash/on^,
II. Thomas, of whom hereafter; in. John, d. unm.; iv.
William (Rev.), Fellow of Jesus Coll. Cambridge, d. unm.;
I. Elizabeth, d. unm. William WhitSeld d. 1739. His 2nd

Thomas Whitfeld, of Ashford, b. 1709; m. Grace, dau. of
•John Waterman, and by her (who d. 18 May, 1752, aged 36),
had, with three daus. (viz., I. Grace, b. 4 June, 1748; d. 2
July, 1814; ii. Jane, b. 13 May, 1750; d. 30 May, 1753 ; in.
Elizabeth) five son=,

I. William, 6. 5 Aug. 1741 ; d. 8 Feb. 1743.

II. Thomas, s. 17 Sept. 1742, m. Martha Daring, and by her
(who d. 30 June, 1768, age 25) left issue.

HI. John, Solicitor, 6. 25 Oct. 1743, m. Miss Farley, and
</. s. p.

IV. Francis, of Lewes, co. Sussex, Banker, b. 17 April, 1746,
ill. Elizabeth, dau. of William Brett, and d. 12 Sept. 1807,
leaving an only son,

William Brett (Rev.), Fellow of St. John's Coll. Cambridge,
b. 11 Sept. 1769, rf. s. p.

V. Lewis, of whom hereafter.

Thomas Whitfeld d. 12 Nov. 1755, aged 46. His youngest

Lewis Whitfeld, of Lewes, co. Sussex, 6. 20 May, 1747 ; m.
4 July, 1782, Mary, dau. of James Tonge, of Sittingbourne, co.
Kent, and by her (who d. 18.^0) had four daus., viz., i. Susan,
d. unm.; ii. Martha, m. William Cooper; in. Eleanor; iv.
Anne, la. George Patey Parkin, of Woolwich), and as many

I. George, d. unm.

II. Francis, d.unm.

III. Tho.mas, of whom hereafter.

IV. James, 6. 22 Aug. 1,91.

Lewis Whitfeld d. 16 Sept. 1812. His 3rd son,

Thomas Whitfeld, of Lewes, 6. 31 Jan. 1790; m. 29 Aug.
1820, Anne, dau. of James Norton, of Islington, and by her
\who d. 8 Sept. 1873) had issue,

I. George, of Ramsey House.

II. Herbert, d. v.nm. 11 Sept. 1862.

I. Mary Anne, vi. Rev. George Hales, of Clent, co. Staffori,

II. Emma, (/. unm. 8 Aug. 1858.

Mr. Whitfeld d. 12 Jan. 1875. His elder son,

George Whitfeld, Esq. of Hamsey House, co. Sussex, J. P.,
6. 7 May, 1822; m. 1848, Charlotte, dau. of George Chatlieia,
Esq. of Burton Crescent, London, and had issue,

I. Francis Barry, now of Hamsey.

II. George, b. 11 Sept. 1855, d. 21 Nov. 18G5.

III. Herbert, b. 25 Nov. 1858.

IV. Thomas Stanley, b. 16 Aug. 1860.

V. Arthur Lewis, 6. 31 July, 1862.

VI. Ernest Barry, b. 30 March, 1868.

I. Emily Jane, 6. 18 July, 1850.

II. Edith, b. 24 Nov. 1853, m. 18 Sept. 1879, Edward Eurke
Nugent, Esq.

III. Clare Anne, 5. 17 April, 1857.

IV. Mabel, b. 18 May, 1864.

Mr. Whitfeld d. 31 May, 1891.

Jrms — Arg., a bend plain between two cotises engrailcol
sa. Crest — Out of a crown pallisado arg. a buck's head or.

Seat — Hamsey House, Lewes, co. Sussex.


WiiiTGREAYE, Feancis, Esq. of Moselej Court,
and Burton Manor, co. Stafford, J. P. and D.L., b.
27 Sept. 1819 ; m. 18 Sept. 1853, Teresa, 7th dau. of
Sir Edward Mostyn, Bart, of Talacre, aud bj her
(who d. 17 Au{T. ] 873) has issue,

I. Robert, 6. 12 March, 1855 ; m. Marianne Clara, dau. of
John Leadbitter Smith, Esq. of Flass Hall, in the co. of
Durham, and has issue, Henry Egerton, b.20 Sept. 1881 ;
Robert Francis, b. 1 July, 1885 ; John Lockley Joseph^
b. 14 Jlarch, 1889; Mildred Dorothy Mary.

II. Humphrey. iii. Gilbert, d. s. p.
IV. Francis.

I. JIary Margaret. ii. Mary Florence.

III. Mary Isabel. iv. Mary Teresa.

Lineage.— The original scat of the Whitgreave family
was at Whitgreave, near Stafford, where they may be traced
at least to the time of Henry II.,* and where they continued
to the time of Richard II., when William de Whitgreave left
that place and settled in Stafford, where he was appointed one
of the two bailiffs or governors of the town. He m. Joan,
granddau. and heiress of David, Baron of Malpas. [See the
Visitation of Cheshire by Robert Glover, Somcisct Herald, ia
the year 1580, edited by John Paul Rylands, F.S.A., London,

Robert de Whitgreeve, a younger son of the above William
was a Teller of the Royal Exchequer in the reigns of Henry V.
andVI.,Escheator of the co. of Stafford, Receiver of the Forest
of Needwood, and one of the criminal judges. He purchased
the manor of Burton, near Stafford, as also those of Bridgeford
near Stafford, and Longford in Shropshire, and dying the 27
IIlnuy VI., was s. by his son, Humphrey, of Burton, and
Thomas, of Longford.

IId.mphrey Wiutgreve, Esq. of Burton, living 1 Henry VII.,
m. the dau. of Egerton, of Wrynhill, co. Stafford, and was s.
by his son,

Robert Wiutgreve, Esq. of Burton, m. Margery, dau. of
Thomas Staunford, Esq. of Rowley, near Stafford, and had
Humphrey, of Burton ; Thomas ; and other issue. Robert
Whitgreve, of Burton, d. 3 Dec. 5 Edward VI. His 2nd son,

Thomas Whitgreve, Esq. of Bridgeford, m. Dorothy, dau.
of Robert Noel, Esq. of Hilleote, co. Stafford, and left at his
decease, Sept. 1590, five sons, Henry, Edward, Humphrey,
Thomas, and Walter, of whom the 4th,

Thomas Whitgreave, Esq., was of Moseley, co. Stafford. lie
m. Alice, da

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